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Seville dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Spanish women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Spanish girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Seville, Spain.

The hot girls of Seville at Terraza Bilindo

Girls in Seville:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Seville:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Seville:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Seville:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $800
  • Accommodation: US$120 - $600


Spain is famous for many things like lovely beaches and breathtaking architecture but what draws maximum attention is Spanish women. Spanish women are known for their amazing bodies and beautiful facial structures. They have been a part of many erotic fantasies for men all over the world.

Dating Spanish women is an absolute treat. They are flexible, adventurous, and always ready for something new. You cannot even imagine how incredibly passionate they are. Dating a Spanish chick in Seville means constant entertainment. They do not come under the boring category who love to sit at home. They are fun-loving, go-getters.

Moreover, Spanish women tend to set boundaries at the very beginning. It would surprise you how utterly straight Spanish women in Seville are. If you are just dating, she has a term for that. If you are just hooking up, she has a name for that.

So when it comes to dating in Seville, you should pay attention to the lingo she uses. In fact, it would help to learn a few syllabi of Spanish. It should not come as a surprise that Spanish women are open about their sex life. Hookups and casual sex, nothing is hidden. But when it comes to love, it is a whole new world.

Spanish women are welcoming, but they might appear closed off to foreigners. The most important thing to understand is to give them time. If they like you, they will eventually open up. Most Spanish women speak fluent English, but speaking Spanish will provide you with an edge.

Dating Culture

Dating a Spanish woman is no less than a dream come true. They are absolute beauties. They have flawless skin and thick black locks. Who wouldn't fall for them?

Spanish women are a definition of class and romance. So when it comes to dating, they are pretty straight forward. They do take time to know you, but if it doesn’t seem to go anywhere, she will probably dump you in a blink. Dating a Spanish woman in Seville is all about her. She expects you to be a perfect gentleman and treat her like a lady, which means paying for dinner dates and holding the door open for her. It is one way via which she analyses if you are the right choice for her.

They appreciate even the smallest and the most meaningless attempts. And they go even further to express their gratitude. All you need to do is make her happy, and she will do everything for you. These women are amiable. They might take a while to open up to you, but it is worth the effort. They are open, affectionate, and extremely welcoming. Once you start dating, you will realize that Spanish women are very emotional with their feelings. And they expect you to express your deepest emotions as well. It is one way they make a connection.

Hookup and casual sex are also very common in Seville. Spanish women are always up for some fun. And the best thing is you don't need to put in that much effort as well. Just be cool and talk to them. If they like you, they will hint you towards sex.


The most beautiful thing about a woman is her charismatic appeal. When you talk about Spanish women in Seville, the first thing that comes to your mind is the bodacious figure with distinct facial features. Most women in Spain have long hair with luscious skin.

Black hair and sun-kissed skin with ocean blue eyes is something that you find quite commonly amongst Spanish women. But you will be surprised to see the varied array of women that Seville has to offer. These women are all in for experimenting. They often color their hair and embrace funky fashion.

Spanish women in Seville have a unique fashion sense. They mix and match and always come up with something eye-pleasing. Make-up is also trendy among Spanish women. But the best thing is, these women handle make-up like a boss. It is because of their deep understanding of makeup and fashion. They never overdo their makeup. Instead, they stay on the minimal side and try to enhance their facial features with a few brush strokes. In addition to this, Spanish women always dress as per the occasion. Be it a black-tie event or a casual afternoon on the beach; they will get ready in no time. All you need to do is tell her your plans, and she will dress for it!

These women are all about having fun. They are up for any fun activity as long as it's new, and neither of you has ever done it before. Dating Spanish women means that you will always have something new to indulge in. It will help you explore the depths of your relationship while doing something fun.

Spanish girls are vocal about their feelings. It is practically impossible for these girls to hide their feelings. It works both ways. If she is happy and in love, she will not stop showing it. But if she is mad, you better run. Spanish women in Seville are known to handle conflicts head-on. If something is bothering them, she will tell you. And in the most honest way possible. And this can be considered borderline rude. But that is how Spanish women are, honest with their feelings. And they expect the same from you.

Women in Seville might heat up like fire in the oven, but they cool down soon. Also, these women do not believe in holding a grudge for too long. When it comes to intimacy, Spanish women know their way. They can be gentle lovers or fierce lioness when it comes to sex. It means that you get something new each time. And they do not shy away from showing their affection. If they like you, you will know.

Spanish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Spanish girls of this age are more likely to be found in a bar or a beach. They are free-minded and like to get tan in the sun. Most of these women are either college-goers or graduates, so they are likely to depend on their partner for a while. Besides, these girls are pampered by their family members, so it is expected that you would have to compete with her parents.

Girls of this age love makeup and jewelry. They love to dress up, and if you can provide that, she is yours. Women that fall into this age group are extremely sexually active. So most of the time that you spend together will be in bed with her. They are not ready to be tied down in a relationship. She might love you but would still date you for long before she makes a move.

The wild young girls of Seville partying away

Spanish Women (age 30 - 45)

Spanish women in Seville of this age group are incredibly charming. They know how to dress up and present themselves. It is not unlikely for them to be unemployed or work a menial job. But they do not like to hang out in places frequented by younger generations. These women are great when it comes to romance.

They are easy to talk to, but might show up an attitude once in a while. So you have to put in the extra effort. These women are sexually experienced and try to make things interesting in bed. They are not ready to settle for mediocre sex. And she might have sex with multiple partners. You can easily approach a woman of this age category if she seems to be single.

Spanish Ladies (age 45+)

Spanish women of this age are less likely to date for fun. They do not wish to waste their time on a fling. They want something permanent like a stable relationship and marriage, and would work in that direction only.

So it is evident that they would spend more time hanging around posh places and elegant restaurants. They don't wish to date too long. Therefore they are more likely to interact with older men. Without a doubt these women are the most mature ones as compared to the females in above to category. They are perfect for you, if you are seeking a life partner.

Spanish women of this age are sexually experienced but not that active. Instead, they love spending time with their family. But when it comes to sex, you can expect them to be an alluring goddess in intimacy.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Seville is on top of the list for many travel enthusiasts. It is the place where women from all around the globe come to shop and have fun. Most women who visit Seville are from the USA. There are several beautiful and alluring places in Seville including Museums, parks, beaches and wonderful malls.

They are very interactive and mix well with native Spanish women. You can easily find them hanging around on beaches or some famous tourist spots. They are more likely to spend their time partying or shopping. So if you want to interact with a foreigner in Seville, you better start at a shopping mall.


When it comes to sex, there is no one more passionate than a Spanish woman. For a Spanish woman in Seville, sex is not just an activity, but more like a jug full of passionate alcohol to be enjoyed by both parties. Spanish women are the best in bed; this is because they are open and have enough practice.

It doesn’t mean that Spanish girls are easy. They desire to know you before they have sex with you. There is no definite period of wait. It can range from a few days to weeks. But the wait is worth it. When you finally have sex with her, you will realize how passionate they are. The best thing about dating in Seville is- you can practically do it anywhere. When it comes to sex, there is no one better in understanding it than a Spanish woman.

Spanish women are also into kinky stuff. If you can think of it, the Spanish can do it!

Sex Culture

It should not come as a surprise that most Seville women lose their virginity at a young age. They are familiar with sex, and a small credit goes to early sex education. Spanish women are prudent with whom they have sex with. But surprisingly, they do not feel the same about the use of contraception. Most women prefer to opt for birth control pills instead of barrier methods of contraception. You will observe that women of almost all categories are equally into sex. And they are equally active as well.

Sex in Spain is a matter of pride; this is why you can do it anytime and anywhere. Spanish women drive a kick from doing stuff at strange places. A bedroom is not the only place where you can have sexual adventures. In Seville, it is common to hookup in a public bathroom, a dark alley, or in the open, like on a beach. Most of the younger generations are more inclined towards having sex in different places. But the older generations stick to the basics.

Spanish women also indulge in activities like role-playing and pornography. In fact, it is not uncommon for women to Spanish cheat on their partners. It is because Spanish women do not keep love and sex in the same basket. For a Spanish woman in Seville, sex is a necessity like food or oxygen. But their love is always pure. When they love, they love with their heart!

One-Night Stands

It is not tough for a guy to convince his date for a one night stand. In fact, Spanish women are likely to suggest the same at the end of a successful date. The most important thing to note here is that though Spanish women indulge in sex, they still would like to know you.

So it is vital to play your cards right. You might get lucky. The most important thing to know here is that Spanish women do not appreciate it when you put in too many efforts. They like it if you just be cool. Let them know the casual you, and if they like you, you will get something great in return.

Most women who are interested in a one-night stand will be found in a night club or bar. You should keep in mind that you might end up doing it anywhere, from a public restroom to a hotel bed.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

It is not tough to meet a woman of your choice in Seville. They are extraordinarily outdoorsy and love to explore around. They are fun-loving, and partying is one of their favorite things. So if you want to pick you, Spanish women, you should hit clubs and pubs. There are many bars you can visit. The thing to keep in mind is that don't get stuck up in one place. If you feel like this isn't your crowd, just move on.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

If you ask a Spanish woman what her favorite place is, she would probably take the name of a Bar or a Pub. This itself shows how popular is drinking and partying among Spanish women. And it makes the perfect hunting ground.The thing to keep in mind here is that Spanish women in Seville tend to hang out in groups. So the first thing to do is separate her from the crowd.

  • Bodeguita Romero - This place is known for its fantastic collection of alcohol. It offers a lovely setting at reasonable prices. This place is populated with college-goers. So if you want a seat here, you should arrive early. This place is open for long hours and often visited by younger women, so picking up girls is not a mammoth task here.
  • The Second Room -If you want to experience Seville nightlife, this is the place to start with. It is open from 3 PM to 2 AM. SO you can party as long as you want. In addition to this, The Second Room is close to some of the most famous Cathedrals in Seville. So you get more of a mixed population here.
  • Tablao Flamenco El Arenal - This place is best known for its traditional Flamenco concert. People from all around the world come to see these concerts. So if you want to meet some attractive foreigners, this is the place to hang out at!
  • Canela & Duendo Flamenco - If you want to enjoy a dedicated Flamenco show, this place is made for you. Besides the authentic Flamenco show, you get a delightful dinner. This is a place frequented by middle-aged women with a deep appreciation for their traditional dance form.
  • La Fresquita - This place has three specialties- tapas, wine, and beer. This place is the literal personification of Flamenco. You can visit this place to get a taste of traditional Flamenco. It is more prevalent among a mature crowd, so you will come across well-dressed middle ages, women.
  • Gigante Bar - Gigante Bar is not only famous for its drinks, but the food here is to die for. This night club allows you to lose yourself into the mesmerizing music. This place is flooded with college girls.
  • Alfalfa Bar - This is one of the oldest bars in Seville. But it is surprising to see that it attracts a significant population of college students. It is popular for its unique and cheap drinks. So if you want to meet women and save a few bucks, this is where you go.
  • Utopia Night Club - It is one of the best night clubs in Seville. This place is open all night. And this place is popular among college-goers. This is a prime attraction for most localities. If you want to drink and dance all night, this is your spot.
  • Terraza Bilindo and Tereza Libano - It is a terrace nightclub which is more popular among the elite crowd. This place is known for its beautiful setting and fantastic R&B music. It is a hot spot for parties. You will most probably meet some middle-aged rich, successful women here.
  • T de Triana - This place is famous for its tapas. In addition to this, the music here is killer and is the birthplace of modern-day hip hop culture in Seville. This place also gets a regular dose of traditional Flamenco. This place attracts both younger and mature crowd, so it is an ideal spot to start with.
Party at the Terraza Bilindo in Seville

Shopping Malls

As mentioned earlier, Spanish women love dressing up for the occasion. They have a wardrobe full of gorgeous stuff. And that is not all; they do need matching shoes, scarfs, and hats. So it is apparent that they visit Shopping malls too often. If you want to meet a Spanish woman during the day time, shopping malls are probably the best choice. Try and visit places which are recommended by the hotel staff; these are the heavily crowded places.

Shopping is one thing they do the best. And the ideal way to win a Spanish woman's heart is by appreciating her effort, her attire, and how amazing she looks. All you need to do is keep it casual, walk up to her, and pass a decent comment. You can even try to help her shop; women dig that. Here are some shopping malls you can visit:

  • Nervion Plaza
  • Centro Comercial Torre Sevilla
  • Centro Commercial Plaza de Armas
  • Los Arcos
  • Plaza De Abastos Los Remedios
  • Mercado El Porvenir
Centro Comercial Torre Sevilla


Seville has a lot to offer. The best thing is, if you are looking for an ideal holiday, Seville should be on our list. At Seville, you can do anything from sunbathing to some historical research. Beaches are the most reliable spot if you are looking to pick up some hot chicks. In fact, many restaurants organize beach parties, which are most commonly visited by colleges. These beach parties are more like a mixer for tourists and single people. If you want to do some sightseeing, you can start with Catedral de Sevilla. This place is no less than an impressive and well-preserved part of history. If you want to meet some well-read, proud Spanish women, these women are more into history and have deep admiration for their culture. In fact, they would love to show you around the rest of Seville.

You can also visit the Real Alcazar. This place was built in the 10th century and still stands strong. The architecture will blow your mind. You will meet some lovely Spanish women here. You will also come across some history enthusiastic foreigners at the Real Alcazar. Some other hot spots include

  • Parque de Maria
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Barrio Santa Cruz
  • Museum of Fine Arts
Parque de Maria

Universities and Colleges

If you want to date a young Spanish woman in Seville, you can roam around some universities and colleges. Most women studying here are usually in their early twenties. Moreover, you will come across some really hot foreign chicks Universities and colleges in Seville are not that too restrictive. Which means you can go in and interact with them whenever you want. Just keep in mind to maintain decorum.

  • Universidad de Sevilla
  • Loyola University Andalusia
  • ESIC Business and Marketing School
  • IMF Business School
  • Instituto de Estudios Cajasol
  • HAC Leadership and Management
Universidad de Sevilla


Spanish women are really slow when it comes to relationships. They have a clear understanding of love but are in no rush to get into a relationship. Spanish women are very cautious when it comes to relationships. These women spend a lot of time with their partner before getting into a real relationship. For most Spanish women, it is a big step, and they do not wish to mess it up. It does not matter where you met or how quickly things have progressed, but when things come to a relationship, Spanish women tend to tread softly.

When you start a relationship, things might seem a little off. It is because most Spanish women take time to adapt to a new lifestyle. A relationship is a new phase in their life, and they wish to be prepared. When you move in together, responsibilities are expected to be shared. She is happy to take with the gender roles. But the younger generations are more into sharing responsibilities. They do not wish to be burdened by household chores. It is all about equal partnerships. So you are expected to assist her. She would even make up a chore chart for the two of you.

And the most important thing is their cooking. Most Spanish women bring with them a rich heritage of Spanish food. You would be surprised to see how efficient they are at preparing meals. Whenever you come home, you will be greeted with wholesome food. Spanish women in Seville are really proud of their cooking skills, and they expect you to appreciate them.

Holiday Romance

Seville is the heart of Spain and is one of the most-visited parts of entire Europe. It is evident that Seville is crowded most of the time. So it is not difficult to find a substantial foreign population in Seville. It is loaded with tourists, and they are from different countries and cultures. Most foreign women who visit Seville are from western countries like the USA. The primary purpose of their visit is to have an excellent time and absorb the culture of Spain. They are on vacation, and that means a little holiday fun.

Most of these women who visit Seville are substantially rich and either too young or middle-aged. Most of the younger generation can be found in bars and clubs or on beach parties. They are much easier to approach and are open towards the idea of hookup. It is less likely that you will be seeing her again. They do not wish to stick to one person during their limited stay.

Most of the middle-aged women are usually career-oriented with high paying jobs. They visit Seville to relax and enjoy good food. Their goal is to get rid of the stress of their tight schedule. You can easily spot them at tourist clubs or tourist restaurants. They are more likely to be alone or with a neutral companion. With these women, you need to be cautious. They have a strong personality with a bolder attitude. You cannot chat them up that easily. But if you really want to date these women, you need to put in the groundwork. Once you have laid down a strong foundation, it would be easier for you to make a connection with these women. And it is totally worth it! They are more likely to spend all their vacation days with you.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Spanish women are more than just eye candy. They are sweet and sensitive human beings. And when it comes to making your relationship work, you need to put in as much effort as her. Spanish women know that starting a relationship is an essential step in life, and they will try to be as prepared as possible. You, on the other hand, need to take care of a few things to ensure that your relationship doesn't go into the dump.

Spanish women desire to take their time in a relationship. Just because she agreed to a relationship, does not mean she is ready to settle down and let go of her freedom. For a Spanish woman in Seville, her freedom is everything. And the moment she feels that her freedom is threatened, she will bail. The simplest and most obvious thing to do would be to ensure that she feels safe. And let her settle down at her own pace.

Another critical thing to know about Spanish women is that they are seldom on time. And they have a good reason for that. In a relationship, they understand that people will often judge you based her appearance. And a true Spanish lady never wants to give the impression that you settled for something mediocre. They take time to dress up and put on make-up. In addition to this, they love making an entrance. So try not to rush your women or comment on her punctuality.

She will get seriously mad at you. You might even have to spend a few nights on the couch.It is a known fact that Spanish women are a little hot-headed. If something is bothering them, they get frustrated too soon. And this can have a severe impact on your relationship. But the thing to do here is to make sure that you listen to her. She just wants to be heard. And if you try to shut her up or escape the relationship, it sends a negative message. The good part is when you eliminate the problem at hand; she instantly calms down.

Spanish women in Seville are great cooks and are proud of their heritage. And they will seize every opportunity they get to display their skill set. And you are expected to applaud them. So if you are not a big fan of Spanish food, don't mention it to her right away. Try to understand her perspective and appreciate her culture as she does. It will definitely draw you closer.


When it comes to love, Spanish women have a whole new side. They will try and test you enough, but once they are satisfied, you are in for a treat. When she says she loves you, she means it. She will accept you the way you are because that is whom she fell in love with. Spanish women do not try to control every bit of their partner's life. She will let your independence, just as you let her have it too. Women in Seville are not scared of anything. They will stand up for you, no matter what. Even in the worst of situations, you can expect your women to hold your hand. In addition to this, a Spanish woman, when in love, will try to make things easier for you. She will even give you friendly advices. The best thing about Spanish women is that they will let you take the lead.

It might come as a surprise to you, but gender roles are very prominent in Seville. And Spanish women are happy to fulfill them. But in return, they expect you to show love and affection to them. They want to be appreciated for what efforts they put into the relationship.

You will also see a significant difference in lovemaking. And this should be your first clue. Spanish women in Seville, once in love, will do everything possible to make your sex life more and more enjoyable. For them, sex is a way to express what they feel for you. And they think that it is your job to make your sex life amazing.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is not easy to find out if she is the one. This is more because all Spanish women are open and extremely friendly. And they are really forward when it comes to dating. So it might be a little tough to determine if she is the one. A woman in Spain will always be blunt and frank about her feelings, but if she is in love with you, she will encourage you to share your emotions as well. Spanish women in Seville are very expressive, and they know that it is vital to deal with your feelings. It is why they try to create a safe environment for you. They allow you to be vulnerable and express your deepest desires.

A true woman will dedicate her life to you. They will keep the house clean, cook great food, and make sure that you come home to something beautiful. When a Spanish woman really loves you, she will make sure that you don't feel alone. They will try to incorporate all kinds of fun activities into your routine to keep you busy.

Other than this, they will put in extra effort to make themselves more and more appealing to you. It includes kinky stuff in bed. In fact, with a Spanish woman, you would be doing stuff you have never even dreamt of. Sex on the beach, anyone?


Just like all European cultures, family plays a vital role in Spanish culture as well. Spanish women might take their relationship slow, but when they are absolutely sure that you are the one. They wouldn't delay family introductions. When a Spanish woman introduces you to her family, she expected you to be at your best behavior. It is crucial for her that her family approves of you. She might expect you to get flowers and gifts for her family when you first go to meet them. It sets a positive environment for future events.

If her family likes you, you can go ahead with the marriage. You need to have a civil marriage before you can have a traditional one. You are required to present your birth certificate. And it should be translated into Spanish. In addition to this, you need to present your passport. Four copies of your passport should be submitted during marriage registration. It might take anywhere between a week to a month.


The best thing about marrying a Spanish woman is that they know all the best wedding spots. Seville is the home to many ancient monuments and makes an excellent spot for a traditional wedding. You will be amazed to know that her mother makes a part of the bride's dress. Her mother embroiders the lace headdress worn by a Spanish bride as a blessing to the new couple.

There are no groomsmen and bridesmaids at a Spanish wedding. But the role of groomsmen and bridesmaids are bestowed upon the godparents of the couple. They take care of everything, from the wedding ceremony to the reception.

The reception table is set for six people- the bride, groom, and their respective parents. Moreover, there are no speeches. An exciting tradition of cutting up the groom's tie is pieces is much enjoyed. So much so that it is auctioned at the reception.

Family Life

Family plays a significant role in Spanish culture. And this is what a Spanish woman tries to pass on to her future generations. Spanish women love spending time with their families. Once they have kids, they like to settle down and dedicate most of their time to kids. Most Spanish women even quit their job after they have a baby. They raise their children to be independent and strong. Most Spanish girls learn the art of makeup and fashion from their mother. Spanish women tend to spend extra time with their daughters, grooming them for the future.

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