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Dubai dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Emirati women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Emirati girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Girls in Dubai:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Dubai:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Dubai:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Dubai:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $2000
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $1500


The local girls who hail from Dubai are honestly a dream to date. Surely enough, the city is known for all its glitz and glamour and the women are very much the centrepiece of it all. The local girls of Dubai are beautiful and as a tourist, you shall certainly love the idea of dating them. Hence, we recommend that you put your best foot forward to make a mark. However, not all of the local women of the city of Dubai are open-minded, liberal and casual about sex and relationships. Being an Islamic city which is the heart of the United Arab Emirates, you can certainly expect some sort of restrictions on women while dating. This might make dating the local girls quite tough.

Fret not, this does not apply to all the girls in the city either. The city is home to a large number of expats and sees scores of tourists visit on an annual basis. Hence, these local women have considerable global exposure. Nowadays many of them are empowered and exercise their right to freedom. The religious hold over the city is also dwindling. There is rapid growth taking place in every domain and this also includes the local dating habits. Hence, while approaching the local girls we recommend that you begin by understanding the local dating culture. This is given in the section below in this article. Read on to know more, so that you can understand the local women a little better. Also given in the sections below is a description of the local women, their habits, their likes and dislikes. It's important that you know this so that your approach is effective and efficient while ensuring that you get to date your dream girl here!

Dating Culture

Dubai has always been on posters inviting tourists and investors to the land of the United Arab Emirates. The city may not be the capital but it surely does inspire a rather large number of people to visit. The city hence works hard to ensure that their global image is one of a very liberal and free city which is home to dreams and aspirations while ensuring that the local culture and traditions aren't diluted. Especially, religion, which must continue to be the cornerstone for all good things happening in the city.

Dubai has a large population of Muslims, the natives of the land and the ruling royal family also practise Islam as their religion. They are devout followers of their faith and they will go to great lengths to ensure that nothing goes against religion on the land. Hence, you will also not find any casinos in this city. One could easily compare Dubai to Las Vegas as they both are highly developed cities in the desert. But, adhering to religious rules and regulations, many things in Dubai are not as one would expect. This also extends to the dating culture of the city.

The local people are extremely religious, while certain rules such as consumption of alcohol and drugs are often broken by the rich and the mighty, the women seldom get any kind of freedom. They are raised in an extremely patriarchal society where they have to fend for themselves while abiding by all the rules dictated by senior male members of the family. The religious heads of the land also have a big say in the matter. The local women are expected to avoid any sort of pre-marital relationship with men. The strictness of this can even be seen when they are interacting with known male friends and male members of the family.

However, with the rapid development over the past few decades, the dating culture of the city of Dubai is rapidly undergoing changes. The wealthy families of the city have had considerable exposure to Western culture and dating is increasingly normalised. As a tourist, you can date local women as long as she adheres to her religious customs and no PDA is taking place. In some cases, you might even have to keep your relationship a secret but that's only from people older people in her family and in general.

As of the year 2020, the dating culture here is quite decent, it is not extremely liberal nor as strict as seen in major Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia. You are free to date local women and foreign girls too. Try and look for women who are educated abroad as they have seen a lot across the globe and they shall agree to date you much more easily, without all the fuss.


Local women of Dubai are known to be extremely beautiful, they are those typical Arabic beauties that you have seen in popular cultures such as movies and music videos. Yes, they may be very religious and some may even be a little conservative, but none of that affects the way that their natural beauty will leave you spellbound.

The stereotyping of the local women in Dubai is very difficult as the city was one of the first places in the United Arab Emirates to open its gates to various tourists and expats and now the region has a generation of women from mixed backgrounds and ancestries. In fact, the royal family also hails originally from Iran. However, over generations, the women of Dubai are the new face of Arabic beauties and standards of the region.

These local women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their physical appearance is dependent on a variety of factors, including their ancestry, their financial status, their social status and their profession. Even their religiousness determines the way they dress up and the company they keep. Thus, we cannot express the women of Dubai in a linear manner. But by taking into consideration these various factors, we will describe the local women on the basis of their physical appearance and their personality traits.

Undoubtedly, many of the tourists who are travelling to Dubai will be mesmerised by the development that has taken place. The sports cars that roam around on the streets like they are nothing, the glitz and the glamour, and the exorbitant lifestyles of most of the local people. Dubai is one of the most opulent places on the planet and this also makes it a very materialistic city. Women here are frequently objectified and graded on the basis of their looks. Seldom are their skills and knowledge put to test. Many local men marry girls only on the basis of their looks, without even speaking much to them or knowing their personalities. While we do not endorse any of this, we understand that as a tourist who is headed to the city, you too wish to know more about the sexy women in town. So, we will begin by describing their magnificent physical features.

To begin with, most of these local women are absolutely gorgeous, they are stunning beauties who with a captivating aura. Surely enough, they are no Slavic goddesses, but they tend to have their own exotic charm. To grossly stereotype the local girls, picture Princess Jasmine from Disney's classic Aladdin.

Yes, most of the local women will look like her, right from having that fair skin with a perfect tan, to the long and gorgeous brunette hair. Which many local women prefer to colour into lighter shades of brown or even blonde, depending upon the trends of the time. These local girls have dense and dark bushy eyebrows which are well done up. The highlight of these women's facial feature is their beautiful eyes which are dove-like and are of different shades ranging from the deepest shade of brown to the lightest possible shades. Also, these women have amazingly long curly eyelashes which women across the world can only dream of having naturally. These local beauties have a long nose and they have a perfect set of lips under that. These women are known to have quite a strong chin and a decent jawline with high cheekbones. Something that is pretty much common in all the women here in Dubai is their pink blush and beautiful smile.

On the whole, you will observe that many of the local women are innocent-looking beauties that you cannot help but fall in love with. Their shy demeanour and soft-spoken nature only add to this.

However, many of these local beauties are not just about their innocent-looking faces, they also are absolute bombshells below the neck and you cannot help but check out every inch of them. These women are typically busty hotties, they have broad shoulders and they have magnificent huge breasts that are soft and a handful to play with. They have a curvaceous waistline and a round derriere that is just popping out like a tight peach. These women have thick arms and legs too and while some women can be slightly obese, some are very much in shape due to hard work at the gym and controlled diets.

But as discussed earlier, religion definitely does come to play here and many of the local women are prohibited from wearing revealing outfits. They actively ensure that they are wearing clothing that is considered to be decent locally. Yes, many of the women who are religious and hail from religious backgrounds prefer wearing hijabs and burqas but that is their personal choice, there is no legal enforcement of this. While the other women are known to wear western clothing on a daily basis, including denim jeans and casual tops. They don't shy away from short dresses and backless tops on special occasions either. It is just judgement from society as a whole that can be a little bothering. All of this does make things slightly harder for you as you will have to rely on your fine judgement for approaching women who are liberal and the ones who have banging hot bodies. So practice observing women from afar, before you visit Dubai.

Something similar can be seen when it comes to jewellery and accessories. Dubai is the land of black gold (oil) and gold (metal), so you can expect wealthy women here purchasing and sporting the best of ornaments. Not to forget the city was also home to the world's first gold ATM too!

The various dressing ideals of women do put many fashion conglomerates on their toes, they have to adopt special strategies for the region and design clothes accordingly. It is one of the most financially rich regions and the local women are absolute spendthrifts, so even the biggest European brands have to release region-specific collections so that women can spend on exorbitant clothing and accessories that are acceptable to everyone locally. The same applies to cosmetics as the women are known to use the finest cosmetics but in moderation, hence, local trends and the unique skin tone of women has to be taken into consideration before launching products. Many of the local women are financially very strong and they do not even think twice while purchasing, they even use the best of skincare and daily essentials.

Now that we know much about the local Emirati girls' looks, let us try and understand the personality of these local beauties. It is without a doubt that these women are religious and conservative. Their mindset is yet quite orthodox and they are certainly not liberal thinkers. The city has developed by leaps and bounds and the local women have had very little role to play here. This isn't because they aren't capable, but rather because many of them were subdued in the previous eras.

Most of the local women are extremely shy and they are soft-spoken. These women have been contained mentally in such a manner that they prefer not talking too much. They are afraid to voice their opinions too. They shall seldom stand up for their rights or fight against any kind of injustice.

However, all of this is rapidly changing. As a tourist, you can see this because of the increasing urbanization and globalization that is taking place. These local women have increasing exposure to westerners and education systems of the west. They are schooled in some of the finest international universities that have set up campuses here. They are now becoming increasingly independent, socially they have a much better life and their degree is giving them so many work opportunities that they now have a chance to work hard and make a name for themselves. The modern woman of Dubai can carve a niche for herself and leave a legacy behind. This also makes these women able to earn sufficiently well and support their families. The financial independence works wonders for them and they are able to empower themselves with greater ease.

Lastly, many of these local women are yet not fluent in English and as a tourist, it is advisable that you brush up on your Arabic before approaching them. More age-specific information about the local girls is given in the sections below, so read on to find out more.

Emirati Girls (age 18 - 29)

As a tourist in Dubai, you shall have the best chances with Emirati girls who are between the ages of 18 and 29. These young girls are the most liberal of the entire lot and they are also known to be extremely attractive too. These young girls are seldom to religious neither are they orthodox. They are the most preferred choice of local men as well as they possess raw sexuality and sinfully young tempting bodies.

Being in the prime of their youth. Most of the local girls of this age are known to have the best figures. Their hair is perfectly done up and they are extremely conscious of their looks. Some of them might not have the money to groom their best, but they make use of the resources at their disposal. Let's not forget, this is Dubai we are talking about and the young women here hail from wealthy families, so they aren't your average broke high schoolers, some are even rolling around town in their Ferraris rocking their Louis Vuittons.

Some of these young girls are spendthrifts and get whatever they want, some are spoilt brats and their parents pamper them silly. You shouldn't be surprised if your 19-year-old crush has an apartment of her own with a pet tiger in it too!

These young Emirati babes have some of the hottest figures you will ever see. Yes, much of it is not exposed but if you get into their pants you shall see their medium-sized perky breasts, their curvy waist which is yet to take its final shape, their cute and tight tushies, and even their personalities. Everything is a work in progress and they are evolving with each passing day. They also are becoming increasingly conscious in this tech-savvy age and with social media influences, they work hard to stay fit and have the best possible figure. This is the best part about them as most of these young girls are inexperienced and curious to learn more.

These young girls have hormonal rushes and changes, this prompts them to be wild in ways you cannot imagine. If they crave sex, they shall have it in any possible way. They might take some time to open up so it is advisable that you be patient with them. Their flexibility and great stamina will be worth the wait. Cultural differences and emotional maturity play a big role here but once you overcome these, you shall have some amazing fun with these young hotties as they are yearning to experiment and will indulge in pretty much any debauchery you can lead them into.

Approaching many of these young girls shall be extremely difficult and as a tourist, we recommend that you befriend the girls first. Try to be a casual acquaintance or a mutual friend. They are often open to this and more comfortable rather than being approached by a complete stranger. Don't start flirting right off the bat and it is advisable that you take one step at a time and go from subtle to bold with your compliments.

Most of these young girls are students or new to the professional world. They are extremely focussed about their goals and have humongous aspirations. They are willing to sacrifice a lot in order to make a name for themselves. So do not expect them to devote much time to you. They are in it for either the short run or the long run, no in-betweens here, so make your stance clear to them at the start.

Emirati Women (age 30 - 45)

The local women who are between the age of 30 and 45 are the hottest prospects for any tourist who is visiting Dubai. To begin with, these women are at a perfect age and have sufficient experience and maturity. Also, most of these women have the perfect figure. They are no longer a work in progress like the younger girls, nor are they as out-of-shape as the older women. Most of these women come from a school of thinking that is between liberalism and orthodox. This makes them quite rational towards both sides and they are definitely not biased. Given below are a few of these points and more, elaborated for better understanding.

As mentioned above, most of the local women at this age are in the best shape of their life. Physical aspects are the most alluring for all the tourists and these women hit the sweet spot. They have mature figures with developed assets. They have large round breasts that are firm, curves that can drive men crazy and their buttocks are huge and round, irresistible to smack real hard. These women have experienced quite a lot in life, including a few relationships. Hence, they are no longer innocent and gullible, they know their way around and have sufficient emotional maturity. This extends to their experience in bed as well, as most of these women are good at sex. Knowing exactly what they want from their man and they even know their way around while giving you pleasure. Many of these women may not be as flexible as the younger women, but they do have considerable stamina and a huge sexual appetite.

The women of this age bracket who are married and they dare wouldn't commit adultery but in this day and age anything is possible. In Dubai where the rich and mighty get away with a lot of things, you can be sure that some women are in all sorts of sexual debauchery. They yet have the same curiosity of younger women and are willing to explore their sexuality. The times have simply changed and these women aren't going to be left behind!

As mentioned above, irrespective of age, most of the women in Dubai hail from financially strong backgrounds and they can afford anything they want. So, even if these women are working professionals at their age and earn well, they have sufficient support from wealthy families as well. This gives them a jumpstart in their careers but also equally spoils them. These women have acquired tastes and penchant for expensive items. Whether it is clothing, accessories or jewellery they settle for nothing less than the very best. So, you can see women of this age bracket well decked up and strolling around town too. It is just that their choice of clothing will be a little more culturally appropriate.

Approaching the women of this age bracket is slightly tougher as they are not the most social beings on the planet. They talk lesser to relative strangers and take time to open up. Hence, with these women, you will have to work hard and be extremely witty to break the ice. Avoid being too bold, but definitely come across as a confident person. Also, keep in mind their inclination towards religion and avoid offending them in any possible way.

Lastly, remember, most of these women will have an eye on the future and they will not be willing to just have casual relationships, so discuss with her what you expect from the relationship as well.

Emirati Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies who are above the age of 45 are known to be the last choice for men visiting Dubai. Knowing how conservative these women can be, the tourists will have a tough time convincing them for anything. More so, societal and cultural norms are such that they have been brought up in an orthodox environment where they regulate their own interactions with unknown men.

These women are often housewives and they are known to be the backbone of the family. They raise the children and maintain all the interpersonal relationships of the family. They even interact with society and maintain social relationships. Often their character is under the spotlight and these women are the face of the family. If they indulge in any sort of act with a tourist that can result in gossip, they could be slut-shamed and their reputation in society shall be tarnished. Not just that she could be divorced by her husband and even be kicked out. Similarly, the family will face great disrepute and hence, most of the women in this age will avoid any act that shall ruin everything they have built over the years.

Naturally speaking, women at this age are known to be grossly out of shape, their bodies will no longer have great metabolism nor will they be sexually too active. Saggy breasts and loose butt cheeks are also quite common. However, as a tourist, you shall be shocked! This is Dubai and here none of this is common. Wealth can help you overcome natural phenomena too and the women here are a great example. Most of the women in this age bracket are known to use their money to undergo cosmetic surgeries to look like their youthful self. They also spend exorbitantly on clothes and accessories that can make them present themselves in the best possible manner.

Much of this may also come as a surprise to you, but according to Islamic law, most of the men are allowed to have up to 4 wives at a time and this may cause feelings of dissatisfaction amongst many women and they may resort to adultery with a young tourist to feel younger once again. To get all those pleasures that will make them feel like a woman. They may be often neglected by their husbands who prefer to marry younger women or even hookup with prostitutes and escorts. With copious amounts of wealth at their disposal and lots of household help, they do not have much to do at home, they are free to galavant across town and be in bed with their toyboys, discreetly of course. They can pamper men that they are involved with. So just have the right approach and go get these mature cougars in town, you could even profit from this whole relationship with them.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Dubai has a really large number of foreign girls roaming on the streets and this has much to do with the revolution that has taken place in the city. It is not a political one but an industrial one that redefined the city, making it a global powerhouse.

Dubai has seen a large number of international companies set up base here and as a direct result, the number of expats here has risen exponentially. This, in turn, led to the development of the world-class facilities for the ultra-wealthy expats. Right from exorbitant shopping malls, to schools and colleges, even luxury living became a thing here.

This has led to many foreign girls of liberal thinking settle here in Dubai. These women also have had a positive impact on many of the local women who were orthodox and narrow-minded. They were exposed to a new culture and became more aware of their rights as a woman.

The city is also home to some of the biggest international universities and many foreign girls come as students here and enrol in the various courses being offered. They love interacting with tourists and are always up for one-night stands.

Similarly, the city attracts a large number of tourists like yourself. Most of the foreign girls are unsure about local men and prefer hanging out with fellow tourists. Make the most of this opportunity and charm them, they are a ray of sunshine in this mild sexual atmosphere with local girls.

As a tourist, these foreign girls are the best shot you have in town. We recommend that you actively pursue them over the local women as they are friendly, they are easy to approach and you would probably also have a lot in common with them. To top this, these women have no qualms about casual sex and are open to relationships of all kinds. They shall indulge in all sorts of sexual activities, religion shall not stop them in any way and they shall be immune to local laws to a certain extent if they have foreign citizenship.


Having sex with the local girls in Dubai is a massive task. As repeatedly mentioned above, most of these women are immensely shy and religious. They are not known to be comfortable with the basic idea of sex and relationships. Hence, for them, sex before marriage is a sin and they don't like to go against the teachings of their religion.

Most of them come from families that exert a tight grip over their daily lives. The women have very little freedom and having sex is definitely not a casual option for them. If they get caught things could take a turn for the worst and they could be married off too.

As a tourist, you will have a hard time convincing these local girls for sex and what will be even more difficult is keeping it a secret, as news about an unmarried girl being sexually active can ruin her image in society.

Sex Culture

The local sex culture of Dubai is known to be extreme. This is in a good and bad way both, while on one hand, you will come across the local women who are known to be extremely shy and conservative, on the other hand, you will come across the expats and tourists who are liberal and open-minded. Both groups have their own philosophy and have sex with different ideologies altogether.

The young local girls are known to be sexually liberal, they may not compare to the foreign girls but in their own right, they can be considered to be progressive. Most of them are known to be comfortable with physical intimacy of some sort and with age they become more mature. Many are even open to pre-marital sexual relationships. They live in an age where the internet makes everything accessible. They can know more about sex as they never receive formal sex education in schools and colleges. Also, their interaction with foreigners does make a difference. Lastly, access to hyper-sexualised social media and pornographic websites has redefined the sex culture of Dubai.

The older women in the city of Dubai are known to be yet very reserved and shy in their approach to sex, but increasing globalisation over the years has made them slightly liberal as well.

One-Night Stands

As described above, the sex culture is split between the sexual habits of the local girls and the sexual habits of the foreign girls in the city. While the local girls are becoming increasingly liberal they certainly haven't reached the stage where one-night stands can be considered to be common practice.

Hence, in Dubai, one-night stands are mostly only possible with the foreign girls in town. They are open-minded in their approach to sex and relationships. Being around for shorter periods of time, they too prefer having physical relationships without any strings attached.

As a tourist, for you, they are also an easier pick and you wouldn't have to struggle too hard. After a few drinks at a club or a high-profile soiree, you can be bold and approach the women.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Dubai is a magnificent destination for the rich and the famous across the globe. You will see some of the hottest women in the world over here. They are into all sorts of debaucheries, very discreetly of course. As a tourist, if you have the financial capability, you could waltz into any of the major venues in town and meet single girls. The local girls may be a little shy and introvert, so keep them a little lower on your priority list. Not only can you land yourself in a soup by aggressively pursuing them, but you will also waste a lot of time and money. Given in the sections below are the best places to meet single girls in the city of Dubai.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Given below is a list of some of the fanciest bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the city of Dubai, that you can visit for picking up single girls:

A lively party at the Mirage Club, Dubai

Shopping Malls

Dubai is a renowned shopping destination across the globe and it is home to some of the biggest malls in the world. Here you could buy anything from a pack of candies to a sports car or you can even be connected to the world's tallest building. Just imagine meeting a woman at the mall, flirting with her, fine dining in the premises, then hitting a nightclub, and then taking her to your suite in the tallest building in the world. You would be one of the biggest players in town!

  • The Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Festival City Mall
  • Dubai Outlet Mall
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • The Outlet Village by Meraas
  • BurJuman
  • Nakheel Mall
A view of the Dubai Mall, Dubai


Dubai was recently built and there are no heritage buildings here that you would explore, but it is home to some of the most stunning modern-day architecture. These venues are great places to meet single girls in the city as well:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • The Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Creek
  • Dubai Museum
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
A view of Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Universities and Colleges

Dubai is home to some of the newest and the best international campuses of the most renowned institutes from across the globe. Here you can meet several young single girls and flirt with them. Some of the universities in the city are:

  • University of Dubai
  • American University in Dubai
  • University of Wollongong in Dubai
  • Canadian University Dubai
  • Zayed University
  • Heriot-Watt University Dubai
  • S P Jain School of Global Management
Zayed University, Dubai


As a tourist in Dubai, being in a relationship is a much better option than just hooking up with girls. To begin with, the locals may not completely agree with it but they consider it to be the lesser of the two evils. Also, most of the local women are shy and come from orthodox backgrounds. They do not believe in having sexual relationships directly. Hence, you can start slow and build a foundation via a relationship.

We recommend, that you be the quintessential romantic here, flirt with your lady love, make her feel special and then ask her out. Take just one step at a time. This will help the local women ease into the whole relationship without getting spooked. Be chivalrous, be generous, be courteous. Many of them have all the riches in the world but they do not have freedom, they crave for equality, so making her feel special and equal will work wonders for you.

Once these local girls are comfortable in a relationship, with a little time they will even agree to get physically intimate. So, calculate your moves and make gradual progress. Being in a relationship in Dubai will require quite a lot of patience. So don't be hasty, don't be too boisterous either, just follow your heart and keep things low-key. In the section below, there are a few tips given, that you can follow to have a successful relationship in Dubai.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance is undeniably fun, it is light, and it is supposed to be extremely breezy. As a tourist, it is all that you can dream of when you are on holiday. Except, in the sandy lands of the city of Dubai, a holiday romance simply cannot be as simple.

As you know, the city is one of the shiniest, the most glamorous places on the planet and here everything is about opulence and you cannot help but have a holiday romance that suits the atmosphere of bling.

If you are bound to have a holiday romance here, we recommend that you indulge in one with a tourist or an expat. As these foreign girls have much more freedom than the local girls. These women can relax with you, get intimate with you, or even pack their bags and move in with you for a couple of months without any restrictions.

Perhaps finding such a partner is the best option for you as you will have good company to spend time with during the daytime and a passionate lover in bed at night. Thereby, allowing you to make the perfect memories for the duration of your stay in Dubai.

Tips for Successful Relationship

As a tourist in Dubai, you will be new to the customs and traditions in town and to have a successful relationship you ought to understand the women a little better. Hence, we compiled a list of things that you should keep in mind to enjoy a successful relationship in the city:

  • To begin with, try and appreciate each other's culture. The two of you would most likely from very different backgrounds and it is likely that you have to understand each other through your respective cultures in order to have a successful relationship.
  • Also remember that in order to have a successful relationship in Dubai, you need to know about the local idea of romance. Try going through the pop culture to get a fair idea and implement some ideas to make your loved one feel extra special.
  • Most of the local women have come from a conservative background while the foreign girls are from a relatively liberal background. Hence, try and know your partner well and take steps in accordance when you are in a relationship. It is essential that the two of you are on the same page.
  • Lastly, do not pass any comment about religion and politics. These are two serious topics that cannot be taken lightly in any manner whatsoever. An intense debate involving either could ruin your relationship too.


As a tourist, when you visit Dubai there are considerably high chances of falling in love with a local woman and possibly even in love with a women who is a foreigners in the city. While the act of falling in love is very simple, backing it up and going through with a successful relationship is difficult.

To many of the local girls, you are yet an outsider who will never be accepted by their parents and family. Hence, you will have to win them over. Once you do so, you can be assured of their undying love and affection.

As far as the foreign girls are concerned, they are known to prefer falling in love with tourists as they are likely to have the same mindset. Many of them are often more compatible with each other and can express their love more openly.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

In Dubai, it will not be surprising if you are lost amidst the difference in culture. Being a tourist, you may not be acquainted with the behaviour and the habits of the local people. With reduced abilities to read local people and judge them, it becomes difficult to make a decision if your lady love is indeed the one for you. Hence, we recommend that you do not overthink and simply focus on the basics, astute observations shall be your only way out of this. Thus, while making sure she is the one, keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure that the two of you are highly compatible. This is extremely essential as the local girls are raised in an environment which is very different from the one you were raised in. Hence, day to day choices and decisions may vary greatly and can cause friction. Hence, you can be sure that your lady love is the one only if the two of you have a good level of compatibility.
  • To make sure that your lady love is the one, see if she is willing to adjust to your culture as well. The local Muslim girls often have very regressive views and if they are rigid about it, unwilling to accept your traditions and faith along with her own, she may not be the one.
  • Dubai is the land of the rich and it also brings forth many opportunists and gold-diggers. So beware, ensure that your partner actually loves you and isn't around just for status and materialistic gains.
  • Lastly, find a girl who motivates you to do your best. If she criticises you and praises you equally, you can be sure of her being the one as she is inspiring the best in you.


Being a tourist in Dubai, you will be viewed as an outsider with little knowledge about local customs and traditions. The local families may find it difficult to accept you as their ladies' husband. Hence, if you wish to get married to a local girl in the city of Dubai, we recommend that the marriage begins with a bond with the family. Try and spend time with them, know them better, interact with her siblings, go out for movies and fun activities. This shall help you develop a better relationship with them. Similarly, meet the parents as a friend of your lady love, don't disclose too much too soon, win their trust over time, and gently break the news to them, if they have already seen the good in you, they shall agree to give their daughter's hand in wedding to you.

Here marriage is often seen as a deal finalised by the parents of the bride and groom, the stakes are also high as the city is a business hub. Hence, avoid stepping on toes, be patient and play your cards well. Women often do not express their will much here, especially in front of parents, so remember, you have to do all the heavy lifting while convincing them.


Having a wedding in Dubai is often a grand affair and as a tourist, when you marry a local you shall understand this. The wedding celebrations are often so lavish that they span over several days.

The wedding planning must begin at least a couple of months in advance. Here, a big wedding ceremony is often considered to be a show of wealth and status. Considering the number of multi-millionaires and billionaires residing here it isn't a surprise. Dubai is also a popular wedding destination for many from the Indian subcontinent region.

You shall have to begin by working out your finances and considering a venue. Once that is done you can move on and plan stays for your guests and other details of the itinerary. Mind you, if your lady love is from an affluent family, you could have up to 10,000 guests at your wedding too.

The sky is literally the limit here for ceremonies, you can book out entire palatial hotels, invite royalty from the region, have international artists and celebrities as your guests too. The ceremony itself shall be done according to your faith and your lady love's faith. It is the events around the ceremony that shall be the highlight here.

Family Life

Once you are done with your grand wedding ceremony, you may have taken the decision of living in the city and building a future here. The first thought that may cross your mind shall be how shall family life in town be?

Well to your relief, the city of Dubai shall offer you excellent family life. If you are wealthy, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You shall have the best of amenities and services at your convenience. The city shall pamper you and your family silly. Right from offering your obnoxious luxury, to great safety, excellent places to live in, exciting work opportunities, world-class education and splendid treatment to foreigners, you shall have it all. The only trade-off here is that you shall have to spend equally well, being broke in the city of Dubai shall do you no good.

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