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Portugal dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Portuguese women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Portuguese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Portugal, Europe.

Girls in Portugal:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Portugal:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Portugal:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Portugal:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $740
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $540


Portugal is a well-developed country in Europe. The country is well organized, almost all their citizens are composed and well-behaved. Portuguese girls are known to be beautiful and accommodating. A lot of them feature in international model magazines. If you also attend fashion shows regularly, you will meet Portuguese girls there.

It doesn’t matter the part of the world you’re coming from; Portuguese girls are going to treat you well. That is how they are raised. So if you’re considering dating one, it is worth it. Culture and tradition are a great part of their lives. So if you’re someone that wants attention all the time, you might need to change your lifestyle. Even though Portuguese girls look shy, they are outspoken, and they are not afraid of expressing their feelings.

When it comes to education, the majority of them are educated. These girls don’t stop studying until they graduate from higher institutions. So the majority of them are independent and can fend for themselves. If all you do is attract girls with your money, it might not work for you here. As we go further, you will learn more about Portuguese girls and how to start a relationship with anyone of them.

Dating Culture

Portuguese girls are conservative when it comes to dating. You will rarely see them post about their relationships on social media. They prefer to keep their relationship affairs private. That is their way of life, and you can do very little to change them. If you bring up a sexual discussion with your Portuguese girl, she will likely turn you down or change the topic. Unlike girls in other countries, you won’t find Portuguese couples holding hands or kissing in public.

Portuguese people cherish long term relationships. They prefer to stick with one partner than to change partners frequently. So if you are going to be there for a short period, you might not get in a relationship with any Portuguese girl. If you are not going to be there for long, your only chance of getting laid might be through a one-night stand. As a foreigner, you will be surprised when you realize a lot of their mature girls are single. The reason is that they are very picky.

They only go into a relationship with someone they trust completely. The reason girls do that is to avoid heartbreaks in the future. To get into a relationship with any Portuguese girl, you’ve to make the first move. So you’ve to work on your confidence before coming to the country. They don’t fancy shy men there. Even as a shy person, you can still fake confidence. Just learn how to walk tall and learn confident gestures. As you do that, you will gain more confidence in no time.


As stated earlier, Portuguese women are conservative. So patience is required to get into a relationship with anyone of them. When you see a Portuguese girl you’re interested in, don’t be too direct. Just approach her and talk lightly. You can start by complimenting her. Since compliments make Portuguese girls feel better, your girl will likely respond to you well. As from there, just play your cards well till you land your girl on a date.

If you appear too desperate, the girl you’re talking to won't give you her attention. She might even see it as a huge turn-off. In the early stages of knowing a Portuguese girl, you’ve to get her phone number. That is all that you need to take things to the next level. So make her laugh, flirt with her and do all sorts of things that will get you her phone number. After getting the number of your crush, start calling her. Ask about her day and show her that you care. After some time, you can ask her out on a date.

If she agrees to go with you, that means she is likely going to date you. Otherwise, just leave her and try another girl. Portuguese women are different from each other. As you meet fat girls, you will also meet slim girls. So everything is down to your taste. No matter the kind of girls you like, you will surely meet one that ticks all your boxes.

When it comes to fashion, the Portuguese women dress well, and they avoid wearing revealing clothes. Portuguese girls are also different in character. As a generous person, you won’t like to get into a relationship with a stingy girl. Even if you buy her gifts, she might hurt you by not giving you anything in return. That is why you’ve to date a Portuguese woman with good character. As we go further, we will discuss Portuguese women in different age brackets.

Portuguese Girls (age 18 - 29)

The majority of Portuguese girls around age 18 are students. Although some girls don’t go to institutions, they still go to skill acquisition centers. So all Portuguese girls around that age are pursuing their careers in different ways. Unlike the older women, young Portuguese girls are open-minded. They like to express their feelings and go for who they want.

If you’re young and good-looking, you will get in a relationship with one quickly. There is no racism in the country, so everyone has a chance of dating their girls. You don’t have to be too fast in expressing your feelings to the girl you love. You will appear too cheap, and it might just turn her off. Get to know your crush well and see if she is interested in you. That is what is going to help you in deciding your next move.

Portuguese girls love online dating a lot. Dating applications such as Tinder are so popular in the country. Almost all Portuguese girls register on them and update their profiles regularly. You can meet foreign and native Portuguese girls on these platforms. Other applications where you can meet cute girls are Facebook and Instagram.

Portuguese Women (age 30 - 45)

If a long term relationship is what you want, you will find it easy to get Portuguese women. Since the majority of them are married, the rest of them are in search of partners. At that stage, they don’t go into relationships for fun. All they do is to date for marriage. Your best chance of meeting a Portuguese woman on weekdays is to visit her at work. They are well educated, so the majority of them are employed.

Some work in big pubic companies while others work in the private sector. Some of them even run businesses. As a foreigner, you might find it difficult to impress Portuguese women. They are independent and rich. So they are not moved by money or other material possessions. Your real chance of getting to date one relies on your character. As stated earlier, try to display confidence in everything you do. Be gentle and respect the girl you like.

Even if you’re looking for a one-night stand or hookup, you still have to treat any girl you meet like a queen. Always make sure you interact well and don’t try to force things. Portuguese girls like funny guys. Almost everyone is funny; you just have to work more on your sense of humor. Just like younger girls, online dating is still popular among Portuguese women. You can even meet your potential partner in one of those dating sites.

Portuguese Ladies (age 45+)

Portuguese ladies above age 45 are easy when it comes to sex. Even at an old age, they still have a high sex urge. Some of them even go as far as looking for young men to satisfy them on the bed. They prefer young men because they are more energetic. You can meet them in their place of work or at home. Since the majority of them have stopped working, you might find it a little bit difficult to see one.

If you prefer older women, you can decide to approach one. All you just need is to show that you are interested in them. Unlike younger women, Portuguese ladies don’t play games. They even like when men reveal their true intentions from the start. Some Portuguese women are very shy. So you should understand your girl and make good decisions. Always end a relationship once you feel your woman is no longer comfortable with you.

Online dating is not popular among old Portuguese men. Although you will find some of them on those applications, the majority of them prefer to talk offline. It is advisable to go into a relationship with old Portuguese women if you’re also old. As a young man, they might not give you the respect you want. Another important thing about Portuguese women is that they won’t stress you in your finances. Almost all of them have good and stable sources of income. There are even Portuguese ladies that can help their Partner in finances till they are buoyant.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

A lot of foreigners visit Portugal every year. As there are beautiful tourist attractions in the country, you will have places to explore. Foreigners travel to Portugal because of different reasons. The country is known for hosting big sports competitions. Therefore, participants and their fans go to the country to partake in those competitions. Recently, Portuguese higher institutions started to provide scholarship opportunities for international students to study in their country.

The move has attracted a lot of students and other people. Some young students have even made Portugal their dream place of study. To win the scholarship, you’ve to get their form. Immediately after that, you will take an exam. It is the result of the exam that will determine who they are going to give the scholarship. There are world-class research laboratories in Portugal. Scientists from different countries travel there to carry out researches.

Sometimes they even team up to get their results quickly. People also visit Portugal because of their lifestyle. Citizens of underdeveloped countries often travel to Portugal to enjoy their modern lifestyle. When it comes to foreign girls, communication is important. Since they are from different parts of the world, they are going to be speaking different languages. That is why you have to learn the English language.

English is the most spoken language in the world. Some people refer to it as the universal language. So there is a high chance that any foreign girl you meet will be able to interact in English. If you want to interact with foreign girls, you have to know where to meet them. You will find them in tourist attractions and other beautiful outdoor locations.


As a foreigner, you might find it difficult to get laid in Portugal. The reason is that you might not know the right places to visit. If you’re going to stay in the country for long, you can start a serious relationship. That means you’re going to be getting laid with your girl frequently. When it comes to the majority of foreigners in Portugal, they don’t stay in the country for long. If you’re in that category, one-night stands and hookups are your chances of getting laid.

Just visit any club and approach a girl you like. It is important to know that not all girls in clubs offer one-night stands and hookups. Some of them are even there with their partners. So you’ve to be careful. Dating applications can also be used to hook up with cute Portuguese girls. In these applications, you will be able to scroll through profiles of Portuguese girls and click on anyone.

The profiles are made to contain vital information, such as the relationship status of everyone registered on the platform. So you will be able to find a cute girl that ticks all your boxes and hook up with her. Unlike other dating applications, Tinder collects information about you and match you with someone with similar interests. All you’re just going to do is interact and plan how to meet each other. When both of you finally meet, you can either use your apartment or a hotel room.

Sex Culture

In Portugal, sex is seen as an important part of relationships. You’ve to be patient if you’re in a relationship. Your Portuguese girlfriend won’t likely lie with you in the early stages of your relationship. The reason is that she needs time to build her trust in you. When she trusts you completely, she’s going to give you mind-blowing sex. Parents play a big role in the sex life of their young daughters.

They bring them up to avoid sex until they graduate from higher institutions. Even with all the restrictions, you will still find out about young Portuguese girls engaging in sexual activities. Since the mature girls are independent and living alone, their parents don’t dictate to them anymore. So they decide everything on their sex life themselves.

All parents do is to advise them once in a while. Unlike the older women, young Portuguese girls are free and open to learning new things. Some of them even go as far as watching pornographic movies. They do that to learn new styles to satisfy their partners well on the bed. In Portugal, all schools teach a subject known as sex education.

In the subject, students are taught everything they need to know about sex. They are exposed to early puberty signs and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. Some of them even go as far as teaching their students on the dangers of unwanted pregnancy. All these are taught to give Portuguese girls a good approach to sex.

There are some forms of sexual activities that are not allowed in Portugal. They include underage sex and rape. Sex with underage girls is highly condemned in the city. Even if it is consensual, it is not allowed. They believe men doing such things are taking advantage of young girls’ innocence. Rape is also a crime in the country. All rapists face the wrath of the law.

One-Night Stands

The one-night stand is still new in Portugal. You can only get it from young Portuguese girls or foreigners. The majority of older women don’t even have an idea of what it means. You can’t get a one-night stand from any random girl. You have to visit night clubs to meet girls that are open to such things. To identify girls that offer one-night stands, you have to study their dressing. They dress indecently and try to show as much skin as possible.

When you see one, just approach her and start a conversation. Offer her a glass of drink and start discussing. As you know why you’re in the club, you shouldn’t get drunk. Getting drunk will only ruin your plans for the night. So as you’re discussing, you can begin to make advances. You’re going to be moving from stage to stage till you land her on your bed. Portuguese girls are so active in bed, so you don’t have to rush things. Just take it slowly, and you’re going to enjoy every bit of the sex.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To avoid wasting time in a relationship with the wrong person, you’ve to know where to meet single Portuguese girls. Apart from that, you can’t approach Portuguese girls anywhere. These girls are always busy during weekdays, so they might have little or no attention to give you. From shopping malls to night clubs, there are a lot of places you can go to meet single girls in Portugal.

Even as there are many places, you’ve to decide on the best place for you to go. When making that decision, you are going to consider a few factors. Your character has a role to play in the decision. If you’re a shy person, you won’t like to meet girls in crowded places. It will be obvious that you’re shy, and it might turn off your girl. So you should avoid places like shopping malls and nightclubs.

You can meet girls in small and cool restaurants, outdoor locations, and the likes. The kind of girl you are willing to meet can also determine where you will visit. The majority of the girls you will meet in clubs are the outgoing and lousy type. You can meet different girls in other places. Your financial status should also have a role in determining where you go to meet single girls.

If you are struggling financially, you should avoid places like clubs and shopping malls. The reason is that you’re going to spend there. Your expenses will even increase when you meet a girl. So you can decide to choose other places. Just do what you can afford comfortably. As we go further, you will get to know more about these places and how to approach girls there.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Nightlife in Portugal has improved in recent years. There are now nightclubs, bars, and restaurants in almost every street in the country. So you’re not going to spend on transport. All you just have to do is freshen up, dress nice and go to the club closest to you. Nightclubs in the country operate differently. Some of them even sell the same drink at different places.

There are clubs where dress codes are given. The dress code is what they want everyone to follow. So if you appear in the club differently, you might be denied entrance. There are Portuguese nightclubs that demand entrance fees from their customers. After payment, customers are given tickets. Anyone without a ticket won’t be allowed to enter the club. The atmosphere in Portuguese clubs makes it easy for foreigners to meet and interact with single Portuguese girls.

You just have to know how to initiate and hold a conversation. A little bit of humor is required, as well. We all love people who make us laugh. So you should try to be as funny as possible. You don’t have to dress in a flashy way. You can just put on a nice top, jeans, and apply perfume. Any casual dressing would also go well. Some of the modern nightclubs and bars you should consider visiting in Portugal are listed below

* Lux Fragil (Lisbon) – Formerly known as a dance venue, it is now used as a club. There are three different dance floors in the club. They do that to play songs from three different genres of music at the same time. Just go to the section you like and enjoy your time there.

* Gare (Porto) – It is one of the most popular clubs in Porto. Some people even call it Portugal’s best club. They make use of professional DJs all the time. If quality music is all you care about, Gare is the perfect club for you. They play music from different genres ranging from pop to reggae.

* No Solo Agua Beach Club (Portimao) – Out of all the three solo clubs in Portugal, the one in Portimao is the best. They are always the first to open and the last to close. Girls love to party there regularly, so you’re going to mingle with them. They also use more than one DJ. That means you’re going to enjoy music in different genres.

* Lick (Algarve) – The club is very big and can contain a lot of people at once. The management of the club meets and mingles with international music stars. So they find it easy to bring music stars to perform at the club. They are versatile, so foreign girls go there frequently. Their DJs play hip hop, trap, and all other popular genres of music.

* Passos Manuel (Porto) – It is a popular dance club in Portugal. If you’re good at dancing, you can showcase your dancing skills and win the heart of Portuguese girls. On weekends, they perform theatre and other interesting things there as well. Some Artistes also come to perform Live band there. So if you’ve not seen a live band perform, you can have your first experience in Portugal.

* Musicbox (Lisbon) – It was established in 2006. It is popularly known as an event hall in the day and nightclub at night. Different DJs perform every week. So you can choose to go there the day your best DJ will perform. Since dim lights are used, you will find it easy to interact with girls in the club.

* The strip (Monte Choro) – Unlike other clubs, things sold here are cheap. From drinks to snacks, everything here is sold at a low price. Almost everyone goes there once in a while. You will get to meet native and foreign Portuguese girls every time you visit the club.

* Babylon Disco (Portimao) – it is a disco club in Portimao. From alcoholic to non-alcoholic, all drinks are served in the club. No matter how buoyant you are in your finances, you can enjoy yourself in Babylon. As they sell expensive drinks, cheap drinks are also sold.

* Disco Dice Club (Vilamoura) – It is the favorite club of wealthy people in Vilamoura. You’re going to meet cute rich girls in Disco Dice Club. You just have to work on your communication skills and approach one. As the majority of the people there are rich, they can provide you with opportunities in the future. All you just have to do is to make friends with them.

* SixClub night club (Lagos) – It is one of the easily affordable clubs in the country. Their prices are pocket friendly. Although there is not much space, you can still have a nice time there.

Shopping Malls

Portuguese Girls prefer purchasing in shopping malls than in the markets. Even though goods in markets are cheaper, they go to malls because of the conducive environment. Portuguese shopping malls have improved, and they don’t only sell goods; they also offer services. They have swimming pools, bars, restaurants, and other exciting places in their malls. Some of these modern shopping malls also have cinemas inside. That means you can watch the latest Netflix movies in shopping malls.

Portuguese shopping malls are open from morning to evening, so you can go there anything you like. If you’re jovial, you can start talking to a girl right from where she is selecting goods. If the conversation flows well and she looks interested in you, you can take her for lunch immediately. She will likely accept it because the restaurant is inside the same mall. So she will not be going too far. All you aim to do at that stage is to get her phone number.

If she gives you, you can take things to the next level. Another approach is to offer to pay for what a girl buys in the mall. If you do that, you’ve made a good first impression that she will always remember. As a foreigner, you should only do such a thing if you’re financially buoyant. The reason is that she will see you as a wealthy person. Therefore, she will continue to request money from you later on in the relationship. Some modern shopping malls in Portugal are listed below

* Centro Colombo (Lisbon)

* Vasco da Gama Shopping Center (Lisbon)

* Dolce Vita Mall (Coimbra)

* Arena Shopping Center (Torres Vedras)

* RioSul Shopping Mall (Seixal)

* La Vie Caldas da Rainha (Caldas da Rainha)

* Centro Commercial Continente Loures (Loures)

* Foz Plaza Shopping Center (Figueira da Foz)


There are several great outdoor locations in Portugal. They include parks, museums, beaches, and the likes. The atmosphere in these outdoor places makes it easy to meet new girls and interact. Since these places are tourist attractions, you will get to meet foreign girls there. You might even be lucky enough to meet a girl from your home country. Those kinds of relationships are the easiest to start.

Since you’re from the same country, you are likely to have the same mindset and mentality. So you will understand each other well and make a great couple. You’re going to meet cute Portuguese girls in these outdoor places. Since they are there to relax, they will be open to conversations. Just approach one and talk lightly.

Portuguese girls love meeting foreigners, so you just have to play your cards right. You should check out for certain signs to know if your crush is interested in you or not. If she laughs at your jokes or gives you attention, you should continue talking. Just remember that you need to end the conversation well. That is, don’t wait till she gets bored before you leave.

When you meet a girl outdoors, you aim to ask her out on a date. So ensure you do that before leaving. If the Portuguese girl doesn’t look interested in you, you don’t have to ask her out. She is not likely to give you a good response. Outdoor locations to meet and interact with cute Portuguese girls are listed below

* Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (Lisbon) – The building is cherished in Portugal. As it is a tourist attraction, people come from different parts of the world to view the building. The various symbols in the building signify a lot. This building also houses the tomb of some great Portuguese men. One of them is Vasco da Gama.

* Palacio Nacional de Sintra (Lisbon Coast) – It is located on top of a mountain. The old building is beautiful and contains a lot of things about Portuguese culture. Kings and queens from different cities in Portugal go there to relax and enjoy themselves. You will also meet other creative people like poets and writers every time you go there.

* Convento do Cristo (Tomar) – The building was built in 1160. The Portuguese government has renovated and kept it safe for tourism purposes. If you’re someone that likes history, you should go there. You’re going to meet girls who are also interested in such things. So it will be easy for you to interact with them.

* Bom Jesus do Monte (Braga) – It is one of the most visited buildings in the whole of Portugal. The passion of Christ, a popular film, was shot there. The building is one of the oldest sanctuaries in Portugal. So people go there to educate and enlighten themselves more about the country.

* Serra do Geres – If you love the beauty of nature, just make sure you visit the place. You will see a mountain full of beautiful flowers. People often go hiking there too. You can decide to do that if you’re good at the sport. You can even compete with others and showcase your hiking skills.

* Museu Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbon) – It is one of the best museums in Lisbon. It contains more than 6,000 historical pieces to look at and study. If you want to see everything, you’re going to waste a lot of time there. That is why it is important to go there with someone. If you are there because of girls, it is better to go alone.

* Urban beach (Lisbon) – Fashion shows are always hosted here regularly. If you care about fashion, you should create time to go there. As the show goes on, you can purchase drinks and food. You can even purchase your favorite Portuguese meal there.

* Ponte De Dom Luis I (Rua Ferreira Borges) – It is a strong metallic bridge that separates Porto from other places. When you’re on the bridge, you will get a great view of the sea. For a better experience, you should go there in the night. Different lights are used to make the bridge and water more beautiful.

* Lisbon Oceanarium (Lisbon) – There are many varieties of fishes you’re going to see there. Even though it was established many years ago, it is still a popular spot among tourists. The reason is that no other place offers the same or similar thing it offers.

* Praia Da Marinha (Albufeira) – Portuguese people go there to relax after a stressful weak. They go there mostly on weekends. So if you want to meet their girls, you should also go on weekends. Unlike other beaches, Praia Da Marinha is beautiful and has a rare color. It is greenish-blue.

Universities and Colleges

As a developed country, there are a lot of world-class institutions in Portugal. There are a lot of girls in schools, so they are the easiest places to get girls. As you meet native Portuguese girls, you will also meet foreign girls. You don’t have to waste your time on any girl in school. If a girl is constantly rejecting your advances, just move on to the next one. Some girls are ready to love you; you just have to figure them out.

No matter what age bracket you are, you will still be able to find a soulmate. People go to higher institutions at any age they like. However, the majority of the students are young adults. Even as you enjoy dating at your school, you should be focused on your studies. The main reason you’re in school is to learn, so you’ve to work hard to get good grades. Your character should determine the kind of relationships you enter in schools.

If you’re a shy person, you shouldn’t date a girl in your class. You will see her every day, and it might affect you. As there are fewer restaurants in schools, you’re not going to be spending much on dates. Another good thing about dating in school is the closeness. Since you and your partner will be living in the same compound, you can meet yourselves anytime you like. In Portugal, it is better to stick to one girl. Portuguese girls don’t stick with cheating partners.

If you are caught cheating, your partner won't waste time breaking up with you. In Portuguese schools, only students have the chance to date students. Schools are always closed, and only students or staff with valid identity cards are allowed to enter. Other foreigners are not allowed to gain access. Some Portuguese schools that admit international students are listed below

* University of Lisbon (Lisbon)

* University of Coimbra (Coimbra)

* University of Porto (Porto)

* Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (Lisbon)

* University of Aveiro (Aveiro)

* University of Algarve (Faro)

* Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon)

* University of Beira Interior (Covilha)


Portuguese girls are good for relationships. They are loyal, trustworthy, and they expect the same thing from their partners. So if you lie or cheat, they might lose their trust in you. When a Portuguese girl loses trust in her partner, it might signify the end of the relationship. She will change how she acts and give you less attention.

Portuguese girls are very committed in relationships, and they expect the same from their partner. A typical Portuguese girl will give her partner enough time and energy for the relationship to remain strong. If you’re looking for a committed partner, you should consider one of them. Unlike girls from other countries, Portuguese girls are submissive.

Instead of competing with you, your girl will give you the space to make decisions concerning your relationship. You can brag about your girl anywhere in the world. Everyone knows Portuguese girls, and they respect them. Girls in Portugal like to date men that are within their age bracket. If you’re a young person, you should look for a young girl. If you are looking for a woman older than you, it might take longer for you to get into a relationship.

Holiday Romance

Foreigners often go to Portugal when they are on vacation. Since vacation is that time when they are free, they leave their home countries to experience new things. When they get there, they do seek holiday romance partners. Holiday romance is usually between a foreigner and a native Portuguese girl. Only young Portuguese girls are open to the idea.

Older women don’t fancy holiday romance in Portugal. In holiday romance, you and your Portuguese girl will live together till you leave. People seek for holiday romance partners for different reasons. Some foreigners need it so that they will have someone to keep their company. Holiday romance partners can also help you with communication.

They can teach you a few things in their language. The things they teach you will help you communicate and adapt better to the country. You will also be able to purchase things on your own. As both of you will live together, you are going to get laid with your partner. So you will fulfill your dream of sleeping with a Portuguese girl. Touring the country with a native girl will be a great experience. Since she knows almost everywhere, you’re going to enjoy your moment together.

It is important to know that you are going to pay for everything you and your partner purchase throughout your stay in the country. So you should consider bringing extra funds. After the holiday, the relationship ends. You might choose to keep in contact with your partner or stop contacting her. If you’re still going to return to Portugal in the future, it is better to stay in touch with her.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Portuguese girls are peaceful, and they like to be happy everywhere. They try to do the same in their relationships, and it works for them. All Portuguese girls don’t behave the same way. They are different, and they don’t act the same way in relationships. If you are dating the right one, then it will be easy for you to maintain the relationship.

The energy you and your partner put in your relationship can determine if it will be successful or not. Portuguese girls don’t like short term relationships, so they won’t give you the attention you want. The reason is that they know you will leave, and everything will end. If you are into a serious and long term relationship, your partner will give you the necessary attention to keep your relationship successful.

Trust is important in Portuguese relationships. If your girl trusts you, then she would be willing to do anything to keep you. If you’ve betrayed her in the past, her trust for you will reduce. In the long term, it will affect the relationship. Mutual respect is also important in every relationship. If you want your relationship to be a nice one, you should respect your partner as much as she respects you. As stated earlier, Portuguese people cherish loyalty so much.

Since the majority of them are loyal, they expect their partner to be the same way. So if you’re caught cheating, things will never return to how it used to be. It is just better to end such a relationship and move on with your life. When it comes to sex, you and your partner should plan how you want your sex life. It will go a long way to keep you happy. If you keep all these things into consideration, you’re going to have a successful relationship in the country.


When Portuguese girls are in love, they can go any length to satisfy their partner. These girls are caring and cheerful to the men they love. That is why it is easy to fall in love with them. A lot of people mistake lust with love, and it affects their relationship later. So you’ve to be able to sort out your feelings and know when you are truly in love.

There are several things you can do to know if you have genuine feelings for your Portuguese girl. Leave her for a while and focus on your normal life. If you don’t miss your Portuguese girl, that means you were just lusting on her. If you miss her, then you will be so eager to see her again. That is when it can be said that you’re in love. Apart from that method, there are other methods you can use to know if you love your Portuguese girl.

Surround yourself with similar girls and check if you feel the same way about them. If you notice the feelings you’ve for your girl is different, then you’re truly in love. Sometimes people think they are in love because they are so used to someone. It can be because the person calls or chat with them frequently.

After they stop talking with the person, they notice all the feelings are gone. You’ve to know love doesn’t work that way. Therefore, you and your girl have to sort out your feelings before you continue your relationship. Mutual love is important for every relationship to succeed. If you love your partner more than she loves you, then you might have to make some changes. You’ve to love each other the same way.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

When it is time for you to get married, you’ve to consider if your partner is truly the right one for you. A failed relationship is always better than a failed marriage. So you’ve to make sure you’re making the right decision. As stated earlier, your girl must love you the same way you love her. If she doesn’t, then she’s not the right one for you. The right girl will respect you. There should be mutual respect between you and your partner. If she doesn’t show you respect, you shouldn’t take things far.

The background of your girl says a lot about her. Try to find out about her background. You can even try to know a few things about her past relationships. These things will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. If people she dated in the past all have trust issues with her, it might just mean that she is a cheat. If you study everything discussed above, you’re likely going to make the right decision.


Getting married to a responsible and wealthy man is the dream of every Portuguese girl. After you have dated your girl for long, you can decide to take things further. Even after dating for long, you can still decide not to get married. It depends on how compatible you are. You should make sure you marry someone that loves you for you. If there are issues both of you find difficult to solve together, you should consider ending your relationship. It will save you from quarreling with your wife after marriage.

The genotype is also another important thing you should consider before marriage. To avoid giving birth to sickle cell patients, you must ensure your blood is compatible with that of your partner. If it is not, you should end the relationship immediately. The first step to getting married is the proposal. You must have known your partner well enough to determine the best method of proposing to her.

If she is shy, you shouldn’t propose to her in public. You can do it when only both of you are together. If your girl accepts your proposal, you can take things to the next level. The parents’ approval is important in Portuguese marriages. So you’ve to meet your girl’s parents before you can take things forward. As a foreigner, it is normal to face a little bit of resistance at first.

Your girl will be the one to convince her parents that you’re the right one for her. Since you’re not in your home country, it won’t be easy for your partner and your parents to meet and interact. The only thing you can use is social media. Applications such as Skype and WhatsApp allows its users to make live video calls. After their approval, you can start planning your wedding.


The wedding is the ceremony in which you will be joined with your partner and declared as a couple. People do their wedding ceremonies in different ways. It largely depends on your budget, religion, and other important things. When planning your budget, your financial life is what matters the most. If you’re average financially, you should do your wedding moderately.

You can invite a few friends and rent a small hall. On the other hand, you can plan an elaborate wedding if you’re financially buoyant. Since you didn’t grow up in the country, you might not know how Portuguese weddings are carried out. That is why you can’t do without the service of a wedding expert. A typical wedding expert will teach you everything you need to know about Portuguese weddings.

You will even learn various dances and how to compose yourself that day. Your wife might not need a wedding expert. Since she grew up in the country, she will know how weddings are carried out. A court wedding is very important in the country. It is after doing it that you can be called a legal couple. Court weddings are also important before couples start to live together.

Family Life

Immediately after Portuguese weddings, new couples go on a honeymoon. The majority of them prefer to do it in places far away from home. The reason is because of the privacy they will enjoy in such places. During the honeymoon, you’re surely going to learn new things about your partner. Even though you’ve dated for long, you won’t know these things till you start to live together.

After the honeymoon, the new couples go back to their normal lives and start to face reality. As the husband, you’re going to be the breadwinner of the family. So you need to work hard. That is why it is necessary to have a well-paying job before marriage. Even if your wife earns as much as you, you’re still the one responsible for providing for the family. She can just decide to assist you once in a while. As a new couple, you’re going to need a good accommodation and car.

When you give birth to more children, you can even move to a bigger apartment. The goal is always to stay where your family can live comfortably. Even if you can’t afford a car immediately you marry, you should work on getting one. Getting a car will make it easy for you to take your children to school and your wife to work. It is the responsibility of every parent to train and discipline their children. If you train your children well, they will grow to become responsible people in society.



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