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Tenerife dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Spanish women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Spanish girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Girls in Tenerife:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Tenerife:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Tenerife:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Tenerife:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $640
  • Accommodation: US$70 - $530


Tenerife is the largest of the eight Canary islands and is primarily populated by people of Spanish descent. It is not uncommon for people to take frequent trips to the Canary island. And Tenerife is most famous for the fantastic carnival hosted every year- The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. But that is not the only thing Tenerife is renowned for. You get to meet a lot of hot women on the island of Tenerife. Although the significant population of this place is Spanish, Tenerife is recognized as multicultural. All year round, people from different cultures come here and enjoy the sandy beaches and the bright sun. It means you get to meet women of different ethnicities in Tenerife. Tenerife is populated mainly by Spanish women who are either born on the island or come for a visit from different parts of Spain. In addition to this, you will meet American and English women who are here on vacation. But that is not all, and there are some places on the island which are densely populated by Cuban, Argentinian, German and Italian women.

It opens up a lot of options for the tourists who visit Tenerife. You can easily pick up someone who so smart and sensitive. All these women are gorgeous! With dark hair and sculpted bodies, these women are sure to draw your attention. Within minutes you would feel yourself being drawn towards them. And the fun part is, they are incredibly open about dating and their sex life. Tenerife is loaded with foreigners at all times, and this makes dating a little tough for native women. They may show some resistance towards dating foreign men, but that doesn't happen that often. Tenerife is the best place to start dating, more because of varied cultural exposure. You don't need to stick to one strategy or one girl. The island is flooded with angels from all around the world; if one doesn't say yes, another will!

Moreover, there are many websites and apps which can help you meet gorgeous Tenerife women.

Dating Culture

Dating in Tenerife is speedy and straightforward. It is more because a large population of the dating field available in Tenerife is made form tourists. These women have a definite schedule, and if they make time for you, Great! Women on Tenerife island are gorgeous, but they know their worth. So unless you are ready to put in the work, Tenerife is not for you.

You are more likely to meet a Spanish woman in Tenerife, and they will take your breath away. They are gorgeous, intelligent, and sexy in bed. When it comes to dating, Spanish women are straightforward. They will tell you if they like you or not and if they would like to see you again or not.

While dating women in Tenerife, you should be willing to put in the extra effort. Women here love being pampered by their male counterparts. They are a massive fan of big gestures and romance. Tenerife is the island of love, after all! Spanish women in Tenerife would love it if you take them on romantic dates and shower them with respect. Their feminine side is quite prominent when it comes to dating.

In Tenerife, it is not difficult to pick up a woman. They are friendly and always available to share to drink. The only trick is to approach them with respect. Women in Tenerife appreciate it if you do not overstress yourself. Just be yourself and let her see the real you. Tenerife women are fantastic at spotting creepy behavior. If you act weird, you might drive her away.

It should also be kept in mind that your dating style and needs should vary according to the location. If you are in the German province of the Tenerife, you should know that German women like it when you take control. They want a gentleman- who is strong and caring. In addition to this, you are expected to be punctual and keep your promises. It sounds intense, but it is much worse. In reality, German women are drawn towards macho personalities, and they want someone whom they can have a real conversation with. So when you meet a German woman in a bar, don't start with a cliché comment. Similarly, if you meet a Cuban woman, you should know that they are not all the same. Most Cuban women in Tenerife are more inclined towards dating foreigners. In addition to this, they are more into older guys. If you are attracted to Cuban women and want to let her know that you are serious, it is better if you take the simpler path. Just approach her and ask her if she would like a drink. Cuban women appreciate an honest and direct approach.

Italian women can be found only on a small portion of the island. But if you meet someone you like, prepare to go through a lot of suffering before you reach the reward. Italian women are very picky when it comes to men. And this means that if you want to get notices, you should try a different approach. Putting in the extra effort goes a long way. Tenerife is a multicultural island. So depending on which part of the island you are, the definition and style of dating vary. But the most important thing to keep in mind is, do not stress yourself. Foreigners who come to Tenerife looking to date hot women do not go back disappointed. It might take a while, but you will find someone.


Tenerife is a beautiful island, and so are the women in this heavenly place. Spanish women born on Tenerife are known for their gorgeous blond hair and tan skin. They possess healthy athletic bodies with average heights. Most of these women are blond instead of brunettes, which is more common in central Spain. They have mesmerizing light blue to green eyes, and their fair complexion with high cheekbones does draw in a lot of attention.

It should not come as a surprise that Tenerife women are fitness pros. They work out enough to maintain their sexy beach body all year round. You will be exposed to a lot of hot women; you just hang out near the beach. It is because of their regular workout that Tenerife women are able to maintain firm breasts and buttocks.

Tenerife is exposed to hot temperatures all year, and this the reason why most women choose to cover only the essentials. Spanish women in Tenerife, unlike the mainland of Spain, are not into experimenting with makeup. They stick with the basics and use it to highlight their features. They believe in dressing elegantly with minimal makeup and accessories.

Women in Tenerife are adventure junkies. It may seem like a small island off the coast of Spain, but it has so much to offer. Tenerife women are always filled with tremendous energy. While dating a Spanish woman in Tenerife, you will be exposed to many fun-loving activities. These women love a man who is not too shy and ever ready for an adventure.

Local women in Tenerife are very open-minded when it comes to dating. They understand that it is imperative to know each other before committing to a relationship. But if you compare Spanish women of Tenerife to Spanish women of the mainland, you will realize that they are still very closed off. And are quite unapproachable by foreign men.

Be it any ethnicity, women residing in Tenerife are protected from the harsh environment. The credit goes to their parents, who are protective of their daughters. It contributes to the fact that they are radically simple women. They value life and family and do not demand much from a relationship. They are incredibly patient and love doing things for their man.

The primary reason why Tenerife women are inclined towards dating foreign men is that they live in an overpopulated area. They spend their entire life on the island, and life is a little monotonous for them. They are likely to run into someone they know- maybe a childhood friend or a classmate. And this makes things a little annoying when it comes to dating. Tenerife women date foreign men to break this cycle of monotonicity. And this works out great for you, you get a date, without having to do anything.

If you start moving around the island, you will realize that Tenerife has so much to offer than just Spanish women. You will also be exposed to a fantastic mix of German, Italian, and Cuban women. Some are originally from the island, while others are just on a trip. The difference you will notice is that they are much more open than native Spanish women of Tenerife. In addition to this, they are gorgeous and put in extra effort to make you notice themselves. They might send you some signs from across the bar. They might never approach you, but they will wait for you to come to them.

Spanish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Native Tenerife women are brought up in a controlled environment. At a very young age, they are introduced to the tourism industry. It is more of a hand me down business. And they learn the skills at a pretty young age. It means that they know how to attract tourists. So do not mistake her to be forwardness to anything else. Some of these women are tired of working in the tourism department and want something more from their lives. This a tender age, and they are more likely to rebel against their parents. Women of this category are strong with a free mind and love to interact with foreigners. They are most likely to be jobless if they are not a part of their ancestral business. And this is why you need to give extra attention to her.

Women of this age are more into drinking and partying. You will find them often by the beach, basking in the sun. They are carefree and don't think much about the future. But if you want to date her, you need to invest in her. She doesn't have a job, which means she doesn't have her own money. She would love it if you were to take her shopping. Tenerife women love being pampered by their men.

Young Tenerife women are great in bed. And at this age, they are in an experimenting phase, which ensures that your sexual appetite is fulfilled. They are more likely to enjoy a casual relationship than a serious one.

Spanish Women (age 30 - 45)

Women of this age are gorgeous but have enough mental maturity to understand the value of a relationship. They have enjoyed their youth and are on the lookout for someone to settle with. It automatically makes them cold and closed off the foreigners, although some might be interested. In addition to this, they are looking for something serious, so it is less likely that they would indulge in a casual relationship. They want a man in their life and want to settle down. But before they do that, they will make you jump through hoops.

At this age, sexual prowess a woman is at its peak. More towards their 30s than later. They are experienced and do not shy away from kinky stuff. Moreover, they let go of their young and carefree self and take up the role of a more mature woman. They dress appropriately and make sure that you can show her off to your friends whenever you want.

Spanish Ladies (age 45+)

Most women of this age are likely to be married with two children. They dedicate their lives to marriage and their husband. Family is a priority for them. But in case they are single, they are likely to be looking for something permanent and less impulsive. Their age of being spontaneous is gone, and most women do not wish to relive those days. If you meet someone single of this age group in Tenerife, she is more likely to be involved in the tourism industry and has a restaurant or hotel. These women are strong and career-oriented. But when it comes dating, they do not have much time to waste on men who are just looking for fun. She will instantly turn you down if she feels that you are not the one for her. Although when you talk about sex, these women are proactive. They usually have numerous sexual encounters with random foreigners. They tend to get involved with a younger man who can satisfy them sexually.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Tenerife is visited year-round be gorgeous women everywhere. Most of these women mean vacation and less business. Tenerife is a prime holiday destination that is pursued by many. A massive wave of tourists arrives during the fantastic Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is the largest carnival in the world. And a great spot to pick up foreign women.

Most of the foreign women who visit the island of Tenerife are more into sightseeing in the day and drinking and partying in the night. But in all fairness, they are a huge competition to native Tenerife women who wish to date hot foreigners.

Most foreign women who come to Tenerife are not looking for something serious. They might go out with you, have some fun, maybe dinner or lunch, but when it’s time to make a commitment, do not expect much from them. These women take a practical approach when it comes to dating.

You will come across visitors from the USA, Britain, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, and Italy. Different ethnicities open up more doors of opportunity for you. And you can see a clear distinction between the natives of the island and the visitors. If you are looking for some casual fun, it is best if you date a foreigner. They are more accepting of the idea of casual dating and sex.


Spanish women in Tenerife are far shyer when it comes to sex. They are very reserved and would take time to open. It happens only when they have genuine feelings for the guy. But if they are just fooling around, they will not think twice before going home with you. Tenerife women enjoy frequent sex with foreigners. They are passionate and make sure that you enjoy as much as they do. They put a lot of effort into making sex fun for both.

Ever thought of having sex on a beach? Or any other unusual places? If you have, then this is a paradise for you. Tenerife women are extremely pro-sex and are willing to do it anywhere possible. They make more fun than ever. Especially if you are dating a younger woman, she will rock your work like no one else. Most of these women are sexually experienced and do not shy away from implementing their knowledge.

Sex Culture

Tenerife is overloaded with tourists at all times. Because of which there are frequent sexual encounters amongst the localities and foreigners. The fact that Tenerife is intercultural, you get to meet and have sex with the kind of lady you like. The variety of women that Tenerife provides is impressive. There is practically nowhere with such diversity.

If you are hooking up with a Tenerife, women keep in mind that she might have her reservations. On the other hand, many lose their virginity at a very young age. It is safe to assume that she has ample sexual experience before you came along. And once she is comfortable, she is going to unleash it on you. Most women of age 25 to 28 years are sexually active and have sex with multiple men. But the vital thing to note is, Tenerife women are less likely to cheat on their partners.

For Spanish women in Tenerife, sex is not an activity but an experience, so they try to make the best of it, no matter what. Therefore they are more inclined towards using birth control pills instead of condoms. According to them, condom minimizes their sexual experience.

It is worth mentioning that Tenerife women are always in great shape and exceptionally fertile. So it is in your best interest to have some kind of birth control plan in mind. Moreover, Tenerife women are into some extreme sexual stuff as well. Most women practice it on a menial level, but some women have adopted BDSM as a part of their life. Numerous apps have been developed, which allows you to connect with women having similar BDSM fantasies. But there are some things you should be careful about. Make sure that the woman you are bringing home is not some sort of thief or con artist, Tenerife is full of those.

One-Night Stands

Making friends in Tenerife is not difficult at all. Be it a Hispanic woman or someone of Spanish descent; they are always very charming and welcoming. It is a definite marketing strategy, but if you are good looking, they will be genuinely interested in you. The simplest way to find a one night stand is to be yourself and approach them with simplicity. Do not try to show off or make them feel uncomfortable. That is a definite turn off, and you might never see that girl again. Women on Tenerife appreciate honestly and would love to spend some time knowing you before you start knocking boots. Most of the younger generations are into casual relationships and one night stands. These women have a very happening sex life and would be extremely easy to spot at a bar or a club. But that is not the only place where you can meet sexy women for a hookup. You can approach women during the day time as well. Just go to a beach and see them swim their life away. All you need to do is make some casual conversation. If she responds appropriately, the ground is clear; you can make a landing. In a hookup, it is ideal to let her take the lead. She will make things enjoyable and kinky. But if you are with a German woman, it is better if you take charge.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

If you wish to meet some sexy women with a hot body, round breasts and appealing ass, bars are not the best place to go to. Tenerife women are into fitness and workout, and therefore they are more likely to be found in a gym. Most younger women in Tenerife are likely to spend their days lazing around the beach or shopping in a mall. During the night they are more likely to visit a bar. But once they cross 22-25 years, they frequent the gym. An average woman is sure to spend more than 3-4 hours in a gym every day. Therefore, the gym makes an ideal spot for meeting young and single women. In addition to this, Tenerife women are drawn towards men with ripped bodies. So if you visit a gym regularly, you are sure to build some muscle. She might invite you to workout with her in the gym and later some extra workout in her bedroom.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Tenerife is full of bars and clubs. A vast population of tourists demand Tenerife to offer amazing bars and clubs. Here are some places you can visit to rejuvenate your nightlife:

  • Papagayo

It is a beach club and is very popular among youngsters. Most women like to go to this place and let go of stress. It also has a dancefloor which offers a fantastic view of the ocean. Good food, wine and a fantastic view, there is nothing more than you can ask for.

  • Magic Lounge Club

This place is known for formal parties and evening gatherings. It offers a fantastic view, and the drinks are cheap. In addition to night fun, you also get a piece of day fun with an attached café. This place runs for hours, and it ideal to meet women during the day as well as the night.

  • Harry’s Bar

This place is known for its fantastic mojito and a fantastic view of the dancing fountains. This place is best for a quiet evening after a day of hard work. You can meet strong, ambitious women who are talking relentlessly about their day. It is an excellent place to meet new people, and it is pretty cheap.

  • Casablanca

It is a simple place where you can come and enjoy vodka while doing many other activities. You can come and join a spin class or some freestyle. The best thing about this palace is that it is open and you are free to do anything you want. This place isn't costly either.

  • Zambra SkyBar

If you visit Tenerife, you shouldn't miss this spot at all. It offers incredible cocktails, chilled beats and glass pool. This bar is more popular among the wealthier crowd who like to enjoy their drinks in peace. It provides soothing music to complement your evenings.

  • Marinha Beach Club

It is a rooftop dance club which offers a breathtaking view of the ocean. Being reasonably priced, it is known to be visited by women of all ages, mostly youngsters. It serves terrific drinks because it is in collaboration with a local bar.

  • Coqueluche Beach Bar

This place is known for its fantastic combination of drinks and lovely views. And if you are in the mood for a band, you can visit anywhere between 5 pm to 7:30 pm. This place is usually crowded, and it is best to make a reservation beforehand.

  • Acanto Cocktail Lounge

It is a classy cocktail lounge which offers a fantastic view of the ocean. This place is best for having a relaxing evening. The best thing is, you can easily move upstairs, which offers a church interior. This place is known for its amazing Sangria. This place provides moderately priced food and drinks.

  • Blanco Bar

It is one of the most popular destinations in Puerti de la Cruz. It attracts a variety of customers who are mostly young college-goers. The best thing about Blanco Bar is that there is something for everyone. And it is even better because this place is cheap and open for longer hours.

  • Vertigo Pool Club & Lounge

Vertigo Pool Club and Lounge offers a fantastic view of the Puerto de la Cruz. Just come here and relax. This place is open to casual interactions and is not as expensive as expected. You can take a seat on the rooftop and enjoy an evening calmly.

Shopping Malls

Women in Tenerife always want to look good. Because of which they regularly do strenuous exercise and maintain their swimsuit body. Don't you think they would need some gorgeous clothes as well? Spanish women in Tenerife love shopping. And best of all, there are numerous places to shop from in Tenerife. They have beautiful malls and simple street shops which offer beautiful indigenous Tenerife products. In addition to this, it is not difficult to approach Tenerife women in a shopping mall. They love shopping, and if you give them some helpful complements, they will automatically be drawn to you. Most Tenerife women, mainly Spanish, love to get attention from men. They might play hard to get, but once they have hooked you, they will slowly reel you in. Here are some shopping malls you can visit to pick up some hot girls: Siam Mall Oasis Shopping Centre Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque Centro Comercial El Mirador C.C Parque Santiago 6 San Eugenio Shopping Centre Passarela Oasis Shopping Centre Galeon Outlet The Corner Mall Adeje Centro Comercial Las Piramidesde Martianez


It is not difficult to meet women in Tenerife. You can meet some nice, hot women on the beach. These are mostly young women- college goers and those women who work in the tourism industry. They don't do that much but will attract your attention. You can visit Los Gigantes Cliffs; they are magnificent and perfect spot to meet athletic women. If you want someone smart and intelligent, you can visit The Museum of Nature and Man. This museum is full of interesting artefacts from all over the island. It is frequently visited by mature women who appreciate art and culture. Tenerife Auditorium Adan Martin is a fantastic place where you can see mesmerizing modern sculptures. You are sure to meet some serious women here if you are a nature buff you can find someone with similar thinking in places like Teide National Park and Hike Masca Mountain and Valley.

Universities and Colleges

Tenerife is a part of the Canary Islands and is strongly influenced by Spanish culture. Education plays a vital role in Spanish culture. Spanish families make sure that their daughters are well-read and make it to university. But being in a tourism-based area, most women do not go for higher studies. Once they are don't with higher secondary education, they take up the family business and drive it forward. Although there are a few women who pursue higher education, and there are some fantastic universities in Tenerife:

University of La Laguna Universidad Europea de Canarias Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Santa Cruz de The Valley Digital Business School


Dating and relationship are two different things. And nobody understands it better than women in Tenerife. Native Tenerife women are very pro dating. But when things come to starting a relationship, they have their concerns because of which they are likely to take things slow. Most Tenerife women are not inclined towards having an actual relationship with a foreigner. But if she likes you, she will definitely give you a chance. The only thing to do here is to be patient with her. The biggest concern on the mind of a Tenerife woman is that she doesn't know if it is love or no. Tenerife women may appear strong and fun on the outside, but on the inside, they feel too deeply. And because of which they want to make sure if they are getting in a relationship with the right kind of person. Relationship with a Tenerife woman can be a lot more fun than you can imagine. They are adventurous and have a ton of activities planned for you. Moreover, they tend to take up gender roles. They cook great food and keep the house clean like a good partner. But if you are dating a woman who works in the tourism industry things can get a little complicated. Tenerife women are about dedication and punctuality. These are the two qualities they always pursue. In addition to this, they do a lot of work around the house and want to be appreciated for it. Most Tenerife women have their fair share of interactions with shallow men. But if she is starting a relationship with you, she expects that you skip the small talk and bring out the big guns. Meaning, she would love to indulge in deep romantic conversation with you. She desires to know the real you and would go to any length to make that possible. Some Tenerife women might appear a little withdrawn, sexually, after they enter a relationship. You should not take it as a negative sign. In all arguments, it is a positive sign. If she has real feelings for you, she might experience some resistance from within her- sexually. But this is momentary, and it shall pass soon. And in no time, you will be having sex like wild rabbits.

Holiday Romance

Tenerife is a crowded island. And major contributors are foreigners. Tenerife is a holiday destination popular amongst the Americans and the British. Tenerife attracts a considerable crowd from all around the work mostly because of its beautiful sceneries, long beaches and glowing sun. The moderate temperature of Tenerife is what attracts such a modest crowd. Most women who visit Tenerife are in a party mood. They love going to beach parties, shopping malls and sightseeing. Most of these women possess a rich background; otherwise, they wouldn't be able to afford a trip to Tenerife. Although Tenerife comes under a budget holiday destination, it is worth every penny. When you approach these women, you will see that they are much more friendly than Native Tenerife women. They have a different idea of dating and are not looking to settle. Some foreigners might even approach you. If this happens, just know that they are not looking for something serious. They are in it for fun. If you desire to meet foreign women in Tenerife, you should visit a night club or a bar. If you do not find them there, they are probably hanging at a singles mixer. Or at any tourist hotspot. It is not difficult to make a strong relationship with these women. They might hang out with you often- go on dates and have rigorous sex. But that does not mean they are interested in continuing this after their trip. Most foreign women are fine with a casual relationship; in fact, many would even suggest the same. But it does not mean that you cannot have something real here. If you connect with her on an emotional level, make sure that you tell her. Who knows you might have a real chance?

Tips for Successful Relationship

Once you are a stable relationship, your job is done! Is it? Or is it just the beginning? If you want your relationship to work out, there are some things you should be on the lookout for. Tenerife women are mostly of Spanish descent; it means that she is probably short-tempered. Spanish women are always direct with their feels. She will tell you if something is bothering her, even if that thing is you. They might get angry and start shouting. But you need to hold your ground and stay stable. You need to realize that when they are angry, all they want is to be heard. Showering her with love goes a long way. With a little romance, you can add a lot of magic into your life. Take her out on a date or maybe cook for her. She will appreciate your little efforts and reward you in bed. Since the time you two move in together, a Tenerife woman takes up the role of a caregiver. She does everything around the house, but that does not mean she does not need help. If you want your relationship to run smoothly, you should try and assist around the house. And reward her with appreciation once in a while. Tenerife women are business-oriented. Since they are born and brought up on the island, it is plausible that she is closed off to foreign ideas. In conditions like these, it is best to approach her in confidence and help sort things out. These women want to make something of themselves, and they would appreciate it if you helped. Understanding is the basis of any relationship. Therefore both should try and come to peace with each other’s differences. Tenerife women are unique. Because of the vast cultural difference found in Tenerife is impossible to categorize Tenerife women under any category. She may have some quirks which might not sit well with you. But instead of fighting over it, calmly talk to her. You should also giver her an opportunity to put forward her views. If you want your relationship to sustain, make sure that you understand her signs. Tenerife women are very transparent about their thoughts, but things change in a relationship. A Tenerife girlfriend may choose not to say it directly, instead of drop subtle hints. You just need to be smart enough.


Tenerife women might take things slow in the beginning. But once she is sure about her feeling, she will never miss a chance to express it. Tenerife women go to great lengths to make sure that their boyfriend is snug and always looked after. Tenerife women are known for their intense feelings and fierce outburst. But once in love, they tend to mellow down. They will accept you for who you are and will not try to transform you into something else. They understand what they fell and love with and desire to preserve that for long. A Tenerife woman will stand up for his man whenever the situation demands. She will do anything to protect your honour. They are gorgeous yet feisty, which is a deadly combination. They make sure that you don't get run over by anyone- be it your colleague, your family or your friends. They have massive respect for you and want everyone to see you for who you indeed are. If you are in a relationship with a Tenerife woman, you must know how she plays hard to get. But this disappears once she knows that she is in love with you. She will be available at your beck and call. But this does not mean that you would start taking her for granted. Most Tenerife women love being taken cared of by their boyfriends. They will never pay bills nor chip in on rent. But once she finds that she is madly in love with you, she will step up and start helping you. Taking up financial responsibility is the surest sign that she is head over heels in love with you. You will also notice a sudden increase in the intensity and frequency of sex. Tenerife women, if she loves you, will be more passionate towards you. She will try to incorporate new ideas into your sex life. In simple terms, your sex life would go from 100 to 1000!

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Tenerife women are poor when it comes to expressing their true feelings of love. Anything else, and they are fine with it, but it is love that concerns them. But they find other ways to express their love. Most Tenerife women are not good with gender roles; this is because, from the very beginning, they are taught about equality. But once in love, she is ready to take up gender roles.

She will clean the house, cook great food and make sure that you are always comfy. They make sure that you know what lengths they are willing to go just for you. In addition to this, they support all your dreams and hopes. A Tenerife girlfriend is extremely easy to talk to, and she will even guide you at times.

Most Tenerife women will demand appreciation for the work they put into turning a house into a home. But if she stops asking for things, do not assume that she is bored and wants to leave. Instead, she wants to do things for you, from the goodness of her heart.

Tenerife women do not wish to settle down that soon. They want to try their hand in the tourism business and do many more things. But is she suggests that she wants to settle down, it means a lot. She will start adding her twist to romance. Most Tenerife women will try to pamper you in as many ways as possible- from big surprises to menial dinner dates.


Tenerife women have a serious relationship with her family. She is extremely close and does not want to disappoint her family. So when it is time to meet the family, know that she is much more nervous than you are. You might need to step up here and calm her down. Most Tenerife women tend to love with their family, even for many years. It is because she is involved in the family tourism business. Keeping this in mind, most Tenerife families want men who are equally good or even better in comparison to their daughter. Most of these meetups are pretty casual. There is good food, drinks, maybe some music. And it is possible that instead of going home or inviting her parents over, she takes you to a neutral location. After a few of these casual meetups, you are officially invited to her parents home. And from this point, things start picking up speed. Once the family has approved of you, you can go ahead with the wedding. It is crucial to have a civil marriage before you can have a traditional one. Your birth certificate, translated in Spanish, is required along with your passport. You need to submit four copies of your passport during marriage registration. Once the paperwork is through, you are free to get married. But paperwork processing can take anywhere between a week to a month.


Since a significant chunk of the Tenerife population is Spanish, when it comes to the weddings Spanish culture is adopted. But in all fairness, there are many other cultures which are followed on this small island. Talking about weddings, Tenerife wedding is a bit simple in comparison to traditional Spanish weddings of the mainland. The weddings here are mostly conducted on the beaches. And there is no royal entry of the bride and groom. They keep it simple and elegant.

The bride is dressed in white. Although with changing times, most brides opt for shorter dresses in contrast to the traditional long ones. The family plays a significant role in Spanish weddings in Tenerife. The bride wears a headdress made by her mother on her wedding day. And the godparents of the bride manage the entire show. They greet guests, prepare tables and make sure that the bride and groom are comfortable. Weddings are an emotional time for a Tenerife family, and they choose to acknowledge it instead of hiding it away. Tenerife is a hot spot for weddings. It is one of the most romantic islands, and this is the reason why people from all over the world come here for destination weddings.

Family Life

Family has a special place in Spanish culture. But in Tenerife, the family is very protective of their daughters. If you marry a Tenerife woman, you will realize how conservative her thoughts are regarding many things. She might appear modern, but there are some things which make little to no sense to her.

She reflects the same love and shield of protectiveness towards her children. She goes on to make them strong and independent. Tenerife women make great mothers. They are loving and nurturing, not to mention they can cook!

They train their daughters from an early age so that they can take care of themselves and do not have to depend on a man. On the contrary, they love it when men take care of them. They fill their children with a feeling of love and compassion. Most Tenerife women try to be friends with their kids, even when they get older. But most Tenerife women tend to maintain their body and instantly bounce back after giving birth. In a few years, she will start looking more of a sister to her daughter than her mother.



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