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Venezuela dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Venezuelan women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Venezuelan girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Venezuela, South America.

Girls in Venezuela:

  • Looks of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 2.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.0 / 5

Dating in Venezuela:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.0 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.0 / 5

Sex in Venezuela:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.0 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Venezuela:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $650
  • Accommodation: US$70 - $500


Venezuela is a country in the northern part of the South American Continent. It is situated at the northern end of the continent which is also close to the North American Continent. It is not a big country and therefore the population is around 30 million by 2019. It is also gifted with diverse natural attractions including mountain ranges, rivers, beaches, national parks, etc. Venezuela incorporates the northern Andean mountain chains and interior highlands. This country is also a home to Angel Falls which is the highest waterfall in the world.

The people here are kind and despite the economical crisis, they live life to the fullest. The main motto in their life is to live happily and also let others be happy. They speak Spanish and the Catholic religion is practiced by most of the people. In short, you will surely have a great time visiting Venezuela.

Dating Culture

Dating in a country reflects its culture and tradition. Venezuela is a country that has a lot of tensions like unemployment, poverty, etc. The dating culture must be seen only in big cities, while people love to show their affection and care about their feelings. The citizens in this country respect foreigners and love to date strangers.

The best time to go out on a date is the dusk time where people get free from their busy daily chores and spend time with their loved ones. Dating culture is getting pace with lapse of time and the country is modernizing by sacrificing age-old traditions and rituals.

It is advisable to go on a date in some crowded place in the city due to an increase in crimes and violence prevailing in the country. A tip which will be considered as a panacea in this country is that the women here love to talk about the country's fashion and taste.


Woman plays the role of life-blood when it comes to family and care. The Venezuelan women are not loud and outspoken but they are soft-spoken. The women look like Latinas because Venezuela is a Latin American Country. You can find most of the women and girls are beautiful in Venezuela. It is easy to pick up girls and women here because of their friendliness and politeness. The women in Venezuela are humble and kind and don't show an unnecessary attitude while talking to strangers and foreigners.

You have chosen the right place to visit if you want to experience some cheap thrill in your life. The girls here are very intelligent and chose their partner who is hard-working and ambitious. Most of the girls are open-minded and liberal and are open to having physical relations in a short period. The skin tones of the local girls in Venezuela ranges from pale to sun-tanned wheatish. The local girls also have great bodies and they dress up well to ensure they look their best whenever they go out.

It is recently noticed that there is a sudden drop in tourists in this country because of internal affairs and tensions. So, you cannot find any female tourists in this country. But to sweeten the things, the local girls are a real gem and can drive you crazy by their sexy looks and body shape. The young girls are fond of the gym because they have to tone their bodies in amazing shape which ultimately attracts a lot of boys/ men. You can drool over the beauty of the local girls. The local girls are big-time seductress and love flirting with men, which will end them bothered and confused.

The girls and women in Venezuela are quite perfect in maintaining their charm and beauty. They are bold enough when it comes to sex. The girls like to be well-dressed and have everything to wear in all opportunities. Young girls and women will blow your mind when it comes to showing their physical features. It is not flattering when I say that most girls here maintain a body that can seduce any man on earth. The breasts and buttocks are in perfect shape and will drive you crazy.

Venezuelan women are repulsive and also violent. So, it is advisable to make sure before approaching any girl and take a beck-step if the girl is not interested in you. The laws in Venezuela are stringent and it is highly recommended to not do anything unlawful.

Venezuelan Girls (age 18 - 29)

Young girls are focused and ambitious in their life. They like to be independent and live life according to the rules set by them. If things are not getting as per their expectation, they don't think for the second time and revolt against it. It is difficult to confine them to certain limits. They are free souls and want to try their hand in the very opportunity which can boost their career growth. The girls in Venezuela are multi-tasking and very well know how to balance their education with their love life.

The women of this age-grade are either working on their education or finding a partner for marriage. There is wide scope for a tourist to grab such an opportunity and settle with these beautiful and ravishing girls. The wide range offers the tourists an upper hand to decide whether they need a partner for a short-term relationship/ casual relationship or a long-lasting one. The school or college girls are less serious in maintaining serious relationships which might end in marriage but they are pretty good in maintaining casual relationships and one-night stands as a stress buster and relieve them from a rigorous academic exercise.

Young girls are famous for looks and beauty, they are known for winning beauty contests all over the world. Venezuelan girls are elegant and radiant that loves partying late at night in spite the cities are not safe at night because of political tensions. The women in this age grade can usually see at night clubs and you can initiate conversation while offering them a drink. They possess the beauty which no men can ignore. They have a seductive body with nice curves and shapes. These girls like rich guys because of the prevailing conditions like poverty, they don't get extra money to spend so they easily get laid with wealthy boys that can pay their bills.

One thing which is worth noticing in the conditions prevailing in the country where 90% of the population is suffering from poverty, the money plays its role. You can easily get a chance to hook up any young girl who requires money. The girls love sugar daddies so that they can extract some money from them. Many big cities in Venezuela where dating is quite normal will also experience such activities. This age-grade girls are young enough and entered in the stage of adolescence where many hormonal & sexual desires arose in a body. The girls in this age group are neither too young nor too old and it is the perfect age for dating and finding their life-long partner.

Venezuelan Women (age 30 - 45)

The women's age-group is the most beautiful and ravishing group in three categories. They are matured and their body-features are at peak. Most of the women in this age group have completed their education and started working for their living. Due to poverty, they get minimum wages and are looking for an opportunity to show their skills to get rich and famous. These women show a sense of maturity and looking for a partner to get settles in their life. Most of the women in this age group are either married or looking for someone. If you want a long-term relationship you can choose this age-grade as your choice.

Venezuelan people are religious and the dominant religion here is Catholic Christian. You can see very beautiful and pretty women offering prayers in Church on Sunday. This age-group offers you the most humble, elegant, and polite women which can make your day. You can approach these women with the utmost modesty and gentle-gesture. As a foreigner and tourist, you have more chances because these women love to date North-Americans, South Asian, and European men.

Venezuelan women are determined in their life and committed to their relationships. They are extra-caring, lovable, and helpful in nature. If you are looking for someone who can connect to you physically and emotionally, Venezuelan women must be your first priority. Everyone will get a partner who gives you satisfaction in bed but one who genuinely take care of you and understands you. Such girls are considered as real gems which you can find in the streets of Venezuela.

Generally, the women here want their partner to be rich so that their future can be secured, so your looks don't matter so much but if you are handsome also, it is like a calk-walk for you to get a hot, sexy and beautiful girl in Venezuela. The country is struck with poverty, so if you want a good holiday romance, you can pay the girls who are ready to go along with your trip and make love with you in various destinations in Venezuela. Sex is quite a normal thing in this South-American country. You will get enough sex with such girls which add little sparks to your trip.

If you get an opportunity to start a conversation with women of this country, please do not let it go because the women in Venezuela can make your world a better place to live. In the end, all can I say is do not cheat Venezuelan women as they are very soft-hearted and it is easy to hurt their sentiments.

Venezuelan Ladies (age 45+)

Despite being aged, these women can steal your heart by their looks and beauty. The most interesting thing about these women is they are mature and financially independent. Most of the women in this age group are married and already started married life. Though it is hard to get an unmarried woman in this age, if you have determined to get to your goal and no one can lucky you.

Venezuelan women are confident, elegant, and sexually appealing. Due to the prevailing conditions in Venezuela, it is hard to make a lavish lifestyle, thus, the rate of divorce is high. Most women in this group are also divorced and single and managing her daily life by working part-time. They are experienced, matured, and courageous. All women in Venezuela want to live a good & healthy lifestyle, they might be searching for a partner who can comfort her and caress her in her lonely life.

Coming to the physical features of the women of this age-grade, these women are beautiful, curvy and possess good assets which attract men of all age. Due to experience, they are best in bed, they can sexually dominate you when coming to sexual moves and doing interesting kinds of stuff. You can experience a lot of pleasure while dating these women. Likely, they are not as good looking as young girls, but they can good in bed. The women in Venezuela are open to sex and can hook up with you easily when it comes to one-night stands.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

In recent years, Venezuela is facing an economic and political crisis and the economy is deteriorating continuously due to economic concerns. Because of this, it is unlikely to see any great number of foreign girls in Venezuela. You can see foreign tourists in big cities like Caracas where there are some places to visit definitely when you visit Venezuela. The crime rate in Venezuela is going high and thus it is not safe for girls to pursue education there.

If you meet some foreign girls in Venezuela then it is not an easy task to approach her, because they are more cautious because of the prevailing conditions of crime in the Venezuelan society. But when you gain her trust then you will surely make your visit to Venezuela a great success. The sex culture in Venezuela is not so welcomed by the residents here. But, foreigners can surely give you enough sex which will boost your inner strength and give you peace.

Since there are fewer foreign students in Venezuela because of the various problems stated above, but some of the girls who study here are lonely and need a companion to relieve them from depression and loneliness. Thus, they roam around the public places around the streets to get a good-looking guy who can satisfy her financial needs.

Venezuela is the industrial hub in the South-American continent, many ex-pats come here and settle here, so they enjoy talking and communicating with the locals and also eventually chooses to settle here. They are in search of local girls which can bring joy in their life.

In the later part of this article, we have discussed some outdoor places, education institutions where you can find foreign as well as local girls in Venezuela. Your trip will be mesmerizing if you found a partner who falls for you unconditionally.


Venezuela is famous for richness in the beauty of the girls, but getting sex is not easy here. Sex with Venezuelan girls is not an easy task, first, you have to satisfy her needs, make her comfortable, win her trust, and then she will not hesitate to go physical with you. After all the requirement which is not very hard to accomplish you will surely get an ample amount of sex. Venezuelan girls are addicted to sex, the hard thing is to open up and ask for it.

Where you can get sex depends on the place in the country if you are in big cities, the chances are high because the women there are modernized and not considers sex a taboo, but on the other hand, in small towns, people are conservative about sex. It is also noticed here that young girls used to live with their parents, thus, they are not so open in one-night stands and casual hook-ups.

Sex Culture

The sex-culture is booming in cities like Caracas, where women and girls go out at night partying all night in night clubs, pubs, and bars. They dress seductively for gathering rich men's attention so that they can shower them with money. Trying to initiate a conversation is a little bit hard for an amateur, but once she opens up with you, probably you will find yourself next to her in the morning. The women in these nightclubs are so appealing because of the clothes they wear. They wear tight clothes so their curves get highlighted; they wore backless clothes that are ravishing.

Casual hookups and one-night stands are most common in the young age group that is already discussed. These young women are so open-minded and easily get laid with you if you dress lavishly and look good. They target sugar daddies so they also get the chance to visit some famous and costly restaurants and night clubs. Night-life is a little dangerous in Venezuela, so it is highly advisable to not roam around the streets with your partner late at night.

One-Night Stands

One night stands usually depend on the person to person. The young girls are open to one-night stands and hookups. But, it is not so easy to approach a girl and ask out for one night stands. Most of the girls are conservative and not so open up to sex. But the rest of them is found at nightclubs, pubs, and bars. The girls are liberal and also believe in hook-ups with no strings attached. They are also horny and fun-loving. They can blow your mind by their moves in bed.

It is advisable to also book a hotel room in the city center which has proximity to all the famous places and pubs in the city. So it might be a possibility that things may go well and according to you. It is also better to be prepared and decorate your room with sex toys, costumes, wines, and hand-cuffs so it can make your night interesting and romantic.

It is advisable to back off when the girls don't show any interest or resist when you offer them drinks or approach for a date. One-night stands are only preferred when both people agree and give consent to sexually exploit each other.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To find a single girl in Venezuela is very rare, the young girls of age-group 18-29 years are either committed to relationships or interested in casual hookups with no strings attached. It is difficult to find single girls in populated cities. Single girls usually travel with their girl groups and there is a high probability that you can find single girls at night clubs, pubs, bars, and discos. These women usually visit and come out of their home during weekends.

The best & beautiful single girls are found in the largest city of Venezuela, i.e. Caracas. There are various pubs, bars, and dance clubs in Caracas where you can find hot and sexy single girls, flirting with the rich and handsome guys to exploit their wealth. Such girls can easily get attracted when you offer them the costliest drink of the place and impress them with your lavish class and lifestyle. They are flirtatious in nature and often make fun of your accent and language.

Nightlife in Venezuela is not so great, but these hot women cannot abide by the home rules and often sneak out from their homes after their parents slept. Coming to the day-time you can find cute, young, and beautiful girls around the colleges, universities, restaurants, and cafes. There are many good educational institutes in Venezuela which are discussed later in this article.

Single girls are often shy and you have to break the ice with some good techniques that can make them comfortable with you and started interacting with you. Once they get comfortable, there is no way back, you may end up listening to different and random topics which took her attention. These are the places where you can get your girl for a short and sweet holiday romance and will spark your trip with so much sexual fun.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Nightlife in this country is no so great and only limited to big cities where people are more liberal and open-minded. In small towns, people usually sleep early at night and wake up early. Due to the increased crime rate in Venezuela, local people don't feel safe to go outside their home and partying all night. There are various instances of theft and loot in the night time.

Foreigners can easily be manipulated by various tricks and scams by artists and prostitutes late at night. There must be some good bars, pubs, and night clubs where you can interact with some classy and rich locals where they can spend their money on such pleasure activities.

There are some discos and nightclubs in the Capital city where they offer special discounts to tourists and foreigners. Single entry is also permissible in most of the bars. You can find young college girls trying to hit up the game by flirting with foreigners and rich guys to enjoy their night so that they can drink so much with their money.

It is always advisable to not use public transport and roam around the streets during night time in a criminally activated country like Venezuela. It is preferable to hire taxis, cabs, etc for traveling during the night. Some of the famous bars, nightclubs in the country are discussed below:

  • Aquarena Bar, Isla El Gran Roque

This bar is not situated in mainland country and if you are looking for some quiet place to chill and enjoy with your love partner, you must have to visit this place. They offer you many varieties of good food and the drinks here are awesome.

  • Juan Sebastian Bar, Caracas

One of the best nightspots in the city of Caracas where you can enjoy live jazz music with dancing and dining here requires no cover charge. It is situated in the busiest place in the city so it is quite safe to visit this place.

  • Hijole que tacos, Valencia

This place is famous for tacos in the whole city. It also has a good atmosphere and the ambiance will surely melt your heart.

  • Loyalty Discotheque, Caracas

Dance along with some good hip hop music that can extract every bit of dancer in you is surely the best thing. You can interact with some young crowd of this city in this disco.

  • Latitud Diez 59, Pampatar

It is the coolest place to hang out in this town. The youth of the city often visits this place and you can also find and meet with hot and sexy girls here.

  • Funky Buddha Margarita, Margarita Island

This place is really worth going when you visit Venezuela. It offers the best drinks in the locality and you can chill while listening to the comforting music in the background.

  • Nens Club, Caracas

This place is famous for its great cocktails. According to most Google reviews, this place is a must-visit.

  • Harem Night club, Porlamar

It is usually the best place on the island in terms of fun for adults, it is VIP, this place is usually famous for bottle service. It is not economical at all, for demanding tastes and fat checkbooks. It is preferable to go through someone you know, security sometimes does not let strangers pass.

  • Le Club, Caracas: This nightclub in Caracas is mostly famous for beer, and people usually come here in groups because the place has good interior and space. It is also located in one of the posh and exotic places in the city. The staffs here also speak English and are friendly. Frequent live music and party nights embellish an energetic environment that gets going all night.
  • Punta Brava Nightclub: It is an excellent site to visit in Valencia. The spacious and good atmosphere always attracts more and more tourists to this place.

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls in Venezuela are great, lavish, and often have stores of all famous brands all over the world. You can find most of the girls near the famous shopping center where they can add something to their fashion life. Girls are often fond of shopping; they love to go shopping. You can find the most beautiful & pretty girls in & around the market places and shopping malls. These girls are also fond of window shopping where they gaze at their favorite dress if you get them their dress they will surely go on a date with you.

Most of the malls have entertainment areas, movie theatre where you can find youth gather at these places and enjoy these fun activities and play games. People always spend their weekends in this play zones and gaming arena. You will have to be extra cautious while visiting these populous places because there might some pick-pocketers all around these places.

Some of the famous shopping malls in Venezuela are:

  • CCCS, Caracas
  • Tolon Fashion Mall, Caracas
  • Paseo Les Mercedes, Caracas
  • Cento Sambil Mall, Caracas
  • Orinokia Mall, Ciudad Guayana
  • Sambil Barquisimeto Mall, Barquisimeto


If you are visiting Venezuela, and you are somewhat an adventurous and outgoing person, then this place offers you a wide range of outdoor activities like there are national parks, beaches, mountain ranges, valleys, and many more places where you enjoy and feel the nature and environment.

You can visit city parks early in the morning, where you see hot & beautiful girls working out in the parks and you can initiate talking with them and also see their spectacular bodies of beautiful Venezuelan girls. You can also visit various tourist activities like Cerro el Avila for some adventurous fun.

You can also go to the ancient towns of Venezuela and ancient sculptures and architecture. Andes Mountain ranges also offer hiking, trekking in their peaks. There are lots of fun while doing these activities with your partner while there is something little bit romantic about all this.

The climate in Venezuela is also good and soothing where you can enjoy several other activities like surfing on the beaches, shooting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and many more. If you have already found your short-term partner for this trip, then your trip will be a great life-time event.

Some of the famous outdoor places in Venezuela are list below:

  • El Hatilo, a town in Venezuela
  • La ColoniaTovars, near Caracas
  • Galipan
  • Crasqui beaches, Crasqui
  • Angel Falls, Canaima National Park

There are various other outdoor activities and places to visit in Venezuela. Any person will love to enjoy and visit this place for a memorable trip to Venezuela. If you are a tourist with sufficient financial support will be very great in a despair country like Venezuela.

Universities and Colleges

Education plays an important role in Venezuela because of the higher rate of unemployment, the most crucial & important thing is education for getting employment. There are good institutions that are famous for imparting world-class education which offers different courses for their career growth and personality development. The one bad thing which you can face is that the country experiences very few foreign students because of the growing political crisis and economic crisis. The atmosphere here is not so good for foreign students and instances of ragging and discrimination are also observed. But, you can find the most beautiful, cute, elegant, and pretty in their looks. You can search for such beautiful girls around the canteens in these universities. Some of the famous institutions in Venezuela are:

  • Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), Caracas
  • Central University of Venezuela, Caracas
  • IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion, Caracas
  • Simón Bolívar University, Caracas
  • Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia
  • Universidad de Oriente Venezuela, Cumana
  • Universidad del Zulia, Maracaibo
  • Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas
  • University of the Andes, Merida


Every woman in this world wishes to have a partner which can support her, help her in their tough time. They wish to share every small thing with their boyfriend and thus settling down with their partner and have a kid and live a happy family life. Relationships in Venezuela are tough to maintain because it is hard to survive and do fun activities because of poverty and unemployment. Young women often ditch their partner with another person who is rich because in the end money matters in the deteriorating economy.

Generally, the women below the age of 30 years are not interested in maintaining serious relationships, they love to go out, have fun, a lot of sex, and otherworldly pleasures. But in the end, they also want someone to care and support them. But after they cross over 30 years, the woman wants to commit to serious relationships and wants to start a family life.

Venezuelan women are very helpful and supportive and make everything to make their relationship workable. In return, they also deserve the same kind of love and respect from their boyfriend.

Holiday Romance

Venezuelan women can make your trip to this country which is filled with love, adventure, and exciting. All you want is to approach the right kind of women and assure them for a thrilled, joyous, and exciting short and sweet trip by conveying the message properly.

All tourists will have a dream to spend their vacation with a short-term relationship which includes romance, sex, and other love goals. A partner who can understand you and your language will be more appreciable. Venezuelan women speak Spanish and English fluently, thus there is no language barrier. It is better to get for male tourists to go to romantic places with his partner so that he can totally enjoy the trip.

Wild sex with a hot local girl in different cities of a country is a different kind of vibe which is like a dream come true. It is very difficult in Venezuela to find such an open-minded and understanding girl which is as crazy & wild as you are. But, it is often said where is a will, there is a way. The most important thing while engaging in such a short-term relationship is that do not let your feelings overpower you because it might be hurtful if you propose your partner for a long term relationship.

Tips for Successful Relationship

A successful relationship means where both the partners respect each other and help each other in their respective problems. The relationship with the Venezuelan girls is for those who are lucky. While engaging in a relationship with a girl, not only the physical features but her inner characteristics also matter. A good partner will share every little thing with the other one.

In Venezuela, it is most common that the girl will leave you because she might be interested in another guy's wealth. Because it is already stated that almost 90% of Venezuela is stuck in poverty. That's why a girl chooses money overlooks to secure her future. But, if a girl is really head over heels to you, then she cannot leave you even though you are not financially strong. Thus, emotions & feelings play an upper role in determining the fate of a relationship.

There is another thing to take into account for you to keep going with the relationship with your dream girl is that the girls and women in Venezuela would love when you gave them small surprises or give something hand-made. They will fall for you day-by-day if you share your day with her and gave some importance to her while taking your life decisions.


Finding true love is not an easy task, and in a country like Venezuela, it is a little bit tough to gather the true intentions of a girl. The young girls and women here spare time with sugar daddies. But, if you reciprocate your feelings about love to the woman you love, then Venezuelan women are really goddess, they cannot cheat on you once they start loving you.

Loving a girl is easy but keep loving her just the same way with the same intensity and feelings is the tougher part. There are various ups and downs in a relationship. These are the times where you can test your love. These Venezuelan women are very determined, serious, and committed to their respective relationships; they will not hesitate to sacrifice their other priority to make the relationship work.

At last, it is highly recommended to share your intention about love while engaging in a relationship. There were stances where a partner may end up crying and being depressed because the other partner is not so serious about maintaining the relationship for the whole life.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The trick is simple, put yourself in shoes of her and think whether she is really serious to spend her entire life with you. Make sure that they also think the same thing when you thought of her regarding your relationship. If she understands you, tackles you, helps you, supports you, motivates you, places you above herself, respects you, love you unconditionally, lean towards you, make you a better person, respects your views and opinion, respects your culture and religion, respects your parents, then she is the one.

Once you make sure that she is the one then do not take time to open up and confess to her about your feelings for her, if she also feels same for you, then your trip to Venezuela is the second most amazing journey in your life, the first most important will be your journey of love.


In our opinion, it is not worthy to throw a pompous, splendid, and flaunting marriage party to your relatives, friends, and colleagues because of the present conditions prevailing in Venezuela. It is better to save this money and invest it somewhere that can get you a better living. Venezuelan women are good at managing house and family life.

It is advisable to get married once you are ready to take the associated responsibility. There are various challenges in marriage life.


Wedding in Venezuela is according to rituals and ceremony as practiced by Catholics. Weddings are performed in churches and followed by a party which is the way of celebration of the most beautiful day of your life.

People usually think to spend extravagance at their wedding, but it is always preferable to throw a small party which includes your entire lovable and dear ones and the ones who are close to you.

In Venezuelan culture, it is customary to take a photo session in a white outfit on the beach on the very next day of the wedding. It is also mandatory to take photos barefooted. Wedding photographs are the memories captured for almost all your lifetime, therefore it is mandatory to go for a photoshoot.

Family Life

In Venezuela, the family structure depends on the places where the people live and also according to their financial status. The people who are leaving in metropolitan cities are often seen in a nuclear family, which consists of only parents and their children. So it is easy for the girls to sneak out of their homes. While in small towns, families are closely knitted and also consist of grandparents, uncles, and their children. They support each other on financial grounds so that they can offer a good education to their children. And the children also live with their parents even after marriage.



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