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Cebu dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Filipino women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Philippine girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Cebu, Philippines.

Girls in Cebu:

  • Looks of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.0/ 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Cebu:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.0 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.0 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.0 / 5

Sex in Cebu:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.0 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.0 / 5

More about Cebu:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $7Bold text00
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $500


Cebu actually is a province that consists of one big main island and there are also around 167 surrounding islets and islands. Cebu City is the capital of this province and it is often referred to as the Queen City of South. It is considered to be the oldest city of the Philippines and is a major tourist attraction. The women of Cebu City are also known for their beauty and often they are also referred as the Queen womenfolk of Philippines.

If you are a male tourist wanting to mix some fun with your career or tourism objective, then you have many reasons to find this article interesting and informative. The city of Cebu is known for its wonderfully gorgeous girls and women who are attractive in their own ways. Coupled with the fantastic sceneries and tourists spots that the city has to offer, as a man you may really have many things to take back as memories. If you are of the adventurous and would like to get hooked to the local women and girls of Cebu City you certainly have many options coming your way.

Dating culture is quite open amongst certain sections of women because of many reasons. It is one of most urbanized and developed cities of the Philippines. It has a population of around 923,000 people and it is fifth largest in terms of number of people. It is a commercially and economically active city and therefore it attracts thousands of men and of course pretty women and girls from the neighboring islands and other places.

It also is the most important domestic port of Philippines and more than 80% of the domestic shipping companies are housed here. The entire Cebu metropolitan is quite huge in terms of numbers and population and as per the 2015 census the population of the Cebu metropolitan area is around 2.85 million. A large section of the population is working women, girls and students.

The women and girls in this part of the country are known for their openness, their desire to be totally independent financially and also socially. Further, they are happy go lucky in their attitude and are willing to do what it takes to enjoy a great lives. They are unlike their rural counterparts in the various villages and small islands. They are stylish, modern, and contemporary in their thought processes. They do not mind going beyond the laid down practices and rituals as far as relationships with men are concerned.

As a foreign man, if you play your cards well it is quite likely that you will be able to win over the trust and confidence of these beautiful looking and good hearted women and girls of Cebu. You also will be able to get hooked to them quite easily and take things to the next level.

Dating Culture

Though the traditional dating methods of girls and women of Cebu follow the practices followed by many Philippine girls, things are changing and becoming more modern and direct. However, if you come across a beautiful and conventional minded woman of this city, you may have to go through the graded or step-by-step approach. This is because she has been brought up in a particular environment. She may or may not be able to suddenly throw this approach to the wind and become modern and outgoing overnight. Winning their trust and confidence is one of the best ways of winning their heart. Once you are able to do this, it will not be long before you are able to date them and take things to the next higher level.

Things are changing quite a bit and today’s younger generation women and girls are becoming more westernized in their approach as far as dating is concerned. Many of them are ready to go through the fast track dating relationships. They are good at online dating and quite a few of them also have a fascination and attraction towards foreign men who are modern, good looking and having those adorable six pack abs and other such physical attributes.

At the same time, the women would always look at the emotional and intelligent quotient of the men that they would like to get close to. So as a foreign man, you would stand a much better chance provided you are able to have common traits like good humor, good behavior, and your ability to treat women with respect, compassion and kindness. In fact this might help you much more than the six pack abs and if you have a combination of these two, you certainly stand a much better chance of winning a date and eventually getting hooked to these wonderful girls and women from Cebu.

The younger women are of course extremely hot and as their hormone levels are quite active, they are ready to walk that extra miles to quench their thirst for sex and in some cases love also. Though they may look a bit coy and shy in the first instance, if you are able to open up the right channels of communication, it will not be long before you are able to take them out for a drink or for a meal in restaurant.

The women of Cebu above the age of thirty might look a bit conservative and orthodox but they are also coming out of their shell and are willing to have a look at the world outside. If they are handled carefully and with love and kindness, they also would not take much time before they start melting into the arms of foreign men. It is all about understanding their mindset and attitudes and then making the first move. Hurrying through the process and trying to be smart Romeos may work with young girls below the age of twenty but the more mature women would most certainly like to see men with a mature dating culture and mindset. Being patient and persevering could help in winning over these beautiful and petite girls from Cebu and surrounding areas.


Though the sex ratio is a bit skewed up in favor of the males in Cebu and Philippines (100 females per 102 men), this should not be much of a problem for the men. There are some obvious reasons for the same. To begin with, the women and girls of Cebu are joint bread winners for many families. Hence, most of them are independent when it comes to their finances and economic well being. Apart from this they are educated and knowledgeable and are willing to try some new things in their lives. Therefore, they would not mind being in touch with foreign men and get to know them better.

However, like all women across the world, different age groups have different preferences and priorities. The younger generations belonging to the age group of 18 to 29 are without any doubt the most exuberant, exciting and outgoing. They are ready to take some additional risks that may not be the case with women who are above the age of thirty. However, while this is a general rule, there are many exceptions to the rule that one must be aware of. In other words, there are many women above the age of thirty who are also ready to try out the meaning and definition of promiscuous relationships.

Therefore the best way forward would be to try and have a look at the women of Cebu belonging to different age groups. We are sharing some interesting and exciting insights in the behavior patterns, looks and appearances and attitudes towards women belonging to different age groups. We are sure that it will help the foreign men to have a much better knowledge of these women and approach them with information and facts rather than being driven by opinions and hearsays.

Filipino Girls (age 18 - 29)

Like any young women across the globe, the women belonging to this age group are the ones to watch out for in Cebu. There are thousands of young women in this city who belong to this age group. Many of them may have just come out of high school and could be in colleges. They are stepping out to new found freedom and they are exposed to the internet, western way of life, open sex and other such issues. Though many of them may have been brought up in conservative and not-so liberal outlooks, they are willing to go beyond the social structure and controls they have been brought up in.

This is because they are exposed to some of the hottest videos on the internet and this certainly makes their hormones very active at a relatively young age. These young women are also very beautiful and sexy in their looks and appearances. Though they may not be as tall and well built as their western counterparts in look and build, they, generally have very hot and sexy figures. Many of them are into gym activities, workouts, exercises and other such things. This helps them to keep good health and a stunning figure.

They are known for their tight, supple and sexy looking breasts and they also have very exciting waist lines and this combination makes them extremely hot and enticing. If we add their exuberant nature to this, you certainly a cocktail of high quality women who are ready to do what it takes to satisfy their sexual needs because their hormones demand it. Many of these women would also have just got out of colleges and must also be earning decent money. They spend quite a bit of their money on new clothing, designer outfits apart from spending some quality time in bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other such places.

They are also not very much against offering their services as escort professionals. This does not mean that they are into sex trade. They would like to be close to some likeminded foreign men having the right mental, emotional and perhaps even physical attributes. While there is no doubt that they are hungry for sex, they are choosy and would not be willing to go into bed with each and every men they come across.

They need respect, understanding and would be willing to get hooked to men with maturity, intelligence and only then would they be willing to take the relationships to the next higher levels. As men you cannot take them for granted just because they are young, exuberant and perhaps even innocent when it comes to the secrets of man-woman relationship.

They have enough theoretical knowledge and they also know how to separate the grain from the chaff. But if you are able to hook them with a combination of good factors, it will not be long before you are able to go to bed with them and enjoy some of the most satisfying, passionate and intimate moments with these petite damsels.

Philippine Women (age 30 - 45)

The women belonging to the age group of 30 to 45 are also quite interesting. This is not only in the city of Cebu but also across the world. The women in this age group have most probably put in four to five years of experience in their careers. Many of them could be having decent savings and those who are touching thirty years of age may also have got married. It also is quite possible that they may also have had a child or two.

Experience must have taught them quite a few things. Their physical attributes must have also matured with age and there are scores of women in the age group of 30 to 45 who are known for their awesome figure and looks. Since they are working and independent, they do take lot of care of their figure, skin and body. Many of them frequent gyms and are into regular workouts and other such physical activities.

It also is quite possible that many of them may not exactly be happy with their married lives. This could be because of a number of reasons. They may believe that there is no love, passion and excitement in their married lives and it is becoming one big bore. As relationships become more complex and difficult, there are also dozens of women who have broken away from their marriage relationships.

They are either separated or quite a few of them have also gone in for divorce. These single women in the age group of 30 to 45 certainly are on the lookout for affairs. Even married women would not mind having a go at a casual relationship or even a passionate and serious one.

They are fantastic in the bed because of their experience and expertise. However, many of them are choosy about their men and if you are seriously in search of these sexy and hot women from Cebu, you must know what it takes to win them over. Quite a few of them look for relationships because they need some financial help. This is not a bad deal and if you are able to take care of their emotional, physical and financial needs, they will be ready to be with you for a long period of time.

Further, many of them are sugar mommies and therefore they are on the lookout for young men with the right physical and mental attributes. Yes as mentioned above, they are extremely good in the bed and they are ready to do whatever it takes to make the man they love happy from the sexual and emotional perspective.

Filipino Ladies (age 45+)

Finally, let us spend some time looking at the reasons why many foreign men are attracted to the local women from Cebu above the age of forty five years. There is no doubt that experience is a big teacher for all of us. Therefore, it would be a good idea to try and build a relationship and rapport with them. They are great companies and most of them from Cebu belonging to this age group are well settled in life or could be divorcees on the lookout for the right company. They certainly make very good company emotionally and physically.

It would be wrong to assume that the women of the above age group would be frigid from the sexual perspective. They know how to maintain their bodies in the best of shape and are known to be visiting workouts, gyms to ensure that they have shapely breasts and slim hips and waist line and other such attributes. Further, they also would like to be well dressed and don’t mind spending money on modern and contemporary looks and appearances. They are educated and well read and they also keep in touch with the happenings around the world. Many of them are also regular watchers of porn movies and other such exciting stuff.

They are also lonely because of a number of reasons. Many of them have had unsuccessful marriages and they may also have walked away from the relationships and may be living alone. Therefore, they have emotional requirements and many of them also have intense sexual desires. They may not be very expressive and would love to be discreet when it comes to their feelings. If you are able to touch the right cords of these lonely and sex-hungry women, it will be only a matter of time before you are able to experience the tsunami of passion and sensuousness from these women.

They have perfect knowledge about sex because of their experience and expertise in the bed and as a man you may have to consider yourself lucky to be in close relationship with these women. Whether it is foreplay or the actual sexual act, you can be sure that you will get the best possible fulfillment and satisfaction if you are able to win the trust and confidence of these sexy and matured women from Cebu above the age of 45.

They are also intelligent, have good sense of humor and various other attributes that makes them quite different from the younger women. They are of course selective in the men that would like to associate with physically. You must, as a man first win over them emotionally and mentally and only then will they be willing to associate with you physically.

If you keep your eyes and ears open, it will not be long before you are able to come across dozens of such women. They frequent malls, restaurants, markets, tourist resorts, beaches and other such places. While they prefer to maintain a low profile and may be a bit discreet about their desires and needs, they are very nice and soft hearted in general.

Hence, if you are able to win them over with your charm and good behavior, you will get the kind of pleasures and sexual satisfaction that may not be available with a teenaged woman in the age group of 18 to 30. They know all the tricks of the trade that can make you reach cloud nine and the days and night that you will spend with them will most certainly be memorable in more ways than one.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There is no denying the fact that Cebu is a very famous tourist destination of the Philippines. Therefore, the city often teems with thousands of tourists from all over the country. They come from all over the country including the European Union, the USA, Canada, and the various Latin American countries, South Africa, Australia and the far-east. You also can see many hundreds of tourists from China, India and various other countries of South Asia. Many of them are also from West Asian countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others. Of course a large chunk of tourist are also from neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and a few other countries.

You can be therefore be sure that the city of Cebu will have some of the best looking foreign tourists at any given point in time of the year. While most women travel with their boy-friends, husbands or families, there are also many dozens of women who prefer travelling alone. Many of them are also students who are here to pursue their higher studies while other are here just as tourists. The single women tourists often complain of solitude and loneliness. Hence, it is quite obvious that they would be happy to get hooked to men from foreign countries and also to the local men of Cebu. There is no doubt that the old proverb of birds of the same feather flocking together applies very much here.

In other words the foreign women would be comfortable getting hooked and being close to the men from their own countries and cultures. Hence, if you are an American male, you will not find it too difficult to get hooked to a women foreigner who is out there in Cebu because of tourism and other purposes. While this is the general rule, there are also exceptions to this rule. Many of the foreign women are also open to having relationships and sex with local women or men from other parts of the world.

These foreign women can easily be identified by their looks, appearances and the way in which they would like to move around. They hang around on the beaches, in hotels, pubs, nightclubs, malls and other places of tourist interest. While a few of the women may be in groups of four or five, many of them prefer moving around alone because of obvious reasons. It is all about keeping your eyes and ears open. While some women are very open in their approach, there are others who would like to be combination of desires and discretion.

You must try and pick up the signals emanating from them and it will not be long before you are able to get hooked to them. It would be a good idea if you can speak in English because this will make it easier for you to get hooked to hot and sexy women from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom and also some fantastic hotties from countries like India, Singapore and a few others.

These women are extremely open-minded when it comes to sex and of course their desire levels and the need for a hot session with a man of their liking is quite high. If you are able to play your cards well and understand the minds and hearts of these women, it will not be long before you can be in their arms and enjoy some of the steamiest sessions of sex where nothing is left to imagination or dreams. The women are however, classy and therefore you also must keep this in mind while approaching them.

You must follow the time-tested and proven processes of dating and must not rush through the entire thing. The first few meetings could be called as icebreakers where you should try and build a bridge of trust and respect with them. Once you are able to do it, it will not be long before you are able to get close to them. This should be a good situation to make the next move and it will not be long before their hormones start working to your advantage.


Though the younger generations of girls in Cebu are outgoing, modern and dashing when it comes to meeting new men, this may not be the case with the more matured ones belonging to the age group of 30 and above. This could be attributable to the way in which they have been brought up. However, at the same time, it does not mean that there is very little chance of having sex with the local girls of Cebu. Though there are many paid options available, it would be better to stay away from them because of obvious reasons. Not many men would be willing to buy sex and actually in Cebu there may not be the need for it. There are scores of young women below the age of thirty who are ready to get hooked to foreign men.

Many mature women above the age of thirty are also ready for it and it is just a matter of time. They may not venture out as boldly and openly as girls and women below the age of thirty. However, they do nurse a desire for having quality sex. This is because many men of this city are not known to be good partners and good husbands. Hence, there are scores of women above the age of thirty who have separated from their husbands and partners.

It is quite obvious that they would like to have sex with the right men and this is because they have pent up feelings and desires. They would like to have an avenue for opening up their desire and this is where you could play a big role as a foreign men. Though they might look a bit timid and edgy to start off, once you are able to instill a sense of confidence and respect for them, they would be willing to take the plunge.

Many of them are quite rich and financially sound and therefore they would not mind spending time with the man of their choice outside their homes. Some also have big houses where they invite men of their liking and spend some of the hottest and craziest moments. This will help them to relive their sexual fantasies and if you are lucky enough you also could get into a serious relationship with these sexy and hot women from Cebu

Sex Culture

Though outwardly it may look that the women have a conservative attitude towards sex, this actually is not the fact on the ground. In today’s world of the internet and pornography, it is quite obvious that women of all ages in Cebu have avenues to get titillated and hot. This manifests on the ground and according to some reliable studies almost 60% of women in Philippines and in Cebu do not mind having sex before marriage. While a major portion of women are seemingly happy with a single partner, there are many single, married and separated women who do not mind having more than one sex partner.

It is not be wrong to believe that the average women in Cebu hate sex beyond a single partner. If you look around and do your research, it is only a matter of time before you come across many men of different ages who are ready to do what it takes to make them and also the men happy. They are known for their good looks, great bodies and their fantastic performance in the bed. Therefore you can be sure that you will have a win-win situation and take some great memories back once you are out of Cebu. You may long to come back again because of the reasonably open-minded sex culture that the women in this city have.

One-Night Stands

One night stands are not uncommon in this part of Philippines. It is becoming quite common amongst young college girls and even married girls. While the young college girls below the age of twenty are perhaps quite open about such one night stands, when it comes to mature women above the age of thirty, a bit of looking around and researching may be required. But once you are able to find them, you can expect everything to be in place as far as one night stands are concerned. These could include the steamiest of sexual acts in hotels, and other such places. Many mature women would not mind inviting the men to their own homes. Such events are not very many in number and this is because of some obvious reasons.

You must be able to identify the best places where these women with one-night stand mindsets are available. You will find many girls and women flocking around in beaches, and other places of tourist interests. While many may move around in groups, when it comes to building a conversation and friendship with the foreign men, they prefer being alone. They need privacy and some personal space to talk intimate things.

As a man you have to be aware of the obvious tell-tale signs of these who are looking for such one night stands. These women, though discreet in their approaches, would be on the lookout for the right man. You can make this out by their eye movements and the places in which they flock around. However, there is a word of caution that you must keep in mind. You should know how to separate the sex workers from those who just want quality sex for fun and satisfactions of their physical needs. With the sex culture becoming open and transparent with each passing day, it should not take much of a time for you to identify the right women.

You will have to treat them with respect and yes courtesy also demands that you take the woman out for a dinner or lunch and then spend the day or lunch with her. If you can move around on some sightseeing trip and then spend the night, it will be even better and she will remember it. You also could stand a better chance of developing a stable and strong relationship with them if you so desire.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There is no shortage of tourist spots in the city and these are the best places where you can meet and make friends with women of this city. As mentioned above the women in this city are outgoing and would love to spend quite a bit of time outdoors. Hence, if you are able to identify the right tourist spots, hotels, malls, universities, colleges, pubs, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, you will easily be able to come across many willing women who are ready to develop friendship and then take it to the next higher levels.

These women hang around in places of tourist interest during the day time. During the night, it is quite obvious that you will find them in hotel, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. You can come across women of all ages though it is quite likely that you will find more of the younger women. There are, however, many women belonging to the middle age groups who also move around in search of a soul mate. These middle aged women, in general look for steady relationships, because of obvious reasons. Yes, there is no doubt that there are scores of middle aged women who have the best of looks, appearances and other personal and emotional attributes.

If you are able to be patient and persevering, you stand a very good chance of getting hooked to these loyal and awesome looking women above the age of thirty. On the other hand, if you are looking for one night stands or one short lived but passionate love making and sex, then it would be better to look for the hundreds of college girls, new career joining professionals below the age of thirty. They have their own charm and since many of them could be learning the first lessons of sex, you may have to teach them a few lessons and then get things moving to the next higher level.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

There is no doubt that bars, nightclubs and pubs are the places where you will find the right congregation and association of women of all ages. These are the best bets for you as a man and you will have the luxury of choices and you may not have to move around various places to get associated or get introduced to the women. Weekends and even nights after a hard days’ work are used by scores of women to de-stress and unwind their mind and bodies. Therefore you must be able to make good use of it.

The city has a generous number of nightclubs, pubs and bars and you should not have much of a difficulty. There are different types and classes of pubs and bars and you can choose the ones that are in line with your requirements. You can choose between foreign and local bars and restaurants and this would depend on your preference of women. If you wish to want to get hooked with foreign women, you have many choices because there are quite a few of these bars and restaurants that are mostly frequented by expats and foreign men and women. They are famous for some of the most gorgeous looking women and you can choose the ones that are in line with your requirements and needs.

Let us have a look at some of the famous bars, pubs & nightclubs that are available in the city of Cebu:

  • Blue Bar and Grill – This is located in Marco Polo Cebu Hotel and is situated on the rooftop. It is a good and quiet place with quality food and drinks. You also can come across many quality women here.
  • Ibiza Cebu – This is the place to be in for those wish to enjoy some music, dance and fun under the night stars on the sands of the beaches. It is famous for some performances by some famous local DJs and of course for good food and drink. Many beautiful women frequent here.
  • The Social Cebu – It has some exciting interiors and is quite spacious. It is easily accessible and the evenings and nights become quite vibrant with music, DJs and other such activities.
  • Morals & Malice – This is famous for the interiors because it was done by a famous interior decorator from Philippines. You get the best of brunch, breads and other beverages apart from alcoholic drinks. You can find many good looking girls also here.
  • Cubana – It offers a unique and interesting combination of indoor and outdoor seating. It has a vibrant atmosphere and some great music coupled with tasty food. It is counted as one of the best bars in the city.
  • Liv Super Club – It is located around 5 Km from Mandaue City and it is around 8 kilometer from Cebu. It is frequented by upper class men and women and has quality dance floors.
  • Bellini Champagne Lounge – This is a place that will be liked by night jammers and party lovers. It is famous for its live music and the best of drinks and foods. It is the place to be in for those men and women who love quality nightlife and entertainment. It is frequented by many young and middle aged women.
  • Bamboozers Bar – This could be right choice for both expats and locals and party lovers simply love this place. It has some great music and is for those who love food, drink and dance with gorgeous local and foreign women and expats.
  • Sentral – This is the place to be in for all those who want the best of interiors and the best of dancing and music facilities. It offers the perfect nightlife ambience and you will find dozens of hot girls and women frequenting this place.
  • Club Holic – This is the place to be in after a hard day’s work or tourism. It is famous for some great DJ performances and young crowd are attracted to it. It also offers cheap beer.

Shopping Malls

There is no doubt that any good city will have a decent collection of shopping malls and supermarkets. Cebu also is not an exception and it has some of the finest malls, supermarkets and multiplexes. You can visit these shopping malls if you are foreigner on the lookout for the right women. They all throng here for biding time and also making some purchases. Many also come here to play some games and of course to look for some like minded men who they would like to get hooked to. Here is a list of some famous shopping malls in the city of Cebu

  • Ayala Center Cebu
  • Robinsons Galleria Cebu
  • SM City Cebu
  • Carbon Market
  • Mactan Marina Mall
  • JY Square Mall
  • Sugbo Mercado
  • SM Seaside City Cebu
  • Gaisano Grand Mall Mactan
  • Robinsons Supermarket, Cebu


The mainstay of the economy of Cebu is tourism and therefore it has some of the finest tourist places that one can think of. Many hundreds of women of all ages spend quite a bit of time outdoors looking for some fun, enjoyment and also a chance to get hooked to suitable foreign men. The lists of places of tourist interests are quite big and we will have a look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers

Mactan is a fantastic outdoor location. It is thickly populated and is island not very far away from Cebu. It has a number of beautiful things to offer for the interested tourists. Many foreign women, expats and locals women continuously throng to this place for enjoyment and also for getting into a relationship with the right men.

Casa Gorordo Museum is a free to visit tourist spot in Cebu and it throws some interesting light into the civilization, culture and habits of the people of Cebu over the years. Many women and men frequent this museum to get some privacy that they may not get elsewhere.

Marcelo Fernan Bridge – This is an awesome engineering construction. It runs across the Mactan Channel. It connects Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu City to the mainland Cebu.

The above are just a few of the various tourist spots that are of interest to the foreigners who visit this country.

Universities and Colleges

Cebu gives lot of importance to education and therefore it has some very good colleges and universities. Let us look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers. These colleges and universities are also important for one more reason. If you are a man on the lookout for some hot and young college girls you should know where these universities and colleges are located. You will find many women moving around the campuses and surrounding areas of the colleges.

  • Asian College of Technology
  • Academy for Creating Enterprise
  • University of Visayas
  • University of Cebu
  • University of San Carlos
  • University of San Jose – Recoletos
  • Cebu Aeronautical Technical School
  • Cebu Institute of Medicine
  • Golden Success College
  • Royal Christian College


Cebu like Philippines still has strong roots with its early civilization and culture. The women give lot of respect to relationships with men. Most of them prefer single partners, but over the past few years, the instances of divorce and other separation are rising quite significantly. Many independent women of Cebu would like the relationship with men to be equal and they are not keen on a relationship that makes them feel dominated by the men. If you are able to exhibit good qualities of compassion, respect and appreciation, as a foreign man, you stand a reasonably good chance of getting close to them and then eventually you will be in a position to win them over and get hooked to them. Many of them like foreign men and would be keen to build meaningful and passionate relationships. There is no doubt that sex plays an important role in defining relationships of women in Cebu.

Holiday Romance

Cebu is a paradise for holiday makers and therefore if you would like to spend some romantic time with the local women or expats, then you are in the right city. If you are able to win over these foreign and local girls, you will have many options to spend some great time with them. The women love being pampered and if they are emotionally attached to you, they would be willing to do what it takes to make you feel satisfied and happy.

Tips for Successful Relationship

The women in Cebu are self-respecting and are proud about their culture, history and other such attributes. Therefore if you want to have a successful and long term relationship, you must know how to make this possible. Any relationship building takes time and effort and the same is the case with the women of this city. You have to learn the virtues of patience and perseverance and learn to speak the truth and stay away from false promises.


The women from Cebu are known for their loving nature and therefore you can also expect love from them if you give it to them. They are passionate, understanding and if you really love them, they would be willing to stand by you in times of happiness, stress and challenges. They are very intelligent and smart and you cannot take them for granted.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Some women from Cebu are snobbish, withdrawn and perhaps even frigid when it comes to sex and intimacy. You must therefore be sure that you are trying to date the right women. You must learn to send some feelers and if you find that she is not reciprocating, it would be advisable to stay away from such women.


If you are a foreigner who wants to get married to a woman in Cebu, you must produce some documents. These include a certificate that states that you have attended a pre-marriage counseling. Additionally, you have to provide birth certificate, certificate of no marriage amongst a few other things.


Conventional weddings are quite interesting and worth trying out if you love a local woman from Cebu. You should hire a professional if you wish to marry a local Cebu Woman.

Family Life

Though family life is under stress because of a fast paced lifestyle, women in general know how to balance their lives with those of the others.

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