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Berlin dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date German women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot German girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Berlin, Germany.

Hot girls at the YAAM club in Berlin

Girls in Berlin:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Berlin:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Berlin:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Berlin:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $730
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $530


In order to date a German girl in Berlin, there are certain things you need to understand about them. Impressing girls in Berlin is a bit different from the rest of the world. They are so real, and they get bored with the usual things most people fancy. For instance, most Berlin girls don’t really care about your compliments. It doesn’t really make her feel better. This is because she knows what you’re trying to do, and she knows your compliments are just a way of doing it faster. These women are modern and independent. They have pretty high standards when it comes to dating. You need to be really charming in order to date a girl from Berlin.

Dating Culture

There are no guidelines when it comes to dating German girls in Berlin. Since different things work for different people. You and your partner just have to find out what works best for both of you. There are still some guidelines that help when you’re just starting to be friends with a new girl. It doesn’t work with every Berlin girl out there. So you just have to play your cards right to get the girl you want.

If it doesn’t work or she’s giving you no signs. Don’t blame yourself. She might not just be into you, and there’s little or nothing you can do about it. A girl that likes you will make things easier for you. Even though Berlin girls are different, the approach discussed below works in most cases.

First of all, two people get to meet each other. This is when both of you introduce yourselves and get to know each other. If the conversation goes well and she looks interested. You can go ahead to ask her out on a date. It is essential to know that it takes time to go on a date with a Berlin again. They prefer when things go slowly and smoothly. Unlike in America, where you can go on a date barely after meeting a girl, you can’t do that here.

You must have established a bit of mutual understanding before going on the next move. Even after getting to see her the next time, you should still take things slowly. Meeting a German girl in Berlin, frequently doesn’t really mean she is already romantically interested in you. She might just want to know you better. After seeing each other so many times, you can start showing her your feelings. Although she will likely reject your advances, just keep on reminding her. She will finally accept to be yours when she sees that you’re real.


This city host lots of popular female models. Within your first few weeks in Berlin, you would have met a lot of single and beautiful women. It is often said that an average German girl in Berlin matches the beauty ideal almost everywhere in the world. Most of them are tall, possess blue eyes, and have blonde hair.

Although they are one of the countries with the tallest women, you will still find short ones there too. Another great thing about them is they prefer their natural look. So you can be sure what you see is what you get. Their ladies are not really into enhancing their beauty with different cosmetic products. Even in the area of fashion, they prefer simple shoes and sandals to high heels.

It’s not like they have a bad style or they don’t like fashion. That’s just how they do there, and you can’t change their minds. They have the mentality that a girl can be hot no matter what she wears. So they do little or nothing to impress anyone. They just wait for the right one to come. You might find them a little bit complicated at first, but they’re worth the chase.

German Girls (age 18 - 29)

German girls in Berlin can be really cold when you are just getting to know them. Just make them comfortable around you, and you will see how it can be easy to get them laid. These young girls don’t really see a big deal with meeting new people. They’re still young and very attractive, so be ready for a few of them to turn you down. That’s the game. You will rarely find girls of these age range chasing after boys; it is boys that chase after them. So as a tourist, you will be prepared for rejection. One important thing to know is that if a girl rejects you, that doesn’t mean you’re ugly. It shouldn’t affect your self-esteem. The fact is that she isn’t the right one for you. So you don’t have to blame yourself at all. When you spot the right one, she might even be the one chasing after you.

Even as a tourist, you get to meet a lot of girls on the street, you should be careful. The truth is they don’t like it when guys talk to them in public. You should only do that when you think you might never see that girl again. Even if you’re so handsome, a Berlin girl isn’t going to show her excitement or even smile at you. She will just give you space to talk to her. These young girls don’t waste time at all. If you see anyone you like, just tell her straight off. They like guys with guts, not a shy one.

German Women (age 30 - 45)

Women from Berlin can be a little bit different from women in other places. So you should keep that in mind before making any move. Berlin women above the age of 30 are usually very focused on their careers. So they only give room for relationships when they are very sure things will work out in the long run. They don’t rush into relationships, unlike the previous age group.

Berlin women only consider dating you if they can visualize a good future with you. That is if there are chances that both of you can marry and raise a stable family. Their beauty is a major factor that attracts tourists, most especially the young ones. Since most of them are educated, they are well enlightened and intelligent. This helps them to spot a player quickly.

If you’re just there to date and dump, you will find it hard to get a Berlin woman. Even if you eventually get one, it will only be because she’s among the few that are less intelligent and too materialistic. A good number of them are good homemakers, and you will really enjoy the time with your Berlin girl if you’re real with her. They are well trained to make the conducive home right from their young age.

What else do men want in women? They are good in bed. You’re not going to be worrying about your kids because she will always be there to do the right things. Therefore, you should know an average Berlin woman is organized. Most of them are very intelligent too. You should always remember these things when you start talking with one.

German Ladies (age 45+)

Berlin women around this age are well aware of the ups and downs in relationships. In fact, most of them that are still looking for relationships have been hurt in the past. It might be by a cheating or abusive husband. A good number of them also consider going into relationships because of the death of their husband. There are not many games in relationships like these since both parties are mature.

Just try and be understanding, and you’re good to go. You will be surprised a good number of them prefer dating young men because they are still very much strong and good on bed. Berlin ladies around this age don’t feel the need to put financial responsibilities on their men. Most of them have good and well-paying jobs.

All they are just searching for is companionship and someone that can get them laid. Procreation is not a big deal here as most of them have children already. As a young tourist dating a mature Berlin woman, you have less to worry about. Even though you are still young, her experience will make things better.

She has been there before, so minor challenges or fights can’t have much effect on your relationship. You are also going to have fewer financial responsibilities as she is independent. This provides you with more time to work and improve other areas of your life. A few of them also stay away from relationships around this age. Especially old independent businesswomen that are always busy with one thing or the other.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Since people come to Berlin for a lot of things, you will always meet foreign girls. It might be an international student or a tourist. It can even be a scholar that came there for research purposes. Since dating a foreign girl is what a good number of men crave for, it is worth discussing.

Most girls who come to Berlin either converse in English, Spanish or French language. Therefore, men who know foreign languages have an advantage over others. To get a chance with these foreigners, you’ve to understand little things about their culture and mentality. Having a basic understanding of their mentality enables you to know some important things.

That is, you will know how she thinks and try to act in a way she will appreciate. Girls from different countries have different views about what is romantic. They might also demand different things in relationships. If an American girl sees gifts as romantic things, a Berlin lady might not. Her own might just be frequent calls and texts. Therefore, it is important to know your potential foreign partner well and act according to her needs.

If you’re able to win her heart by doing this, then you can expect a long term relationship. The only issue about dating a foreigner is discrimination based on cultures in some places in Berlin. Even though education has reduced this greatly, there are still some people that don’t allow cultural diversity in marriages. This kind of person can go any length to bring an end to the already existing relationship.


German girls in Berlin are known to possess attractive female features such as big breasts and buttocks. How fast you get laid depends on the kind of relationship you are having. If you are in a teenage relationship, just forget about sex until your girl is old and mature enough. It is easier to have sex when you’ve started dating a Berlin girl after a while.

She might reject sex in the early stages of the relationship just to be sure that’s not the reason you’re dating her. You will find a lot of Berlin girls doing this, most especially the young ones.

Sex with local girls in Berlin will be mind blowing. They are feisty in bed and open to trying new positions. You will not see them shying away from experimenting in bed. The German girls are straight forward enough to get laid on the first date but you do need to hit the right places. Nightclubs are the perfect venues to do that. Registering yourself on online dating websites and apps like Tinder, Bumble. Happn etc.

Sex Culture

Sex in Berlin is only legal if it is consensual. That is if both parties agree to it. Anything different from that is referred to as rape. Sex with a minor is also illegal in Berlin. Always make sure you have the consent of the girl you are getting laid with.

German girls in Berlin also have an open behavior towards sex. It is not a taboo and something to be shy about. There is also a program organized for young students to train them about sex. It is called sexual education. In this program, children are exposed to what sex is all about.

They are also taught about sexually transmitted diseases and the dangers of unprotected sex. Lastly, Berlin women have little preferences when it comes to sex. They are more attracted to men who display confidence, charm, and charisma. Women notice these qualities during interactions. With time, they become sexually attracted to you if you display these three things frequently.

One-Night Stands

As the world changes, Berlin as a city isn’t left behind. They have also witnessed huge cultural changes in the last decades. One of these changes is in the issue of one-night stands. A one-night stand is a form of casual sex between people that are not in relationships. It is mostly done between people who believe there is no chance that they will see each other again. Most especially between a tourist and a citizen.

They can be friends or not, but sex has to be consensual. To get a one-night stand in Berlin, you’ve to get a girl who’s willing to engage with you without attachments. In order words, it is going to be a safe-sex with no feelings attached. There are situations where people engage in a one-night stand and stop communicating the following day.

Most people who prefer one-night stands are tourists or random people who are in Berlin for a very short time. Since they will soon return to their home countries, they feel no need to engage in serious relationships. So they just get someone to satisfy them for the night and pay in return. If you’re willing to get a one-night stand with a cute girl in Berlin, you don’t have much to do.

You can just go to the nearest club, or you can use a hookup app. Applications like Tinder match you up with people for sex. You just have to register and scroll through a list of German girls in Berlin, choose the one you like and connect with her.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Nightlife has always been great in Berlin. There are lots of nightclubs, bars and other places to meet single ladies. You can even decide to go according to your schedule. They open every day of the week. Although you get to meet the most beautiful singles on weekends, you can also meet a lot on weekdays.

It might be in schools, social gatherings, tourist attractions, or anywhere outside. Meeting girls in different locations in Berlin depends on you. If your game is top-notch, you might not even need a special place to start talking to a girl. You can just start the conversation right from where you are. You can start a conversation anywhere as far as you know what to say.

German girls in Berlin have a taste for confident guys, so you’re going to be respected if you are. You can’t expect the same from an overly decent Berlin girl. She will most likely feel embarrassed if you talk to her anywhere and won’t be interested in the conversation. Therefore, bars, shopping malls, and other great places are better if you are just meeting a girl for the first time. Remember the first impression lasts for a long time. You should try to make it a memorable one. After a good first impression, you can continue to build your relationship with that. It is also important to know that the place you meet a girl can say a lot about her. For instance, a girl you met in the club will likely be the party type. So you should be ready to spend on outings if you’re going to date her.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

You’re definitely going to meet lots of single Berlin girls in clubs. In fact, this is where tourists visit when looking for hookups. You will find most people turned up in a party mood. The girls will rock near-naked outfits while the guys will wear casual clothes. You need to know how to dress on different occasions. You can’t pull up in a club the same way you dress to your office.

So try to avoid looking strange and blend to their tone. Since Berlin is a big city, there will be nightclubs close to you. No matter what area of Berlin you are, you will see a place to chill and relax. The mood in Berlin night clubs is always set for partying. So you should be ready for anything. If you’re a cute guy, you shouldn’t be surprised if a girl comes up to you and asks for a dance.

That is the culture here, and you can only get better if you adapt to it. When you spot a girl you are interested in, all you’ve to do is stand up and offer her a drink. Start the conversation from there. And you will aim to impress her enough to land her on a date. If she doesn’t accept your offer, just move on to the next one.

There are so many German girls in Berlin out there; you don’t have to waste time on anyone. As much as tourists get hookups from bars and nightclubs, people also meet serious partners there. It depends on you and the Berlin girl you are trying to get. If you want to visit a good bar or night club in Berlin, you should check the list below

  • Berghain – This place is usually referred to as the best nightclub in Berlin. It is, in fact, a place that offers everything every night club has, ranging from expensive drinks to hosting world-class DJs. You will enjoy your time there as the DJs play music and dancing starts. If you’re not a good dancer, you should avoid this place. Almost everyone dances, it won’t take long before someone asks you for a dance.
  • Schwuz – You get to attend underground events every time you come here. The place is prominent and hosts lots of famous people throughout the week. It might be a DJ or an A-list artiste. Even if your intention is not to meet new girls, you will get to meet your heroes
  • Anomalie Art Club – This club had varied designs. Although you can get exposed to lots of artworks there; it is basically a club, and clubbing activities are what goes on inside. Most of the paintings there were crafted to depict what the perfect party life looks like
  • [ Chalet - This Berlin club is also active every day, and you get to meet new people. If you want to meet Berlin locals, it is better to go there on weekends. All sort of Berlin drinks is available there. From highly alcoholic to a regular drink. They’ve made life comfortable for almost everyone by been diverse.
  • KitKat – This place is a very big club. It even has a swimming pool and a very big dance-floor. You also need to know that dress codes are used here on almost all weekends. As there’s a swimming blue, you can decide to swim with your girl under the dim blue light. Since it is in the night, things will turn out to be very romantic, and she might just get laid that night
  • YAAM – If you are into reggae music, this is the best place for you. With reggae music playing nonstop, dim lights are used to set the perfect party mood. Tourists with this music taste are the ones who come here to party most.
  • OHM – Since this is a new club, where you get to enjoy the best services. It has been built as per everyone’s taste, and it is the perfect example of what a 2020 club should look like. Be prepared to sip your drink while listening to music from the current top artists in the world.
  • Loophole Berlin – Unlike when it was a brothel, it is now more of a strip club. You will get to meet new Berlin girls for hookups. It might even be for a night-stand. It depends totally on you and what you want.
  • Salon Zur Wilden Renate – You will get to meet a lot of Berlin students here. It is the club young people in Berlin prefer to party. Students come from different schools to party here. If you’re an international student, you will get to meet a lot of girls from other schools every weekend
  • Club der Visionaere – This club is more of a bar on weekdays. On weekends, it comes to life as Berlin locals turn up and fill up the place. You get to meet and mingle with a lot of Berlin girls there. Who knows? Someone you met there might even turn out to be the love of your life.
A crazy party at the YAAM club in Berlin

Shopping Malls

Even though malls were not built for people to meet, things have changed. Modern shopping malls are now being built to contain mini clubs and restaurants. In fact, a lot of malls have cinemas inside them now. So the rate at which people visits malls have increased significantly. Unlike before, not everyone goes to malls with the intention of purchasing new stuffs.

A good number of people visit there to watch latest movies and chill. Therefore, it is no longer strange to meet a new girl at the mall. You can start talking to her right where she is selecting items she wants to purchase. If the conversation flows well, both of you can decide to visit the restaurant. Everything is just going to happen so quick since the restaurant is located inside the mall.

In a situation where you meet a new girl where she’s paying, you can decide to pay for her. Most German girls in Berlin will appreciate gestures like this and will be interested in seeing you some more time. There is nothing difficult about getting Berlin women. They might be stubborn in the beginning but deep down, they’re just like girls from other cities.

You just have to understand yourself and know what works best for you. If you’re a very shy guy, you should not converse with a Berlin girl when a lot of people are watching. She will most likely notice you are not confident and that is a huge turnoff. On the other hand, if you’re an overly confident person, try to take things slow so she won’t feel oppressed. Step down to her level so she can interact well and open up. Great shopping malls in Berlin include:

  • Die Hackeschen Hoefe
  • KulturBrauerei
  • Mall of Berlino
  • Primark
  • Das Schloss
  • EASTGATE Berlin
  • Picknweight
  • Europa-Center
Die Hackeschen Hoefe


When it comes to meeting German girls in Berlin, you have a lot of options. It can be by the roadside, public transport or any other open place. Starting conversations here are a little bit difficult than in bars and clubs. You get to meet most of them when they’re not in a mood. It might even be within the middle of her work. Although it works at times, girls don’t really like it.

Since it is busy outdoor most times, you should expect a lot of turnoffs. Outdoors like beach and swimming pools are a little bit different. That is Berlin girls can interact better there than in other places. This is due to the fact that girls who visit such places do it because they want to relax. The largest category of Berlin girls you meet there will likely be on vacation. In fact, if they see that you’re a foreigner, they will even be more impressed.

Since girls in this region love meeting foreigners, they will interact with you well. It is important for you not to mistake this interaction for something else. It should not make you start thinking that she’s into you. Most Berlin girls just get excited when they meet a foreigner. When they know enough about you, you will just notice that they reduce how they talk to you. If you don’t take things serious, they might just stop interacting with you completely.

Universities and Colleges

If you’re a young person, schools are the best places for you to meet German girls in Berlin. Since students come from different areas of Berlin, you get to meet a lot of girls. No matter your taste, you will surely find someone that ticks all your boxes. It might be a Berlin girl in the same department, faculty or level. Your expenses will even reduce since you might not ask her out on a real date.

Dates are meant to understand your potential partner well. Just imagine a situation where you’re in love with your course mate. You will see her at least 5 days in a week. So lectures and practical will give room for you to interact and know each other better. Only international students benefit much from this. Tourists don’t get to talk to college girls except on rare occasions.

This is because when schools are in a session, all students will be ordered to stay within the school premises. So Berlin girls only get to mingle with fellow students. The only time they mingle with outsiders is when they are on break. As a tourist, you’re definitely wasting your time if you want to date a student. You only get to talk to her girl when she’s on breaks.

Anytime she leaves for school, you might not get to see her until when next she is back. Therefore, you can conclude that international students are the ones who get to interact and mingle with single Berlin students. Other people including tourists can’t get female students because they’re not allowed to enter school premises. Some popular schools in berlin include:

  • Freie University of Berlin
  • Technische University
  • Bard College Berlin
  • DEKRA Media university
  • Alice Salamon University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • Bbw University of Applied Sciences
  • Humboldt University of Berlino
  • Berlin School of Economics and Law
Freie University of Berlin


Stable relationships in Berlin are based on mutual respect and trust. There are no sure ways to make relationships work. It depends on how much you and your partner want the relationship to work out. If you and your partner radiate the same level of energy, then you should be set for a long lasting love affair. Since German girls in Berlin take relationships serious, you should be sure before entering into one.

If you are not going to be there for long, there is really no need to enter a serious relationship. You can decide to do other things to keep you busy within that time. When your relationship is still in the early phase, Girls in Berlin will give you all their attention. You should be prepared for the changes that will come after. Things won’t continue to be rosy all the time. These are the times you will face your biggest challenges.

Most foreigners lose their relationship during this time. To keep your relationship alive, you just have to step back a little bit. It is very normal for people to get tired of who they see often, that is also the same for Berlin girls. You just need to give your partner space to think and evaluate things.

She will most likely come back if she ever truly loved you. If she leaves, then you shouldn’t take it to the heart. You will always find another one as there are lots of cute Berlin girls out there. It might even turn out to be a blessing in disguise when you find a better partner.

Holiday Romance

This is a special kind of relationship that is meant to be enjoyed within a short period of time. Most times, it is in between a tourist or foreigner and a Berlin girl. The state of things is a little bit different here. You can’t call it a serious relationship because it is just for a short period of time. It lasts just for a few weeks or a few months at most. It can’t also be called a hookup because it is not all about sex.

For some people, it will look like actual dating but much feelings won’t be attached. The foreigner is definitely going to return to his home country, so such relationships really don’t have a promising future. Very rich individuals also seek a holiday romance in Berlin when on vacations. All they just do is look for a German girl in Berlin, get a good apartment and continue hanging out till they leave.

Since they are there on vacation, any stressful activity is avoided by all means. Young Berlin girls love meeting foreigners and some of them are even open to such relationships. It is better to meet and discuss with one before coming to berlin. This is to make sure you won’t wait long to get a girl since you are there for a short period of time. Dating applications like tinder can be used to meet them. You also have to know you will likely be the one sponsoring your Berlin partner everywhere you go together.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Anyone can get in relationship with a German girl in Berlin. Since you’re good looking and can play your cards right, you can get into a relationship. The challenge here is to be able to maintain the relationship. Relationships between foreigners and Berlin locals usually don’t last long in most cases. Even though it starts very well, it might just end on bad terms. One of the reasons for this is their mentality and values.

To sustain your relationship with a Berlin girl, you’ve to be willing to compromise a few things. You need to admit that some things will never be the way you want them. So instead of fighting over your differences, you can decide to focus on your similarities. Girls here love honest and trustworthy people. Being honest will help you a lot if you’re going to have a long lasting relationship.

You’ve to say the truth at all times. Even if it hurts, it is still far better than lying. When a girl notices that you lie too much, she might lose her trust in you. Gaining back lost trust can be very difficult or even impossible to do. No one wants to be in relationship with someone that is not trust worthy. There will be lots of doubts and the relationship will surely crash in the end.

Finally, you’ve to support each other if you’re going to go far. Your lover has to be the one person you prioritize above other people. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to support her when you can. It can be in finances, work or any other thing.


Finding a soul mate in Berlin requires time and patience. Berlin is a big city with lots of girls, so you’re going to see girls you like frequently. You might like them because of beauty, body shape and other attractive features. It might even be because of her pink lips or straight legs. All these things are the same everywhere but finding a real love isn’t easy.

Most especially in a foreign place, all you’ve to do is to grab your chance immediately you see one. Nowadays there are girls that date foreigners out of love. This is because most tourists are rich people that can afford more than basic things. So you will definitely see a lot of Berlin girls showing you interest upon arrival. You get to meet one you are really attracted to.

In fact, you might proceed to ask her out so as to get things going well. In a few weeks you might have started dating her. After about a month, a guy richer than you starts showing interest in her. Then you discover she stops giving you time and attention. Things like this are common in Berlin. You have to be able to sort out real girls from fake ones.

Once you know how to do this, your love life in Berlin will become better. German girls in Berlin are very passionate lovers when you meet the right ones. You will enjoy every part of dating a Berlin local. The happy moments, bad moments, fights, arguments and so on. In the future, it will definitely be a nice thing to think and reflect on.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Everyone wants to feel loved. We all want to be loved and cherished by that one person we care about the most. Since you don’t want to be taken for granted, you’ve to be sure the person you’re dating is right for you. First of all, you have to trust who you’re dating. If she has cheated on you before and you still accepted her back. You really have to give it a rethink.

Most especially if you’ve lost your trust since it happened. Lifestyle is also very important in relationships. If you’re a gentle person that stays indoors. Then you shouldn’t show interest in a club girl. This is because your lifestyles contradict each other and there will be plenty of fights in the future. You should not settle into a bad relationship all in the name of love.

It is not good for your health and personal growth. Another important thing to consider is how much you get along with her friends. Even though you’re a foreigner, that doesn’t mean you should not get along with your wife’s Berlin friends. The important thing to avoid here is marrying someone way above or below your league.

You won’t be able to relate with her friends because of the difference. With time, you will find out you’re different in many things. It might be in mentality, way of life and other things you can’t change. Therefore, it is more advisable to date a girl in your league or a little bit above or below your league.


As a foreigner, you must be very sure of your partner before considering marriage. Most likely you must have met her family and friends. Even if they are not able to meet your own parents, they must have contacted them before. It might be through skype, Facebook or any other social media. It is part of Berlin’s culture that both parents must agree to any relationship leading to marriage.

If they’re against it, you should try to explain and give them reasons why you think it will work out. They will mostly accept after that. If they are still against it, you really don’t have much to do than to call it off. It is normal to face a little bit of resistance from your partner’s parents. This is because Berlin citizens are not really into interracial marriages.

They prefer when their daughter marries someone within Germany. If your potential partner really loves you, she will try to convince her parents. Then you can go on with your marriage preparations. In most Berlin homes, there’s usually courtship before marriage. Courtship is the period when two potential partners learn more about each other.

During this period, you get to know a lot of important things about her. Information gotten during this period will determine if you will still get married or not. For instance if your genotype is AS and you find out your potential partner is AS. Then you’ve no option than to call it off.


Weddings in Germany are a little bit different from weddings in America and the rest of the world. Even in Berlin some of their wedding traditions have experienced a lot of changes recently. Unlike before when only the bride’s father pays for the wedding expenses, both parents pay nowadays. The couple also pays part of the expenses.

This is why it is not advisable to get married if you don’t have a stable source of income. Getting married means you start giving birth to children and your expenses will skyrocket in very little time. As a foreigner, you need to hire a dancer to teach you how Germans dance. Dance is very important in Berlin weddings and you can’t avoid it.

Waltz is the first dance in every Germany wedding and it is carried out by the bride and the groom. Then the bride dances with her father and so on. These things are what make Berlin weddings exciting and you won’t want your own to be different. A court wedding is also of huge importance. You and your wife have to register in the court of law.

It is after this that the law recognizes you as a legal couple. A court wedding can be done before or during the actual wedding. After all the wedding activities have taken, car procession starts. This is a tradition done in Berlin to celebrate the latest couples. It involves people driving through the town and using horns to wish the new couple a happy married life.

Family Life

A typical family in Berlin consists of the father, mother, and children. Most people don’t give birth to more than three children. A good number of parents in Berlin give birth to only one child. usually both the parents work. And if there’s one who is not going to work, it has to be the mother. A man is seen as the head of the family. He has to work and provide for the general well-being of the family. Even if his wife works too, he is still the one responsible for feeding and wellbeing.

It is why an average German girl in Berlin will prefer to get married to a man richer than her. Children are taken to nursery school at the age of 3 or 4. This is where education starts, and you must ensure that you take your child to a standard school. As we all know, education is essential in every child’s development; teaching your children should be included in your family life.

For every couple to live comfortably in Berlin, they need a personal car. Although you shouldn’t rush to pursue one, if you can’t afford it, you can include it in your plans. Lastly, you should try as much as possible to avoid quarreling in front of your children. As young children, it might have a negative impact on them afterward.

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