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Dating in Ibiza and meeting single girls is fun! You just need to know the basic steps how to date Spanish women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Spanish girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Ibiza, Spain.

Sexy young locals at the Lio nightclub, Ibiza

Girls in Ibiza:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Ibiza:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Ibiza:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Ibiza:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $2500
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $XX1500


Indeed, every place on this earth has a charm of its own which makes it stand out for the people who go there. Some are seeped with history and are a spot for people to reminisce about the past. While others are known for either their natural elements or because of their financial prowess.

Certainly, for people, different areas hold different values but the one that they all will wish to go to would be Ibiza. Present off the coast of Spain, this island nation is a bonafide party destination in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, the women that you would meet there are fun to stay with and they ensure that you enjoy yourself too.

You would meet many young girls in this region, and most are very easy to get along with. Truly, if you are attracted to strong independent ladies, you cannot go wrong with taking a trip down to Ibiza. Without a doubt, the options you would find are endless, and they are always ready for a fun time.

Of course, the aura of this island speaks to its culture, and the locals and tourists both embody its spirit. Because of that, the ones that you would meet are outgoing and are comparatively easy to approach. However, if you are thinking about dating them for the long-run, there are many things that you need to consider first.

Dating Culture

In a land made for satisfying your desires, its dating culture is very easy to handle for many. But, the main thing that you would need for that is money, and likely lots of it. After all, Ibiza is the sin city of Europe and has a name of its own for providing entertaining events and places to party.

Therefore, how well you do in the dating domain is indirectly influenced by how much you spend too. You would get the best of everything depending on your spending, and these ladies fall under the same category. Truly, born and brought up in the lap of luxury, they have a business-minded thought process regarding their lives.

Owing to that, the local Spanish ladies in this region expect a fun-filled time, but most of the women here don't think about the long-term factor. They are confident in their own skin and enjoy the company of those who are too. Thus, as far as the dating culture is concerned, most ladies prefer the shinier side for their relationships.

However, winning them over is not the easiest, but it is not impossible either. While the maximum of these women do like the financial power of a person, what they admire more is confidence. Furthermore, these ladies do not shy away from speaking their minds and feel attracted to those who match them intellectually.

After all, money does not buy chemistry, and these Spanish ladies are big believers of being compatible with their partners. So, when you are dating someone in Ibiza, show them your real and friendly side, and if they feel a connection, you are in. The dating world, in turn, is a mix of attraction and wit in Ibiza, and nothing is off the table.

Online Dating

Dating in Ibiza can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Ibiza and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Truly, on an island so beautiful and classy, the people themselves are no different and perfectly showcase it. They know who they are and are proud of it, and about their own culture and areas as well. Moreover, they are all very confident and know what they want in life, something that is highly attractive. Of course, not every lady that you meet in Ibiza is the same, especially considering the number of tourists that visit. Therefore, you would meet people of various nationalities, with different views and looks. Whatever your preferences are appearance-wise, you do not have to worry about missing out on options.

However, it is important to note that most of the ladies that you would meet are Spaniards, and they have a distinct personality. Fiery and passionate, these women have high standards, and more often than not, reaching their desired standards is a little difficult. However, you should keep in mind that it is an illusion, and they prefer those with perseverance and grit.

In fact, one thing to remember is that although they value riches, it is their own that they rely on. To put it simply, most of the local Spanish women in Ibiza are smart and successful and do not depend on their partners. They may get impressed with your money, but what will actually charm them is your charismatic and confident personality.

Ibiza as a nation is quite light and fun and these Spanish ladies and their foreign counterparts enjoy the privileges. However, when it comes to dating, there are many things that you need to consider beforehand. Certainly, this would help you earn their trust and respect, and possibly more than that.

Spanish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Without a doubt, if you are thinking about dating the Spanish ladies in Ibiza, the 18 to 29 years old are the most likely options. If you desire something fun and romantic as a relationship, these ladies are up for it. However, how much luck you have with them depends on how you approach them, and they decide accordingly.

These girls are smart and dedicated to their future and family, and decide to build their career. In fact, many of them do not feel like starting a long romance, because they have other priorities at this age. Yet, that does not mean that these young women don't love at all; they just are very selective about it. These females are friendly and outgoing, but the moment you try to turn your relationship romantic, you will feel the wall. They would not readily agree to a date, but that too is a part of their flirting. After all, they want to see how much effort you would put into winning their hearts, and how you react to their dominance.

Thus, the best thing to do here is very simple; show them your light and friendly self. Treat them respectfully and do not behave controlling, as these ladies do not back away from a fight. And most importantly, stay your chivalrous and confident self. Also, give them your care and honest opinions. Of course, a gift or two would not hurt your chances with them either.

These girls would be some of the most beautiful that you would ever meet. They have the hottest figures with curves that would definitely make you look twice at them. Their physical assets can be best described as average to big breasts and perfectly shaped buttocks. So, it would be your natural temptation to approach almost every young girl that you come across, ad there is no harm in that as long as you take care of things that matter, such as the girl you are trying to approach is not accompanied by her boyfriend. Keep your approaches light and charming so you don't come off as too imposing.

Sexy you girls at the Lio nightclub, Ibiza

Spanish Women (age 30 - 45)

One thing that is known about almost every Spanish lady is their drive for honesty, hard work and passion. And the one thing that most of them dedicate that towards is on their own lives and future. However, it does not mean that they are entirely selfish; rather, the women in Ibiza are bold and classy instead.

Thus, the women you would meet around their middle-ages in this region are used to the glamorous lifestyle, on their own merit. Many of them hold good jobs and focus on excelling in them, while also caring for their families. Indeed, these Spanish women care deeply about their loved ones, and many make a family of their own.

Of course, the priority of that depends according to the person and what ideals they have grown up learning. Some are more impressed with the razzle and dazzle and want that in their lives and feel attracted to the party-scene. On the other hand, many of these women after they turn 30 or more want a quieter atmosphere. Therefore, you would meet many types of women, diverse in their backgrounds and desires at this spot. Nonetheless, these Spanish ladies are known for their temperamental nature and you should treat them well. Whatever it is that you want with them, do not hide it away and tell them your feelings openly.

The women from this age bracket do not lose the touch of beauty when even after crossing the age of 30 and are still some of the hottest women in the region. You can expect them to capture your eye when you come across them as they prefer following fashion trends and keeping up with the modern world.

Alluring mature women at the Lio nightclub, Ibiza

Spanish Ladies (age 45+)

Indeed, as people grow in age, they have a higher interest in finding partners and settling down. The Spanish ladies in Ibiza from this age bracket do start getting married in their middle-ages, which means most of the 45-year-olds are happily settled. Thus, if you had your preferences stuck in this group, you might have to reconsider.

After all, most of these ladies focus their attention and energy on keeping their partners and children happy. Even if they become single for some unfortunate reason, their commitment to their family is strong. Thus, you would meet many older Spanish ladies who are single but not ready to go out again.

Yet, it is wrong to state that you would hold no luck with these ladies; there are some who disagree with this norm. Therefore, if the two of you bond well and they feel comfortable with you, they would give it a shot. You should make them feel special and beautiful, and that would benefit you in this endeavour.

Additionally, some of them choose to remain single and they enjoy modern-day methods of casual dating. Therefore, you would meet many exciting cougars in Ibiza, and create beautiful memories together. You can come across them through friends, online, or randomly, but whether it will work depends on your actions.

A group of attractive cougars at the KM5 club, Ibiza

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Without a doubt, if you are more attracted to those of foreign nationalities and not the locals, Ibiza would present ample options. It is a glorious tourist spot, and the attraction for these islands is felt by many, prompting them to visit the area. Furthermore, they want to experience all that the region has to offer, including a chance at romance.

Therefore, if you wish, It can be very much possible for you to go out with some of the foreigner women who visit here. These ladies are quite fun to hangout with and having them as a romantic partner is no exception. Not to mention, you would have a much better bond with them as well, given the similarities of your circumstance. They are sassy and fun and compared to the local Spanish beauties are much easier to impress.

After all, the Spanish ladies know the best parties and the best locations and have gone to them all. So, the local women might get bored easily with normal tastes, while the foreigners would feel delighted. If you want to spend a simple and uncomplicated time when you visit this island, the foreigners will agree sooner.

Moreover, when you feel like spending some alone time, these ladies would understand why. At a new place, no matter how much fun it is, sometimes you still feel alone and miss your home. Indeed, the foreigner women can relate with you better and would stay beside you through it all.

Of course, it is always fun to visit a region and lose yourself in the gorgeousness of the area. While the Spanish ladies would understand your interest, there is something more fun about experiencing something new together. Not to mention, while the Spanish women enjoy a fun time, some of them eventually would want more. The foreigners do not have similar expectations, and that is less stressful to deal with if your visit is temporary.

Sexy foreigners at the KM5 club, Ibiza


While traveling to a new region for a vacation, there are a lot of things that people want to enjoy. And for most people, the common things in their wish-list include booze, going to exciting sites and having sex. Indeed, when it comes to having sex, you generally would not face a lot of issues with it in Ibiza. Owing to the relaxed and free atmosphere of this region, many women do not have their guard up. And because of that, they are much easier to get along with, and they give in to their desires more easily. If a Spanish woman in this region finds you attractive, she would not hide her interest.

Of course, while that is true, it is important to note that these ladies are not easy to seduce either. Spanish women are very vocal about what they like and don’t like, and they are not easy to impress. Truly, the best chance you would have with her depends on if she feels a connection with you. Thus, talk to her well and get to know her better, and see how things go with time.

Once they are in bed with you, you would get to see their wild side as they can be extremely amazing in bed. They are no opposed to have a freaky time in the bedroom with someone that they like. So, be prepared to come out of your bedroom exhausted after a steamy session with them.

Sex Culture

In a region that celebrates personal freedom and choice, the culture of sexual identity is also very prevalent. Certainly, many of the citizens are very open to the idea of giving in to their desires, and most do. In fact, many of these citizens go to clubs and private parties, and spending money is second nature here.

Thus, in the matter of sex too, this plays a heavy role, and many people look at sex in a business sense. Moreover, there are certain areas in this town where that is the main theme and people go there for this. If you are into the sex scene and want to experience it well, you would find various opportunities for such in Ibiza.

Yet, as easy as it is to have sex, how well you do in this situation depends on who you are talking to. Many of the Spanish ladies take time to act on it and push away attention from the ones who give it. They focus more on enjoying themselves and do not think too much about sex unless they crave it as well. Along with that you can try your luck with the various tourists that come to Ibiza have certain fantasies fulfilled.

One-Night Stands

When it comes to sexual interactions, one-night stands are the most common among younger people in Ibiza. Although that is true, it involves a mutual decision to do so, with both the man and the woman holding equal say. Of course, with the many gorgeous options that are available in the region, this choice is easy for many.

After all, one-time things are the easiest to deal with and do not come with complicated feelings attached. Not to mention, many of these ladies are very open about their sexual choices and feel free to try new things. With lesser worries about judgemental societies, these women do not shy away from going after what they want.

However, while that is valid for many people, it is not something that everyone feels comfortable with. Some of the Spanish ladies want to form a connection before doing the deed and do not agree to anything less. Thus, if you approach them and they repeatedly decline, take her word at face value and do not be too insistent.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Without a doubt, Ibiza is a popular location for many people to willingly lose themselves at, and rightfully so. After all, no matter what you are looking for from your visit, the different areas cater to everyone’s cravings. If you want to party the night away or spend your days relaxing at the beaches, there are many places for each. Moreover, you would get to meet many women in these areas too, which only makes the trip better. Not only are they are fun to interact with, but you can also possibly start something worthwhile together. Of course, in order to do that, you need to make the right impression at first and develop it from there.

While predicting how the ladies would react to your approach is not possible, the location does give you an idea. After all, some areas have a feel to it that attract certain types of people, with similar intentions and desires. Therefore, judging on that, you can guess what she might like or dislike generally, and use that as inspiration. For instance, nightclubs and bars have a vibe that goes with having fun with strangers, and approaching a woman in such places will not be too awkward. Shopping areas are also a good option to visit and approach ladies any time of the day. The amazingly beautiful and exotic beaches are some of the best places to visit during the day.

Thus, depending on the location, you can meet and further interact with the ladies of your choice in Ibiza. Certainly, there are many varieties of places you can go to and adjust your attitude accordingly. While there is no full guarantee that you would impress them, approaching them properly is a great start.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Indeed, one of the most crucial elements of the Ibiza lifestyle is the nightlife and party scene in the area. People from around the world travel to this particular region to experience a fun and carefree moment. Thus, if you are wondering what the best places are for that, while also meeting girls, here are some options.

  • The Night (Ibiza Town): Lose yourself to the ambiance and enjoy the delicacies at this popular bar in Ibiza.
  • La Bodega (Dalt Vila): This old-school bar is an attraction for many local and tourist and local women owning to its classic feel.
  • Amante (Sol Den Serra)- Enjoy the best of food and drinks at this high-scale spot, along with the women for the company.
  • Teatro Pereyra (Ibiza Town)- Dance the night away with the women in Ibiza at this high-profile club.
  • KM5 (Ctra. Ibizasan Antonio-Ibiza)- The nightlife of Ibiza is certainly exciting, as seen in this spot, and is enjoyed by many.
  • S’Escalinata (Ibiza Town)- Enjoy the bohemian feel of this location, and meet many amazing women who agree.
  • Lio (Passeig Joan Carles)- It is a fun place to party at when you are going to Ibiza, and meet women too.
  • Hidden Bar (Cala San de Vicent)- Certainly, this is one of the best bars to go to and you can try exciting cocktail combos too.
  • Kumharas (San Antonio)- To taste the best of Ibiza cuisine, this is a favorite spot for many ladies as well.
  • Amnesia (San Antonio)- When you visit Ibiza, you would have one of the best night-life experiences at this location.
An amazing party at the Amnesia Club, Ibiza

Shopping Malls

When you are going to a new place, the ambiance of the area makes you feel good and relaxed. In fact, you want to take a little part of it as a souvenir, of the moments and things you experienced. For many, that is what they feel when they feel after visiting the shopping areas, and draws them there.

Thus, you too would enjoy a trip to a shopping region, and in Ibiza, there are many such areas. However, not every one of them is big outlets, but the shops do have a steady flow of customers. More specifically, it is the young women who go there frequently, and they enjoy shopping at various locations.

When you visit these areas, you would surely get to meet a lot of them, and start a conversation. Indeed, they like talking to new people and the stuff you see around you would give you varied topics to talk about too. Of course, do maintain a nice and friendly manner, as that would help you make a better impact. As far as shopping is concerned, these are the best spots that you will find in Ibiza.

  • Marcadilo Las Dalias (Sant Carles de Peralt)
  • Hippy Market (es Canar)
  • ART Centre Comercial (Illes Balears)
  • Vara De Rey (Passeig de Vara de Rey)
  • Mercat Nou (Illes Balears)


Ibiza is a land of many wonders, and you can enjoy it in its entirety when you visit the region. Certainly, surrounded by beaches and holiday resorts, it is nothing short of a paradise of relaxation. Of course, the night-scene in this region is huge too, and that brings a lot of crowds.

But what you would enjoy during the day would make you fall in love with the place harder. The women who live in this region feel the same way, and enjoy going to the various gorgeous locations. Not only is there a lot of things to do there, but also the views make it more interesting and dynamic.

These ladies, both the local Spanish and tourists, enjoy going to these places and you would too. Indeed, the chance to talk to them only makes it better, and the ones you would meet here are very amiable. In fact, with the breathtaking views in the background, your interaction with them would surely stay on their mind for long.

Some of the best spots to visit for a full Ibiza experience are mentioned below.

  • Dalt Vila (Old Town)
  • Talamanca (Ibiza Town)
  • Cala Saladeta (San Antoni)
  • Cala Berrinas (Sant Joan de Labritja)
  • Paloma (Old Town)
A beautiful view of Cala Saladeta, San Antoni, Ibiza

Universities and Colleges

A major part of growing up includes things like education, and the Spanish ladies are very serious about it. Certainly, they want to lead a good lifestyle, and having a well-developed education would allow them to do so. However, while the desire is there, the opportunity for attaining quality education is not high in Ibiza.

After all, it is important to remember that Ibiza is first and foremost a party destination and tourist attraction. People generally go to this comparatively smaller location to relax and forget about their regular lives. Thus, the bigger universities do not operate in this region, and people go elsewhere to study.

However, the ladies who stay, pursue their further studies in the few institutions that have their campuses there. They enjoy studying different things while having a fun relaxing time when they go out. Thus, if you are thinking of meeting a young confident Spanish lady, these areas are good spots to try. The top education facilities in Ibiza are given here for you to consider.

  • University of the Balearic Islands (Ibiza Town)
  • Morna International University (Illes Balears)
  • Ibiza Diving College (San Antonio)


When you are in Ibiza, there is a lot for you to see and do, but if you are staying for a while, loneliness creeps in. After all, at a fun destination like this, isn’t it better to spend your time with a partner-in-crime? Indeed, this makes people want to date, and find someone interesting and exciting for the company.

Without a doubt, you would find a lot of options for establishing some or the other kind of a relationship with when you visit this region, and varying possibilities too. Consequently, you can go out with different types of women and start something fun and casual. The atmosphere of this region is party-like, and the girls enjoy meeting new people.

Not to mention, they are very open to different possibilities too and are liberal regarding relationships. Whether you like a foreign tourist or a local Spanish lady, they enjoy the freedom here and live it well. Thus, they are very open to flirtations and are even up for something sensual and temporary.

Of course, casual relationships are not the only norm among these people; many women give love more importance. Meeting them and courting them takes time and patience, but the outcome is well worth the effort. Thus, whatever you might prefer more when it comes to romantic relationships, you would get that in Ibiza.

Holiday Romance

Truly, when you are considering the love scene in Ibiza, it is not complete without mentioning the holiday aspect. After all, this region is known for its wonder and fun and many travelers enjoy the opportunities. When you visit this island, no matter for how long, you would come across the possibility of love and from various directions.

Certainly, with the number of tourists that you would meet in this region, a temporary holiday romance is highly likely. Everyone is looking for a fun time, and what better way to do so than with someone with a similar mindset. Therefore, when you visit the cities, you would meet many ladies who are more interested in a good time.

Of course, this type of an understanding between you and your partner would be much simpler to handle and would give you less stress. The factors of expectations and mutual dependency are gone, and you can simply focus on having a good time. Indeed, irrespective of who you are with, these ladies in Ibiza know the drill and agree wholeheartedly.

When you want a light and breezy romantic relationship with someone, you should be upfront about your intentions with regards to the nature of the relationship. When you have a limited time with someone, the moments are more special and passionate but if you get attached to them too much it hurts badly later when you have to say your goodbyes. Thus, if you want to get into something like this with the ladies in Ibiza, talk it through with them first.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Beyond doubt, a romantic relationship is a fun experience when you first get into it, but it gets tricky to navigate over time. Things that were easy to love before, need more work and many people prefer giving up than doing so. However, if your feelings for the woman you are dating is true, this is out of the question.

After all, what makes a bond special and long-term are the amounts of love and care that you and your partner put in. The more you do so, the longer it would last, and that is the true measure of your connection. Therefore, if you are thinking the same, here are a few main things that you should focus on to improve yours.

  • Trust: Certainly, for a healthy relationship to grow, the first thing that you need to focus on is your bond with them. This determines how long you would stay together, and you cannot do so with someone you do not know. Therefore, you should make that effort with these ladies, and learn about who they are as an individual. Share your thoughts and ideas and learn more about her. Truly, with a mutual level of communication about the inner you, a trust would build between you both that is hard to break. Trusting her would be one the most important things for the relationship to survive.
  • Support: Another thing you should focus on is what you can offer each other, emotionally and physically. After all, everyone wants that one person that they can rely on for anything, and a relationship gives that to you. Thus, stay there for each other and become that moral support that the other craves. And slowly, that would make your bond stronger and survive better.
  • Time: While having personal lives is important, so is the spending a portion of that with each other. To put it simply, you can have a much stronger relationship if you keep the romance growing. Spending quality time together would give you that, and also remind you what makes you like each other.
  • Family: Last but not least, as much as you like one another, a relationship cannot last long without familial approval. Certainly, if the ones that helped you grow do not like the one you adore, that would create strains. Moreover, their family is a big deal to Spanish women, and they value their opinion. Therefore, if you want a long-lasting love story, take the time to bond with each other’s loved ones.


Without a doubt, Ibiza is a paradise for people looking to have fun, and the options to explore are plenty. With the many ladies that you would meet, you would enjoy your time a lot and forget about other worries. After all, they have a winning personality and they enjoy going out with people that interest them.

But falling for these women is not difficult, and when they do as well, it is a wonderful gift for you. While it is common knowledge that the Spanish women are emotional, that does impact positively in love too. So, when they feel strongly for their partner, they show it through their loyal support and loving actions.

These ladies enjoy the classic romantic gestures and would enjoy it when you shower them with affection and attention. Similarly, they too would not hide their feelings and showcase it openly to you. Moreover, when these women fall in love, it is a lifetime deal for them. They would want to spend a long time with you. So treat them well and with respect, and they would do the same for you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

When you are in a relationship, you would have to consider many things before making it official. After all, having someone to spend your life with is special, and doing so with the right person is essential. But, when you are in love with someone, how do you tell the difference between desire and true love? To help you see the reality, here are some questions you should ask yourself and see if she is your one.

  • What does she love more: you or the money?: In a region like Ibiza, the power of money is high and so is the demand for it. And the ladies there do give it a priority, and your success would impress them. But when you are together for a long time, it is important to know which is a bigger priority for them. In order to know that, see how she behaves with you when you don’t have your riches, and when you do. The behavior would speak for itself.
  • How does she behave with your loved ones?: A good indication of her feelings is through her actions for you, for sure. But an even better one is through her actions towards those who are close to you. Notice whether she actually tries to get along with them, and not just when you are together. After all, someone who loves you truly would try to extent that towards those who you are important to you. Therefore, you should keep a note of that.
  • Is she criticising you constructively or rudely?: When you are in a relationship, what you do reflects on them too, and sometimes people make wrong decisions. And your partner tells you if what you are doing is right or not, essentially being a voice of reason. However, there is a difference in that; is she stopping you from doing something for your good? Or is it more to gain control over you and your lifestyle?


Without a doubt, marriages are a major concept that bonds two people together forever, and Spanish society celebrates it. The younger women care deeply about their families and want to experience the same of their own. Therefore, if you are in a strong-bonded relationship with a Spanish lady in Ibiza, this is the gradual next step.

As far as the legal aspects are concerned, the laws are very lenient towards ex-pats getting married to locals. So, if that is on your mind, you do not need to worry for much. Of course, there are some legal rules and registrations that you need to follow, and it goes from there.

Moreover, these ladies care a great deal about the opinion of their family members and you should get their approval. Not to mention, the ceremonies themselves are a big deal and everything is performed with tradition in mind. Overall, this step is an important promise in this culture, and you would start your new life beautifully.


Indeed, the weddings showcase the celebration of your relationship to the outside world, and the Spanish have a flair of excellence. It is a time of celebration and the parties held for it are loud and cheerful. Not to mention, the entire families of both sides gather to show their love and good wishes for you both.

Of course, as far as the theme of the wedding goes, that is based as per the decision of you as a couple. In Ibiza, both big-scale celebrations and small intimate ones are common, and you can choose according to what both of you want. In fact, you can find many beautiful locations for this too, and Ibiza provides breathtaking backgrounds.

However, all things aside, most of the Spanish people prefer to follow the old-school customs in the ceremony itself. The procedure follows according to the rules of the Catholic traditions, while some choose other routes. Moreover, at the reception too, most of the usual customs are followed, including guests gifting the couple during dinner. All in all, it is a beautiful mix of old-school traditions and modern sentimentality in Ibiza. If you are looking for the best wedding venues in this region, here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Agroturismo Atzaro (Ibiza Town)
  • Hacienda Na Xamena (northern border of Ibiza)
  • Aiyanna Ibiza (Cala Nova)
  • Amante Ibiza (Sol Den Serra)
  • Lamuella (between San Juan and San Lorenzo)

Family Life

Families are what most couples aspire for and with the Spanish ladies in Ibiza you would experience really good family life. They care deeply about having children and giving them a loving lifestyle. And with these ladies beside you, you would have no problem doing so.

While they are very independent, these ladies transition into a family centric lifestyle easily and make great matriarchs. Certainly, they focus on keeping the household running well and healthily, and organize the life well. Of course, these women do not neglect their other passions either, and many continue with their career goals.

As an area for raising kids, Ibiza is not traditionally the first place that would come to your mind. However, local life is very relaxing, and you can raise a happy and well-developed household in the area. Overall, whatever route you go down, your entire experience in Ibiza is worth remembering always.



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