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Guide for dating in Gran Canaria helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Spanish women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Spanish girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Gran Canaria. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.

Hot girls of Gran Canaria at the pacha club

Girls in Gran Canaria:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Gran Canaria:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Gran Canaria:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Gran Canaria:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $300


The southernmost region of Spain is the city of eternal spring and endless possibilities for life to be explored amidst a chain of volcanic islands off the northwest coast of Africa. Beauty resonates in its exotic beach life and gallantly gorgeous girls. The women here are a concoction of docile and dominate. Its for you to aim for the spark of sunshine while you approach them with your heart widen like the winter sky.

Dating the beauties here can prove an intrepid as they love to let loose. With the wind, they move to leave you lingering on their charms of earthy faces and oceanic eyes. They are friendly and merry, graciously rousing men to get intoxicated.

They strike similarity to their city, it seems it's their loyalty to the sod. What can be more alluring than witnessing the colorful carnival, graffiti and street art embodied in the women of the city? They breathe novel ideologies while the essence of their soul trails to grey antiquity.

To love them would call for you to be a spectator of their splendor. Be the cloud to their wings not the ground for their grave. Canarian women appreciate the lusty hush of composed and serene men with thoughts of tenacity, true to the nature of Canarian tapas.

Dating Culture

The glorious creations of God exemplify tenderness. The bright gazelle eyed girls seem to be the most practiced perfection nature has achieved. With sharp features and equally sharp intelligence, they are not apprehensive when it comes to dating.

They will give you a ride through the wild west and the beaches of canary Ilands and take you windsurfing as you stay and intertwist their dark locks through your fingertips, snuggled in bed.

The more absolute you get the more attracted they are. Brought in in the land of the sea they can sweep you off your feet. The first step is to make up your mind, indecisive men are an instant turnoff.

These goddesses are out in their territory for hunt. They decide on what they demand. You can try your luck for some fiery and fierce sex its exciting and extravagant till you make sure you set the ambiance right. Their feminism makes you feel more of a man. with intricately carved curves they make sure you fill their cravings.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Gran Canaria can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Gran Canaria and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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The warm weather in the city is no match to the blinding brightness of the ladies. The air of the city propounds their wit. To make the best out of your date take them around the place in daylight there is nothing more striking then light meeting light. This can turn your nights starry! Be an admirer but be sure not to be inactive. Strive for conversation though they do not submit to silence, make sure to exhibit your courteous side as you indulge in the frenzy of talks. Be a listener to get a hint of how deep the waves of her thoughts are.

Fear not! Though the task seems tenuous it can take you the extra mile. Once you are the subject of their interest you will be amazed to know how worthy they will make you feel. Women here are exemplifying when it comes to making their partners feel wanted and appreciated. They can make your canvas of desire painted in hues of cardinal and scarlet leaving you to concede the beauty of their blood and bones.

Meet fire lying by the side of the sea. Hold her as you would hold the sand do not close your fist tight even if you unite for a silvery night, they are spontaneous and adore men who let can make them feel emotionally and sexually aroused. Flaunting your money will instantly set off the mood as they are financially stable so dear men ditch the advice of the thick-skinned males rather work on subtle charismatic words to woo them and divulge into contentment and felicity.

Women of Gran Canaria embrace conversations. They are peculiar for their dates to be intellectually flattering. Trust on the power of intelligence and courtesy displaying your intentions in an exaggerated manner could potentially be the wrong move. Be subtle, smooth, and polite to ablaze the night.

Spanish Girls (age 18 - 29)

The upsurge in the sea, beauty both tender and bold. They radiate poise equivalent to the rush in their stride. They shed their cocoons and entwine with the tunes of your heart. The most striking feature about them is their observant nature. The moment you step in the Bar your presence will be noted if you check their need no force can intimidate them. The game will be yours if you match your sex appeal to their taste.

As vibrant and adventurous these girls are towards the blossoms and springs in life, education and career consciousness add to their zeal. The enthusiasm while they chat adds tint to their full lips. Lustrious and arousing they are beauties with brains with an admirable emotional quotient. You might be drawn towards them for their skin sparkling gold, the way the sand shimmers when the sun kisses it. The intricate curves or the dimples at the side of their waist. The emergence of womanhood so appealing and inviting you to feel the urgency rushing within you.

Behold dear friend! You are not to worry. They are approachable and warm. They are not extensively shelved, if your vibe hits them hard you can be up for an experience worth remembering. Their energy can sure make the sky shy.

Spanish Women (age 30 - 45)

There is an addiction in wine that’s fiery and fragile. These women are wine. They are up for a decent lock as they step in the stage of life where assurance and safety comfort them. Independent and confident women are strong headed and know clearly what they want. Approach them with confidence and try to match the symphony.

Booking up the places beforehand will display your sense of sensibility as they carry themselves with great serenity. Open doors for them and offer to hold hands surely this will land you in a land of bare treasures.

A group of hot women at the Chester club

Spanish Ladies (age 45+)

There is an addiction in wine that’s fiery and fragile. These women are wine. They are up for a decent lock as they step in the stage of life where assurance and safety comfort them. Independent and confident women are strong headed and know clearly what they want. Approach them with confidence and try to match the symphony.

Booking up the places beforehand will display your sense of sensibility as they carry themselves with great serenity. Open doors for them and offer to hold hands surely this will land you in a land of bare treasures.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Vibrant adventurous and versatile is the city and no doubt it catapults foreign travelers who seek on trips for amusement. The potential of the city and the foreign girls are endless from admirers of sunsets in beaches to the ones who hold history as a mirror for tomorrow there are uncountable fishes in the ocean.

Take it easy just put up the best show and charm them to explore the exotic city with an extremely exciting partner. Since they do not play hard to get you to need to pick up the hints they drop your way. Remember dear friend be the man she cannot resist and off you go to mindblowing adventures. Take the tour around the best places during the daytime and the rest is assured. The city is swarmed with tourists, in fact, the double of the population itself. the population count is at one million while the number of foreigners is a humongous three million. this way you can get find your luck in getting laid.

It's effortless it's sensual and is at a bargain of a sexy smile. Ensure your aura entices the ladies and they can give you the most lasting bequest of excitement. There are very open chances for you to get pleasure with no holds barred. just book the hotel or pubs in the interior and you are good to go.


The act of desire, of ail, of frenzy and a throbbing for the longing that makes your blood gush faster. The bliss in indulging in wholeness is mystifying and what better than experiencing the bonanza in the scenic view of this city. The women here enjoy and treasure their womanhood and if your stars favor you you can unhook all their treasures. they lust after men and their machismo and for sure devour the spicy cologne in the sweet balminess of the city. Sex to them is a groove, the pathway to pleasure.

Canarian women are inviting with the fullness of their breasts and slender nape The navel at the show when you walk your way in the sandy beaches hypnotizes you to discover all the dimensions in them. The flip of the hair increases your anticipation to unweave the loose curls and wrap them up in the embers of your hunger.

They are turned on by men of manners. The beast in you can only unleash her wild side when you satisfy them thoroughly. The act of indulgence should be what air is to fire. Burn up all the way down with passion make them blaze. Let the air carry your touch to them and bring you back their taste. There are many availabilities to suit your needs and mood, book a decent hotel to make the energy compelling. Take them out for dinner get the best wine you lay your hands on and no it's not going to drain you out rather fill you in ways unthinkable.

Sex Culture

Sex in the city is comforting casual and celebrated. The moans and sighs reverberate in the volcanic mountains. One cannot help but discover how sensuality cannot be subdued. To indulge in the pleasure is to indulge in the familiar yet strange taste of ecstasy. The women here are an admirable phenomenon who support sexuality and own it, sure they will make you feel more familiar with yours too!

Do not prompt it when it's going to follow freely, the only rule is to be respectable about the magic of how two complete strangers can know each other in the most erotic manner. Take it slow though it will not be excruciatingly slow while in action, its how you initiate it. Remember these ladies out there have a bold sense of decision. Once you make them decide that you are in need of them they will reciprocate with a need even greater. The observant power of these women is commendable to be sure not to be observed negative.

They are free-spirited and flamboyant so you be sexy and smart and the bodies will behold your spark. The culture here is to be diverse being monotonous can lead to mishaps. Take a break from boring bedroom sex to have some playtime in the rooftop and carry it down the staircase to the basement, the portions to a play kindle the climax, the idea is to make them feel a diva in daybreak. The most appealing thing about a man to these south Spain ladies is the approach and the direction of sex, you cannot expect them to feel full while wrapped in the thought of being ogled at and demeaned, strip them with your stare with the balanced mix of hunger and satiation. Once you taste the hunger on the tip of their tongue take a deeper dive a whisper to them the menu for the night! Pin them down to know how sunkissed are their thighs and let them roam about their fingers down your spine in short let them take the lead for an unfeigned surprise.

One-Night Stands

They take you through the city for a tour and one of the most romantic spots is the hike to a mountain top where the stars grace the eyes of the gazers. Illuminated sparkling and serene is what women here expect for an experience they are open about the concept of unattached and unattended aftermath. They have their priorities sorted and know exactly how specific they want the indulgence to be.

But believe us when we say the moon and the sky make love to each other in the darkest of nights veiling the show. There is comfort in being covered and confined with no questions asked. The firework of lust is customary to make you know how sexuality is mutual and essential for travelers of life and places to know how arousing mirages can be.

These ladies keep their words and do not beat around the bush to them their need for sustenance and catering to their esteem needs does not deem upon their partners in any way. To claim and crystalize their emotions they do not cost the other party with a hassle of unsaid and unkept promises. To participate in sex is to invest in your desires so let loose the bondage and explore the thrilling adventures the trip can shoot your way grab them and get rolling! They intensify your needs, hang in there, do not break away in suddenness, the only reason they will stay the night is their choice and demand for it. Never cross the line of consent, one wink one girl one night and this one can trespass many.

Do the magic with your sense of style dress cool and casual even though they appreciate honesty do not be too vocal, your voice can overpower the visual insight, so look hard and beyond. Find your date fix it and make her remember your grip as the night passes by and a new day unfolds.

The possibilities are endless, these girls in the city are out and about for an offbeat adventure the words you use must announce the desperate rush in you insides wrapped and presented neatly with wit. The trick is to stick to her by the sunset but does remember not to intermingle too much inn their personal space around offers a few drinks show interest, these girls are keen supporters of men who reach out to them with warmth in their words.

Listen as to what they expect and draft your list to them. Sex is an escape to solitude, much like the smoke of the cigarettes which find their calling as they depart, experience solitude as you drill in the lazy afternoons or windy nights. The nightlife is cozy and cinematic, there are lots of bold beauties to make you revisit canary islands as you leave your energy and gift your time to a fellow partner you remain there with them in the creases of the bedsheets and in the ray of the winter sun.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Women of Gran Canaria are beauties of the beach. They love the feel of waves tickling their toes and removing all traces of their feet which were carved on the moist sand. They love it when the wind of the city flirts with their usual blonde or black hair and insinuate mysteries of the sky. So, if you are wooed by these beauties and would like to have a taste of the rawness of this island city on your tongue, then the beaches are your call to make.

The date-time at this city is exceptionally strong and comes with a promise of some dirty fun. The beaches are filled to the brim and so are the tourist spots. There are plenty of places you can visit and pick the chick who is wooed by you.

Remember to dress up well and have your A-game on. Do not look too desperate for sex because hey, Desperation isn't a qualification. And if you want to be qualified in the checklist of these women, you better have some stories and flirtatious remarks folded up on your tongue like the sleeve of your shirt. Coming to the day time, it's not less than the daytime by any form and means. The women are just as gorgeous and maybe a little less sexy than the ones on the beaches and in the bikinis. But still very much the same. They hit the clubs and pubs in the city to find a nice foreigner who is witty enough to woo them. So, make sure you hit these clubs and bars to score and get lucky.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

These women acquire a different kind of swing with alcohol in their systems. They are bold with or without them but after a few shots down, their minds are clouded with the thoughts of a toe-curling night with sighs and screams in equal measure. All they need is a man who can promise them that and is charming enough to tick all points on their checklist.

In bars and clubs, you wouldn't feel like the only one who is putting effort and wants some action. The women are equally eager to find a good match who is worthy enough to take the risk and do the deed. Women have an open mind towards casual hookups that start and end at the bed. Before hitting at these clubs and bars, make sure you got your best attire on and practice some grooving moves to woo the lady.

Below mentioned are some clubs and pubs which can make your night game stronger and easier.

  • Tipsy Hammock Bar - This cocktail bar is recommended by the bulk of tourists who set foot in the city every year. It's a heartthrob place to get the most refreshing of drinks and spirits. And for a cherry on top, this bar is by a beach. So there is blue-tinged water, booze, and women dolled up in bikinis. There is nothing more tourists would want out of this city than this bar.
  • Sahara beach bar - Another beach bar but it's not just that. It is a perfect venue for a date. With a lot of open space to soak in the sun rays, not the scorching Sun but the one which gives you solace and makes your eye look a shade brighter. It offers the best native cuisine with drinks that can rejuvenate you to the core. And oh! The women here are like a treat to sore eyes.
  • Chester lounge bar - If dance is your way to make an impression on women, then this lounge and disco bar calls for you. The crowd here goes coco after midnight, the energy is so high that you will feel the music thumbing till your cores. Hot Foreigners often pay a visit here to drink the night off and to get action later. You wouldn't want an opportunity like this to slip away from your hands, would you?
  • The paper club - This club has got live music, an epic DJ, and a dance floor bigger than the club itself. A little exaggeration here but you will fall for it when you see it. The music is always high on the Spanish accent and the local women love it here. The staff is friendly and helpful. This club should definitely be on your checklist.
  • Joker night club - This club might be a little extravagant on the pricing bit but it's a worth try. It is perfect if your girl likes partying and gyrating on the rhythm. Before you hit this place, remember to groom well and practice some moves to woo your lady.
  • The hideaway lounge Bar - The bar has got booze which can cloud your mind with the thoughts of a night laced with pleasure with no regrets. There are indoor games which might be fun when played with friends or the woman who can be your potential match. Other than that, there is music, dance and an ambiance to make your world go round.
  • Reds club - Women are friendly and outgoing, and there is someone for everyone here. The excellent music, views, and warm service are worthy of all the little extra pricing. A recommended club and missing it will surely hand you a huge chunk of regret.
  • Pacha Gran Canaria- This place has a little edge of the classic Spanish style. It's one of the most favorite bars of the locals. There is live music every night and the music is dope enough to force even a rigid body to groove, drinks are refreshing and come at a reasonable price.
  • Crazy horse bar- This holds a special place in the scale with Good food, drinks, service, and women. As the name suggests, the crowd goes crazy on weekends and the women are dressed to slay and score.
  • The Svenska baren- This place is sure to give you a score. Music is the hero in this place. Acoustic rock, jazz, classic, hip hop, and many more are the hit beats at this place.
Party at the Pacha club in Gran Canaria

Shopping Malls

The vast and intricately crafted island of Gran Samaria screams of beauty and advancement from all sides. But the southern and eastern part of the island city is exceptionally well built and has a dusting of the European style. Everything is quite more modernized as compared to the northern region.

The girls in the southern and eastern parts tend to be more vocal, bold, and outgoing. They are more educated and career-oriented as compared to the ones of the northern part of the island city. The thing they have in common is their sparkling aura and a face that can never be forgotten. The southern part of Island has a variety of shopping malls, complexes, and market areas. It is the most subtle way in which a native Spanish girl can be approached in the city.

Whether it is the northern or southern part, women here tend to wait for the guy to start the conversation. So you must have in you the ice-breaking quality and should know how to keep the conversation vibrant and engaging.

In order to approach these women in a shopping mall, it is best to behave as a quintessential tourist who needs help to get around. These women are a lot of things but foremost they are warm and friendly. They would certainly agree in helping you out and that will be your cue to lead the conversation forward and towards the main business, where all of it should start and end; the bed.

Below mentioned are the most crowded malls and market place of Gran Canaria where you should try your luck.

* Centro Comercial Las Arenas

  • Centro Comercial El Muelle
  • Shopping Center Puerto Rico
  • The Market Puerto Rico
  • Shopping Center San Agustín
  • Centro Comercial El Mirador


Gran Canaria is the dream city for anyone who loves to explore and wander. It has got the most beautiful tourist spots, weaved with the traditions and cultures of the last. There are 80 beaches spread in the whole city and for a city that is not very large, this number is a rigorous one. But all of them have that special something about them and are worth trying.

But it's not humanly possible for a tourist to visit all of them within the trip but we will list out some top beaches for you where women are dressed up as a sin. Not just any but the sin you would love to commit. They are dressed in bikinis which cover a bit too little and show a bit too much but that's what leaves men weak in the very knees. To explore the places which are left and have the leisure taste of the city lingering on their tongues.

Gran Canaria also has several museums, open markets, and art galleries where women are in plenty and so are your chances of finding the right woman for you. When and if you approach these women, remember to be the right amount of subtle blended with the classic flirtatious remarks.

Also, make it a point to observe the woman before approaching her, you should have a keen eye to observe and assess their body language. If she seems the kind who will be wooed by you, then go and take matters in your hand. You will return with the woman by your side and walk-in for a night filled with some dirty fun.

The below mentioned are some of the outdoor places where you can find plenty of local and foreign women who are seeking some action as well. So go, find and hit the bullseye!

* Maspalomas

  • Municipality of Las Palmas
  • Tejeda
  • Mogán
  • Agaete
  • Puerto Rico de

Universities and Colleges

The women of Gran Canaria hold a knack for successful careers. They don't like being parasites on their family or partners' money. They are well educated and yearn for earning a livelihood for themselves. As said earlier, the women of the southern and eastern areas of the island city are more exposed to the advanced arena than the northern ones.

The young women of Gran Canaria are warm and fuzzy from the inside and appear to be a nutshell from the outside. These women thrive for fun and success. And this very fact makes men crazy and worship the land these ladies walk on. Though young, they still have an influential aura around them. They demand respect as much as they are keen to give it back.

These young women like their men raw and real. Don't pretend to be something or someone you aren't and just let your eyes show your soul to them and in the next instant, they will hand their heart to you, all wrapped up and sealed just for you. When and if you muster up the courage to approach, remember to be friendly enough yet respectful. Don't ogle them up and down like a sex-maniac. They would surely categorize you as a creep and stay as distant as possible. So that is a complete No-No. Just go, engage a nice conversation, let her know your intention, and ask her out like a man.

What you can try is hang out in places where these women tend to visit. Like local restaurants near colleges and universities or the nearby market place where they could come with a friend after a lecture. Remember the tips and let your charm and wit unfold their magic.

The below mentioned are some top universities and colleges around which you will find plenty of drool-worthy Spanish women -

* University of las palmas de Gran Canaria

  • International university of gran Canaria
  • Universidad Fernando Pessoa Canarias
  • Universidad Politecnica de Canarias


The city of Gran Canaria with all its spectacular glory and strong night show is every bit of outrageous. The city doesn't have the word 'timid' or 'subtle' in its dictionary. Life rushes in an immeasurable pace and thrives for success and adventures. But sometimes when life rushes by too quickly and too fast for you to register, You are left behind. It leaves you behind because it waits for none. Speed and change are the only stimulation this city needs. And when someone has it, he has the ability to succeed.

Women who have grown up in this city are well aware of this city. But sometimes the spotlight they have on themselves become blinding, it becomes too bright to withstand. So they tend to get slow and in times like such, they need somebody who is ready to take things slow for them. Someone who doesn't come with a sudden urgency to have a wild night with her and then go separate ways. Sometimes they can go deeper with.

These women are as romantic as they are beautiful. Sex becomes too casual for them and then they need a relationship that can progressively expand into something bigger and more meaningful. So, the relationship in this city ranges from casual flings to more meaningful ones.

And you need to decide which one you are seeking. Deciding this is totally your call to make. But either way, these women are more than just flesh and blood. They are loyal and caring. They give in efforts in the relationships that matter to them and expect the same from you. Trust and honesty are always the most important factors for them. So make sure you hold on to both of them if you wish to be lucky and have a woman of such sort as your partner.

Holiday Romance

The City of Gran Canaria is perfect for such a relation. Holiday romance typically cuts out on the emotional part and focuses on the real deal. In such a relationship, the man and woman engage in a sexual relationship for the time when both of them are in the city. They share their sexual preferences and focus on pleasing their partners.

Their need and deed end on the end and outside they are mere acquaintances or friends. Something to keep in mind when advancing for holiday romance in the city is to sign up into all the online dating sites.

Local girls who are also seeking a similar relationship are in plenty and those are the women with whom you have the maximum chances of getting involved. So before you set foot on the city you must tramp through every nook and corner of these sites and make sure you find your potential match beforehand.

If and when you find her, she can help you around and show you places, tell you everything about the city, and can be your perfect companion throughout the trip. The relationship is an ideal one if you are looking for casual flings because then you wouldn't have to look for new women and put efforts to woo them. You will already have a luscious woman all to yourself.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Wooing a local woman of Gran Canaria is no rocket science. It's basically the same old thing with a little twist. The twist being the edginess these women have in themselves. The way they build layers around themselves and expect you to break into the layers and reveal their true self. You should be consistent in your approach, do not turn your ego as an alpha male and slide away if they say something remotely rude.

They are warm and friendly but they also like guys who make some efforts to woo them. They wouldn't hand themselves to you on a silver platter but would want you to earn them bit by bit, till nothing remains and all is yours.

If you are looking for casual sex, you will certainly get so because it's basically in the air. Women are not very conserved and the sex culture in the city is casual itself. But if you are seeking the love of your life in the city, you might need to put in the extra effort.

Partying is one of the things that these women love to do. Especially if it's near a beach. Booze and the serene calmness of the waves in the water pump up the seductive goddess in them and they are all set to let it loose. They are approachable and friendly. Just make sure you don't scare them away due to the overboard staring because they are pretty much used to it now. They gain attention to all men, whether local or foreigners.


The city in itself is worthy enough to make you fall in love and the women are the icing on the cake. Their intelligence and beauty combine to create a gem of a woman. Everything that you might be looking for in your partner is well enriched into the core of these women. They make great partners and companions.

The women of Gran Canaria stand up with their partners when life throws a fit at them. They support them and are willing to give all they can to raise them to great heights. Such is the impact of these women. Every bit of them is comforting and loving and not an inch of selfish or greedy.

They can make your house into a home, where warmth and love radiate from all crevices and broken edges. She might even make you feel like a 16-year-old who has just come in terms with the concept of love. But this is exactly how it is supposed to feel with a woman in this city. All new yet classic. Like you have always loved her but now you can see her and keep her all for yourself.

All that a woman of this city demands out of love is respect and to treat her as an equal. They are independent and self-reliant. And their love is just like them. They demand to be treated well for what they do and wish to do. Their dreams hold importance and don't wish for any realignment in them. She will certainly dream of a future with you but without changing herself in the process.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It doesn't matter how and why you fell in love when you are in love. The city of Gran Canaria is filled with women who can make everything seem like literal magic. They hold their grounds at all times and do not make promises that they can't keep. Their actions will tell you more about how they feel for you than their words. They will be vocal and clear about their emotions and will expect the same from you. They won't blame you for things they say or do and take complete responsibility for their actions. They will look at you affectionately and say things about the future with you. She will share her dreams and past with you and let you know everything she has been before meeting you.

It's quite astonishing how these women can be so well equipped in all fields. They will help you in situations where you find yourself lost and will guide in taking the right decisions. They will not only make your life brighter and happier but also help you to succeed and have a vision in life. These women are perfect examples of how fun can go parallel to focus. Hold on to the woman who does all of it for you.


Gran Canaria has one of the most beautiful wedding venues, though this place is not very big in terms of area, but still offers venues and hotels of all tastes, be it religious or modern. The city is also open to gay marriages.

Religious church weddings are the most common ones and are arranged in beautiful soothing churches of Gran Canaria, but you can also plan your ceremony beside a mountain or on a beach. The bride usually wears the traditional white gown, but one can also go for shades of pink or plum, after all, it's your wedding and you get to decide what color best suits you.
There are beautiful hotels too where you can arrange a week-long wedding ceremony covering all the rituals. The climate is always mild and thus one can choose any month of the year to get married. Hire a local wedding planner with a good knowledge of the local area and he will guide you to the perfect destination for your marriage. 

If neither of you is Catholic or have a resident proof, you can get married at your place and then throw a grand party here at Gran Canaria. With you, family, and friends around you can relive the moments. The food here is also spectacular and will add a plus point to your wedding.


It is possible to get married in Gran Canaria only if either or both of the partners are residents of the place. Therefore it is better to get married at your place and then plan a beautiful and grand ceremony here in Gran Canaria. The Civil Wedding here requires a resident certificate of any one of the partners and the other one requires to present a number of documents. A lot of paperwork is required and hence it is advisable to plan a trip before the wedding.

For a Concordat Marriage, there is an agreement signed between the state and the church. The possibility is offered by Catholic Churches and can be arranged even if both the partners are not the citizens here. These ceremonies are arranged in a proper religious manner with the groom wearing a tuxedo and bride wearing the elegant white gown with a beautiful veil covering her head. You can even hire a wedding planner and hold a proper three-to-five days wedding ceremony with feasts.

The place has beautiful scenic beaches, mountains, and diverse landscapes that serve as the best proposing venues. With mild weather and scenic landscapes, Gran Canaria is best suited for honeymoons. So you can plan a beautiful wedding ceremony and also make this as your honeymoon destination and you will cherish every moment lived here.

Family Life

Gran Canaria is just the right place for families, with beaches that suit all tastes, you along with your family will love staying here. It has comfortable and children friendly hotels, constructed to light up your whole body and soul. The climate is mild the whole year and thus this place is one of the most chosen ones as a holiday destination.

Gran Canaria has mountains, beaches, and deserts. It is therefore also called 'small continent' as living here is like experiencing a small world. The landscapes are diverse and they serve as the money-earning spots of the island. Along with its beauty, the island is of utmost safety. You can send your little ones on any of the nearby beaches without a feeling of fear as these beaches won’t harm your children. There are a number of theme parks to sit back and relax. If you are bored with beaches and want something different, these theme parks are at your rescue. You can take your dog along with some snacks and enjoy the quality time here.

A huge fraction of the population is Roman Catholics but the society here has always been open to different cultures and changes from the outside world and thus the number of foreigners visiting and deciding to settle down here is increasing. People celebrate all kinds of festivals with a feeling of togetherness in their hearts. This place has preserved its culture along with rich architecture.

The residents prefer casual but conservative clothing. Parties and get-togethers are very common and arranged on a daily basis. To get a small peek into the culture of this place, you must visit the museums here. Gran Canaria has been open to almost everything that comes to its shore, so you won’t ever feel like an outsider here.


Map of Gran Canaria


  • Las Palmas - the largest city, situated in the northeast section of the island, one of the capitals of the Canary Islands.
  • Arucas
  • Gáldar
  • Playa del Inglés
  • Telde - the second largest city (population 98,000), situated between Las Palmas and the Gran Canaria Airport (LPA).
  • Teror
  • Vecindario
  • Puerto Rico - Mainly visitors from Scandinavia and Germany. The shopping center has few erotic massage parlours and in the night few hookers rooming around.

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