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Spain dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Spanish women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Spanish girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Spain, Europe.

Sexy young girls at the Goya Social CLub, Madrid, Spain

Girls in Spain:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Spain:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Spain:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Spain:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $800
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $600


Spain is an amazing place to visit during a vacation. Who wouldn't love the sandy beaches, the bright skies, and the lovely architecture? There is a lot to see and you won't be bored at all. But besides the lovely sceneries and commendable architecture, there is something more to look forward to. Spanish women are known for their beauty and charm.

They are a strong blend of solid personality and princess-like charm. They are absolutely gorgeous. You might find yourself unconsciously staring at them. They have a positive vibe around them which is tough to bring down. Dating a Spanish woman is like a dream come true. Why? Because they are so fun to hang out with!

Spanish women are not the calm, subdue type. They are strong, adventurous, and go-getters. If they can think it, they will achieve it. And that is a very sexy color on a woman. Spanish women are outdoorsy as well. They love going out, seeing new places, and meeting new people.

It improves your chances of interacting with native Spanish women. When you date a Spanish women it is likely that she would want to go out more often. And not just to parks and restaurants. Most Spanish women are thrill-seekers and they would love for you to join them.

So if you ever think of dating a Spanish woman, your life is never going to be boring again. These women are no less than a miracle of nature. This is why men are naturally drawn to their solid personality and delicate exterior.

Dating Culture

Spanish women are fun to hang out with. But when things come to dating, they have a different approach. You would be surprised to know how open-minded Spanish women are. Modern Spanish women are known to indulge in casual sex and hookups. What's fascinating is that they have a unique term for everything.

So, if you are dating, and she uses a specific term to describe you, it could be anything- a boyfriend, a hookup or just some random unimportant guy. It is best if you learn some basic Spanish to at least understand what she is talking about. Moreover, Spanish women are very open about who they are seeing at the moment. They love to discuss their sex life with their friends. So don't be surprised by the fact that she talks about your private moments with her friends. It is in their genes.

Most women talk openly about their sexual experiences, hookups, or casual night outs. But things may take a turn when she falls in love. It is not difficult to approach local women in the country. They are lovely and have a cool welcoming air around themselves. They might agree to share a beer or hang out with a foreigner but when it comes to dating, those welcoming doors might appear closed.

Spanish women usually refrain from dating foreign men. Their expectations form dating is that it would turn into something interesting and everlasting. So they naturally tend to lean on Spanish men. It might be a little tough at first, but if you are persistent and charming enough she might give you a chance.

For a Spanish woman dating is pretty straightforward. If she is attracted to you, she will go out with you once or twice or maybe more. This is to anticipate your level of compatibility and to assess if she is really interested in going out with you. During the initial dating phase, most local women tend to take things slow. Not in terms of sex but in terms of dating. They will invest time in you, into knowing you and if they feel comfortable around you there is a possibility that you would be seeing her for long.

If a local woman here doesn't see a spark, she will just dump you and move on to the next one. This is normal in Spain. And ultimately it comes down to women- who they want to settle for.

Most Spanish women expect you to be on your best behavior while on a date. And yes, that includes handling her tantrums. You need to be a perfect gentleman on your date. So dress appropriately and make sure that you get there on time and hold the doors for her. Most Spanish women tend to go for men who respect women and try to understand them.

It is expected of you to pay for dinner and drop her home when at the end of the date. It is also true that Spanish women dig the romantic stuff. It doesn't have to be a big romantic gesture like skywriting. It can be small as long as it is meaningful. So if you start dating a local woman in the country, try to incorporate some romantic activities like long walks, foot massages, and movie nights.

When you are on a date do not expect her to open up to you. Sure she might talk and interact but she will be more interested in asking questions. So listen carefully and answer honestly.


When you think of a Spanish woman, a white figure with thick luscious hair comes to your mind doesn't it? It is true. Most Spanish women are fair-skinned with dark hair. And they have a particular charm about themselves. It is almost irresistible. But it is not just the hair that grabs your attention. Most local women in Spain have a heavy yet proportionate figure. They have well-structured breasts. Pair it with a perfect round bottom and you have yourself a model.

These women have well defined facial structures that one cannot miss. Their skin is soft and an appealing sun-kissed glow. Blue eyes are a characteristic trait of women here and it is sure to melt your heart. These might be the definite trademarks of a Spanish woman but things are not restricted to this.

In Spain, you will come across women with all kinds of hairstyles and hair colours. There is a minimum probability that this is their natural hair. Because these women love experimenting with their appearance. One day it is hair colour, lip colour on the following day. There is no end to it. And this is why most women have a cool funky vibe about themselves. At some point or the other, they might look terrible, but they handle it like a boss lady. And you got to love that!

Spanish women love playing dress-up. They love shopping, but in case they don't have time to shop, they are ready to make something new. They attempt hit and trial on all their dresses and come up with the perfect outfit.

Makeup is the second love of a Spanish woman. Even though they do not believe in hiding their natural features, they accept makeup with open arms. Makeup allows them to enhance their physical features and portray their features perfectly. This is what attracts them to make up. They use it as a weapon, not to hide but to shine brighter. Spanish women understand makeup on a deeper level which is why they are so good at it. On a date, you will barely realise if she has any makeup on. These women know that they have to be presentable, especially at parties and gatherings and that's is the reason why they put in extra effort to look effortless on the big day.

They have an outfit for everything. Be it dinner in a posh restaurant or a visit to the folks, they are always ready. And they expect their partners to be well-dressed too. Spanish women seek adventure, so life is never going to be boring with a Spanish woman. She will make sure that you have something interesting to do on the weekends- from hiking to a quiet day at the beach. It can be anything. These women are always up for something new and adventurous.

Spanish women are in touch with their feelings and are extremely expressive. They are not very good at hiding their feelings and emotions. If your partner is happy, you will know it. If she isn't, she will say it right to your face. It is unlike Spanish women to hide her feelings. They believe in letting out not bottling it up.

In addition to this, these women do not like to beat around the bush. If there is something that is bothering her, she will tell you. Moreover, Spanish women are known for their direct approach to a problem. They tackle conflicts head-on and don't stop until it is resolved.

One other thing that is famous about these women is that they are hotheads. There is barely any comparison to how angry they get. But the good thing is, they cool down soon enough. Holding a grudge is not their style. What’s done is done, and they do not want to revisit it.

If you have never had sex with a Spanish woman, you are in for a treat. Spanish women are known for their skills in bed. They are dominant, agile and up for anything new when it comes to sex. They can be anything from a gentle lover to a fierce goddess in bed. They make sure that you have a nice time, a time that you will never forget.

Spanish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Spanish women of this age are free-spirited and full of energy. At times it can be tough to keep up with them. Most women from this age bracket like to spend their days on the beach. They are college students and like taking the load off by having some beer at a nightclub.

But most Spanish women do not have a job. They depend on their parents to support them and that is not inconvenient at all. Spanish parents love pampering their daughters. They take care of everything until their daughters get married.

So it is safe to assume that dating a Spanish woman of this age is likely to be expensive. If you are with her, she will depend on you and you will have to take up her responsibility. Spanish women love their makeup, accessories, and clothing. And you need to take up those expenses.

Young women from this age bracket are extremely active in the bed. They are fairly experienced and know a thing or two about making their man happy. But they are not looking for anything serious. They are likely to settle for something temporary like a casual relationship.

Young girls having a fun time at the Opium nightclub, Madrid, Spain

Spanish Women (age 30 - 45)

Spanish women of this age know how to take care of themselves. They are sweet, welcoming, and extremely charming. They know how to use their beauty as a weapon. They can make you do anything they want to, that is the kind of power they have.

They love going out, but they tend to avoid places that are full of young women. These women are not particular about getting married and settling down. In fact, most of these women don't even have a stable job. Many are unemployed and others are stuck with a menial job.

Most of these women are very welcoming and easy to talk to. But they are easily ticked off. So you need to put in some extra effort. But it is worth it! Spanish women are this age are sexually experienced. They are ready to take you to the moon. But they expect the same in return. Mediocre sex is not their thing.

Sexy mature women at the Eclipse Bar & Grill, Barcelona, Spain

Spanish Ladies (age 45+)

Most women of this age have left their dating days behind. They want to settle down and have a family. They don’t waste their time dating people who are not serious. Which cuts out foreigners and younger men.

High-end nightclubs and bars are their things. They love going to posh restaurants and often hang out in high-class neighbourhoods. So it might a little tough to get a hold on someone like this. They usually date older rich men.

Sex is not the most important thing on their mind. They love having sex with their parent but most of all they love spending time with their family.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Spain is the dream destination for many people. There is so much to do here, that you will never get bored. This is the reason why Spain has a lot of foreign visitors. The country is popular among young and middle-aged women as a holiday destination and you will see a fair number of foreigner women in the country.

Most younger crowd that comes to Spain are college-goers. They are either on vacation or spending a semester abroad. It is fun and easy to approach them. So just be calm and don't put in too much effort. Most women love a smooth effortless man.

Middle-aged women who visit Spain are mostly businesswomen. They are go-getters and do not settle for anything they don't like. They like hanging out in high-end restaurants. They visit Spain to spend a few weeks away from work. They just want to have fun and a little vacation romance counts as fun.


Sex in Spain is a pretty common thing and is referred to as an enjoyable activity by the majority. Women in Spain love to indulge in long passionate lovemaking. They intend to explore as much as possible- physically and mentally. And they understand that sex should be enjoyable for both parties. They make sure that both of you have a good time. And they are in no rush to get their pants on and leave.

Unless it is a one-night stand, you get to stay over and have some more action. Spanish women are the best when it comes to sex. This is because they can change their sexual intensity at will. They tone down to the level of their partner and slowly rise up. That way you both can enjoy it.

Most Spanish women like being fully groomed at all times, Their preparedness is sure to make them more and more desirable. And just like everything else, Spanish women are not afraid of experimenting in bed. Just let her take the lead and you will see how pleasurable sex can be.

Sex Culture

Sex is a common thing in Spain. Most Spanish women lose their virginity at a very young age. The curious nature and openness are why they start having sex at a young age. Proper sex education has a significant role to play here. Spanish women do not shy away from sex. In fact, they are open about it and discuss it enough.

Spanish women like to form some sort of connection before they can jump into bed with you. They want to know you a little. And this only amps their sexual energy. Spanish women are very particular about whom they sleep with.

But they do not encourage the use of condoms. It is a strong belief among Spanish women that condom reduces pleasure. And that is unacceptable. This is the reason why most Spanish women use birth control pills as a method of contraception. They try to make every session hot and steamy.

Sex is an adventure and nobody can make you believe in it like a Spanish woman. They are very adventurous and do not believe in keeping things restricted to the bedroom. They want to have sex in new and different locations. It will definitely keep your sex life hot and happening.

It is more common among the younger generations to indulge in PDA and have sex at public places- like a dark alley or public restroom. It is worth mentioning that love and sex are not the same for a Spanish woman. Spanish women consider sex to be an activity. And love is way above these things. When they love, they love with their heart, and sex has nothing to do with it.

One-Night Stands

The younger generations of Spanish women are more inclined towards hookups and casual sex. So it should not be too tough for you to find yourself a hookup. Most of these women love to hang out at bars, pubs, and late-night parties.

Just casually approach her, and have an interesting conversation with her and who knows she might suggest the same at the end of the day. Most Spanish women, no matter how sexually active, would still like to know you before they decide to hookup with you.

So be cool and listen to her. Try not to come off too strong. That will scare her off and you will end up with nothing. You might have to put in a little effort in the beginning, to get her to notice you. But once you have her attention, just mellow it down. Make sure that she has a nice time and try being a gentleman.

Just let her know the cool you and if she likes you, she will automatically suggest the idea of a one-night stand. A one-night stand is not an uncommon thing for a Spanish woman. They can do it anywhere possible- mostly at a hotel room. But be a gentleman and invite her to where you are staying.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Spanish women are not the sitting at home type. They love going out and exploring the world. If you are a tourist in Spain, she could probably show you around. Local women in Spain love their drinks as much as they love sex. They love hanging out at bars, pubs, and clubs. Most Spanish women love having a long night of dancing. So put on your dancing shoes.

You can also meet some gorgeous women at beach parties or just soaking around in the sun. Besides that, there are many tourist spots you can visit. Most Spanish women are outdoorsy. They love taking trips and seeing a new place. So it is not tough to run into on.

But you should keep in mind that most of these women tend to be in groups. They do not go out alone, so it is best if approach her while her posse is busy elsewhere.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife in Spain is extraordinary. But in Spain, they consider extraordinary to be just yet another night of fun and dancing. The country is filled with amazing bars and nightclubs to head to after sundown. Every city in Spain has a unique nightclub culture to explore and enjoy. Women from Madrid, Barcelona, and Ibiza are known for their party spirit. From open-air bars and restaurants to lively packed dance floors, you can choose what you want to do on a Saturday night. You never know, you may run into someone special in one of these places as well.

Here is a list of 10 Bars and Nightclubs to check out if you want to have a great night in Spain

Opium is one of the most luxurious disco clubs in Spain. Located in Madrid, this disco is always full and lively. The dancing crowd here is the highest during the weekends. Spanish Women who love to party consider this their favourite hangout. You may run into some young, attractive, and lively women here that you can make conversation with.

Opium Bar and Restaurant Club in Barcelona is a significant nightlife destination as well. The extravagant ambience is welcoming to an elite crowd that loves to party. The VIP Area serves top quality luxurious service to its guests. Many Single Women love to dress up and have fun here during the weekends with their girl gangs. This may be a great opportunity to meet someone interesting.

This nightclub is located just on the outskirts of Madrid and can hold more than 4000 people. It is a traditional Spanish party place with great music and heavy dancing. Since it is located a little away from the city, noise is not a problem. You can wake your loudest party animal to make the best out of a night here. The place is well lit and has a terrace that faces a beautiful river. These key features of Fabrika are very appealing to Spanish Women. Music and Dance run in their veins. You have your opportunity window open to impress a special lady you’re your moves.

Amnesia Nightclub, located in Ibiza is considered the temple of electronic music. It is super crowded and heavily loud all week. Situated between Ibiza and San Antonio, this is place is highly recommended. Thursday nights and weekends are the special days of the club and it has interesting events arranged for their crowd during these days. Treat yourself to the open bar and delicious variety of dishes on the menu.

The VIP area is large and the most attractive part of the club. The place is a little pricey and usually occupied with a high-profile crowd. So make sure you are dressed to impress. The ladies here may show interest in you only if you are approachable and can strike some interesting conversation. Enjoy yourself and dance the night away at this extravagant club for a great nightlife experience – Spanish style.

As the name says, this nightclub is a great place to socialize and meet people. Whether you are looking for a lively place to dance or chill with some drinks, Goya Nightclub is a perfect choice. It is inspired by some of the best nightclubs in cities like London and Paris. A crowd of 300 people can fit in here and groove to the best playlists. Something is always happening at Goya Social Club. Gear yourself to spend a night loaded with fun and amplified energy.

The additional bonus is that this is a major favourite for the loveliest ladies of Madrid, Spain. You can take your chances and socialize along with some drinks and great food. You never know where the night may lead to. Be prepared to have the best time of your life at Goya.

Sala La Rivera is a huge nightclub located in Madrid, Spain. The place has a big stage with a circular dance floor. The club can accommodate a fairly large dancing crowd. The concert hall here has seen generations of guests put their hands up in the air and groove to live music. Events, Concerts, Shows, and sessions keep happening at this night club. And when it comes to quality, you can party here without having to worry too much about since that is their top priority.

Spanish women who enjoy live music, dance, and stage conversation hang out here very often. You may find someone interesting to socialize with at La Rivera. It is without a doubt an icon of Madrid's Nightlife. Definitely, this is one of the best places to spend your Saturday night and meet interesting women.

The La Terrazza is a large open-air partying nightclub and is a top favourite of the locals. Located in Barcelona, this Dance Club and Disco is popular for its open-air party atmosphere. The place gives you fresh; exciting happy vibes and makes you want to dance the night away. The location of the nightclub is what attracts the ladies the most - on top of a hill inside a castle.

Need we say more? The terrace is open and can accommodate a large crowd. But you can always find yourself a spot to sit down and enjoy your drink. You may even strike a conversation with some lovely attractive Spanish women. The food here is great and will definitely make you come back for more.

This place is a famous attraction for nightlife in Barcelona. Sala Razzmatazz is known for its culture and unique styles of entertainment in music. Here, Quality is never compromised. This place will surely enhance the nightlife experience in Spain.

It is located underground, right in the middle of the city. This iconic attraction has an amazing energetic crowd and is especially fully packed during the weekends. You and your friends can party here to some great rock, pop, and electric music. The ladies love the concert halls here and are pretty approachable if you can make good conversation

Teatro Kapital is the largest nightclub in Madrid. It is located in the heart of the city and attracts a heavy party crowd every day of the week! With music, drinks, and dance, it is one of the hottest clubs for a great nightlife experience in Spain. The 7-floor club has each floor dedicated for specific purposes. The main floor covers the house, dance, and music while the other floors are for Karaoke, Hip Hop, Cocktails, and parties. The lounge area is just below the terrace which serves as a smoking area.

Young Spanish Women enjoy partying here. It is a great chance for you to strike a conversation with a pretty lady here. You can upgrade to a VIP Table and treat your special acquaintance. This nightclub has some strict door policies so make sure you dress elite and carry a valid ID to get in.

Located in Barcelona, the Eclipse Bar and Restaurant is one of the hottest nightlife attractions in Spain. DJs and inventive cocktails are their key features of this extravagant Club. The lively bold music and friendly staff are a bonus. On the 26th Floor of Hotel W, the beautiful waves and intimate environment of Eclipse is highly appealing to its customers.

And especially during the weekends, the energy here is always at its peak. You are sure to meet some interesting people and while you socialize, you can grab a bite from their exotic menu options. Definitely, this place is the best to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona.

The La Cava Taberna Flamenca is a great place for nightlife with a bar, live theatre shows, and beautiful music. If you want to relax eating food and watching traditional Spanish Flamenco, this is the perfect place for you. It is ranked as the #1 by renowned websites to enjoy the nightlife in Cadiz. Women love this place to simply have fun and enjoy their weekend at La Cava. Take your chances and keep yourself open to conversation because you may find some attractive Spanish women around here. Who knows, what a Saturday night has in store for you.

Saxo Disco Garden is an amazing attraction all through the day and night. This nightclub is located Moraira on the Costa Blanca. It is a perfect place during the day if you want to chill out and relax through your weekend. It is close to the waters and the beach attracts a lot of Spanish women. It has a beautiful terrace with a garden to simply sit kick back and chill. By the evening comes, the club is lit up with lights and music to prepare the crowd for non-stop dance. You can spend all night here till morning comes grooving to the great selection of music. Who knows, you may run into someone very interesting while you’re simply chilling and dancing.

Party at the Fabrik nightclub, Madrid, Spain

Shopping Malls

Shopping is like second nature to Spanish women. They spend hours picking out the right clothes, shoes, and makeup. It is not difficult to approach these women. They love male attention, so maybe try to help her out. Compliment her on her choices and how it makes her look even more charming. They love being praised by men. But don’t come off too strong, this might drive them away. Here are some shopping malls you can visit:

Maremagnum, Barccelona, Spain


Spain is a place of adventure. Here you get things like paella and bullfighting. Where else would you get anything even remotely similar to this? Spain is full of interesting places to visit and it is likely that you would meet some gorgeous women there. You can start with Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña). It is a pilgrimage known as Camino de Santiago. It has a beautiful architecture which is worth appreciating. Most women who come to this place are religious and honour ancient architecture.

Toledo is an interesting place. It is a city built on the mountain top which has been attracting tourists longer than you can imagine. It was built in the 16th century and is still one of the most visited places in Spain. Women who come here are usually history buffs.

Cordoba (Cordoba Province) is one of the most elegant parts of Spain. There are medieval streets, big courtyards, and mosques. So much to see. You will run into some intelligent women who appreciate history and Spanish culture. There are many other places you can go. There is so much to see and keep your eyes open, you will definitely run into someone interesting.

A mesmerising view of Toledo, Spain

Universities and Colleges

Universities and colleges are a nice place to meet young women. Spanish women are not big on education but there are a few who appreciate education. Most of these universities have foreign students as well. So if you want to meet someone young and fun go to a university.

Most Spanish colleges do not have strict rules against visitors. So you can go and have some fun. Talk to them about their classes and subjects. And let them carry things forward. Here are some universities you can visit:

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain


Spanish women are impulsive and fierce like a fire. They might be friendly and overtly active in bed, but when you talk about relationships, things aren't the same. Relationships are a serious matter for a Spanish woman and they do not tend to mess around. If they like you and they want to take things forwards you will know. But it is a hell of a wait before that.

It is because of their deep understanding of love and relationships that they don’t want to mess things up. They take things slow and try to work out the kinks before you can get into a relationship. Spanish women try to communicate and connect by all possible means. And when they feel a real connection, only then they start a relationship. A Spanish woman loves spending time with her man. The more you stay together, the stronger she feels about your relationship. It does not matter where you met or how things escalated. If it is time to start a real relationship she will take a step back and analyze things.

When it comes to relationships, Spanish women try not to look so vulnerable. They might have genuine feelings for you but it might take some time for these feelings to come to the surface. At times you will feel that these women behave odd, especially in the early stages of a relationship. Spanish women are not good with change and starting a relationship is a big step. They don't want to mess things up. But they do take time to adapt to their new lifestyle. A relationship is not just a tag but a matter of pride. And Spanish women do not tend to mess around in the matters of love.

Moving in another big step in the life of a Spanish woman. So when she moves in with you, you are expected to make her feel comfortable. Give her time to adjust to the new surroundings and try to make her feel welcomed. Spanish women wholeheartedly take up all responsibilities but you should be ready to share. Do not expect her to do everything around the house. Spanish women love to take care of their man but doing everything is expecting too much.

It is best if you divide up the house chores. And the same goes for bills and expenses. Sure, Spanish women love being taken care of by their man, but they want to feel worthwhile. So give her a chance to contribute. Make her feel that she is important and her presence is cherished.

How do you know if your relationship is headed in the right direction? Food! These women love cooking for their men. And once she moves in, you don’t have to worry about dinner plans. Spanish women are great at cooking and they have a deep appreciation for Spanish food. Every day, whenever you come home, you will see a fresh meal right in front of you. That’s how you know if she is really into you.

Holiday Romance

Spain is popular for its deep culture, great food, and amazing beaches. And this makes Spain a prime holiday destination. Every year thousands of tourists visit Spain to spend a few relaxing weeks. Women form a major chunk of this foreign population.

Most of the women who visit Spain are from- the USA, Canada or the United Kingdom. The young crowd which comes to Spain is most likely to be composed of college-goers who are taking a semester abroad. Or some young women just vacationing. These women come from wealth and are well taken care of. They love spending their days on a beach and their nights inside a bar. They love shopping and would love to take up some adventure sport.

It is not tough to meet these women. When you see her at a bar make sure that she is alone before you approach her. Most foreign women have companions that might not work in your favour. So, if you see that she is alone, you should make a move.

These women are not looking for something long term. They are into hookups and casual sex. In a sense, they just want a companion to show them around Spain and have a nice time with. So it would be stupid to expect something more than just a casual hookup. But that does not mean there is no possibility. If things play out good during her stay, who knows she might want to give it another try. Spain is popular among middle-aged women as well.

These women are usually well established. They have a decent job, a career, and ample money to spends weeks in Spain. They are strong women with a positive personality. They work hard and deserve time off. Which is why they come to Spain. They want their vacation to be fun and this is why they do not say no to advances made by men. They might even indulge in hookups and casual sex. Most of these women tend to go for younger men. Someone who is full of energy and can keep them awake all night.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Dating a Spanish woman is both - a sweet and spicy treat. They are caring and gentle but are also very enthusiastic and optimistic. They savour every beautiful moment in life and are mostly independent. Their personal space and privacy mean a lot to them. Hence when it comes to relationships, they take their time to get into a serious phase. This is simply to understand whether their relationship may turn out to be toxic to their freedom.

If you have been dating a Spanish woman for a while, it doesn’t mean that she is ready to settle. She will not want to spend her whole life with you if she gets the slightest hint that she may have to sacrifice her personal life. She may take some time, but you need to be patient if you want her to be yours.

Another important thing about Spanish women is that they like to look good. She will dress to impress to make sure you never feel like you settled for something vanilla. Never comment on her punctuality because she is putting in the extra efforts only for you.

So if they are late for a date or hang out, be patient and hear them out. They already feel bad about taking too long. If you compliment your partner about how she looks, she will be head over heels for you and you are surely in for a treat.

What many do not know is that most Spanish women have a short temper. If you keep nagging and never appreciate her efforts, she may get frustrated. Your lady will go out of her way to keep you happy so keep calm and stay patient with her. If you snap because she is trying to impress you, you may even have to remain out in the hall for nights!

Every relationship has to face ups and downs. If there is a problem, sit down and talk about it. Listening to your partner is a major factor to keep your relationship afloat. Make sure you pay attention to what she has to say too. She will calm down soon if you handle the problem with your maturity. If you do not give her a chance to be heard, your relationship is bound to lose importance.

Spanish Women adore their culture and traditions. They love cooking experimenting with new recipes. Generations have passed on the legacy of Spanish cooking to them. She will try to please you by making an amazing dinner for you on a Saturday night. If you do not like Spanish food, do not tell her right away. She will feel disheartened. Appreciate her efforts to keep you happy and you can tell her what you like when she is ready to hear.


Falling in love with a man means a lot to Spanish women. They take long to decide if you are right for her and will put you through many tests too. But once she says she is in love with you it means you two could be endgame. She will do anything to keep you happy and will accept you just the way you are. Like mentioned before, freedom is very important to Spaniards. She will let you enjoy your personal space as long as you let her keep hers. Once she is in love with you, she trusts you with everything she has got. Hence she will not control or interfere with everything you do and she expects the same respect for privacy in return.

Spanish women are pretty bold and outspoken. They appreciate people who stand strong by their loved ones and expect you hold her hand no matter what. When she loves you, she will stand up for you under any circumstance. Moreover, she will be more like a friend to you and give you advice when needed. She will dedicate herself to making things easier for both of you.

Being in a relationship with a Spanish woman can be a beautiful thing. She will make every moment magical and memorable. Gender roles are a common thing in Spain and she will fulfil them happily. All she asks for in return is loads of love and affection. Women love to be pampered. And she would love to know how happy you are with her from time to time.

When it comes to the heat in the bedroom, you will notice significant changes as well. This is the first major sign that she is head over heels for you. Spanish women like it spicy and hot but also gentle and passionate. She will make sure that sex life is great and active for both of you. For her, it is a way to express how much she adores and admires you. So be prepared to see her both wild and gentle. At times Spanish women are also kinky. You are sure to have a great time in the bedroom or even elsewhere – a beach or nightclub maybe?

How to Make Sure She Is the One

You may find it difficult to know if she is the one or not. But you have to keep looking for signs and follow your instinct. Spanish women are outspoken and very friendly. This makes it hard to know if she is really into you or if she is just having a great time with you. They are open to spontaneous dating and this makes it harder to put a finger on what you mean to her.

Spanish women are open and expressive. She will talk to you about her feelings for you without hesitation. And if you have her heart, she will encourage you to talk about your feelings and emotions as well. Spanish women in Seville are very expressive, and they know that it is vital to deal with your feelings. She will make sure you feel safe and comfortable around her. You can be let down your guard and talk about your feelings. No matter what, she will not judge you in any way.

Once she knows you are the one for her, she will dedicate all of her to you. From making small efforts like decorating the house to cooking you delicious meals, she will pamper you throughout. Spanish women appreciate romantic gestures – big or small. You can look forward to something special when you head back home after a break. With her, you will never feel alone. A weekend with her at home will seem to be a lot better than a month-long holiday without her. She will always keep you busy and relaxed at the same time!


Family is an important part of Spanish Culture. Just like any other European country, family life is the top priority here. You must always respect her sentiments and emotional attachment to her loved ones. She may take things slowly at first, and take time to make decisions about relationships. But when she decides you’re the man for her, she will not hesitate to introduce you to her family.

Spanish families are protective of their daughters. They must approve of you before you go ahead to marry the woman of your dreams. Be warm and put on your best behaviour when she introduces you to her family. Remember that the first impression heavily influences their decision about you in the future. Also, make sure you carry something nice when you are going to meet them for the first time. Flowers, cookies, or some good wine would be great to impress them and create a positive environment. If her family seems to like you, it is a positive sign to marry her.


In Spain, you are obligated to have a civil marriage before having a traditional wedding. If you are not a native, you have to present four copies of your passport along with the original for marriage registration. Next, your birth certificate has to be verified and translated into Spanish. The process is not too long but it may take about at least a week.

Spanish Wedding traditions are a beautiful thing. The most amazing one is that the bride's mother makes a part of the white gown and embroiders the veil as a blessing to the couple. Some other interesting traditions are enjoyed a lot till date by Spaniards. The cutting up of the groom’s tie is one of those. Sometimes, It is even auctioned at the reception to follow the tradition.

The ceremony is short but lively. Toasts and speeches are not an important part but the dance and music definitely are. The godparents of the bride and groom are the main puppet masters of the wedding. Usually, you will not find any bridesmaids or groomsmen in Spanish weddings. The godparents take their place and handle everything at the ceremony.

Family Life

Like mentioned before, Spanish women give a lot of importance to their family lives. Most of them love children and would wish to be mothers. Spanish moms have great parenting skills and raise children to be fearlessly independent. Some women are so involved in their families and children that they give up their careers for them.

They spend a lot of time with their children, especially with the girls. Very often, the daughters get their fashion sense and makeup skills from their mothers. Keep yourself involved at home just as much as she is, and you will have a wonderful married life – no less than a Disney movie.

Spain as a country can give you a very good family life. The educational institutes are quite decent for the children, the country has good employment opportunities and there are a number of leisure activities to take part in, which means entertainment is also taken care of.


Regions of Spain
Green Spain (A Coruña)
Northern Spain
Eastern Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Alicante)
Central Spain (Madrid)
Andalusia (Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos)
Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera)
Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro)
Cities, islands and crags in North Africa (Ceuta, Melilla, Crag of Vélez de la Gomera, Crag of Alhucemas, Chafarinas Islands, Alboran Island)

Canary Islands

Balearic Islands

  • Ibiza - a Balearic island; one of the best places for clubbing, raving, and DJs in the entire world.
  • Mallorca - the largest island of the Balears, full of amazing beaches and great nightlife.
  • Menorca - the second largest of the Balearic Islands, located to the northeast of Mallorca.
  • Formentera - the smallest and southernmost of the Balearic Islands.


  • Madrid — the capital and largest city.
  • Barcelona — coastal city and famous tourist destination.
  • Malaga — the biggest city in Andalucia.
  • Bilbao — the biggest northern city.
  • Cadiz — oldest city in Western Europe.
  • Cordoba (Spain) — The Grand Mosque ('Mezquita') of Cordoba is one of the world's finest buildings.
  • Granada — stunning city in the south.
  • Seville — a beautiful, verdant city, and home to the world's third largest cathedral.
  • Valencia — paella was invented here, has a very nice beach.
  • Zaragoza — fifth largest city of Spain.
  • Almeria — best natural beaches and great selection of "tapas".

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