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Italy dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Italian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Italian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Italy, Europe.

Girls in Italy:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Italy:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Italy:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Italy:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $850
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $650


To be fair, there are various great lands all over this world, and going to them all is not possible in a lifetime. If you have thirst for adventure and want to do this anyway, you would definitely find many options for it. Not to mention, all of these areas have something distinct about them that makes them stand out over others.

Indeed, while some are surrounded by the natural wonders of Mother Nature, others are more steeped in the modern infrastructure. However, irrespective of what they portray best, the one thing that they all have in common is having an intriguing past. And for many wanderers, that is a wonderful thing to look forward to, and they enjoy learning more.

In a country like Italy, this is in abundance in every part that you go to, and there is always more left. Of course, the history of the country is an amazing topic to focus on; the beauty, too, is very visible. And on that note, the people that you would meet are no different, especially the women.

Without a doubt, though there is so much to see in this country, the women you would meet make it more special. After all, they are charming and charismatic and passionate to their very core. Spending time with them and getting to know them is always fun, and what follows even more so.

Certainly, mixed with a healthy dose of both personality and beauty, these women are hard not to fall for. However, they do not give in to such feelings as easily, if you do not know what they like. As compelling as they are, the Italian ladies are cautious too and consider a lot of things before saying yes.

Not to mention, they are not the only ones, and you would meet many tourist ladies as well. Approaching them all takes confidence and a little bit of know-how, and in Italy, everything is possible. Thus, if you are wondering what to work on, this article would help you along the way.

Dating Culture

Traveling to different parts of the world is a privilege for some and a necessity for others. However, whatever your reason may be, it is all fun and exciting, especially if your destination is Italy. Indeed, there are loads of places in this vibrant country for you to escape to, each holding their own charm.

From gorgeous city-scapes like Milan to smaller but equally vibrant towns like Castelluccio, there is something for everyone. Of course, not all places are the same, nor do their people think in a similar way. Thus, the women you meet there, would not approach their life goals in the same way either.

Therefore, if dating is your goal one day, keeping the culture of the said place in mind would help you. After all, their approach to dating differs in intensity and consent, and so do what they find attractive. When you visit the bigger, more modern cities you would see their interest in all things liberal and open-minded.

Owing to that, the Italian girls you meet in the cities would take to dating more openly. On the other hand, the women in the village-type areas would have different expectations, despite their similarity in intensity. However, they would prefer something softer but more long-lasting, and would not go for casual dalliances.

Of course, wherever you do visit, one thing that you would notice is that passion is at the forefront of the Italian dating life. They love ‘love’ and are very open to exploring their options, albeit with those they like. Thus, if you want to make an Italian girl yours, prepare to get romantic and charming; that touches all their hearts.

Yet, however fun-loving these women are, if she is not interested, making her so takes time and patience. But do not overdo it, as they can stand up for themselves and would not accept any type of controlling attitude. Understanding who they are and what they would like better would help you in this regard tremendously.


The first thing that you should focus on when you are noticing a different dating culture is trying to understand how. Indeed, it is obvious that in different parts of the world, this is not a universal thing. After all, the cultures are different and so are their people, and the latter is very important to consider here.

To put it simply, no matter where you reach in the country of Italy, you would meet someone different. Certainly, not everyone is the same, and the Italian women even less so. They all have something in common though; all of them are emotional creatures.

These women love life, they adore their family and they sincerely enjoy their own self. Truly, they are confident people and they show it; through their behavior, their words, and their looks. Not to mention, they have a very beautiful view of love and family and cherish them dearly.

Thus, no matter who you date, the Italian ladies would consider their future for sure. They enjoy having fun and you would meet many women who would agree to a temporary affair also. However, Italians are known to love with their hearts, and the female ones are no different.

Aside from their friendly nature, a huge amount of confidence is visible in how they view their destiny as well. While some do give having a family more important, others center their views on their career. Indeed, if they want something they go forward with it, and that is no different in their ambitions.

Appearance-wise, too, these ladies are no less; most of the Italians maintain their bodies well. Depending on the region they belong to, their hair and eye colors differ, which means that you would find much variety. Without a doubt, with their personality, looks, and overall presence, stealing hearts comes easy to these girls.

Italian Girls (age 18 - 29)

It is true that the younger you are, the more your views towards the basic life goals feel more dream-like. Of course, this changes over time and maturity brings a different mentality in focus. Thus, if you date someone in her new-adult phase, her personality and world-view differ from an older woman's.

On that note, the thing that you would notice with these young girls is their passionate approach to their future. Indeed, they are independent- spirited and want to pursue their dreams, and many do just so. And because of that, they concentrate much of their time on their education and doing well in it.

Among the younger Italian girls, this usually includes those in the bigger cities rather than the smaller towns. Although that does depend on the person themself and what their goals are. Certainly, you would find exceptions among this age group who want to do different things, irrespective of the societal normalities. However, as far as their personalities are concerned, these young women are very expressive and enjoy their lives. They are smart and outgoing, and that does show an effect on how they treat their romantic liaisons. Indeed, if they want to date they go forward with it, but not always do they make the first moves. While an excitable outlook is a thing common with Italians, the women do have an old-school expectation from love. In fact, they want someone to woo them, and take time to say yes to their advances. Of course, this is more to understand if a person’s interest is sincere or not and how they themselves feel.

Overall, they do like to try different types of things at this age and are open to exploring new avenues in romance. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that they are open to your advances and respect their privacy if they are not. These girls are outgoing and roam around their cities going to different places; thus, your chances of meeting them are high.

Italian Women (age 30 - 45)

An age-old thought that people have regarding older Italian women is that they are true matriarchs. Not to mention, they are very close to their children and vice versa and are protective of them too. Of course, while sometimes some common beliefs are not the most accurate ones; but in this case, it is true.

Indeed, an Italian woman in her thirties and early forties is focused on her personal life, and growing it. No matter the region they are from, these ladies are extremely emotional about their families. Thus, most of the older Italian ladies you meet are possibly married and children are their foremost priority.

Of course, that does not mean that they leave their careers; in contrast, they put more into it. After all, their careers are important to these women and they like to contribute to their family finances. They also enjoy taking care of their loved ones and most do so through organizing big family gatherings full of laughter and mouth-watering food.

Therefore, if you are in the mood to go out with these women, your chances of meeting a single one are not too high. But, you might get lucky as some do decide to give dating an important role in their life too. While that is true, what they are looking for in their dating lifestyle is crucial and you should discuss it with them.

Certainly, some of these women want a new chance at love while others just want a distraction. Before making a move, the best thing to do is to get a conversation started and try to form a connection. Not only would that allow you to know her better but also give you an idea of how to proceed.

As for where you would meet her, there are many options for it as these women are quite outgoing. Whether you form a connection at a bar or meet them at the workplace, there are many areas where your love can bloom. Therefore keep an open mind and treat them with respect and passion, and these women would like your confident approach.

Italian Ladies (age 45+)

When it comes to love, it is not too difficult to obtain if both you and your possible partner are open to it. And things like age does not factor in as heavily, though the societal boundaries make you question it. Therefore, if you are into dating an Italian woman above the age of 45, you would get the chance to meet someone but it's not an easy road.

Indeed, the first thing that would prove as an obstacle is the lack of options. After all, Italian women do give family life more of importance and they get married sooner. Thus, the ones you would meet who have crossed the 45 years mark are not always single, and that would work against your favor.

Not to mention, some who are unattached would prefer not to give dating another try, simply because they have other priorities. In such ways, you would face issues finding a like-minded mature Italian woman, but thankfully it is not completely impossible. Certainly, some women would like to go out with a guy they are interested in, and you might get that lucky chance.

Of course, this would not come randomly and the main reason behind such a decision for the mature woman is compatibility. They would want someone who is theirs and with whom they can spend their time and life happily. And, some of these ladies might have a more sexual desire reasoning, but that too comes after forming a connection with their choice.

Thus, if you want a chance with them, focus on getting to know who they are first. Go out with them, make a friendship, and if the chemistry is there, the rest would work out well. However, whatever you both decide to go forward with, it should operate based on a mutual decision and desire.

As for where you would find an interested mature Italian woman, the answer is simply through your connections. Indeed, most do like spending their time with their friends and family, and you can come across these ladies through your acquaintance with them. Moreover, the online forums are good options too, and you might meet someone interesting in the online community of Italy.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

When you are in a new city, you would feel the urge to go out and meet with loads of different people there. Not only would that give you an idea about how these people are, but also the area itself. However, sometimes, the culture of the place in question is not something you are used to and that makes integrating into its society difficult.

If such a problem arises, you would start feeling lonely and that would bring down your mood of enjoyment. And in a country like Italy, with amazing places to see like Rome and Florence, that is something that is both counterproductive and unfulfilling. Therefore, the best option for you in these situations is to ask out foreign women instead.

Indeed, while the Italian ladies are normally very jovial, they are not the easiest to impress when it comes to flirting. Contrastingly, the foreigners who visit Italy are much more open to new possibilities and mostly accept flirtations as a fun holiday experience. Given that, it is much easier for you to get along with these women instead of pursuing the Italians.

Additionally, you would have a much more natural time bonding with the former, as they too understand feeling lonely in a new society. Thus, you can open up to them quickly and that would create a sense of comradeship between you two. You can go out and experience the beauty of places like Venice or Atrani and enjoy going on new adventures together.

All of this would bring a romantic tension in your relationship as well, which is much easier to process with the foreigners. After all, if you are in a city in Italy for a short period of time, you would prefer not to get into something long-lasting. Indeed, that would lead to long-distance relationships later on, and most local Italian ladies would imagine the disadvantages first.

They are smart and logical, and thus, might not feel comfortable pursuing a relationship with no future. Also, if you are only interested in something casual anyway, many of these women would not agree to a relationship with no feelings. Yet, a foreigner would better understand your needs and might agree to it too. And thus, you can delve into something meaningful or meaningless with the female tourists better, depending on your mutual preference.


The relaxation in the culture has paved the way for Italian women to be bold and adventurous. Though there is the prevalence of gender segregation when it comes to dating and the fact that the women prefer men that take the initiative, sexual activities are not frowned upon. Society does not impose obstacles on these women for experimenting and fulfilling their sexual desires.

On your trip to Italy, you will come across many such Italian women who do not have any issues with casual hookups or short affairs. Indulging in sexual activity does not impose any kind of hesitation on these women. On the contrary, the difficulty that you will face is impressing these women. Italian women hold the men that are trying to date them to high standards.

They prefer men that are chivalrous but can also exhibit the tenacity to chase after them. The thrilling game of this cat and mouse allows these women to make an observation. The effort and the patience that you display makes her feel that you are serious and feel intensely about her.

Italians are considered to be the best lovers. This is not without substantial facts. These women are incredibly passionate and infuse tender love and fiery passion when indulging in sexual acts. In fact, the Italian language is so mesmerizing that it is often associated with sex. Sexual acts with an Italian woman and her slipping some native endearments will definitely make that night utterly memorable for you.

The comparatively liberal mindset of society aides these women in fulfilling their sexual desires. PDA is not frowned upon and is rather welcomed warmly. You can easily expect the girl that you have impressed to hug you or indulge in some heavy kissing before making a move into more private settings.

However, it is also far-fetched to think that you will not encounter girls that are quite conservative and traditional. These women are not interested in casual hookups and often seek long-term relationships. It is always better, to be honest about your desires before making any moves.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in Italy is extremely open. The lack of rules and regulations that are generally imposed by society gives incredible power to these Italian women. Even though gender segregation is still widespread and will be decades before gender equality is truly attained, women here have a lot more freedom than other countries. The fact that they are not shamed or ridiculed for even having sexual desire is quite a development.

The natural acceptance and welcoming nature of society have made the Italian women adventurous when it comes to exploring their sexual desires. These women are not afraid to take control or go after men that catch their eye. Indulging in sexual acts is as common for the men as it is for the women here.

The main religion that is practiced in Italy is Christianity. Despite the influence and presence of religion, sex is not associated with sin. Italians have a penchant for living life to the fullest and this is justifiably applicable to the Italian women as well.

With the attitude to explore life and the pleasure that comes with it, these women hold nothing back when it comes to pleasuring their partners. They are extremely passionate and are bound to make you feel alive when they indulge in sexual acts with you.

These women have expertly mastered the art of sexual intimacy and do absolutely everything to make sure that you remember them forever. PDA is part of the culture here and is not looked down upon. You can indulge in some heavy PDA without anyone nearby frowning or showing distaste.

Apart from PDA and indulging in sexual acts, nudity is also not an issue here. The fact that the Italians have accepted the concept of sex and the related desires with such warmth indicates its progress as an open and liberal nation. On your trip to Italy, you will find that it is not very difficult to have sexual relationships with women here. Honesty is very much appreciated rather than employing sly tricks to seduce them.

One-Night Stands

On your trip to Italy, you will find that it is quite easy to indulge in one-night stands if you can impress the Italian women. Many of these women are not opposed to the idea, rather you will be amazed that they are much more interested than you are. When it comes to relationships, these women are picky and do not just select anyone. They take considerable time to make their choice.

However, they consider casual sex and hookups as fun and adventurous. As long as you can be charming enough to impress them, you can have one of the best nights of your life. At first glance, these women are perceived to be cold and relentless. But, these women are notorious flirts and are quite adapted to increase the interest of men before bedding then. Also, if you act politely and offer innovative compliments, it might just make you favorable in their eyes.

You can find some hot and single Italian women in the various nightclubs, bars, and pubs that are scattered across the country. It is definitely better to approach them when they are already in a mindset to have some fun. You can buy her a drink and engage in a riveting conversation. The trick is to keep her attention piqued. You must be interesting enough to hold their attention.

It is not enough to just assume that physical contact is the consent of you getting a chance to be intimate with her. It is vital that you ensure that she gives verbal consent before you make any moves. Italians are affectionate people and like having physical contact. It might be confusing, but it is a cultural norm here.

However, you can also encounter some women that are extremely gorgeous but traditional. If your presence or your approach makes them uncomfortable, it is always best to take a step back. Even apologize to ensure that you do not end up in some major trouble. The night would be an absolute waste if your girl is not as enthused about being with you as you are with her.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

As you decide to travel to another country, there are many reasons that would help you reach that decision. Indeed, you might want to go there to see the various landscapes it possesses or because your work demands it. Either way, your journey is an interesting future goal and brings with it lots of exciting opportunities to try.

Certainly, when you choose a country like Italy as your destination, you would enjoy your decision with much gusto. After all, there is a lot to see in this region, starting from big cities like Rome to quieter towns like Corricella. All feature a charming quality of their own and the women you meet there only add to the overall experience.

Indeed, there are many ladies that you would meet in such places, both locals and tourists. And they enjoy going to the different sites that these cities contain, and like the experience it brings. They are very enthusiastic about their culture and lifestyle and like to enjoy their lives the way they desire.

Thus, if you want to meet beautiful ladies when you reach this country, you would meet them in many areas for sure. As for the chance to date them, the places you see them at are helpful in that regard, too. After all, you can get an idea of how to come forward to them depending on their interests.

For example, if you meet them at a library, you can start a conversation regarding the books you find interesting. Therefore, things like locations can assist you in understanding who the person you meet there is. Indeed, you can go ahead with talking to them regarding what you both are experiencing, and that would start a natural conversation.

Consequently, the Italian ladies would also like your interest in her heritage and that would endear you to them. Plus, you can impress her with your intelligence and personality, and help grow a mutual bond. Of course, notice how she reacts towards you, and do not push your intentions on them, as they would not appreciate it.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Indeed, the first thing that you should do when you are visiting a new place is to see the sites there. But nothing quite gives you the feel and excitement of said visit than the wonderful nightlife in that area. When you go to Italy, you sure would see many of such great bars and clubs, and lose yourself to the feel.

Of course, you would meet many young women too, which is something you would treasure immensely. Some of the most popular locations are mentioned here. Ambra Night (Riviera del Corallo)- To feel the true fun of disco, Italian-style, this spot is a must-go-to. The girls enjoy it well too!

  • Bahia Beach Club (Salento)- Fun and frolic are two words that go together and that is the main atmosphere at this spot. The women who visit these areas enjoy that too.
  • La Maison (Rome)- Meet models and dance to the best songs in this euphoric scene in the historic city of Italy.
  • La Siesta (Riviera del Corallo)- Nothing gets your heart and blood pumping as strongly as this nightclub and the women you meet here.
  • Opengate Club (Rome)- To understand why Rome is considered to have great nightlife visit this club, for sure. And the women you would get to see there would add to the feel splendidly.
  • Alcatraz (Milan)- Whether you like major events or dancing at a good disco, this spot gives you both these experiences.
  • Cocoricò (Romagna Riviera)- If you are in the mood for themed parties in presence of international DJs, this is the place to go.
  • Old Fashion Club (Milan)- Witness the combination of music and great drinks at this popular nightclub in the Italian fashion capital.
  • Macrì (Calabria Coast)- Cocktail bars with a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful ladies are the best places to visit. And in this spot on the Calabria Coast, you would find both.
  • Zeus (Calabria Coast)- If you are looking for a fun night out in Italy and meet beautiful girls, this dance spot is sure to fulfill your fantasies.

Shopping Malls

For an Italian woman, shopping is something extremely fun and exciting and they enjoy doing so immensely. Indeed, it is hard to meet an Italian who is not up-to-date with the fashion standards, especially in the bigger cities like Milan. Thus, if you are planning on meeting a lady in Italy, such destinations are common search grounds for sure.

You would see many Italians at these places and the foreign girls, too, flock to the various fashion stores. Not to mention, there are some alternative things that you would find interesting to buy in such areas as well. Overall, their love for fashion and accessories would certainly work in your favor, both in meeting them and starting a conversation.

There are many great shopping destinations throughout Italy, and some of them are mentioned here.

  • Torri d'Europa (Trieste)
  • Euroma2 (Rome)
  • La Romanina (Rome)
  • Campania (Marcianise)
  • Porte di Catania (Catania)
  • Porte di Mestre (Venice)
  • Etnapolis (Belpasso)
  • Globo (Busnago)
  • Romagna Shopping Valley (Savignano sul Rubicone)
  • Fiumara (Genoa)


To put it simply, wherever you step foot in when you visit Italy, there is always something that would catch your eye. Without a doubt, all the municipalities in this region are great to explore and are historically significant too. When you visit these places, you would definitely like learning new things about Italy and it's past.

In fact, places like Pompeii and Venice are great tourist attractions, and the locals too like visiting them. Thus, in the matter of budding love stories, finding that in these areas is not too far-off the realm of possibility. You would meet many women in these points and begin a conversation regarding the location, and more.

You can visit the following places throughout Italy, and fall in love with the country and its people at the same time.

  • Borghese gardens (Rome)
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence)
  • Bellagio (Lake Como)
  • Quadrilatero (Milan)
  • Sistine Chapel (Rome)
  • Colosseum (Rome)
  • Uffizi Gallery (Florence)
  • Volterra (Tuscan Hill Towns)
  • La Scala (Milan)
  • Castelvecchio (Verona)
  • Grand Canal (Venice)

Universities and Colleges

When you consider the period of time that is the most romantic, college romances would pop up in your mind. After all, the electric and exciting feeling of love and lust are commonly explored most during the young adult age. And while many do start dating in their school life too, this new-adult phase feels more liberating to the girls.

Owing to that, if you are in the mood to meet young women, the universities in Italy are good areas to look at. Also, you can discuss your favorite topics and books when you meet them in these locations. After all, many of the younger Italian women quite like intelligent conversations. If you are into creating a deep bonding as the start of a romance, these areas do give you that opportunity.

If you want to go to find your love stories in the halls of education centers, the following places are the best options in Italy.

  • University of Milano (Milan)
  • University of Parma (Parma)
  • University of Florence (Florence)
  • University of Bari (Bari)
  • University of Genoa (Genoa)
  • Parthenope University of Naples (Naples)
  • Niccolò Cusano University (Rome)
  • Politecnico di Torino (Turin)


When you travel to Italy, there are many experiences you would get the chance to have. But the very thing that you would cherish the most from your visit is the people you make the memories with. Indeed, you would get many occasions for such, and the Italian women in your company would ensure that they are all exciting.

Of course, when it comes to relationships, there are various types that come into mind; from innocent familial versions to intense romantic ones. And luckily for you, the chances for both are quite welcome in this land of passion. You would also get to meet many types of people too, including the enchanting Italian women.

These ladies are equal parts chic and fascinating, mixed with a healthy dose of exuberant energy. Certainly, whoever you end up meeting in whichever part of Italy you visit, their love and enjoyment for life are hard to ignore. Not to mention, they are opinionated and loud about it, making their confidence seem intense and attractive.

Therefore, when you get into a relationship with these girls, it surely will become something worth remembering. And you need to understand the society of the place you are at, too, in order to make your mark in their mind. Their intentions and motivation regarding romantic relationships also depend on their upbringing and culture and vary according to region.

Indeed, if you are going to the northern cities, the women there would seem more into the materialistic and career-driven lifestyle. While the ones in the southern towns are not too ambitious and prefer leading their lives enjoying their world and families. Thus, their views on relationships and dating, too, changes according to where they live. Yet, you would make many important and unforgettable connections, regardless of what you are after when it comes to the Italian women.

Holiday Romance

Without a doubt, when you are visiting a place with the mindset of enjoying the area, romance comes as a surprise. But it only makes the trip feel better and more fun, which is always something to cherish. If you are visiting the gorgeous spots in the country of Italy, you would find many opportunities to enjoy this.

Of course, the women are gorgeous and charming, and meeting them amidst the breathtaking locales of Italy is mesmerizing. Falling for someone when you are on a holiday makes the feeling more special and passionate. Certainly, with these dynamic women, you would feel the emotions of this relationship much more clearly and enjoy the moments.

While this is accurate, many of the young Italian women do not like the shorter time-span of such romances. Indeed, as passionate as it is, it is not a long-lasting romance and those looking for true-love, prefer to back out from trying a holiday affair. Nevertheless, there are some Italian women who do enjoy such connections, while foreigners are a more suitable alternative.

Indeed, there is something extremely romantic and interesting about such relationships and these women enjoy it too. Also, the sexual intimacy feels more liberating and explosive and that adds to the appeal of holiday affairs. You should, of course, discuss this with your love interest before getting together, as some women may not accept. If both of you are in agreement regarding your connection though, it brings forward a better and more healthy dynamic to this liberal relationship.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Indeed, for everyone in this world, falling in love is a special feeling and many enjoy the freedom that comes with it. There is so much to experience and so much further to cherish, and everyone craves this occurrence. However, not all of them get to keep it for long, and they go through tragic endings of love, and sometimes, friendship too.

  • Of course, this happens for various reasons- some stop feeling anything for the other, while others make irreversible mistakes. However, the ones that come unexpectedly and wreak years of bonding hurt the most, especially when there is no reason. Simply put, both parties fell out of love and that leads to such heartbreak.
  • While it is not certain in the beginning what the reason for so is, there are some factors that affect it. Hence, if you work on them, such a situation would not come about and you can lead a happy life together.
  • Mutual understanding- Indeed, a healthy and good relationship occurs when the two people in love understand each other. Of course, a level of camaraderie is important before getting together, but staying together requires more. Have honest and open discussions about things that you hold close, and encourage her to do the same. And not just the good things; speak up about your fears and embarrassments too. All this would build a level of trust and that is something that would help you immensely in saving your relationship.
  • Familial ties- Without a doubt, one thing that you would surely notice about your Italian lady is their closeness with their family. In this culture and for these women, these are unbreakable bonds, and very essential. Thus, if you want to keep her in your life, know that their families are a joint combo. Owing to this, make sure to improve your relationship with them and earn their trust. Not only would these ladies adore that, but also they would like you more. And if you want a long and happy relationship, this is very important to focus on.
  • Respect for their views- There are various things that you would not agree on, and that is normal. After all, you and your partner have different lives and have grown up with different values. Thus, some things are bound to come between you where you won’t agree on. While that is true, you should not focus too much on the argument, unless it is to hear her side. Indeed, her words may not change your mind, but at least it would give you her perspective. Not to mention, they would like your compromise and see your caring side for what it is.
  • Unity above all- In everyone’s lives, issues are inevitable and everyone suffers in some way. But how you get out of it and become stronger is what matters. While that is true, sometimes, you cannot do so by yourself. You need someone there beside you who would stay as the silent but non-compromising voice. And in relationships, you find that one person; and you do the same for them. You don’t have to show support by screaming it, just your presence and trust can comfort them. This, in turn, would reflect positively on your relationship.


Love is a big deal, and when you meet new people it is hard to control who your heart chooses. Indeed, when you visit a new city and meet the women there, chances are that you would bond with someone. And in Italy, that is exceptionally difficult to control considering the number of dynamic eligible ladies you would meet.

Not to mention, these Italian females are very serious about such feelings too, and they give it they’re all. While getting to such a stage with your Italian girlfriend is a matter of luck and hard work, it does come into fruition eventually. These women are not the most open to love from the first time you meet, but with time, the emotions grow.

Without a doubt, when their tender feelings grow into something serious, the Italian women would take it to their hearts. They are very caring and doting towards those they adore, and that would appear in your relationship visibly. Of course, these females are temperamental too and that would lead to feisty moments, both frustrating and romantic.

Whatever they feel, they do so passionately and that would show a sign when you are together. However, while they do show this behavior when you are in a relationship, it is still hard to understand when exclusivity starts. Certainly, the women in Italy do not openly discuss any change in your relationship status, instead of letting it flow.

Yet, she would show her seriousness towards you through her actions and caring attitude. For one thing, if she introduces you to her family, it shows that she is thinking of you as a long-term bond. Truly, while many of these women are quite liberal in their outlook of love, they do want a true-love experience.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

While looking for a life partner, there is so much that you have to think about. Truly, love and attraction are important elements in such regard, but it is not the only thing. Certainly, meeting someone and falling for them is comparatively easier to do but living with them forever needs more consideration.

Therefore, if you are thinking about finding the 'one', you need to think about your future aims before asking for their hand. To put it simply, there are some main factors that are responsible for creating a healthy life together. In your situation, taking a good look into these would help you realize if the one you are dating is your forever love.

  • Their attitude towards the future- When you are looking for a future wife, only focusing on your moments together is not enough. Additionally, you need to concentrate on your life to come, or more specifically, how you both see it. Indeed, it is not possible for two people to completely match their preferences about all their life goals. Thus, some compromises are necessary. Therefore, take a look at both of these factors. See if you have similar goals, and if not, is she willing to make those compromises like you are. This would give you a clearer picture of your life to come.
  • Their care for you- Italian women are known for their wild personality, but when it comes to love, they are all in. But sometimes, there is a distinction here and you cannot tell if they mean it. Therefore, notice through their actions towards you and assess how they feel. That would give you a clearer picture of the validity of their feelings, and yours.
  • Bond with your family- Certainly, these ladies are very close to their loved ones and like when you are too. However, another party in this mix is your side of the family and their relationship with your lady-love. Does your family like her, and does she put the effort into building a bond with them too? Consider these factors thoroughly, as both of your families have a subtle influence when it comes to marriage.


The various traditions and rituals regarding marriage are still strongly prevalent in Italy. Even though society has modernized considerably, and the women have become bold and adventurous, this does not deter them from seeking meaningful long-term relationships. While the world may depict these women to be flirty and bold, these women also seek emotional support and a suitable partner.

It is also true that Italian women take a lot of time to decide if they want to be with you in a serious relationship. This is only because they take relationships quite seriously and are not interested in getting involved in one that will not last. If you are in a relationship with an Italian girl and you want to marry her, you must seek the blessings of her father.

Family is a very crucial aspect of Italians. It is unlikely that she will proceed to be with you if her family disapproves. Thus, it is pertinent that you gain their favor if you want to marry the gorgeous woman you are with. When you visit her family, you must be polite and respectful. It is also wise to show a huge amount of respect for their culture and beliefs. Do not try to be over-friendly or humorous. They don't know you very much and might take offense.

But, the foremost important thing is that you must discuss the prospect of marriage with your partner. She must be fully willing to be with you when you take this very big next step. If she declines your idea, instead of getting hurt or angry, try to understand her reasons and do not press her repeatedly.

Give her time and show her that you are not going away. Also, keep in mind that Italians believe marriage to be a holy union and do not believe in divorces. Consider other factors like you or her shifting to another country and adjusting before making any decisions that require a commitment for life.


Fun, warmth and extreme happiness are the terms that can easily be associated with Italian weddings. They are filled with ancient rituals and traditions that have been upheld for generations. This is mainly done to preserve the culture and maintaining its authenticity. If you have been successful at convincing the girl's family of your love, then you are all set to experience this wonderful phase.

Some of the wedding-related rituals and traditions are listed below.

  • Day of the wedding: According to traditions, the day of the wedding must be a Sunday. This day is said to bring good luck and prosperity for the couple. All the other days are fine except Friday. This is the day that is firmly avoided by the couples as it is said to bring bad luck.
  • No looking in the mirror: It is considered to be bad luck if the bride sees herself in the mirror while wearing the wedding dress. However, if she removes a shoe or even a glove, then she can see.
  • Bridal bouquet: The bridal bouquet must be provided by the groom as a last gift for the woman who will become his bride. He must also pay the bill and ensure that it delivered on time on the wedding day.
  • Good luck: Good luck is often craved by the couple for their marriage. To ensure that they have good luck, the bride might make a minuscule rip in the wedding veil she is wearing. The groom can put a tiny piece of iron in his pocket and carry it to his wedding.
  • La Tarantella: This is the dance that is performed by the guests at the wedding to wish the couple good luck. The guests held each other's hands and move in the clockwise direction, and then in anti-clockwise as the music plays on.
  • Choice of drink: Traditions dictate that wine must be present during an Italian wedding.

Family Life

Family holds the Italians together and keeps them grounded. This is one of the main reasons why Italians put family as a top priority. They believe in aiding each other in times of need and avoid indulging in acts that can bring shame to the family. It is absolutely common for all the relatives to come under one roof during the weekend to spend some time together.

The family structure in Italy is usually nuclear with close relatives staying nearby. It is also common for children to stay with their parents even when they reach adulthood. Food is also a binding factor. Italians love to gorge on huge feasts. Usually, having one meal with the entire family is rigorously maintained to establish bonds and acquaint with each other on a daily basis.

The patriarchy of society is light but still visible. Even though society has been modernized and liberalized to a great extent, you can witness glimpses of the patriarchy in some of the households. As per the conforms of patriarchy, the males are considered to be the one in charge and the one to provide for the family. The females are simply expected to be dutiful and submissive, taking care of the house and the children. With the rising economy and endless opportunities, things have changed a lot. As of now, the Italian women have perfectly mastered the craft of balancing their personal and professional lives with grace.

Children here are raised with sufficient love and strict rules. They are given the best possible opportunities so that they can succeed in life with little issues. The children are in return, expected to take care of their parents when they become old.

If you have married an Italian woman and wish to settle here, it is a great option. Italy has a surging economy with plenty of job opportunities and bright prospects for your children. But, you must consider the cultural differences before settling in.



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