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Guide for dating in Venice helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Italian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Italian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Venice. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Venice, Italy.

The beautiful girls of Venice at the Devil's Forest Pub

Girls in Venice:

  • Looks of girls: 4.25 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Venice:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.25 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.25 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.25 / 5

Sex in Venice:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Venice:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.25 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$100 - $300


Venice is a city in Italy and the capital of the Veneto region of the country. It is built upon more than 100 small islands and has no roads. It is famous for a lot of things, such as the Grand Canal thoroughfare, Gothic palaces, the Central Square, Piazza San Marco, and more. Also known as the Floating City and the City of Bridges, Venice is one of the major tourist attractions in Italy. It attracts more than 10 million visitors per year, with April-June and Sept-Oct being the peak tourist seasons.

Out of many things Italy is famous for, Italian girls are one of them. Italian girls are one of their kind: loud, pushy, stubborn, and expressive. But they love to love and have big personalities. And family means a lot to them. They live in big families and are very close to their family members. Needless to say, they are loyal, and if you build a family with them, they'll go the extra mile to ensure your family stays intact.

They are foodies, and they love to eat—pasta, meat, bread, salad, desserts, you name it. But yes, they are stubborn as hell. They like things their way, so if your thoughts collide, they'll not step back from arguing. However, that's not their fault. Arguments have been a part of Italian families since eternity. So, they can be selfish at times, and you'll have to accept them that way. Same way, they can sometimes be overly expressive. Yelling, laughing, acting, and wild hand gestures, you'll find all of it in an Italian girl.

Don't be surprised if you see an Italian girl functioning well in chaos – they're used to it. They can cook, drink wine, answer the phone, and talk all at the same time. All in all, Italian girls are the breed of females who are stubborn, loud, and pushy, but if you treat them well, they can be really loving, sensitive, caring, and loyal. They're not the ideal dating choice for everyone, but if you know how to date them, they'll keep you happy and entertained for the rest of your life.

Dating Culture

Italy is one of the best countries in the world for dating. It is a unique liberal culture that favors couples. If you are a good-looking man, you won't find any trouble dating in Venice. As discussed, Italian girls are expressive. So, if you're interested in them, just go and tell them. Barring a few instances, you should not be passive when talking to Italian girls. They're open-minded and amicable. However, make sure you're respectful because getting into an argument with an Italian girl is not a pleasant experience.

There are a lot of places to go on a date in Venice. The city is excellent for young couples as there are a lot of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants in the city. And Italian girls love to drink, so a bar or pub will be an excellent choice, too. Dating culture in Venice is so open that almost all girls in the city are committed. However, most of them are in a causal relationship, so you can definitely win them if you act better than their existing boyfriends.

If you want to find single girls quickly, look for the best places. More details about the best spots are discussed later, but for now, keep in mind that finding single girls in Venice is easy. But what's difficult is navigation. There are no roads in the city but bridges and canals. So, reaching different spots in a small amount of time can be difficult. So, instead of planning to visit five different spots in one night, select one rewarding place and stick to it.

Online Dating

Dating in Venice can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Venice and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Italian women look stunning. With almost the entire country located in the Mediterranean Sea, Italian girls have typical Mediterranean features. While Venice is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the girls there look similar to other girls in the country. So, they have thick dark hair. Some of them are blonde too, but black hair is more prevalent. The color of their eyes can vary from light green to solid black. Thanks to the Mediterranean diet, they have a great physique. They are slim with hard, curvy assets. And their casual and a bit revealing dressing makes them even sexier.

We've talked about the attitude before, so you know they can be slightly off at times. The best way to pick up an Italian female is to be direct. These girls don't appreciate lengthy, meaningless talks, so it's better if you get straight to the point. If you want to date them, just be direct about it and tell them that you're interested in dating them. If you want to hook up, tell them you're looking for a hookup. However, being too direct about sex can sometimes backfire. So it's better if you leave that for clubs and bars.

Italian girls prefer men who are good-looking and well-built. They have an affinity for fair men but don't give up if you're black or brown. Italian girls do not have hardcore racial preferences and would give you a chance if you have other qualities. If you're not the best-looking guy in the group, you'll need to be successful. If you're not successful, at least try to look as if you're successful. Wear branded clothes and be confident while approaching girls. Italian girls don't run after money, but showing off some cash might help you attract a few eyeballs.

Online dating will play a significant role in picking up girls in Italy. While Italian girls are liberal and easy to talk to, the city of Venice might cause some problems. Since there are not a lot of roads in the city, moving around can be slightly difficult. Thus, finding a lot of girls during the day is less probable. Besides, most of the local girls are busy in either school or work during the day. So, online dating is an excellent tool to get in touch with them and set-up dates. Some of the most popular online dating sites in Italy are:

Italian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Italian girls are pretty and adventurous. Most of them are students, so getting laid them with them might take more effort. But girls over the age of 26 are mostly independent and will not mind having sex with you if you look good. As discussed, these girls are busy during the daytime, so the best time to find them is at night or on weekends. Young Italian girls are easy to impress; if you are young, good-looking, successful, and interesting, you will have a good time with Italian girls.

If you want to find local girls for one-night stands or hookups, visit nightclubs, adult clubs, bars, and pubs. Girls who visit these places are usually horny and looking to get laid with handsome guys. On the other hand, if you're looking for serious relationships, cafes and coffee shops are the best spots. Italian girls love food, so you'll find them in almost every cafe or restaurant. These girls are friendly but not essentially looking for sex. So be nice to them and talk to them with respect and humility.

Italian girls might go out on a date with you as soon as they meet you, but the chances are bleak unless they are horny or gold diggers. So, your aim when interacting with an Italian girl should be to get her contact details. You don't always need her phone number; there are so many social media channels out there, so you can get in touch with her on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. And it's better if she shares her number with you. It means she has started to trust you, and setting up a date with her would be easy.

Once you get her contact details, start talking to her. You want to build a rapport with her that you are the right choice for her to go on a date. When chatting with her, be a mix of interesting, humorous, and serious. Make her laugh, but at the same time, indulge in serious conversations, too. The girl should feel that you're a serious person who knows how to laugh and make others laugh. However, don't get too involved in chatting. Your primary aim with chatting should be to fix a date. If the girl is taking more than a week to agree to go out with you, look for other options. And yes, it is okay to chat with multiple girls at a time. Just don't fix a date at the same time.

Italian Women (age 30 - 45)

Italian women are horny, and getting laid with them is easy. However, it is critical to find the right kind of woman. As discussed before, Italian women are loyal. So, if they are married, the chances of them betraying their husbands and having sex with someone else are low. The good news, however, is that most Italian women marry late. So there are significant possibilities for finding 35-year-old single Italian women. Let's take a look at how to find them.

On weekdays, don't bother finding Italian women. Most of them are employed and will most likely be in the office. So, leave the daytime for foreigners (we'll come to that in a bit). You can find Italian women in the evening, especially near big office spaces. In Venice, San Marco is the place that has most offices and workplaces. Besides, Mestre can be an ideal location for finding Italian women.

On weekends, you can find Italian women in the same way you'd find Italian girls. They visit cafes, restaurants, and bars, and identifying them is easy. They're usually alone or with other ladies. They wear revealing clothes to get attention, so finding them will not be difficult. Once you find them, approach with confidence and be clear that you're interested in them. Don't talk about sex straight away. Instead, ask for their number or ask them out on a date. If you're young, Italian women will understand that you're here for a casual relationship. And if she wants to hookup, she'll agree to go out with you.

A lot of Italian women use online dating websites. If you are not comfortable approaching women, or you can't find any, use online dating sites. Italian women use dating sites for both hookups and serious relationships. Unless you want to get married, read the bio of a woman before sending her a message. An Italian woman will not take long to reply, and if you start talking, you might get laid in a day or two. But make sure to be respectful throughout the process, even if the woman has agreed to have sex.

Italian Ladies (age 45+)

Italian ladies are the horniest, but they are hard to find. They mostly stay in their homes and come out either in the evening or on weekends. The best way to find them is to visit day markets, such as grocery stores. A lot of Italian ladies are housewives, so you'll find them purchasing daily household items in markets. Look for such markets in the city and visit them during the daytime.

On the other hand, you can also find Italian ladies in office areas, similar to Italian women. These ladies often visit bars and restaurants on weekends. They are easy to identify, so if you find them, approach them with respect and confidence. All in all, the chances of finding horny Italian ladies are slightly low, but if you're interested in MILFs, go ahead and give it a try.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

With more than 10 million annual visitors and surging, Venice is the most visited city in Italy among tourists. Tourists visit Italy for its rich culture, cuisine, art, and history, but Venice adds an extra layer to it. The City of Water attracts tourists because of its unique architecture. There are no roads in the city but only bridges and canals. But that, of course, is not all.

The city has a lot of cathedrals, palaces, and museums. It also has ancient bridges that attract millions of tourists and travelers. Whether you're an admirer of history or just unique architecture, you'll love it in Venice. And if you visit the city during April-June or Sept-Oct, you'll find a lot of single tourists as well. Venice is a please that ignites passion. Single girls visit Italy to chill, enjoy, and get laid with handsome men.

That being said, let's take a look at some of the most popular tourist spots in Venice:

  • Saint Mark's Basilica
  • St. Mark's Square
  • Doge's Palace
  • Rialto Bridge
  • Grand Canal
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Murano
  • St Mark's Campanile
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute

And the list goes on. If you don't get success at these spots, don't be upset because there are many other places in the city. So, you will need to spend some time before you figure out what places to visit to find foreign girls. Besides, Venice is more than just tourist places. There are a few exciting things which you can do in the city. These include;

  • Climbing the Campanile Di San Marco
  • Take a Gondola ride through Venice
  • Don't forget to take a ride on the Vaporetto.

Most tourists engage in these experiences too. So, if you do them, you'll increase your chances of finding single foreign girls. The chances of finding ex-pats and foreign students are low. Venice is a tourist city, so there are not a lot of work or study opportunities. Most people who visit Venice come here to celebrate their culture and rich heritage, and thus, the chances of finding students or migrant workers are bleak. But Rome, Milan, and Florence aren't far enough, and they can be an ideal pick if you're interested in ex-pats.


Finding sex in Venice is easy, although it is not as easy as it is in Rome or Milan. The city is comparatively small, and during the peak season, you'll find so many tourists that the city looks overcrowded and packed. Therefore, not only the competition increases, but finding single local girls also becomes hard as there'll be tourists everywhere. A pro tip if you want to have sex quickly is to interact with foreigners. If you're visiting Venice for the first time, it's almost certain that you'll go to other Italian cities as well. So, you can leave local girls for Rome, Milan, and Florence, and focus on tourist girls in Venice.

Tourists are mostly horny, and if you manage to find single girls on the spots discussed in the previous section, sex will come in easy. But if you want to have sex with local girls, you'll need to do some hard work. Not that they are difficult to pick up, but they'd be difficult to find. You can find them in bars and clubs at night. But most clubs and bars would be crowded with foreigners, so make sure you have a knack for Italian girls. Some horny local girls also visit adult clubs, so they can be excellent spots to find sex, too.

Sex Culture

Sex culture in Italy is pretty liberal. In Venice, you'll find hookup opportunities if you invest the time and effort required. Italian girls are horny, and sex is an integral part of their life. If you visit the right places at the right time, the probability of finding horny Italian girls is high. There are no laws or restrictions against public nudity in the country, so don't be surprised if you find a couple hooking up in the corner of a street. Even the nightclubs and adult clubs have spare room service if you want to get laid. Public nudity and adult clubs are discussed in detail in later sections.

One-Night Stands

Finding one-night stands in Venice is easy. You will find a lot of horny girls, both locals, and foreigners. So, if you visit the right areas and adopt the right approach, you'll not find it difficult to hookup in Venice. While there are a lot of places in the city where you can find horny girls, adult entertainment clubs are known to be the most rewarding. Visit the following adult clubs if you want to get laid quickly in Venice.

  • Paradise Naturist Club
  • Maxim Toplesscafe
  • Sexy Shop
  • Coco' lapdance
  • Club Shine
  • Coco' lapdance
  • Sexy Shop Market & Cinema
  • Maluva Club
  • Venice Jazz Club
  • Zaza Club

You'll find strippers and gold diggers in these clubs. If you have some money to spend, the clubs would be an ideal pick for you. Apart from adult clubs, you can also visit spas. Italian Nuru Massage is famous across the world. If you visit the right massage parlor, you can get laid with ease without spending any extra money but masseur charges. But make sure to confirm the masseur before getting in action. That being said, some of the best spas in Venice to get laid are:

  • Lanna Gaia
  • The Gritti SPA
  • JW Venice Spa
  • Mavive Spa
  • Centro Massaggi Tailandese Venezia

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Venice is famous for its vibrant nightlife. The city is filled with some of the best nightspots in the country. However, it is critical to understand that not all areas or places in the city are rewarding. There are certain areas that are most preferred by both tourists and locals. If you want to meet single girls for sex, clubs, bars, and pubs are the ideal spots. If you're looking for a serious relationship, cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants will get the job done.

There are a bunch of areas in Venice that are ideal for finding single girls. But if you want to cut the story short, stick to areas near the Grand Canal. Most of the nightclubs and bars in Venice are located near the Grand Canal. Talking about the areas in particular, here are a few places to visit:

  • San Marco
  • Dorsoduro
  • Guidecca
  • Castello
  • Santa Croce
  • Mestre
View of San Marco from the belltower of the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

As discussed before, Venice is a city famous for its vibrant nightlife. It has a lot of bars, clubs, and nightclubs that provide excellent opportunities to pick up girls. Besides, they have a great ambiance and environment as well. So, if you're someone who loves to party, Venice would be a paradise for you. Some of the best nightspots to visit to find single girls in Venice are

In clubs and bars, you won't succeed if you'll be nervous or passive. Most girls in bars and clubs want attention from men, so they'll appreciate you more if you take charge and talk to them. When talking to girls in clubs or bars, be direct. If you're looking for sex, tell them that you find them hot, but you're not looking for anything serious. If the girl is horny, she'll agree for sure. If not, look for other girls. There is plenty of fish in the ocean.

Apart from clubs and bars, you can also visit restaurants and cafes. As discussed before, many Italian girls are not horny and prefer serious relationships. If you're looking for such females, clubs and bars are not the ideal spots. Instead, go to cafes and restaurants. However, you'll need to be a bit passive in these areas as the girl won't be expecting you to suddenly show up and ask her out. That being said, some of the best cafes/restaurants in Venice are:

Shopping Malls

Italian girls love shopping. They'll go to shopping malls every week to check out new dresses and stuff available. If you want to pick up local girls, shopping malls could be one of the most rewarding locations. However, shopping malls or not generally the ideal pick if you are looking for one-night stands. Most girls who visit shopping malls are regular girls and aren't looking to get laid. So, don't go all in and ask them out for a hookup. Be respectful and proceed slowly. Some of the best shopping malls in Venice are:

  • Nave de Vero
  • Galleria Barcella
  • Venice Heart SNC
  • Le Barche mall
  • Centro Commerciale Porte di Mestre
  • T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS
  • Centro Commerciale La Piazza
  • Venice's Typical Mask
  • Mestre FS
  • Centro Commerciale Polo

But if you want to experience real shopping in Italy, go to the local markets. You'll find a lot of local and tourist girls here. Plus, it's an overall enjoyable experience. The best markets in Venice are:

  • Mercato Biologico Solidale Aeres
  • Rialto market
  • Calle Longhi
  • Campo San Barnaba
  • Mestre market
Mestre market


Venice is an island city, so it ought to have some outdoor attractions. While the city is famous for its cathedral, museums, and bridges, there's a lot for you if you like outdoor places. Some of the best outdoor spots to unleash the adventurer inside you are:

  • Giardini della Biennale
  • Sant'Erasmo
  • Caribe Bay
  • Poveglia
  • Faro di Murano

And who doesn't like beaches? They're excellent spots for relaxing, getting some sun, and of course, finding some single girls. Beaches in Venice are no different. Being an island city, Venice has a lot of beach destinations. Some of the best ones are:

  • Pellestrina
  • Spiaggia di Sottomarina
  • Bau Bau Beach Jesolo
  • Caribe Bay
  • Lighthouse Beach

There are no restrictions on public nudity in Italy. Most of the beaches in Venice allow public nudity, so if you find a few people sunbathing naked, feel free to get rid of your clothes. Nude beaches are excellent spots for picking up girls, too. So, if you find a girl lying naked alone, why not join her? But yes, don't be disrespectful.

Giardini della Biennale

Universities and Colleges

There are a few excellent colleges and universities in Italy where you can find single girls. College girls in Italy are friendly and amicable, but they are not necessarily horny. So, don't visit colleges if you're looking for quick sex or one-night stands. But if you want to get into a relationship (even casual), college girls can be ideal. Let's take a look at some of the best colleges and universities in Venice to find single girls.

  • IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Venice
  • The Global Campus of Human Rights
  • IUAV University of Architecture
  • European Cultural Academy

Don't be too assertive when trying to interact with college girls. Be respectful and only approach a girl if she's alone. The evening is the best time to find single college girls. Around 5-7 pm, wait outside the college premises and look for single girls. If you find one, approach her and ask her out.


Italian girls are not for everyone. They carry a different personality, and in order to have a successful relationship, you'll need to match their personality and intensity. So, it is critical to understand the ins and outs of their lifestyle and attitude before getting too involved in a relationship with them. They're excellent partners and companions, but you'll need to know what they're getting into. As discussed, they can be pushy and stubborn at times. They're loud and expressive, so if you're looking for a girl who's submissive, Italian girls are not the right pick for you. They like things their way, and you have to make peace with that fact.

Holiday Romance

There's no denying the fact that Italy is one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. Every year, millions of couples visit Italy to spend some quality time with their loved ones. If you manage to get into a relationship with an Italian girl in Italy, there are a lot of places you can take her. Some of the most romantic things to do in Italy are:

  • Bridge of Sighs in a gondola
  • Sunset on the Zattere
  • San Marco at night
  • Al Remer
  • The top of San Giorgio Maggiore

Even if you don't do any of these things, you'll still have a great romantic experience in Venice. The city has a romantic ambiance, so even if you spend the entire day traveling in a motorboat in the Grand Canal, you and your partner would love it.

Bridge of Sighs in a gondola

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you're planning to date an Italian girl, you'll certainly need some tips. Firstly, understand her behavior completely. What does she like and hate? What triggers her and makes her jealous? What makes her angry or happy? They prefer being dominant in a relationship, and if you try to do the same, you'll certainly find yourself in quarrels. So if possible, learn to be a bit passive.

But that doesn't mean you don't show love to them. They might seem to be loud and rude, but from the inside, they are soft and emotional. They expect their man to love them and give them attention. Take her out, give her surprises, and treat her like you love her. Make her feel that you belong to her, and she'll give you all the love she has. All in all, if you can adjust to some loudness and stubbornness, you'll have a great relationship with an Italian girl.


Italian girls will not fall in love with you easily. They'll take a few weeks or maybe months to understand you completely and determine if you're the right pick for them or not. The key here is to be yourself. Don't pretend and present yourself the way you really are. If you're broke, don't pretend to be rich. If you don't like to party but prefer spending time on the beach, don't pretend that you like to party just because Italian girls like it. Italian girls are mature, and they'll love you the way you are.

When it comes to loving Italian girls, they're worth it. They have some behavioral issues, but that's what defines them. And it's not fun to live with a girl who is all passive and submissive. You need some quarrels and differences in opinions to keep the relationship going. But, you can't deny the fact that they're stubborn and pushy, which can sometimes be annoying. So, you'll have to accept Italian girls the way they are.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Italian girls cannot hide their feelings. So if they love you, they'll express it. However, Italian girls are not the right pick for you if you can't tolerate pushy and stubborn girls. Italian girls like things to be their way, and if you're the same, you'll get into frequent quarrels, which will deteriorate your relationship. If you're looking for someone who stays submissive and does as you say, Italian girls are not the right pick for you. But if you are a calm and meek personality, you can do well with an Italian girl.


Venice is an excellent place to get married. It is a popular wedding destination, and a lot of couples come here to tie their knots. Venice is a liberal city with no religious or cultural roadblocks. Whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist, you can get married in Venice without any issues. Besides, Venice is a popular destination and a well-connected city. Thus, your family and friends will face no hurdles if they want to come to Venice for your marriage. So, if your and the girl's family approves of marriage, go ahead and tie the knot in Venice.


There are a lot of wedding venues in Venice. From hotels and resorts to outdoor destinations, the list is endless. However, wedding venues in Venice can be slightly expensive, so make sure to have your budget sorted before making any commitments. The best bet if you want to get married in Venice is to look for a seaside resort that has beach and sea views. If you can't find one, choose a hotel in the center of the city. But don't arrange an entirely outdoor marriage. Some of the best wedding venues in Venice are:

  • Belmond Hotel Cipriani
  • JW Mariott Venice
  • San Clemente Palace Kempinski
  • Luna Hotel Baglioni
  • Bauer Palazzo
  • Ca'Sagredo
  • Hotel Excelsior
  • Villa Barbarich
  • Sina Centurion Palace
  • Ca'Nigra

Besides, there are a lot of wedding planners and managers in the city. So, you don't need to do the hard work. Just tell them your budget and requirements, and they'll get the things done for you.

Family Life

Venice is a great place to live with your family. It is a beautiful, peaceful city, and living in Venice is a dream of many. However, there are some downsides to living in Venice. Firstly, the city is a popular tourist destination. There are tourists all year long in the city. Therefore, most day-to-day things in Venice are expensive. Whether it's food, rent, or anything else, you'll have to pay more. Another drawback of living in Venice is, of course, the lack of roads. You'll have to rely on motorboats all the time, which sometimes might not be the best option.

But all in all, Venice is a paradise to live. If you can spend some extra money on your lifestyle and get the travel problem sorted, you'll have a great time in Venice. The city is excellent for digital nomads too. The internet connectivity is excellent, and so is the weather and views. With good schools and colleges in the city, you won't need to worry about the eduction of your kids. And lastly, Italy has a great cuisine. So, you'll not need to bother about the quality and taste of the food you'll get in Venice.

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