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Tajikistan dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Tajikistani women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Tajikistani girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Tajikistan, Asia.

Girls at Manhattan Nightclub, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Girls in Tajikistan:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Tajikistan:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.0 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.0 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.0 / 5

Sex in Tajikistan:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.0 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.0 / 5

More about Tajikistan:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $300


Tajikistan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia. It is officially known as the Republic of Tajikistan and has a population of around 9.53 million. It is predominantly a Muslim nation, with almost 98% of the population being Muslims. It is a reasonably progressive country because it was a part of the former Soviet Union of the USSR. However, the country declared independence on September 9, 1991, and it has been a separate country since then. Even today, a significant chunk of the GDP of the country comes from remittances from Russia. There are millions of people working in Russia. Despite being a Muslim country, society here has a liberal outlook regarding practices and women. If you are one of those who are on the lookout for the right woman in this part of the world, then you have a perfect chance. It would be wrong to assume that the women are inward-looking and conservative because most of them follow the Muslim religion. The dating culture is quite open and casual. There are some reasons for the same. We are listing down a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

Women have an essential place in society, and many of them are employed and financially independent. Thousands of them work in the bordering provinces and towns of Tajikistan, and therefore, you can be sure that they like to lead a life that is not entirely dependent on their men. Further, they are also in touch with the latest fashion, dresses, and events around the world. The younger women, in particular, are incredibly modern, and of course, they are also good looking with the right physical characteristics and attributes.

If you are open with them, and understand the importance of ethical behaviour and understanding their heart and mind, it may not be a tough task winning them over and hooking up with them. However, it would be better to try and learn the local language and the Russian language. Further, you should look for these girls and women in the main cities and towns rather than in the countryside. It is because the women in the villages are, by nature, a bit withdrawn when it comes to meeting and making friends with foreign men. It is not the case with women and girls from cities and towns. They are advanced and sometimes even brash when it comes to getting romantically or sexually involved foreign men. While the older lot still believes in the right old forms of dating, the younger ones are faster and want things to get started from the word go. Therefore, there are no doubt dating girls in Tajikistan is not as difficult as it is often made out to be. It does require patience, perseverance, and understanding a bit of the culture and way of life of the women and girls of this country.

Dating Culture

The dating culture of any country is directly related to the history, culture, and way of life. The same also applies to the women and girls of this nation. As mentioned above, by and large, the women are open-minded and, therefore, have an open mind regarding dating. It has not happened overnight, and it has been so over the past many decades and years. It is mainly because of Russia's influence, and the erstwhile Soviet Union continues to dominate the minds of many men and women. Though it is a Muslim nation, most women in Tajikistan prefer to keep religion a private affair. They are happily enjoying life and also having some fun with men who they like.

The dating culture has changed with times, and today the internet has started making a big difference. There are dozens of dating sites that are frequented by young girls and women of different ages. They are out there to hook up with the right men, and many of them believe in picking and choosing.

On the other side of the spectrum, many older women prefer to go through the conventional methods of dating. They are comfortable taking one step at a time and believe in breaking the ice the traditional way instead of rushing it through. Many of these older women get into dating because they may be on the lookout for a steady and stable relationship that takes into account their emotional as well as physical needs. End of the day, as a man, you can perhaps be sure that you will be able to get the right type of woman that caters to your specific needs and requirements. You will be able to come across thousands of young girls who believe in fast-track relationships with men. On the other hand, if you want sober, slow, and meaningful relationships that stand the test of time, you will not be disappointed because many older women are precisely looking for such types of relationships.


Women have always had pride of place in this country. It is evident from the fact that women contribute quite a bit to the country's overall development and GDP. Further, this is another country belonging to the erstwhile Soviet Union that has a favorable sex ration. For every 0.99 men, you have 1.00 women, or the sex ratio is in favor of the womenfolk. It has been so for many years now. It indeed tells quite a bit about the importance that women have in the lives and prosperity of Tajikistan.

The women, in general, are good looking. Though they are not as tall as their Russian counterparts, they are still well built with excellent features, body, and figure. They are also well behaved, friendly, and cordial and believe in being a good friend to men who they like. However, they would like things easy, and you may not find even young girls as fast as their western counterparts. It does not mean that they are not interested in dating or getting into affairs with men.

Many of them prefer late marriages, though, in the countryside, the concept of early marriage is very prevalent. The women from the cities and big towns prefer to be financially independent. It gives them the freedom to live their own lives, and they would like to make the best use of this financial, social, and economic freedom. In general, the women are aware of the latest fashion trends, and even college girls and young women spend quite a bit of money, time, and effort choosing the best dresses, fashion apparel, and other such things. However, their interest levels in foreign men may slightly vary according to their age group.

Further, their looks and appearances will also vary quite a bit depending on their age. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to classify the women of Tajikistan in different age brackets and describe briefly about them. It will help the readers to understand them better and then make a decision based on their specific needs and requirements.

Tajikistani Girls (age 18 - 29)

There is no doubt that women belonging to the age group of 18 to 29 the best looking. They have the best of bodies, the best of physical characteristics, facial features, and other such things. The women of this age are also curious about learning the first lessons in sex. It is also evident that the hormonal changes would undoubtedly go a long way in making them long for male company. Many of them prefer foreign men just for the excitement surrounding it, and therefore, if you can play your cards well and if you can win their hearts and minds, you will be in the company of some of the hottest and sexiest girls that you can ever think of.

Most of the girls belonging to this age have excellent figures and bodies. They engage in physical activities, and those who can afford it are regular with gyms and other forms of exercise. Even otherwise, they have fantastically shaped bodies. Their breasts are of the right size and are tight, taut and firm. Most of these women also have a tapering waistline followed by hips that just add to the overall beauty and sex appeal. Yes, many of them may not have experience when it comes to sexual maturity in the bed. However, they more than make it up with their passion and desire. They are also excellent students in the bed, and they can learn the tricks of the trade quite fast. There is no doubt that most women belonging to this age group can take even older men to cloud nine. You will have many memorable experiences to carry back and share with those who may be willing to listen.

Tajikistani Women (age 30 - 45)

Women across the world mature in looks, attitude, and behavior with age. The same also applies to women in Tajikistan. Let us try and learn something more about the women belonging to the age group 30 to 45. Most of the women of this age group would be quite accomplished at their jobs and careers, while many would have become wives and mothers of children. While a majority of them would be busy with their lives, jobs, taking care of their children and family, things may always not work out that smoothly. With uncertainty and change being the only constant, it is natural for women to also feel stressed and tensed with the evolving situation. As mentioned above, most Tajikistan women like to be independent, which could lead to problems in their family lives. Further, many of them continue to remain single because of various reasons.

At the same time, many women may also have pent up emotions and even physical desires. Though not many women would be willing to speak about sex openly, they could have a bottled-up desire for sex. It may manifest itself in the search for new relationships, and this is becoming common among many women belonging to the age group of 30 to 45. Therefore, there are many instances where these women try to get hookup with the right men, and many do not mind doing it outside their married lives. They look for both physical as well as emotional fulfillment. Therefore, if you can understand these women's needs and requirements properly, as a foreigner, you certainly have a good chance of winning them over and hooking up with them. But you cannot expect them to be as fast and outgoing as the young women age 18 to 29. They would like to take things a bit slower and may wish to go one step at a time.

Let us also look at the physical looks and appearances of women in Tajikistan belonging to this age bracket. Most of them are extremely good looking, and the modern ones spend quite a bit of time to take care of their bodies, appearances, and how they carry themselves. Traditionally, these women are known for their fantastic figures and shapes. With age, it is quite evident that their bodies also mature. You will be able to find them having the best of physical attributes. Their breasts would have that sophisticated look, and you can expect them to be full and firm. As many of them are regular with their workouts, exercises, and even daily routine works, they also may have slim waists followed by a hip that expands symmetrically.

Apart from all these, they are fantastic in bed, and you can expect that you will be able to reach cloud nine every time you have sex with them. However, you have to approach these women with caution. Many of them may continue to believe in the good old dating habits and practices. You also would do yourselves a world of good if you can learn the local language as much as you can and then take things forward. Most of these women love their country and the city in which they live. Therefore, if you can speak a few words in appreciation of their culture, city, and way of life, you will be able to break the ice much faster, win them over, and get hooked to them within a reasonably short period.

Beautiful women at the Royal Club, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Tajikistani Ladies (age 45+)

Most of us tend to write off women who are above the age of forty-five. It is because experience has shown us that women belonging to their age group are deep into family lives, children, household chores, jobs, professions, businesses, etc. Therefore, there is a general feeling that they may have lost the zeal to enjoy and live life to the fullest. While it may be right for many women of this age group, many women in Tajikistan have a different story to tell. Many of them continue to enjoy life, so they are also not bothered about trying it out with other men who may not be their husbands or life partners.

However, you have to be careful in identifying them because they would like to be discreet about their activities. You cannot expect them to hang around in parks, malls, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, and other such places. They would like to keep a low profile, and therefore you may have to put in some effort to find them and then approach them. You may have to take some effort to break the ice and build a conversation with them. They might be a bit hesitant, to begin with, but if you can make them feel comfortable, it will not be long before you can win them.

It would be wrong to mention that they do not have sexual needs and desires. Many of them do have these desires but would not like to express it. It will not be long before the floodgates open if you are kind, considerate, and treat them with respect. You can expect them to be outstanding in the bed. Many of the women of this age belonging to the upper class are particular about their looks and appearances. They know what it takes to attract men. They are of reasonable height and will most certainly have fully developed bodies.

You will like the size of their breasts, and they take care to ensure that they are correctly maintained. You may be surprised to find that the nipples may be taut, firm, and full. They also may be a bit on the bulky side, but you will still love their reasonably thin waistlines and the voluptuous hip line, thighs, and other physical attributes.

On the whole, if you are a man who wants a stable emotional relationship with the best of sexual satisfaction, then you have many reasons to choose these women of Tajikistan. Yes, you have to be careful and guarded in your approach and should not do anything that might hurt their feelings and self-respect.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

As mentioned earlier in this article, Tajikistan was a part of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Therefore, it still has many foreigner residents who were also a part of the now-defunct USSR. You will be able to come across thousands of Russians and other men and women from the neighbouring countries. Many of them have stayed behind in Tajikistan after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Even otherwise, you can see many Russian women moving in and out of Tajikistan in general and the capital city of Dushanbe in particular. They come here in search of jobs, businesses, and many are also students who would like to study more about Islam.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner from a western country or even from countries such as Russia, Ukraine and other such places, you will have abundant chances to come across many foreign women. Many of them stay alone in pursuit of their studies, businesses, jobs, etc. Therefore, most of them feel lonely at times and want to enjoy the company of the right man. If you are a foreigner with good manners and pleasant disposition, you can get close to dozens of Russian women and women from other parts of Eastern Europe, China, Afghanistan and other places.

It will not take much of an effort to get close to them, and you can quickly come across good looking and sexy foreign women in the main cities of Tajikistan. If you are careful and can understand the nuances of breaking the ice properly, it will not be long before you can get close to them. You will, for sure, enjoy their company, and you can expect them to be wild in the bed because many of them may not have had sex for many months and perhaps years. There are also many online dating platforms you can use to approach foreigners in the country. They may also help you to get close to these women without too much of an effort. Though Tajikistan is a small Muslim nation, you will easily be able to come across many foreign women. If you keep your ears and eyes open, it will not be long before you find yourself in the arms of one of these gorgeous, hot, and sexually hungry women.


What about sex with Girls in Tajikistan? It is one of the few of the many questions that may come to our mind. There is no doubt that Tajikistan is a Muslim nation, and therefore most of them are bound by the Muslim laws and regulations. However, the rules are not as stringent as in some Western Asian countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran. The people, in general, are liberal and open-minded as far as relationships with women are concerned. But you must still bear in mind that the country continues to be dominated by men. Things are changing, and they are changing quite fast. Women are becoming assertive and would like to do what it takes to satisfy their needs.

Many of them, as mentioned earlier, are financially, economically, and even socially independent. Therefore it will not be too much of an effort to get close emotionally. If any of the women like you, they would be willing to go all out, and it will not be long before you can have sex with them. Though sex continues to be a taboo in the countryside, things are changing quite a bit as far as the big cities and towns are concerned. However, it continues to be a hush-hush affair, and therefore you must be aware of this practice. If you can become friendly and close to a single woman or girl in this country, you stand a good chance of having passionate and hot sex with them. They are outstanding in the bed and know what it takes to make a man reach his climax. They may be a bit silent and withdrawn, but this does not mean that they are less knowledgeable when it comes to performance in the bed.

Sex Culture

The sex culture of women in Tajikistan depends on the city that you are in. People from the capital city of Tajikistan and other big cities have a completely different approach to sex. They are aware of the western media and western ways of life. Secondly, most of the women from big cities are financially and economically independent. They would not mind getting close to men physically, sexually, and even emotionally. The sex culture in big cities is certainly changing quite fast. If you are alive to these changes, you may not have to wait too long before getting friendly to a pretty looking woman of any age.

They may be a bit reserved to begin with, but once you can establish good friendship and become comfortable with them, you will have a great time. They would not mind having sex with you as many times as you want. It is not just about your sexual satisfaction. Many of these women have a deep desire for sex, and therefore you can be sure that it will be a mutually rewarding and fulfilling experience if you can play your cards properly and take things forward the right way.

One-Night Stands

The concept of one-night stands is not a socially acceptable one in Tajikistan. You must keep this in mind while visiting this country and trying to make friends with the women here. One-night stands continue to be a taboo in most villages and the countryside. But it is not so in big towns, cities and urban places. Things are changing quite fast, and the younger women, in particular, are ready to do what it takes to enjoy something as casual as one-night stands. Their exposure to the western culture has increased and therefore they would like to do things that might satisfy their sexual needs.

Even some older women above the age of thirty would also not mind having a flirtatious night with a good looking or good-hearted man. Therefore, on the whole, while one-night stands in rural Tajikistan might be tough, it should not be much of a problem as far as distant cities and urban centers are concerned. But things are evolving, and it would be wrong to expect one-night stands to come your way as quickly as it happens in western countries.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are some particular places where, as a man, you stand a much better chance of making friends with women in Tajikistan. You must be aware of the same and try and spend as much time as possible in these places. These include parks, gardens, and areas of tourist interests, supermarkets, and malls. Of course, bars, restaurants, discotheques, and nightclubs are also great places where you can sit comfortably with a newfound woman and spend some quality time to understand more about them. Finally, you should also spend time in front of colleges and university campuses and the areas near them. You will surely come across many young girls who are keen on meeting new boys and men and making friends with them.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Though the pub and bar culture is not as widespread and accessible as it is perhaps in Moscow or the west, there are some famous bars and nightclubs that attract many local women, men, and foreigners. We are listing down a few of them for the benefit of our readers and hope it will be useful in identifying those bars where you can find some hot chicks. You have to be careful with these bars and nightclubs because sex workers also frequent many of them, and not many men would be willing to make sex a commercial transaction. Here is a list of the famous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Tajikistan

  • Irish Pub: It is in Dushanbe, and you will love the atmosphere. The waitress and staffs are pleasing, and they also speak English.
  • Opera: Located in Khujand, Opera is a decent pub in Tajikistan. It has music and could be suitable for those looking for some great fun and food. You have avenues to get close and physical with women here.
  • Disco Club Hvakanta: It is a friendly disco club located in Khujand that offers good music, a vibrant atmosphere, and maybe the right place to spend a few hours with your girl.
  • Opera Nightclub: It is one of the most popular and famous nightclubs in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan. It is a place to be in after midnight when the entire atmosphere becomes exciting and electrifying. You will be able to get the best of food and enjoy quality music, and the working girls are hot, smiling and extremely friendly. It is affordable, too, and you will have many chances of meeting ex-pat women and foreigners here.
  • Choco: It is a mediocre and average bar with some good drinks. It may be good enough to spend an hour or two trying to break the ice with the girl you are keen on hooking up with.
  • Manhattan: Manhattan is in Dushanbe, and many women and men find it to be a beautiful place for dancing, music, and food. You can try out if you are with a local woman you wish to date and move things forward.
  • Royal Club: Located in Dushanbe, this is one of the high end clubs in the cite, and perhaps in Tajikistan as a whole. You are sure to have a really good time at this place.

The above are a few of the major ones, and if you move around the streets of the capital city of Tajikistan, you will be able to come across many other decent restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Not all are reviewed and talked about, and therefore you would perhaps get a better idea to visit a few of them during your spare time and get to know more about them.

Party at Royal Club, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Shopping Malls

Over the years, Tajikistan has seen a spurt in the number of malls and supermarkets. These are lovely places for meeting girls and women and developing friendships with them. You can take them to the gaming and bowling allies or the small restaurants and enjoy a cup of coffee or drink and get closer to them. We are listing down a few of the famous supermarkets and malls in Tajikistan. Most of the following are located in the capital city Dushanbe:

  • Dushanbe Mall
  • Supermarket Paykar
  • Munisa Mall
  • The Capital
  • Paikar
  • Magazin Khayrulo
  • Sadbarg Trade Center
  • Poytakht
  • Somoniyen
  • Atlantika Super Market


If you love women and girls and are serious about getting friendly to a few of them, you have no other option but to be outdoors. The same applies to Tajikistan. Many women and college girls prefer spending a lot of time out of their homes. Many women of this country prefer being economically and financially independent. Hence, you can see them moving around in some places of tourist interest when they are not working. We are listing down a few of the famous areas of tourist interest for the benefit of our readers.

  • Pamir Highway: Also known as the Pamir Mountain Range, this is a part of the mighty Himalayan Range. It has some fascinating peaks, and quite a few of them are over 70000 meters. The climatic condition is diverse, ranging from +35 degrees C to -40 C depending upon the place where you are, and the time of year you are visiting. It also offers the right atmosphere to get close to your girl in the literal sense of the term.
  • Rudaki Park: It is an excellent place to stroll around, full of flowers, exotic plants, and greenery. As you walk, you will reach the Presidential Palace, National Library, and other such areas of interest.
  • National Museum of Tajikistan: It is a vast museum that shows more about the culture and history of this country. It covers a total area of around 24,000 square meters, and it has 22 rooms with a total area of approximately 15,000 sq meters. It is a beautiful place to move around with your girl holding her hand and knowing more about her.
National Museum of Tajikistan as seen from some distance

Universities and Colleges

There is a lot of potential of meeting young girls who are willing to make new friends at the different universities and colleges in the country. You might also come across a few foreigners who would not mind going our with a fellow foreigner. Here is a list of famous universities and colleges of Tajikistan:

  • Tajik National University
  • Tajik State Medical University
  • State Pedagogical University
  • Tajik State University of Commerce
  • Agricultural University of Tajikistan
  • Technological University of Tajikistan
  • Russian-Tajik Slavonic University
  • Khujand State University
  • Tajik Agrarian University
  • Kulob State University
Technological University of Tajikistan


Relationships between men, women, parents, and families are quite strong in Tajikistan. But the newer generation is seemingly interested in casual flings where the emphasis is more on sex and the gratification of physical and biological needs. However, you can also come across many women belonging to the age group of 30 and above, who are also interested in physical relationships provided there is an emotional angle to it.

Depending on what kind of a relationship are you looking for, it would not be hard for you to find someone who would want the same thing out of a relationship as you. Local women in the country are a good mix of women who want to be housewives and raise families and women who just want to have casual hookups and enjoy a fast paced lifestyle.

Holiday Romance

There is no doubt that Tajikistan is one of the most beautiful places in Central Asia, and there are dozens of areas of tourist interest. You could not ask for anything better if you wish to get friendly with a lady here. Along with the locals, there is a high chance that you might be able to get into a romantic relationship with a fellow tourist for the time that both of you are in the country. You can spend your vacation together, exploring the perfect scenic locations. It could be a really good experience and you can take a lot of good memories back with you.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Having a happy and successful relationship depends on various factors, and this applies to women too. It is the same across the world, and therefore Tajikistan is also not different from other countries of the world. You should know how to develop the right relationships with the women and girls of this country. Women who belong to the age of thirty and above would like to establish a stable relationship after taking into the emotional needs of the people.

While natural looks and sexual satisfaction are essential, these are not the only things on which stable relationships flourish in Tajikistan. It is right in villages and the countryside where the stability of contacts is of paramount importance.

A successful relationship requires the two of you to have open and effective communication about all the issues. Apart from that, you should try and give your partner some space and privacy for her to feel comfortable being in the relationship with you. It goes without saying that she has to reciprocate the same for it to work. A happy relationship is a two-way effort.


Love is a four-letter word that has the same meaning, significance and relevance across the world. The women and girls of Tajikistan are fun-loving, kind-hearted, warm and they reciprocate good behaviour and respect in equal measure. They love to be loved and cared for, and if you can understand this fundamental secret, as a man, you will not have much of a difficult to get close to some of the most beautiful women on planet earth. You have to treat women and girls here with respect and should not treat them as commodities. As mentioned many times above, the women and girls of this country believe in being financially, economically, and even socially independent. Hence, the best way to win them over is by love and affection and not by macho image makeover and other such things.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

While the attitudes towards men's relationships are changing in Tajikistan, you cannot take this as an absolute rule and presume that every woman you come across is ready for a relationship with another man. You have to read their mind, and many of them prefer restraint when it comes to expressing themselves. Therefore you must find out ways by which you can make sure that the woman you are approaching is the one who is ready for a relationship with you. The first task should be to break the ice and then take things forward by trying to understanding their mind and their need for sex or otherwise.

Once you are in a relationship with your partner, there are a number of factors that you will need to analyse in order to know whether or not she is the one. One of the major indicators will be your partner's honesty. If she is absolutely honest with you about everything, it is a really good sign.

Another thing that you need to make sure of is that she is not with you just for either material gain or is not using you as a means to get out of the country. Moreover, there are other factors at play too and most of them will have to do with you analysing her words and actions.


Marriage as an institution is still strong in the country and Muslim laws govern most weddings. It allows a man to have more than one wife, but you must know how to go about this if you wish to have a stable and long-lasting relationship with them. As a foreigner, you must also know the rules of marriage in this country.

The women of Tajikistan are raised with a traditional mindset and they are very much interested in getting married and settling down with their partners. They make really good wives who are devoted to their families.


You can opt for a typical Muslim wedding if you wish to have a married life with a beautiful woman in this country. On the other hand, there are also civil marriages. These marriages happen with the state and its authorities as to the witness.

It is possible that your partner might want to have a traditional Tajik Muslim wedding, so you should be prepared for that. As a foreigner, you might have to go through some official process to get married too.

Family Life

Family life and family bonds continue to be quite strong in Tajikistan. Therefore, you must always keep this in mind if you are keen on entering into a long term relationship with these women.

In Tajikistan, you will get to raise your family in a very traditional and healthy atmosphere. The educational institutes in the bigger cities are quite decent. So you can be content with the kind of education your children will get. Apart from that, the country has a very functional health system too.

There are a number of holiday destinations around the country along with a number of leisure activities that you can take part in. Overall, the Tajikistan will be a really nice place for you to start a family with the woman you love.


Tajikistan regions map.png
Ferghana Valley
Central Asia's notoriously unstable, but fascinating, culturally vibrant region spans three countries in one of the world's most convoluted political geographical jumbles.
The Tajik heartland, home to the capital, Dushanbe.
Tajikistan's diverse southwestern province, and the centre of the rebellion that led to Tajikistan's disastrous post-Soviet civil war.
One of the world's highest mountain regions, with soaring landscapes, trekking, climbing and an incredible drive down the Pamir Highway.
Beautiful valleys amidst the majestic Fann Mountains, and ancient ruins by Panjakent.


  • Dushanbe — the capital and largest city by far.
  • Isfara — an ancient Silk Road town in the center of the Ferhghana Valley on the Kyrgyzstani border.
  • Istaravshan — an old city home to the well known and beautiful Abdullatif Madrassah and Mosque.
  • Khorugh — largest city of and gateway to the Pamirs.
  • Khujand — the center of Tajikistan's Ferghana Valley region, and the nation's second largest city.
  • Konibodom — in the heart of the Ferghana Valley, on the Uzbekistani border.
  • Kulob — the country's third largest city.
  • Qurghonteppa — the largest city in Khatlon, and the political heart of the rebellion in Tajikistan's last civil war.
  • Tursunzoda — an aluminium town west of Dushanbe on the road and railroad to Uzbekistan.

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