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Melbourne dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Australian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Australian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Girls in Melbourne:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 5 / 5

Dating in Melbourne:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Melbourne:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Melbourne:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $400


Melbourne is the capital of the State of Victoria in Australia. Voted the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne is an attraction to foreigners all over the world. It has everything one can think of. The city is diverse, boasting a flourishing metropolitan area which is home to a thriving economy and the centre of Australian art and culture. Caffeine addicts will be happy to know that Melbourne has been voted as one of the coffee capitals of the world – second only to Vienna.

Much to the delight of nature lovers, there are forests in short range of the city centre. Hugged by the river Yarra, it is probably one of the better cities to explore the aboriginal jungles of Australia. The zoos and sanctuaries are home to Australia’s most famous animals, including Koalas, Kangaroos and Tasmanian Devils. Much of the city resembles a tropical paradise; head to the Australian beaches to discover a new level of sandy shores.

The women of Melbourne are a treat. They come in all forms, so there is always a personality to match what you are looking for. Furthermore, they have a passionate side to them, which only serves to win the hearts of men from all over the globe. Most find the Australian accent sexy. A simple google search has them near the top (if not at the very top) of all the sexy accents lists.

No matter what you are looking for; be it someone smart, funny, outgoing, introverted, sexy or just a loyal companion, Australia and the city of Melbourne have you covered. There is so much to d that just a simple exploration of the city will give you ample chance to meet and hopefully date many Victorian girls. Read on to discover how best to make it possible.

Dating Culture

The culture has ebbed and flowed. It is definitely one that has evolved at a quick pace . Although the dating culture is on the forefront of the liberal west, it should also be stated that there are a number of people who date in a completely different way to most. Melbourne is a multi-cultural metropolis with people from all over the globe. Some have certain religious beliefs and traditions which lead them to a different route of dating.

Most of the culture holds to a typical western idea of dating. The best way to start is by building romantic and sexual tension. Physical attraction is usually the first connection. However, that really gets the job done. There must be an interaction consisting of humour and banter. If the girl is intrigued enough, it is usually custom for the man to ask her out on a date. This has become a blur in the past ten years, as some girls ask men out.

However, on the first date or two, a chance to get to know one another is there. If the romance builds, you may get access to the bedroom on the third or fourth date. This is yet another test to check physical compatibility. This is not always the case. A great many girls see sex as a part of a committed relationship only You have to signup before you get the goods. Should all go well, the relationship officially commences when you ask her to be your girlfriend. This is a big step and commitment is expected. Check the “How to make sure she is the one” section further down.

Note: the Australian dating culture is easy going. There are also a lot of gorgeous women out there, so take your time. Do not get rushed into things. There is an entire city to explore, many friends to make and a lot of flirting to be done.


The girls in Australia are hot. To give you an idea of the scale of their sexiness, consider the following actors who all hail from Australia. Names such as Margot Robbie, Isla Fisher and Phoebe Tonkin add some real sex appeal to the country and they give an idea of what to expect in Melbourne.

Not only are their looks out of this world, but their personalities draw people in. Humour, banter and a light-hearted nature are the hallmarks of their personalities. It is this combination of physical beauty and amazing personality that takes the breath away of so many men.

There is also a lot of variety in the women. Australia has become a sanctuary of many different cultures, including people coming from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. One can also count the aboriginals in with the mix. The result is a plethora of women, each with their own unique beauty. Whatever your desires or types are, Australia has it.

Australian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The young women of Australia live a carefree lifestyle. There is a focus on career and earning a living, but the many other features of the city mean that young women spend their time on other things. University girls, usually aged 18 – 24, are the most outgoing of all the girls. They have a great aversion to fun, which leaves plenty of room to forge new connections and make a full network of friends. These girls are also the most keen on a casual sexual encounter.

Once girls leave university and begin their careers, things tend to get a bit more serious. Marriage is held as a last resort. However, many coupes end up living together. This is a relationship with a lot of commitment but not a lifelong one. The girls in this age group are usually focused on starting their careers. Their intentions are mixed. Some still seek a life of freedom and casual relationships. Others make their way towards marriage.

These girls are also the hottest part of the age segments. They are full of life and their physical beauty is nothing short of amazing.

Australian Women (age 30 - 45)

When the thirty mark draws near, the women in Melbourne tend to catch the marriage fever. Most want kids, so time is of the essence. If you are looking to settle down, the many gorgeous goddesses in their early thirties welcome you if you can maintain the same level of banter while still holding the adult life together.

The older segment of this segment is a batch with a variety of scenarios. Some girls do not settle down because of their careers. Some travel or the job is just too demanding; however, like almost anyone else on the blue planet, they have a desire for love and companionship.

There are also a range of divorced women looking to fill an empty bed at night. They are great fun and come with a full package of bedroom skills. Just be careful to maintain a discreet relationship. Family and friends finding out is a huge “no no”! You may also run into a few cheating wives. Far from ideal, this can land you in a heap of trouble. It is a situation best avoided, lest your reputation and maybe even your teeth take a knock.

Australian Ladies (age 45+)

The cougars are on the prowl in Melbourne. Whatever they put in the water certainly helps with the aging process, as these women are as hot as ever. The best way to meet these women is probably through places such as Albert Park; bars work too but you need a lot of game to handle them. They do not always open up to men, as the years of F-boys and disappointing relationships have taken a toll. However, if you are all in for a good-hearted sexual experience with no strings attached, then these women are always keen.

Online sources work great. Besides the older section of Tinder, there are a few custom sites in Australia that cater specifically for the older women. Try websites such as Cougar Life, Adult Friend Finder and Heartbreaker!

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Attracting more than 4 million tourist each year, Melbourne is the most-visited city in all of Australia. This does nit even take into account the many girls who come from foreign countries to study at the universities and the exchange students who are only in the area for a semester. Needless to say, there is a wealth of opportunity with foreign girls in Melbourne and the relaxed – almost tropical – setting creates the mood for what can be an unforgettable romance.

These are the best locations to find hot foreign girls in Melbourne:

  • Federation Square – probably the most fun metropolitan square in the state! It is the centre of arts and culture in the country, but it also has many bars, cafes and restaurants. All tourists visit Federation Square at some point in their trip.
  • Royal Botanical Gardens – gorgeous does not even begin to describe this great stretch of natural art. Besides the gardens themselves, there is a museum, a huge selection of cafes and restaurants nearby and lots of people to mingle with.
  • Queen Victoria Market – what once started as a small space for people to sell their wares has evolved into the single largest open air shopping destination in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a major landmark. The stalls have every type of food and ware one can think of, but the best part is the many foreign women who frequent this iconic shopping destination.
  • Yarra River – the river which hugs the city on the North Eastern front. It is way more than just a river; there are lush green banks for people to enjoy and many adventure companies who rent kayaks for the day. A journey up the river reveals great spots to hangout, grab a bite and explore further.


The sex lives of women in Melbourne is one that is enjoyed liberally. In terms of frequency, the girls are quite sexually active – even more than men! The average girl has sex two or three times per week, while most men settle around the 2 mark. That is a clear indication of the excess demand for sex in Victoria’s capital.

Furthermore, because there are s many cultures inhabiting one metropolis, one may find that the sexual experience differs depending on which background the girl comes from. As there are a group of women from many countries that are a lot more conservative on the matter of sex, you should expect variance in the overall experience. Some women come from families who do not allow sex before marriage, so the experience may be marred with guilt and regret. However, this is a small segment of the total population and these women are easy to spot. Religion is usually the difference.

Most men find the Australian women extremely sexy in the bedroom. They have an element of fun about them, which makes sex an adventure. Furthermore, there is an almost perfect marriage between elegance and sexual confidence, a rare find.

Sex Culture

Australians are expressive when it comes to sex. Far from taboo, it is a conversation which is openly had in public life. The culture surrounding sex has shifted tremendously over the last thirty years. There has been a movement from a more conservative viewpoint where sex was only for marriage to one that allows sexual expression freely as per the discretion of the individual.

The young people have a particular sharp spike in sexual experiences as they enter university. It is culturally normal for students to experiment as they explore both the world away from home and their bodies. It is the age of hookups and casual flings, perhaps not a sexual experience which is matched with long-term commitment.

When taking the general population into account, the sexual experience is likely to be good. Culturally, it is what you make of it. If you are int certain kinks or perhaps just seek someone who has the same sexual preferences as you, Australia is likely to exceed your expectations. There is both variety and quality. Also, the women are great in bed.

One-Night Stands

As already stated, the one night stand belongs to the student. They have a curiosity when it comes to sex along with a simple approach which bases the venture experience based on attraction. They are often out at bars and clubs looking for people to mingle with. The path to a successful one night stand is purely based on physical attraction, your ability to converse and opportunity. A nice, muscular physique never hurts…

There is also a segment of the older women who are keen on a quick romp. The MILFs in Australia are prime sexual beings, as they have gained a reputation around the world for being incredibly sexy. They have a wild sex drive, and provided you can satisfy them, you may get a second round.

Overall, the hookup is definitely possible in Australia. There is a lot of fun to be had especially if you manage to master the pickup. Once you can successfully tell if a girl finds you physically attractive and you can use honeyed words, you have a great chance of hooking up with multiple girls per week!

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

A lot of thought and strategy goes into the art of meeting girls. While you may be in a location with a lot of single women, it does not necessarily equate a conversion to a date or any future romance. The correct strategy is dependent on the amount of time one has in the city.

If your stay is limited to just a few days, then perhaps the best option you have is to head out into the bars and clubs and hope for the best. The beach also provides a great meeting spot. Those who come equipped with a muscular beach bod should do well in Melbourne. This strategy works for some, especially those who do well with first impression, but it still has an element of chance. Furthermore, it only works for hookups; you are unlikely to get any real connections with women this way.

An alternate strategy requires time. If it is a commodity you have, then you may want to start by building friendships. At this point, it does not matter if those friendships are male or female. A wingman is just as good as a female friend at this pointy, as your main goal is to gain introductions. However, there is that little bit of extra something which a female friend provides. Try searching Tinder, going to bars or scouting university campuses to meet girls.

These girls should be kept in a friendzone, but there is nothing wrong with building up a little romantic tension if they are hot. The friendship allows you access to other girls. You are likely to get invited to parties and get togethers. Use these as networking tools. Once you make a huge pool of friendships, you will run into many girls who strike your fancy. This is the time to cash in.

Note: Once you connect with a girl in a friendship circle, you immediately alienate the rest of the girls who are close to her. Bear that in mind and choose wisely. Besides that, here is a list of the best places to meet girls in town to meet girls.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife in Melbourne is spectacular. It is the home of culture in Australia, so it is no surprise that when it comes to music and entertainment, the city is eager to provide an experience that truly raises the bar. Expect a nightlife which is vibrant, filled with friendly people and casual yet electric! It is an experience not to be missed, as the bars and clubs also boast a loyal female attendance each weekend.

Bars are the best place to start the nigh. Heading straight to the clubs may not be the wisest choice, since they will (a) be empty and (b) the drinks are expensive. Instead, a local watering hole will have plenty of pre drinks options as well as a host of people to mingle with. Try the following bars when in Melbourne:

  • Union Electric Bar – smack bang in the middle of Chinatown, this bar is known to be the king of party starters. They also have a menu which makes use of fresh produce, as their cocktails incorporate many freshly squeezed juices. Furthermore, Union Electric is one of the cheapest drinking houses in the city.
  • Bar Americano – the line is always long, but the drinks are worth it. The bartenders have a reputation for being the best in the city. They deal only in the classics, so don’t expect any inventive cocktails and mixers. All in all, it is a great place to grab a drink, the rice is not too exorbitant and there are many people to connect with.
  • Boilermaker House – the home of whiskey in Melbourne. There are more than 700 different whiskeys in their impressive arsenal. Boilermaker has also successfully created a cosy environment which is a comfort to the after work crowd. There is also a wide list of local and international beers.
  • Heartbreaker – Short on a few dollars but still want the shots to flow? Heartbreaker is one of the most loved student bars in the CBD. They have a rock theme but have also been careful to cultivate a party spirit within the four walls. Many students get swept up, and it makes a great venue before a full night out.
  • Hats and Tatts – this bar has an infectious style. It does not necessarily cater to any one niche, but the reasonable prices combined with a wide range of whiskeys, beers, ales and liquors makes it attractive to students and young professionals from all over the city.

Now that the drinks are flowing and the alcohol works its magic, it is time to head out to the spectacular nightclubs in the city centre. Listed below are the top ten nightclubs in Melbourne:

  • Radar – A club which celebrates its thirtieth year at the time of writing. It has long been one of the staples of the local’s partying diet – and for good reason! The light display is out of this world, matched by the superstar DJs who often use the club as a platform to draw a crowd in Melbourne. On a normal weekend, expect a delicious blend of EDM and house.
  • Section 8 – By no means a traditional club, it started as a sawed out shipping container which was intended as a pop up bar. Today, their corner of Chinatown is a famous venue where bohemian students look to party the night away. It has gained popularity at an exponential pace; the drinks are cheap; the music hits the soul.
  • Globe Alley – on most nights, this dive bar is the most popular alternative night club in the city. They have amassed quite a reputation with the younger crowd. Part of this is due to the 1-dollar wings, cheap booze and delicious burgers. When the sun goes down, the bar turns into a full-blown club packed with all the electricity that the Melbourne nightlife has become famous for.
  • Supersmall Club – no other club in the city has ben able to match Supersmall’s themed parties. Located South of the Yarra River, this club is known for its 90s and 00s classics. The management have attempted to bring a breath of fresh air to the nightclub scene, as they saw a gap in the market for music that people actually want to listen to.
  • Forum Theatre – This theatre used to be the main site for alternative music and art. The new owners had a vision to transform it into one of the super clubs in Melbourne. Their events are crazy, as the club holds more than 2000 people at a time. The drinks do get a bit pricy, but it may be one of the single best locations to meet keen single girls in the city.
  • New Guernica – if you fancy a bit of variety in your clubbing experience, then give this Collins Street Stalwart a go. Featuring three dance floors and some of the best local DJs, this club always packed in the weekend. You may need to dress up a bit for certain events. Some of the more famous DJ events require you to book in advance.
  • Burn City Disco – things often get a bit crazy at this venue, sometimes even a titty pop makes an appearance. The DJs offer an alternative to the city’s mainstream genre: house. Instead, they offer a range of techno, trance, electro and indie vibes. There are multiple floors with a designated DJ per floor. The bottom is a superclub, and the upper floors are more niche dance floors.
  • La Di Da – King Street’s favourite nightclub has more to offer than ever! Saturdays are the days to visit, as there is a string of DJs who link their hour-long sets to keep the party going until 3am. Furthermore, the drinks are cheap if you wait for the specials. Expect massive crowds and every opportunity to meet hot girls.
  • Revolvers Upstairs – What is an art gallery by day is one of the hottest dance scenes by night. If you enter early enough you can get free entry. Be sure to dress up a bit. A collared shirt is not necessary but it is advisable. Revolvers Upstairs happens to be the location of choice for some of the country’s best DJs and musicians. Take a look at their website for future events.
  • 170 Russel – this club has hosted some of the most famous names in the world, including AC/DC and Tina Turner. Today, it is the location of choice for international superstars. Names such as Hardwell, Armin van Buuren and Tiesto have played impressive sets in front of a sell out crowd. The dance floor itself is near perfection, and the night is sure to be unforgettable.

Shopping Malls

Much like any other western city, the people of Australia are enthralled with status. Everything is for ‘the Gram’. Shopping malls are a natural extension of this, and many people head to these central hubs to buy the latest fashions, chill at restaurants or just enjoy the company of friends while watching a movie. You will be able to find many women at the mall, so never overlook this marvel of the modern era.

The best malls in Melbourne are as follows:

  • Chadstone Shopping Centre – Over 2 million square feet in size, Chadstone is by far the largest mall in the country! It is the place to see and be seen, a home for fashionistas and the ultra cool. It has every store one can think of – from designer brand names to chain stores and international brands. With hundreds of shops, two cinemas and a food court which makes jaws drop, this mall should be one of the first places you check out.
  • Bourke Street – this is one f those shopping districts which is not to be missed out on. Bourke Street is the equivalent of London’s Regent Street or New York’s 5th Avenue. All the designer names are within close reach and there are many international chains surrounding them. As one would imagine, this creates quite a buzz. Furthermore, there are also many bars and restaurants to kill the time. Women shop here in drones!
  • The Clarendon Shopping Centre – A state of the art mall with all the chain stores and supermarkets one needs to survive the city. It is large in size and has everything one would expect from a mall in the city centre. Although it does not compare to the likes of Chadstone, its location near the waterfront makes it a prime spot for picking up girls.\
  • Westfield Southland – the brand has an elite name worldwide, but not many know that Australia is the home of the Westfield chains. This mall has all the major clothing names and is situated across the gorgeous shores of Melbourne down south. It is definitely worth a visit and spending a bit of your time chatting to the beautiful locals.


The entire nation of Australia is one that is meant to be explored outdoors. Besides the fact that it is one of the most naturally beautiful corners of the globe, one must also remember that there is every chance of running into a gorgeous Aussie babe outside of the four walls.

Here are the best outdoor spots in Melbourne:

  • The beach – No trip to any coastal region in Australia is complete without a trip to the gorgeous white sandy shoreline. The beaches do not disappoint They offer every chance of meeting a gorgeous Australian girl. Besides, it is the best chance you will have of showing off that beach body. If you have a limited timeframe, then St Kilda is the best beach to visit. It is located just 6 km away from the city centre and it is the most popular choice. However, those with a bit of time on their hands may try travelling to Elwood or Parkdale Beach.
  • Arthur’s Seat - a mountain peak which provides panoramic views of the city and its shoreline. It has always been one of the city’s most visited sites, and it is not difficult to see why. Arthur’s Seat is traversed with the help of an automatic gondola. Once you reach the top, it is not difficult to see why the journey is so popular.
  • The CBD – Sometimes the best way to see Melbourne is in the city itself. There is so much culture and activity packed into the urban environment that it is worth just as much exploration as the natural sites. You may even have a better chance of meeting girls, as they have the same ideas regarding exploration.

Universities and Colleges

The students in the city are a cheerful bunch. They are also the loudest voices at a party. They represent a fresh dawn, as they eagerly go out and seek adventure around every corner. Besides the many thousands of local students, there is a large number of exchange and international students. The educational system is good and many come from all ove rteh globe to seek a better standard of living.

The following universities are the best in the city:

  • The University of Melbourne – Top notch in every department, the university of Melbourne attracts tens of thousands of students each year. They travel from all over the world and the country. The campus invites exploration and it is not difficult to start a conversation with a pretty girl between classes.
  • Monash University – consistently ranked amongst the world’s best, Monash is one of Australia’s prides. They have a wide number of exchange and internationals students. Furthermore, the modern campus is not very accessible, but the student life surrounding the institute provides every chance of forging new relationships.
  • Victoria University – considered the poor cousin to Monash. It does not rank as highly, but the campus is always bubbling with activity. The student lifestyle is chilled, and one can expect the restaurants, bars and cafes in the surrounding district to be well supported by the students. Expect a great variety of women, too, but not as much as the other big name sin Australia’s higher educational industry.


Much like any other city in the world, the city has a wealth of relational options available. Before getting into the women, it is important to describe the city in terms of finding friendships. Initially, your male options may require only a wingman, but there is no reason why you cannot make lasting friendships in Melbourne. The men are outspoken and always keen on banter, so if you settle down, you will be able to build good friendships.

However, when it comes to the women, you will find that the city provides a great many opportunities to meet thousands of beautiful girls.

Holiday Romance

Melbourne is a fantastic city, ripe for exploration. Its women are also really welcoming. Most find conversations with the girls pleasant and really fun. Furthermore, the culture has shifted to one where short-term romance is in demand. The younger crowd have a thing for anything that doesn’t have too much commitment, a fact which can be taken advantage of by visitors. One will find many students who are keen on starting a purely physical relationship with no expectation of a future.

There is also another group of women. These girls are older than the students bunch, usually divorced, widowed or out for an extra marital affair. They are common advocates of the short-term romance and the possibility of having a relationship with no real consequence is high. As an added bonus, these women are highly experienced in the bedroom. Sex to remember!

Tips for Successful Relationship

There is nothing better than a relationship which goes the distance, a journey of love which conquers the world. It is something that everyone searches for at some point, and the prospect of achieving it can make people blind in certain areas. Be certain that everything will not be plain sailing. The tough times are merely around the corner. Thus, any couple is well advised to consider how they are going to weather the storms and avoid them if possible. Here are some tips on how to enhance your relationship in Melbourne:

  • Talk! – No relationship has a chance if the ability to converse is not present. More than just a nice to have, talking is actually the main aspect of any relationship. It is the way you get to know each other, and it is also the means of resolving conflict. This doesn’t necessarily mean talking 24/7, but the willingness to do so should be present.
  • Make Time – The city does get busy, especially if a career beckons. Thus, the relationship may suffer if you cannot make the time to see each other in a meaningful way. This can be as simple as organizing weekly date nights or perhaps trying out a hobby together Seeing that it’s Melbourne surfing may be a viable option.
  • Trust – it is essential that you both make every effort to build trust. Trust is something which takes forever to build, but can be destroyed at a moment’s notice. Thus, take care with your partner’s opinion of you. It serves well in a city where women are beautiful and added suspicion is just a strain.
  • Allow for timeout – the time spent alone is needed in any healthy relationship. Everyone needs their own friends and hobbies to keep them sane. Furthermore, it allows for a true appreciation of each other. Ever heard of the expression, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’?
  • Finances – the stats do not lie. Over the last twenty years, no single factor has broken more marriages than money. It is something which causes arguments and relational strife is not managed correctly. Plan ahead. Budgets are crucial tools that can save you a lot of pain. Make sure you stick to them and avoid starting a relationship with a woman who cannot control her credit card.


Melbourne is a city crafted with the comforts of the first world, the calming joys of nature and the infectious laughter of people. While it is a tremendously happy place, it does not change the rules for relationships. They are hard work and require the utmost care, but if you are willing to put in the work, love is definitely a likely outcome. Love in Australia is a fantastic experience. The locals hold it in high regard, the pinnacle of human emotion and joy. It seems that the women grow up with that desire for a fairy tale ending. Thus, everyone looks for love at some point in their lives.

Less focused on commerce and career than most first world cities, Melbourne does make a love an enjoyable practical experience. There is more time to go on dates, and a better understanding of what it means to be in a committed relationship. Cheating is a big taboo; those who trespass are ridiculed and left behind by society. Rest assured that if you find the one in Melbourne, you can expect nothing but the best. Thus, rest assured that Melbourne has you covered. Not only are the women hot, but if you find the one, it makes for an apt place to plant some roots.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There is no substitute for the life of a single man. It has freedom and the promise of many experiences. The opportunity to explore many women is one of the main benefits. There is little attachments and nothing to hold you back from the many senstaions life has to offer. As things progress, there will undoubtedly be special women who catch the eye. Some of them may even tug at the heart strings, but the first question to ask s if she is worth giving up the single life, or simply put, the opportunity to get with many other girls. Many men do not take this factor into accounts, leaving them feeling tied down instead of in a fulfilling relationship.

However, if you have asked this question and the trade is worthwhile, you may want to add a few logical considerations to the equation before you hand your heart away on a silver platter. Australian girls are sexy, so do not confuse immediate infatuation with lifelong love. Take the following into account:

  • Character – do your personality traits complement each other? They do not have to be the same, but there are certain character traits which are not compatible. If she is someone who likes to read the entire day and you love being out and about, maybe things are too different. Alternatively, you could be someone who hates noise and she could be a loud mouth. Nothing is above working through, but you must identify them at the very least.
  • Communication – a key aspect of any relationship and something you must look out for in a long-term partner. If you both cannot communicate well with each other, the chances of your relationship being doomed are inevitable. It is the way problems are solved and love is deepened.
  • Values – religion, morals and politics can play a bigger role than you may think. It can cause arguments and divide. Some issues cannot be bridged, so be sure to talk through where you stand on morality before hand. An extreme example is if she thinks open relationships are fine and you are clearly against it.
  • Respect – Another he issue which men often overlook. However, the way a woman treats you in the beginning of a relationship is a nice version of how she behaves a few years from now. The deeper the commitment, the worse it tends to get. Make sure that she respects you from the get go; remember that it goes both ways. Things such as close relationships with male best friends are warning signs. If she is unable to put them on their place and take your side, think again!
  • Love – It is not uncommon for women to play games. Every man has a sob story or two. Before committing to anything, be sure to discern whether the feeling of love is mutual. Is she willing to sacrifice for you – are you a priority or just a pastime? Besides that, you may find great insight by how she responds if you just ask her.


Much like in any other city, marriages are the pinnacle of love and commitment. In Melbourne it is the presence of two people side by side working hard towards their individual and partnership goals. There is no mistake. While the women in the city are charming and your wife may be a stunner, the relationship will have its tough times. A marriage takes commitment, love and the ability to fight for one another at all costs. However, if you can fight through the arising differences, there will be many god times ahead. Melbourne is a city that encourages love.

Marriages do not have to search for things to do, as the city provides ample date spots and activities. The natural environment is also a huge plus. If you have pictured long, romantic walks on the beach, then Melbourne is definitely the place to settle down. Furthermore, it provides an economy for provision. As Australia has been on the forefront of female suffrage rights, expect many women to be just as keen on a successful career as you are. Marriage is something of a partnership, where both people support each other in building their dreams and reaching set goals.


What has long been considered the quintessence of romance has taken a hold of the Australians. Of course, they adapt it to their own culture as it has its own relaxed Australian version, but most of the elements remain true to the traditional western wedding ceremony. What was once an expense borne by the family of the bride has turned into a liability for all. Weddings in Australia are expensive. Most people pick a nice venue with natural scenery that matches the inward affections I. e. it is usually a nice venue and extremely expensive. Once all the costs are added up, it is a bill to large for one family to pay, so anyone who has some spare cash usually contributes.

The wedding is comprised of two main parts. The ceremony is first and represents the legal binding of the couple. This is either done through a civil authority or a religious leader. There is usually no limit to who gets invited, as the wedding is made as public as possible. After this, a reception is held. This is the celebratory portion of the wedding, which usually comes standard with booze, food, dancing and speeches.

Guests are expected to contribute to the bride and groom through gifts. This will either be the purchase of gifts from a set list or a financial contribution.

Side Note: If you are attending a wedding as a single person, take advantage of all the romance in the air. There are usually single girls around and it is not uncommon for hookups, flings and even relationships to develop.

Family Life

The city of Melbourne is loved by the locals, and everyone who has a family has a story about how his son or daughter thrives within the local environment. It is a special place on earth, boasting a merge of first world innovation and natural beauty.

Families in Australia are quite close. There is a huge effort to maintain social activity within the family unit, with less parents leaving their families for the sake of a career or economic prospects. Much like every other area of the city, there appears to be a balance. With that being said, the economy is still a masterpiece. It caters for the needs of the population and more.

It has every industry one can think of and more. Furthermore, it has seen growth at a substantial rate. In fact, the economic progress of the city has caused a massive influx of immigrants from all over the globe. People from countries in Sub Saharan Africa and Asia have made a special effort to claim Melbourne as their home, simply due to the opportunities available to them.

The natural element of the city adds a breath of fresh air. There are not many thriving cities in the world that can claim such natural wonders. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for someone to go from the office to the beach, exchanging the collar for a wetsuit as the surf always beckons the locals. There is hardly any pollution and resemblance to a tropical paradise is easy to imagine.

The next generation is well taken care of. There are many fine schools, all of them affordable to everyone but the homeless (of which there are very little). Once school is done the Australian universities fare well on the international rankings. The only downside is the tax rates, which can be a bit steep.

However, expect lots of love from the extended family, as parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles remain in close contact and form part of the main support group. Nobody is alone in Melbourne. It has done a fine job of crafting a committed and stable family.

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