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Guide for dating in Sicily helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Italian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Italian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Sicily. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Sicily, Italy.

The beautiful view of Sicily

Girls in Sicily:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Sicily:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Sicily:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Sicily:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.25 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.25 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$75 - $650
  • Accommodation: US$45 - $500


When it comes to what love is, it can actually work in many ways and different forms. In fact, strong feelings do have a way of showing themselves in every type of relationship too, both familial and friendly. But sometimes, finding the clarity for such is hard to deduce when it comes to the romantic ones. Of course, no matter how serious you are about your relationship or if you just see it in a casual sense, it is of importance nonetheless. And the one that confuses and excites you the most out of them all is ones full of passion. It has the power to grow you or break you, depending on the women that you experience it with.

When you visit Sicily, you would see this in loads and possibly have many experiences of romance as well. After all, the Sicilians are known for their desire for attraction and passion, and the ladies too are no exception. Thus, whichever path you do choose to take; with them along for the ride, it would leave you wanting for more.

Although this is true, wooing a Sicilian women in this region is not the easiest task to conquer. They enjoy the chase and have set standards that are hard for the average souls to achieve, and rightfully so. Truly, these ladies are wonderful to get along with and have a huge caring heart, and like meeting new people.

This is why they are very cautious about who to let into it, and when you accomplish that, it marks the start of something spectacular. In order to do that, you must know what they would respond better towards and behave accordingly. In fact, there are many aspects of their lifestyle and culture that you should pay attention to in your efforts.

Dating Culture

Of course, the first step towards that is for you to consider the basic dating culture in Sicily. And you would surely enjoy it a lot, considering the outcomes you would get out of it. These women are free-spirited and enjoy having fun, and would ensure that you are having so as well. Certainly, they are fun to hang out with, but getting them to agree on a date does not simply involve asking them out. This is because most of these ladies are conservative when it comes to dating expectations. Therefore, one thing that you have to focus on while you are trying to date these ladies is to woo them.

The Sicilian women like the romance and heat of first-time flirtations and expect romantic proposals and serenades. Of course, their male counterparts are known for being extremely chivalrous and passionate in their endeavors. Similarly, if you want to win the hearts of these women, you need to step up on your game quickly.

While considering the dating culture, do remember what the Sicilian ladies ultimately crave, which is commitment. Thus, they look for qualities that would showcase that you can take care of them later in life. Not to mention, they also want to know the serious answers, including what your future prospects look like.

On that note, if you are not looking for the same with them, you need to divulge that to these ladies. They admire honesty and responsibility as good traits to have and would appreciate that from you. However, if you do end up not staying real about your intentions and play with their feelings, they won’t let you forget it.

Furthermore, the Sicilian ladies in Sicily are visual creatures, even though they dress modestly and look natural. They surely turn a lot of heads with their appearance and you should reciprocate in your efforts during dates. Whether you are interested in something physical or have your heart set on the emotional, impress them with your actions and words to get the opening for a second date.

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Online Dating

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Certainly, the Sicilian women have a larger than life persona, and you would see that is every aspect of their being. The way they talk to the way they love; everything they do and feel is hard to ignore. Consequently, this would both help as well as hinder you in your quest to date a woman of Sicily.

These ladies are fun and they are loud, enjoying every little thing that they do in life. Of course, a major part of their personality revolves around keeping the people around them happy and you would see that in their actions. So, they like making delicious dishes and treat their guests like Gods.

Indeed, these Sicilian women live freely, but some of them still crave for something more in their lives. They focus on their experiences outside of a man’s company and want something of their own. Not only do they take their personal goals and dreams seriously, but they also enjoy caring for their family.

Yet, most of them are homely in nature and give a bigger priority to marriages than to their careers. In fact, there is a subtle but prevalent competition among the Italian women in this region, with the latter in the majority. Thus, whatever you look for in girls, you would find both alternatives in Sicily.

Of course, these ladies are not hard to look at either, which only adds to their overall beauty. One thing that stands out about the Sicilians in this factor is that not one person is entirely 'Sicilian' in appearance. To put it simply, this island province is full of people of many colors of skin, even between blood relationships.

Therefore, you would find an eclectic variety of beauties to choose from, regarding dating and others. Of course, their personalities and desires differ from person to person as well, not to mention how old they are. You should definitely notice the age differences between the different ladies too, as priorities do evolve with time.

Italian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The younger you are, the more carefree you are about the various things in your life, from what is to what might happen. In the case of the Sicilian ladies too, especially in between the 18 to 29 age range, this holds accuracy. Therefore, if you want to date someone when you visit Sicily, this age group is the best to search from.

After all, they are fun to spend time with and extremely dynamic, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Also, they are very curious about the prospect of romance and do enjoy the dating lifestyle. If you ask them out and they are interested in you, they would not reject you.

Nonetheless, this is half accurate as many of the young Sicilian girls do no enjoy going out with strangers. They believe that they would get married eventually, and focus their life on self-growth and self-love. Additionally, they do not believe in casual affairs and prefer to stay away from men who give off that vibe.

Thus, when you approach these ladies in Sicily, make sure to behave like the perfect gentleman to them. It can happen that despite your good intentions and satisfactory flirting techniques, these girls would still say no. Certainly, if that occurs, do not force her to change her mind and instead take her decision in stride.

These women know what they want, and if that isn’t you, nothing you say more would change it. However, if you do respect their decisions though, they would admire you immensely and that can bring you luck. Moreover, you have a better chance of meeting them too, in various places, as they enjoy socializing a lot.

Italian Women (age 30 - 45)

For the Sicilian women, their married life is an important phase that they wait for to come. After all, families are practically the bedrock of the Italian culture, and Sicily, being a part of it, agrees vehemently. Therefore, most of the ladies in this region between the ages of 30 and 45 years get hitched and start a family.

They are entirely focused on keeping their loved ones happy and they live their life with that in mind. However, that does not mean that they completely ignore their own feelings; on the contrary, they are very considerate towards personal freedom. In fact, many of these young women do still follow through with their career ambitions, albeit on the side.

If you want to date the Sicilian ladies when you travel to Sicily, it’s tricky but not entirely hopeless. There are many women who do feel like going out on dates and if you meet them, they would likely say yes. Moreover, there are some unmarried ladies too, and they do want to have someone to call their own.

While some of the single women in this age group would agree to a physical relationship, most of them want more. After all, much of this society still follows the orthodox customs for women, and they do not look nice at those who remain single in this age. Not to mention, this societal pressure stops certain ladies from exploring their options openly, and if you date them, you have to do so privately.

Overall, you would get to meet women of these ages in many places, and talk to them in order to catch their attention. Of course, stay your courteous and respectful self, and these ladies would appreciate that highly. And most importantly, do not stay quiet about what you are looking for, especially if theirs’ is different.

Italian Ladies (age 45+)

Without a doubt, the older a woman gets, their maturity and experience starts showing on their faces. For many people, this only adds a layer of intrigue and beauty to their personality, and that is attractive. Therefore, when you visit Sicily, you might prefer the older women around 45 years and above and find them extremely fascinating.

Of course, there is no lie to this and many of them are exceptionally beautiful to look at and talk to. Not to mention, they are very self-assured and have a maternal aura that would touch your heart. These ladies make for great partners, and in the majority cases, they already are one to someone.

Truly, love and marriage is a sacred bond in Sicily, and by the time they reach their full maturity, these ladies have their own families. In fact, they love them so dearly and provide a lot of themselves towards their growth and betterment. Even if some of them are single due to their husband's death or divorce, their prior responsibilities take up most of their times.

Thus, they do not go out into the dating world and invest their time and energy in running their household. When you reach Sicily, this is something that you would notice a lot. And if you have your heart set on these mature ladies, it would only further lead to heartbreak. Yet, not all is lost as you might just meet someone open-minded and honest who would agree to such a prospect.

All in all, you cannot fully do much about this and you should try your best to get on their good side before showing your romantic interest. Not to mention, they would feel much better as well if you accept their refusal, as many of these ladies would not like this proposition. In order for that not to happen, get to know them better and understand what their stance is on love and related matters.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

It is no doubt that you won’t need to look at the map of the world to randomly come across Sicily. Certainly, many people already know what this place is and where it is located in Italy, owing to its gorgeous landscapes and spectacular views. Thus, this region is always full of tourists and people traveling through, and you can meet them as well.

Consequently, more tourists mean more women, and you should consider them too when you are thinking of dating. In fact, in many ways, they are a much better choice to go with when you are visiting Sicily. One of them is the factor that they enjoy seeing new places and with them beside you, you can do the same.

Of course, the local Sicilians are absolutely lovely to talk to and are very open to everyone. Nonetheless, when it comes to dating, they clam up, especially if you are in the region for a temporary time as well. In such cases, giving your heart is foolish, and these ladies believe not to do so and protect theirs firmly.

Therefore, dating someone who is going through the same thing as you and would leave soon as well is more sensible. The foreign ladies are also much more welcoming about having a few nights of fun and have no expectations for more. Hence, if that is something that you prefer anyway, these ladies would gel better with your mentality.

Also, one more hurdle can come between you and the local Sicilian ladies, and that is communication. After all, the English speaking skill of most of the regular local folk is not very well-developed and can cause issues. While they can convey a lot through their body and facial signals, it is much easier to interact with the foreign girls instead.


Without a doubt, pleasure is a big deal in the cultural society of Italy, and such is the case in Sicily. Sex in and itself is an important point in this regard, and you can enjoy it well in the various parts of this region. Of course, when it comes to who to do it with, you would find many prospects who are sexually active.

While that is true, you will not win in this easily as there are an equal number, or more, of Sicilian women who would refuse. After all, in the eyes of most of these people, sexual interaction is not something that should be practiced openly. In fact, many of them get into such a situation only with those that they are in a relationship with.

Nonetheless, there are many women here who would have casual sexual activity as well. While this is possible, getting them to agree quickly and for sure is not always easy to achieve. Indeed, these ladies are fun to hang out with but do not give in to flirtations immediately.

In fact, they are very used to men who are extremely forward about their interest and are quite persistent. There is a difference between charming and sleazy though, and you should keep that in mind when you talk to them. To put it simply, if they feel that you respect them and their feelings, they would see you as a good person. Not to mention, they might feel comfortable with getting to know you better, and that is a great sign!

Sex Culture

Of course, before you conclude that you can positively attract a Sicilian woman, it is important to know how the Sicilian men to do so. Not only would it give you an idea about what to expect, but you can also learn what would work better. In that sense, the first thing that you would notice about the sex culture in this region is that it is present but very low-key.

Certainly, the sensual practices in this region happen in various forms. These people do not believe in the conventional couple rules when it comes to sexual preferences, and age has no barrier. Indeed, love is nothing but love, and it can happen to and in between anyone.

However, as liberal as they are about their choice of partners, some gender rules are still in place and further adopted. The men play more of an alpha role in the relationships and the bedroom, and the women follow. Of course, there are certain exceptions, and you will enjoy your involvement with them nonetheless.

Moreover, what you cannot achieve with the Sicilian women, you can with the foreign ones instead. They are much easier to woo, and also very simple to interact with as well. Not to mention, this is similar in the case of the male Sicilians, as they focus on attracting these ladies too.

One-Night Stands

While the sex culture is certainly on the boom, the practice of a single night of pleasure is not. After all, the ladies in Sicily feel more attracted to the idea of emotional romance than the physical variety. Yet, you would meet some Sicilian women who might feel otherwise, especially if you manage to pique their interest.

Still, you would have a better possibility of sexual fun with foreign girls than the local ones. For all their interest in exploring their primal urges, the Sicilian ladies do not feel comfortable getting too close with strangers. On the other hand, foreign girls are much easier to bring over to the ‘yes’ side, and you can have a pleasant experience.

Of course, many of these women do get into sexual affairs outside of their private lives. Certainly, the Sicilian men seek pleasure deeply and sometimes go to the wrong person while being in a commitment already. While it is not morally correct, some of the women, too, give in to it and engage in one-night stands.

Not to mention, pleasure is also available in the business form, and there are some who would offer it to you. If you desire so, you can engage in some night-time activities with these ladies. Overall, the popularity of one-night stands is not high with the women in Sicily, but its not extinct either.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To be fair, there are many places where you can go in this world, with much to see and experience. Some are economic wonderlands and others are more subdued and seeped with the memories of the old. Indeed, Sicily is one such place in Italy which makes you feel happy and awed at the same time.

Certainly, this region is full of beautiful natural sites and gorgeously preserved buildings that speak to its history. While it joined Italy comparatively recently, the legacy of this island is strong and visible and does attract a lot of attention. Indeed, many people from all around the world enjoy going to this province and seeing the vision for themselves.

Of course, when you visit this region, you would notice a lot, irrespective of where you end up going. The taste and feel of Sicily are prominent and hard to ignore, whether you see the rural areas or cities like Palermo. Either way, there is loads to see, and that does not only include the sites.

Certainly, you would get to meet many of the local Sicilian women when you visit the various attractions of this region. These ladies are quite proud of their culture and would show you around the place too if they fancy you. However, the linguistic differences would cause issues, but you can understand a lot through their body language.

While that is fun to notice, it is better if you have a basic knowledge of Italian, as it would certainly help you to communicate. Not to mention, you can come across some foreign tourists too when you visit this area and they are fun to interact with. If you want to know where to approach them and how; here are some options you can consider.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

In Sicily, there are many nightclubs, pubs, and bars that you can go to and even meet someone exciting. The following are some of the best options available. Nautoscopio- Sit near the waters and dance on the sand; these are the best qualities of Nautoscopio. Of course, the eligible Sicilian ladies only add to the experience.

  • Morgana - If you are in the mood for a soft ambiance with great returns, this cocktail bar is a hit with the ladies. And it would interest you, too, when you give it a try.
  • Re De Bastoni - This is one of the most fun pubs in Sicily and offers good food, drinks, and ambiance. Of course, the company does not hurt either.
  • Daiquiri Lounge - Without a doubt, this is one of the most attractive spots in this entire province for a night of fun and relaxation. The many women you meet are just the most amazing bonus points for this visit.
  • Bar Vitelli - When speaking of the best bars to go to in Sicily, Bar Vitelli fills the number one spot. The huge pop-culture element also adds to its population.
  • BamBar Taorima - In order to meet young Sicilian ladies, you can give BamBar Taorima a visit. It is surely one of the best in the region.
  • Anche gli Angeli - Home to some of the best-crafted beers you would taste in Sicily, this wine bar is a go-to spot. Also, make many new connections while you are at it.
  • Kalapinta Craft Beer - If you fancy a night of great company and even more mouthwatering drinks, this is the place to go to. Not to mention, many Sicilian women feel the same way and you can meet them here.
  • Tredici Tapas Bar - Speaking of service and ambiance, the Tredici Tapas Bar gives an amazing experience. You would meet many women who agree with that.
  • Tinkitè - Situated in Syracusa, this boho bar is a place that you cannot ignore on your trip through the nightlife of Sicily. Both the people you meet and the drinks you get add to the overall magic of the night.

Shopping Malls

When you visit a new city, one thing that you do enjoy doing is shopping at their various spots. After all, whether you would return home one day or are settling into this place for life, you do need to buy things. Not only for living necessities but also as a memory of your trip to this region.

Whatever your reason may be, one thing that would make the trip more 'worth it' are the women you meet there. Certainly, while they prefer the casual fashion sense most of the time, they still do enjoy showing their retail love. Furthermore, they can also spend time with their friends in these areas and enjoy their free moments.

Therefore, if you want to meet a young woman in Sicily, the shopping centers are one of the most populated options. Present yourself properly, both in your appearance and your behavior, to gain their attention. Certainly, no matter what your priority is at these places, your trip to the malls would not go to waste.

Some of the best shopping areas you can go to when you visit Sicily are mentioned below.

  • Forum Palermo
  • Sicilia Outlet Village
  • Parco Corolla
  • Etnapolis Shopping Center
  • I Portali
  • Catania Mall


When it comes to places to go to, there is a lot to see when you visit the region of Sicily. Indeed, it is stretched over a long area with many naturally formed regions that call a lot of attention. Moreover, it is also the home of one of the still-active volcanoes found in all the world, Mount Etna.

Aside from that, you can also see many other popular landmarks in the more populated places in Sicily. Certainly, this region does not compromise on its culture, and many of the old buildings and architectures are still preserved well. In fact, you can even visit these places, and enjoy watching the beauty of this region and learning about its history.

Many locals and tourists like going to these places too, especially the women, and you will get the chance to meet them. Not to mention, you would also find someone to talk to about the things you see, and the Sicilian women would share your enthusiasm. After all, they enjoy talking about various things, and these spots would give you just the topic to break the ice!

The many places that you can enjoy seeing in Sicily and also learn new things are given here.

  • Etna Natural Park
  • Bellini Villa
  • Zingaro Nature Reserve Beach
  • Stromboli Beach
  • Bellini Villa
  • 'Botanical Garden of Palermo
Stromboli Beach

Universities and Colleges

Without a doubt, for the younger generations of the world, their educational qualifications are highly important. Thus, reputed universities are present in most cities all around the world for better education. Even the young Sicilians and some foreign students complete their further learning in certain parts of Sicily.

While most of the Sicilian youngsters go to other cites for better career-oriented education, some stay close to home. Thus, if you visit this city, you would get the chance to meet and interact with many young Sicilian ladies. Additionally, they enjoy speaking to new people and meeting someone different, and these places provide a safe common ground.

Not to mention, if you are a student too, you can interact with these girls better in these areas on a daily basis. Friendships are a huge part of college life and you can experience that here. Of course, the things that you will study together and research would give you better opportunities to get to know each other as well.

The following are a few of the best colleges and universities you can go to in Sicily.

  • University of Palermo
  • University of Messina
  • Catania University
  • Kore University of Enna


In Italy, there are lots of different versions of romantic entanglements depending from couple to couple. But the one thing that remains unchanging in this culture is their views and notions behind it. Certainly, as far as romance in Sicily is concerned, you need to keep a few basic things in mind for a good experience.

To put it simply, this region has a modern society but is still seeped to its core in the old-fashioned values. This has a huge influence on the matter of intimacy, as most of the Sicilian ladies do not believe is casual affairs. Certainly, for them, romance equals commitment and they do not stray from that… However, given that it is a modern society, you would see some Western mentalities too, in the case of some women. They do give into their inner desires and are open to exploring something short-time and fun. Regardless, you would have a difficult time finding someone like that, as most of these ladies are not completely independent.

Whether you want something with an expiration date or one that might become your future, the Sicilian ladies are okay with both. Of course, that mainly depends on your behavior towards them and how much they trust you. Truly, if they feel uncomfortable in your company, these ladies are not ones to hold back on their opinions.

Holiday Romance

Full of picturesque locations and old-school charm, the region of Sicily is certainly a favorite for many. Therefore, if you are planning on going there for a holiday, you can stay assured that you will not be the only one. And because of that, you would get to meet many exciting young women as well, besides the local Sicilians.

There are many reasons why this would prove beneficial to you, keeping in mind your desire for a distraction. Certainly, the foreign ladies you meet have a better likelihood of accepting your invitation than the Sicilian ones. Yet, that does not necessarily exclude the latter completely; some of them might approve all the same.

Whoever you do end up going out with, one thing that you would surely have is a fun time. After all, for all its good parts, long-term love stories bring with it lots of unfortunate situations and expectations. However, when you are enjoying yourself on a vacation, all you do want out of an affair is a relaxing time.

Having so with these ladies is just what you need to make your time there extra special. Not only are they are extremely warm and fun-loving, but would also engage you in challenging conversations. Of course, you would also have someone to roam around the region with in the morning, and stay-in with at night.

If you decide to go forward with this type of romance though, it is important that there is a level of understanding. Indeed, if you and your partner are not on the same page, things can turn in the wrong direction for you. Overall, you would enjoy this experience immensely, and make many beautiful memories of Sicily.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Indeed, there is no doubt that love is the main driving force behind a lot of things, mainly your personal lives. Thus, many people look for it in every relationship they have and hold onto it strongly when they finally find it. However, no matter how stubborn you do so, some factors can still affect yours negatively.

Therefore, it is important that you look into it with a fine-tooth-and-comb principle and work on the factors from the get-go. Passion is well and good, but would not save yours in the long run if that is all you are relying on. Indeed, the following are some of the main things that you should concentrate on instead.

  • Time spent together - Certainly, this is one of the main things that would ensure a healthy bonding between you and your partner. After all, the Sicilian ladies generally like the sweet romance and having-fun-together parts of a relationship. This ultimately keeps the strength of the connection at its highest potential and ensures that you pay attention to each other. Therefore, going out to places and spending time together is important for a wholesome relationship.
  • Trust- Without a doubt, trust is the ultimate test that you need to pass for the two of you to live happily. One thing that is highly recognized about the Sicilian women is how passionate they are, in every sense of the word. Thus, whether she is loving you or hating you, she would do so with all her heart. Therefore, open up to her about you and your desires, and include the ugly parts too. This would allow them to get to know you better and would grow to trust you and your fidelity.
  • Family and friends- An outside force that can work against you and your relationship are the very people you trust the most. However, this does not necessarily mean that they would openly oppose you and your love. If they don’t know her well enough, they might not support your romance, and that is likely on her familial side too. Thus, give her family as much importance as you do to her, and your efforts would gain you their trust.
  • Communication- The education system in Sicily is fine, but not up to the standards when it comes to international knowledge. Thus, your different mother tongues can create a barrier throughout your romance. To work on this, try to learn each other’s languages and that would help you talk to each other. Not to mention, trying to learn something so definitive about both of your worlds would only help your bond deepen further.
  • Aims in life- As an individual and an adult, there are a lot of things that you might possibly want to achieve. This includes things like career goals, family goals, relationship goals, and so much more. But when you get into a relationship, you have to consider the other person too when planning your lives. Thus, it is better if, on the most fundamental levels, your goals do match. For example, if she wants to get married soon but you want a career, these thoughts cannot alter down the line and you need to consider this beforehand.
  • Putting each other first- Piggy-backing off the previous factor, the next thing that you should keep in mind is certainly, compromise. This is important when you have differing opinions and wishes in life, or even something smaller-scale. Certainly, the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship is that in the former, the power is mutually balanced. Therefore, learn to compromise on certain things in order to keep the other person happy. Consequently, you would lead a more comfortable and satisfactory life together.


Love is a strong word, and in Sicily, it holds a lot of power and traction in the culture of the people there. Certainly, the Sicilians do know how to woo and charm, and they take romance to a whole new level. In fact, both the men and women give a lot of priority to this, and if that is your goal, your chances here are more solid.

While getting them to like you back is tough for many, the result of that is oftentimes highly sufficient. After all, if you are looking for a loving relationship, the one thing that comes teamed with that is its time limit. Without a doubt, this is what the ladies in this region crave, and your similar ideology would work in your favor.

When a Sicilian woman falls in love, she would show that through her actions more than her words. Certainly, these ladies want something hardcore and long-lasting, and they try their best to make your time easier. Not to mention, they give a lot of importance to their family, and if they introduce you to them, you are in a good place.

Of course, one thing that you should notice when you are romancing a Sicilian woman is how she responds to your words of romance. When it comes to showing someone they love them, these ladies are extremely expressive. In fact, while people don’t generally manage to showcase that a lot on a daily basis, these Sicilians are the exact opposite.

However, their passion does come at a disadvantage when you have a third wheel in your relationship. While that is true for many Italian lovers, the Sicilian females do not share the same inclinations most of the time. Indeed, if she is truly in love with you, she would stay all in, and so should you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Without a doubt, before tying the knot, there are a lot of things that you need to consider and not all of them are pretty. In fact, much of your thoughts subconsciously go towards the negatives rather than the positives. Funnily enough, that is actually a good sign and means that you are ready to make e a mature decision.

However, when it comes to looking back on your relationship and considering the pros and cons, the memories start attacking. That, in turn, confuses you more and you are left with nothing but more panic and worries. So, if you require some metaphorical push in the right direction, these questions would help you center better.

  • Do you both believe in the same things?- To be fair, you cannot ask her to marry you if she does not want to get married in the first place. While most Sicilians do want that, there are some exceptions and there is no guarantee which yours fall under. Not to mention, even if she says yes, the fear remains whether she is in it for the right reasons or simply settling down. Thus, talk to her in the beginning phase of your relationship itself and find out what her views are in general, before considering yours in particular.
  • How compatible are you in each other’s lives? - Certainly, love is something timeless and eternal, and so would yours stay if you agree on the similar views. To put it simply, the chances of your relationship surviving over the years does depend on how well you know each other. While opposites do attract, they fizzle out too if you cannot agree on the basic things you want and like. Strong partnerships are built on trust and compatibility, and you should take yours’ into account before popping the question.
  • Would you support each other always? - Support and undivided loyalty are two major factors in a relationship, especially a long-standing one. If you want to survive the long life ahead, it is important that you are the rock that the other needs. After all, no one but your life-partner can give you this peace; and if she does for you, she’s the one.
  • Do you both spend time together and apart? - Time is a major factor that can simultaneously make or break a relationship. Thus, make sure that you do spend time with each other despite your busy schedule and other priorities. Not only would you get to know what is going on in their life, but also you can keep the romance alive. On the other hand, learn to give her some space as well, and see how you feel during then.
  • Comfort level: how is it? - In a committed relationship that should last a lifetime, both parties need to enjoy each other’s company. After all, how else would you manage to cohabitate for years and years? Thus, it is important for the two of you to have a level of comfort and camaraderie together, even in uncomfortable parts of your life.


In Sicily, dating and romances are all well and good but the one thing that they ultimately lead to is marriage. Or at least, that is the outcome that the people here keep in mind, especially the women. After all, Italian society flows with their love for their families, and in Sicily too that is no different.

Therefore, if you are in a romantic relationship with your lover for many years, marriage is the next gradual step. In fact, that is what their families are expecting too, and you need to ask for their blessing first. In Sicilian family life, the father holds the ultimate deciding vote, and you need to impress them in this matter. Not to mention, the unions in this region are not always love-based, and it is actually the opposite in many cases. One of the major norms of the old-school Sicilian practices that are available in some places is betrothals. To put it simply, many families choose the main suitor for their female child at a young age, and they get ‘engaged’.

Of course, amongst the most educated people, this practice is abhorred but there some ordinary people who still keep it alive. Regardless of how you meet them, it is important to note the matrimony factors that are prevalent in this society. No matter how it works out though, this phase would mark a new beginning to your life, and the Sicilian brides take their oath seriously.


Certainly, when speaking about the aspect of marriages, one other thing to mention is the way to do so. And because of that, the ceremonies themselves are extremely important in Sicilian society. These people put a lot of planning into it and try to make it beautiful and heart-touching.

Since the vast majority of the citizens of Sicily belong to the Christian community, they prefer church backdrops and settings. Not to mention, they have a slightly old-fashioned inclination towards marriage in general, and their customs reflect that. Therefore, weddings are generally celebrated in old chapels, and they perform the main traditions revolving around it diligently.

Of course, while that is more prevalent, many of the younger Sicilian women want to do something different and personal. Moreover, you can even opt for weddings at certain locations with a civil officiant at the helm. Sicilians leave no stones unturned when it comes to wedding celebrations, and enjoy everything to the fullest.

In fact, big weddings with lots of partying and guests are quite popular, and many would insist on it. If you want that as well, there are loads of opportunities and locations for such plans, or even small intimate ones. Indeed, when it comes to celebrating this important event, money is not a hindrance, and grand displays are prioritized.

Here are some of the most well-liked venue ideas for your wedding in Sicily.

  • Villa Infinity
  • Timeo Hotel
  • Palazzo Duchi Taormina
  • Winery Pupillo
  • Borgo Pantano

Family Life

Last but not the least, the main point that everything leads down to in Sicily is one single thing- la famiglia. Certainly, family life is am important life-choice that the Sicilian women desire, and focus on it considerably. In the entire culture of Italy, their women are known as the caretakers and caregivers, and you would see that here as well.

Without a doubt, they have always known that they would have many familial responsibilities to care for in the future. So, they prepare for it from a young age, so that they can focus on their duties properly. Some Sicilian women do work even after marriage and children in the different cities of Sicily, but such employment is not high in this region.

When it comes to the other aspects of satisfactory and happy household conditions, the women themselves are a huge positive influence. But they are not the only ones; truly, you would like it a lot when you settle into this beautiful location. Not only is the place very safe overall, but it also provides many good amenities for a better lifestyle.

Depending on which neighborhood you end up living in when you visit Sicily, your expenses would vary. However, this region as a whole has a very relaxing personality and would provide you with an easy-going lifestyle. Therefore, however you choose to plan the rest of your stay in Sicily, your life since meeting your Sicilian woman is a wonderful experience to remember.



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