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Rome dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Italian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Italian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Rome, Italy.

Hot girls of Rome at the Circolo club

Girls in Rome:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Rome:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Rome:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Rome:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$53 - $393
  • Accommodation: US$26 - $214


Rome, the capital of Italy, has a history that expands over two millennia since the humans started settling here. Apart from the rich cultural heritage, it is also credited as an Alpha Global City. This is an indication of the societal standards of the Italian people. Rome boasts of rich diversified architecture, unique food palette, and absolutely stunning Italian women. These women are nothing short of Goddesses and will blow your mind away on your trip to Rome.

These women are voluptuous, curvy, and beautiful in every sense of the term. They are blessed with genes that set them apart from the rest of the women of the world. Italian women are aware of the beauty they have and put in a lot of effort and time to perfect it. They have an impeccable taste for fashion and are almost always dressed to the nines.

Dating these gorgeous beauties can be a little tricky if you are not aware of the culture. Although these women are fiercely independent, the gender roles are still quite segregated and pronounced. Men are expected to ask out the women, plan the date, and even pay for it too. This is the Italian way of dating. And also, expect these Italian women to turn you down on the first try. This is not an indication that these women do not like your advances or you. This is simply another cultural norm. The women there love the thrill of the chase and will most likely be impressed if you can show her you are tenacious and willing to invest considerable time and effort.

Italians love to flirt and have mastered this art. They do not shy away from sexual advances, and sexual intimacy is a part of life for them. This is not an indication that they are easy but corroboration of the fact that indeed the myth surrounding these women is somewhat real. They are passionate and will ignite the roaring flames of passion within you.

Dating Culture

To impress an Italian woman on your trip to Rome, it is essential to know the cultural norms that are prevalent there. These women are absolutely beautiful, and you will more than want to sample the fiery personality that they are so famous for. They look like fashion models ready to walk gracefully on the runway at a moment’s notice.

Asking out these Italian women may be a tad difficult. These women are often found in groups and take the approvals of their friends quite seriously. You might need to impress her friend circle before she actually gives you a chance. It is common for these women to turn down men at the first try. The trick is not to give up and keep on pursuing her without being creepy. These women love the thrill of the chase and will most likely give you a chance if they are convinced that you are willing to chase after them.

Once you have asked her out, you can expect her to ask you to pick her up from her home. You must also keep in mind that the Italians have no sense of punctuality and will most likely arrive at least 10-15 minutes late on any occasion. This is very normal for them. You might have to swallow the pill if you are particular about punctuality.

Dressing stylishly and looking your best is mandatory. The girl must feel that you have put in some effort as she will be dressed to kill. Also, chivalry is very much appreciated. Be a gateman and bring some flowers. But, keep in mind that the number of flowers should be odd as even numbers represent funeral. After the date, the men are expected to foot the bill. Italian women also expect the men they date to take care of them.

Flirting and copious amounts of PDA are highly common. Italians are passionate people and like to maintain physical touch. This does not exactly conform that she likes you. Most of these Italian women prefer long-term relationships but you will find many that are also interested in casual affairs. Whatever your pick is, you will find that Italian women can fulfill all your buried desires.


The population of Rome is a sure indication of the fact that the city is full of girls with different looks and varying personalities. On your trip to Rome, you will have the luck of encountering many of these gorgeous women. Those curvy hips and mischievous brown eyes are enough to suck anyone in. The Italian women have a flair for fashion and like to dress in modern trends. These women love to cook as they pay special importance to foods. This does not mean that they gorge on anything. They like to try new dishes but only those that are healthy and can help them stay fit.

Italian women have a fiery personality, and this is evident in the way they express their thoughts. They are loud, vocal, and do not understand the point of keeping it low. When they have a problem, they will make sure that not only you but the whole neighborhood knows it as well. They often display bouts of anger, which can be loud but quick to dispel too.

Most of the Italian women have well-established careers. Although they are financially independent, they expect the men they date to take care of their needs and demands. No wonder, they are labeled as high maintenance. If you can handle their fiery personality, you will find that these women are kind and caring too. When they commit themselves to a relationship, they love unconditionally and take care of their partner. These women prefer men that are chivalrous and can flirt graciously without overdoing it.

Flirting and PDA are common, and women do not shy away from it. They are excellent lovers and can fulfill every one of your erotic fantasies. They perform sexual intimacy with a passion and love that is unreplaceable. These women, despite having good careers are severely family-oriented as well.

Italian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Italian girls in this age bracket are fun and adventurous. They are ready to explore the world and are on the outlook for wild adventures. These women, though seeking careers, do not keep themselves from having unadulterated fun. These girls look ravishing and prim themselves to perfection. They groom themselves and dress in the latest fashion trends.

Being young also makes these women daring and much bolder. While they do love the thrill of the chase, they are not after serious relationships. These are the women that you can date on your trip to Rome if you are not interested in committed relationships. These women are game for casual hookups and one night stands, but you do need to impress them.

You can find these girls in several nightclubs and bars that can be located in Rome. They often visit these places to have some fun and meet new people. These women are very passionate. If you charm them properly, you can expect her to fulfill all the naughty desires you have amassed over the years. But, the tricky part is to seduce them.

These local girls prefer men that dress impeccably and have a gentleman aura. But, this does not mean that you need to be shy. They are most likely to be impressed if you can flirt and match them in every way. Be chivalrous, charming, and drop some Italian lingos to have a fun night with these women.

But, you may also encounter some traditional Italian women who prefer serious committed relationships. It is, always better, to be honest, and air out your desires and intentions. Keep in mind that these women are at an impressionable age, and heartbreak is not easy to deal with.

Italian Women (age 30 - 45)

Italian women in this age bracket are most likely married and have a family. Though most of these women appreciate the men chasing them, it is quite common for them to settle with a guy and offer serious commitment. One they are in love, they give everything to the relationship and love boundlessly. You are most likely to be disappointed if you prefer dating women in this range of age in Rome.

Italian women are strictly family-oriented and are not likely to commit adulterous affairs. These women are financially independent and run their household both at the same time with a finesse that is difficult to obtain. However, you can find some women who remain single to concentrate on their careers or have not just met the right man yet.

You can meet these women at various clubs, bars, and pubs. You can also use dating apps to find such women. You must keep in mind that these women are much more practiced in dating and will not likely be impressed if you put half efforts. The Italian women, in this age too, remain as resplendent as ever. They take care of their body with the meals they eat, and this is reflected in the way they look. You can also find yourselves on the receiving end of their fire-spitting personality.

Even if it discourages you, you can take it on a positive note. The anger they exhibit often comes from their passionate side. You can keep on trying and impress them by being tenacious. Not to mention, you must be a gentleman and not force anything on them. They are themselves, dominating and will in no way appreciate you dominating them.

Italian Ladies (age 45+)

Italian ladies under this age bracket are mostly married with kids and a large family. They dominate the household with a strict grip and smooth efficiency. You must expect to face a ton of difficulties if you prefer to date mature women. Most of these women are much more interested in raising their families than venturing out of their marriage. It is also not a good idea to date married women as their husbands are real hotheads too and can cause your major troubles.

Despite the age of these women, they are utterly gorgeous and take considerable steps to maintain their bodies. Interestingly enough, you can encounter some single, divorced, or widowed women on your trip to Rome. These women are bold and elegant. They have the experience of dating a lot of men and can definitely see through if you are faking it.

These women prefer men that can treat them with respect and affection. Try to be chivalrous and express an interest. It is inadvisable to exhibit your dominating personality as it will definitely clash with theirs. If you have managed to impress them, you will be pleased with the outcome. They are adventurous when it comes to sexual intimacy and will most likely incite passionate urges within you.

You must also be prepared to handle their famous temper and put an effort to chase them if they want. You can also encounter women that are seeking relationships as opposed to the raunchy affair you want. In that case, it is better to be transparent and declare your desires. They will appreciate it more and can even get charmed in the process!

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

It might seem more intriguing to date the local women of Rome when you are visiting. But, sometimes it becomes too difficult to handle these Italian women who have flair for dramatics with a raging temper to accompany it. Furthermore, you may not have the patience or skill required to woo these women. In that case, you can interact with the foreigners that visit Rome all year round.

It is easy to converse with them, and you don’t have to practice age-old chivalries. Moreover, they are much more aware of the nuances of cross-country dating, and most likely expect short no-strings-attached hookups. You will also find that it is incredibly easy to be around them and share the nostalgia that might come from leaving your home behind.

The presence of large communities of ex-pat points to the vivacious lifestyle of the Italians, and the high quality of life that Rome offers. Most of them settle here to lead a relaxed and enjoyable life while not compromising on the luxuries. You can expect to encounter girls from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and personalities as well.

The various educational institutions offer the opportunity for foreign students to come here and study. They are often impressed by the lifestyle and seek ways to settle here. These students are also a fine alternative to local women. You can approach them with ease and do not have to wait long periods for them to respond. They are much easier to interact and do not necessarily need you to chase them or be a perfect gentleman. You can engage in casual hookups easily as these students are open to new experiences and do not mind engaging with a foreigner.


The open mind of the people and the relaxed and warm culture of Italy have normalized sex to a great extent. It is not a big deal for the Italians to practice sex, nor is it a taboo in society. The Italians are much more comfortable in their own skin, which results in absolutely no issues with nudity. On your trip to Rome, you can expect to have some fun with comparative effort. These Italian women cannot be labeled as frigid. Instead, they can be termed as bold and fiery. They like every aspect of their life, tend to grab things that they desire. If they like you well enough, you will find that these women will stop at nothing to seduce you.

Italian women are suckers for chivalrous acts. They prefer men who can flex their masculinity without being dominating. Curtsies and polite acts will definitely work for your favor with these women. Italians are considered as the best lovers, and that is not without reason. They are incredibly passionate about life. The relaxation of their culture towards sexual activities has helped the women master the art of sexual intimacy.

If you have successfully dated an Italian woman and convinced her for a night of pleasure, rest be assured you will not be disappointed. Apart from their fiery temper, their passionate urges in private spaces are noteworthy. PDA and flirting salaciously in the open spaces have not frowned upon either. The society has a liberal mindset and will pose no barriers for you.

Getting pleasured by a passionate Italian woman is not a hard thing. The difficult aspect is to impress her enough to have the opportunity to bed her. They are notorious for having men chase them relentlessly before coming to a decision. If you want to engage in sexual intimacy with these exotic beauties, patience is something that you have to master as well.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in Rome is quite welcoming and open. There is no aversion towards sexual intimacy, and women indulge in it as much as the men do. Even though the gender roles are still segregated on some levels, it is not extended to sexual activities. The openness of the culture towards nudity and sexual activities has led the Italian women to be fearless, bold, and adventurous. It is easy to hook up with Italian women in Rome if you are honest about your intentions. You will find many such women who are just as interested as you are.

Despite the majority of the population being Christian, sex is not viewed as a sin but rather associated with the life itself. The Italians love to celebrate life, and in this aspect find much pleasure in exploring sexual desires as well. Flirting in public spaces with a considerable amount of PDA are the cultural norms here. The women are not shy and will usually let you know if she is interested.

Even though these women are interested, you will have to impress them to have a night of pleasure. They rarely impress easily and will test your patience many times. But, keep in mind that these women are excellent and passionate lovers.

With that endgame in mind, you will find that you can woo them with patience and effort. These women like to be wined and dined before indulging in sexual intimacies. They will also be impressed if you can slip in some Italian terms. You will also encounter some traditional women who seek committed relationships. It is better to be just honest rather than leading them along for sexual desires. Proper communication will help you to get out of unnecessary troubles.

One-Night Stands

The concept of one-night stands in Rome is not far-fetched. You can indulge in some on your trip if you can impress the Italian women properly. You will find that there are plenty of local women who do not actively seek out relationships. They are much more interested in a single night of unbridled fun and passion.

But, to impress these women to spend a night with you is hard. They don’t impress easily, and you will have to put on all your charms to seduce them. These women are also notorious flirts and are comfortable with physical contacts. You can expect the girl to indulge in some heavy PDA before taking it to a private space. PDA is common here.

You can easily find these women in the local nightclubs and bars. It is easier to approach them as they are already there to have fun. You can charm her with your chivalrous acts, but do not forget to flirt as well. They are passionate about everything in life and will most likely be impressed if you are honest and real without being over-exerting.

The cultural ease empowers these women to fulfill their sexual desires and actively seek out men. But, you can also face some women who might not feel comfortable with your approach. If that is the case, then it is just better to back off and not press the issue. Keep in mind that you can only have a wild night if your partner has those passionate urges as well.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The overwhelming population of Rome consists of the beautiful and stunning Italian beauties that will leave you awe-struck. There is no shortage of places in Rome where you can interact and impress these women. You just need to know about the prime hotspots of the city to find these gorgeous beauties.

The nightlife of Rome is exotic, vibrant, and maddening. Italians love to party, and this reflected in the huge number of women that frequently visit the various bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the city. It is easier to approach women when they are already relaxed and interested in having fun. Dress impeccably, buy her a drink, be chivalrous, and put on your flirtatious moves, and you might just impress her for the night.

Daytime in Rome is another ball game altogether. During the day, the women are either busy in their households or are in offices. But, you can find some women in some of the most popular shopping malls and areas of the city. Comfort shopping is an intriguing aspect of their life. There, you can approach them, but remember, to be polite and kind.

You can also encounter these charming Italian women in several tourist spots. They are most likely to help you if you ask them. You can, then, express interest to know more about the culture, which might lead to her saying yes for a date. Italians appreciate when others respect and adore their culture.

Universities and colleges provide great opportunities to meet new people. But, it is better not to lurk around much. The security is much more in these places and can cause legal troubles for you if you are not careful. It is also better to take a step back if a girl is not comfortable with your approach.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Italians have a certain knack for partying and this is reflected in the nightlife of Rome. The fun doesn’t start till midnight and continues till the wee hours of the morning. It is not uncommon for these people to spend the whole night out having fun and partying to their heart’s content. You will find a large proportion of the Italian women visiting the various pubs, bars, and nightclubs in the city at a later hour.

Remember to dress to impress as Italians may love partying, but they love to dress up more. So, don a nice attire and get going to the hottest establishments. The list given below points to some of them.

  • Akab: Situated at Via di Monte Testaccio, 69, this nightclub has been offering a night of relief from the time it was opened in 1992. Various kinds of music like Rock, House, etc. play on various nights providing a unique theme and attraction to the place.
  • The Jerry Thomas Project: One of the most highly mentioned bars in Rome. They have unique drinks credited to their skilled mixologists. The space is small but warm and provides a perfect opportunity to chat with someone along with having their special drinks.
  • Qube: Counted in the list of the largest nightclubs in Rome, this establishment has dance floors in three levels. You can dance the whole night with different genres of music played on different nights. The music is diverse and is a total crowd-pleaser.
  • Voodoo Bar: This recently opened outdoor club is creativity at its best. To the park style party to the tropical atmosphere, people come here to forget their worries and have a night of fun and adventure. The free entry attracts people in hordes.
  • Goa: This nightclub is a prime hotspot for people who love to party. The place is spacious with great music played by international DJs. The nights are pure fun, where you can dance as much as you like while having a drink when your feet ache.
  • Vinile: Known for the jazz, live bands, and the dance floor, this nightclub is the perfect place to relax. You can sway your hips and get to know each other with the cool and soothing music in the background and the occasional drinks.
  • Le Mura: Students visit this perfect blend of a nightclub and bar quite frequently. Live music is the specialty here. Dancing to various kinds of music like funk, rock, etc. is fun. Apart from the dancing floor, vintage sofas, and the cozy ambiance lits up the place.
  • Scholar’s Lounge: One of the most popular Irish pubs in Rome. It attracts tourists and locals all the same. Apart from being the largest pub, it is also a widely popular sports bar. The live music and the karaoke add to the charm. It is situated at Via del Plebiscito, 101/b, 00186.
  • Sharivari: One of the major attractions of the city with a mixture of nightclub and restaurant. The décor is unique and the dance floor will invite you to put shake your hips. Music ranges from house, hip-hop, etc. with people dancing the night away.
  • Circolo degli Illuminati: Located at Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1, this nightclub attracts people like no other. The club has three rooms where different music plays and people sway to it. It plays the best electronic and House music. The DJs are selected carefully to provide maximum entertainment.
Party at the Voodoo club in Rome

Shopping Malls

During the day, the Italian women are either busy at work or are in college. This makes it difficult to approach these women during the daytime. The latest fashion trends are an area of interest to these beautiful ladies. You can always find some of them in the various shopping malls that the city boasts of.

Apart from the rich cultural architecture, shopping in Rome is an unforgettable experience. You can approach these women and casually strike up a conversation while they are in a good mood for shopping.

The list compiled below is to help you to locate the most popular shopping malls in Rome.

  • Galleria Alberto Sordi: Renamed in 2003 after Italy's most favorite actor, Alberto Sordi, the building itself is a masterpiece. It has about 20 stores, but the complex has intricate designing that is bound to leave you awe-struck.
  • Rinascente Roma Tritone: One of the most recent and historic department stores in Rome. The mall has eight floors that house several stores that display some of the most luxurious brands. The food hall has some notable restaurants. But, the main attraction is the rooftop bar where you can have a glass of wine while gazing at Rome’s ethereal beauty.
  • Porta di Roma: This particular complex is much more than a shopping mall. Apart from the 240 retail stores that house various high-end brands; it also has several restaurants, bars, and a cinema hall with about 24 separate screens.
Galleria Alberto Sordi


Rome has an overwhelming range of places that have cultural and historical significance. It is almost impossible to see all that the glorious city has to offer within a short span. History and rich culture emanate from its every pore.

These are also the places that you can encounter some Italian women. They are profoundly proud of their culture and can be seen visiting these places to enrich their experiences from time to time.

Trying to know their culture is a trick that might just work in impressing these ladies. Even if they are not impressed, you must visit the places mentioned below on your trip to Rome.

  • Roman Forum: Credited as being the most celebrated gathering venue in all of history, Roman Forum (also called Forum Romanum in Latin) is surrounded by architectural remains of the ancient city. Some notable structures include the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Vesta, Vulcanal, Regia, etc.
  • Colosseum: Even though the structure is ruined due to natural calamities, it still has a historical significance and denotes Imperial Rome in all its glory. This amphitheater was estimated to seat about 65,000 people at any given time. People gathered here to watch gladiator contests, animal hunts, battle re-enactments, and even executions.
  • Pantheon: This Catholic Church, formerly a Roman temple is one of the most highly preserved buildings of Rome. The structure is magnificent and is essentially a masterpiece. It was finished by Hadrian but is not credited to his name as he used the inscription of the old temple made by Marcus Agrippa. Two thousand years have passed, and yet the dome is unreinforced.

Universities and Colleges

The various educational institutions in Rome indicate the prevalence and significance of education among the youth. This also contributes to the liberal mindset of the society and its advancement in leaps and bounds. Some of the most well-respected colleges and universities are:

  • Marconi University
  • College Ghislieri
  • Roma Tre University
  • International University of Rome
  • Università Telematica Universitas Mercatorum

These educational institutions offer great opportunities for you to meet the diversified student pool in Rome. You will encounter not only the local girls but also foreign students. You can engage in easy conversations, and the lack of the language barrier helps to advance your interest smoothly. But, it is better to interact with these students outside the campuses as you might find yourself in trouble if you are not careful.


Women in Rome are jaw-droppingly beautiful with prominent feminine features. They put in a considerable amount of effort to perfect their looks. Naturally, they accept the men to shower them with compliments and praises. These women are financially secure but will still want you to pay the bill at the end of the date. This is not because they are materialistic, rather it is the cultural norm that is prevalent here.

If you have convinced an Italian woman to be in a relationship with you, you must be prepared to handle both her caring side as well as her flaring temper. These women are highly passionate and will most likely throw temper tantrums frequently. If you can handle them with ease, you are a lucky guy. If they feel cherished and appreciated, these women will stop at nothing to take care of you and love you boundlessly.

These women though difficult to impress, take a long time to decide if they want you as a partner. Once they do, you can be sure of her loyalty as these women cherish relationships and are extremely faithful. You will find that it is much easier to impress the girl if her friend circle has high praise for you. Impressing her friends is the key to convincing her that you want to be in a serious relationship.

Italian women have a soft spot for dramatics and will most likely be impressed if you can do some grand gestures. You can declare your love for her in a dramatic way and keep on chasing her even if she says no. Be a gentleman, offer flowers and shower her with gifts, and you will find that these Italian women will love you with a passion that you have never experienced before.

Holiday Romance

Dating an Italian woman in Rome is the kind of holiday romance that everyone fantasizes about. You can make this a reality when you visit Rome. Chivalrous acts, along with heavy flirting, will help you impress these women. It is also important that you be honest with what you want. If your idea of a holiday romance is a short and hot casual affair, you will find many girls willing to engage.

These women are bold, and the romantic background will definitely help you to fulfill all the erotic fantasies you have ever had. Often, women are very handy with their approach. This does not mean that they want to be intimate with you. Make sure to attain verbal consent and not confuse their flirting with consent for sexual intimacy.

But, if you want to make the relationship serious and continue it even after you leave the city, you need to be honest about it too. You are going to face difficulties in convincing her. These women are not very trusting and take time. You will have to invest in time and effort to convince her that you really want to be with her.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Impressing these Italian women and convincing them to be with you is a difficult task in itself. But, it takes more to maintain and build the relationship. Love is essential, but not the only factor that is crucial to the success of a relationship. You can overcome the hurdles that you will undoubtedly face by standing together and taking a peek at the tips given below.

Respect her family and culture. Italians take great pride in both their culture as well as family. You need to offer ample respect to both. Avoid actions or conversations that are likely to offend her.

  • Overcome the language barrier: You must start to learn her native language. This will not only help in communication but also display your effort in full view. This will also urge her to learn your language. This way you can prevent any scope of miscommunication.
  • Maintain transparency: Honesty is the basic foundation of any relationship. Be honest about who you are as a person. She will most likely feel closer to you if you can share your ugly secrets.
  • Be sensitive: Talk to her more and get an idea of the topics that need extra sensitivity. Try not to be judgmental when she is courageously sharing something with you. Sensitivity will go a long way to comfort your girl.


Being in love with the local Italian women in Rome is not hard. These women are gorgeous, and that fiery temper is bound to reel you in. These women are exceptional lovers and will love you limitlessly. On your trip to Rome, you can certainly hope to lose your heart to one of these stunning women.

Impressing a local woman will warrant your time and patience as they are careful in choosing their partners. They love the chase, but more than that, they want to be sure of the choices that they make. Italian women love endlessly, and commitment is a very serious term for them. The love and the care they show are unimaginable.

If you have fallen in love with a local girl in Rome, you need to impress her and go all out. Be chivalrous and pursue her. Shower her with creative gifts and compliments. Make her feel special and she will surely give you a chance.

If you are considering marriage, it is best to discuss it with her before planning your grand proposal. Most Italian women prefer to marry at a later age and are comfortable in a long-term relationship. If she indeed wants to marry you, make sure that the proposal is grand and memorable. Italians love grand gestures that they can tell their family and friends.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

On your trip to Rome, you will encounter several girls and even feel the urge to be in a relationship with a certain Italian woman. But, before making a serious commitment, it is vital to ensure that the girl you are wanting to be with for the rest of your life is the one for you. It is not easy and requires you to think about certain factors vividly. You can take a look at the tips listed below to find out if your girl is the one for you.

  • Money should never be an issue. Although the Italian women love to be taken care of, it should never be that she is with you for your stature and lavish gifts.
  • She must be willing to keep aside her ego. Petty fights are common in any relationship. What matters is whether she is willing to set aside her ego at times to reconcile with you.
  • Family is important. The Italians appreciate family very much. Make sure that she respects your family as much as you offer to hers. This balance is vital and delicate.
  • Love you just as you are. It is essential that she loves you with all your flaws and imperfections. Yes, she can drive you to do better but not change your very essence.


The Italian women, though bold and adventurous, often prefer long-term relationships. They take time to choose their partners, but when they are convinced, they make every possible effort to sustain it. In Italian culture, marriage is a very serious commitment. They do not believe in divorces, but rather prefer to shout, fight, or even talk to solve matters.

The society is quite modernized, but at the core, there are still some traditional values that are respected. If you have fallen in love with an Italian woman and want to marry her, you would have to seek her father’s permission before you can organize the wedding.

Family plays a great role in the lives of the Italian people. They are most unlikely to move forward in marriage if their family does not approve. It is best to impress the girl’s father and the other elderly members of the family. Respect, politeness, and chivalry can help you win them over.

But, the most important thing that matters is the consent of the girl. You need to talk with her before asking her father’s permission. Most of the Italian women take time to think through. It is better not to hurry or exert pressure on her. If you are patient and give her the time she needs to decide, you will find that you will have a happy and fulfilling marriage later on.

Marriage is a serious matter and is not taken lightly by the Italians. You should think long and hard about the various aspects of marriage before proposing to the girl you have fallen for. It is best to not have any lingering regrets.


Traditions have always been a part of Italian society and more so when it comes to weddings. Italian weddings are fun, vibrant, and filled with nostalgic traditions and customs. If you have been able to successfully impress an Italian girl and her family, you can expect to thoroughly enjoy the grandeur of an Italian wedding. These traditions are not only limited to the wedding but are also observed before and after the event. Some of the wedding conventions are:

  • La serenata: Traditionally, this occurred on the night just before the wedding. The groom has to organize music and serenade his love directly under the window of the bride’s room. This is meant as a surprise to the bride and a declaration of love from the groom.
  • The night before the wedding: It is customary for the bride to stay the night before the wedding at their parent’s house. Green is worn as it indicates good fortune and luck.
  • Wedding dress: Traditionally, only the bride would don the white color. It was perceived as a rude gesture to wear white as a wedding guest. The bride also cannot take a peek at the mirror while wearing her wedding outfit.
  • No gold: Conventionally, wearing any gold accessories except for the wedding ring is considered to be bad luck. The bride has to essentially wear something new, something blue, something old, something borrowed, and something gifted.
  • Meeting with the groom: It is customary for the groom to not see the bride before the wedding. The bride is generally accompanied by the father who walks her across the aisle and then gives her away to the groom by shaking his hand.
  • Rice throwing: After the wedding is completed, and the couple exits the church, rice is thrown at them. Traditionally, rice donates fertility.
  • Wedding bouquet: As per this tradition, it is the duty of the groom to arrange and successfully deliver the wedding bouquet. This is considered as the last gift given by the groom to his girlfriend before she vows to become his wife. The groom must foot the bill too.
  • Bomboniere: These are usually wedding favors given to each guest at the end of the day. It symbolizes family life. Confetti, which are almonds sugarcoated is sometimes given as a gift. But, their numbers should always be odd to bring good luck.
  • Cutting the groom’s tie: During the reception, the groomsmen cut off the groom’s tie into small pieces and auction them to the guests. The money accumulated is then given to the couple as a compensation for the wedding expenses.

Family Life

Family plays a very significant role in the life of Italians. This is due to their culture, which focuses on the unity of family and loyalty towards blood relatives. Families provide emotional support and also come to economic aid when needed.

Family life in Rome is nuclear with the whole family coming together for several occasions. Their love for cooking and food bonds them together. It is most common for the family to have meals together while discussing their day. Italians cherish a sense of belonging.

Even though the liberalization of society, patriarchy is sometimes visible. The gender segregation points out that the males are the head of the family while the females manage the household. However, times have changed, and now the Italian women venture out to establish successful careers. But, this does not deter their focus from families. They handle family and work with an unmatchable grace.

The children are raised to obey and respect the elders. The parents are deeply involved in the lives of their children. They are provided for and given the best amenities. In turn, the children are expected to take care of their parents when they turn old.

If you have managed to marry an Italian woman, you can expect her to run the household with a stern grip. You will also find yourself gorging on lavish meals, all the while sharing the financial burdens. Rome is a fantastic city and you can settle down here to form a family with relative ease.

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