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Guide for dating in Madrid helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Spanish women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Spanish girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Madrid. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Madrid, Spain.

Hot girls of Madrid at the Fucking Monday Club

Girls in Madrid:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Madrid:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Madrid:

  • Women's sexual activity: 5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 5 / 5

More about Madrid:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $300


Even if you were never planning a trip to the city of Madrid, we can be sure that you have at least once in your entire life thought about what it would be like to date a Spanish babe. Whenever you saw a picture of these beautiful women, you must have thought, if not aloud, at least to yourself, that they would be the perfect partners. Right from their gorgeous exterior to their lovely playful personalities, artistic inclinations, everything about them just makes them the perfect choice of women to date.

Now as you plan to take the trip to the city of Madrid, be assured that your dreams and hopes were not too far away from reality. Many of these local girls are exactly how you thought of them to be. They are instantly likeable and you can begin by starting a friendship with them. They are known to be very social and striking up a conversation, knowing more about them, and their likes and dislikes is no big deal.

As a tourist, you certainly will have to be an attractive proposition for them too but once you are able to break the ice, your potential and your skills shall determine how far you can actually go with these Spanish babes in the city of Madrid. Hence, to be at your best game and to make all the right moves in order to seduce these local girls and date them we recommend that you begin by understanding the dating culture in the city. Then learn more about these women, prepare your next move, your words, everything in accordance with this. Only then, can you consider yourself ready to approach them, so read the below sections to find out more about the same.

Dating Culture

The local dating culture is known to be very chilled out and casual. As a tourist, there is absolutely nothing that you need to be stressed out. The local people are known to be encouraging towards dating, they do not throw obstacles in the path of any couple who is dating and neither are they quick to pass judgement.

Being in the country of Spain where ideologies and reasoning are given a free-hand, there shall be conflicting opinions about various issues. But when it comes to love and dating, all of the citizens, especially in the capital city of Madrid are known to be united. They all believe that two individuals coming together and dating is a beautiful step in a relationship, moving towards something even bigger and better.

The young adults of the city of Madrid aren't stifled from the concept of dating. They are instead encouraged to explore their sexuality and embrace the idea of togetherness. Many of these young adults begin dating and make their relationship status public. Mostly family and friends congratulate them and welcome their partners as a family member itself

As a tourist, you can also begin dating a local girl in the city of Madrid very easily, all you have to do is showcase your witty and charming personality while being a thorough gentleman, and be assured that she shall fall for you.

There are a few things that you must know about these local women beforehand and while most of this can be inferred only by spending time with them, we are here to make things easier for you. Know more about the local women of the city of Madrid via the description about them given in the section below.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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These Spanish women are known to excel on various fronts and as a tourist, there shall be so much about them that you shall find immensely likeable. There more you get to know them, the deeper in love shall you be with them. Each minute spent with them shall warrant for two more by you. You shall often dream about what the future would look like if you had a Spanish beauty all to yourself. Hence, in this section, we shall tell you exactly what you wish to know about the Spanish babes of the city of Madrid.

Across the globe, these Spanish women are often objectified and their characters in pop culture are frequently hyper-sexualised. While the hype surrounding their physical features is justified, we believe that they are more than just their pretty exteriors, hence, in this article, we would love to tell you more about these local women, beginning with their personalities.

As we all know, personality plays a major role in determining the likability of any individual. Unless you are in it just for the looks and physical pleasure, personality can make or break the deal. Being a traveller visiting the city of Madrid, you shall have to begin flirting with any woman by striking up a conversation and here's where their personalities come to play. You must know sufficiently about them, to intelligently steer the conversation to suit your agenda. If you wish to have sex with the local women, you need to start off by giving a few compliments and gradually work your way to a bolder conversation, you wouldn't want to start off on the wrong foot and upset them by saying the wrong thing, would you now?

Therefore, you must know that these local babes in Madrid have a very lively and fun personality. They live in the present and embrace every little thing that brings them joy. These women are often happy-go-lucky and they do not worry too much unless it is their Paella that is burning on the stove!

They aren't complex personalities, rather they are simple to understand as they show their emotional side easily. They also express their feelings very well and thus you can get a stock of the situation by just asking! No need to put on that Sherlock hat and begin deducing. If these local women are happy, they shall smile, they shall sing, and they shall express it in every possible way. Similarly, if they are angry, the abuses, the flying saucepans, and all the yelling shall express their dissatisfaction too. This helps you understand how opinionated these women are. They seldom give-in to anything and they shall fight for themselves and their loved ones. They shall stand up against injustice and voice their opinions vehemently.

All of this shall certainly give you a fair idea about their approach towards sharing. These women are talkative and they can give words to their thoughts with ease. It is their forte and they can also indulge in conversations easily with strangers too. All that you, as a tourist, have to do is begin talking to these women. Once you get the ball rolling, it just continues moving forward. Hence, you are recommended to be an active listener around most of these women. They shall often tell you things about themselves without you even asking about it. Take advantage of this, when they let off more information about themselves than they should, realise that it is subconscious. Pickup on this information, and use it in a conversation later to impress them, make it seem like you are some sort of a mystic with a crystal ball!

Their personality is truly what shall make you fall in love with them and if you too are an extrovert, be assured of finding the perfect match here. If you are already falling in love with these Spanish beauties, while reading this article, wait till we begin describing their magnificent bodies.

Remember the time when you were watching an international soccer game in which Spain was playing. While they may or may not have won the match, the cameraman certainly devoted a few seconds of screentime to the Spanish hotties who were sitting in the stands and won your heart. These beauties looked so stunning and drop-dead gorgeous that your jaw fell to the ground and your tongue rolled out. Yes, if you remember that then you have the right idea of many of these local women that you shall find in the city of Madrid.

Just as the various depictions of them in popular culture stand, they are beautiful, they are attractive, they are instantly likeable, they are sexy, they are feisty, you could go on endlessly describing them in a positive light and it wouldn't be enough. Reading about these women or just seeing them in movies or music videos doesn't do much justice to them. To get to know the real them, you have to set foot into the city of Madrid. Because where else in the world can you meet a real Spanish woman?

The women of the city of Madrid are the most authentic Spanish women you can find anywhere in the world. Their ancestral roots, their patriotism, and their love is all dedicated from the country of Spain and trust us, this something which can only be said about the women of Madrid and not even women from the city of Barcelona.

These women have physical features that are exclusive to Spanish women, they are known to have lovely hair which comes in various shapes, sizes and colour. Some women are blonde while some are brunette, some have wavy hair while some have hair straighter than their sexual orientation, some women have short hair while some love their long locks, there simply is no stereotyping these beauties on the basis of their hair in the city of Madrid.

The local beauties have thin eyebrows that are well done up and they have beautiful eyes which are often of lighter shades, to romanticise this as much as possible, we'd say that you could stare into those gorgeous eyes for hours together without even realising. These women are known to have a long nose which perfectly accentuates the look of their face. They have beautiful pink lips which are neither to plump nor too thin, they simply are of the perfect size, an absolute delight to kiss. These Madrid beauties have a strong chin and a sharp jawline. Their high cheekbones and natural blush can easily pass them off as supermodels.

In this city, most of the women have beautiful skin which is naturally radiant with just the perfect amount of tan. They have a complexion which women further in the West can only dream of. Coming from a city which has a robust economy, these women have a comparatively high standard of living and they only use the best of the skincare products available in the market. This extends to the cosmetics they use as well. Most of these local women prefer sporting a minimalistic look with as less makeup as possible. They love highlighting their good features while they touch-up on a few flaws and blemishes. Their choice of clothing and accessories is also fancy and they are known to have the best fashion sense amongst women in the entire country of Spain. Especially during the summer months, you shall see that most of these women are wearing shorts, skirts, and tank tops. These are mighty comfortable and fashionable as well. The local women try to wear as much of colourful clothing as possible. As this directly resonates with their fun-loving personality too.

While their faces portray them to be innocent fun-loving beauties, their bodies tell a whole different story about them. Most of the local Madrid babes have smoking hot figures. They are aware of this and are unafraid to flaunt it. They showcase their naughty side by offering men a little peek into what's hidden under those layers. They are not too different from the Powerpuff girls. They too are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

These local babes have gorgeous large breasts with perky pink nipples. These can often be seen when they are wearing those tight soccer jerseys and t-shirts. They have a curvaceous waist, but nothing as extreme as the Brazilian babes. They have a nice firm and round derriere which are ogle-worthy every time they bend over. On the whole, these women are sexy to the point that you cannot help but be physically attracted to them. While checking them out, you shall inadvertently think about boinking their brains out in bed. Their flirty nature and naughty behaviour in bed shall further make it hard to tame the beast in you that is rearing to have a go.

More details about these local women of Madrid is given in the sections below. These are categorised according to age-based traits, so read on to know which kind of local babe would you like to try your luck with first!

Spanish Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls who are between the age of 18 and 29 are the hottest thing out there in Madrid! They are good looking, they have a tight figure and they are known to be very horny as well. As a tourist, we recommend that you pursue women from this age bracket if you wish to have a hookup or be in a casual relationship. Most of these young girls are students or working professionals with little to no experience, and as a result of this, they are working hard day and night to achieve their goals and targets. They have an aim in life and they are working towards it. Hence, most of them shall have very little time to spare and be in a committed relationship unless they are in true love. Often they choose something that is light and breezy so that they don't lose focus of what they are actually working for in life. So go approach these young girls, flirt with them, and get laid with them.

Considering most of the above, there is a downside of being with these young girls, either as a date or even as a hookup. Remember, they are yet getting a hold of their careers and they probably aren't making too much money. All that they count on is their good looks and sexy figures to seduce men and have some fun over the weekends. Hence, you shall have to do much of the planning and take care of the expenses and remember, Madrid is no cheap city. But if you get what you were looking for, every Euro spent here shall be totally worth it.

Now that we are done discussing the disadvantage of being with the girls of this age bracket, let us understand some of the advantages of hooking up or dating these young hotties of Madrid. To begin with, they are very rational, they keep all emotion aside and they focus on the essentials. If you want to have sex with them, do not waste time by indulging in small talk and beating around the bush! Go for the kill, if they too are interested, they shall agree immediately and within the hour you could be balls deep in her. Sex is often treated as a physical need by them and there is no judgement passed if you are looking for just an orgasm.

Another advantage of being with women of this age bracket in the city of Madrid is that they are extremely attractive physically. These young women have seductive bodies and they are constantly evolving into a better shape. Young girls who are around 18-years-old have smaller breasts which are growing bigger and their tushies are also getting rounder. Their hips are becoming more curvaceous and their hormones are pushing them towards a larger sexual appetite. Most of these women are looking to explore their sexuality and learn more about sex. Much of this can be researched about through various sources but nothing even comes close to experiencing it and you can certainly be the one who guides them to their first Big-O.

Most of these young girls are fashion-forward as well and their revealing, bold outfits shall give you an idea of what you can have in bed. The advantage of being young also extends to their fitness and most of them are very flexible and have excellent stamina. Both of which are a boon for you as you get laid with them in bed.

Lastly, most of these women in this age bracket are very easy to approach. While this holds true for most of the women in the country of Spain. But these young hotties are extra friendly, they are social and they love chatting. They too are materialistic and you can get their attention easily if you are good looking or you can flaunt your skills while singing or playing soccer. If you have none of it, you can just flash your abs and make them blush.

A group of hot young girls at the Teatro club in Madrid

Spanish Women (age 30 - 45)

The local women who are between the age of 30 and 45 are a great option for tourists visiting the city of Madrid. Many of these women are truly sexy and while they may lack some traits that are possessed by younger girls, they have added experience, skills, and a mature figure to make up for it all.

Being a tourist in the city, these women are an excellent choice as they tend to be okay with casual sex and with relationships both. They are flexible about it and they have no qualms about either as long as you adopt the right method to approach them. These women have a very good sexual appetite and a figure to seduce you as well. Remember, many of these women are at a stage in life where they may just want casual sex and live life like a younger girl or they may want emotional stability, it is up to you to gauge this and take things forward. Most of these women are known to be working professionals, they are following the path that they chose for themselves a few years ago. They might be in the process of setting new goals to achieve or readjusting self-appointed deadlines for the ones that were already set.

Their career is at a point where they might be under considerable stress and they often look to blow off some steam by doing something crazy like hooking up with a stranger at a bar or screwing around with a best friend's husband, or they may even get laid with their boss. However, while they are willing to be experimental and unpredictable with sex, they need some emotional stability too and if you can incorporate a personal touch in your approach, consider the deal to be sealed! The advantage of being with these women is that they are financially very stable and you do not have to make most of the decisions and pay all the bills. Also, many of these women live independently and aren't afraid of inviting you over to spend the night. With little to no restrictions, you get to spend more time with them while getting increasingly physically intimate.

However, with these women, while approaching them, you must remember, that things aren't going to be as straight-forward as they were with younger girls. Surely enough honesty is definitely appreciated but the conversation has to be much more subtle. It cannot begin and end with sex, there has to be some romance and flirting involved.They shall surely want to put your wit to test and see how badly you wish to get laid with them, play along until those layers start coming off. Despite this, you do not need to worry too much as they too have a very rational approach towards sex and physical needs, though they may not express it very easily.

The biggest advantage, however, of getting intimate with women who are between the ages of 30 and 45 in the city of Madrid is that these women have gorgeous figures. They no longer have bodies that are a "work in progress", their assets have developed and they are every bit curvaceous and maturely desirable. These women now have good emotional stability and a better understanding of sex. They aren't yet learning in bed, in fact, they are willing to take the lead and showcase some skills. They know exactly what they are doing and what they exactly want from a man in return. As these women strip naked, you shall see those magnificent breasts that are a handful, perfectly soft to hold and yet firm enough to not sag. They have a curvaceous waist and their buttocks are large and round, waiting to be slapped. They may not have the same sex drive as before, but when they are in bed, they shall drain you of everything you have.

In terms of appearance, most of the women in this age bracket prefer having a mature outlook. Yes, they yet may experiment with bold clothing, but they simultaneously ensure that it isn't too vulgar. Their taste is much classier now and they can afford to purchase from some of the biggest European brands. Yet, when they are at home, you shall see them in the bare minimum and that shall not be any less of a tease.

Lastly, unlike younger women, the women in this age bracket are certainly not easy to approach. You shall have to work very hard and they aren't big on socialising either. You shall have to be a known person or an acquaintance to make headway. But you can always take advantage of being a tourist and ask for some help to start a conversation of sorts. Intellectual conversations are always preferred over small talk with these women, so go brush up on your Spanish and be the most charming man they've ever met.

Spanish Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies who are above the age of 45 are undoubtedly the last preference of men who are visiting the city of Madrid. While certainly in Spain, most of these women are yet quite gorgeous looking, they simply do not appeal as much to men due to a host of factors. Some of these factors are discussed below in this section of the article.

Firstly, most of the women in this age bracket are married or committed, some of them even have a few children and maybe grandchildren too. Hence, they are busy playing the roles of loyal wives or partners, devoted mothers, caring sisters, and loving daughters. At the same time that they are raising a family, they have to focus on their professional lives too, while maintaining interpersonal and social relationships.

Much of this consumes a large amount of time in their daily lives and they do not have time for romancing young tourists. Also, they shall seldom take the risk of having a fling with a young traveller as they stand to lose everything they built over decades. Right from their families, to their respect, and social standing too. While the people of Madrid are known to be quite open-minded about matters relating to sex and relationships, cheating is not considered to be noble anywhere and is inexcusable if the partner is loyal and faithful.

As a tourist, all hope is certainly not lost, you yet can find a suitable partner over the age of 45, as the local divorce rates are quite high. There are plenty of single women too and then there are those who are widowed. While many of them are available for you to flirt with you shall have to have a different approach for each kind and there is no set formula, unlike the younger women. At this age, most of the women tend to have developed tastes and knowledge about a limited range of subjects, these can be anything under the sun and to strike a conversation you shall have to know more about it and be spontaneous to keep her hooked and take things further. Hence, we recommend you to listen more carefully and avoid talking more. This helps you gather more information while keeping this revolved around her. Once she is in her comfort zone. She shall begin expressing herself and get close to you physically as well.

If you want to win over such women, you are recommended to approach them subtly, avoid any sex-related conversation unless they initiate it. Be witty and charming and try taking your lady out for a date where you can get some fine cuisine and enjoy a few glasses of wine while having a conversation. Go for parties and copious drinking sessions only if she insists.

These women are known to have a decent sex-drive and if they haven't had any action for months altogether they may even be a little desperate for it. So tease them a little, amp up the intensity in steps and eventually blow their socks off.

The biggest advantage of being with these women is that they are mature and have experienced a lot in life. While being single at this age may not keep some women emotionally stable but on the whole, they are calmer and sorted. These women are also financially stable and know how to use their resources well, barring the exception of a few.

However, most of these women do not have the body they once had as young babes. Surely, with good skincare and regular treatments, they manage to look decent. But these Spanish girls are known to abuse their body all through the days of their youth. They eat all sorts of junk, they drink a lot, and they don't exercise too often. This leads to some health issues and imperfect figures early in the process of ageing, but with modern science and technology, nothing that a few cosmetic surgeries can't change!

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The city of Madrid is a world-famous tourist destination and it attracts scores of travellers on an annual basis. Whether it is the popular football stadiums or the magnificent pieces of architecture, all pull in crowds in very large numbers. These places are on the bucket lists of millions of people across the globe, including some very beautiful women who come into town just the way you did too.

As a fellow tourist, you can certainly nab this opportunity to strike up a conversation with them, be friendly, start by talking about the city, ask her out for a drink, and if you enjoy each other's company, feel free to exchange numbers and explore the city together. Most of these women are also going to be open to having some fun in the city.

Being the capital city of the country, Madrid does see a fair share of expats and diplomats too. Being an international guest of the country, you shall have a lot in common with them and you can start flirting too. If you adopt a good strategy to flirt and lure them into bed, you could get lucky pretty effortlessly.

Similarly, being a major city and educational centre, Madrid is home to a large number of universities and colleges. These are prestigious and have a reputation across the globe. As a result of this, there are a large number of students who come to town and enrol in the various courses being offered here. This includes quite a few beautiful young girls who you can flirt with and hookup with. They are known to be very liberal about casual sex and often prefer it for its convenience.


Having sex with the local girls in the city of Madrid is an elevating experience, to say the least. These girls are no strangers to sex and relationships. Hence, even the youngest of girls are known to be very knowledgable about sex. The age of consent here is 16 and surprisingly enough the girls at that age are quite skilled too. But we would recommend you to stick to women who are above the age of 18 to avoid any sort of run-ins with the law.

As a tourist, we recommend you to hookup with younger women, say between the ages of 18 and 40. They are usually very good in bed and while the younger ones are keen and curious to experiment. The older women shall be experienced and show you some never seen before tricks.

Society as a whole is quite liberal and accepts sex as a physical need without passing any judgements. More information about the local sex culture is available in the section below so read on to learn more.

Sex Culture

The local sex culture is one which is filled with positivity. Sex isn't a taboo or any sort of crime here. You are free to have sex with whoever you want as long as you both have given each other your consent. The sex culture doesn't discriminate people of different sexual orientations.

The young students are given sufficient sex education classes in school and are made aware of safe sex. Parents too guide their children in the right direction without chiding them.

In fact, sex is seen as an act that brings two people closer to one another via physical love. So, be free, don't be ashamed of being straightforward and asking for sex. Each individual has physical needs and as a tourist, you shall not be mocked for being horny either.

The internet has further driven the already liberal sex culture, many young adults are getting innovative in bed and are trying out concepts such as threesomes, orgies, and anal sex. So you too can be in on the action, go try your luck in the city of Madrid.

One-Night Stands

When it comes to one-night stands, you are in the right city, if you wish to have one. Life in the city of Madrid is often considered to be very hectic and people have to work hard for a living as it is one of the most expensive cities in the country.

Hence, many young adults do not have time for a dedicated relationship. They just prefer sticking to purely sexual relationships. The local people are supportive of one another and pretty much consider this to be logical too.

Many young girls in colleges and universities also prefer one-night stands as the emotional baggage is keep at bay.

Similarly, as a tourist, we recommend that you hit some of the popular nightclubs and approach women without beating around the bush. If you get lucky, you get laid! It's that simple.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The city of Madrid is home to a rather large population of beautiful women who are easy to approach. However, you cannot find them in equal numbers at all locations at any hour of the day. Rather, you must target specific areas at the perfect hours to meet single girls and pick them up efficiently and effectively. Given below are some such places.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The city of Madrid is home to a very good nightlife scene and as a tourist, you are recommended to go to some of the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs to meet and flirt with some of the hottest women in town. Here the chances of picking up women to hookup with are maximum, so be bold and aggressively flirtatious.

Party at the Fabrik club in Madrid

Shopping Malls

The city of Madrid is home to some of the biggest luxury brands in Europe. With flagship stores in prominent shopping malls and a host of other amenities such as coffee shops, restaurants, bars and theatres, the women prefer heading here to spend time with friends as it is convenient, safe and secure. Make the most of this and meet single girls here, you can even ask them out instantly, with options around you. Some of the best shopping malls in town are:

  • Centro Comercial Príncipe Pío
  • Centro Comercial La Vaguada
  • Centro Comercial Plaza Rio 2
  • Plenilunio
  • Centro Comercial Islazul
  • La Gavia


The most beautiful aspect of the city of Madrid is its outdoor venues and as a tourist, you can always visit these venues to meet some of the prettiest single girls in town.

  • Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Museo Nacional del Prado
  • Gran Vía, Madrid
  • El Retiro Park
  • Puerta del Sol
  • Plaza Mayor

Universities and Colleges

As mentioned earlier, the capital city of Spain is home to some of the biggest universities in the world and with many young girls enrolled for the various courses on offer, you can go meet them in and around the universities. They are often up for casual sex and relationships too, so go try your luck.

  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Technical University of Madrid
  • IE Business School
  • Rey Juan Carlos University


As a tourist, being in a relationship in the city of Madrid is honestly a great experience. The local women are known to be extremely loving and caring as partners. They shall give you their 100% and work hard to make the relationship a successful one.

Yes, the women are beautiful in Madrid and their bodies are equally alluring but what cannot be denied is the role that the city plays in making your relationship perfect. The city itself has raw charm, a rich history, the walls and the streets tell a story like no other.

In Madrid, being in a relationship shall truly bring out the best in you. You shall be more romantic than usual, you shall be more charming than usual and don't be surprised if you begin channelling your inner poet and artist too.

You can enjoy different types of relationships in the city of Madrid and there shall be no judgement passed, people shall be happy for you and wish you the best. The women too are akin to these and shall agree if you are charismatic enough.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance is every man's fantasy and having one in the city of Madrid, is perhaps a once in a lifetime thing. Holiday romances are always pleasant and leave you with good memories. This isn't hard to understand as they almost never involve complex emotional baggage. Both the man and the woman meet each other and escape from reality for a few days. When you get the chance to escape from reality and be focussed on one person in a romantic foreign land, there shall be nothing but good memories.

As a tourist, you can always find a local girl for your holiday romance, they are very friendly and open to the concept. However, the best choice for a holiday romance in the city of Madrid shall be the female tourists in town. Much like you, they too are here to explore the city and have some fun. If both of you are looking for the same thing, then get together, be adventurers by day and lovers by night. Engulf in such a passionate romance that you won't ever forget each other until the day you die.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To be in a successful relationship in the city of Madrid, we recommend that you follow a few tips and tricks. These include small gestures that can be made by you and shall have a large impact. As we know, the Devil is in the details and once you get them wrong, nothing can go right in your relationship. To avoid this here are tips you can keep in mind to have a successful relationship:

  • Make your lady love feel extremely special: Remember the first time you saw her and went all gaga over her! Go back to that day, realise what she meant to you and flirt with her, shower her with gifts and compliments, just like you did when you wanted to woo her. If you can allow nothing to change your fascination for her, you can be assured of having a successful relationship in the city of Madrid.
  • Remember, there is a huge difference in culture and being in her native land, it is expected that you show some courtesy and respect. Not only should you treat her well but also show sensitivity towards her customs, her culture, and her traditions. The local people were raised in an environment which was particular about this and your actions towards them shall speak volumes.
  • Lastly, you are recommended to avoid any controversial topics. Remember that you are an outsider and even if you have read a lot about the nation, you do not know it better than the people living there. So do not voice any opinion about the country or its politics. The local women are very patriotic and they shall not hear anything against their nation. It could lead to frequent arguments and even ruin your relationship. So always be supportive and avoid confrontation.


The city of Madrid is one of the love capitals of the world. Here, you cannot help but fall in love with anything and everything around you. Right from the city itself, to its magnificent architecture, the art culture, the music, the dance, and the women. All shall appeal to you in such ways that you have never experienced before.

As a tourist, this shall elevate your experience of falling in love. The women are truly beautiful and they have magnetic personalities. You shall find yourself drawn to them instantaneously and you shall want to be so madly and deeply in love with them that life shall become a living dream, a dream that you would never want to wake up from.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Surely enough, the city is great and as a tourist, you love exploring it, you love the people and the culture. But it is yet an unknown land, you do not know the people inside out, the way they perceive things, the way they react to things, their thinking, their ideologies, every damn thing is a mystery. It is a mystery that shall unravel only with time. The longer you live in the city, the better you shall understand the women, you shall understand what is a farce and what is real, you shall know whether or not to take the step ahead. However, we understand that not everyone has the time and luxury to do this, hence, we shall give you a few tips to keep in mind to make sure your lady love is the one:

  • To make sure that your lady love is the one, see if she is willing to adjust and adapt as much as you are. We all come from different cultures and backgrounds. Hence, when two individuals unite as one, it isn't just them, but their families and their cultures that are also united. Only if your lady love is willing to embrace what you bring to the relationship, she can be considered to be the one.
  • Observe the interest she takes in making you happy. If your lady love is willing to go out of the way to please you and see you smile, then you can consider her to be the one. This could be anything right from cooking your favourite meal or buying you the watch you've always wanted.
  • Lastly, make sure that your lady love is both your biggest supporter and your biggest critic. This shall ensure that she isn't with you just for the good times. She is willing to see both the good and the bad, while she is making it clear that she is ready to work hard and make you a better person.


Getting married in the city of Madrid is the ultimate step you can take when you are in love. It is the endgame and also the beginning of something new and wonderful. As a tourist, you must know that marriage is not a compulsion in the city. Local couples who are in love and want to start a family together, don't necessarily get married. It is completely fine culturally and not perceived to be a sin. So, it is advisable to take the big step only after due consideration and discussion with your partner.


Wedding ceremonies in Spanish culture are quite simple. There is immense focus on the bride and the groom as it is their big day. The ceremony usually begins by the afternoon and can go on till early the next morning. While the ceremony is a little long, the revelries that follow are known to be grand.

The ceremony doesn't involve a best man or bridesmaids and you shall find that they are replaced by padrinos. They are nothing but traditional figures to sign and verify the marriage as witnesses.

Depending upon your budget, you and your lady love can choose a venue for your big day. Usually, a majestic villa on the outskirts of the city is preferred, with beautiful decorations including lots of flowers, a lovely meal for family and friends with lots of dance and drinks. If your budget cannot cover a villa, you can choose a local luxury hotel and host your wedding there, you can even keep the ceremony restricted to close friends and family only.

Family Life

After having a wedding in the city if you decide to get settled in Madrid itself, you must know that the city offers a great family life. There is absolutely no need to worry as the city provides you with excellent healthcare, magnificent places to live in, great workplaces, amazing job opportunities, and the city is also known to be extremely safe.

There may not be a lot of people who speak English, but the people are friendly, they welcome foreigners, and are racially very tolerant. The local education system is also top-notch and having kids and raising them in such an environment where the quality of life is outstanding is just the cherry on the top.

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