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Guide for dating in Bordeaux helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date French women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local French girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Bordeaux. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Bordeaux, France.

You will be smitten by the beauty of French girls

Girls in Bordeaux:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Bordeaux:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Bordeaux:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Bordeaux:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$90 - $800
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $600


Bordeaux is an amazing place. It is a great combination of both ancient and modern architecture. Besides this, there are magnificent vineyards. And in these vineyards is produced the finest wine of France. But that is not the only thing that Bordeaux is popular for. Bordeaux is full of hot French women. Everywhere you look you will be surrounded by fabulous women. These women are confident and know how to carry themselves. They are strong and forward with a subtle hint of sexy. Most French women in Bordeaux are extremely modern and think like it. They believe in equality and are open towards other's opinions. They are a perfect blend of beauty with brains. Where else can you find such a sexy goddess? They have to ability to increase your sexual appetite with just a wink and a kiss.

Dating Culture

When you talk about dating, there is a significant difference between regular dating and French dating. Most French women have a different definition and it is important to know before you get into anything. Most French women are open and easy to talk to. They have many friends and do not shy away from social interactions. This can create some differences in understanding when it comes to dating in Bordeaux. If you want to ask out a French woman for a date you need to specify it. Do not expect her to assume that you are on a date. Most French women have an active social life and going out for dinner with a man does not count as a date. So if you ask her out and she says ‘Yes!’, do not assume that she is interested in you. In her mind, it is a simple dinner with a friend. If you want it to be a date, specify! In addition to that, there is no three date rule in Bordeaux. Most French women are extremely sexually active and if the date goes well, who knows you might wake up in her bed. In Bordeaux, there is something called just friends. It is not uncommon for women to hang out with their male friends. They can go out with them, go shopping, even for dinner. It might seem like a date to many but that is not the case. It is possible that they are just friends. Even married women do that. So how to know who is single and who isn't? Well, French women are aware of this problem and they themselves solve it. When you approach a French woman in Bordeaux, if she likes you, she will talk to you, maybe offer you a seat. But if she is already in a happy relationship, she will casually mention it in the first few minutes of the conversation. Thus, politely saying that she is not available. If you want to date a French woman, you should start with some casual flirting. French women in Bordeaux both encourage and appreciate a good flirt. It is more like a sport to them. You can start by complimenting her appearance or her clothes. When you start flirting and she starts responding, do not expect things to go too far. It might be nothing more than just a good conversation to her. But if she is really into it, she will definitely reward you! When it comes to dating. It is the women who have the power. You can ask her out, take her to dinner and all. But in the end, if she is not satisfied she will let you know. What's confusing is, French women need time to make up their minds. They do not decide on one date or two. So don't keep your expectations too high from the beginning. It is possible that in the end, she will directly tell you if she likes you. And if she doesn't, she will probably keep casually flirting with you. All in all, dating a French woman in Bordeaux can be fun and tiring at the same time. But if you manage to land a sensual goddess you are in for a treat!

Online Dating

Dating in Bordeaux can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Bordeaux and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


French women have the most attractive bodies. Most women tend to eat healthy, just to maintain the perfect figure. They love their body and would do anything to look young and sexy forever. But in all fairness, Bordeaux is very body pro. Most of the women you meet here do not indulge in body shaming. They appreciate all body types, and the reason most women give up carbs and fats is to stay healthy. And no because of what other people say. French women are usually tall with defined facial features. They have naturally dark hair, but you can find a few blonds here and there. Their most attractive feature is their lips which are naturally soft and juicy. French women love to enhance their eyes. They use a lot of makeup to make their eyes stand out. The same goes for their hair. French women have great hair- usually soft and straight. Yet they use a lot of hair products to maintain the glow of their hair. French women are aware of their beauty and do not try to overshadow it with makeup. Every woman in Bordeaux is a pro when it comes to makeup. You will notice that most French women have flawless skin. They stick to a range of fine quality skincare products for maintaining a healthy glow. When it comes to hair, French women have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves. Most French women have long hair and take great care of them. They love playing with their hair and spend hours creating incredible hairstyles. As a man, they expect you to appreciate their efforts and tell them that it suits them. When it comes to fashion there is no one better than the French. French women are very particular about how they dress. They might spend hours picking out one outfit. It should also be understood that they have a peculiar taste in clothing. And this might not sit well with many. French women desire to be the center of attraction. This is the reason why they always go for the best outfit, makeup, and accessories. And this applies to work too. If they are going to their office, their prime choice is professional clothing with a neat bun and light makeup. Most French women value education and choose to pursue higher degrees. They have a specific fondness for art and literature. Most women have a stable job and choose to take care of their families. French women are hardworking and know the value of money. Although they love being pampered but when it comes to responsibilities they do not shy away. French women have a deep appreciation for their culture and like to be with men who appreciate it as much. So when you date someone French, make sure not to degrade her culture in any way.

French Girls (age 18 - 29)

French women of this age are usually in college. For them, their studies and career is everything. They usually don't take out much time to date. But when they do, they love hanging out in bars and pubs. They are easy to talk to and have an air of charm around them. They are rarely alone but they understand if their friends have to ditch them for a man. They love talking to foreign guys. Just be yourself and approach her with confidence. Try being a little flirtatious. Make her laugh! If she starts giggling means she is having a nice time. Most French women of this age are sexually active. If things go well, she would be ready to jump into bed with her anytime. They try to make things interesting with role-playing and sexy lingerie. These women are mature enough to understand casual relationships and hookups. These women are likely to live on the campus or have their own place. Either way, they do not live with their parents anymore. These women love being showed with gifts from their men.

French Women (age 30 - 45)

French women of this age are either married or looking to get married. They are strong independent women, hoping to settle down soon. They love attending high-end bars and pubs hoping to run into some rich husband material. They like hanging out with foreign men. But you need to be careful as to how you approach her. Try to study her body language and understand if she is looking to date or have a serious relationship. These women are sexually experienced and have the potential to take you to stars. They are adventurous in bed and love to take lead. With a French woman in bed, things will never get boring.

French Ladies (age 45+)

Most women of this age are career-oriented. They still believe in having a stable relationship and are ready to wait for the right person. They have a ton of dating experience and can easily tell if you are in it for the long run. Although there are in no rush to get married, it is possible that she is would want something long term. Most women of this age are looking for something substantial to share with a man. Their days of casual sex are over. Most of these women have a high paying job and therefore they choose to date men who have similar dispositions. They are not fond of small talk and want something deeper. They appreciate casual flirting. Most women of this age feel threatened by the younger generations. That is why they put in extra effort to look attractive. They have a very active sex life. But they choose to have a real relationship instead of just hookup or casual sex.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Bordeaux is a lovely place. It has a lot of cultural heritage which is yet to be discovered. It is often visited by women from countries like the USA, Canada, and Britain. These women are either on a business trip or vacation. The chances of them being on a vacation are much higher. Most of these women love to go around the city. They tend to visit some of the biggest attractions of Bordeaux. In addition to this, these women love shopping. A major chunk of foreign visitors in Bordeaux is composed of students who come to study in Bordeaux. They go along with modern French women because of similar mindsets. But it is not easy to settle in Bordeaux. They always look for someone familiar to talk to. Dating these women is extremely easy. They love visiting bars and pubs and desire to meet someone who is more or less like them. Try to be calm and confident while approaching these women. And do not start your game with flirting or making strange comments. It might turn them off. Play it slow and play it cool.


Get ready to have your world rocked by a young, sexy French goddess. Most French women love to lead when it comes to sex. They are classy and do not want to do it behind the dumpster. A French woman wants to be pampered in bed. They love to cuddle and desire to elongate their lovemaking sessions. Most French women are extremely vocal and do not try to suppress their pleasure. You can easily tell if she like you or not with the amount of effort she puts into the sexual act. Sex with a French woman is a dream come true for many. It is primarily because most French women are sexually experienced. They know what works how and they know how to make the best of it. They are extremely flexible and make that their partner doesn't experience any discomfort. If you have never had sex with a French woman before, you are about to lose your mind! They are amazing in bed!

Sex Culture

In comparison to many nations, the French population is very advanced when it comes to sex. Most French parents know that their children start having sex at an early age. In fact, even the media is very open when it comes to sex. Most parents take it upon themselves to teach their kids about safe sex. The thing about French sex culture is that the French consider it to be something that should be openly discussed. They talk about sex as much as possible and try to learn as much as possible. Most French women lose their virginity at a very tender age. And they continue to have sex. Most of their life they have had multiple sex partners. It should be understood that for a French women sex is more like an activity. They are able to segregate sex from love. A French woman might agree to have sex with you but that does not mean she has genuine feelings for you. In contrast to this, many French women choose to wait for their soulmate. French women believe in the concept of soulmates. They believe that there is someone made for everyone and they should wait for the perfect match.

One-Night Stands

It is not difficult to find a woman for a one-night stand. Most women are up for it, all you need to do is ask. You can find some gorgeous and sexually charged women in nightclubs, bars, and pubs. You need to be confident when it comes to approaching these women. They are more attracted to foreign women so you naturally have an edge. It should be understood that these women are not easy at all. They will take their time and make attempts to at least know you. And they want someone who is spontaneous and is ready to take up a challenge. They will make you jump through hoops before they agree to go home with you. And it shall be worth it! Most women do not prefer staying over. Rather they like to spend their nights in their own bed. There are many dating apps to help you find women of similar sexual appetite. It should be understood that these women are not prejudiced against sex. But they understand that they do not have to involve in sexual act if they don't want to. They know that sex is a choice.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Bordeaux is full of beautiful places and it is possible to meet eligible single women almost everywhere. Most single women, be it any age, love to spend their evenings in bars and pubs. Most women visit bars to relieve their stress and other's visit to meet interesting men. Most young, college-goers are likely to spend their time in local budget-friendly pubs. The nightlife of Bordeaux is mesmerizing. If you ever visit Bordeaux, you must visit the nightclubs. It is important to have a game plan. Truth be told, there are many nightclubs and bars in Bordeaux and you will get to meet many sexy women. Just make sure not to impose yourself. If someone doesn’t pay attention to you, move on to the next one!

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Wines are a major specialty of Bordeaux. It is no surprise that they have the best wine bars in the city. And an extra spicy add to that is the quality of nightlife. People in Bordeaux love to drink and party. You will find some of the most authentic clubs, pubs, and bars around here, filled with a highly enthusiastic crowd. You are guaranteed a great time experiencing the nightlife of Bordeaux.

  • Bar a Vin: Bar a Vin is one of the top-rated bars and clubs in the city. The quality of wine has been taken to the next level here. It is a highly recommended visit for the ladies if you want to kick back, relax, and chill through the holiday weekend. This place is most suitable for young adults, single women. Their wine list is updated every month at amazingly reasonable prices. You can buy flights of wine as well.

The atmosphere around here is cool and perfect to spend some quality time on your own, with a friend or a special one. The setting and design of the ambiance are appealing to the eyes attract a majority of French women. You are more likely to meet some young college-goers or graduates.

  • Houses of the Parliament: The Houses of Parliament is a great place to enjoy the nightlife in Bordeaux. It is mostly crowded with localities. With an English setting, this place has an interesting menu full of English beers and a large variety of cocktail drinks. It is a great choice if you want to meet your date over the weekend and have some casual fun. The place is open for local people of almost all ages. Everyone enjoys a late evening here from students to singles and travelers. The pub is open all through the week until 2 am. Happy Hours, Live Music, and Big Screen Sports are other key features of HoP that attract people. You can meet women of all ages here. They are calm by nature and looking for some quiet time.
  • BAM Karaoke Box : “Great Place”, “Fun Night” and “Best Party Place Ever” are common headings of the most popular reviews of The BAM Karaoke Box in Bordeaux. The place is not typically overpriced like most fancy bars. It offers great services for a fairly affordable bill. The people working here are warm and will always greet you in the friendliest manner. The food and drinks served here are top-notch for the price they are charged. Local websites highly recommend this place as a party pub to enjoy the nightlife in the city. Be it a bachelorette party for a friend or a girl’s night out, this place is a perfect choice. You can sing and drink your night away with your favorite pals. You will meet some employed, self-sufficient women here.
  • Pop Art: This lively place will keep you entertained all night long with dance, music, and, some awesome booze. You will be on your feet all through long when you are at Pop Art. It is reviewed as one of the top places to meet local French women who love hanging out with their girls. Many people who visit the club adore the concept of having a terrace and nightclub in the same place. The live music here is simply great and keeps you grooving all night long. The atmosphere here is inviting to sassy dance lovers. In addition to that, it is not very expensive either. The food here served on the terrace is great and makes customers come back for more. So you will meet a wide range of women here- from college-goers to businesswomen.
  • HMS Victory: The HMS Victory is often referred to as a piece of England in the heart of Bordeaux. This place is awesome to visit at any time of day, but the nights are beautiful here. The food and drink served in HMS Victory is top-notch and loved by all its guests. The warm and hospitable staff of HMS works hard to keep their customers happy. If you want to spend a weekend away from all the week's stress, this place is for you. The Live band of HMS victory gives you the feel of London in France and is a delight to ears. Spend your evening meeting some interesting women. Hence it is welcoming to people of all ages from students to young singles and even middle-aged women who like want to chillax in the city.
  • La Comtesse: La Comtesse is one of the most traditional pubs in Bordeaux France. It is a perfect place which has a great bar and is filled with nice people. Treat yourself to one of the best cocktails in the city if you visit La Comtesse. The décor and design of the bar are unusual and very intriguing. The ambiance is perfect and very comfortable. In fact, with great drinks and lovely music, you will also get a chance to make conversation with interesting women around here. There is a beautiful display of flamingos outside which also sets a lovely romantic feel to the place. Who knows, you may also meet someone really special.
  • The Sherlock Holmes : This famous English Pub in Bordeaux is a demonstration that France never fails to amaze its guests. The service here is fast, friendly, and fantastic. The Sherlock Holmes Pub shows live sports on big screens to entertain their customers along with Music, Darts, Board Games, and lovely British Beer. You can kick back and relax on the terrace on a warm day and keep yourself cozy inside during the winter cold nights. The food here is delicious too. And their services are very reasonable for what they charge. The place is built to cater to everyone with its comfortable ambiance and light-hearted atmosphere. If you are looking for a place to just make conversation with someone hot, chill, drink, dance, and, date, this pub is highly recommended. It is a perfect place to meet someone new. This place is frequented by college students.
  • Le CanCan: The Le CanCan Speakeasy Bar cum Nightclub is a place that serves great cocktails in the city. It is very much liked and visited by the locals in the area and is popular among women. Dimly lit with some great live music, this place gives you an authentic feel of a French bar. It is very lively during the weekends with a live DJ, dance, and food. It is definitely a must-visit if you are anywhere in Rue De Cerf Volant. They offer amazing services at affordable rates. It is a cool place to even meet some interesting French women. Spend your weekends here and you will never be let down by the services of Le CanCan. This your opportunity to meet some sexy, college chick.
  • Madame Pang: Madame Pang is a great bar cum restaurant to hangout during a vacation. You can meet and make a good conversation with some hot women. The bar here serves great drinks as well. The place has a diverse menu with vegan diet options too. You can stay after hours and just hang out in the friendly atmosphere of Madame Pang. The ambiance is well lit and welcoming for people who love to eat, drink, talk, and chill. You are sure to meet some amazing, strong, and successful women.
  • BBF – Bordeaux Beer Factory: As the name suggests, BBF is famous for its beer. You will surely enjoy It is a perfect place to enjoy your evening. If you are a fan of beer, you will love this place. Established in 2015, this place offers a great seating area for its customers to sit back, relax, and enjoy their beer. With a range of 6 authentic natural beers, this place lets you taste right from their tap. Earlier famous for wines, they are now headed to impress their guests with great beer. Your evening is set to be lovely if you choose to approach some amazing women here. This place is crowded with college graduates and students.

Shopping Malls

French women take good care of their appearance. When it comes to beauty, there is nothing they want to compromise on. Most of the products they use are not cheap at all. They are really expensive but totally worth it. If you open a French woman’s closet you will know that she has an outfit for every occasion. Most French women refrain from repeating clothes. This is the reason why they buy so many clothes and makeup. If you want to date these women, start with something simple. Complement her, tell her that she looks beautiful and she has impeccable taste in fashion. Here are some shopping malls you can visit:

  • Centre Commercial Saint- Christoly
  • Aushopping Bordeaux Lac
  • Galerie Bordelaise
  • Centre Commercial Les Grands Hommes
  • Centre Commercial Europe
  • Laverie Automatique


Bordeaux is a lovely place that has the perfect blend of ancient and modern architecture. It makes you wonder how can such a beautiful place exist. And you would be further amazed to meet the lovely women that Bordeaux has to offer. You can start your journey with Place de la Bourse. It is a structure that was built in the late 1720s. Every year it attracts a huge population of tourists. This is gorgeous and you are more likely to run into women who are fascinated with history. They are well-read and want to see history with their own eyes. Another great destination is Quais de Bordeaux. This magnificent waterfront is situated on the left bank of Garonne. Just like Place de la Bourse, it was built during the 18th century. It is popular amongst the tourists because of its natural beauty. Amongst local women usually, the middle-aged population is found here. In addition to this, you should go and see the vineyards of Bordeaux. How can anyone ever miss that? The best wines in France are made at this place. It is popularly known as Bordeaux Wine. You will get the chance to meet some interesting women here. These women have a deep appreciation for French wine and French culture.

Universities and Colleges

Universities and colleges are the best places to meet young and goal-oriented women. They are smart and take their studies seriously. They have dreams and hopes which they wish to accomplish. Don't be surprised when you find them with their noses in books. The simplest thing to do here is to ask her about her studies. What classes she is taking? Which course excites her? Here are some universities present in Bordeaux:

  • AMOS Sport business school
  • EIT RawMaterials Academy SUMA
  • Kedge Business School
  • CAFA Wine School
  • VATEL Bordeaux
  • ISM University of Management and Economics
  • University of Bordeaux


The parameters of a relationship are much different for a French woman than it is for you. If you are dating a French woman and she kisses you. It is official! You are exclusive now. In other cultures, a kiss is just a kiss, but for a French woman, it is an expression of love. And if you kiss, it means that you are not allowed to see other women. Most French women have strong feminist views. They want someone who has a similar mindset. Most French women tend to discuss their views in open. And the frequency of this activity will increase after you get into a relationship. Most French women have a stable career. So most of the time they will suggest that they pay for dinner or split the bill. They understand the value of money and appreciate how much you work. They don't want you to be suffocated under financial pressure. French women value relationships and know that they take a lot of effort. And they are ready to put in the work. Modern French women believe that both men and women need to show their affection towards each other. So, get ready for surprises once in a while.

Holiday Romance

Bordeaux is a popular holiday destination. Who doesn't want to walk in the vineyards where the world's best wine is produced? Most women who visit this place for vacation are likely to cruise through the most popular tourist destinations in Bordeaux during the day. Whereas at night they hang out in bars and pubs. It is not tough to approach these women. And it is possible that these women have similar notions related to dating. They are not looking for some sexual fun during their trip, but they won't say no if something creeps up. These women will give you a nice time in bed. They might also ask you to show them around. It is likely that they are looking for a temporary companion. In their mind, it is just holiday fun. And if you have different intentions you should state it in the beginning. Most of these women are interested in local men. So you need to put in some extra effort to bed these women.

Tips for Successful Relationship

French women are career-oriented and they want someone who can support them through their struggles. It is not likely that they would turn to you for advice, but when they do make sure you do not come off as suppressive and dominant. French women are never ready on time. They take time to get ready making sure that they are the most attractive women in the room. The same applies when it comes to dating. If she is in a relationship with you, she will make sure to dress up seductive as often as possible. And if you are going on a date, she will put on her most beautiful dress for you. French women desire to be independent. And this includes having a social life. French women love hanging out with their friends. And some of them are single men, so don't get all fired up on this. French women have a low tolerance for jealousy. When it comes to relationships, they want to have a transparent relationship where you both trust each other. French women have a great appreciation for French culture- the food, language, art, history, almost everything! So do not disgrace her culture no matter what! This will definitely fire her up.


When it comes to having a real relationship most women restrict their physical contact, especially if you are on your first date. This thing changes when she falls in love. She will not be able to keep per hands off you. In contrast to this, in the initial stages, she would indulge in nothing more than handshakes. French women are direct with almost anything in life. Similarly, they are not afraid to acknowledge their feelings. So, if a French woman loves you she will come and say it to your face. Some women also drop signs like gazing into your eyes. No, they don't want to kill you. Instead, this is a simple way to demonstrate that they have strong feelings for you. When they realize that they are in love, they would start putting in the extra effort. They believe that a relationship needs nurturing form both sides. But love tips the scale. And very soon you will see her showering you with gifts.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is not difficult to determine if she is the one. The first sign is when she introduces her to your friends. For a French woman, her independence and social life is almost everything, and she is making efforts to include you, it is a big deal for her. Most French women take up house chores not because they have to, but because they want to. They want you to have a simple life and would do anything to make it happen. She would even let you confide in her. French women are so much in touch with their emotions and will help you get there as well. They have immense respect for you and will make sure that your dreams and aspirations are a priority. They understand the importance of dreams and goals and will always encourage you to work for it.


French families are very open when it comes to dating. They take interest in the dating life of their daughter. Most French women have an extremely close relationship with their parents and share every detail with them. If she is dating a guy, her parents would definitely know about it. French women take a considerable amount of time before they introduce you to their family. It may seem small, but it is a big step for her. And she wants to be prepared, so you need to give her some time. When you finally meet her family, try to be supportive of French culture and heritage. This will help you make a connection with her parents. It is unlikely that they would disapprove of you. Because most French parents let their daughter choose their life partner. Once the family approves of your relationship, you can apply for a marriage certificate and get married. You need to submit some documents when you apply for certification. These include- proof of residency, passport, your original birth certificate, and certificate of celibacy.


French weddings are known for their utterly romantic settings and breath-taking decor. The fact is French women dream of a white wedding which with every detail out of a fairytale. Most French women love to have a traditional wedding. French weddings are not just about the bride. The actual focus is on the two families. Both families- of the bride and the groom are given special attention. French weddings are well taken care of by the friends of the groom and the bride. This is done to ensure that the wedding goes on smoothly without any hindrance. On the day of the wedding, the groom is supposed to pick up his future bride from her home and drive it to the wedding destination. It is customary for school children to block the path with giant ribbons. The bride is expected to cut the ribbons as she crossed them. There is no tradition of bridesmaids or groomsmen. Instead, they have witnesses. They take up all the jobs a maid of honor or best man. They run the show and make sure that the bride and groom are not stressed about anything.

Family Life

When it comes to French women, families are the most important thing. French women are amazing at multi-tasking. They manage a successful career while handling kids at home. When it comes to raising a family, they expect equal participation from your end as well. French women teach their kids about equality and human rights. They try to inculcate positive behavior and confidence in their children. They encourage them to interact with other people and maintain a healthy relationship. They want their children to attain academic success, this is the major reason they give extra attention to their study hours.

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