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Turin dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Italian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Italian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Turin, Italy.

Girls in Turin:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Turin:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Turin:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Turin:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $200


In this world, there are various countries that hold a certain attraction about them. Whether it is because of their newly developed skyscrapers or old-fashioned historic architecture, people enjoy visiting their townships. After all, no matter how big or small, every city speaks the story of their past, and many people find them fascinating.

In fact, Turin is one such city in Italy which attracts a lot of people from around the globe. However, while its cultural vibrancy is noticeable, this place is also a great spot for people trying to improve on their career goals. If you are looking for either of these reasons, you would certainly enjoy visiting this city.

Yet, the one thing that would make your life feel complete in this metropolis is the possibility of a romance or something along those lines. For this, the Italian women who live in the city are definitely great partners for you. Indeed, no matter what it is you are after, with them beside you the pressures of life would feel less intense.

After all, these ladies are the perfect mixture of tough and loving, and would always keep you on your toes. You can never expect what might happen next with them, and that uncertainty makes your connection even more passionate. Certainly, if strong-minded and independent females are what you admire the most, falling in love with these Italian women is very easy. Nonetheless, getting them to feel the same way is a difficult task if you don’t know how to talk to them. These ladies know what they want in life and do not settle for anything less, also applicable in love. Thus, keep an open mind concerning these following factors and understand how to attract the Italian beauties and begin your life together.

Dating Culture

The first step to a romantic encounter starts with the most basic part of this process; dating. Indeed, this is when you and the Italian woman that you are interested in get to know each other better and test the waters. Thankfully, the dating culture of the society in Turin is quite liberal and friendly, and you won’t face many issues.

Although that is true, before you can go ahead with dating in this capital, it is important to know how the Italian women would react to your advances. Moreover, when it comes to dating in Turin, the best way to go about with wooing an Italian lady is to take the first step. These ladies expect pomp and grandeur, and you should show them that if you want to win their hearts.

As far as dating in Turin is concerned, you need to put in the effort and classic romantic touch into your every move. After all, this country itself is one of the most romantic places in the world, and so are the people here. Therefore, when you come to this city and want to enter the dating lifestyle, you need to step up your game.

Italians, in general, enjoy the loud and fun-filled atmosphere, and thus, they enjoy dates in lively locations. Moreover, punctuality is appreciated but not highly followed when it comes to Italians, and they take ‘fashionably late’ quite literally. Of course, the romantic hero angle may go well with many of these women, but it is not inclusive of all. The best way to know what would work in your favor is to first understand who these enigmas are.


When it comes to using the words headstrong and passionate while describing a woman, the first name that comes to mind is ‘Italian’. Certainly, these ladies are considered some of the most exciting people in the world, and rightfully so. Therefore, if you end up meeting an Italian woman and dating her, you would surely make many unforgettable memories.

After all, Italians are known for their passion and thirst for love, and that is no exception for these ladies. Of course, it depends from person to person what they find most attractive in a partner, but for the Italian ladies, that element is romance. While they might show disinterest on the surface, their hearts definitely burst in glee when you pamper them.

Yet, do not think that this is all that you need to do to win their hearts; invece, you have a long road to go. Not only does this make the outcome all the more satisfying, but it is also the most prominent factor behind dating. While they certainly enjoy romance and are no stranger to lust, they do appreciate a slow but steady affair.

While their fiery personality is enough to get your heart racing, their outer appearance, too, steals the show. Certainly, these ladies love fashion and follow the trends religiously, and are very conscious of their physicality. Thus, many young women live an active lifestyle; considering their extreme love for food, this is a good practice.

Thus, most of the Italian ladies stay in good shape, but not skinny beyond reason. Aside from that, you would get the best of all worlds when you visit Turin and notice the Italian girls here. Not only would you find many fair-skinned blonde beauties but also get mesmerized at the sight of the dark-haired Mediterranean damsels.

Italian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Of course, Italians do everything in their lives with a zeal for adventure and growth, and that goes for their lifestyle too. Thus, most of the young Italian girls in Turin focus at their young age towards pursuing their dreams and passion projects. They are very determined regarding evolving as individuals and give their education and subsequently their career top priority.

However, they do not forget to live their lives either and are excited about exploring the angles of a dating life. Not to mention, these young women enjoy partying as much as the next person and go dancing and clubbing. Friendship is a factor that they keep close to their hearts and enjoy spending their time with their close ones.

These ladies are very physical when it comes to showing affection, and thus, do not shy away from hugs and similar physical displays. However, that does not necessarily mean they see everyone romantically; they just are very expressive. Moreover, they do say what is on their mind always, irrespective of place or person, as they don't believe in hiding emotions.

Thus, if you are into dating an Italian female in this age group, you have your work cut out for you. Impressing them takes time and patience, but when you do manage to win their heart, these girls are not stingy with their affection. Certainly, they enjoy doing a lot of things and going to different places, thus, spending time with them never gets boring.

Italian Women (age 30 - 45)

As the Italian ladies reach 30 years of age, their priorities mainly revolve around their families and their needs. Indeed, these women are very family-oriented and give big importance to love and children. Thus, you would see many of the women in this age range settled happily into married bliss in Turin.

For them, their lives are intricately linked with that of their loved ones, and they do most actions for their benefit. However, these ladies are independent and charming and do not depend on their husbands financially. Certainly, they can simultaneously work and attend familial duties without losing a sweat.

With all that is on their plate, many of the Italian beauties at this age do not feel like jumping in the dating pool again. However, not all of them think the same way and you would meet someone who would agree to such a proposal. Not to mention, these ladies have a tendency to follow their hearts, and that might just work in your favor.

There are many places where you can meet someone in the 30 to 45 years age bracket who are willing to date. In fact, you can try online dating as well, as many of these Italian ladies are active there. Nonetheless, do not over-exert your presence or interest if they say they are not interested, as that would not go over well for you.

Italian Ladies (age 45+)

It is absolutely no secret to anyone that an Italian matriarch is the head of their family, and is respected by all. After all, they focus all of their energy and stamina on various aspects of their lives and help them improve. Not to mention, angering them is the worst thing that you can do, as they do not quietly let things go.

Certainly, as an Italian reaches their older ages, their personality strengthens tenfold and so does their will to protect. Aside from that, many of these ladies do still continue with their career ambitions in Turin. Therefore, the chances of you attracting a mature Italian donna in this city are not very promising compared to their younger counterparts.

However, do not give up hope as this land of romance and passion is considered so for a reason. Indeed, you would meet some such mature women in Turin who are not opposed to exploring their single-life. While that is true, the success rate for so is not high and you should keep that in mind.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Certainly, when you are traveling the world and end up at a particular place, dating the locals there is the best option. However, in Turin, the Italian ladies are not always easy to handle, especially if you have neither the time nor patience. In such a situation, the foreign girls staying in this city are better selections for you.

And you would definitely meet many interesting women when you visit this city, including these foreigners. Meeting someone who is equally new to this place and culture as well, is a strangely satisfying feeling you would have. Accordingly, you would get to see the area with new eyes and have someone there who shares your thoughts and sentiments.

Furthermore, talking to these girls about your homesickness is easier and more freeing, considering they feel so too. After all, these ladies are there in Turin for their own reasons as well, but cannot call the city their own. For some of them, like those on a holiday, this also means that they would not stay in Turin indefinitely and are only available for temporary enjoyment.

If that is what your intention was all along, these ladies are more likely to agree with such an arrangement. Truly, many of the local Italian women would not go along with this as they would prefer something long and true. Therefore, the foreign girls are a much better fit for casual relationships and the chances of heartbreak are much lesser.

Not to mention, these ladies would surely understand you better than the Italian ones would. From cultural differences to language issues, a lot of things can cause a rift between you and an Italian girl. However, with foreign ladies, especially those from the same or a similar place as you, you won't feel this as starkly.


With Italian women, sex before marriage is not totally out of the realm of possibility, especially in Turin. Certainly, these women are not opposed to these prospects, and if she likes you, she might agree for more. However, this is easier said than done and you need to look into many things before getting down-and-dirty.

These Italian beauties are fun to hang out with and passionate to the core but do not get easily seduced. In fact, they are put-off by men who are mainly after sexual relationships and are overly flirtatious. Therefore, if that is what you are opting for, stay genuine about your intentions and respect their answers, especially if it's in the negative.

No matter how modern these ladies are, marriage is subconsciously something that they crave, and want stability in their partnerships. Owing to this, most Italian girls in Turin would like not to get into a casual no-strings-attached relationship. Of course, this is not exclusive to everyone and some might agree to it if they enjoy your company, yet are not ready for a serious commitment. Either way, talk to them properly and get to know them better; it would give you a better understanding of the situation.

Sex Culture

Without a doubt, there is no dearth of sexual activities in Turin and you can get lucky with a woman there. However, it is not an easy road at all, especially with the Italian women, as they don’t give in to it very easily. You might find someone who is willing in this regard but that too takes time and effort on your part.

These ladies want romance and roses, and the best way to get their attention is by using these. However, if your endgame through such displays is to get intimate with them, things would not end well for you. Not to mention, these ladies can judge a person quite well and are naturally very cautious with their hearts around men.

Nonetheless, there are many who might feel differently, and you can spend time with them if you want. Tourists and foreign students are aplenty in this city, and they make wonderful alternatives in these situations. Certainly, whichever nationality of partner you choose, be it local or foreign, you should treat them with respect and adoration. If they feel that you are genuine and honest, they are more likely to give you their time and possibly more.

One-Night Stands

When it comes to sexual activities, another concept that is very predominant within the younger generations is one-night stands. Certainly, with better sex-related knowledge and safety measures, people give in to their desires easily. And in a city like Turin which is seeped in passion and fascination, this is common too.

However, it is something that you would get to experience occasionally and not openly so. As for the women, that too depends on who is more likely to agree to it and good places to find someone are at the night-clubs and such. Of course, you should go up to a woman you are interested in and charm her through your words, not ego.

Indeed, this would give you a better chance with them and they might decide to get together with you. Not to mention, there are some ladies that offer such services professionally in this city as well, and you can try that out for an easier experience. If face-to-face flirtation does not seem to do the trick, you can always rely on the hook-up apps, and find a willing partner quicker.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

When speaking of some of the best places on Earth, one of the commonly mentioned locations is certainly Italy. Indeed, with its rich heritage and classic architecture, it is highly revered amongst people who enjoy art and culture. Consequently, the city Turin is one such place that perfectly captures this very essence and is a common ground for many.

Without a doubt, there is so much to see and lose yourself into, but the non-living things are not the only attraction here. Certainly, meeting the vivacious and intelligent Italian women would add to the overall appeal of this area. You will find them extremely charming to talk to, and the excitement they bring wherever they go is heart-warming.

Yet, you cannot just go up to them and ask them out; there certainly is a time and place for everything. Also, what you intend from them is another thing to consider- and then approach these ladies accordingly. While some might appreciate your candor and confidence, others would feel differently.

Thus, judge the mood of the place you are in before you try to talk to them, and adjust your style consequently. Not to mention, where you meet would also give you an idea about what to talk about. The following places are the best areas to go to if you want to come across a beautiful Italian stranger.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

For the younger generations, one of the most enjoyable things to do when they want relaxation is experiencing the night-scene. Certainly, this is exceptionally true for the Italian ladies in Turin, as they like dancing and partying. Therefore, if you want to meet someone fun and interesting, these are the places to go to.

However, make sure you are respectful when you do approach them as they do not like over-confidence. Moreover, while they do enjoy the occasional glass of wine, these women are not huge drinkers. Go up to them naturally and ask them for a dance, and if they like you, they would make it obvious.

Speaking of nightclubs and similar areas for a fun time, here are some options for you in Turin.

  • Affini
  • The Mad Dog Social Club
  • Centràl Cocktail Bar
  • Bar Cavour
  • Il Mago di Oz
  • Spazio 211
  • Fluido
  • Birrificio Torino
  • Bunker
  • Tamango
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

Shopping Malls

Without a doubt, one of the most favorite and noticeable things about Italian women is their innate style. They have a very good idea about what to wear or buy and look well put-together whenever they go out. Therefore, if meeting them is what you crave, you cannot go wrong with the shopping malls.

Not only do they visit these areas a lot, but also there are various activities here that attract many more. Also, for the younger Italian girls, these places are a suitable location to meet up with friends and hang-out. Thus, you would surely have a fun and lucky time when you go to these spots, whatever your urge is.

Here are some of the best shopping locations in this city that you can check out.

  • Area 12 Shopping Center
  • Corte Garibaldi
  • 8 Gallery Lingotto


When it comes to places to see, there are many in the city of Turin if that is what you are after. Not only would you get to see the older architectural wonders, but you would also learn more about the culture of these beautiful people. Thus, when you visit this city, you must go to these great locations for an all-round experience.

And if you want to meet single Italian ladies, you would get to see many in some of these locations. While not all Italians go to every tourist spots in their city, they are still very proud of their lifestyle and culture. Not to mention, if foreigners are what you fancy, there is a chance for you to meet them here as well!

The following are some of the best spots for you to explore for both of these reasons.

  • Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo
  • Quadrilatero Romano
  • Museo Egizio
  • Parco del Valentino
  • Piazza Castello

Universities and Colleges

Like many of the other developed or developing cities, Turin, too, gives a lot of importance to educating their youth. Thus, most of the younger Italians and some foreigners also go to these places regularly. Consequently, if you want to meet a young eligible lady, these are other options you can try.

Certainly, college life is a time when many of these girls want to explore new opportunities and even find love. Thus, they enjoy meeting new like-minded people and gradually growing their friend circle. You will also get the chance to go up to them and talk about something that might interest both of you. This would give you a good ice-breaker and if they are interested, it might lead to something more.

Here are some of the main educational universities in the city of Turin.

  • IED Turin
  • Abbey School - Ciao Italy
  • United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)
  • ESCP Business School
  • University of Turin


Without a doubt, getting into a relationship with any woman requires patience, attraction, and lots of attention. However, in the case of the Italian ladies, there is an entirely new level of things that are in effect. If you keep these many elements in mind that lead to a happy bond with these ladies, it is bound to leave you sated and comfortable.

Certainly, when you go to Turin and get into a relationship with an Italian woman, you need to woo them in a classic way. They are fond of grand displays of romance and things like singing for them, preparing good food, taking them on a trip, etc., touch their hearts. Not to mention, they enjoy real conversations and connections and look for qualities that set you as the ideal life partner.

Of course, these ladies are very temperamental as well, and getting to their 'trusted people' list is a path paved with difficulties. Nonetheless, when they do start doing so, these ladies are extremely charismatic and try to make their partners happy. They are fun to hang out with and make your days very dynamic and full of adventures.

Whatever you want with them, you would have a new experience to savor and you can never guess what comes next with them. However, they are romantic at heart and enjoy showing that with those they want to keep in their life. It is not easy to read an Italian woman, but you would have a fun time while trying to anyway.

Holiday Romance

Indeed, holidays bring out the best of you and that includes your fun and relaxing side, more specifically. It is the opportunity to forget about the everyday worries, stress, or even unfortunate outcomes of previous relationships. Therefore, many people when they visit other cities want to let go of their inhibitions and even try casual romance.

In Turin, you would definitely get the chance to enjoy this, especially considering the many interesting women you'll meet there who call it home. However, holiday romances come with a ticking time and many of the Italian ladies don’t feel comfortable with this. After all, they want in their own hearts something long and loving, and they crave committed happiness.

Thus, this type of relationship is more suited for someone who is not looking for something serious, as that would lead to heartbreak. There are many girls who stay in Turin for a temporary time-limit too, and they are better choices for this. Of course, you would meet some Italian ladies who are okay with this as well, but that varies from woman to woman.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Love comes in different ways and everyone has their own stories to tell. However, no matter how yours started, funnily enough, most end in the same way or some variations of it. Of course, some cases have a reason that is beyond your control and is the fault of one partner. While that is true, the ones that pain the most are the ones that occur gradually until there is nothing left to fix.

In such situations, things could have gotten resolved easily if the two partners worked on certain basic factors. Certainly, the entire crux of a healthy and happy bond depends on a few fundamental elements that you need to work on. Thus, take a look into your relationship with an Italian woman and keep these following things in mind.

  • Romance them every day- The Italian women are very in-tune with their personal feelings and enjoy romantic gestures a lot. Thus, if you are in a relationship with her, make sure to do so as that is something that she would highly appreciate. Not to mention, it would also help you built a stronger bond, and making your partner happy improves your mood too. Also, it keeps the romance and euphoric 'butterflies' alive and your relationship feels new every day.
  • Value their family- For these ladies in Turin and everywhere else, their family certainly is the most important part of their life. Therefore, show them that you consider that as important too and they would feel very pleased. Moreover, if you spend time with their family, your bond with them would grow too and they would accept you as their own. And having more people who genuinely care about you in your life is never a bad thing.
  • Talk to them- Of course, there is a lot of validity to the statement many people say, that communication is the building blueprint of your relationship. Not only would it improve your connection and keep your bond alive, but also you would learn more about them. So, you should definitely do so. Learn Italian too if you don't know it as well, and they would appreciate the gesture. And knowing the language of love is the perfect way to make everything you say sound extra romantic!
  • Build trust- This is possibly the most important factor and more likely to work against you in your relationship with an Italian lady. After all, jealously is a trait that is very high among them and they cannot stand seeing your attention shift. Nonetheless, do not confront them or try to downplay the situation, as that will only add fuel to the fire. Instead, show them that they are the only woman in your life, and one way to do so is through honesty.


Love makes your heart go wild, and with the Italian women in Turin, you would certainly feel so. They give a lot of importance to this and want a person in their lives that they can rely on emotionally. Indeed, these ladies are extremely smart and independent, but they do relish getting treated as someone precious and special.

Of course, they do take time to open-up but you will get to see their real and uninhibited self when they do so, and it is a wonderful sight. They are a lot to handle, and you would love getting to know them throughout your time together. Certainly, these smart and classy ladies love with all of their hearts and show you how to enjoy your life as well.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Let's say you have been in a relationship with an Italian for some time now; what comes next except marriage? Truly, it is one of the most important things for these ladies and something that you should consider. And if you love her and want to spend your life with her, this is just an official stamp on that promise.

However, it is not a basic matter that you can play along with; it is a major decision that would change your lives. Thus, it is important to get rid of any existing doubts about your relationship, if there are any. These points are important in a life-partner, and if she showcases them, you are about to make the right decision.

  • Support system- In any relationship based on love, one thing that is important is how much the two support each other. After all, 'life-partner' is not a light narrative and things would fail miserably if you can't stand together. Certainly, being there for the other even in tough times speaks to your strength as a couple. Not to mention, her love for you as well.
  • Views on family- Before contemplating getting tied down together, it is important to discuss what that would entail. And one of the most important topics you need to touch on and actually stay on the same page on is family. Thus, does she want children, do you, etc.; put everything down on the table.
  • Views on you- Without a doubt, one of the most important things that you should contemplate is how she considers you. To put it simply, these women have a dominating personality but they respect their loved ones dearly. If she acknowledges the value of your feelings and also regards them well, it is a good sign.
  • Compromise- Generally, Italian women are very obstinate about their thoughts and views and do not adapt that for anyone. Certainly, it is a very admirable trait to have and does not require any changes. However, if they show the ability to give in to your demands sometimes or genuinely respect your opinions, that is something huge. After all, these ladies bow to no-one, and having their respect is the best feeling you will get.


Without a doubt, for the Italians, marriage is a matter of high regard and they take it very seriously. Especially, the ladies consider this phase of their lives extremely important and want to have a family with someone they love. So, when you ask for her hand from her father, you are promising a life-time commitment to them and their family.

No matter how modern Italian society in Turin is, the marriage customs and traditions are kept the same as before. Therefore, you need your lover's parents’ blessings for the marriage to work out; and your proposal deals with this as well. After all, these ladies want and expect romantic gestures, and making the process such for them is very crucial and sweet.

Not to mention, it is a serious commitment and thus, it is important that both you and your partner are sure about everything. Discuss what would come and what your lives would look like in the future before starting on the wedding preparations. Truly, this would help you plan everything to the finest details, and ultimately would improve your bond as well.


When it comes to the actual wedding itself, everything is mainly following traditional rules and practices. In fact, the couple cannot see each other the whole night before the wedding takes place, as it is deemed to bring bad luck. Certainly, the Italians in Turin do believe in many prejudices and old-school beliefs and they incorporate them into all celebrations.

Most of the ceremony does follow a perfect balance of simple and extravagant, and the Italian brides always dress elegantly. Of course, the outgoing and friendly personalities of the Italians shine through at the celebrations, and these weddings are extremely fun to be at. Overall, the food, ambiance, and the main nuptials are all done magnificently, irrespective of what theme you go with.

As far as locations are concerned, traditional church weddings are not the only type that you can choose. Not only can you go for modern settings or outdoor weddings, but also do so near the beautiful old-school architectures.

Furthermore, the receptions are important too and you can organize them at many of the finest locations and hotels.

Some of the most popular wedding venues in Turin are mentioned below.

  • Hotel Residence Torino Centro
  • Hotel Barrage
  • Allegroitalia Golden Palace
  • AC Hotel Torino Marriot

Family Life

It is not any surprise that familial responsibilities are a huge part of a married relationship with the Italian ladies. And they take to this role very naturally, thanks to belonging to family-oriented environments since birth. Accordingly, these women know what is expected of them and focus on that with interest and adoration.

To them, their children are an extremely important part of their heart and they take care of them sincerely. Not to mention, the societal norms in Turin leans more towards the man of the family, and women are great home-makers. Of course, that is not the only type of instance you’ll see, and you can live your lives independently with them.

Moreover, many of these women prefer to work even after marriage and will carry the financial responsibilities with you. Certainly, this dynamic works well with these ladies and you, and you can raise your children with love and good values. As a mother, these Italian ladies can get strict, but their love and care for their child are deep and limitless.

As a city, Turin is a great place to settle at and provides a lot of great opportunities for couples and new families. Not to mention, this area is not only very culturally bright but also safe for young couples. All in all, with the Italian ladies in your life, you would have a fun courtship and an even better married life.

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