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Milan dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Italian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Italian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Milan, Italy.

Hot girls of Milan at the Gattopardo club.

Girls in Milan:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Milan:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Milan:

  • Women's sexual activity: 5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Milan:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$90 - $1000
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $800


The local girls of Milan are beautiful and they have smoking hot bodies. But none of this comes as a surprise as the city is a hub for fashion and supermodels walking the streets is not uncommon. Just by taking one look at them you too will agree that dating them would be a dream come true. You wouldn't even want to know more about them or their personality. This holds true especially if you are only looking for a casual dating arrangement.

The local girls of the city of Milan are known to be a great date, they are attractive and while they are not too friendly, you can always work hard and break the ice to be revealed to their softer side, which is often hidden from the world.

All you have to do is convince them well enough while asking them out. They surely are tough nuts to crack and they shall not interact easily, so we recommend that you begin by understanding the local dating culture and the women before asking them out. In the sections below, we shall offer you more information about the same, so read on to learn more.

Dating Culture

The local dating culture in the city of Milan is known to be very liberal. The women are familiar with the concept and embrace it whole-heartedly. Dating is very common and even the young teenagers who are in high school and college can be seen dating. Unlike some conservative nations, here there are no restrictions on dating.

The women are known to be quite open to meeting new men. Hence, as a tourist, you can surely walk up to any random woman and start a conversation. However, success is not guaranteed and your approach has to be strong enough to have a lasting impression. Remember, the city is filled with supermodels look alike girls and actual supermodels so every man on the street wants to date these goddesses. Hence, you have to bring something to the table that no one else can bring. Be it looks, charm, money or even intelligence.

The dating culture often involves men taking most of the initiatives, whether it is exchanging gifts or planning dinner dates. So, be prepared to put on that thinking cap and start being innovative so that your lady love will be mesmerised by you.


It is right from the 16th century itself that the city of Milan is considered to be the fashion capital of the world. The city is home to some of the biggest fashion brands in the world and it has been a pioneer in the field over the centuries. You will see hot models strutting the streets of Milan However, this itself shall give you a fair idea of the kind of women that you shall come across, in the city of Milan. Remember, even the local women of the city are glamorous and drop-dead gorgeous. You will not come across a woman who will not please your eyes.

Do not go around staring at women and ogling like a creep. This is a major turn off and some might even see it as harassment so make sure you control yourself.

Most of the women in the city of Milan are known to be extremely beautiful. The local women have typical Italian features like silky blonde hair, light coloured eyes and a pale complexion. These women are known to be quite tall, they have a slender frame but in no way can they be considered as too skinny. These local women have some of the most gorgeous assets you've ever seen.

They have a slight tan during the summer months which gives them that perfect look. Some are brunette, some are blonde, while some have wavy hair, some have straight locks. However, all that you must know is that their hair is well styled and always groomed to perfection. These local beauties have a rather large face with sharp jawlines, high cheekbones and strong features. They have well done up eyebrows below which you can find enchanting eyes which are of lighter shades. These women have a long nose which is a little wide at the tip, but good looking none the less. Beneath this, are those luscious lips that are of the perfect size, neither too thin nor too plump. The women know how best to use them while kissing especially, so consider yourself to be in for a treat.

With such an attractive face, many local women are considered to be ramp-ready, but this assumption isn't made on the basis of their pretty faces, it also takes into consideration what is below the neck. The local women in the city of Milan have gorgeous figures. Perhaps it is the most balanced figured you shall ever come across. Neither are they too skinny like the Asian women neither are they too voluptuous like the South American hotties. These women have qualities that are best of both the worlds, some of these include, large and round breasts with tender pink nipples on them. When these women take those bras off, you shall see moulds of heaven. Considering some of the bold outfits these women wear, these gorgeous breasts are all yours to ogle and trust us, there's little left to the imagination. These women have a flat belly and some even have sculpted abs. These supermodel-like hotties have a narrow waist and thin arms and long shiny legs. However, these women also are known to have tight cute tushies.

The beautiful look of many of these local women of the city of Milan is not restricted to their natural beauty but also to the way they groom themselves, the way they dress up, and the way they carry themselves. Being a leader in the world of fashion, the city of Milan is home to many of the fashion trends being followed globally. It is no secret that these local women are the brains behind it and they are incredibly creative with the way they dress themselves up. Hence, you will see the local women using the best of skincare products and the latest cosmetics from the best brands available. They do believe that less is more and they stick to a minimalistic look. Unless they are looking to be dressed for a photoshoot or a party, they try to look as elegant as possible. The same applies to their dressing style, many of the local women wear clothing that is the latest trend in the world of fashion. They seldom care if it is comfortable. They prefer fashion over form and comfort. Many women are known to hail from wealthy backgrounds and they can often afford luxury clothing and accessories. However, since Milan is home to some of the biggest art and fashion designing schools in the world, indigenous self-designed clothing is also a trend here.

When it comes to the personality traits of most of these local women, for the most part, these local babes are known to be quite snobbish and rude. They are fully aware of their good looks and they realise their value, sometimes even overestimating themselves. The overall hype has lead to many of the women being obnoxious. They are definitely not known to be friendly and to socialise with them, you should have something exceptional to offer. However, once you get to know them better, you will realise that they are friendly and warm. They may not express themselves well enough but they are likeable.

The city of Milan is home to some of the most premier institutes across a range of fields and these universities and colleges are renowned across the globe. Hence, local women, after graduating from a robust primary and secondary education system enrol into some of the best universities an earn degrees that shall impart them considerable skill and excellent job prospects.

These women are very focussed and set big aims and goals only to achieve them with flying colours. This even extends to their professional lives where they are known to earn quite well and in some cases are sole breadwinners for their family too. They have complete autonomy over their lives and this extends to financial and social freedom as well.

There are several more traits about the local women of Milan that are discussed in the sections below, segregated according to age, so read on to find out more about these gorgeous babes.

The hot local women of Milan love to party

Italian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls of the city of Milan who are between the ages of 18 and 29 can certainly be considered to be the hottest women in town. Being a fashion capital, the city has young girls also starting early in life, whether it is putting on makeup, wearing dresses, or looking all glamorous, by the time they reach the age of 18, they are very experienced. They could do makeovers for women twice their age, hailing from other countries. These young girls are extremely beautiful and desirable, many even aspire to be a part of the fashion world and hence, they can be seen taking exquisite care of themselves, whether it is skincare or their diet. They are extremely conscious about it all.

These young girls are known to be skinnier than the older women you shall come across the city of Milan and the reason behind this is very simple. They are yet maturing with age and their bodies are a work in progress, slowly transforming. These girls have smaller breasts and tiny tushies, but by the time they reach the age of 25, you can see some changes. Often this young innocence and raw beauty is appreciated by tourists and is their preferred choice too.

However, getting laid with the women in this age bracket is undeniably hard, while they may not be the toughest catch out there, they certainly are desired by many, so the competition is intense. Furthermore, they are not very emotionally mature and they tend to choose either good looking men who appeal to them visually or they go for men who can help boost their careers and fulfil their aspirations in the shortest possible time. In some ways, they are opportunists and gold-diggers but if you have deep pockets and social connections, consider yourself laid.

The young girls of Milan can be found partying at the various nightclubs and bars

Italian Women (age 30 - 45)

The women who are between the ages of 30 and 45 are extremely hot and mature as well! Yes, there is no debate here, these women are very attractive, they are experienced and they know how to play their cards. These women have lived in the fashion capital of the world for a long period of time, they have been through the early ages where they have experimented in terms of looks, sexuality, and much more. Now, they are wiser, they have learnt from their mistakes and made social connections along the way. As things stand, these women are the most gorgeous looking too. The reason behind this is their craft which has been practised over many years. While not all are linked with the fashion industry, they have access to some of the finest cosmetics and clothing lines of the world. Considering that most women in this age bracket have high paying jobs with stable sources of income, they will always opt for the best of everything.

Physically too, these women are in top shape. Surely enough, once they are in their 40s the deterioration begins, but with access to cutting edge technologies, surgeons and cosmetics, much of this can be fixed. Otherwise, those women who are in their 30s have taut figures. Right from sporting large breasts to curvaceous hips and round derriere, they simply have the maturity that younger girls lack. Much of this even extends to their skills in bed, where they know what they exactly want and can show you skills they've acquired over the years too. These women are emotionally also more experienced and they choose men on the basis of not just looks but personality too.

Being financially stable and mostly living independently they don't have any restrictions, you can start a relationship with them or even hook up with them at their place. Much of this depends upon how you approach them, but remember, they are goal-oriented and hungry for more, so don't expect too much commitment.

Italian Ladies (age 45+)

The women who are above the age of 45 are considered to be the least desirable everywhere else in the world. However, in the city of Milan that isn't the case. Surely they aren't in demand as much as the younger girls, but they certainly aren't written off. Yes, many of them are happily married and some even have children with their partners or spouses. But that does not put all of the women in this age bracket out of the game. Italy is a country with considerable divorce rates, so there are many women in unhappy marriages or are divorced, some are even widowed, while some choose to remain single. These women have stable jobs, they have financial stability too, and all they are looking for is some love. Yes, at this age the women are looking more for love than lust. But that doesn't rule sex out of the equation. Many women here consider it to be a matter of pride if they are seen dating younger men. Also, they get to have sexual experiences that make them feel younger yet again.

So as a tourist, you can surely find your pick amongst women in this age bracket as well. They are definitely the most mature and emotionally stable amongst all the women you will come across. They may no longer have the physique of a younger woman nor that kind of stamina and sex drive but they are yet quite sexually active and can spring a few surprises. You must remember, that these women are the hardest to impress as they shall take things slow and only give in when they are absolutely certain. They don't choose men just by gauging their looks or their financial status. They choose to judge character of men and they also see their social standing, as they may have considerable respect and status in society. Being seen with an underachiever may hamper their standing amongst family and friends.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The city of Milan welcomes a large number of tourists on an annual basis. The rich heritage, the art culture, and the striking architecture are all major reasons behind this. In addition to all of this, the local women and the industry of fashion is also a major draw.

The fashion industry when combined with the tourism industry, brings such attractive women in town. Many of these are here to judge, organise, participate, or spectate the various fashion shows and concerts. The Milan Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the world and it brings into town some of the hottest women across the globe. Surely, you won't have access to the big names and supermodels unless you are filthy rich and well connected, but you will certainly have access to all the other models and spectators, many of them are trying to make their mark and are often in town for some of the wild soirees that take place at night. You could get access to some of these and pick up the hottest women in town. They are certainly wild and many are known to use drugs and alcohol while partying. If you can party with them without getting in trouble, you can certainly take some of these hot babes home and have the best coked-up sex of your entire life.

Similarly, the city is also a big financial destination and various artists and designers are expats here. They work hard for most of the year but they also party harder, you can make a few friends here, socialise and then hookup on a regular basis with some of the women in town. The case is pretty much the same with diplomats too. These women will often enjoy your company as you have a lot in common with them as both of you are outsiders.

Lastly, as mentioned repeatedly in the sections above, the city is home to some of the finest institutes from across the world. Foreign girls enrol here as students for some of the most sought after courses. With close interaction to the world of fashion and all the debaucheries that follow, they are known to be sexually active and very wild, you can bed a few of these hotties with the right approach too.


Having sex with the local girls in the city of Milan is truly a magnificent experience. These are of various types and under different circumstances, but in no situation shall you be disappointed.

To begin with, some of the younger women in the city are known to be really sexually wild. They are young, the hormones are playing a major role, and they are eager to experiment. Many of them are even curious about sex, different positions, concepts such as orgies and threesomes are also on their agenda. If you can be that guiding light to some of these young babes, you can indulge in all sorts of debauchery with these women. Let's not forget the hard work they put in to maintain their figures too. Some who are associated with the fashion world are even adept at sex, having encounters of all sorts, some of which include sex with powerful figures for work, sex with co-workers, hookups with random men, and same-sex encounters.

Something similar applies to the older women that you will come across. They may be a little conservative at first but once you know them better you shall see their whacky side too. They have a lot of experience under their belt and they are definitely open to all kinds of concepts with regard to sex.

As a tourist, you must remember that the possibilities of sex here are endless. You just need to have the right approach to succeed in getting laid. The women are a tough catch and hence, before approaching them we recommend you to understand the sex culture as given below.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in the city of Milan is actually known to be moderately liberal. All of the women may not discuss sex openly. However, the younger generations have drastically changed the sex culture over the past few decades. Being closely related to the world of fashion, the city sees a large number of creative individuals who identify with different genders, sexual orientations etc. This is frankly quite a complex situation but on the whole, it has changed the way the city perceives sex.

There isn't much discrimination either, you will see that sex is nothing to be ashamed of, instead it is treated as a wonderful act of intimacy.

With increased global exposure and the widened reach of the internet, the local people are being educated more than ever about sex. There is also a robust sex education programme in schools but nothing even comes close to the internet. With articles, blogs, and videos, young adults are able to express better and even learn better. Pornography also plays its part in treating sex as a means of pleasure, albeit with its own sets of bane.

One-Night Stands

The city of Milan does witness a large number of its citizens indulging in one-night stands. This is not uncommon in local culture either and the reason behind this is rather quite simple. To begin with, many of them believe that it is a convenient arrangement between two consenting individuals. Secondly, this also is great for people who lead busy lives and do not have time for relationships. Also, it tends to be a great option for people who are not big on commitment and wish to enjoy some spice in life. Lastly, the city sees many models and people related to the industry of fashion visiting for short spells of time. Wild parties and sexual debaucheries of all kinds usually involve mutual agreements for one night only. Hence, as a tourist, you too could get laid here, however, you shall have to pick the right babe for this as your average next door girl shall not be up for it in all likelihood.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

As a tourist, you shall find that there are several single women that you can approach in the city of Milan during the entire day. But timing and location play a big factor in determining successful flirts and pickups. Hence, the best places to meet single girls in the city of Milan are as given in the sections below, these include various bars, pubs, nightclubs, outdoor venues, shopping malls, universities and colleges.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The bars, pubs, and nightclubs are the best places to meet single girls in the city of Milan. These are often packed with the hottest of women and they are also the horniest of the lot. They shall certainly be inclined more towards casual sex but remember, you need to be an interesting prospect for them to say yes. So be sure you play in your league and are dressed to impress:

A wild party at the Gattopardo club in Milan

Shopping Malls

The city of Milan is the fashion capital of the world and it is home to some of the biggest and most renowned brands too. Hence, it is a shopping haven for some of the wealthiest and most popular people across the globe. Many of the shopping malls serve as a perfect destination for shopping trips, not just for local women but also tourists. Don't be surprised to see some of the biggest female celebrities of Hollywood strolling around here too:

  • CityLife Shopping District
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Bicocca Village
  • The Oriental Mall
  • The Highline Outlet
  • Milano, Staz.garibaldi
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


The outdoor venues are probably the biggest highlight of the city of Milan and as a traveller, you can surely try to visit these not just for a touristic point of view but also to meet and interact with single in town:

  • Duomo di Milano
  • Sforzesco Castle
  • Teatro alla Scala
  • Santa Maria delle Grazie
  • Sempione Park
  • Piazza del Duomo, Milan
The glorious cathedral Duomo di Milano

Universities and Colleges

The local universities and colleges in the city of Milan are renowned across the globe. They have scores of young women enrolling on an annual basis. Hence, as a tourist you can visit areas around the university and college campuses to meet and flirt with single women:

  • University of Milan
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
  • Bocconi University
  • Vita-Salute San Raffaele University
  • Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
To the north of University of Mila, the garden light early morning


Being in a relationship in the city of Milan is an excellent experience. As a tourist, you will come across some of the most amazing women. You can only imagine having sex with a woman who has a figure like a model or even better, she is actually a supermodel! These women are known to be very passionate even in relationships. They do not take into consideration the duration of the relationship to be committed to you fully. They give their 100% to the relationship from the 1st day itself.

These women are known to be excellent partners too, they are not too dependent on you, they earn well for themselves, and despite all the cold interactions early on, as a couple, you shall find yourselves being warm and cosy towards each other. There is a great balance to any relationship in the city of Milan, the women understand their boundaries also very well and do not make the relationship suffocating or a burden for men either.

Hence, as a tourist, we recommend that you give relationships a shot in the city of Milan. They have some old school romance, they shall have the modern-day spice too, and it shall be a union of two people who are trying to contribute equally.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance in the city of Milan is nothing short of perfect. As all holiday romances should be, here in Milan too, you shall indulge in a relationship which is light, breezy, and fun-filled. This is the best kind of experience in the city, frankly, even over physical relationships as it gives you a chance to truly understand the local women, their culture and their traditions. You shall forge a meaningful bond while you're at it too. A holiday romance shall never be just about the sex nor shall it be about toxic emotional baggage. Rather, most of it shall be sharing happy memories together.

It is like being in love for a definite period of time. Away from the monotonous life that you lead. It brings in the necessary zing, the change in the backdrop, now you are in a foreign land, a culturally rich city, romancing a woman, exploring the city with her, sharing moments having a cuppa together or even a romantic meal, clicking those pictures to last for a lifetime, perhaps even laying the foundation for something permanent, you never know, until you experience it. Having a best friend by day and a passionate lover by night, someone to smile with and spend moments with is truly the real beauty of a holiday romance in Milan.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To have a successful relationship in the city of Milan, it is recommended that you keep in mind a few key points, these shall help you to stay out of trouble and putting your relationship in any sort of jeopardy. These tips for a successful relationship are as given below:

  • To begin with, always ensure that your relationship is based on some solid emotional and physical value. Do not be in a relationship which is based on materialistic exchanges and pleasure. These often do not translate into long and successful relationships.
  • To have a successful relationship it is essential that you take into consideration each other's opinions about various fundamentals and day to day topics. These are often a pressure point and frequent disagreements could ruin a relationship.
  • Being a tourist, we urge you to avoid expressing any radical political or nationalist opinion. These have always been raging issues in the country and it is best you keep your relationship away from these as they can be wildly polarising. The word "Fascism" should be in your dictionary only in a negative light.
  • Lastly, try and focus on the small things in a relationship, these are vital and each gesture of yours shall have a big impact, so try and make your lady love feel as special as possible. It doesn't have to necessarily be anything materialistic, showcase your artistic talent or embrace your inner romantic and you shall have a successful relationship!


Finding love in the city of Milan is probably one of the best things to happen to you in life. The women of the city are truly amazing, they are loving, caring and shall serve to be perfect lovers on all fronts. One must realise that many of the local women are not fond of purely physical relationships, they appreciate relationships where emotions and feelings are involved. They love the feeling of mush and warmth which is often experienced when you are in love. In spite of this, they are not easy to fall in love with. These local Italian women shall test you on all fronts before falling in love with you or declaring their love for you.

Hence, you are recommended to take the initiative, be the first one to admit and accept your feelings towards your lady love, make her feel comfortable, once she is convinced of your dedication towards the relationship, she shall take the leap of faith too.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

As a tourist, you shall be mighty confused in a foreign land. The confusion shall pertain to almost everything, right from the personality traits of the local women, to their reactions to certain instances, and the cultural and traditional differences shall make things further difficult. Hence, as a tourist, we recommend you to rely only on common sense and observational instincts to make sure that your lady love is the one indeed. Given below are a few tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Compatibility is a big criterion and if you are wondering your lady love is the one, make sure that the two of you are highly compatible. This ranges on every possible issue you can think of. Whether it is a simple day to day activity or a once in a lifetime decision. Being on the same page shall help you decide if she is the one.
  • To make sure that your lady love is the one, you must rationally analyse if she is willing to adjust to your culture and lifestyle as well. As a tourist, you shall come from a different background and may have a very different set of ideals, if she is not willing to acknowledge these, she may not be the one.
  • Italy is a developed country with enormous financial might and chances are that your lady love is accustomed to a certain lifestyle, so if you cannot afford that or you wish to relocate to another country, try and find out her opinion. If the two of you have the same views and you are convinced that she is willing to make sacrifices, then she may just be the one.
  • Lastly, try and make sure that your lady love is supportive and pushes you towards excellence. If she drives you to perform your best in all aspects, if she makes you feel alive every single day, if she makes you feel loved, then you can be assured that she is the one!


Getting married in the city of Milan is a spectacular decision to make. The locals consider marriage to be a very auspicious and joyful occasion. It is also considered to be very pure and a union of two souls in love does make them very happy.

If you are a tourist, know that getting married to your lover in Milan isn't just getting married to her, you shall be married to her entire family. The spirit of oneness is what is very important to them. So don't be surprised if you are showered with a lot of attention from her family members, embrace it, flatter them, have good relations with them. They shall further ensure that your marriage is a long-lasting one.

Once you ensure that your lady love is the perfect choice, you can pop the question to her, try and have a word with her father too, and once it's done, go to him formally to ask for your lady love's hand in marriage. These are not necessities, but shall surely put you in good light and as a man with principles.


After getting the approval of your lady love and her family, it is time to start planning for a wedding. This might be a handful as she may have a sizeable list of people to invite. Being a tourist, you might want to invite your family as it shall be a union of two families.

The wedding ceremony itself is no different from any other white wedding. The marriage is blessed by the priest and you may have to undertake some paperwork to register the marriage. The ceremony itself shall be a large gathering of family and friends. You can choose a villa or a banquet as the venue. What you must ensure is the best catering service and the finest of wine to ensure that your wedding is the most memorable for your guests. In the typical Italian way, there shall be dance and singing, the ceremony shall be truly joyful and informal for the most part.

Family Life

Once you are married to the love of your life, you have to face new challenges as a couple. These challenges are spread over the next few decades of you having a family together. Hence, in this section of the article, we shall give you a brief idea of the family life you can expect in the city of Milan.

As a tourist, you visited the country and fell in love, you got married too, and now you have to begin by thinking about a job prospect if you are settling here. This is something that you must sort out in advance. The city shall support you by offering you plenty of opportunities and great places to work in too, nabbing thee opportunities remain in your hand.

The city of Milan shall also provide you with a great nightlife, a unique culture, amazing safety, and the best possible healthcare too. As a couple, there is not much to worry about. When you have a few children, don't worry about their education either as the city has an excellent education programme and is home to some of the biggest universities in the country.

While there are no drawbacks for your family life in the city of Milan, you must remember that all of this comes at a price. The city is very expensive to live in and you must be able to earn sufficiently to have a great family life.

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