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Guide for dating in Dushanbe helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Tajikistani women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Tajikistani girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Dushanbe. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Beautiful Young girls at Loft nightclub, Dushanbe

Girls in Dushanbe:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Dushanbe:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Dushanbe:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Dushanbe:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $350


Dushanbe has a unique beauty. The city is calm, garden-like, clean – a suitable definition of Paradise! When you look beyond this city’s charm of nature and modernity, you will notice another beauty that lies beneath its sail – Tajik women!

You may already know that Tajik women are Muslims by faith. Of course, you are very correct about that. There is a misconception that one has to keep a distance from these girls because of the conservative nature of their religion. In reality that is no the case. Tajik women are tall, beautiful, intelligent and charming. They have goddess-like looks. Even when you do not mean to get romantically attached to any of them, just their firm look at you with their sharp, sexy eyes will be enough to seduce you and make you change your opinion.

If you are considering being involved with a Tajik woman, you must know that it is possible for you to do that. You just have to understand some basic things about their behavior so that you will increase your chances of getting her attention and making her fall in love with you. You can also approach a beautiful Tajik girl through online dating apps. These apps are top-rated in Tajikistan.

Dating Culture

Dating is a serious business in Dushanbe. You don’t approach dating casually here. Dushanbe girls believe in family life. They are trained to be good wives to their husbands and sweet mothers to their children. They may have a good job or hold an important position in government or society, but they never forget their responsibility to be good housewives. Dushanbe women see dating as a step toward marriage and not a step toward sex.

You need to have this in mind when approaching a local girl in the city for any form of relationship. Even if having sex is your intention, you just have to conceal it. If you are upfront about your intention for sex with a Tajik woman, she will see you as an immoral person. Instead of it drawing her closer to you, she will avoid you or, worse yet, confront you. They are not scared of acting wild or showing their emotions when the situation demands it.

As much as it is alright for you to approach girls here, she will only be receptive of your approach if you make it clear that you are seriously interested in making her a permanent part of your life. If you are sly, she will observe it in you as girls in Dushanbe are very intelligent. They are skilled in reading into a man's intention. If you want to date them for marriage, they will know. They will also discern it if your intention is to only get laid with them. So no matter your intention, it is good you understand what goes on in the mind of an average Tajik woman so that you can understand how to vary your approach.

Tajik women like men that take the initiative of approaching them for a relationship. They will expect you to make the first move and to be confident about it. Dushanbe women like dating guys with confidence and charisma. If you want to date a Tajik woman, then you have to dress decently and approach her with boldness.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Dushanbe can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Dushanbe and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Dushanbe women are very beautiful. They have a glimmering olive complexion with an ideal figure. Their dressing sense is fabulous. You may try, but it is hard not to get seduced by the hot looks of a Dushanbe girl. They are Muslims and are supposed to live a conservative lifestyle. But there is a way the religion is practiced in Tajikistan that makes it more lenient and quite different from the way other Muslim countries practice it.

Tajik women are more flexible in their way of dressing and social life. They can wear certain dresses that are not permitted elsewhere in the Muslim world. They are even banned from wearing Burqas and other traditional Muslim dresses to certain social places in Dushanbe. This is why it is easy for you to see smartly and sexily dressed local girls in the city. You may easily confuse them with supermodels. This makes it very difficult for you as a foreigner not to consider getting romantically involved with them.

Tajik women have recently become very famous among men in the world. Many foreign men want to have them as their wives for so many reasons. One of the reasons is their beautiful looks. Another reason is their intelligence. The literacy level in Dushanbe is 99%. This means that women here are well educated and can communicate with any class of men in the world. Some also want to marry a Tajik woman because of her good manners. Men like women that are submissive and respectful to their husbands. A typical Tajik woman in Dushanbe is an epitome of submissiveness. The Tajik society has taught them about their position in the family, and they joyously accepted it.

Local women in the city are good at handling domestic chores. They are good cooks. They like children, and they like taking care of them. They are really fun to be with. You have seen how good and famous they are. So go out there if you are already in Dushanbe and try your best not to miss your chances with Dushanbe women.

Tajikistani Girls (age 18 - 29)

Early marriage is customary in Tajik culture. Many women of this age bracket are married. So you have to be careful while approaching a Tajik girl of this age. She may actually be a married woman. And men are bitterly protective of their wives in Tajikistan. Some of the men may leave their wives and travel for business in another country. You may have to put your eye down and observe them to know if they are really married or not. Tajik women are very loyal to their husbands and it is good you do not waste time you would have used in chasing women that are ready to give you their attention.

You can target single girls in this group. Any of the girls you meet will be desperate for a husband. The reason is that family is highly valued in Tajik culture. Any girl within this group knows that she is ripe for marriage and will be keen to have a family of her own. If you approach them with a sincere intention, they will be accommodating of your approach.

Local girls of this age are very beautiful and charming. You have to be good looking and confident about yourself to have a chance. One of the edge you may have in winning their love over the Tajik locals is their curiosity. They will be very excited about meeting and mixing up with a foreigner. You have to capitalize on this curiosity and show them aspects of you that will make them want to get more and more of you.

To make girls of this age group fall for you, you should try your best to engage them in intelligent discussions. Give them a sincere compliment about their look or outfit. These girls like sincere compliments. They also like gifts. You may buy them flowers or other gifts that might interest them. Once you have shown them enough care and love, they will start reciprocating it with time. You will so much enjoy every moment of it when a Tajik girl starts showing love to you.

Tajikistani Women (age 30 - 45)

The majority of these women are married and unavailable for any other kind of relationship. A few of them within this group are either unmarried, separated, or divorced. The separated or divorced women among this group may be more accommodating of the idea of a hookup with you. But you have to be careful about the way you approach it. You don’t have to be so direct about it when you approach her. You have to start as intimate friends, then with time, every other thing will follow.

Single women in this group are independent. Some of them may have a good job and can take good care of themselves. Women of this age are also widely respected for their experience and maturity. So you have a good company that will not be expensive to maintain when you are dating any woman of this age. They will give you a piece of mature advice and love you for who you are. All they will demand from you is trust. You have to make them believe that you are sincere with them and not there to toy with their emotions.

Sexy mature women at Loft nightclub, Dushanbe

Tajikistani Ladies (age 45+)

Many of these ladies may be separated from their husbands or divorced. One of the common traits among women in this age is independence. Many of them may have gathered enough wealth and can easily enjoy the good things in life. Many of them can afford a vacation in another country. So being with women from this age bracket is fun! All they may demand from you is happiness. Just try the best you can to give them enough fun, and they will take care of you.

You do not have to worry about them looking old. Women from this age bracket are also very beautiful and in great shape, even after giving birth to many children. At this age, Tajik women still appear sexually appealing, with all their feminine curves in full display. There is still a lot to enjoy in their body. So look out for beautiful Tajik women of this age. They are independent and fun to be with.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Dushanbe is home to over six million tourists on a yearly basis because of its beauty and natural wonders. Prominent among this number are women. These women represent different nationalities and races. Some of them may be students, and others may be ex-pats. This variety offers a glowing tint of flavor to women in Dushanbe.

You will find many beautiful women among these foreigners. Some of them may be brunettes others may be blondes. Some may have big buttocks and breasts, while others may have a curved body. No matter which one is your preference, you are bound to come across a foreigner who strikes your fancy. Whichever one you choose, you will not have a hard time approaching them for casual dating or hookups. These foreigners are very friendly and accommodative. You can easily start a conversation with them.

You can easily find these foreign women in colleges and universities as well as in bars and nightclubs. There are other indoor and outdoor locations where you can find these foreigners. They frequently visit museums, landmarks, parks etc. Your chances of picking up in these locations are very high.

While approaching these foreign women, you have to be nicely dressed. You can find something good to compliment about their look or culture. Most of these foreign women like talking about their culture and people. If you initiate a conversation about their people with them, it will make them see you as a caring and interesting person. They may also be interested in learning about your culture and people. You can build up the friendship that may eventually lead to a hookup or a relationship.


Sex with Tajik girl in Dushanbe is not an easy task. Approach to a Tajik girl in Dushanbe and demand for sex, and she will call you an immoral person and avoid you. Even when your intention is really sex, you should not be too upfront about it. Local girls here are very careful about their interaction with strangers and would not get too friendly quickly. You have to understand that that is not how their culture works. You may start your relationship with simple friendship; with time, you may begin to date her. During the relationship, she may find you irresistible and start having sex with you.

Marriage is the easiest way to have sex with a Tajik girl in Dushanbe. Many Tajik women want to keep themselves and get married to their husbands as virgins. If you are ever tempted to marry a Tajik woman in other to have sex easily with her, then you will be disappointed. They may appear shy because of their reserved lifestyle, but they are very good in bed. They understand all the sexual moves in bed that will drive a man wild. You just have to give them a try.

Sex Culture

Dushanbe women believe in marriage. They are not so open about the subject of sex like their Western counterparts. They are Muslims and approach the issue of sex the Muslim way – abstinence until marriage. In Dushanbe, sexual relation is supposed to be among married persons. That is why early marriage is common and encouraged in Dushanbe.

Nevertheless, the sex culture is more relaxed and favourable in Dushanbe compared to cities in other neighbouring Muslim countries. For example, neighboring Afghans see Dushanbe as a ‘sin city' because they legalize prostitution and their other more lenient laws on dress and morals. In Dushanbe, couples can hold hands. Women are allowed to wear shots and some other seductive dresses. Similar practices in other muslim countries are banned and can result in extreme penalties.

So you have to relax your mind and enjoy your time here. Remove the thought that you are in a Muslim country where sex is frowned at. So now that you are here, you should be happy that you are in Dushanbe, where sex is more tolerable. Your fellow foreigners who are in nearby Muslim countries will be envying the kind of freedom and liberty you are enjoying with respect to sex in Dushanbe.

One-Night Stands

There are numerous opportunities for one-night stands in Dushanbe. Your chances of picking up women at the nightclubs are very high in this city. You will see super sexy and beautiful girls who will be willing to accompany you for a one-night stand after you show them a good time. You have to be alert of numerous opportunities that you come across. Girls who have partied too hard and are enjoying your company at a club or a bar will not mind having sex with you. If you put your eye down, you will notice some girls who have become over-friendly. You will easily see it in them that they are horny and willing to get laid. You have to act smart and make sure you don’t miss your chances.

When visiting a bar or a nightclub for a one-night stand, you have to be well dressed. You should also wear a nice perfume. You have to be cheerful and friendly. Approaching girls with confidence and charisma will increase your chances of befriending them. If you approach a girl for a one-night stand and she notices that you are not confident about yourself, she will not be receptive of your approach.

The flood-lit buildings make nightlife in Dushanbe truly amazing. The streets are very colorful and beautiful at night. It creates a suitable environment for couples to hangout and have a good time.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are several places in the city where you can find a number of beautiful single women hanging out. It all depends on the type of woman you desire to hookup or hang out with. Beautiful women are attracted to certain locations based on their personalities. Some women are very reserved and shy and do not like messing around, with people in public and busy places. You can find these types of women in more reserved locations like beaches and parks.

Bars and nightclubs are good locations to meet party freaks. These kinds of girls are fairly independent and can afford to spend a night with you in your bed. These girls are generally very romantic and good in bed. If you like the party life and enjoy the company of girls that are very sociable, then this is a great place to meet such girls.

You will meet girls that love nature and history in museums, zoos, parks, and waterfalls. They are always happy and in a fun-filled mood. They will be eager to enter into a conversation with you. You can make great friends at these venues. You will meet girls with shared interests like you.

You can meet many local women in the market. There is a huge market in Dushanbe every Monday. These local girls come here to purchase groceries and other things for themselves and their families. You can approach them and after a nice conversation you can exchange numbers to set up another meet-up later. You can also meet them in shopping malls as well as in the universities.

The Central Park of Dushanbe City is a beautiful park where locals gather, especially in the evening. There are fans and trees in this park. The park is located in the center of the city. Foreigners are allowed to visit this park. As a foreigner, you can take a walk in this park or do a morning exercise. This park serves as a good respite to the hot temperature in Dushanbe.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Following is the list of some of the bars and nightclubs that you can visit during your stay in the city. The chances to meet women at these clubs are high.

  • Loft: This nightclub is always packed with a crowd. Foreigners also like this nightclub a lot. Beer and wine are served. You can walk into this nightclub and be very sure that you will walk out of it fully satisfied. There is always good music for you to dance and have a good time. It is the bubbling atmosphere in this nightclub that makes it an attraction to a large crowd of people. Prostitutes can also be found in this nightclub. You will also meet sexy girls that are horny and willing to get laid after drinking and partying hard. It is an amazing location to pick up a girl in Dushanbe.
  • Royal Club: The purple colour has always been associated with royalty for ages. It is this color that is worn by the chairs and wall in this night club. To confirm it to you that this club is not only royal by name but in everything about it. The environment of this nightclub has a supreme beauty. There are dancing and music to keep your spirit high. You will often see choreographed dancers twisting their bodies in a perfect interplay of skills. When visiting this nightclub, be very sure that your pulse is loaded because royalty does not come cheap.
  • Tokyo Karaoke Bar: This bar is set up with a Japanese theme. the vibe and the music here are eclectic and it is frequented by a lot of foreigners. Most guests leave satisfied and happy with the environment in this place.
  • Choykhanna Rokhat: This busy restaurant and bar is located in Rudaki. This is a great place to visit in the summer. The front of this restaurant is open to allow some cool breeze to gush in during evening time. This restaurant is built in a typical Persian style. This place is a good bet for you to meet beautiful, got, and seductive single girls. You may see more sexy girls on weekends when wedding receptions held in this venue. Music regularly plays at this venue. Making it a lively place to visit.
  • Restaurant Toqi: This restaurant is called a restaurant of traditional foods. This is a perfect location for you to see Tajik locals in Dushanbe. Staffs are dressed in traditional Tajik dresses. The dresses, designs, and foods served in this restaurant create a typical Asian atmosphere. As a foreigner, you don’t need to be scared of visiting this restaurant and staff is friendly and welcoming to foreigners. You will have a big choice of tasty local food to choose from. You will meet many local girls in this restaurant and have a good opportunity to make friends here.
  • Karaoke Bar: This bar has a gorgeous exterior design that gives it the look of a stadium. High-quality cocktail and coffee sells here. The playlist here is endless. Beautiful acoustic music plays here regularly. There is a thrilling atmosphere in this venue during the rap battles. It is a great place to have a nice time. You can also pick up a hot and beautiful girl from this location and have a nice time in your hotel room.
Party at Loft nightclub, Dushanbe

Shopping Malls

The shopping malls in Dushanbe are very attractive and luxurious. There are numerous states of the art facilities to make shopping fun and exciting. You will see a sizeable amount of people that converge for shopping in shopping malls. You can meet many rich and independent ladies in expensive malls. You have to be equal to or greater than their standards in order to get their attention. If these class of rich and independent ladies is what you are looking for, then you have to be well prepared when going to a shopping mall.

So many local girls visit shopping malls to buy things for themselves and their families. Many of these girls are very reserved and shy. You have to be discreet about how you go about getting their phone numbers in public places. You can approach them in more private settings like when they are about to enter their vehicles. It will be easier for them to give you their numbers under such settings when too many eyes are not starting. You can meet beautiful women in Dushanbe in any of these shopping malls:

  • Dushanbe Mall
  • Sodot Shopping Mall
  • Anita Mall
  • Murisa Mall
  • Ashan City Mall
  • Sadbarg Trade Center
  • Shopping Center Vahdat
  • Shopping Center Firuz


The outdoors in Dushanbe are stunning! From artificial parks born out of sheer creativity to the elegant mountains, from beautiful landmarks and waterfalls to paradisiac parks and so on. There are numerous fun places to have a nice time in Dushanbe.

Women are particularly very beautiful and charming in these outdoor places. You will see them dressed in smart and seductive outfits. They are also very happy engaging in outdoor activities that give them so much joy and fun. You can join them in the fun! Engage in an interesting conversation with them and make new friends. You can later call any of the pretty queens you like and continue your friendship with her. Once you are able to water the relationship so well, many other beautiful things will come out of it.

Adventurous girls like mountain climbing. Mountain climbing and hiking is a popular fun activity in Dushanbe. The Fann mountain and Sarez Mountain are beautiful mountains to visit. There are great parks where can you can meet hot and sexy girls like the Rudaki park, Delphin aqua park, Luchob park, and so on. Dushanbe has many beaches, dams, waterfalls, and other fun places too numerous to mention all.

These outdoor venues offer you the opportunity to meet girls that enjoy a similar fun activity as you do. It is good you build a relationship with people that share a common interest with you. If she shares a common interest with you, there will be few areas of life both of you will be having disagreements. If both of you share in similar activities regularly, it will make the bond between you to grow stronger. These outdoors offers you also a great opportunity to meet your fellow foreigners. These foreigners may be more accommodative of the idea of hookups and casual relationships.

Universities and Colleges

Dushanbe has some very decent colleges and universities that train local and international students. You will see some of the very best looking young girls studying at these institutions . You will see curved and sexy girls in their supermodel outfits. If you are not sure about what you desire in a woman, you will be confused as to which one to choose. Dushanbe girls are very intelligent. They love their education and do not joke with it. But you can help out with suggestions that will make them excel in their academics.

You can use their academics as an area of shared interest, a common ground you can use to establish a relationship. If she notices it that you are an intellectual, she may become attracted to you. Women like being around guys that share a common interest with them. If you show interest in her studies, she will like you and will be more attracted to you. It is now your duty as a smart guy to follow up on that interest and take it to the next level.

You can easily find foreign girls to hookup with in universities and colleges. Many of these girls live very far from their parents. They will like the idea of a hookup if you approach it in a mature way. These girls are sexy and seductive. Any moment you spend with them in bed is surely going to be unforgettable. You can pick up beautiful girls in Dushanbe in any of these colleges and universities:

  • Tajik National University
  • Tajik Medical University
  • Technological University of Tajikistano
  • Moscow State University in Dushanbe
  • NRU Moscow Power Engineering Institute in Dushanbe
  • Tajikistan State University of Art
  • Tajik State University of Commerce
  • Tajik Institute of Language
  • Tajik Technical University
  • Russian-Tajik Slavonic University
  • Tajik State Pedagogical University
  • Tajik Agrarian University
  • State Financial and Economic University of Tajikistan
Tajik Medical University, Dushanbe


Building a relationship in Dushanbe is very easy. All you need to do is to play by the rules. You have to be bold as a guy interested in a Tajik woman. You have to act responsibly when approaching her for a relationship. You have to be sure that you have a pure motive. If she likes you and is happy with your intention, she will agree to your proposal.

Being in a relationship with a Tajik girl in Dushanbe is pure fun. But you have to play your part pretty well to make the relationship grow and glow. It is good you make her love you more and more by being a trustworthy person. Buying her gifts, taking her out on a dinner, or other things that she delights in enjoying the quiet environment of Dushanbe will do a lot of good for the both of you . Fanning, the flame of the love you set up in her heart is necessary. Dushanbe girls are passionate about love. So setting up a glowing relationship is essential if you are to enjoy her to the full.

You can also build a relationship with a fellow foreigner in Dushanbe. You can approach any foreign woman you appreciate both in looks and character. It would be nice if you don't hold back on expressing your feelings to her. Tell her how much you like her. If she likes you, she will enter into a relationship with you. You have to know some basic things about her culture. It is crucial for you to understand how her culture influences her behaviors. It is good for both of you to understand yourselves so that your relationship can be more stronger.

Holiday Romance

Since you are on a short vacation in Dushanbe, it will make a whole lot of sense if you engage in a relationship that ends with your vacation. That is what holiday romance is all about. You can approach any beautiful girl you like with this idea. You will have all the fun in this world with her and bid goodbye to her at the end of your holiday.

It is very difficult for a young Tajik girl who is looking for a husband to accept such an offer from you. Tajik women marry at a very young age. So they will not accept anything short of a marriage proposition from you. It will be easier for you to engage in such a relationship with a divorced or separated Tajik woman. Or a single Tajik lady who is a little older and has given up hope of marriage. Even at that, you have to be very careful and discreet about the way you go about it. Immorality is frowned upon in Tajikistan. Any romantic move you make with her has to be stealthy and secret.

It is far more comfortable and more enjoyable to engage in a holiday romance with a fellow foreigner. For them to afford a vacation, it means that they are independent. Their stay in Dushanbe is temporary, and the chances of you both crossing parts again are lean. If any of them really like you, they will fancy entering into such a relationship with you. All you have to do is to show her a fun time, take her to places, and try to satisfy her in bed. The romance will be mutually beneficial to both of you and ends the day either of you is done with his or her holiday.

Tips for Successful Relationship

The old saying is true - it takes two to make love work. But in this instance, It is your duty as a man to take the lead in playing your part really well in order to make your relationship a success.

Learn to be honest with your Tajik lover. Tajik girls find it challenging to commit to a foreigner because they may doubt their intention. You should try and always stick to your words. You have to take her and the relationship very seriously. If you start lying and deceiving her, she may find it difficult to trust you again. Once she loses her trust in you, the love she has for you will die down slowly. So try to mean every word you say to her. It is good you make a perfect impression on her from the beginning and work hard to maintain that impression to the end.

You should be loyal to your lover. Tajik women in Dushanbe hate men that cheat. If she finds you making out with another girl after you have promised her that she means the world to you, she will be totally devastated. You have to consider how she will feel when taking specific actions. Once she is convinced that you are loyal, she will definitely love you more and give her life to you.

If you are in love with a fellow foreigner, you have to learn to love and respect her. It is good also that you tell her the truth and not deceive her. Both of you have just met each other in a foreign land, the way you conduct yourself before her will leave a deep impression that will define what direction your relationship will take. It is also good that you understand her culture. Different people behave differently because of their cultural differences. If you were born in another country, the culture of that country would make a mark on your behavior. So learn to be understanding and forgiving when she does things differently.


There is actually a pretty good chance that you will find love in Dushanbe. The good news is that many foreigners have married Dushanbe women. All you need to find love in Dushanbe is patience and character. You need to convince a Tajik woman that you are serious about your intentions. She has to discern it that you are really genuine and not after her for sexual intimacy before she can start considering your proposal. You have to give her a good reason to love and trust you.

You have to be careful enough to notice when she is showing signs that she is interested in you. At this point, you have to step up your efforts. You have to call her more and show her more attention. It is good you let her know how much she means to you. She needs to be assured that you will love and take good care of her. She will gradually be incited into a strong romantic bond with you. One point you should know is that for women that it is difficult to fall in love, it is hard to curtail their love once they do. Which means you are on for an exciting time.

Tajik women are fun to be with. They are very playful, romantic, and well domesticated. Once you express your love for each other she will be really fond of you. At this time, you should know that you have found love in Dushanbe. You should keep telling her how much she means to you, buy her flowers and gifts, and treat her like a queen.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Dushanbe women can be very submissive to the men they love. If she is not stubborn to you but tries her best to make you happy, then know that she is the one. There may be certain aspects of her behavior that you may want her to improve. You may also give her specific instructions regarding other aspects of her life, and you are sure it will make her a better person. If she listens to you and lives her life accordingly, then you have to know that she is the one.

If she introduces you to her friends and family, then know that she is the one. Many local girls in Dushanbe are shy and conservative. It is difficult for them to go public with their relationship. They want to be sure that they are dating the right man before making the relationship public. Their parents expect the best from them and expect their children to live up to the high standard they have set. They will not want to disappoint their parents and friends by introducing the wrong man to them. If she introduces you to her parents, then know that she loves you and is proud of you.

If she starts cooking and taking care of you, then know that she is in love with you. Dushanbe girls like taking care of a man. They also like cooking. They are experts in any kind of kitchen and household work.


You need to meet some basic requirements in order to marry your beautiful Tajik lover. The requirement you must meet as a foreigner is stated in Tajik. It states: “when registering a marriage, the parties must conclude a marriage contract. The foreign spouse must purchase a house for their partner in Tajikistan". Expensive? After considering how lovely and how precious a gem your Tajik woman is, you may thank your grace that marrying her is not actually impossible. You may consider the cost of a building that both of you may eventually live in, not that expensive compared to the riches that come from marrying the virtuous Tajik woman. She will be loyal to you and shower you with lots of love that you will consider the money spent a price worth paying.

The office in charge of marriage in Tajikistan is district Tajik state office for registration of civil status (ZAGS). You and your fiancée have to appear at this office to file your application for marriage.


Before your wedding ceremony can be approved, you have to go through some basic processes. These processes include submitting your application for marriage at the ZAGS office. You must submit your passport and that of your fiancee. You must submit your visa. You have to submit your divorce or death decree certificate from a previous marriage. You need to provide your freedom to marry certificate. After presenting the necessary documents, the office will schedule the marriage date.

You can choose any venue of your choice for your wedding. You may decide to select an exotic hotel as the appropriate venue to give your lover a befitting wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony is not that expensive in Tajikistan. You must make adequate provisions to care for and entertain hundreds of families, friends, and relatives that will be present at the venue. The wedding ceremony is happy in Tajikistan. Friends and relatives try their best to be present and contribute to the joy of the occasion.

During the wedding, two witnesses have to be present at the ZAGS office to sign the marriage register. After the marriage ceremony, you will be issued your marriage certificate. You can now enjoy all the respect and status of being legally married in Dushanbe.

Family Life

After your wedding, It is now time for you to prepare for it happy family life with your beautiful wife. It is good you get a suitable job in Dushanbe that will equip you to care adequately for your family as the head of the house. Your wife may be holding a good job, but it is good you understand her position as a helper and not the head of the house. You should try to make her burden lighter by not allowing her to hold a job that will make it burdensome for her to carry out some home duties. Once you are reasonable in dealing with her, she will be able to unleash the great training she received from her parents.

She will love you, take good care of you, take good care of your home and cook good food for you. You should have it at the back of your mind that children are valued highly in Tajik culture. So you have to prepare for the arrival of your children. When your children finally come, you will be a happy man because they have a mother that will take good care of them and impact good morals to them.

When your children grow up, they will do that in a wonderful environment. They will attend good schools, live their everyday lives in world-class amenities and state of the art facilities. As they grow up, don’t forget to take them and your beautiful wife out to enjoy the wonders in the city of Dushanbe. You all can grow up and enjoy a great life in Dushanbe!

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