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Madeira dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Portuguese women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Portuguese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Madeira, Portugal.

Bay of Câmara de Lobos, Madeira, Portugal

Girls in Madeira:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Madeira:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Madeira:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Madeira:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$22 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $400


In this world, there are various places that are visually pleasing and also have a lot of great qualities about them. Not only the natural landscapes but also the surrounding areas seep with history and culture. Consequently, many travelers enjoy going to these places as a way to learn more about different societies.

One such place which is a cultural retreat for many is an island region in Portugal called Madeira. Certainly, it is known throughout the world for many reasons, one of which is the popular wine it produces with its name. Of course, the beauty of this place is also worth mentioning and for many people, that is enough.

Therefore, if you are looking for a place to relax at, for a while or indefinitely, Madeira is one good option. You would enjoy the views immensely and the soft easy-going nature of this place only adds to its charm. Not to mention, you would also get to meet the wonderful people at this place, specifically the ladies.

Without a doubt, while the attraction of this paradise of greenery is obvious, the magnetic Portuguese ladies add to its appeal. They are smart and beautiful and have a good-natured personality that wins them lots of points more. Whether you are looking for a short-time partner or something more permanent, these ladies are great for both.

However, whatever you end up going with, make sure that you and your partner agree on the basic circumstances. While they are fun to hang out with, they are a better life-partner-material and you should consider both. Nonetheless, it is not a piece of cake to make your place in their heart, and you should keep many things in mind before trying.

Dating Culture

First and foremost, you need to know and understand the culture of dating at a place before making the first move. After all, no two places are the same, and their practices, too, reflect their own customs. This is not obvious at first glance, but when you go to another land you would notice a big difference.

Indeed, things that might impress a woman in your hometown might offend a Portuguese lady in Madeira. Keeping this in mind, adjust your dating rituals accordingly and create a great impression on them. Certainly, these women are great to talk to, and while dating, this would show a lot of relevance.

Whether you are discussing the changing time of the world or something simple and light-hearted, no topic is off-topic with them. Moreover, something that you would enjoy about Madeira is the smooth and uncomplicated aura surrounding it. Consequently, the people here, too, reflect that and the dating lifestyle, in turn, is very laid-back in nature.

Not to mention, there is one thing that you would notice highly about the Portuguese, and that is their love for their cuisine. Certainly, the people in Madeira enjoy their food and know a great deal more about taste than anyone else. While dating, this is something that you would notice, as most of the Portuguese women would take you to great restaurants or plan home dates.

Yet, do keep in mind that in the dating culture of Madeira, the men hold more of a dominant role and show their gentlemanly side. If you want to make these ladies smile, put in the effort through your conversations and behavior. Without a doubt, these ladies notice every little detail and would enjoy your company if you treat them respectfully.

However, do not use too much charm on them as that would make them believe that you are insincere. Stay your relaxed self and reach on time always; that would impress them a lot. Not to mention, look presentable and remain courteous about your actions, because they would do the same for you.


One thing that you would notice about the women in Madeira is their free-minded charm and spirit. Indeed, there is something exceptionally peaceful about this region, and the people, too, believe in that. Therefore, if you are looking for a partner who would stay away from any unnecessary drama, these ladies are the ones for you.

Certainly, Portuguese women are known for their easy-going essence and behavior. With them besides you, everything feels less stressful, and they enjoy making others feel great and happy. Moreover, they enjoy discussing various topics and are open about their lives and aspirations.

As a friend, these ladies are very supportive and treat everyone around them with respect and consideration. Indeed, if they care about you, your problems are her problems and she would help you feel less unhappy. Of course, their caring and warm personality extend into their romantic relationships as well, and they are very considerate towards their partners.

However, that does not mean that these ladies are lax about their own lives. In fact, they enjoy their freedom and do not like becoming dependent on anyone. When you are in a relationship with these exotic beauties, they would prioritize both yours and hers' lives equally.

Although this is true, the Portuguese ladies are realistic about romance as well and know what their boundaries are. Family is a big deal to them and owing to that, many of these women revolve their future around this. So, it is important that you tell them if you are not interested in love if that is the case, and they would respect your honesty.

Yet, what adds to her charm is not only her personality but her appearance as well. Tall and athletic, most of these ladies are very particular about standards and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, their natural olive-toned visage and dark silky locks only add to their overall attraction quotient.

Portuguese Girls (age 18 - 29)

Of course, when you are considering the dating potential of a woman, only judging her appearance and personality is not enough. Some things change with time, and that affects their dating interests too. Certainly, the younger Portuguese girls in Madeira, freshly stepping into adulthood, barely think about marriage when dating.

The main priority for these ladies is not romance but their future life, and many of these young women focus on that. Not to mention, they want to create their own identity and concentrate on their education and career goals. However, on a more personal side, these ladies do not exclude having fun from their priorities.

Yet, it is important to note that no two people are the exact same, and you would find some who have different goals in mind. While some keep their career and freedom on the maximum focus, others want a future partner. Consequently, the way you approach them should match that, and you need to consider their interests highly.

However, whatever your ultimate goal may be, it is important that you treat them well and do not force your wishes on them. These Portuguese ladies in Madeira are very understanding and if you tell them your point of view, they would listen. Certainly, do not try to deceive them and play with their hearts; these girls are not timid.

Thus, if you have a similar ideology as them and they feel comfortable in your company, you would have a bit of good luck in dating them. Moreover, meeting them is not difficult at all; they enjoy socializing and you can find them out enjoying this region. Getting them to trust you is not a child's play, but if you stay your real self with them, things might change.

Portuguese Women (age 30 - 45)

With time and age, a lot of other things develop too, including what they are looking for. Indeed, you would notice this change among the Portuguese women, when you visit the region of Madeira. Certainly, these ladies in their 30s start thinking about what is to come and focus on that.

Of course, this also includes romance as these women want to have their own family, and direct their interest in that direction. They have lived their lives fully and happily in their younger ages, and now they feel like settling down. And in Madeira, many around the ages of 30 to 45 years have already done that.

They take some time to get to know the person and when they feel confident in their own relationships, consider marriage. Not to mention, these ladies are very committed to their families and want to experience the same personally. Thus, if you are thinking about dating someone in this age group, you might come across these concerns.

However, not all is lost as you would find some women who remain unmarried at this time too. Whatever their reason for that is, they want to give love another shot and you can date them. Of course, you would meet a few who are only looking for a physical connection at this place as well, although not in high quantity.

So, if you want to meet someone like that, you can do so in many places at Madeira. Approach them at a party or get to meet them through a friend; either way, do so with a friendly smile and respectful attitude. Not to mention, online forums are available too in this region, and it is an effective and reliable way of interaction.

Portuguese Ladies (age 45+)

Without a doubt, when people grow older, their interest in dating or anything to do with that reduces exponentially. Women after crossing the 45 years benchmark do not feel like trying again and stay in their own lives. Furthermore, they do not feel like flirting and are more concerned with their other responsibilities.

Certainly, amongst the Portuguese women in Madeira, this is highly visible and many women give up on dating. Of course, there are some who do not see the point of it at all, considering they have families of their own. Many of the ladies in this region get married around their 30s and lead normal happy lives.

Thus, your chances of going out with a mature lady in this region are in a tricky situation, at best. Even the ones who are single most of the time do not feel the urge to go for a date either. However, while the probabilities are extremely slim, exceptions are present in all cultures, and Madeira is not far behind.

Yet, it is important to proceed with caution as many of the ones who want to try again, don't feel open about it. Whether it is nervousness or worry about societal pressures, the mature Portuguese women prefer a laid back experience. Not to mention, they also want to lead their lives privately and would appreciate it if you comply.

Of course, the society of Madeira is not extremely old-fashioned, but there are some norms and behaviors that are more accepted. Most of these ladies who are ready for a dating life have other priorities too, and thus, online forums are the easiest way to find them. Additionally, romance can blossom out of friendships too, if you have such a relationship with a mature Portuguese woman. However, do give regard to their views as well, and respect their answer to your dating proposal, whether positive or not.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

While dating the locals of a new place that you are going to is easier because of more quantity, some problems leave a bad after-taste. Certainly, it is not always easy to go out with a Portuguese woman, especially if you don’t gel properly. Not to mention, your own living conditions and expectations hold equal weight like yours, and them not aligning can lead to bad breakups.

If you are facing such a situation in Madeira but crave companionship, there are substitutes you can go for. After all, Madeira, being the awe-inspiring destination that it is, is a hotspot for a lot of tourism opportunities. Thus, you would meet many foreign girls here too, who would prove themselves as equal competitors for your heart.

In fact, they are the better alternative, with their easy-to-talk-to personality and openness to experiencing more. Moreover, they have a vulnerability about them too, considering the fact they are strangers to this culture as well. If you are feeling homesick and lonely, the foreign girls would relate with you better than the Portuguese ones.

Not to mention, they are much easier to communicate with as well, considering the education and language factors. While you would meet many Portuguese ladies who do understand English, that is not universal for all. Thus, foreign girls are automatically a better choice for this matter.

Moreover, if you are looking for a no-commitment approach to dating, the foreign women would agree with that too. After all, they would leave for their own home eventually and are looking for a fun time only. If you are into that as well, you would certainly not do any better than these women in Madeira.

Of course, if you both originally are from the same area and your bond grows stronger over time, you can keep the relationship going back home. With the Portuguese women, there is no possibility of this happening, if you have to leave one day.


To be honest, the Portuguese culture has some traditional undertones in every aspect of its lifestyle. Even the people living in this country keep that in priority in many of their societal rules and overall lifestyle. But when it comes to the sex life of Portuguese bachelors, things are not old-fashioned.

Especially in Madeira, these ladies are quite liberal about their sex life and do not completely ignore their urges. They do not openly advertise it either but remain active with their partners behind closed doors. In fact, these women are quite open-minded about such matters and are very adventurous in practice too.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this, and many Portuguese women set limitations for themselves when it comes to sexual intercourse. Not everyone remains untouched until marriage and many of them give in to their urges with the ones they love. In fact, they are very passionate and enjoy this activity quite well.

However, that does not mean that these ladies are promiscuous; in fact, they get intimate with those that they care for. Some of them prefer casual affairs too, and if you are interested, you can go out with them. Overall, however you play it with these ladies, you should do so with respect and attention to their needs in turn.

Sex Culture

In the matter of the sex culture in the region of Madeira, it is quite free-flowing and liberal. Certainly, both the sexes are quite active in this regard and engage in fun times regularly. Not to mention, these Portuguese people do not shy away from pleasures of all kinds, and physical intimacy is no exception.

Thus, if you are into having intimate experiences with the Portuguese ladies, you would get the chance for such. Moreover, they understand and respect their bodies well, and are good in the act itself. If you spend time with them and get together later, you would indeed have a fun experience.

While this culture is booming, it is not done so openly. People have their own interests and fantasies, and privacy is a huge factor in many of their lives. Thus, no matter how you go about with it, do not disrespect the ladies that you do so with. Indeed, they are amazing partners and know what they are doing and how to give you what you crave.

Not just the local Portuguese women though, the foreign girls too are quite sexually active in this city, and you can approach them. They are equally interested in engaging in a fun time and enjoy these joys. Therefore, you can have a great sex life when you visit Madeira but do so after forming a bond with your partner.

One-Night Stands

It is important to note that Portuguese women, in general, do not want something hardcore and casual. Commonly, they are more into relationships and are not fans of emotionless one-night stands. However, in Madeira, they are much more open towards the possibility and agree to it with someone that they like.

Certainly, it is not a completely odd thing to experience in this society and many of them enjoy it well. Of course, you need to keep in mind that they do not get physical with just anyone and you should make sure that they are comfortable with you. Get to know them better, flirt with them, and if they are interested in more, they would admit to it.

The relaxing and fun atmosphere of this region allows them to let down their guard, and live and love unreservedly. Owing to this, one-time things are quite common in Madeira with these girls, if you manage to catch their interest. Not to mention, the foreign women, too, are quite open to these situations and you can go up to them instead.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Out of all the different places in Portugal, the autonomously ruling region of Madeira is in a league of its own. Owing to the wonderful climatic conditions and beautiful surroundings, it a traveling paradise for many. Thus, when you visit this place, you would get to enjoy loads and loads of wonderful moments.

Not to mention, there are various chances for you to engage in fun events as well, and you can try them out. These bring out the overall thrill of the area, and you would enjoy it every step of the way. Of course, while you do so, you would certainly want someone to share it with, and in Madeira, there are plenty of options.

These people, especially the women, are exciting and engaging and make for great partners, whatever your focus is. However, while this means you can interact better with them, it does not indicate so in a romantic sense. After all, these ladies are friendly with everyone but trust only a few with their hearts.

In order to continue developing a better bond and also win their emotions, it is important to know how to approach them. Indeed, not every girl is looking for the exact same thing and would react differently to each of your confessions. Hence, anticipating how the reaction would go so that you don’t get rejected every time is important.

Thankfully, one way that would help you in this matter is matching the ‘how’ with the ‘where’. You can tell a lot about a person and their desires from the mood that they are in for. Certainly, each area has a different feel to it, and understanding them would allow you to adjust your method accordingly.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife is one of the most freeing moments at a place, and young men and women enjoy them immensely. Therefore, when you visit Madeira, these following spots would brighten up your nights, with their ambiance and patrons alike. Certainly, if you want to meet young Portuguese women, you should give these areas a visit.

  • Banana's Pub- If you are in for a night of fun and alcohol, this is the place to try in Madeira. Not to mention, you would meet many young ladies too, which is always a plus.
  • Copacabana Garden Lounge Bar- You would certainly enjoy the dreamy lifestyle that is Madeira nightlife best at this place. The women are great partners for such.
  • Hole in One- This is one of the best bars in this region and a regular place for young women to go to. Thus, you should give it a visit for sure.
  • Copacabana- Dance the night away at this fabulous place in Madeira. If you are looking for a company, the ladies here are great choices for such.
  • Dubaï Club- Paired with great beats and wonderful ambiance, this is a go-to location in this region. You would get to meet many young women as well.
  • Trap Music Bar - If you want to have a wonderful free time when you are in Madeira, you should definitely visit this spot.
  • Vespas Club- Are you in the mood for heart-racing music and move to beat-dropping dance moves? The women who frequent this club would make for great dance partners.
  • Living Room- when it comes to enjoying the night-scene in Madeira, this is a perfect spot for you. And the service, atmosphere, as well as the company, make up this attraction.
  • Barreirinha Bar Café- If you are a lover of food as much as the alcoholic beverages, this place in Madeira is the one for you. The girls you meet are just what you need for this.
  • Mercearia da Poncha- When it comes to meeting women and enjoying the glory of Madeira bar-scene, this is the place you should go to.

Shopping Malls

Without a doubt, one of the best locations in any place when it comes to meeting someone is at the shopping malls. Not only can you buy things that you are in need of, but also the locals frequent these areas regularly. Most of them are the local girls, and they do so for various reasons, both personal and work-related.

While the shopping markets are prominent and central locations in any city, they are not in huge quantities in Madeira. Of course, there are a few, and the farmers’ markets as well, and the locals go there. Indeed, whether you are looking for the things or company, you would find both in these locations.

However, when approaching these women, do keep the surroundings you are at in mind. Outrageously flirting with them would not win you any favors, and would instead turn them off. Thus, behave normally with these women and approach with equal parts confidence and respect, and things would work out for you. Here are the best shopping destinations in the entire region of Madeira. Mercado dos Lavradores

  • La Vie Funchal Shopping Center
  • Forum Madeira
  • Galatrixa
  • Mercado dos Lavradores


Wherever you turn your gaze, every sight in Madeira is exotic and gorgeous, and there are many such areas present. Not to mention, there are various activities available there too, which only adds to its brilliance. Of course, this region does not hold back in the cultural aspects either and has a rich and prominent heritage.

With all these features and much more, the attraction of these areas for the tourists is very obvious. Likewise, the many local women, too, enjoy going to these areas regularly, specifically the beaches. Therefore, no matter what your expectations from the locations are, the women you meet would add to it.

Certainly, if that is something that you want, going to these areas is exactly the help that you require. Not only does this allow you to enjoy the visits yourself, but you will also appreciate their company. And you do not need to worry about fishing for topics; you can begin conversations regarding the location itself. This would give both of you the chance to relax and naturally segue into a deeper discussion.

Some of the best spots that you can check out in this region are mentioned here.

  • Pico Ruivo
  • Monte Palace Tropical Garden
  • Ponta do Garajau
  • Calheta Beach
  • Pico do Arieiro
  • Prainha Beach
  • Porto Santo Island
  • Curral das Freiras
  • Garganta Funda Waterfall

Universities and Colleges

Indeed, education is an important element in the complete life cycle of an individual and Portuguese women take it seriously. However, while that is true, Madeira is more of a vacation spot rather than a regular city. Thus, there are not many options for young Portuguese women and men to pursue their educational goals in this region.

However, the ones who prefer staying in this area, do not give up on their studies and there are some local colleges for them. They go to these places regularly and focus on improving their future goals. So, if you want to meet the young Portuguese ladies in Madeira, these are good places to try.

Of course, for a soft and sweet romance, the combination of these places and these people would work for you. Not to mention, these younger women want to experience something beautiful and passionate and are open to romance. If you want to talk to them properly, things like their studies and the grueling university life would allow you to grow a bond.

The places of education in Madeira that you can go to when you visit are as follows.

  • Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute
  • Escola Superior de Enfermagem de São José de Cluny
  • University of Madeira


To put it simply, there are several things that make your days feel better and less complicated, adding fun and excitement instead. One of those in everyone’s adult life is their relationships, most specifically of the romantic variety. Not only do you get to spend it with someone you care about, but it also adds a layer of intrigue in the moments.

Thus, when you go to places like Madeira, that becomes more important, given the attractive opportunities in the city. Having someone to experience them with is exceptionally interesting, and the Portuguese ladies there make it happen. After all, comfort and enjoyment are their favorite things and they ensure others have it too.

While most of these women want a long-time connection, the aura of this region allows them to put their defenses down. Therefore, they consider other types of relationships too, granted that they like the person who is asking. Indeed, if you are looking for a casual dalliance, these ladies would give it some thought.

They are fun to hang out with and enjoy going to different places and trying different activities. So, whatever you end up doing together, boredom is out of the question for the two of you. Not to mention, they like having deep and meaningful conversations and you would enjoy discussing various topics.

Moreover, they know a great deal about Portuguese culture and the past as well and would enjoy talking to you about them. These ladies have a beautiful and warm personality and would make you feel great about yourself. Thus, no matter what you end up doing in Madeira, these ladies alongside you would help you savor the experience.

Holiday Romance

Without a doubt, Madeira is a gorgeous region in Portugal and has a lot to offer to the world. While it is no financial factory, the tourism spectrum in this place is highly booming and profitable. After all, the natural formations of Madeira are to-die-for, and the beachy vibes allow for ample relaxation.

Owing to this, you would get to meet loads of tourist girls roaming around this region when you visit it. Of course, if you, too, are on a vacation to Madeira, it makes for a perfect opportunity for you to try your dating luck. The holiday feel of the place would help you realize your wish much easier than in other cities.

Indeed, these ladies want to have a wonderful vacation too, and the possibility of an exotic love story is exciting. Therefore, when you approach them for a date, they are more inclined towards saying yes. Both the foreign girls and local Portuguese ones as well are up to getting into such an affair.

However, while many of the Portuguese ladies might become more susceptible to this, not all of them would. Most of these women want something more meaningful than a temporary fling and would prefer to stay away. Not to mention, the fact that you would leave eventually is something that would become an obstacle later.

Because of that, many don’t try for this, even if the chemistry is present, and you should respect their decision. While these sorts of relationships are very liberating and passionate, it holds the potential to hurt too. Thus, if it is what you want to experience in Madeira, make sure that the one you do so with, agrees.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To put it simply, relationships are built on a few basic elements that each type of it relies on. Whether you are serious about each other or not, distance, age, etc., all follow the same principles in its core. Certainly, not working on them all or on both sides can dis-balance the status quo and wreck your bond.

While it is true that you cannot calculate or control real-life love stories, you can improve it for sure. Thereby, these aforementioned elements come into play and ultimately help (and if not followed well wreck) your relationship. Therefore, if you want to increase your compatibility and live in a healthy mindset together, here are some things that you can do.

  • Talk to them- Certainly, one of the most important things that would positively influence your relationship is communication. And that does not only include talking to each other about mundane everyday things only. The Portuguese women give high importance to feelings and love and want to know more about you. Thus, you should do that with them; open up about the biggest moments and the most random things about you that you remember. They enjoy conversations, and even more so when they are getting a glance into your life.
  • Try to understand their culture- Portuguese culture is not that difficult to adapt to, and is very similar to many of the other European ones. However, you might still have some issues accepting or understanding certain things about your lover. Therefore, work on that properly as a misunderstanding on such a basic level can result in other issues.
  • Learn Portuguese- Without a doubt, this would help you immensely when you are trying to better your love life. There are many people who are not entirely comfortable with the English language and prefer speaking in their mother tongue. So, if you learn Portuguese, you can easily converse with those close to you, not just your lover. And this would help improve your relationship with their family members too.
  • Keep the romance alive- The Portuguese ladies enjoy the simple things in life and romance is a huge part of it. In fact, they want someone who would wait by their side and love them deeply and they show that through their actions. Thus, you can do the same and make her feel happy, giddy, and loved. Also, it would help you remember how you fell for each other in the first place.
  • Find time for each other - Certainly, this is an important thing to remember, especially for those who have been partners for many years. After all, with time, the honeymoon phase fizzles out and you feel bored and fall slowly out of love. This happens gradually when both you and your companion start giving attention to other things over each other. With time, you even forget missing each other and that is where the problem occurs. Therefore, hold the reins while you still can and give each other time. Sure, some distance is not bad, but spending time together occasionally is also important.
  • Privacy and trust - Speaking of distance, it is true that some of it is good for your relationship and actually shows positive results. Indeed, do not stick to each other constantly as that can soon get difficult to handle and creates resentment. Not to mention, you and your partner might start doubting each other and your intentions, and that can ruin your bond. Thus, realize that you both have lives outside each other and let the other live it too. Consequently, this would improve your trust in each other as well.


One of the most valuable and cherished feelings in the world that everyone craves is, surely, love. Not only does it make you feel more present and alive, but it also makes you feel whole. Certainly, it is a wonderful feeling, and having someone nice and lovely to share it with makes a huge difference.

When you visit Madeira, the Portuguese women you meet would become that very missing piece for you. These ladies are kind and friendly and crave a real connection over shallow conversations. Therefore, when they do give their hearts, they do so with a lot of maturity and trust.

Of course, the more friendly they are, the easier it is to get confused about their inner feelings. But when they fall for you, you would certainly know through her subtle actions and honest words. These Portuguese ladies do not beat around the bush and would let you know what her feelings for you are.

They are attracted to smart and charming men and crave attention and warm support. And these women want someone who treats them with care and respect, without trying to control them. Thus, keep these in mind and treat the Portuguese lady you are interested in well.

When your relationship deepens and the trust grows, you would see her open up more towards you. Indeed, while these ladies have a caring and jovial personality, they still keep their hearts protected. But if you treat them well and they sense that your feelings for them are genuine, they would always stay loyal.

Certainly, one thing that would give you the idea if things are going great is if she introduces her close ones to you. Family is a highly sacred portion of Portuguese society, and their willingness to share that with you is a wonderful sign. Moreover, these ladies have the traditional mindset in matters of the heart and believe in love and family values. Thus, this part is very important to them and would determine both of your future.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Without a doubt, no relationship is perfect and every one of them comes with issues of their own. However, love does conquer all, and that is the main thing that people believe while ignoring the warning signs. While that is true, what should you do if you feel such a way about the person you love and want to marry?

Certainly, passion is important but so is practicability, especially when it is a matter of lifetime commitment. Nervousness is obvious in such situations but your gut feelings are also valid when it comes to self-warning. Indeed, the two are confusing to think about, when your feelings are deep and strong.

Thus, if you need help telling the difference between the two, here are some questions that would give you a better understanding of your chosen partner. Is she honest with you?- Without a doubt, honesty is one of the main paragons of relationships and you should have that in yours. Therefore, see if she does that with you, regardless of what you are talking about. While knowing everything your partner does at all times is not right to expect, the fact that she tries is a good sign nonetheless.

  • Does she give you time?- Everybody in this world is always busy, focusing on their own priorities and ambitions. Not to mention, family and friends are important to spend time with as well and many people focus on them. But when you are in a loving bond with someone, shifting the priorities a little is important. Therefore, does she do that for you and go out of her way to meet with you, just like you do? You need to take a note of that for surety.
  • Are you both on the same wavelength?- Certainly, when it comes to deciding on who to spend your life with, having a similar mentality is important. After all, this would determine whether the two of you would have easier compatibility throughout your life. Finding someone that you like but do not get along with is hard, although the chemistry is there. Thus, keep that out of your mind for a while and focus on the facts. Do you both have similar goals and thought processes, and also have the same type of expectations from life? Without that, things might get difficult to handle later, and knowing so beforehand is important.
  • Do you have fun when you meet?- When you spend time together, do you both have fun? To put it simply, does her presence make you happy no matter what it is that you are doing together? Whether it is something classy like a date or something simple like having a TV marathon. If you can talk to her about anything and feel lighter at the end of it, it is a good thing.


When it comes to future planning, most of the people in Madeira have theirs decided on for a long time. And for the women, certain elements are ingrained into their subconscious, and they set their goals for it. Certainly, with their dependency and respect for family values, the significance of marriages is high.

Without a doubt, these ladies have seen family bonds and how important they are, and crave having their own. Therefore, they want commitment in relationships, and after some time of it, marriage. If you do not intend to have the same or are not thinking about it at all, stay open about it with these ladies from the start.

Not only would they respect you for your truthfulness, but it would also lead to a healthier bond between the two of you. However, if you want to get married to your Portuguese lover, getting the approval and acceptance of their family is crucial. This is important to these women, and you should focus on winning their hearts as well.

While this is true, it is also necessary to note that many young couples in Madeira unofficially start a family. To put it simply, they decide to live together instead of tying the knot, and many couples go forward with this. Thus, if you are considering getting married to your Portuguese lover, you should keep that in consideration.

However, the society in Madeira holds marriages in high sanctity, and thus, that is highly common. It shows to the world your willingness to commit to each other permanently, and the Portuguese ladies like that very much. Consequently, weddings are celebrated with love and excitement, with a focus on ongoing traditions and customs.


While discussing on the celebration side of marriages, it is worth noting that the customary traditions are crucial in them. In fact, while Madeira is quite a diverse region, the majority of the inhabitants are Christians. Thus, the ceremonies, too, are mainly prepared, keeping that in mind, and many are performed in churches.

Yet, Madeira is a land with wonderful terrains and breathtaking views, and many couples want to include that in their plans. If you want the same in your celebration, you can opt for destination weddings that take place in this area. Not to mention, it adds its own romanticism into the ceremonies and makes them grander.

Furthermore, it is not a surprise that the Portuguese people love romance, and crave that in their lives. Because of this, many of the customs that they follow center around the relationship and love between the couple. Not to mention, the familial love forms the backbone of such celebrations, and the two sides unite together.

Certainly, when you get married to a young Portuguese lady, you would notice the element of entertainment at your wedding. Of course, you can choose thematic celebration, whether intimate or grand, but the Portuguese people make it lively nonetheless. Whatever your ultimate celebration showcases, with the background, traditions, and people involved, it will surely satisfy you and your bride.

In case you are looking for the best spots for such ceremonies in Madeira, here are some options to try.

  • Albatroz Beach and Yacht Club
  • Hotel Quinta Da Serra
  • Hotel Alto Lido
  • Casa Velha Do Palheiro
  • Belmond Reid’s Palace

Family Life

To put it simply, family life is definitely the main driving force of Portuguese society. Thus, when you get married to a local woman there, it is bound to become an integral part of your life. The woman you marry understands that and would support you every step along the way.

Despite the more traditional mindset regarding marriages in Madeira, family life generally does not involve any power struggle. Both you and our partner would equally operate towards a good and prosperous family system side by side. Certainly, many of the household works are strictly under the jurisdiction of your beloved wife, but you have to pull your weight too.

While working after marriage is concerned, it depends on person to person and how they feel about it. Many ladies stay in their household roles and focus on keeping everything running, while others prefer adjusting their professional commitments too. Not to mention, these women are smart and loving and put that energy and commitment to raising wonderful human beings.

Another thing that you would notice prevalent in Madeira is the involvement of the maternal family members in your life too. After all, the Portuguese people are a close-knit bunch and would help out in any way they can. Moreover, the atmosphere in this region is also very relaxing and so are the other facilities.

In fact, with the importance of family values, the government provides ample help to young families raising their children. The area is quite safe as well, and there are other growth opportunities in place, all dedicated to creating a stable home life. Certainly, throughout your relationships with the various women in Madeira, you would have a warm and unforgettable experience altogether.



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