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Guide for dating in Fuerteventura helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Spanish women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Spanish girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Fuerteventura. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.

Hot girls of Fuerteventura at the La Playa Club

Girls in Fuerteventura:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Fuerteventura:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Fuerteventura:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Fuerteventura:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $300
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $200


It is easy to see people sprout confused faces on why the name of a place should be this long; this confusion usually leads to curiosity.

Fuerteventura is an island on the Atlantic Ocean and the second-largest island that constitutes Spain’s Canary Islands.

In a bid to satisfy their curiosity and find out more about this place, this island has become a popular vacation spot for people. Asides from the mysteriousness of its name, this Island has a lot of beaches, which also attracts people as it is a place for relaxation.

Lounging on the beach all day is not a bad idea, so you should start packing your bags to have a swell time in Fuerteventura.

There are usually some things male tourists consider before visiting a place, and one of such thoughts is the women of the place. After all, what is life without women? We are sure that you are already entertaining such thoughts, so let us satisfy your curiosity.

You are going to encounter a lot of women in Fuerteventura, and this should be good news to you as the women are beautiful with well-toned bodies. It is only right that their women will have bodies worth drooling over for a place with lots of beaches.

These women are usually simple but elegant. They are an entertaining set that always looks forward to the interaction with tourists. So, conversing with them will not be an issue.

There is a small percentage of these women who will turn out to be gold-diggers. However, the majority of women want to engage with you and have fun.

Dating Culture

The dating scene in Fuerteventura is an easy-going one as the people of this island are carefree and open-minded. Everyone is at will to do what they please when it comes to dating.

The women have an eager spirit when it comes to conversing with men, so they do not shy away or stay reserved. In a way, it will be easy to get a woman during your stay on this island.

A typical woman of this city wants to mingle and try out different options to know which is suitable for her. Getting her to accept dates is not had as she is willing to see what you have to offer. The hard part comes in taking a step further as she will analyze her criteria to ensure you fit her criteria.

These women want nothing more than care and total respect, and also love it when their men are well-built. You should ensure you meet all these before you approach any of the women as you need to appeal to all their senses.

Public display of affection in Fuerteventura is dependent on individuals. If this is something you are comfortable doing with your partner, nothing is stopping you both.

You can walk up to any of the women in public places like the malls to have a conversation. They are used to strangers stopping them and do not find it rude in any way.

Online Dating

Dating in Fuerteventura can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Fuerteventura and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Tourists are usually scared of approaching women in any new city due to the fear of hostility as the attitude which the women portray can affect their stay. Thankfully, the women of Fuerteventura are friendly and welcoming. Their receptive nature gives you a blanket of warmth that you will never want to leave the island.

As fun-loving people, you are going to always find these women at the beaches as parties are thrown there regularly. They hang out at the beaches as looking at the water is therapeutic, and leaves everybody in the best mood.

Although there is no societal pressure on them to get married, they are open to marriage if it avails itself. It will be wrong for you to think that these women are not good homemakers because they are not in a rush to get married. These women have the perfect social and home intelligence.

These women are exercise freaks as they want their bodies to always be in perfect shape. They do not see it as stressful as the output is always worth it. The women of Fuerteventura have an hourglass body shape, and it will be safe to call them models.

It will be an interesting experience to date nay of these women as they would not stress you, but you would have a fantastic time.

Spanish Girls (age 18 - 29)

There is a saying that; the younger they are, the more energetic they will be. The Fuerteventura women are proof of this saying, as they always try to ensure to different things that hold interest to them.

Sometimes, people are against entering different activities as they believe that you will not be able to master anyone. However, these women strive to ensure that they finish whatever they start and become professionals.

Due to their energetic nature, you will always find these women are places that are bustling with activities. They are always the life of any party! You will ever see them ready to burst dance steps and not scared to show skin.

At a young age, they already elude self-confidence and can stand up for themselves at any time. Some people feel their sexy bodies give them the extra push to be confident.

It should not be a thing of a surprise when you see women of this age range who are already steadily pursuing their careers. Fuerteventura does not give room for anyone to slack. Thus, the women are always on the grind to make a name of themselves.

If you date any of them, you should be ready for explicit fun and be on the ground to always pamper her.

These women are not like regular young women, whom you will find in other societies.

Spanish Women (age 30 - 45)

The next set of women you will meet in Fuerteventura are slightly older, yet still have their young appeal. These women are gorgeous and can get any man they desire in a blink.

Being that these women are older, they have a more mature mind. They are fully aware of the wonders of their bodies, but they ensure to be moderate in how they flaunt their bodies and only use it when vital. When it comes to fashion, these women are fashion killers as they want a situation where they are attractive at all times.

In this age range, the majority of the women you will meet are at the peak of their careers. They have experienced life and start harboring the thoughts of retiring. At this age also, they begin to tone down from casual relationships as there is a want to have their family.

The open-minded nature of these women does not fade away with their age, so you can walk up to any of these women and have an interesting and soothing conversation. They always radiate positivity, which is a plus when it comes to wooing them.

It would be best if you did not play games with any of these women as their age gives them adequate experience with men. Being people that are not difficult, you should always be honest with them.

The women in this age range know how to add spice to their relationships.

Spanish Ladies (age 45+)

It is debatable if it is possible to find women of this age in other societies who take care of themselves the way these women do. They do not play with their health, fitness, and beauty products as they want to remain young-looking.

At this age, a good number of these women are already married. However, there is the possibility of seeing the single ones, and if you are attracted to such women, you should waste no time in shooting your shot.

The single women of this age range are usually energetic, which might also come as a surprise. Many of them are retired at this age and have a good amount of money to their name, which gives time adequate time to relax.

It is common to find the single women of this age range at the beaches as they are looking for a good time. They also know that the beaches are one of the first points of call for tourists, so they stay here to find someone who will be their prey.

Some of the women are tired of laying around at this point, and will not accept any proposal short of a serious relationship. However, others do not mind casual dating and other types of relationships.

They have a thing for younger and well-built men, and they do not slack in offering sexual satisfaction. These women are an interesting bunch to encounter.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

As a fun-enabling Island, there is always a constant inflow of tourists to Fuerteventura, and it cuts across all genders. The foreign women you will encounter here are lovely women who find it easy to mix up with the locals and other foreigners.

With the ease and freeness that Fuerteventura presents, thee women do not hold back and always ensure to bring their A-game. When they see how others are behaving, they lose any form of conservative nature they might have.

These foreign women are usually open to relationships with both locals and foreign men. However, they usually prefer short-term than long-term relationships.

To them, they want to guard their emotional space while still having fun. For this reason, foreign women will not want to get into anything serious as they know that their time on the Island is limited. This will be in your favor if you are seeking a causal relationship or a one-night stand.

It would help if you did not stress yourself when it comes to places where you can meet these women, as their timetable will be similar to yours. All tourists usually have areas that will interest them while they are in a new place, so you are sure of seeing the women at the points of tourist attraction you will find interesting.

Foreign women are always out to have fun to ensure that their vacation time is not a waste. You should not hesitate to approach any of them if they are the people you desire.


Fuerteventura women are free birds when it comes to sex. If they vibe with you, they will free engage in sexual activities with you. However, it would be best to remember that you cannot force these women to do anything against their women.

Do not take the niceness and freeness of these women for granted. You should always respect their wishes as they do not sway once they make a decision. If she refuses your offer for sex, it will be wise to move on to other options. After all, this island does not lack women.

Conservative is not a word that should be used in describing the women of Fuerteventura as they are open in all aspects of life, including sex. Due to their inquisitive minds, many engage in sex at an early age and continue with sex as they begin to experience a swell time.

Once these women establish a connection with you, it will be easy to get her in your bed. You should know that no woman will have sex with you if she does not find something about you attractive. If you appeal to their senses, it will be a smooth flow.

The innovative nature of these women also come to play in sex, as they always devise new ways to spice up their sexual life. Sex with any of them will be a different experience from what you know.

Sex Culture

A large percentage of single women in Fuerteventura are sexually active, so you should keep in mind that sex is a way of life for them. Gone are the days when people sneak around for premarital sex, as it is common on the island today.

There is no specific perception about sex amongst the sex. Everyone is at liberty to act as they feel concerning sex, and many utilize it to ensure that they always get satisfaction.

There are some societies where people cannot freely talk about sex, but this is not so on this island. Here, people engage in a lot of sexual conversations as they see it as a way of identifying compatibility or sharing ideas on how to spice up their different sexual lives. People find it shocking how the people of this island are at ease with sex topics.

It is from the conversation you will have that you will know that the women of Fuerteventura are kinky when it comes to sex. Remember that they are always looking for ways to spice up sex. Thus, the option of beach sex and BDSM are common.

Many of these women sleep around, and there is no stigmatization against them. The sex culture of this place is free and leaves everyone to their comfort.

When you experience this island and how people engage in sex, you will know that you do not need to be shy in having sexual conversations.

One-Night Stands

If you have not realized, these women’s open-minded culture makes it possible to have any kind of relationship with them.

As you already know, these women are people who sleep around. As single women, they need to get sexual satisfaction in one way or the other. With this, you know that you can easily get a one-night stand during your vacation.

While these women are receptive and have a high probability of accepting your offer, it is also dependent on the characteristics you exhibit and how you appeal to them. Some of these people may be out for your money alone, so they will accept your proposal if they view you as a wealthy person. However, this is just a minimal percentage of women.

Many of the women are on the lookout for that extra charm a gentleman should have, and how good-looking you are. If she is to be with you, you need to be worthy and match to her levels as she is not ready to play beauty and the beast.

In some societies, the women find it offensive when a man comes out to make an offer for sex.The women of Fuerteventura are not like that as they love honesty. They see you as a real man if you are honest with them. Amazingly the local women are not the only ones open to one-night stands as the foreign women do not mind also.

Vacation on this island is a time when you can catch your trips and enjoy a lot of women. Your daily mantra should be; play it safe, play it wise.

If you are smooth, you will be pleased with the number of women you will get.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

When you think about the best places to meet women on this island, we are sure the beach is the first place that comes to mind. Of course, you need to utilize whatever you possess, which is what the people of Fuerteventura do.

There is always an inflow of persons at the beach at all times of the day. Even though it is best to go during the weekends as the population would be more, you are sure of always seeing people at any time, or any day you go there.

However, are beaches the only places on the island where there is a constant inflow of persons? Are there other places where you can hang out and interact? The answer to these questions is YES, and you would soon discover the places.

The places which are going to be highlighted are places that you cannot afford to sleep on while you are in Fuerteventura, as these places always radiate positive vibes. You already know that the women on this island, both the local and foreign women, are attracted to a place that is fun and bubbly with activity. These are the places that should be your target areas while on your quest to meet single women.

The good thing about these places is that you not only get to meet the women but also get to have a swell time and the perfect relaxation you desire.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

These are the places that constitute major fun and nightlife on the island. In some societies, the nighttime life is the best time to approach women. While Fuerteventura is not limited to this, the bars and nightclubs will play an essential role in your quest.

You already know that there will be upbeat music and excellent drinks at these places. Imagine how extra vibrant they will be at these places for women who are naturally fun and energetic.

You must visit the places during your holiday period as the vibes they portray ensures that it provides an enabling environment to meet and mingle. With this, you can take a girl home for some bedroom fun.

Check out some of the bars, pubs, and nightclubs in Fuerteventura:

  • Seven Pints: Is there anything bothering you? Throw those worries away and head down to this gastropub for a lovely time. At this place, everyone is in a relaxed mood, and you can approach any lady you desire. Their beer is of excellent quality while they have provision for bar games and live music. There is never a dull moment at this place as you can also watch sports. It is conducive for meetups and mingling.
  • Coco Beach Club: If you have plans to party all night with the ladies, this club is calling your name. You should know that all forms of conservativeness are thrown out at this club, and the ladies are ready to give you a good time. People flirt openly here, and the sexual tension is high. For a step-down, you can get any drink you desire while at this club.
  • McCarthy’s Irish Pub: If you can describe a pub as a home away from home, this pub fits the description. There is a certain envelope of warmth you feel when you step into McCarthy’s that will make you want to remain there forever. Its live music acts are enthralling, while it also serves an excellent array for any drink you desire. People are always trooping into this place.
  • La Playa Bar Nightclub Disco: At this place, you will get the assurance of receiving different sweet vibes on different days as nothing is redundant. They understand the essence of versatility and ensure that they have different DJs each day. Its wine and cocktails, which are of top quality, are also enough to put anybody in the right mood.
  • Rock Café Fuerteventura: At this place, the staff members are dedicated to serving and delivering maximum satisfaction. They take pride in their services and will serve you nothing short of expectation. This café has an excellent selection of wines and beers and is open to everyone. With its light food as a plus, you are sure of seeing the women in abundance.
  • Disco Star: As a disco bar, you know that there will be back-to-back tunes to ensure you are always on your feet and having an excellent time. If you have the plans of brooding while here, you should cancel it as that plan will melt away when you behold the smile of the women you will encounter. These women have a specialty of lighting the mood up, and they will carry you along.
  • The Kings: This place is a top choice for locals. Thus, they rope in foreigners and increase the bar’s population. It is a live music bar, and from the name, you can tell that it provides royalty services. The outdoor setting of this place is the icing on the cake as it gives room for extra comfort and a relaxing environment.
  • Kiwi Bar Fuerteventura: Coming as a different mix from other bars, this is a piano bar where you get to enjoy serene music while you enjoy the best drinks option. It has a casual feel with an outdoor setting that makes it more relaxing. The traffic of people to this place is also high as there are times when people want to break out from the norm. You should visit this place during your stay.
  • Rock Island Bar: Starting from its delicious and tasty cocktails, you will not regret visiting this place. Its ambiance is welcoming, which makes people lose track of time while there. It also provides wine and beer options, so you have the assurance of getting ay dink you desire. The women derive pleasure in hanging out at this place.
  • Mamarumba: The music played at this disco club is quite different from others as it is strictly Italian. As a foreigner, these songs will put a smile on your face as it is a way of experiencing something new. People at this club re always hyper, and the ladies do not waste time in shaking their booties. You will be in awe of the fun you will experience.
Party at the Mamarumba club

Shopping Malls

It is safe to call the mall a favorite place of any lady as they derive joy from walking around and purchasing items. People usually feel that women use this to waste time, but it will interest you to know that there is always something that will get their attention and is essential to them.

The women of Fuerteventura are no different from the numerous women who love shopping. The love these women have for shopping might even be higher than that of other women.

Asides the local women of the island, the foreign women, are also at the shopping malls as they are enthralled by what the malls have to offer. It is a form of sightseeing to them as they can purchase something that will be of importance to them.

For the local women, it would be best to remember that these women place a high value on their beauty and health essentials. They also love to keep up with fashion trends, so a mall is where there is a constant inflow of these women. The shopping malls are always busy, and you should take advantage of this situation. Here, there are numerous women to choose from, and all you need is to play it cool.

Fuerteventura has some malls you can visit for your quest. They are:

  • Tourist Island
  • Marina Rubicon Shopping Center
  • Fuerteventura Atlantic Mall
  • Centro Comercial Las Rotondas
  • Mercado Canario, Bazar Canario
  • Cosmo Shopping Center
  • Tabaqueria Placeres Corralejo
  • Centro Comercial El Campanario
  • Shopping Center – El Palmeral
  • Punta Limones


Where else will be the best outdoor area to meet and mingle with the single women in Fuerteventura than the beach? Of course, this is the first place that will come to mind as it is among the factors that make this island popular.

Yes, the beaches are meeting points for the locals and foreigners, and there are usually different activities that people do there. It is an enabling ground for interaction, so you should always visit it. Asides from mingling and interacting, you also get to experience the peaceful and calming feeling that people speak.

The beach is not the only place on the island that qualifies as the best outdoor area to meet single women. The island will not be famous and of great interest to tourists if the beaches were its only points of attraction.

You can decide to diversify and visit Acua Water Park. You should already know what to expect from this place, as it will be nothing short of fun. Here, everyone gets to release their inner child and have fun. Women love places where they can be free, and you will see them in abundance here.

You can also decide to explore and gain more knowledge of this island by going on a hike to Montana de Tindaya. It is a mountain with different trails and has rock engravings that share the history of the people.

Always remember that you can have fun while on your quest to meet single women.

Universities and Colleges

Education in some societies is solely focused on the male gender alone, but it is not so in Fuerteventura. Being that Fuerteventura is a part of the Spanish culture, education is important for all the children in the family. So, it should not be a surprise to see women in higher institutions of learning.

Typically, the people on this island are involved in tourism. If the female wishes to further her studies, she is at liberty to go to a university or college. If she does not wish to further her education, she can go directly into business.

Due to how focused these people are when it comes to making a name for themselves, they always find how to relate whatever they study to business. The majority of them venture into the tourism industry so that they can improve the sector and attract more foreigners to the count. This counts as part of the reason why they have a warm nature.

With this knowledge, you are aware that higher education institutions are among the best places to meet single women in Fuerteventura.

You should not find it creepy, wanting to pay a visit to these places. It does not matter to them that a tourist is wandering the streets of their institution; what matters is your approach to the women.

Keep it light and classy, and you will be scoring a date in no time.

Some of the universities and colleges on this island are:

  • Centro Asociado de la UNED Fuerteventura
  • Tilesa Estudiafuera


Casual dating and other forms of dating are common between the local women of Fuerteventura and foreigners. However, there is usually hesitation when it comes to being in a serious relationship. This is because these women feel that foreign men can up at any time and leave, which will have them heartbroken.

There should be signs of seriousness in you if you want these women to accept your proposal for a serious relationship.

It is delightful being in a relationship with any of these women as you will be in for a rollercoaster ride of pleasant emotions.

Usually, these women do not put any boundaries in place, but it is dependent on the individual. The women of Fuerteventura make the perfect partners.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance is the kind of relationship the women of the island prefer to have with foreign men. In this relationship, there are usually no emotions attached, and only for the vacation period. Here, they know what they are getting into and what to expect.

The reason for this sort of relationship is satisfaction. Rather than sleeping with different people, you have a particular person for a while.

If you are looking for this relationship, do not be afraid to present your offer to the women as they will accept it.

Foreign women are also not left out in this sort of affair. They will also accept such an offer as it will provide them with companionship during their vacation period.

Holiday romance assures you of enjoyment.

Tips for Successful Relationship

People feel the initial stress is in getting into a serious relationship, forgetting that there is more to be done. When a woman accepts your proposal for a serious relationship, that is only the first step.

Of course, you might want to rejoice, but you should keep in mind that you need to do more to sustain the relationship as you will not want it to end abruptly.

Here are some tips for a successful relationship with any woman of this Island:

  • Be Charming: The charm you used in getting her to be your partner should be continuous. Taking her out on periodic dates and showering her with gifts are few out of the numerous ways you can ensure that your charming spirit remains in place. If you do not do this, someone else might come and take your responsibility, taking her away from you. Do not let her regret giving you a chance.
  • Respect: All humans needed to be respected, irrespective of age or gender. Thus, it would help if you accord your partner with adequate respect. You should know that decision-making now is not solely dependent on you, so you need to seek her input. Ensure you carry her along in the affairs of the relationship, and give her listening ears when the need arises. You will enjoy your relationship this way.


The women of this Island are hesitant about initially getting into a relationship because they understand the need to cherish the bond shared by love. Thus, they need to be sure that you are worth it.

Once all doubts are cleared between you both, you will notice yourself constantly glowing and radiating from happiness. There is always a difference between someone in love and one who is not.

With a Fuerteventura woman as your companion, nothing is stopping you from achieving what you desire as her constant support will be your biggest motivation. Be open to love during your stay on this island.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

When you are in love, there is always the nagging doubt on knowing if the woman feels the same way about you. It can be disheartening to find out that the feelings are one-sided.

Take a breather; it is not hard to determine if she is the right person for you. A woman who is the one for you will always give you a listening ear and will never shut down your opinions and ideas. Even when you are wrong, she will correct you with love.

You will also notice that she panics when things are not going right for you as she places a high priority on your interest. She is also someone who will have your back both in your presence and absence.

If you notice all these signs are there, WIFE her!


To get married on this Island, you should be a resident for over two years. If this is not done, you cannot have a civil marriage or church wedding; you will only be able to do a wedding blessing ceremony.

Civil marriage is essential as it signifies that you and our partner are legally married. It would be best if you start making plans for permanent residency once your mind tells you that you are heading down the road of marriage.

The family plays an essential role in any woman from the island. You need to seek their consent and blessings before you can go ahead with any process.


You can opt for a civil wedding or a church wedding, or both. During the church ceremony, you get religious blessings, while the civil marriage ensures you get a legal document that certifies the union.

The most popular wedding location on this island is the beach. However, you and your partner can decide to use any other desired location.

Some couples love to add spice to their wedding ceremony, and this is where the Rose Ceremony comes to play. Here, the couple exchange roses as the first official gist they give each other. There is usually soft music playing in the background during this process. It signifies strength, and the joining of two to become one.

Family Life

Family is an essential bond valued on this island, so you should know that there is a need to maintain a tight relationship with the extended family. However, this does not give room for them to interfere unduly in your affairs.

Also, it would help if you put in the effort to ensure that the bond in your immediate family never dies. Family time is important, and you should always be there for your wife and children.

With the conducive environment that the island presents, you will have a happy home.


Fuerteventura is divided into six historical municipalities (though most tourist areas are fairly recent):

  • Puerto del Rosario. The capital on the east coast, with airport to the south. The community area stretches to the west coast, few tourist attractions are in the area.
  • La Oliva. Covers the whole north of the island, but still it's quite small. Isla de Lobos is also part of the municipality. Known for Corralejo, Villaverde, El Cotillo and Parque Holandes.
  • Betancuria. The former capital, it's a favorite excursion destination - combined with Valles de Santa Inés and Vega de Río Palmas.
  • Antigua. With Caleta de Fuste.
  • Tuineje. With Gran Tarajal.
  • Pájara. The south peninsula, with the tourist centers Costa Calma and Morro Jable. Contains natural park Jandía, small and remote Cofete and Villa Winter.


  • Betancuria
  • Caleta de Fuste
  • Corralejo
  • Sotavento

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