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Moscow dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Russian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Russian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Moscow, Russia.

Girls in Moscow:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Moscow:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Moscow:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Moscow:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$55 - $250
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $100


Being the capital of Russia has impacted Moscow in ways more than one. This magnificent city has a rich cultural history that dates back to several centuries. The picturesque beauty, along with modern architecture, has truly highlighted Moscow as a prime place to visit. While the myths surrounding the Russian women may not be all true but, some definitely are. On your trip to Moscow, you will encounter women of different looks, ethnicities, and personalities. You can have your pick. But, the thing that remains constant is the perfect way they look.

Russian women put much effort into making themselves look flawless in their everyday life. So, you can easily expect to be gobsmacked by the hoards of beautiful and sophisticated women that you see on the streets. This does not mean that they are dumb or submissive. These women are very much educated but prefer to look beautiful instead of letting the beauty go to waste.

Most Russian women expect chivalry and romantic gestures from the men approaching or dating them. Etiquettes are highly valued along with a good dressing style. If you have the bucks to spend, then it’s definitely a plus for you. The Russian women expect you to take care of them, and in return, they will be loyal, faithful, and extremely caring. The cultural difference between Russia and the rest of the world can easily be reflected in the dating culture.

While on your trip to Moscow, you may encounter women that like alpha males like the Russian men. But, some women prefer men that let them voice out their opinions without subduing them. You just need to differentiate between the two and then, you can get lucky with ease. Whatever the type may be, taking care of them will definitely put you on their good side.

But, you must also be aware that several local girls might not appreciate your advances. In that case, just back off and don’t push. Remember that the Russian police have no tolerance for crimes and are most likely to arrest you at the slightest provocation.

Dating Culture

The scenario of dating culture in Moscow is quite different than the rest of the world. Russian women are generally utterly beautiful with looks that could weaken even the most emotionally strongest men’s. These women spend a lot of time and money to perfect their looks and exhibit their very elegant feminine features. They believe in looking presentable, and therefore, you will have better chances with a girl if you are dressed to the nines.

The Russian women expect flowers, chocolate, and loads of attention on their first dates. Expensive gift items are generally frowned upon as they do not entertain the feeling of being indebted. If you are giving flowers, it’s better to go for rose (it’s always a safe bet) but remember that the number of flowers should be odd as even numbers represent funeral. That kind of mistake could make a terrible impression of you on them. The girls in Moscow are quite intelligent and prefer partners that they can have intellectual conversations with.

But, no matter the educational qualification of the girl you are with, you are expected to exhibit a certain level of chivalry. To impress the girl and to get lucky, you have to foot the bill, carry any heavy bags, and even open doors for her. This has nothing to do with liberalization and mindset of money digging but rather is a cultural norm here. It is also important, to be honest, and portray your true self. The Russian prefer honesty and prefer to develop an emotional connection before delving into further things.

Most of the Russian women are romantic and expect committed relationships when they are dating. If what you want is just a short, wild affair, let her know. Several women have no issues with such stances and will gladly make your trip worthwhile. PDA is not an issue here, and you can easily indulge in some while seducing the girl you desire.


In Moscow, you can expect to encounter different types of women with varied looks. These women are dressed to kill and devote much of their time to keep themselves fashionable and sophisticated. Being feminine is considered to be a great virtue and is a much-desired feature for the women here. This does not conform to the other stereotypes that Russian women often face. They are not illiterate or submissive. Rather, most Russian women are highly educated and hold important positions in various fields.

The politeness and the courtesy these women exhibit are often confused as to their submissive nature. In fact, most Russian women prefer partners that let them voice out their opinions and views rather than the typical Russian men that are quick to exhibit their dominant nature. This increases your chances to woo a pretty Russian girl and have a gala with her.

The Russians do not shy away from PDA but often prefer privacy when it comes to sexual activities. They are excellent lovers and can easily make your night the best you have ever had. They are attentive, passionate, and display extreme love and care in terms of sexual intimacy.

Women of different age brackets can be found in Moscow. They display different personalities but are gorgeous beauties particularly designed to take your breath away. While on your trip to Moscow, you can get the opportunity to casually hook up, or form lasting relationships with these gorgeous Russian women. There are plenty to choose from, and rest be assured, you will never be disappointed.

Russian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Russian girls in this age bracket are young, pretty, and fun to be around. These girls are open-minded and much more approachable when it comes to foreigners. They are open to other cultures and seek to know more about the world. Most of these girls focus on education and a career. But, this does not deter them from having fun or looking pretty. No matter the age, the Russian girls find time to make themselves look absolutely gorgeous.

This gives them self-confidence and a certain attitude when it comes to flirting and seduction. You will find that these girls are quite easy to impress. Chivalry coupled with generous gifts and compliments can help you win the local girls with ease. Many of them do not have any issues with casual hookups or just some fun.

But, there may be some girls that are just romantic and are interested in committed relationships that end in marriages. In that case, it is important to approach the girl and then clear out your intentions before taking things any further. It is best not to hurt someone’s feelings as they are at an impressionable age while being on the lookout for some fun.

Russian Women (age 30 - 45)

Russian women in this age bracket have mostly settled down and are married with kids. You will find difficulty in dating if mature women are your preference. But, like all stereotypes, there are exceptions too. While not too common, but there are some Russian women that remain single and are focused on their career. You can spot such women at the club, bars, and nightclubs that they frequent to release some steam.

These are the women that have protested against the norms of patriarchy and have made a name for themselves. They are opinionated, sexually liberalized, and are most unlikely to be impressed if you exhibit your macho personality. Instead, it is better to be charming, polite, and indulge in intellectual conversations.

You can also encounter women that are hopeless romantics and will expect a committed relationship from you. In this case, you must be clear about what you want and air out your expectations. It is better to be upfront and enjoy the time that you have in Moscow with these radiant and intellectual women.

Russian Ladies (age 45+)

If your taste in Russian ladies falls under this bracket, you may expect to face certain difficulties. The most chief issue is availability. Most Russian women by this age are married with kids. These Russian women are extremely faithful, and so, you will not find any of them straying away. Furthermore, it is advisable to stay away from the married ones as their husbands can be hotheaded and cause trouble for you.

But, there are some Russian ladies that remain single or are divorced. You can approach these ladies and have fun on your trip to Moscow. Whatever the age might be, Russian women give much importance to staying fit and looking beautiful. So, you will find that the mature women look equally gorgeous and are in no way lacking from their younger counterparts.

Some Russian ladies may prefer younger men. So, you can easily have your chance if you can play your cards perfectly. Charm with a little bit of suctions works like magic. You can also expect them to be a goddess in sexual intimacy as Russians do not shy away from sex. They are not afraid to experiment and can give you a world of pleasure if charmed properly.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

If your taste in Russian ladies falls under this bracket, you may expect to face certain difficulties. The most chief issue is availability. Most Russian women by this age are married with kids. These Russian women are extremely faithful, and so, you will not find any of them straying away. Furthermore, it is advisable to stay away from the married ones as their husbands can be hotheaded and cause trouble for you.

But, there are some Russian ladies that remain single or are divorced. You can approach these ladies and have fun on your trip to Moscow. Whatever the age might be, Russian women give much importance to staying fit and looking beautiful. So, you will find that the mature women look equally gorgeous and are in no way lacking from their younger counterparts.

Some Russian ladies may prefer younger men. So, you can easily have your chance if you can play your cards perfectly. Charm with a little bit of suctions works like magic. You can also expect them to be a goddess in sexual intimacy as Russians do not shy away from sex. They are not afraid to experiment and can give you a world of pleasure if charmed properly.


Sexual liberalization has taken Moscow by storm in the last few years and has empowered women to seek sexual pleasures according to their preferences. Most of these women have been successful in breaking the patriarchal ceiling and are now quite active and vocal about their desires. Being the most populated city of Russia means the ongoing flux of tourists that come to visit the city. The interaction with people from different cultures has exposed the Russian women to the views of the world.

Moscow is filled with girls of varied personalities. You may encounter girls that are traditional and insists on knowing you better before diving into sex. These are the types of girls that want a committed relationship and will most likely insist you to do that. It is better to be clear about your intentions and desires. It makes no sense to lull women into a sense of security and then, ditch her. But, often time foreigners are not given chances by these women due to these pre-conceived notions.

But, with the advent of sexual openness, many Russian women are completely okay with the idea of casual hookups. You just need to be honest and then you can start to woo her. You can go the traditional route of wining and dining, or you can simply be straight forward.

You will be amazed that most of these Russian women prefer honesty and will most likely give you the chance to bed them if you shower compliments and honesty. You can avail of the opportunity of you visiting Moscow, and hooking up knowing explicitly about the cultural norms that prevail there. You can take a peek at the section below to know more.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in Moscow has undergone several changes in the last few years. Breaking the chains of patriarchy is never easy but the Russian women seem determined and are keen to be liberalized when it comes to sexual activities. They no longer wish to remain submissive as if it is their nature. This has led to many Russian women embracing their bold personalities and enacting their fantasies.

However, you may also find many traditional Russian girls that want some deep commitments before delving into sex. These women desire relationships, and thus, you must steer clear from them if you are not interested.

Although Moscow is quite late when it comes to the liberalization of its women, it's still happening. The women are interested in interacting with men from other cultures and are not afraid to display sexual advances. They are relishing in the power to do whatever they desire. These changes can be attributed to the visit of various tourists and the introduction of western culture via TV shows, films, etc.

On your trip to Moscow, you will be pleasantly surprised that the sex culture has changed drastically. You can easily find several Russian girls that are just as interested as you are to the idea of a few nights of wild and abandoned fun.

One-Night Stands

The concept of one-night stands is much more prevalent in Moscow that you would think. The sexual liberalization of women and the modernization of the city have increased the chances of the women having one-night stands. Women no longer care if they are thought to be of ambiguous character due to one-night stands and casual hookups. You will meet many such opinionated, strong Russian women in the various nightclubs, bars, and pubs that are dotted in the city. They know how to have fun and are sure to make your trip memorable.

While sexually bold women are increasing in numbers every day, PDA is not frowned upon here. You can easily kiss or hold hands with your desired Russian girl without any problems. But, expect her to be more intimate and confident in a private setting The Russians love intimacy but prefer to do it away from the prying eyes. You can obtain this by charming her and then sweeping her off her feet into a private location.

Keep in mind that there are some traditional Russian women that do not like the advances of foreigners or might not be comfortable with the way you approach them. In that case, it is easy to just take a step back. You must keep in mind that one-night stands are only fun when the consent is explicit.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Being the capital city of Russia comes with economic prosperity and an overwhelming population. The ratio of women compared to men is quite high, and you will encounter women of different types and personalities on your trip to Moscow. There are various places that you can have the opportunity to meet these gorgeous ladies. You just have to be aware and know in detail about the prime hotspots of the city.

The nightlife of Moscow speaks volumes about the people and the way they party. You can expect lots of drinks, especially vodka and music that you can groove to in the various nightclubs, bars, and pubs that are distributed in different parts of the city. The girls that visit these establishments are usually open, frank, and not to mention, breathtakingly beautiful. You can expect the girls to get bold and put some advances. But, generally, they expect the men to make the first move. So, put on a stylish cloth, buy a drink, and casually grove to the music while seducing the girl that you like.

The chances of interacting and wooing local girls during the daytime are hard. But, you can find some Russian women in various shopping malls. There you can approach them with caution and maintain politeness while talking. You will also encounter several Russian women in the local tourist spots. These are excellent places to impress these local girls with your knowledge. You can display your eagerness to know more about their culture and politics, and thereby, impress them.

The universities and colleges are great spots to find single ladies but, you must excise caution as they are more secure, and it is unwise to get involved with the Russian legal system. It is also advisable to back off when the girl is not interested.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Moscow loves to party, and it can be corroborated by the huge number of bars, pubs, and nightclubs that the city has. The nightlife is vibrant, fun, and exotic. You can encounter several Russian women visiting these establishments for a night out of fun and adventure. It is better to approach women in a relaxed setting with a drink in tow. Casual conversations can easily lead to wild nights. But, it is important to be aware of the spots that are insanely popular.

Some of the most visited establishments are given below to aid in locating these places and have fun on your trip to Moscow without any issues.

  • Pravda Club: One of the hottest clubs in Moscow. This place has everything it needs to draw the crowd. Blood thumping music, wild concerts, and an excellent theme. A perfect place to let loose and have fun.
  • Propaganda: The crowd here is full of students and ex-pats and will give you plenty to choose from. The menu is moderately priced and the music is lively, just what you need to have a casual conversation and some drinks.
  • Strelka Bar: Associated and located inside the Strelka Institute, this is the bar most frequented by students and ex-pats. This is moderately priced with a large collection of drinks. The mood is fantastic with good music. You can choose from the diversified range of women that visit this bar.
  • Crazy Daisy: With a relaxed atmosphere and night of dancing, this is easily one of the most happening clubs in Moscow. Cocktails, shishas, and women dancing, you can experience this all by visiting this extremely popular bar.

Shopping Malls

A little knowledge of the Russian language and how to speak it can give you a lot of advantage during the daytime in Moscow. The chances of finding many Russian girls during the day are slim as they are either busy in colleges or in jobs. But, you can still get lucky if you can identify some of the most popular hangouts. These hangouts are generally shopping malls as they provide comfort shopping as well as a place to eat and relax. Moscow has no shortage of shopping malls, and some of them are given below to aid you.

  • AFIMALL City: Located on the Business District, this shopping mall consists of five floors housing more than 400 stores. There are over 50 cafes and restaurants along with an IMAX cinema. The design is an absolute stunner and draws crowd like no other.
  • GUM: This architectural beauty is the chief department store of Russia, and houses more than 200 boutiques. These boutiques sell high-end brands, and the department store is complete with the arcade, which has a glass roof where you can consume Soviet-style food.
  • Metropolis: Apart from hosting several luxurious brands, this shopping mall also has a bowling alley. The presence of a cinema hall, swimming pool, and a supermarket make this place a crowd stunner.
  • TSUM: This department store was constructed in 1908 and houses high-end boutiques. Its location and the fact that it stores more than 1000 renowned brands are the reason why it is so popular and frequently visited.


Exploring the magnificent city of Moscow can be a bonus for you. You get to view the ethereal beauty of Moscow and also have the opportunity to interact with the local girls. You can easily ask them for help in the navigation of the city and know more about the culture from them. Given below are some of the most popular attraction sites in Moscow.

  • Moscow Kremlin: It is complex that has been fortified and oversees the Moskva River. It is surrounded by many architectural sites and was formerly the residence of the Tsar.
  • Bolshoi Theatre: It is one of the oldest theaters in Moscow and was designed by the architect Joseph Bové. This theatre showcases opera and ballet performances and is a very highly visited place.
  • Kolomenskoye: Formerly a royal estate, Kolomenskoye is now a very popular tourist spot. The scenic beauty encompasses the Ascension Church and many other churches that display the exemplary architecture of the bygone eras.
  • Red Square: It is considered to be the central point of Moscow, connecting the different parts of the city via highways. It separates the Kitai-gorod from the Kremlin. The various significant sights around this square are Lenin’s Mausoleum, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, etc.

Universities and Colleges

The numerous universities and colleges can be attributed to the rising cultural changes in Russia. These have helped the Russian women in establishing themselves and move forward from the patriarchy mindset. Some of the excellent colleges and universities are given below.

  • First Moscow State Medical University
  • Russian Orthodox University
  • Sverdlov Communist University
  • Maxim Gorky Literature University
  • Academic Music College

Many of these educational institutions offer student programs that allow foreign students to come here and study. Also, Russian women here are much more open-minded, and you are more likely to be able to converse with them freely. With foreigners, there is no language barrier, and you can easily charm them. But, it is better to be cautious while visiting these places as the security is more and the Russian police have no tolerance for crimes.


Women in Moscow are simply gorgeous and they put in a lot of effort, time, and money to achieve it. Naturally, they will expect loads of innovative and crafty compliments from you. It is quite difficult to catch the heart of a Russian woman, but if you are successful, you will be lucky to experience an intense love and passion from her. Most of the Russian women expect the men to lead and initiate. So, it will fall upon you to arrange the date and plan it to the end.

If you have successfully convinced a Russian girl to be with you in a committed relationship, then all you have to do is shower her with compliments and small gestures that signify love and affection. They are not at all materialistic and will most likely question your motives and doubt your love if you try to gift them expensive jewelry or other items. Flowers are the most conventional gifts that you can give. Be sure that the number of flowers is odd or is above a dozen.

If you have impressed her enough, you can find that it is quite easy to convince a local girl to be in a serious relationship with you. These women crave emotional attachments and will most likely cherish you for the rest of the relationship. Unfortunately, this is also the issue that you are going to face if all that you want is a casual affair with no serious attachments. They may not be willing, and it is best not to push.

But, the varied population of the girls is an indication of the fact that several of them are quite interested in wild nights of fun and adventure. The foreigners seem more attractive to them, and you can further impress her by slipping some Russian to charm her. Whatever you want, casual hookup or a serious relationship, all you have to do is be honest. These girls are fun to be with and will make your trip to Moscow the best trip of your life.

Holiday Romance

When you are planning your trip to Moscow, it is impossible not to think of a holiday romance. The Russian women are absolute stunners and are bound to take your breath away. The gorgeous women coupled with the absolute panoramic beauty of the city, provide a perfect chance for you to chase a holiday romance. These kinds of romances usually end when the tourist leaves the country.

But, the Russian women are known to be resilient and will most likely try her very best to be with you if your relationship is serious. Something as small as different countries won’t make a difference for her.

Your idea of holiday romance might vary vividly with the girl you are trying to woo. You may want something long-lasting while she may prefer no string attached kinds of fun. It is best, to be honest, and clear out your intentions, and know hers too. This will help you both have a good time and not face heartbreaks after the ordeal.

If you are falling for the local girl you are romancing, be sure to voice that out too. Be aware of some of the more traditional girls as most of the Russian families are still patriarchal, and their family members may cause you grief. But, if you can convince her, then you will find that the Russian women are excellent bed partners and will stop at nothing to make you happy.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Maintaining a relationship requires effort and time from both the partners. Sometimes, love is just not enough to hold a relationship together for long. Various other factors play a role in stabilizing a relationship. Problems and complications are bound to arise at times, and this can only be resolved if both of you are equally invested. You can make sure that your relationship with a local girl in Moscow is successful by taking note of the tips given below.

  • Try to resolve conflicts. If you both are arguing about something, try to be the bigger person and stop it. Try to analyze the situation calmly and then make her relax. Nothing solves by just shouting and fighting. Problems are usually solved when both the partners talk about the issue.
  • Listen to her patiently. Give her the ear when she needs you to listen to her issues and pains. Don’t ignore her or give something else priority. It is your responsibility to make sure that she feels comfortable.
  • Preach honesty. In fact, honesty is the only thing that can save a relationship. Secrets have an ugly way of getting out. So, it is better to tell them to her before she comes to know it from anyone else. That will be more painful and a devastating blow to your relationship. Also, when you are honest, encourage her to do the same.
  • Make her feel special. Once you are in a relationship, don’t become lazy. You cannot just presume that the girl will be with you just because you have wooed her. You have to make continuous efforts, and show her how much you love and appreciate her. You can do this by planning simple dates, giving meaningful gifts, and loads of your attention.


Love is hard to attain and true love, all the more so. It is difficult to differentiate if what you are feeling is actually love. Moreover, it’s even more difficult to know where you will chance upon it. Moscow is a beautiful city filled with old nostalgia. This will surely make you fall with the city and its women. You will find that there are different types of women that live here, and one of them might just capture your heart.

If you have fallen for a girl here in Moscow, it is important to remember that the culture here is quite different than the rest of the world. Here, the girls take more time in getting ready and are thus, quite late to events. This is a very common fact here. If punctuality is your thing, then you have to bear this with a grain of salt. The women here expect a certain level of chivalry. This has nothing to them being petty or money-centric.

To impress the girl you love and want to marry someday, you have to show her that you value family above everything else. On a date, ask about her family and share real-life experiences. They will not mock your vulnerability but embrace you more. These women are on the lookout for an emotional connection to the men that they can connect with. If they can relate to you, then they will not hesitate to be with you.

Dating a local girl can be tricky as they are not very serious about foreigners. You will have to put much more effort in convincing them of your honest intentions. Do not crowd her, and if she feels uncomfortable, then take a step back. But, this does not mean that you have to stop altogether. Shower her with flowers and innovative gestures. This will convince her. When she introduces you to her family, be courteous, and respect the elders. This will help you to convince them about your love for her.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Finding love is difficult but to know if the girl you are falling for is the one for you can be more of a hurdle. It is important to know for sure that the local girl that you are dating and having serious thoughts is the one that you can live with for the entirety of your life. It is not easy and will require you to be more aware. But, you can take a peek at the tips given below, and then, ask yourself if the girl you are in love with is the one for you.

  • You must be absolutely sure that she is not with you for your wealth. Cultural norms aside, she must not pressurize you to buy her extravagant materials. The only way to know for sure is to simply plan dates that are not luxurious but are instead innovative and shower her with your undivided attention. If this doesn’t bother her, then she is the one.
  • She must be willing to accept your culture wholeheartedly. Hailing from different cultures is going to cause some conflicts but it doesn’t have to strain the relationship. If she can love your culture just like you love hers, then you can easily introduce the girl to your family.
  • She must not keep secrets. These have the capability to destroy any solid relationships. But, for her to tell you all the ugly secrets, it is your duty to make sure that she is comfortable enough to do so.
  • Communication must be smooth. You should be able to tell her anything without feeling the fear of being judged. You must also be able to discuss anything with her. She must be your safe haven, best friend, and lover, all wrapped in one.


The primary religion of Moscow is Christianity, and this is clearly reflected in the various wedding traditions and rituals. Traditional Russian weddings are now fused with some Christian wedding rituals, and a perfect mix is followed. This is more due to the fact that the Russians have gradually accepted the western culture. If you have convinced a local Russian girl to marry you, then you can consider yourself extremely lucky.

The Russian women are not only faithful and loyal but are also excellent in household chores. They believe in the importance of family and do not believe in giving up when the times are hard. They are hopeless romantics and are most likely to accept your proposal if you can convince them of your love. They value emotional connection over anything else.

Russia has long advanced from its strict patriarchal roots, but it is still there to some extent. You will find that there are better chances for you to marry the girl you love if you can convince her family, especially the male members. Even though the city has advanced in terms of modernization in several aspects, marriages still take place after the explicit consent of the male family members of the bride. Of course, there are exceptions, when the girl does not need any approval.

Most Russian women seek their family’s consent before agreeing to marriage. You have the best chances to marry your girl if you can convince her parents that you will always take care of her. Be chivalrous, show courtesy, and flaunt whatever wealth you have. The parents will feel better if they know you have enough money to take care of their devushka (pretty woman).

The majority of the Russian women want commitments and will most likely accept your marriage proposal. But, if she doesn’t, then don’t force on the idea to her. She already has enough males in her world trying to undermine her. This will lead you nowhere. Instead, try to shower her with gifts, attention, and compliments. Convince her that you love her and don’t give up. Your tenaciousness is most likely going to impress her. Convince her parents, and then, you can finally have that Russian wedding that you have always heard of.


The Russian traditions and rituals regarding weddings make it all the more fun and memorable. Furthermore, these customs signify the rich cultural history of Russia and keep these conventions alive. The Russians truly know how to party and celebrate. This is clearly depicted in their weddings as well. Weddings can last from two days to one full week. If you have finally convinced the local girl and her family to marry you, then you can have the pleasure to experience the most amazing rituals and traditions. Some of these are listed in the section below.

  • Vykup nevesty: This tradition occurs on the morning of the wedding. When the groom reaches the bride’s house to collect her for the wedding, a ransom must be given which, is termed as the “Vykup nevesty”. This is a fun event where the family of the bride tests the groom by bringing in fully clothed with a veil man or woman. If the groom guesses incorrectly, then he has to pay more. This payment can range from money, jewelry to chocolates.
  • Venchanie: This is the traditional wedding ceremony and mainly takes place in the church. There are two separate rituals – betrothal and ceremony that are observed to wed the couple. This basically occurs in the morning.
  • Betrothal: This is the first event of a traditional Russian wedding. In this ritual, the couple enters the church and stands at the entrance. They are then, blessed by the priest, and are given a candle to hold. These candles are lit and held by the couple throughout the ritual. The priest says prayers and reads the Bible for the couple.
  • Crowning: This is the second part of the traditional Russian wedding. In this custom, the priest places crowns on the heads of the bride and the groom. The Russians pay more importance to crowns rather than wedding rings. The couple stands in the church center where, a new fabric that is rose-colored is placed. After the crowning, the priest offers prayers and a cup of wine is shared by the couple. After this, the priest puts his epitrachelion on the hands joined by the couple and directs them to move three times round the analogion. The crowns are now removed after the priest says the benedictions for the couple.
  • Rospis v zagse: This is the civil ceremony where the couple exchange rings and performs rituals like the breaking of glasses. The number of pieces broken represents the number of years the couple will spend happily. There is also a tradition to release two doves which are white to symbolize the love and commitment that the couple has now vowed.
  • Road trip: After the civil ceremony, the couple goes for a road trip. They visit various places and enjoy the various popular and significant sites. This presents the chance for the couple to spend some time together amidst the wedding chaos. However, they are often accompanied by some wedding guests too.
  • Gorko: The wedding toasts are made for the bride and the groom. During this, the wedding guests shout out “Gorko”. This translates to bitter and symbolizes the couples to kiss each other to wash out the bitter taste of the alcohol served. If the guests are not satisfied, they can again shout Gorko and make the couple kiss.
  • Tamada: The traditional Russian weddings had a Tamada, who was basically a wedding organizer. He/ She made sure that the wedding went smoothly and was responsible for taking care of the wedding guests and making sure that they are having fun.

Family Life

Family is of great importance to the Russians. They believe in the unity of the family and take all possible actions to maintain integrity. Often times, if a close relative needs any help, it is obligatory for the family to help them. It is quite common to encounter many generations of Russians living under one roof.

The core society of Russia is still patriarchal, despite the advent of communalism and the recent modernization. The family life in Moscow is generally nuclear. The gender roles are quite clear. The males are considered to be at the helm of the family. They are the primary breadwinners, and the duty of taking care of the family falls upon them. The women generally retreat to the household chores and upbringing of the child. They are responsible for keeping the house in order and teaching mannerisms to the children.

Recently, society has seen much change, and women are stepping out to establish careers. They are eager to make use of their education and develop a career. But, this does not mean that they love the family any less. Despite a strong career, the main priority of the women here is the family. They also believe in doing the household chores themselves. This is the reason why maids are not very common in Russia.

If you have married a traditional Russian girl, you can expect her to take care of you and your family with the utmost love and care. But, if you have married a more modern girl, then you both need to work together to make sure that the marriage lasts. No matter how modern these women are, they usually do not give up on marriages very quickly.

Children here are brought up in a mixed balance of strictness and fondness. They are not spoiled but are given the necessary essentials to succeed in life. In turn, the children obey their parents and take care of them. Russians are often seen showcasing proud declarations of their children.

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