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France dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date French women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot French girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in France, Europe.

The beautiful girls of France at the Les Caves du Roy in Saint-Tropez

Girls in France:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 5 / 5

Dating in France:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in France:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about France:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $2000
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $1200


France is a famous country worldwide that is known for many things that always attracts tourists. Its capital is Paris, and it is described as the city of love. It is common to see couples who chose this city as a place for their dream wedding or honeymoon celebration.

The country has an enabling environment for love as there are several things that couples can engage in while they are in the country. Out of every ten persons, you will meet, more than half will list France as a country they wish to spend their holidays.

France is also known for its beautiful and exotic women. Of course, this is going to pique the interest of some men. If you are in doubt about where to spend your next vacation, allow us to recommend this country to you. There is never a dull moment for any tourist in France, and you will not want to leave at the end of your holiday. If your head is still swirling with thoughts of the French women, you should know that they are easy-going people. However, they prefer to stick to their circle until they are sure of your motive.

These women do not mind going on dates, but it is usually in groups. This might be confusing, but you should understand that going on a date in France is different from what it is in other societies. In this country, going on dates happen in groups until you get into a relationship with the person. The reason for this is to allow her to observe you and gives a sense of security as she will be amongst familiar people. This is not true for every woman. Girls love going out on casual coffee or lunch dates, they like meeting men for dinner etc.

The possibility of a French woman being in a relationship with you is dependent on individual personalities. These women are usually not after your money, but this does not mean that you will not spend on her.

Dating Culture

The dating culture of France is very open and liberal. In a more precise definition, there is the freedom to date and be in relationships in this country. They have a free dating culture, and they also have an environment that promotes healthy relationships.

This country is usually crawling with lovebirds and makes single people crave for partnership. There are no rules or relations that restrict male and female bonding, so you should be ready to see all sorts of situations if you take a walk around.

The only limit in France is people going naked in public areas in the name of affection. They believe that you can show affection for your partner and still be decent to the public. However, other forms of public display of affection have no restrictions.

If you decide to be in a relationship and get any of the women to accept your proposal, you know that it is your time to flaunt your relationship. Here, you can date openly without any fear of embarrassment.

Being a country that is no stranger to visitors, the locals of the place are used to interacting with foreigners. For this reason, you can approach a lady in public areas and strike up a conversation.

No one will give you a second glance or question why you are approaching the woman due to their open-minds. The freedom that this place offers concerning relationships is glorious.

Causal dating in this country is also rampant as the women do no mind hang a fling with foreigners. These women are gorgeous and love to flirt around subtly.


The French women are easygoing and unproblematic who love to take life, one step at a time. These women are so stunning that it will be hard for you to ignore them while you are in the city. Although they might come off as stuck-up, they are welcoming when you get to know them.

These women are not shy, but they love to stick with their group of friends. If you want to approach any of the women, you should know that a friend or her group of friends are not far away.

Her friends should not discourage you from approaching her, as they will not interrupt you. They will only come in between the conversation if they sense that she is feeling uncomfortable. Some people feel these women are stuck-up, but they only open up when they are comfortable with you. A typical woman in this country is not rude in any manner. They believe in mutual respect and are respectful to strangers. To be in their good books, you should be a gentleman.

These women are beautiful and love to dress. They are fashion enthusiasts and ensure that they are always good-looking, which is also a feature they look out for in any man. They are educated as France is one of the most developed societies in the world today.

French women have a high sex drive and crave sexual satisfaction. They know what they want and are never afraid to voice out. They believe in communication, which is why you should always be real with them.

They have an independent nature, so you know that responsibilities will be shared if you are in a relationship with any of them. However, you should not try to dictate how she should spend her money. When on a date, she can decide to pay. But, you should not bring the idea of splitting bills.

French Girls (age 18 - 29)

This set of women is the most energetic you will find in the country. They have a bubbly personality and are always open to conversing with tourists. They believe that through such conversations, they can gain more knowledge. They have an inquisitive nature, which is why most of them decide to go to universities and colleges. They are always trying to get involved in something so that they can impact society. However, these women are the most high maintenance as well and have high standards when it comes to men.

These women are beautiful, and you can fall in love with them at first sight. Many of these women love to have fun and party, so you know the people you will meet when you decide to go to a club in France. Since they are just entering adulthood, many of them will prefer being with a man who has money. They do not have a source of income yet, so their man should be able to care for them without any complaints. However, this does not mean that she is out to drain your pockets.

They are highly receptive and do not mind sacrificing their time to ensure that they take you around the country and make your stay as pleasant as possible. These women are open to relationships with tourists, so it will not be hard to secure one of them. However, you should tread with caution so that you do not come off too strongly.

Do not be surprised when you have an intelligent conversation with any of these women as they are intellectual. They believe in looking up to older ones on ways to life and are always ready to learn. You can find these women everywhere in the country, so you should always be ready on your best if you are aiming to secure a relationship with any of them.

French Women (age 30 - 45)

Some of the women you will see in this age range are married. However, there are still those who are single. Due to the independent nature that these women strive to achieve as they grow older, some of them get sucked up in their careers and prefer to focus on their jobs than getting married.

The women in that category will prefer both being in a casual or short term relationship and anything long-term. Some are also single but actively searching for a life partner. For such women, you should know that they will not accept any offer short of a serious relationship.

These women also love to have fun, so you will see them at parties, nightclubs, bars and pubs. The interesting thing about these French women is that the single ones are not the only ones who crave fun. There is a high possibility of you also seeing married women at the bars and nightclubs. They believe that there is no restriction on having fun. The women of this age range also know how to satisfy a man in bed perfectly.

For the married ones, you will see them with their spouse. There are some of these married women who go to parties without their husbands. You should not be surprised to see people cheating on their partners in this country. As an enabling ground for love, there is the possibility of people falling in and out of love randomly. This should not discourage you from finding love, as you should understand that no two persons are the same.

French Ladies (age 45+)

Asides from the age, there is no difference between these women and the younger women. It is shocking that they still have a substantial level of energy despite being older. These women believe that age should not be a restriction on how they will act.

They always want to compete with the younger ones to show that there is nothing they cannot do. Interestingly, you will discover that these women can give younger women a run for their money when it comes to beauty. It seems like the air in France is a unique makeup to keep the women ever young-looking. By this age, these women are retired and focus on taking care of themselves. Some of them are divorced, while some have never been married. So, you can meet a single one.

They are usually interested in foreign men, as they believe that these men will give them the thrill and spice they desire. Again, you can see these women are the bars in the country. This is surprising to some tourists as it is impossible in some societies to see the older women at the clubs and bars. For these women, a majority of them are open to casual and short-term relationships. It is not impossible to secure a serious relationship with any of them, but it will not be easy. This is because they feel they have passed the age of settling down, so all they want now is companionship, fun, and sexual satisfaction. If you are in a relationship with any of them, you should not think about money or funds as these women are ready to spend on you if they like you. The only work you should do is be ready to shower her with attention and good sex. You will be surprised at the high sex drive of these women.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

You should not forget that there is always a massive inflow of tourists into France, so there is every possibility of you meeting a foreign woman while you are there. You can see these women at any time of the year, so you do not have to target any particular time. Many of these women visit France as tourists, while others come for either work, business, or education. There is something about France that always appeals to people.

The foreign women you will find in the country are an interesting bunch being that they are from different cultures. Interactions with them will open your mind to possibilities that you never thought will exist. Some of these women wear an appealing smile, which makes them approachable, while some have a face that can scare you away. We will advise that you try to approach them first before you make a decision, as it will be wrong to judge a book by its cover.

You will find many of these foreign women in Paris, but this does not mean that you cannot see them in other cities. If you are thinking of the specific areas you can meet them, you should know that they are everywhere as France has a lot of interest for tourists. In case you are trying to narrow locations, you should not tress your head.

Instead, have a list of places that appeals to you in the country and visit those places. If they are of interest to you, they will also be of interest to foreign women. You will also find many of them at nightclubs and bars as they want to have an enjoyable holiday. No one comes to a new country to brood all day. The online dating platforms can also help meet these foreign women as many of them signup on the platforms once they are in the country.


It cannot be denied that the thoughts of sex are in your mind, and you are thinking of the possibilities of getting down with one of the French women. However, you want to be sure that these women are receptive to sex offers. If you did not get it before, you should understand now that the people of France have an open mindset towards life. Due to this, they are free and engage in many things, including sexual affairs. French women have a reputation for having a high sex drive, so you should know that they will be receptive to sexual advances.

They are not in any way conservative towards sex, but things will be done on their terms. If the woman is not feeling right about you, she will never accept any of your offers. These women know how to stand on their ground, and it will be in your best interest not to get on their wrong side. While some might say that getting them into bed is easy since they have an open mind towards sex, others argue that it is not easy as they will want to scrutinize you before going home with you.

These women believe in sexual compatibility and will want to ensure that you can give them sexual satisfaction. Some women in other societies are focused on giving men satisfaction. However, the women of French are poised at giving you pleasure and getting the same in return. She will be pissed if you cannot match what she offered you.

If you want a kiss, you should be ready to initiate kisses with her as well. If you want a blowjob from her, it will be wise for you to know that she expects the same from you. These women are open to trying out new things in bed, which makes sex a pleasant affair.

Sex Culture

As you are already aware, France is an enabling ground for sexual relationships. However, it was not so in the olden days. Tourists like you should be thankful for how their society has evolved, or you would not have the freedom to engage in any sexual affair while you are in the country. The sexual culture now is accommodating and comforting as many people prefer to have a casual sexual affair than being in a serious relationship and waiting till after marriage before having sex.

It will be rare to find a French woman who will want to wait until her wedding night until she gets to have sex. The mindset of the people now is wired in a way that they see sex as any other activity, so they engage in it as they please. The masses of this country have a free mindset about sex. In France, nobody questions how other people handle their sexual affairs. They believe in the freedom to do what you are comfortable with and what you feel is right.

The people of this country are sexually liberated, so it is not a taboo to have discussions that center on sex. As much as everyone loves to keep their sexual affairs private, people engage in such conversations to learn from others. You could see a group of friends discussing the best way to please a woman and take her to the climax in no time. Such conversations are considered as regular in France.

A French woman will not jump into the bed of a man in the first instance, except she sees something extremely appealing. You should work on your self-carriage if you wish to have anything to do with them. Sex before marriage is frequent in this society, and the people do not slut-shame those who sleep around. People who visit here say that other countries should emulate France in their free sexual culture.

One-Night Stands

Random hookups are common in France due to the high sex drive of its women. If you are looking for quick sex in this country, you should not bother your head as it will be easy to find. The only pending clause is if you are ready to give the woman equal satisfaction. You should not only receive but should give as well.

It will be useful for you to keep in mind that France has several popular online dating platforms in all areas of the country. It is from these sites that you can easily get a one-night stand. The women signup on these websites looking for quick sex, and your only job is to have the perfect vibes when you pick your choice. It would help if you never downplay the essence of energy, as the women feed on energetic personalities.

You can also find willing women at the bars and nightclubs. Irrespective of the country you are from, a typical bar and nightclub goer can tell that there are girls there who want to have a quick release. They come to these places because they want to get maximum satisfaction. So, you know that being at these places will give you higher chances of getting a one-night stand.

If you decide to shift focus a bit away from the French women, you will discover that foreign women are no exception when it comes to getting a one-night stand. Although these women may be more difficult in accepting your offers. Some tourists are usually wary of others, and will not want to do anything with them. We see this as a way of pouring out your insecurities on someone else.

If you are charming enough, there are the possibilities for getting different women who will warm your bed for each night you stay, until the end of your vacation. Play smart while you are in France.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

As a male tourist, we know that you will be raking your head, trying to determine the places in this country where you can link up with single and beautiful women. We are here to assist you with the situation.

The first thing you should determine is the time that will be favorable for you. Do you prefer to meet these women during the day or at night? This is the first step in being in the right direction. In some other countries, there is a certain time of the day that is the best to approach the women. However, it does not work that way in France. In France, any time of the day is best to approach the woman you desire. All you need to do is to pray that she is in a good mood.

If you prefer meeting women at night, the nightclubs, pubs, and bars are the best places where you can see single women. At these places, the energy is usually topnotch, and the women do not mind mingling with you. For a daytime game, numerous places will qualify as the best to link up with single women. There are outdoor areas of interest, shopping malls, schools, and much more. All these places qualify as the best because there is something unique about them as compared to other places in the country.

At these places, people let go of all worries, and they are usually in a happy mood. Imagine trying to approach a lady in a formal setting. Of course, you know that the outcome will not be desirable as she will be in an uptight mood. It is best to approach them in nightclubs, cafes, shopping malls etc.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

It is common knowledge that there is fun wherever there is alcohol, so you should know that there are endless possibilities of having a pleasant time while you are at any of these places. It will also be good for you to know that there is a magnetic attraction between the women of France and fun, so you will see them in abundance at these places. These places serve as the perfect places to meet single women as there is always a constant flow of hot girls who are always in the mood:

  • Le Klub Paris: The small setting of this club makes people feel that it is not energetic or bubbly. However, you will be eating your words when you step in. At this club, it is back-to-back fun, and everyone is always on their feet. The ladies are always here in abundance due to how electrifying the tunes are daily. You will have the most pleasant time here.
  • The Freedom Pub Paris: The ambiance of this place gives off a relaxing vibe that always makes customers happy. They always have an excellent collection of beer, and the food is also of top quality. They provide music to keep the customers entertained and ensure that there is never a dull moment. There is always high traffic of persons to this place.
  • Les Caves du Roy Saint-Tropez: You will never want to leave when you are at this club as the experience is something that you will not want to end. Asides from their excellent DJ and music, they also have an array of beer and wine. People are always here due to the appealing nature of the club. The women are always freer, and will not mind spending the night with you.
  • Ma Nolan's Irish Pub Nice: This pub has everything you desire to have a fantastic time. It has an excellent array of drinks and well-mixed cocktails, which is amongst the best you can find in France. It also has tasty food options for whatever food time you desire. On some nights, they do quiz nights to assists in mingling. It is safe to say that this pub is an enabling environment.
  • La Java Paris: You will have so much fun at this place that you will dance from start to finish. Here, they churn out Latin tunes that set the mood right. It is also set up to ensure that there is perfect spacing so that people will not bump into each other. The ladies here are usually on bright smiles, making it best for you to approach them.
  • Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub Montpellier: There is always this sense of comfort around this place, which makes it a favorite hangout zone for the French people. It is uniquely designed to have both an indoor and outdoor setting so that you can pick your preference. The drinks have fantastic taste, and the food is delicious. The staff members are also receptive, which endears this place in the hearts of many.
  • Sun 7 Nice: People patronize this club because it gives the assurance of fun. You are sure to have an excellent time here, and there are always people trooping in and out. They have a classic bar that gives you an array of wine and beer to ensure you have a delightful time. Do not let your dream lady slip through your fingers while you are there.
  • Le Wheelie Bar Café Clermont-Ferrand: The outdoor nature of this bar is a significant selling point, which ensures that there is always an inflow of persons to this place. If you can remember, French people love to hang out in groups, and this place provides them with the perfect environment. It also has the provision of music to relax the mind of its customers. You should visit this place when you are in France.
  • The White Rabbit La Rochelle: This is a place to chill and relax, and you will always see many people here. The club is designed so that there is a section for dancing and one for drinking. It is left to you to pick your preference for the night. The women here are ready to grind on you, so you should not dull yourself. You might be lucky and get a one-night stand.
  • Le Truc de Nice: This is a wine bar that you can spend all day without knowing. At this bar, you are presented with an excellent array of wine. There is no wine you desire that you cannot see at this place. The wine usually puts people in a good mood for interaction.
Party at the Les Caves du Roy

Shopping Malls

When you think about the shopping malls, you might make the mistake of classifying it as a place to purchase expensive products. However, you forget that you can get even the littlest things at the mall. The mall is a perfect place to meet the single women of the country, as it is usually busy. Due to the diversity in the work schedule of people, you cannot allocate a specific time to the active nature of this place. This will come as a plus to you, as you have access to an array of women.

You might be thinking that you will not have any business with the mall during your stay, but you are wrong. The shopping mall provides essentials, and you will not know when you take a trip down there.

If you are still contemplating about going to the mall, it will be wise of you to know that this is an open ground, and is not limited to just the locals of the country. Foreign women are always swamped in the various local malls as they wish to purchase things that will remind them of their stay in France.

The locals are used to hanging out at the shopping malls, as it has an active environment, which is crucial for group discussions. You should know that this country has many shopping malls scattered all over the cities, so do not expect a specific location. We will advise you to start with the local mall around you before you begin to explore others.

You should have no fear in approaching any woman in public, as the free nature of this country gives you the liberty to do so. You must be a gentleman whenever you want to approach any woman at the mall, as that is the only way to get a listening ear.

Here are some of the shopping malls in France:

  • Carrousel du Louvre (Paris)
  • Parking Alquiler (Tremblay-en-France)
  • Westfield Forum des Halles (Paris)
  • La Vallee Village (Serris)
  • Val d'Europe (Serris)
  • So Ouest (Levallois-Perret)
  • Kiosque Gemey Maybelline (Créteil)
  • Bercy Village (Paris)
  • Lyon Part-Dieu Commercial Shopping Centre (Lyon)
  • Rivetoile (Strasbourg)
Inside the Carrousel du Louvre


Many of the famous tourist sites in the world today are located in France. If you can recall, it was earlier said that the most significant reason why people visit France is because of tourism. This country is great for sightseeing, so you should not sleep on it. While you are on your quest to meet the single women in the country, you should know that one of the best places to meet them is at outdoor locations. These areas are usually places of interest to both the locals and tourists.

At these places, you will always see women who are there for one reason or the other. They are also in the best mood for conversations, so it will be a smooth sail.

  • Arc de Triomphe Paris - While in France, you can visit Arc de Triomphe, a triumphal arch, and one of the most famous monuments in the country. It is one of the first stops of tourists.
  • Palace of Versailles. Paris You can also decide to have a relaxing time at the Palace of Versailles, a gilded palace and gardens. People usually come here to take a breather from the hustling and bustling everyday activity.
  • Eiffel Tower, Paris The famous Eiffel Tower, a hub for lovers, is not an exception to the places you can visit. You will get a perfect view of Paris from this place. Research shows that this is the most-visited paid monument in the world.
  • Louvre Museum France also plays home to the largest art museum in the world, which is the Louvre Museum. It will be in your best interest to visit it and see if it is worth the hype.
  • French Riviera - It is also a place where people go to have a relaxing time. If you do not know, there is a certain calm that comes with looking at the water.

France has many places where you can explore, and we doubt you can do it all in one holiday. However, you should always remember that exploring outdoor areas will help your quest.

French Riviera

Universities and Colleges

Asides from the fantastic tourist attractions France has, it also has universities and colleges. If you can remember, French women are well educated, which is because France supports knowledge and education. It will be useful for you to know that education is free for the French locals, so it makes sense that you will always see them at the universities and colleges. Tourists also come to this country to school, which adds to the constant inflow of foreigners.

With all this, you should know that universities and colleges will be one of the best places to meet single women while you are in France. These institutions of learning are usually filled with women, so it is the perfect venue for your quest. You also know that you have a variety to choose from, as its makeup consists of locals and foreigners.

Majority of the female students you will meet are young women, so if this is the set of women you desire, you should waste no time in visiting these institutions of learning. You might be wondering if the schools will let you access their community, as some institutions are out of bonds to non-students. In France, the majority of the universities and colleges will allow you to access their environment.

Most of these places are historical sites, so they are open to tourists. You are going to learn a thing or two about France if you decide to visit them. With this free access, you can meet and link up with single women. When you want to approach anybody, you should ensure that you are dressed smartly and have an easy-going smile. Dressing smart does not entail corporate dressing, but you should not looking shabby. You will usually see women in groups, so you should not forget to compliment the whole group. Keep it short and simple, while offering to hang out with them. These women are open to friendships with tourists and will give you a listening ear.

Some universities and colleges in France are:

  • University of Nantes (Nantes)
  • University of Rouen (Mont-Saint-Aignan)
  • Strasbourg University (Starasbourg)
  • University of Montpellier (Montpellier)
  • University of Notre Dame (Paris)
  • Toulouse Business School (Toulouse)
  • Sorbonne Université (Paris)
  • University of Lille (Lille)
  • Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris)
  • Université de Toulon (Toulon)
University of Notre Dame


With the knowledge that there is a free dating culture in France, it is only rational if you develop feelings for a French woman and wish to be in a relationship with her. No one can deny how exotic these women are, which makes them irresistible. There is only so much control a man can muster.

To be in a relationship with any of them, you need to understand how they behave and what they envision while in a relationship. It will be right for you to keep in mind that these women are open to any relationship. However, expectations differ.

If you are opting for a serious relationship, you need to understand that French women place a high value on commitments. They stick to their inner circle because they are scared of opening up to a stranger who will break their trust and hearts. Before these women accept our offer for a relationship, they need to assess and get to know you thoroughly. This process might take weeks, as she will never jump into a relationship immediately.

As is known, they are open-minded people. Hence, there are no restrictions or boundaries when in a relationship. They believe that their partner should have access to everything about them. If you are dating any of them, you should know that she will love you with all her being, and she automatically develops trust for you. However, she expects that you reciprocate the same energy she is giving.

She expects you to spend on her while she also spends on you. They belie that partners should always meet at a level ground when in a relationship. These women are loyal people. However, they sometimes fall out of love when the man starts exhibiting characters that do not sit well with them. This is why you should always communicate with your partner. Since the people of this country are open-minded, premarital sex is a common practice, and they do not care if partners stay together before marriage.

Holiday Romance

If being in a serious relationship is not your forte, you should not be worried as you can stick to being in a short-term relationship. If you can remember, French women are open to all relationships, so you can find a willing woman. The women of this country are famous for combining relationships when they are not in any serious commitment. They have a free mind, so they do not mind keeping you company for the duration of your holiday.

These women love when you are forward with what you want as they do not believe in beating around the bush. The worst thing you can do while in France is to deceive any of the women that you want a serious relationship, meanwhile, all you want is a holiday romance. If this happens, you have spoilt your chances of being with any of them while you are in France. You can also get to have a holiday romance with foreigners in France. The open-minded culture seems to rub off on everyone in the country, so you will also find wiling foreign women.

For foreign women, they have sexual urges that need satisfaction during their holiday period. They will not mind being in a short-term relationship with a fellow foreigner as they believe that you should understand the rudiments of no strings involved. When you meet a woman, you should not be scared or shy to go directly to your quest offer. These women are used to getting such offers, so they do not find it rude. The highest thing that will happen is for her to reject if she does not feel up to it. However, you can be sure that the majority of women will accept. The age group that is more to accept such offers is the women between the ages of 19 -29, as their explorative nature is higher than others.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you want to have a successful relationship with any of the women in this country, there are some tips you should employ to ensure that you act right.

We always tell people that being in a relationship is only the starting point, as a lot will be required during the relationship to ensure it is long-lasting.

You do not need to employ the use of these tips if you are in a short term relationship. However, for those aiming to be with their partners forever, you should follow the tips below.

These tips are:

  • Do not pressure her: If you notice, the French women love to take their time before making any significant decision. This is not because they want to waste our time, but because they need to be sure that whatever they are saying or choosing is not a mistake. To maintain a successful relationship with any of them, you should be patient and not pressurize her into doing something that is not suitable for her.
  • Effective Communication: These women believe that as mature adults, you should be able to communicate properly to ensure understanding. If there is something you need, you should tell her rather than assuming. Likewise, the same with her. Your relationship will last longer this way.
  • Respect: French women love gentlemen, and you cannot be a gentleman if you lack basic manners. You should always practice mutual respect for your relationship to last long. Also, you should understand and respect cultural differences. Be ready to learn the French culture while also teaching her your cultural values. This way, everything will be balanced.


Being in love while you are in France will be a splendid feeling. Love is a powerful word, and the women of this country do not joke with it. For them to fall in love with you, you have exhibited characters that appeal to them. When they are in love, they are loyal to their partners and very caring. They ensure that they are always there for you and will give support when you need it. You should also be ready to explore all the angles of the country with your partner when you are in love.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The first thing people want to be sure of when they fall in love is that they are in love with the right person. However, how easy is it to determine that she is the one for you? There are no scientific methods that can be used to determine this, but you will know from observation. If a man is genuinely in love with you, she will seek our opinion in most things. She is also ready to sacrifice many things for you. When you notice that she is putting in effort for things to work out between you both, then you know that she is the right person for you.


You should only take the bold step for marriage when you are sure that you are ready to settle. The reason for this is because it is a lifetime commitment, so you should be well prepared. Of course, you will not want a situation where you will fall out of love with your partner or realize that you were not ready to settle down. All these are why you have to effectively think it through before making a decision. If you decide that you are ready, we are happy for you. With a French bride, you will have an exciting life as these women do not allow marriage to affect their fun-loving way of life. Instead of becoming less fun, they will incorporate ideas of having this fun with their partners. Since France is also the country of love, you know that this experience will forever be memorable. The church and state marriage are the types of wedding formally recognized in France.


In France, you can either have the state wedding, or both the church and state wedding. While the state wedding signifies legality, the church union is the joining in the presence of God. So, if you have a church wedding, you still need to do a state union so you will have a properly documented joining. The state union does not require a lot of people: just the government officials, some family and friends, and a photographer. The church wedding takes a lot of people. The bride usually appears in a white gown while the groom comes in a tux. The setting is always like a magical process that gets people teary-eyed. After the church wedding, there is also usually the wedding reception. The capacity of this reception is dependent on the coupes. Some people decide to have a large reception, while some want a mini party. The reception is for merriment to celebrate the union.

Family Life

France is the perfect place to nurture a family as it leaves you open to so many opportunities. Living in France is an exciting experience that many people can only dream of, so you should count yourself lucky. As you might already know, education is free in this country. So, the government takes care of the tuition burden while your children receive the best. You can also have family bonding sessions at different locations that will always leave a smile on your faces. The people in France are always radiating, and we are sure that you want such for your family as well. You should also know that your wife will ensure that the family is always comfortable, so you will have an enjoyable life experience.


France is divided into 22 administrative regions, which themselves can be grouped into seven cultural regions:

Regions of France
The region surrounding the French capital, Paris.
Northern France (Le Havre, Lille, Normandy)
A region where the world wars have left many scars.
Northeastern France (Reims, Strassburg, Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-Comté)
A region where wider European culture (and especially Germanic culture) has merged with the French, giving rise to interesting results.
Great West (Nantes, Rennes, Brest)
An agriculture-based oceanic region with a culture greatly influenced by the ancient Celtic peoples.
Central France (Dijon, Bourges)
A largely agricultural and vinicultural region, featuring river valleys, chateaux and historic towns.
Southwestern France (Bordeaux, Toulouse)
A region of sea and wine, with nice beaches over the Atlantic Ocean and young high mountains close to Spain.
Southeastern France (Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Corsica, Montpellier, Saint-Tropez, Cannes)
The primary tourist region of the country outside of Paris, with a warm climate and azure sea, contrasting with the mountainous French Alps.


  • Paris — the "City of Light", romance and the Eiffel Tower.
View of Paris
  • Bordeaux — city of wine, traditional stone mansions and smart terraces.
  • Lille — a dynamic northern city known for its handsome centre and active cultural life.
  • Lyon — France's second city with a history from Roman times to the Resistance.
  • Marseille — third French city, big harbor and the heart of the Provence, hosting the European Capital of Culture in 2013.
  • Nice — the fifth most populous city in France and popular tourist destination near Monaco.
  • Toulouse — the "Pink City", for its distinctive brick architecture, main city of Occitania.
  • Monaco - The Principality of Monaco is an independent city-state which lies between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea.

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