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Toronto dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Canadian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Canadian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Girls in Toronto:

  • Looks of girls: 4.8 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.8 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Toronto:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.7 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.2 / 5

Sex in Toronto:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.9 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.75 / 5

More about Toronto:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.7 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$120 - $1,500
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $1,000


Toronto girls are the life of the party and they're truly one of the best, if not THE best. Being a hot commodity, you should congratulate yourself if you're fortunate to hook up with a girl from Toronto. There's something special about dating Toronto girls, they offer a one-of-a-kind dating experience and as a tourist hoping to have a good time in Canada, dating a girl from Toronto is an amazing experience. So, if you eventually find yourself in a romantic relationship with a Toronto girl, have it in mind that you have a lot of things to enjoy and expect.

One of the most interesting things about Toronto girls is that they're not just good in bed alone, they know how to make you better in bed. This may sound freaky or naughty but, it's the actual fact. A typical Toronto girl knows what she wants and she's always assertive to break it down to you. So, if there's anything you are doing wrong (in bed), she'll tell you straight and hopefully, you shouldn't be too incorrigible to adjust and make some nice improvements. Practice makes perfection, hone your skills, and learn from your mistakes. And, you can always count on your girl to be there through it all.

Girls from Toronto are very smart. If you love to date girls that are street smart, you're in the right place. Here in Toronto, the girls will educate you because they're smart as heck. This shouldn't be surprising anyways; with numerous colleges and universities splattered across different parts of the city and its surrounding areas, you should know that you're in an environment where education is highly valued. Hope you're an intellectual anyway? Because, your Toronto sweetheart will challenge you intellectually but there's no need to panic because you might also learn a couple of things through her.

Date a Toronto girl and your taste will evolve - you can barely escape this. A large number of girls in Toronto are foodies and before you get to know this, you would have already caught a glimpse of this through the countless photos of the food they have on their phone. By the time you start rolling together, your food taste will gradually get evolved because if you're not dining on Asian fusion at Lee Restaurant today, you'll be eating McDoubles at McDicks tomorrow. And, it's just a matter of time before you'll also start craving for Oysters from PEI and being able to tell the difference between a Malbec and a Merlot.

Dating a girl from Toronto will make you more confident. Toronto girls are known for their high sense of confidence. Whether they're taking a walk down King St. during a night out, in the bedroom, or at the workplace, they carry themselves with confidence. And, with a Toronto girl by your side, it's quite easy to get a bit of an ego boost. If you feel intimidated and threatened by her self-assurance, then I'm afraid it's best you call it a quit and go elsewhere.

Toronto girls have their special charm and style. 'They're very good-looking and they always have their way of doing things and looking wonderful in their own special way. And, one thing about them is that they'll help get the best out of you and make you a harder worker. You can't help but step up your game if you want to enjoy dating the local girls in Toronto because the girls know what they want and definitely, mediocrity is not part of them. They'll push you to become better but you'll enjoy their support at a full hundred percent as you march on your way to becoming better.

Just as the girls will push you to become a better person, they'll also teach you how to party. The chances are high that you'll probably meet your Toronto sweetheart where she's throwing back tequila shots at EFS but don't forget that the girls will always remain to be the life of the party for they know how to drink copious amounts of alcohol and keep it together. Your tolerance is sure to shoot up if you date a Toronto girl but one thing you'll definitely learn is how to party like a Canadian.

When you date a Toronto girl, you can't help but keep falling in love with her over and over again and as well, getting charmed by the city'. The thing is, Toronto girls will bring out a new side of you that will make you appreciate the city more and you may never want to leave. The energetic spirit of the girls will make you go on exciting and adventurous dates often and there's no way you can resist getting allured by all these. 'Toronto girls have a way of setting your life on fire, just make sure you brace up for the ride. It could be bumpy but it promises to be thrilling, of course, definitely!

Dating Culture

Toronto's dating scene may seem a bit overwhelming for some to handle, especially those who are not from this beautiful city. There are a few things that are likely to happen in relationships and there are as well some certain things that are acceptable. However, people who are not from Toronto may find all these somewhat absurd. Toronto has a busy city life and everyone does love it. And, people from the city don't mind open relationships. Torontonians enjoy keeping their options open and this is one of the reasons why casual dating is totally acceptable.

A lot of people in the city go into a relationship to enjoy the "fun part". While there's still that "light" to grow a relationship into something more than flings, a lot of people in the city still prefer to engage in casual dating. Dating websites also have their influence in Toronto's dating scene. And, if you're not on Happn or Bumble, at least be on Tinder to meet more people because Torontonians enjoy dating apps. The locals in the city love going to restaurants. It's already been said that the local girls in the city are foodies and because you'll find different kinds of cuisine here (Distillery District, Yorkville, Ossington, King West, etc), have it at the back of your mind that you and your Toronto sweetheart will be going to the restaurants a lot.

If you've been in Toronto for quite a while, it's very possible that your present "fling" or girlfriend may know your ex. Everyone knows everyone in Toronto and this is because the city is very big, yet small. So, don't let it come as a surprise to you if your ex and present "fling" or girlfriend are friends. Careers are very important to people living in this city and this is why you're likely to meet or approach people who do not have time to date. If you don't understand this, you may think that some of the locals are being rude or unnecessarily proud but it may because all their focus is on their career and not on dating. If you sign up on dating sites, you'll meet a lot of these people online.

Looking good and stylish is very important in Toronto. So, you will always "dress up." If you're the jealous type, it's advisable that you work on your emotions because your date is likely to get hit on. Whether you're walking down Queen Street or you're together at a nightclub, it's very possible that someone may say hi to your lady or check her out. Toronto locals are always on their phones. If you go on a date with the local girls in the city, you'll see that they'll consistently be checking their social media profiles, messages, and emails. Nevertheless, one last thing you should know about Toronto's dating scene is that there are lots of fish in the sea and you shouldn't let one unfavorable experience hinder you from meeting other great potential candidates.


Toronto women are the full package. Even though they have their unique qualities, one cannot be oblivious of the fact that they're humans and of course, they have their drawbacks too. But be that as it may, it's recommended that you date a woman from Toronto anytime you have the opportunity to without giving room to doubts. With just a few drawbacks and many benefits, you stand a chance of even enjoying your stay better in Canada if you are in the arms of a Toronto woman. We cannot say the women in the city are perfect but the Canadian upbringing magically colliding with the mix of Toronto’s worldliness separates them from other kinds of women you may meet from other parts of the world.

One of the things you need to know about Toronto women is that they're career-driven. The women are generally highly motivated in their careers and this is why they're always focused on building a better life, as it is one of their top priorities. You'll find some of the women in the city earning more than their male counterparts. If you want to date a woman from Canada, you must be able to cope, appreciate, and value her success because she'll not hesitate to cut you off if you hinder her ability to grow.

Toronto women are intelligent. Just like the girls in the city, they're born and raised in an environment and nourished in a culture where knowledge is valued. Toronto women are both book and street smart and unlike other regular women who let their emotions influence their decisions, they make their own decisions based on information. The mental prowess of Toronto women is one of the things you'll appreciate about them and it makes them different from other random women.

Toronto women are extremely hot, sexy and beautiful. Just like women fromNew York City, they can exude a truly classy beauty whether they dress up or dress down. If you visit other cities in some parts of the world, you'll see women with cheap and excessive eyelashes, hair extensions, nails, fake breasts, and overly dyed hair. Toronto women know they're beautiful without caking on slutty dresses, add ons, and the makeup and, they don't, of course, have to do too much to look beautiful because they're fantastically good-looking just the way they are.

For years now, Canada has enjoyed the reputation of being a kind nation and on the other hand, Toronto has been celebrated and recognized for its multiculturalism. The effects of the combination of these two have a positive imprint on Toronto women. The local women in the city are always ready to explore unique experiences, eager to try new things, and always demonstrating a willingness to experiment.

Most of the women in Toronto are experienced and they're very polite. If there's something you are doing and they don't like, they'll tell you politely without being rude. You'll meet women of different races in Toronto because the city is quite diverse and its diversity is reflected in its ethnic neighborhoods, which include Roncesvalles (Polish community), Little Portugal, Little Jamaica, Little Italy, Little India, Koreatown, Kensington Market, Greektown, Corso Italia, and Chinatown.

Canadian Girls (age 18 - 29)

People who want to date girls in this age range will enjoy their liveliness, cuteness, and smartness. While most of them are not usually not high maintenance, they love to go out and do things that are fun. However, there are common stereotypes of these girls you're likely to meet and date in this beautiful city of Toronto. The first one is The Independent Girl. This kind of girl loves enjoying some quality alone time. If you date this girl, she would see no reason why she has to see you every day or talk to you 24/7 just for you to know that she loves you. She can make you feel insecure but once you understand how she is, you'll be fine.

The second is The Party Girl. All this girl wants to do is to have a good time. All her night is for parties and during the weekend, the fun gets more hyped as she peppers all her special hot spots. She's fun wherever she goes and she's the life of the party. She's wild and if you want to date her, don't think you can tame her - you'll have to join the party trend. The third is The Shy Girl. You'll probably meet this kind of girl at the Toronto Public Library and she's usually quiet in social situations. She likes to keep to herself and she's never loud.

The fourth is The Nerdy Girl. She's a young girl who just finished her undergraduate studies and she's planning to go for her masters. This kind of girl loves to have the upper hand always and this is one of the reasons why guys tend to avoid them. The fifth is The Guys Girl. This is the kind of girl who has more guy friends than girlfriends. She's never bothered about this and one of the things you'll enjoy from dating her is that you'll get to connect easily with her. The downside of dating this girl is that she may be too "masculine" in her approach and dressing and this is actually because she spends more time with her guy friends.

The sixth is The Jealous Girl. Dating this girl may be a bit technical because she'll always want you all to herself and she won't love to see you with other girls. She will appreciate you so much that she'll give you all the "good loving" but the jealousy is just the issue. However, she has the tendency of reducing her jealousy once the trust in your relationship starts growing stronger.

Canadian Women (age 30 - 45)

These women are comely and lovely. They have a very charming feel and they're quite receptive. However, guys who want to date these women must understand a few things about them if they want the relationship to last longer and wax stronger. Most of these women are career-oriented and their career is a top priority to them. If you want to date them, you must be ready to understand the nature of their jobs, you must not feel intimidated by how much they make, and be ready to grow together.

These women may not have too much time to spend with you but they love going on coffee dates. Some of these women do not drink and they may be avoiding consuming alcohol for reasons best known to them and with the plentiful coffee shops in the city, they would be thrilled to go on coffee dates with you occasionally. More so, if you date these women, you'll have to go to a sports game with them, at least once.

These women love sports, whether it's Leafs, Raptors, or the Jays, they have a way of creating time to go to a sports game and they'll always want you to be around them. So, you might be spending a couple of bucks over this. The chances are also high that these women do not have a vehicle. If you eventually get to find out that they live in the downtown area, there's a high probability that they won't own a car and this is actually because of the stress of operating a vehicle during rush hour.

Canadian Ladies (age 45+)

These ladies are very sweet and one special thing about them is that they love living a healthy lifestyle. These ladies prioritize their health and fitness and this is why if you don't meet them at the gym or where they're doing yoga, you'll find them at the food store where they're shopping for balanced diets. These women are not difficult to impress and they're always open to meeting young guys who are intelligent, attractive, and charming.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Toronto receives a high number of tourists consistently. Being Canada's largest city and one of its prime cities, it attracts millions of visitors from different parts of the world every year. And, when it comes to meeting and hooking up with tourist girls in Toronto, you don't need to look too far because you'll find them almost at every corner of the city you turn to. And, because they desire to enjoy the city's offer to the fullest, they're often approachable and some of them may get easily enticed by guys who have money to spend for them or take them to some of the finest spots in the city.

Museums and shopping malls are part of your surest bets if you're looking for where you can meet and hook up with tourist girls in Toronto. With the way they're looking at the city's many nice attractions, you'll be able to identify them. College girls are also rife in the city. Downtown Toronto alone boasts of four large public universities and this area had turned out to one of the best area where you can meet and hook up with college girls in Toronto. Toronto college girls are smart but they're all turned on by different things. While some may be attracted to guys with high intelligence, some may be drawn to fashionable guys with good looks, and others may be more particular about hooking up with young, rich guys.


Toronto girls may be famous for many things but one thing they're known for is their sex-positive attitude. The local girls in the city can be very freaky and it's already been said that they're very good in bed. With a lot of people prioritizing their careers over serious commitment, there's an increment in casual dating, consequentially leading to an increase in casual sex in the city.

In one of the surveys conducted by, it was garnered that a large number of locals in Toronto love to have sex in their cars. This clearly explains the locals' versatility when it comes to sex and their spontaneity to try out new things in bed. There are as well some sex parties organized by some clubs in the city.

Sex Culture

Toronto is a liberal environment where adults are at the liberty to enjoy their sexual freedom. Being one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, there are a lot of factors that influence the city's sex scene due to the great mix of different people from different parts of the world who share different perspectives towards sex. Nevertheless, sex is not a taboo topic, of course, in a modern city like this rife with a lot of smart and educated people, this is what is expected. Toronto girls are sexually liberated and their decision to sleep with whomever they desire to is not judged by any authority or anyone.

One-Night Stands

One-night stands are not that hard to come by in Toronto except if you have poor gaming skills. At the bars and the clubs, you'll meet some Canadian women who are looking for who to have sex with and if you're lucky, you might have your share.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

When it comes to meeting single girls in Toronto, there's no shortage of girls to meet. Toronto is not the largest city in Canada for nothing, the city is furnished with single girls from different parts of the world. If you're the kind of guy who's into meeting and hooking up with varieties of girls, you'll find Toronto to be a welcoming place, and with the local girls' desire to meet new people and experience a new culture, where you come from will not serve as a hindrance but rather polish your chances of getting hooked up.

Toronto can be comparable to New York City and its vibe is a bit similar to that of Brooklyn. Whether you desire to meet single girls in Toronto during the day or when it's dark, you have a great chance. After a long day at work, the single girls love to go out. This points to the fact that there will always be a whole lot of beautiful single ladies to meet at the bars. During weekdays, the girls tend to be busily engrossed in an intimate conversation with their friends which may make them appear unavailable to be approached. So, you can always use online dating websites because it's very potent in meeting and hooking up with single girls in this city.

  • The downtown area around King St, Queen St, and College St: The Downtown area is one of the best places to meet single girls in Toronto. During the day, this area receives a lot of foot traffic and because it is repleted with universities and many shops, it has become a hotspot for meeting single girls in Toronto. During the day, you can try day gaming around Queen Street because it's a shopping district and it attracts tons of girls consistently. More so, there are bars and cafes on this street that open during the day and they receive a lot of patrons. King street and college street also have their potentials and they're great spots in the downtown area to meet beautiful single girls too.
  • Dog Park: There are lots of dog parks in the city and they're great spots where you can meet beautiful single Toronto girls. As a matter of fact, the dog park is one of the best spots to meet potential partners. At spots like these, you'll meet girls who are passionate animal lovers and if you know a couple of things about dogs too, you're set! However, we strongly recommend Trinity Bellwoods as the best choice of park to meet beautiful single ladies in Toronto. At this park, you'll meet beautiful ladies enjoying a nice afternoon, taking their dog for a walk, or jogging.
    • High Park
    • Berczy Park
    • Dufferin Grove Park
    • Sunnybrook Park
    • Ashbridge's Bay
    • Village of Yorkville Park
    • Trinity Bellwoods Park
    • Grange Park
    • Queen's Park
    • Colonel Samuel Smith Park
  • Restaurants: There's no further need to emphasize that Toronto girls love food. Delicious food has a way of enticing the local girls in the city and this is why restaurants have always been some of the best places where you can meet beautiful single girls in Toronto. You actually don't need to look for the biggest restaurants in the city, just hit up any of the nice restaurants in your neighborhood and you'll find a lot of girls to socialize with there.
    • Adega Restaurante
    • Alo
    • Richmond Station
    • RASA
    • Miku Toronto
    • Antler Kitchen & Bar
    • Canoe
    • Edulis Restaurant
    • GEORGE Restaurant
    • Chiado Restaurant
  • Coffee shops: This is where you'll find some of the mature ladies in the city. These ladies do not love drinking alcohol and they've chosen coffee as a worthy substitute. You'll also meet plenty of career women at these coffee shops and some of these coffee shops do offer live music and interesting activities that further help to make it easier to meet new people here.
    • De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters
    • Dineen Coffee Co.
    • Te Aro
    • Little Nicky's Coffee
    • Boxcar Social
    • Manic Coffee
    • JetFuel Coffee Shop
    • Fahrenheit Coffee
    • White Squirrel Coffee Shop
  • Shopping Malls: Toronto girls are extroverted, loud, and outgoing and, shopping malls have remained to be part of the best places where you'll meet a lot of single girls in the city. However, approaching Toronto girls may not be very easy because some of them may blow you off. But, as soon as you're able to get into a conversation with them, you'll have a better chance of building a connection because by then, the girls would have let down their guard. Toronto girls are very good-looking and they actually love foreigners. So, if you have any special thing that makes you different, maybe an accent or something, flaunt it and you'll find the girls interested in getting to know you more. You can try out malls like:
    • Eaton Center
    • Dufferin Mall
    • Yorkdale
    • Yorkville Village
    • Bayview Village
  • Gyms: Health and fitness are very important to Toronto girls and this is why you'll find a lot of them at the gym. You'll meet both younger girls and older ladies at the gyms and if you're good with words and know how to strike a good, interesting conversation, you're okay. Just a simple "Hi" with a smart introduction of yourself can help break the ice.
    • GoodLife Fitness Toronto 137 Yonge Street
    • Fit Factory Fitness
    • GoodLife Fitness Toronto Yonge and St Clair
    • Pure Fitness Canada York Street
    • Fortis Fitness
    • Hourglass Workout
    • Hone Fitness Yonge & Isabella
    • Equinox Yorkville
    • Rosedale Club
    • GoodLife Fitness Toronto Plaza

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife scene in Toronto is incredible for the city boasts of a great number of pubs, bars, clubs, and everything in between. With numerous nightlife spots dotting the city, it won't be difficult to find your special spot to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night.

  • Same Nightclub: This club promises nothing but fun whether you're a hip hop lover or a newbie in hip hop music. The DJs playing here are fantastic and they'll get you grooving all through the night. The bottle service offered here is topnotch and this lower-level, spacious dance club is decorated in black and white.
  • Bar 244: You deserve to have a fun night in Toronto and a budget should not hinder you from doing that. Just for 3 CAD ($2.23 USD), you can enjoy the drinks sold at this electrifying bar. This venue boasts of two levels. You can get entertained with the DJs spinning hip hop all night long at the lower-level late-night spot and hit up the main-floor bar with casual food. Although there's no enforced dress code here, be informed that track pants, bandanas, and oversized clothes are not allowed here.
  • Cake Bar & Nightclub: This venue is the ideal nightspot for you if you desire to have fun with your new friends in town. You might end up dancing all night here because the DJs here keep spinning hit after hit of hip hop music. This club gets filled up quickly so you might want to come early. The Private VIP booths are spacious and don't be misled by the name; there's no cake in this two-level club.
  • The Fifth Social Club: It is one of the favorite hip hop night spots in Toronto and it is popular for its award-winning bottle service and legendary theme parties. The bustling dance floor at this exquisitely-furnished night club and the stunning DJs here will make your night go well.
  • Everleigh: If you seek a spot where you can hit the dance floor all night long, chill to great hip hop music, or grab a beer, this venue is an ideal nightspot for you. Situated on the corner of 156 Gertrude Street, Everleigh doubles as a great nightlife venue for a loud fun night with friends or a romantic date night. The hip hop music and the cocktails here make this place colorful and It's advisable to book in advance because it could be hard to find seating, especially on weekends for the space is a bit cozy.
  • BLND TGER: If you're in Toronto and you're confused about where to go have a fun night out, find your way here. There are lots of things to do here. You can dance to the amazing hip hop music selected by the DJs on the dance floor, drink cocktails at the bar, enjoy a game or two of foosball, or eat a delicious meal by the games area. BLND TGER is a must-visit nightspot. The bouncers and waiters are very friendly, and there's a pool table and arcade games featured at this energetic nightspot.
  • Lost and Found: Visit this late-night basement club if you want to end your week in Toronto in style. You can dance all night at the spacious dance floor or enjoy listening to the best trap music and hip hop from the amazing DJs hosted here. The ambiance here is great but if you don't want to be left out, it's advisable to reserve a table or be here early.
  • Handlebar: You and your friend can come have a great time here. And, this venue is a great place where you can pick up women of all ages. You'll have a great chance of making a friend or two and meeting new people at the dance floor which is usually full of dancers and you can enjoy listening to your favorite hip hop music tunes played by the DJs here.
  • Wildflower: Situated inside the Thompson Hotel, this stylish, rollicking club is one of the latest nightlife venues in the city. The resident DJ here will get you dancing to played hit after hit of hip hop and get amused by the graphics on the walls and you may take selfies with the cool decor. You can reserve a seat at the VIP area if you don't want to be locked out due to the large crowd.
  • CODA: It's a popular underground music venue on Bathurst St and it's formerly known as the Wreck Room and Footwork. This venue is a very cool spot to meet and mingle with beautiful local ladies in Canada but it's recommended you arrive before midnight if you want to get in because it's always packed every weekend due to its many organized amazing parties. Come here to party until the sun comes up for CODA will keep you going all night long.

Other nice clubs and bars where you can pick up Toronto girls are:

  • 2 Cats 
  • Early Mercy 
  • Rebel 
  • Lobby 
  • Sneaky Dee’s 
  • Toybox 
  • Grace O’Malleys 
  • Williams Landing 
  • Dakota Tavern 
  • Madison Avenue 
  • The Drake 
  • Crocodile Rock 
  • Painted Lady 
  • Lula Lounge 
  • The Boat 
  • The Reservoir Lounge 

Shopping Malls

Toronto's shopping malls offer a great experience to both the locals and tourists in the city. People visit the malls to escape from bad weather, grab a bite to eat, or hunt for an outfit. There's retail galore in Toronto as the city is furnished with some of the most amazing malls and shopping centers from premium outlet malls to high-fashion malls. Getting to make your selection from these malls could be a difficult decision to make but still, here are some of the finest ones you can visit:

  • Toronto Eaton Centre: This stylish mall is a Toronto landmark and it is conveniently situated downtown on Yonge Street between Queen and Dundas. Toronto Eaton Centre is one of the most iconic shopping hubs in the city and there are lots of nice spots where you can snap cute pictures here. You can find mid-priced merchandise and high-end designer items at The Room, a Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Yorkville: It's also referred to as the “Mink Mile. Bloor-Yorkville is not a shopping destination for those who are budget-constrained or faint at heart because it's the most upscale shopping district in Toronto. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, and Tiffany & Co are some of the designer stores you can explore.
  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre: Situated at 3401 Dufferin Street, this mall features everything in its 250-plus stores from kitchenware to fashion and toys to books; it packs an impressive range of merchandise. It has an array of fashion and accessory stores and it has the highest concentration of luxury brands in the city.
  • Vaughan Mills: This outlet retail complex is a shopper’s dream as it's anchored by fifteen retailers including Victoria’s Secret, The Children’s Place, and Saks OFF 5th. This mall is a bit north of Toronto in the city of Vaughan. People who are outdoorsy can hit up the massive Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World where they can enjoy fun activities such as camping gear, fishing, and hunting.
  • Sherway Gardens: This mall offers a feeling of strolling the streets of a well-maintained shopping district due to its geometric layout. Its distinctive tented roof makes it easy to spot and it's a short hop, skip, and a jump from Square One. Head to Harry Rosen for high-end men’s apparel. And, you may as well check out Rinascimento women’s wear or Saks Fifth Avenue if you're with your lady.


Toronto buzzes with numerous fun activities and outdoor enthusiasts will really enjoy it here because there's no shortage of options of things to do. Apart from being Canada’s largest city and urban center, both the locals and visitors can bask in the city's numerous offered rejuvenating activities such as cave exploring, safaris, bird-watching, fishing, sailing, cycling, hiking, swimming, and many more. Here are some outdoor spots you can visit in the city.

  • Spadina Museum: Historic House & Gardens
  • The Docks
  • Sunnyside Beach
  • Toronto Islands
  • Riverdale Park and Farm
  • Humber Valley bikeway
  • High Park
  • Evergreen Brickworks
  • Ashbridge's Bay
  • Rouge Park

Universities and Colleges

Toronto is home to five public universities and four of them are situated in the downtown area:

  • The University of Toronto
  • Ryerson University
  • The Université de l'Ontario français
  • OCAD University

York University is the only Toronto-based university that is not located in the city's downtown district.

In northwestern Toronto, there's the University of Guelph-Humber. It's jointly managed by the Humber College in Toronto and the University of Guelph based in Guelph.

Toronto is also home to four diploma- and degree-granting colleges and they have several campuses operating throughout the city:

  • Centennial College
  • George Brown College
  • Humber College
  • Seneca College

There are as well several vocational schools, seminaries, and supplementary schools housed in the city.


Going into a relationship with a Toronto girl is a beautiful thing because of the fine attributes of the girls. However, the ride may be a bit bumpy, especially when the outings and eating out thing are taking a toll on your wallet. But, if you're lucky to find a woman who has a good job, that won't be a problem. Some of the women may politely demand that you move in with them and the decision is actually up to you two.

Holiday Romance

With the girls' flair for having fun and living in the moment, you'll definitely find some girls who wouldn't mind going on a holiday romance with you.

Tips for Successful Relationship

It takes honesty, openness, and commitment to build a successful relationship in Toronto. When all these are combined together and you as well create more time to spend with each other, the future of you two being together for a very long time is bright.


Toronto is one of the best cities in Canada to find love. On the ranking of the "Cities of Opportunities: Best Cities to Find Love" evaluated by a network and guide for expats; Movinga, Toronto was ranked as the top and best city in Canada to find love, with Montreal and Vancouver coming second and third respectively.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There will probably be no magical feeling or moment to tell you she's the one but with what you've been through together and how you have been coming strong together, you can tell if she's the perfect one for you.


Your marriage in Toronto can be done and officially certified in four simple steps:

  • Apply for a Marriage Licence
  • Plan Your Wedding Ceremony
  • Get Married
  • Obtain a Marriage Certificate


Toronto is a great place to host your wedding as you'll find an array of stunning wedding venues where you and your lover can tie the knot.

Family Life

Toronto is a safe place to raise a family but there's a high cost of living in some parts of the city, the downtown area especially.

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