Guide for dating in Manila helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Filipino women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Philippine girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Manila. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Manila, Philippines.

The beautiful local girls of Manila

Girls in Manila:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Manila:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Manila:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5/ 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Manila:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $550
  • Accommodation: US$5- $400


On an average, local girls and women of Manila are known for their good looks. Most of them are intelligent, smart and generally it has been found that they would like to be independent of their boyfriends and men. They also are easy-going and have an open mind towards news friendships and relationships. If men make the right approach, dating a beautiful local woman from Manila should not be much of an issue.

However, it is important that as a man you should be able to vibe with the local women and establish a bonding and rapport. They might look a bit reserved and edgy to begin with, but if you are able to win their trust and confidence, you will not have much of a problem getting close to them and eventually winning them over for that much sought-after date.

The women are linked by one single bond of gene, history and culture but they do come from different backgrounds. They have varying personalities and this is common with men and women across the world. The city has a throbbing and active night life and the days are also hot and sleazy. However, it may not look so from the surface and you must do some searching and go through the right due diligence process.

The women are a bit hesitant to open up with new tourists and it may take some effort to break the ice. But once you do it, you will be opening the floodgates and you will be able to take the relationship to the next level. You have to respect the local cultures, ways of life and the other such things. Once you do this, it will only be a matter of time before you are able to hookup with some of the hottest and sexiest women from this beautiful capital city of Philippines.

Dating Culture

Since most people from Manila and Philippines have a western influence, they are open-minded and liberal as far as their dating culture is concerned. There is little doubt that they have one of the best dating cultures in the entire south-east Asian region. It should not take much effort for men to come across women who are open and liberal minded and are not the ones to shy away from dating opportunities provided they get the right men.

However, there could be a few women who are conservative as far as their approach towards relationships and sex is concerned. However, things are changing quite fast and the women are becoming quite forward looking, open and are willing to cross the line when it comes to relationships. Though the local women of Manila may not be at the same levels when it comes to open exhibition of love and affection, as a man you do stand a good chance provided you are able to win their trust and confidence.

Online Dating

Dating in Manila can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Manila and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The women from Manila are known for their traditional looks and are beautiful and sensuous in their own ways. Most of them are highly fashion and looks conscious. The young women in particular are known to spend quite a bit of time, money and effort in sprucing up their looks and appearances. The total population of Manila is around 1.3 million and out of which around 0.66 million are women. Therefore, if you are man on the lookout for a good female company in this city, you certainly have many options to choose from. The demographics are in favor of women and therefore you will have no dearth or shortage of women. You will have many choices and many of them will be ready to spend some of the most intimate and passionate time with you, satisfying every aspect of your sexual, emotional and mental needs.

The city has a predominantly Christian population and therefore it may not be as liberal as other cities and countries of the world. However, this should not be a drawback or impediment for all those who are looking for the right dating opportunity. Most of the women are fair skinned and you may not come across many dusky coloured ladies and girls in this part of the world. However, there is a sizeable population of people from the Indian subcontinent and they are known for their dusky complexion and they are beautiful and sexy too.

There are many men who are particular about the age of a woman they want to hookup with. Therefore, it would be a good idea to have a break down of information the women based on their ages. This will help men to have a better knowledge, perspective and insight about the likes, dislikes, behavior and other such traits. The men will also be able to understand more about their lifestyle.

Filipino Girls (age 18 - 29)

Obviously, girls in Manila belonging to this age group are the hottest. They are also sexually aroused and therefore men who want a great experience in bed should be on the lookout for this group of women.

They are easy going, and have an open attitude towards casual relationships and sex. Further, they love being active socially and many of them are also tech-savvy. If you are a tourist who wants to understand women in Manila, then they are perhaps the easiest because of their age and other factors.

The girls in this age group are mostly from colleges, high schools and also those who are pursuing their higher studies. Therefore they must have seen more of the world around them and this makes them friendly, accommodating and ready to mingle and move around. However, this does not mean that they give an open invitation to get into affairs and take things to the physical level. As a foreign tourist and as a man, you must have some patience and you may not succeed if you always move on assumptions.

Since they are young, fashionable and care about their looks and appearances, you can expect most of the girls and women in this age group to be up to date with good looking tips. They take care of their body quite well and spend money, time and effort on exercises, workouts and other such things to have the best figure. They also use make up in sizeable quantities.

The average height of girls in this age group is around 5 feet in some case they could be even of lesser height at around 4 feet 11 inches. They are petite in their looks and have a wonderfully curvaceous body. Their breasts are small, but firm, rounded and taut and could be one good handful. Many of them flaunt their figure by wearing tight dresses like jeans and t-shirts. They also love to move around in sleeveless dresses. The overall impact of a compactly shaped body with their shapely sleeveless arms and their expanding hips do make them very enticing and attractive. They seem to be extremely happy to showcase their bodies to draw the attention of men and this should work to the attention of foreign men tourists.

Women from Manila have always believed in being independent and therefore you can expect them to be financially at ease. They know how to handle money from a young age. While a few may come from rich backgrounds, most of them are from the middle class or lower middle class background. They may not waddle in riches and wealth, but at the same time they are highly self-made and would like men also to be of the same nature. Hence, if you are a man wanting to hookup with a woman from this part of the world, then you have to be financially independent.

There is no need for you to be floating around in wealth but it is expected that you should take care of the basic needs of these wonderful young women from Manila. They love to dress well and pay attention to the latest fashion trends whether it is clothes, shoes or other apparels and accessories. They are extremely comfortable with revealing shorts, sleeveless dresses showing their sexy bodies. Most of them have decent complexion and therefore men will love to see their wheatish skin that is smooth, supple and well-maintained.

They are smart and intelligent and would like their men to be well behaved, smart and be on the same page as far as intellect, humor and other attributes are concerned. As a man, you would do great if you have a well built and lean body and if you have abs to show, it would be even better. At the same time, do flaunt your wealth a bit and also learn how to be a good company to these beautiful women from Manila belonging to this age group.

Philippine Women (age 30 - 45)

Experience is a big teacher and this applies to all aspects of life. Women from Manila who belong to the age group of 30 to 45 are known for their experiences in life. This makes them versatile and unique in more ways than one. If you are a man who would like to mix the best of sexual experiences with passion, emotions and true love, it will make lot of sense for you to look for these mature women in Manila. They are suitable for men who are keen on short, passionate and sensuous flings or for those who are on the lookout for those long-lasting and stable relationships.

They are level-headed and of course their levels of financial independence are much higher than women who belong to the age bracket 19-29. Their experience in sex is quite a big asset and they know what it takes to titillate and satisfy the man who they love and like. Therefore if you want a combination of sexual fulfilment, fun, frolic and also a bit of attachment, love and emotion, it will make lot of sense to be on the lookout for women of Manila belonging to this age group.

Many of them would have gone through the rituals of marriage. It is possible that quite a few of them could still be married but might be on the lookout for some additional spice and excitement in their lives. On the other hand there could be many women in this age group who might have split from their partners or the relationships may even have ended in separation and divorce. They would most certainly be on the lookout for men to satisfy their physical and emotional needs. Having said this, we need to bear in mind that they would like to pick and choose and go only for those men who are classy, sophisticated and are in the same wavelength as far as thinking, and other such attributes are concerned.

Men should also bear in mind that Manila is the capital city of Philippines and therefore thousands of men and women from various provinces, islands and other places of the country migrate here in search of new jobs and better career opportunities. Many young girls also move to the capital city when they are in their teens.

By the age of thirty many of them would have built successful careers, and many would have been married with children. But there are dozens who would like to be socially and financially independent and therefore it would be a good idea to try and hookup with them. Their sexual needs are quite strong and they also look forward to emotional fulfilment and happiness in their relationships. Therefore, you must be a man who also is mature, intelligent, caring and has the right amount of emotional quotient. These women would like to be cared, made to feel important and therefore you must ensure that you have these attributes and qualities failing which you may not be able to win them over.

Filipino Ladies (age 45+)

Let us now spend some time understanding the categorization of women who are above the age of 45. Most of these women, because of their age and upbringing, might belong to conservative backgrounds. Having said this, things are changing fast because of the internet, computer and mobile phones and many of them are getting out from the straight-jacketed way of lives. They are keen on enjoying life once more. Yes, it is quite possible that they could be married for years and have children in their teens. But at the same time many of them may believe that their lives are becoming boring, monotonous and they are being exploited by their men and are being used just as objects.

They are also extremely good looking and quite a few of them have wonderful bodies that can give the young teenage women of Manila a run for their money. It would be a good idea to try and win them over emotionally if you believe that you need love, sexual satisfaction and emotional fulfilment. Women of Manila from this category are the ones who may be craving for real love and emotional companionships followed by sexual indulgence and satisfaction.

Most of them who would like to enter into extra marital relationships with men who are from well-to-do families and wealthy backgrounds and can support them. At the same time, because of various reasons mentioned above, they have a very liberal and open mind about sex with men outside their marriages or relationships that have been defined by society centuries ago. As a man you need to do a bit of probing and understanding rather than rushing through it. They might look a bit cold and reserved initially and on the surface, but if you are able to touch their emotional chords and tickle their sexual desires and fantasies, many of them would be ready to melt in your hands. Once they start reposing their trust and confidence on you as a man, you can be sure that you will have one of the most wonderful women companions that you could find almost anywhere in the world.

There are obviously a number of advantages and benefits of being involved with women from this age group because of a number of reasons. They know what sex is all about and if you are able to attract them emotionally and physically, they would be ready to go out of their way to make you happy both in the bed and also when it comes to satisfying your emotional needs. You may not have to worry too much about finances because, as mentioned above, most of them would be from wealthy backgrounds and may be looking for men to satisfy their desire to be loved, respected, cared for and given their due share as far as sexual fulfillment is concerned.

They like to be well-dressed and have a unique sense of sophistication and aura about them which is something that sets them apart quite well from the rest of the women belonging to lower age groups. Because their sexual needs have been suppressed for years at length, initially you may find them a bit raw and perhaps even demanding in their needs in the bed. They expect a combination of emotional fulfilment and sexual happiness and if you are happy to give them that, they would not mind being yours for a long period of time. As they are on the wrong side of forty they take extra care of their bodies and they still continue to have excellent skin and their bodies are also quite attractive and enticing for men and do not be surprised if as a man you see your testosterone levels going up quite significantly.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Most of the women in Manila are locals and they come from all provinces, regions and islands of the country. However, there is a sizeable population of foreigners and most of them are from China, Vietnam and other countries. They are migrants in search of better opportunities in this city. They come to Manila because as the capital city of Philippines, it offers a lot of employment and income earning opportunities when compared to other cities and towns of this country. As the world becomes a global village, it is quite obvious that many foreign women are in this country and they work here in various capacities. Many of them are in the fashion industry, while there are quite a few Indian women who are here as teachers. A few multinational companies have also set up shops in this city and this again attracts many foreign men and women.

Do not be surprised if you come across many hot girls from countries such as China, Vietnam, Singapore, India and even from some far-off countries like Australia, the USA and many European countries. They usually mingle with the rich and wealthy groups of people and as a man on the lookout for foreign women you stand a good chance provided you know how to win them over. Manila is also a very famous tourist and beach resort and therefore it is quite obvious that you will be able to see many single women who are tourists moving around. They would like to make their visit memorable not just by enjoying the beaches but also having the company of some hot men. So, you stand a good chance as a man, if you are able to keep your eyes and ears open for these hot, sexy and ready to go foreign women.

As you are also a tourist, it should not be too difficult to have the right vibe with these foreign women. Many of them know English and if you are able to speak good English then your chances of getting laid with gorgeous foreign woman in the hotel rooms of Manila increase quite significantly. You also have a good chance of spending some wonderful, intimate and memorable moments with them on the beaches of Manila. Many of them are open minded and they also need some company, though for a short period of time, as they spend time in a new country where language and culture could be a problem for them. You could, as a man, become a good company and help them to overcome loneliness and solitude, especially during the evenings and nights.

You can find these foreign girls and women at the various nightclubs of Manila. You have to bear in that Manila has a wonderful night life and therefore you will have no shortage of hotels and nightclubs where you can find them.


Though the sexual orientation and approach of the average women from Manila in particular and Philippines in particular is a bit orthodox and withdrawn, it would be wrong to paint all women of this city with the same brush. Times are changing, attitudes and belief systems are changing and it is the same with women in Manila. Though initially, the women of Manila might create a fuss about sex, there are a few positive traits and factors that one should not overlook as a man who is out there in Manila for some good fun in the bed.

Being the capital city of the country, it is more open, has more influx of foreign tourists and other modern cultures from across the globe and particularly from the western countries. Hence if you make the right move as a man and know how to win their trust, confidence and respect, hooking up with a Manila woman from the sexual standpoint should not be a tough and demanding task. But there is quite a bit of work to do and it takes time, patience and effort to win their trust and confidence. This is all the more true for foreigners because a few of them may have had very bad experiences with some foreign women. The mantra is simple. Be nice to them, respect them and treat them as good friends first. Understand their culture and then move forward and this will make things easy for you.

Sex Culture

The women who belong to the age group 30 to 45 and above may at times believe that sex is taboo and relationships and affairs outside marriage are a sin and punishable by god. But on the other hand, if you are able to come across women below the age of 30, you may be in for some pleasant surprise. Many of them are extremely open and have a liberal attitude towards sex. They are keen and are also determined to experience the pleasures of sex because their parents and elders have told them that this is a forbidden fruit. The education system does deal with sex but for most young teenagers it still continues to be a topic that is secretive and they believe that it should be talked about only in hush-hush tones.

The theory and belief system of being a virgin till marriage still rules amongst women who have migrated from other regions and islands. This is less prevalent amongst women and girls who have been brought up in the city since their birth. But being open to a lot of information through the internet and other sources of information, many women are now able to understand that sex after all is not a taboo or sin. They are ready to try it out for fun and their hormones and biological needs force them to have a go at it. Though they may not be ready to hop into a relationship with a stranger on the first sight they would be willing to give it a go, provided you have the patience for it.

One-Night Stands

Philippine women generally have a laid back, conservative and traditional way of life though things are changing and they are changing quite fast. However, there is a big difference in attitudes between Manila and other parts of the country. The young women of this city belonging to the age group 19 to 30 are not very much impressed with what the other parts of the country thinks and believes about sex. They are ready to do what is takes to enjoy sex and they are ready for one night stands. In fact Manila today could be one of the best places for male tourists who are keen on having a passionate and sensuous night of love making with a woman or girl who may have been a stranger in the day time.

The liberal and open way of looking at sex is something that might surprise you as a first time visitor to this capital city of Philippines. The younger generation seems to have a 'don't give a damn' attitude about the taboos associated with one night stands. This is because their sexual needs are aroused and they would like to find out what it is all about from a man. If you are an experienced and middle aged man, it could be even better because they know you will be able to handle them patiently, with care and arouse them before you actually get into the act.

Curiosity often gets the better of their upbringing and the fear that is inculcated in them about sex. However, this may not happen immediately and there is some planning and spadework that one should go about. You should be ready to spend some money on drinks and partying, which will make them become comfortable to be with and around you. Once they are comfortable, they will be ready to hook up with you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Manila, being the capital city of Philippines is without any doubt the London of Great Britain or the Paris of France. The city is full of life and being a commercial and business capital also, Manila has a life that is full of hustle and bustle. The day starts early and it continues late into the night and there is a saying that the city never has any time to fall asleep completely. The men and women are of course busy with their professions and income earning ways and means. At the same time, the evenings are completely different as the women get into crazy partying in the night clubs and other places and it continues till late in the night. The men and women from Manila would like to unwind their mind and bodies after a hard weeks’ work and therefore the weekends are full of nightclub activities, romance, dating, sex and other such activities.

There are many places that one could choose for meeting the gorgeous women of Manila. The city has some of the most amazing shopping malls. On the other side of the spectrum, they also have the hottest of nightclubs that reverberate to music, dance, drinks and other such things. There is quite a bit of passionate hugging, kissing and embracing in these nightclubs, especially amongst foreign tourists. This will certainly titillate the local women across all ages and it will not be long before you are able to find out the right woman for your needs.

You have many avenues to approach these women and they include universities, nightclubs, cafes, malls, the lobbies of various 5 start hotels and also spaces outside the colleges and universities where scores of young women are always looking for foreign men who can satisfy their lust and desire. The next few sections will try and deal a bit more with the various options.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

There is no better place than nightclubs, bars and pubs for hooking up with local women of Manila. Manila also is the commercial, fashion and industrial capital of the country and it also is home to some of the well known celebrities and actors of the local film industry. If you spend time and do your research, it will not be long before you are able to come across many such nightclubs and pubs. For the sake of information and for our readers, we are happy to share a few of them.

  • Black Market: Black Market is a popular and trendy nightclub in Manila that attracts locals, foreigners and expats. It is home to some of the best performing DJs and you can enjoy some of the most famous numbers and this is the place to be in for those UK funky sounds. It is suitable for young people and millennial groups of people and also for matured men and women. Regular club events are not charged while alcohol is charged.
  • Craft Rock & Grill: This is famous for the some high class Filipino musicians and you can enjoy some of the best local rock music and other such wonderful pieces of music. You also can enjoy memorable jazz aficionadas and other such throbbing and heartwarming music. If you love retro music that takes you down memory lane, then Craft Rock & Grill could be the place to be in.
  • City of Dream Manila: This is a huge 6.2 hectare complex and it has 3 big hotels, namely Hyatt Hotel, Nobu Hotel and Crown Towers. It also has a big casino facility and there are numerous lounges, bars and nightclubs. It also has a big collection of KTV rooms. You can date even in theme parks and the various shopping malls.
  • Club ZZYZX Manila: This is another famous club that comes with a large dance space. It could be the best places for drinking, dancing and also dating a gorgeous looking Manila woman. It also serves quality food at reasonable rates. It is located on Remdeios Circle. It is a suitable place for those who love a throbbing lifestyle.
  • House Manila: If you are looking for the top class clubbing experience then House Manila is the place to be in. It is quite huge and can accommodate around 1,600 people and it comes with 400 seats.
  • Revel At The Palace: This is a luxurious nightclub that is the best place for those who love sophistication, style and therefore it is the normal choice for dozens of tourists also. The décor and furnishing is stunning and the ambience is certainly upscale and has an intimate approach to it. It offers a wide variety of dance music. The entrance fee comes with complimentary drinks (two) and you also get free access to the Palace Pool.
  • Royal Night Club: For the French and English tourists, this could be a great place to be in for spending night life in Manila. It is famous for its wonderful acoustic and sound systems and there are also many VIP lounges where you can take your precious woman and build a relationship with her. It also has a superb dance floor and a mezzanine above it.
  • The Palace Nightlife Manila: This is another interesting and popular destination for quality nightlife seekers in this city. It has quite a few things and these include several nightclubs and also day clubs for those who like to date and have fun during the day time. It offers a memorable and luxurious experience. It also is frequented by many local celebrities and also expats and affluent young men and women from the city.
  • EDSA Entertainment Complex: This is located in Pasay and it is for those who love to be naught and witness some of the sexiest acts and other such things. It is not as exuberant as Manila Bay or Ermita or even Malate. They are not exactly family type of nightclubs but the right place for two hotties meeting and setting them on fire sexually.
  • Strumm’s: Also known as Strum Makati and fans of live music throng to this place for obvious reasons. The bands that perform here cover soul, R&B, pop and also some great famous retro music of the 70s and 80s and even 90s.
People partying at the ZZYZX Club, Manila

Shopping Malls

There is no doubt that shopping malls attract thousands of people and Manila also is no exception to the rule. It has some of the finest shopping malls and being the commercial, industrial and tourist capital of Philippines, you can expect thousands to throng these malls for purchase and even for just passing some quality time. It is one of the most obvious choices for foreign men who are on the lookout for the classy and sexy local women of Manila. Hence, you can be sure that you will have dozens of women and young girls moving in groups or even in singles just to attract the attention of men, both local and also foreigners.

It is without any doubt one of the best places to make new friends with women, most of whom come to these malls in search of new friendships with men of their choice. You also have many restaurants, coffee joints and other such places where you could sit in a corner and spend some quiet time trying to know more about one another. However, you have to do your homework and choose the right malls and supermarkets. There are dozens of them and for the sake of information and knowledge, we are listing down a few of the famous ones in Manila and surrounding areas:

  • Mall of Asia
  • SM Megamall
  • Glorietta
  • SM City San Lazaro
  • Trinoma
  • Shangri-La-Plaza
  • SM Aura Premier
  • Greenhills Shopping Center
File:WTMP Foodtrippings B23.JPG
SM City San Lazaro, Manila


There is no doubt that Manila is one of the most fascinating and popular tourist destinations in South-East Asia and each year it attracts thousands of tourists from across the world. It is a famous beach destination and has some of the best beach resorts perhaps in the world. Hence, if you want to flirt and get into an intimate relationship with a woman in Manila, you certainly have many options to choose from. The lists of such places are quite big and it may not be possible to list down each and every one of them. However, we are happy to share some of the best places which are not only good from the tourism perspective but also very good for those men who are keen on meeting their flame of passion from Manila.

  • The Rizal Park: It is one of the biggest public places in Manila and it attracts a number of locals and tourists. Many women and girls hang out her just for fun and also for getting to know more about foreign men who they find interesting. The park is spread over 140 acres and therefore there is no dearth of space where you can cozy up and get to know a woman who you would like to date.
  • Manila Ocean Park: It is one more such place where you could enjoy the scenic beauty and also have the best of time flirting and getting to know more about the women who you like to have and take her to the bed. The ocean park is home to around 14,000 sea fishes and other water animals and covers more than 270 marine species
  • National Museum Complex: It is surely a place for those mature women and you will find many of them frequenting this place. It is quite spacious and it is not very crowded during weekdays and therefore you can stand a good chance of getting close to women and making friendship with them and even getting a bit intimate if you so wish.
  • Malacanang Palace: It is without any doubt one of the best places to be in for couples. It is the official residence of the President of Philippines. It is place with a lot of historical importance and relevance and a nice place for couples to hold hands and move around the place and in the process get to know more about one another.
  • Manila Zoo: It is another must-visit place especially for men who are desirous of getting to know women who they are keen to date. Apart from enjoying a wide variety of wild life you can also rest in the flora and fauna and take relationships to the next higher level.

However, be careful when flirting in crowded places because this might put off the women and they may become withdrawn and move away from the scene.

Rizal Park, Manila

Universities and Colleges

Manila is the educational capital of Philippines and therefore it has number of quality colleges and universities. We are listing down the top ones where you can find beautiful and sexy young girls who are also looking for some fun apart from their studies:

  • Lyceum of the Philippines University
  • Philippines Normal University
  • Technological University of The Philippines
  • Colegio de San Juan de Letran
  • Centro Escolar University
  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines
  • De La Salle-College of Saint Benilide
  • University of Santo Tomas
  • Adamson University
  • Technological University of the Philippines
Technological University of The Philippines, Manila


With a population of almost 1.9 million, complexities in relationships are bound to be there in Manila. It is a diverse city in terms of social class though most of them are Christians. You can come across women who are very orthodox and at the same time there are some dashy young women who are hot, spicy and ready to just jump into the game.

As a man you must act with maturity and patience and should not just jump the gun in your zeal to get friendly with a woman. As a tourist your first job must be to understand the mind and way of life of the women and win their trust and confidence and then move forward.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance is an exciting concept that comes to mind when you plan on going for a vacation. The good news for you is that it is more than possible to experience that here in Manila. You can always enjoy a short lived romantic relationship while you are in Manila. This is owed to the fact that the dating culture in the city is pretty relaxed, more for the younger generation than the older one.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Relationships are built on trust and confidence and they do not happen overnight. This is something that applies across the world and Manila also is no exception. There are some unwritten rules, customs, rituals and practices that you must follow. You should not get too physical immediately as it will spoil the whole thing before it begins. The nature and upbringing of the women must be taken into account before you get deep into the relationship and you can be sure that it will not happen overnight at least with classy, hot and sexy girls and women of Manila. As a tourist you must know the rules of the game well.


Love exists throughout the world and women and girls in Manila also crave for true love, respect and understanding. Many women fall in love with coworkers, passengers, friends and even strangers. The best way to fall in love or get into serious relationship with women in this city is trying to understand the heart of the women rather than looking at her body alone.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Women in Manila may be a bit shy and introverted in approaches but on the whole they are very nice, honest, frank and genuine. You must understand what they want. While some women would like you to be with them openly, others might like to keep it a secret. The onus lies on you to understand their ways of thinking accordingly. Be sure that she is the one you are looking for. You will get women for the one night stand or the ones who want a stable relationship with you.


The institute of marriage in Manila is strong and held sacred, and most of the marriages are family affairs. The concept of arranged marriages is still deeply embedded here. So you could come across women who may insist that you should get married if you are serious about a relationship and there could be others who may be looking for a casual fling. However, there is no doubt that marriage is a serious affair.


The wedding traditions are celebrated and wedding is a festive event in Manila. The groom’s family has to pay for the wedding and the parents are the ones who act as sponsors and witnesses. Hence, if you are serious about wedding and marriage, be sure that you have the money for it because it is the groom who has to pay for it.

Family Life

Family life still continues to be strong but like all other metropolis both the man and the woman have to work and earn incomes to lead a decent life. If you are serious about a family life with the women you date, be sure that it comes with its own challenges and if the women has children out of her previous wedlock you have to take this factor into consideration too.

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The above would have certainly given the readers a reasonably exhaustive and clear idea about the women and girls of Manila and how a man should go about winning them. It also throws light into their cultures, way of life, financial dependency and other such things.