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Dating in Azores and meeting single girls is fun! You just need to know the basic steps how to date Portuguese women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Portuguese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Azores, Portugal.

Girls in Azores:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Azores:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Azores:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Azores:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $200

Dating Portuguese Girls

People who have always experienced dating in cities have got the best enjoyment out of it. But have you ever thought of dating a girl from one of the best islands? You might think that there is hardly any scope of dating someone on an island after hearing about it. No, it is not, and the leading example of this is Azores, a famous region of Portugal.

This region includes nine islands, and in all of them, you will come across the most beautiful Portuguese girls. Whoever has visited these islands have fulfilled their dating wishes and have enjoyed their trip to the fullest. Believe it or not, but these Portuguese girls have a simple mind and do not want complications in their lives.

If you are looking for someone special with a fair skin tone and an appealing figure, you will surely find her here. The prominent thing about them is that they love those men who are honest and are free from wrong intentions. It is because, since their childhood, they were taught the lessons of honesty and had taken it into full consideration.

Therefore, you have to be honest and truthful to yourself before impressing them. Remember one thing - a single lie can ruin your date and make things go south if your partner finds out about it. Dating local girls in Azores can be a really fun experience for you if you play your cards right.

Dating Culture

Compared to other places, the dating culture in Azores is different, but you should expect to get results from it. Local girls here are open to romance and will get impressed if you get a little cheesy with them and make them feel loved and important. There are a few men who have impressed them easily by helping in their cooking activities. Even if you do not know how to cook, you can help them by assisting them or even by just being there with them while they do the work.

Never feel shy when you are approaching a women here and be confident. Engage these women in interesting conversations about different topics as they don't really like people who are boring and do not have any unique topic to discuss. It is not that you will only have to speak, also listen to their opinion and let them take the conversation in a direction that they like.

You can also ask them to join you in doing something exciting, like going out for dinner and watching movies. Allow them to first express a place of their choice that they want to visit, then you weigh in with your own choice. But it does not mean that you have to remain silent and keep hearing what they speak.

They will take time to know you, but it is you who have to know them thoroughly. If you can show interest in knowing them properly, then you are just a few steps away from impressing them.

Women in Azores

There is no doubt that the women in Azores are too friendly and can easily get attracted to you. Although they adhere to their culture, no one steps away from having a cozy relationship. You will have the best memories and make them the blissful moments of your life.

But they do not like someone with an arrogant attitude and someone who tries to act too smart. They will feel happy if you flirt with them and praise their skin tone and appearance. But on your first date, make sure that the communication is friendly and everything is within the limit.

In other words, they can easily spot what most of the men are up to and what their intentions are. Specifically, not all men are successful in impressing them and a few can truly meet u their expectations. You can at least try to convince them that you are the right person in their life.

It is evident that they are beautiful, and you will get attracted to their dark and silky hair. They have such captivating hair that men classify their hair sa one other most impressive feature.

Portuguese Girls (age 18 - 29)

You will find that Portuguese girls between the age of 18-29 are mature enough to decide what they want. Although the girls in the Azores make few decisions after consulting their parents, they are independent to take significant decisions about their lives. In other words, they are free to go on a date and enjoy the whole day with you.

But no one can predict whether they are looking for friendship or a relationship. It is true that they will enjoy your company but don't mistake their friendliness with sexual attraction or anything like that. The best thing you can do is to develop a good friendship first and then approach them about a relationship.

Do not make this mindset that they are shy about love and know nothing about it. In other words, they are experts, and they know it better whether a relationship is right for them or not. So, just have patience as the only way you can win their heart is through a better friendship.

It would be the best thing if you let them decide and come back to your opinions later. Remember this thing, if you do not give them their personal space, then they will leave you forever. Just give them their own space once and see how they get more attracted to you.

Portuguese Women (age 30 - 45)

If you think that every Portuguese woman who has reached the age of 30 is married, you are wrong. It is definitely their age of marriage, but few women are single and are ready for a relationship.

But they are not very fond of casual relationships as they are not like young girls. In other words, you have to take them seriously and move forward for a lifetime commitment. If they find you casual about the relationship, they will avoid you and find someone better than you.

Whether you take them to discos, theatres, movies, or for dinners, make sure that your relationship is smooth in the sense that there is no misunderstanding as to what you both want from the relationship. After going out with your partner from this age bracket for a few times, you will see how things are changing and how well they can understand you. It may seem weird to you, but after trying it out, you will realize its value.

Portuguese Ladies (age 45+)

Now when you hear about dating a 45-year-old woman, things like old and wrinkled come in your mind. Just erase these thoughts because few unmarried Portuguese ladies are still attractive and love to date every man who is single. But you cannot have huge expectations from them as they are committed to their family.

You can just take them out for a regular hookup and give them the best moments of their life. If you think that it is too difficult to find women of this age, you can also find them online. There are many online dating websites where you can find them quickly and continue your dating process.

Foreign Girls in Azores (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

You may think that in the Azores except Portuguese girls are there any other girls from abroad? The answer is simply yes, as it is one of the most prominent Portuguese regions and has attracted many foreign girls. It is evident that most of them are attractive, and you will get tremendous opportunities to meet them.

You will never feel disappointed after meeting them and taking them for a beautiful city tour. In other words, they can be your best alternative as most people do not understand Portuguese girl's accents. It may happen that they can communicate in your language through which both of you can have a pleasant conversation.

Therefore, it is not necessary that if you visit the Azores, you will only look for a Portuguese girl. Many people who did not find anything in them have found the best qualities in a girl from abroad. So you should think about something better and obtain the best results from it.

Sex in Azores

Every Portuguese girl wants to have sex once they have a strong relationship with you. But for that, you have to be strong and show them that you are not afraid of any lifetime commitment. In many countries, people believe that having sex before marriage is like committing a sin, but these girls are free-minded.

But if you are dating someone for a casual purpose, then you should avoid it. They want to have casual sex for a time pass, but you should simply say no to it. For this thing, if they want to break the relationship with you, just accept it and never turn back.

This situation can also arise when you are ready for sex, and the girl you are dating is not. Without asking her any questions, just take her to somewhere where there is only enjoyment. Remember one thing you must not force or request them unnecessarily about sex because their decision has a value.

Sex Culture

Obviously, there is no doubt that the sex culture in Portugal is influential, and Azores have the best impact on it. Neither men nor women feel that there is something wrong in having sex before marriage. If you see the society, it is fully modified that you will observe people having sex inside their car.

People can get the best opportunity to prove their sexuality while taking their women to a nightclub. In this case, they can have the best dance moves with them and enjoy the best moments of it. But they have to be impressed in a manner that everything is smooth and easy.

However, your hairstyle cannot impress any girl as they look for your body language and your flirting style. Being the most cultured girl, they do not fail when it comes to flirting with the most handsome men. Therefore, you should also not step away from having a robust flirting power and feel free about it.

One-Night Stands

If you see a recent survey, you would see that One-Night Stands have grown hugely in the Azores. In other words, no one can think about sex without One-Night stand. This is the best option for any person who wants to get involved with women in sexual intercourse. Just imagine for one night if you can give a girl something that they have not imagined how fascinating it would be.

Few people think that One-Night stand is the thing that attracted them to come to this region. You might also have this mindset, but try and discover something that can change your life. The best thing you can do is to make a girl your life-partner and move on in your life.

Still, if you think that a one-night stand is the best, then you have to develop a proper conversation. That does not mean your conversation should have anything in a vulgar sense; it has to be polite. This way, it will be easier for you to impress them, and whatever you have thought will move forward.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls in Azores

No one is unaware of the fact that the Azores is the best region in Portugal, and everyone enjoys out there. But if you are looking forward to meeting single girls, you should first start with nightclubs. There are top nightclubs where many single girls are coming and sharing the loneliness of their lives. You can meet and engage them in such a manner that they forget all sorrows and depressions of their lives.

The next place you can meet them is shopping malls and a few tourist attractions. Just ask them for help about the city tour and make them engaged with your conversations. This way you would get happiness which you have been looking for a long time.

The coffee shops and canteens beside colleges are also the places where you can meet single girls. But the security is tight, and you have to be aware before meeting them. Just ask them for some help, and within this thing, you can slowly start your conversation.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Azores has the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs where you would enjoy nightlife to the fullest. Every girl feels free to go there and search for the desired men of their choice. If you are looking out for someone attractive, you will definitely find her in these places. In other words, you can refer to this thing as a golden opportunity that might not come back. Just go through the list given below, and you will get a fair idea about it.

  • Bar Do Pi - Best bar in the city, and it is famous for its cocktails and alcoholic drinks, which you have never tasted before. The best thing about the bar is that it brings DJ music from different parts of the world. If you visit here, then it is guaranteed that you would get the best girls of the city. Believe it or not, but most of them are single, and always search for someone with an attractive personality.
  • Lava Jazz - The most popular nightclub in Azores, which is mostly famous for its concerts. Besides offering alcoholic drinks, it also has a dining facility that will give you an opportunity for fine dining. Like Bar Do Pi, many single girls visit here and find the real pleasure of their lives.
  • Discoteca Skipper - If you love disco, then you will have to visit here and cherish the best memories. Whoever has been here done not feel like returning as the atmosphere is best and fun-loving. Many local girls are there who do not like this place, but the foreign girls love it.
  • Sentado - Visit here, and you will fall in love with the crowd of this nightclub. Day by day, it can attract single girls with its music and dance tunes. It will be your best opportunity to dance with the girl of your choice and impress them. Mark this as the most important place and never forget to visit here.
  • Twins Club - If you love beer, then without having any question, just come here and know the real meaning of life. This bar is not only loved by the local girls, but many foreigners also love this place. The only reason is that the best beers in the city are available and no one can miss it.
  • Sociedade Recreio dos Lavradores - Before visiting, if you have any doubts about this place, go through every feedback. In other words, the person who has been here having got the opportunity to dance with the most beautiful girl. It is not guaranteed that you can impress them, but you would get a dancing chance with them.

Arco 8 art gallery and bar - An art gallery and bar for those persons who enjoy having a drink with some of the best art galleries. The place has never disappointed anyone when it comes to meeting the diversified ranges of women. Most of them come here and share the best thoughts after finding the most attractive and handsome men.

  • DiWine Azores - If you love wine and want to have it with one of the most attractive women, then this is the right place. Not only the young women but the unmarried old-aged women also visit here, and people enjoy their company. If you are finding it hard to believe it, then check a few reviews given by the old-aged women.
  • HC bar & Lounge - A bar famous for its alcoholic drinks, which you might not have heard earlier. Another best thing about this place is that it has live music which you would not get anywhere. The girls who visit here are addicted to live music and can provide you satisfaction to the fullest.
  • Raiz Bar - The bar which has proven its significance with the city's best cocktail. Girls who visit here are from a cultured society and never let anyone talk to them. You can ask them for any help and know about the various cocktails of the bar.

Shopping Malls

If you think that bars and nightclubs are not suitable for you, then you can also visit shopping malls. Throughout the day you will notice that many women visit there and most of them are single. You might think that how it is possible to approach them, and it can be a matter of risk. Do not worry, just make some excuse that you are new in this mall and need some guidance. They will definitely guide you with the mall directions and explain to you everything about it. Just visit these shopping malls and try out something which can easily impress them.

  • Parque Atl├íntico- A shopping mall which has got four stars on the internet and is preferred by most local women. They visit this place during the evening and are mostly alone at that time. Just seek for an opportunity and interact with them in such a manner so that they get a friendly feeling.
  • Solmar Avenida Center- It is not that famous shopping mall, but many foreign girls come here. You can easily approach them and tell them a few things that you know about this mall. This way, they can quickly develop an interest in you and get involved in your conversations.
  • Hyper Compre Bem- The best mall in Azores where you will find both local and foreign girls. Approach them by being a guide and suggest the best thing so that they are not cheated. By doing it, you will see that they will get impressed, and there will be further conversations.
  • Casa Chiea - If you visit here in the evening, you will never find those women who are single. Therefore, it is better to visit here during the daytime and look for the most attractive women.
  • Forum Terceira- A family shopping mall where you will not get too many single women, but there are chances. It does not mean that you can visit here daily the best you can do is to visit on Sunday. You will notice that many of these women come to visit the shopping mall on Sunday.
  • Tecelagem O Lino weaving & Traditional crafts- Most of the Portuguese women love art and craftwork of blankets and rugs. Visit here, and you will find many of them coming in a large group.


It is not mandatory that you will only get hot girls in nightclubs, pubs, bars, and shopping malls. Few tourist destinations are there in Azores, where you can quickly get hot and sexy girls. All you have to do is to visit these places and enjoy them more than enjoying a nightclub. You might not get any sexy girl in the first attempt, but keep trying, and you will definitely get them. These are some of the famous places in Azores where you will get high chances of meeting these girls.

  • Museu Carlos Machado- A museum of most beautiful Portuguese arts built by the famous architect of Portugal named Carlos Machado. The artistic works which you will get here are fabulous and are loved by tourists all over the world. But, if you are visiting there to meet sexy girls, you will get them, but most of them like art. If your choices match with them, you can surely make friends and go on a coffee date.
  • Furnas Lake- This is a lake where you would definitely meet hot girls and have the best romantic moments with them. They will give you the best pleasure and make sure that you are enjoying valuable time with them. Whoever visits this lake captures its best memories and recommends it to everyone.
  • Mount Pico- There is not a single tourist who missed this place during their trip to Azores. You will get an astounding feeling to see most of the foreign women visiting here.

Universities and Colleges

Azores is on its way to come up with the best universities and colleges. Earlier there were only prominent universities, but now new colleges are there which gives the best direction to every foreigner. The best universities and colleges of Azores are.

  • University of the AzoresPolytechnic Institute of Santarem
  • University of Algarve
  • University of Aveiro

You will find girls from different cities of Portugal, and they are mostly fun-loving. Just start with a typical introduction and teach them a few English skills if they do not know the language. But, if they are familiar with the language, then talk to them about the islands in Azores.

Relationship in Azores

When it comes to relationships, then the women in Azores take a lot of time to think. The simple reason is that it can lead to marriage and a lot of things after that. If you are taking someone as your one-night stand mate, then never expect any relationship. In other words, every Portuguese girl is smart enough and knows when to get involved in a relationship.

It is not done yet, there are few girls who are well-mannered and are finding the right guy for a relationship. If you are looking for a real relationship with them, be smart enough, and have a strong character. People with weaker personalities could not impress any girl and have cursed them for this thing. It does not mean that you have to be overconfident and go beyond every limit.

Just talking to them, smiling, and taking them for dinner would not work as they look for the best men. In other words, you have to prove to them why they need to develop an interest in you. Now after hearing it, you will wonder how to do it possible with a simple answer. No, never just make sure that your body language is perfect, and you have a mature mind.

There is no difficulty in doing this thing as many foreigners who went abroad married a Portuguese girl. So, if they can do it, you also can make a relationship with your Portuguese friend. Just take everything on a positive note, and you will see an impossible friendship turning into a relationship.

Holiday Romance

Keep this thing in your mind that being on a holiday trip without romance is an incomplete experience. Most of the Portuguese girls are cultured and fun-loving; they will never hesitate to have romance. In other words, they will not only give you fun but also make sure that you never forget these romantic memories.

Therefore, you will quickly get involved in her personal life but never hide anything from her. Even if you have the worst experience anywhere, just share it so that nothing is unknown to her. Many people have hidden the worst thing about them and have lost trust in the most beautiful girl. Just do it, and from a severe romance, you can definitely convert it into a relationship.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Do you know that a relationship cannot be successful if you can only meet the required things? There are few tips for a successful relationship, which you have to keep in mind. By following them, there would be the best chances of a successful relationship. Believe it or not, but it has been possible in the majority of cases.

  • Never ruin a single moment- While going on a date, people sometimes ruin a beautiful moment, which is not the right thing to do. There will be difficult situations but make sure that within those situations, everything is smooth and fair. This is the first and foremost tip for a successful relationship.
  • Try to sacrifice as much as possible- This is the next tip which needs to be taken into consideration and cannot be taken casually. Try to respect her personal opinion by sacrificing your own by making her realize the power of the same.
  • Give her beautiful moments- One of the best tips for a successful relationship is to give her some beautiful memories. By doing this thing, even if you are her best friend, she would definitely want a relationship with you.
  • Give her a memorable gift- Without a single doubt, people can refer to it as a useful tip which will help you to the fullest. Gifting a necklace or a diamond ring is common, which you can avoid. You can give her a memorable gift like a showpiece featuring a love symbol with her name.
  • Respect the family opinion- If she says that her family is not ready for any specific thing very soon, just shower it with respect. Whatever her family has thought your interference does not have any role in this matter. Therefore, just respect the decision and do whatever they say. If you interfere in this matter and think that your relationship would be successful, then you are wrong. There is nothing beyond a family opinion, and they are more valuable than someone else's opinion.
  • Never get irritated- She might be wrong and does not know what your further plans are. You may feel irritated but never express it to her and try to cheer up her mind. Make her realize that she is wrong in understanding you so that she regrets and wants an apology from you.
  • Do not break up after she feels sad- She might feel sad after you have done something wrong which you were not aware of. If you break up she will take you as a weak person and think that you are incapable. Just write an apology letter and demand forgiveness.

Love in Azores

No one can give a specific guarantee that a Portuguese girl would easily fall in love with you. Most people cannot figure out the difference between going on a date and being in love. There is no written statement that dating a girl would mean that it is love. It is totally a misconception that has become people's mindset, and people get addicted to this thing. Therefore, you can say that the possibility of love in Azores is lower as most of the girls prefer dating.

But never think that it is impossible as you have just to prove how they can feel happy with you. By doing it, you can easily convince them about love and provide them with unlimited happiness. As soon as they fall in love, you can discuss future planning and the next stages.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

6.1 How to make sure she is the one Many people get confused in a relationship and think that whether the girl they are dating is right or not. It should know a few things about her and then only make a sudden decision. Without knowing any personal views and her areas of interest, making an immediate decision is a silly mistake. After making this stupid mistake, many people regret it but cannot find the exact things. Just follow these things and you can easily make sure the girl you are dating is right.

Few Portuguese women are there who do not get involved in the culture of other countries. Although, they are open to everything but only with a Portuguese guy. You have to just convince her about going to a different country and getting used to a new culture. If she is confident with this thing, then without any doubt, she is the right girl for you.

You have to share with here about your financial problems and even those problems that arise within your family. In this case, girls support their partners and try to do everything to make the right things. It has also been observed that few girls are stepping far away from those situations and not supporting their partners. Without questioning them, just leave them by making an excuse that why you are not ready for a lifetime commitment.

There should not be a single quarrel about religion, as it can lead you to a lot of trouble. If you see that she is not giving importance to your religion and insulting about it, then just leave her. The simple reason is that no one has given the right to tell something wrong about your religion. If you think of supporting her in this matter, your family members will hate you and can abandon you.

Marriage in Azores

There is nothing better than marrying a Portuguese girl in Azores after a successful relationship. But remember one thing that you have to follow her tradition and plan the marriage accordingly. She will mostly prefer having a catholic marriage, which might disappoint you and make you realize that it is wrong. Just do it as the marriage tradition from the women's point of view is a valuable thing.

But before the marriage, you can take her for a particular date and proper her with a precious diamond ring. Many of the girls get impressed with this thing and find their partners kind enough for marriage. If you forget to do it, never dream of getting married to a Portuguese girl.


When it comes to weddings in Azores the best thing is to plan for a famous destination. Yes, if you think about a destination wedding, you are right as it is recognized over there. But remember one thing besides the girl's destination opinion, her father's advice is also essential. The girl may choose a beach wedding, but her father will oppose it and want a banquet wedding. Just go for what her father is saying as their opinion is pivotal, and it never fails.

This way, the wedding is thriving, and it would make you and your wife live happily forever. You will notice that whoever opts for a Portuguese wedding always chooses the consent of the girl's father. Just do it, and you would see the wedding would be successful the way you wanted it to become.

Family Life

There is no doubt that you will have a lovely future with your wife in Azores after your wedding. The best thing you can do is to take your parents over there and make your wife a family woman. None of the Portuguese women have failed in running an entire family, but you should teach them some traditions. With these traditions, she will gain trust from your parents and understand the family better.

By becoming a better family person, they can easily take care of your children and fulfill their demands. There is no difficulty in teaching your wife about the traditions which is followed by your family. It will take time, but remember that it is not impossible, and they will fully adopt it.



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