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Guide for dating in Burkina Faso helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Burkinabé women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Burkinabé girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Burkina Faso. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Burkina Faso, Africa.

Hot girls of Burkina Faso at the Zebie club

Girls in Burkina Faso:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Burkina Faso:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2 / 5

Sex in Burkina Faso:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Burkina Faso:

  • Nightlife in general: 2.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $40
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $100


The Republic of Burkina Faso, generally known as Burkina Faso, is a West-African country with non-coastal terrain, bordered by Mali to the north and west, Niger to the northeast, Benin to the southeast, and Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, and Togo to the south.

Burkina Faso, which literally means Land of Incorruptible People, is befitting for the type of people that live within her borders. Burkinabe or the Burkinese (indigenous people of Burkina Faso) are one of the most honest people in Africa, and you will hardly find any kind of foul play from their midst.

This country has a population of almost 20 million, with its capital, and one of the oldest cities on Earth, Ouagadougou (Ouaga for short), having a total population of nearly 2.5 million people. Ouaga is also the country's largest city, and it serves as the center for administrative, communications, cultural, and economic hub of the nation. It lies in the center of the country, just some miles away from the Atlantic Ocean.

There are ethnic diversities in the country with the Mossi taking over half of the total population, followed by the Gurunsi, the Senufo, the Bwa, the Tuareg, the Marka, the Dyula, and the Lobi. French is the official language of the country, but it's not well spoken here. Burkina Faso is a multilingual country with about 70 languages spoken within its borders, but the most widely used languages are Fula, Moore, English, and Gur.

There are also various religions in the country, such as Islam, which takes over half of the total, followed by Roman Catholics, Protestant, and Traditional worshippers. There's also a percentage of the population who are non-religious too.

The country has economic problems originating from poor communication and infrastructure, bad soil, high rainfall variability, limited natural, and human resources. It is a poor and underdeveloped country, but it is rich in plants and wildlife. Wildlife indigenous to this ancient African country include crocodiles, buffalo, lions, monkeys, hippopotamuses, antelope, and elephants. There are many national parks and zoos across the country that will be mentioned in the course of this article.

Burkinese women are everything you would expect from an African woman- bold, black, resourceful, and sexy. Despite the seemingly glooming nature of this country, these women shine bright like the epitomes of beauty that they are. They are fascinating women that you will definitely want to meet and get down with. This article discusses more of them, so continue reading.

Dating Culture

Burkina Faso gained independence in 1960 and has since become a free country. There are no binding laws concerning the nature of relationships in this country. Despite the large percentage of Muslims in the country, there are no strict constitutional laws that uphold the principles of Islam, as observed in other countries densely populated with Muslims. Except for the family, traditional, and religious laws, there are no strict laws that prevent dating between two consenting adults.

The dating culture may not be prominent in the young people of this country, but the adults and adolescents are free to engage in romantic and sexual relationships. As a tourist in the country, you represent a new way of life different from what they are used to, so you can expect that the women will want to go out with you and do your bidding. Casual and serious relationships happen all the time in the country, so you don't need to be scared about some law or the possibility of incarceration.

Online Dating

Dating in Burkina Faso can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Burkina Faso and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Women of Burkinese origin, with true African blood flowing through their veins, are exceptional. They are not the most beautiful women in the world or Africa, but their ways of life, and of course, hot, sexy bodies, tickle the fancy of the local and foreign men in the country. Their ability to speak multiple languages is impressive, and one of the hottest things about them. Their accents, although local, are to die for too.

You're in for a treat and spectacle of a different species of African women in Burkina Faso, so tighten your seatbelts. Burkinese women are still battling eons-old traditions of child marriage, rape, forced marriage, kidnapping, and other hideous crimes. Still, with the help of the government and NGO's, things are starting to change, especially in the urban areas. However, it will take a little more time to reach the rural areas to nip these menaces in the bud.

Irrespective of the overwhelming nature of the country, Burkinese women still glow like the morning sun. They have short dark hair and love to sing. They have many traditional songs that they vibe to from time to time, and you'd be amazed at how good their voices are. They love dancing too, with most of their traditional dances based on the sophisticated movement of their slim but flexible waists.

Like the typical African women that they are, they do no slack when it comes to boobs and asses. They are naturally endowed with these goodies, and they love to flaunt them when they get the chance. They can be sexually appealing without even making any effort, and tourists can't keep their eyes off them. Many of them understand English, but not all, so you better start brushing up on your French language skills.

Despite the possible language barrier, you will still have a splendid time with these women, because they are fun to be with, and they love playing around too; it's like it's been embedded in their DNA.

They don't have innocent faces, and from the looks of some of them, you'll already realize that they are naughty, vivacious women who love to party and have a lot of fun. They may not turn up to parties or dress Western Style, but even their primitive and traditional outlook is enough to turn a dead man on.

Best believe that these women are always interested in tourists, especially those who look clean, crisp, and handsome. It turns them on, and they don't mind returning the favor. These women are a unique bunch, and they are totally different in some ways from the typical African women.

Burkinabé Girls (age 18 - 29)

At this age, these women are open to all sorts of adventures. They are ecstatic about new things and new people like tourists, so you already have the advantage of getting down with them. Their young, flexible bodies are to die for, and they love to flaunt it everywhere. Some of these women may not be very modern in their behavior or attitude, but even in their primitive nature, they still tickle the fancies of many tourists.

They love tourists, no doubt about that, especially those that can take them out and give them a taste of Western life they see on TV, but they are not cheap women. They may show interest in sensual but indirect ways. That way, they won't seem cheap to the men that they like. They have a lot of pride, but for the right reasons.

They are beautiful, black, and sexy; what's not to be proud of? These women also strive to earn a living at this age. They do this by attending schools or learning trades. You will meet these women on the farms, on campus, in nightclubs, churches, and mosques- talk about range. They are not perfect, but they come pretty close.

You will also enjoy relationships with these women because of their loyalty and how they treat their partners. It doesn't matter if their partner is older, younger, or the same as them; the respect still stands. They will go out of their way to prove their love for you, as long as you keep the same energy.

Sex with these women is a fantastic experience. They really put their youthful energy into good use here, and their wildness takes control of their bodies. These women don't necessarily dress to turn men on, but they always do. Their figure-eight feminine figures usually fit the shape of their dresses, and it doesn't even matter whatever they wear. In bum shorts and a simple top, their perfectly round asses and heavy boobs become more apparent, and men just can't take their eyes off them.

Burkinabé Women (age 30 - 45)

The middle-aged women of Burkina Faso are usually married or engaged. At this point, it is almost impossible to get them to date you. Their refusal won't be based on fear or intimidation; it would be because these women are loyal to the core. Loyalty runs in their blood, and it is scarce to find an engaged or married Burkinabe woman getting down with a tourist.

Of course, their refusal to engage in extra-marital relationships doesn't affect their ability to dress for the occasion. They are usually fashion freaks that are conscious of the way they look. Even in the rural areas of Burkina Faso, you will find women at this age slaying in their traditional attires. It's a real joy to watch these women sing too.

Their voices can be likened to that of the nightingale. They sing and dance to melodies of traditional songs. You may not find these women at nightclubs or bars, because they are usually family women who will always be at home taking care of their children and husbands.

They may not possess fitfam bodies like the women of the younger generation. However, their outlook manages to still look sexy. If they engaged in pre-marital relationships, then they would've been the perfect sugar mommies. This is because they care a lot about the people around and love to help one way or another

Burkinabé Ladies (age 45+)

The women at this age are the most traditional in town. They usually have strict looks, and you can bet that's how they are too on the inside. They don't have time for fun most times, so they will definitely not have your time. Most of them still have careers and families to tend to, and that's majorly the only thing they do. They may attend parties, but it's usually just social functions like birthdays, burials, etc. They hardly go out to have fun with foreigners.

Approaching these women would be a mistake, because not only will they say no, they may also speak in bizarre ways that you will not like. So, steer clear of them. Your best chance of engaging in romantic relationships in Burkina Faso is with the country's young women. Anything other than that is a colossal waste of your efforts and time in the country.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Burkina Faso, just like other African countries, is a vibrant hub of African Heritage, and it attracts thousands of tourists, including women, every year. Foreign women are also part of the experience in Burkina Faso. They add extra spice to the country, and it's only befitting that you have a taste.

According to official reports, the natural environment and wildlife that Burkina Faso is known for are what attracts these women, but behind the curtains, what they really come to the country is to have orgasmic sex with the local men in the country. You can also tap into that craving and shoot your shot. Before you know it, you're in a hotel room, pants down, with a hot European lady waiting for you in bed.


Due to the culture of sex in the country, it is possible to meet virgins at late ages like 25 and above. Initially, these women are shy and may seem uninterested, but with a little persuasion and finesse, they will surely dance to your tune. Sex with even the most inexperienced of them is bliss because it feels like they are naturally good at it.

Sexual experience in this country reaches an all-time high with the young women. These women have sexually appealing bodies that will get any man turned on and ready to go down. To get down with a Burkinabe woman, you have to seem like a person that can keep a secret. These women detest slut-shaming, which affects them mentally, so they will do their best to avoid it.

Sex Culture

Frankly, the sex culture in Burkina Faso is nothing to write home about. Even in the capital city of Ouaga, the cultural and social disciplines govern sex among young women. Young women are not allowed to speak freely about sex and about what they want. Their sexual cravings and desires pile up within without any way of expressing them. The Western cultures and traditions of the foreigners that come around could be rubbing on the folks here. Still, it will take more than just some Western influence to make sex in young people a norm.

Slut-shaming and public damnation is the fate of any woman whose sex life outside marriage is made public. That's why sexually-active women in the country keep their sex lives to themselves. The society may publicly damn sex, but in the real sense, sexual activities still go on. You will find older men, getting down with young women all the time here. Sex in Burkina Faso is like an open secret.

One-Night Stands

The chances of you experiencing these with Burkinabe women are meager. The young women that visit bars, and nightclubs where you may likely have one-night stands and quickies, do not usually come around for sex. The alcohol, dancing, and music- that's all. You may get intimate with them on the dance floor, and even get a kiss or two, but that's the most of it.

They seldom have quickies or sex with men they meet for the first time. However, you may get lucky, especially when there are enough cocktails, the music is just right, and you approach with the type of finesses that makes them forget their ethics. Uncontrollable horniness and urge may also be a factor. However, it rarely happens.

You should be ready for a long game with these women before getting down with them. They never make it that easy because they don't want to come off as cheap, and have fears concerning the societal backlash they may receive if word of them having sex gets out.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Burkinese women are everywhere in this country, and they should not be hard to miss. You'll see them everywhere you go, and you'll definitely be prompted to approach them. However, knowing where and when to approach these women is essential in having a chance at getting a score with them.

They may not answer tourists in the presence of prying eyes and listening ears. You need to be smart while approaching any of these women, in order not to lose out.

Daytime is not so perfect to meet women, because the quality of women you'll encounter during the day may not suit your tastes. When you finally meet hot, sexy women here, they may not want to talk to you at length because of their busy schedules or whispers of the people around them.

Nighttime, however, is perfect for meeting these women. They've either had a long day and are hoping to relax, or they just want to have fun at night. Either way, it puts them in a better mood than the day, and that mood is perfect for you to swing in. Another advantage is that most of the women that you'll meet here are hot, sexy, beautiful, and ready for some level of erotic activity, so you may not need to filter before choosing.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

You're sorely mistaken if you didn't think of these two places for amazing nightlife in Burkina Faso. These places provide the services and best conditions for women to turn up and lose themselves entirely. The music, dance floor, nights, drinks, tasty food, and the air of freedom that circulates in these places makes it perfect to approach these women. Every woman becomes more approachable when she isn't hungry, and you can use this to your advantage.

There are a couple of nightclubs and bars in Burkina Faso, and they include:

  • Cartel Light Night Club (Ouaga): No, you won't meet Pablo Escobar or members of the Medellin Cartel here, but you will still enjoy one of the best ecstatic moments of your stay in Burkina Faso. This spot is one of the most beautiful nightclubs located in the country, and its location in the heart of the capital city should prepare your mind for the type of shows, concerts, and events that will go down here. Women always come around too, and if you play your game well, you'll be able to secure one of them.
  • VIP Night Club (Ouaga): This nightclub is genuinely one for the elite and VIPs. They offer top-notch services, and tourists sometimes compare their services to the best clubs where they come from. The music here never dies, and just like the Mediterranean Sea, their bars never dry out. You can also expect to meet the classy and sexiest women in the capital city here. It would be a disappointment if you missed the experience here.
  • Presidence Night Club (Ouaga): This a highly-rated strip in the country, where you will meet some of the most exotic and stunning women in the city dancing their way in the most sensual of ways. The dance routines of the women rhyme with the music in the background, and that sort of view with a chilled cocktail drink in hand is bliss. You may also meet other women that have come to watch the show, either with their friends or alone. Either way, it doesn't matter because you can still approach them and start a conversation.
  • Level Night Club (Ouaga): This nightclub brings tourists to levels of enjoyment and fun they've probably never experienced before. It is a disco club, and as you can expect, the dance floor is usually filled with vivacious women swaying their waists and twerking to the beats from the wheels of steel. The electric nature of this spot is unmatched, and the quality of their cocktails are second to none.
  • The Mask (Ouaga): This is another disco club in the city, with similarities to Level Night Club- sensual women going wild on the dance floor, intoxicating drinks at the bar, and fantastic nightlife experience. You will definitely enjoy your time here, and you wouldn't be missing out on any other nightlife if you visited this spot.
  • Le Golden (Ouaga): This truly golden spot in the capital city is one of a kind. The interior décor will leave you in awe, and you haven't even heard about the facilities here. The top-notch sound and music are the result of the top brand speakers they use, and their DJs surely know how to make use of them. They have drinks, finger food, and an outdoor seating space where you can enjoy the cold breeze before heading into the nightclub.
  • Zebie Night Club (Ouaga): This nightclub closes by 6 AM, and you can only imagine the type of fun that goes on throughout the night here. Most times, people don't want to leave, because the exciting experience here will make 6 hours feel like a minute. Women can't get enough of it all here, and that's why they love coming back. It is a great place to be at night to meet women.
  • Opium Night Club (Ouaga): This is one of the most popular discotheques in all of Burkina Faso. With fantastic interior and exterior décor, you'll fall in love with this place instantly. This spot gives a kind of high, unlike any other spot in the country. Maybe they introduce opium into the air, why knows?
  • SIKA Lounge (Ouaga): This spot is a multifunctional one, taking responsibility for a bar, restaurant, and lounge. That's not only fantastic customer service, but it also increases the probability of women coming in to get different things. It is an outdoor seating spot, and you can spot a hot woman from a mile away. Their drinks are one of a kind, and no words can describe their local and foreign dishes.
  • Crys Bar (Ouaga): This bar has a laid-back and chilling atmosphere with its cozy environment. You can expect to have the best drinks here while listening to some local and international songs. The atmosphere this place sets up is also perfect to approach any woman. Amid all these soothing calmness, she'll definitely give you a listening ear and may agree to go out with you again.
  • Havana Bar (Ouaga): You don't have to visit Cuba or have Camilla Cabello give a live performance before you can enjoy a Havana moment. This bar/restaurant has it all; in fact, you need to visit this spot. It is one of the best in customer service in the country, and you will not have difficulties meeting women here.
*Maison Blanche (Ouaga): This bar/nightclub is highly-rated because of the stellar nightlife it provides its customers. They host many shows, concerts, and live events, featuring some of the top DJs and artists in the country. As you know, anywhere there are celebrities, women will always want to be there, and although they may not go home with a star, you may cash in your luck with them. Who knows? They may go home with you instead. 
  • Boulgou Bar (Ouaga): This is a casual spot in the capital city where people hang out and relax. With some calm music playing in the background, and a drink in hand, you are sure to enjoy your time here.
  • Yin Yang (Ouaga): There's no evil here, though, just good-looking, hot women who have come to dance all night long. The exciting thing is they are usually more open to discussions with men here. With some drinks, and flirting, you should be able to secure a woman here, and maybe even get down with her.
Party at The Mask club in Burkina Faso

Shopping Malls

You can never go wrong for going to a shopping mall in search of women. You'll be lost in the pool of hot young women scrabbling up and down the malls in search of some wig or new shoe edition. During the day, shopping malls, and perfect, and although Burkinese women may not have the time for long talks, you can always arrange another date, or decide to keep meeting at the same spot in the shopping mall. Some of the famous shopping malls in Burkina Faso are:

  • Eaton Towers (Ouaga)
  • Rubix Mine (Ouaga)
  • Rood-Wooko (Ouaga)
  • Cycle du FASO (Ouaga)
  • Centrale Thermique (Ouahigouya)


There's absolutely no reason to visit Burkina Faso if you won't be exploring the outside world here. The temperature might be a little bit high, but you'll be fine in light clothing. It may all be worth it because you will surely set your eyes on a local damsel in the area, or another tourist.

Outdoor places like the Banfora waterfalls (Banfora), Ruins of Loropeni (Loropeni), Sindou hills (Sindu), etc. make people connect with nature. Nature may not be the only thing they connect with. You should definitely visit the outside world of Burkina Faso. It is mostly astonishing, and you will most likely meet local and foreign women.

Banfora waterfalls

Universities and Colleges

Burkina Faso may be short on Universities within its borders, but the ones that exist are functional enough. These higher institutions of learning are where you will meet the young, hot women in the country. You will meet many of these women walking around the school campus, under the tree, or in a garden. You will surely meet women here, and that's not an issue. The issue is knowing the particular universities and colleges to visit. To solve that issue, some of the Universities and Colleges in Burkina Faso are:

  • Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso (Bobo-Dioulasso)
  • University of Koudougou (Koudougou)
  • University of Ouagadougou(Ouaga)
  • L'University of Burkina Faso (Zinaire)


Intimate relationships seldom occur in young people. Adults are more likely to engage in relationships, and it is always targeted at marriage, not just sex. Relationships are usually serious here, not casual, so you should be ready to show some form of commitment because your Burkinese woman will.

Family is significant here, so you should definitely expect to meet your woman's family and friends. To enjoy your relationship and know more about your woman, all you need to do is befriend her close friends by getting her good stuff and sending her money. Before you know, you've won her to your side, and there's no chance your woman is leaving you for another.

Before the official announcement of marriage, relationships here are kept on a low, including sexual intimacy. All forms of public display of affection aren't forbidden by law. Still, it may attract some scrutiny and whisperings from people around. You will enjoy your relationship with a Burkinabe woman because she will go to the sun and back to satisfy your needs. All she will ask in return is for your undying love and money, of course.

Holiday Romance

Frankly, Burkina Faso is not the most romantic place in the world. Still, you can make do with the facilities in the country to soothe your cravings. You will definitely meet women here who are willing to go down that road with you, and all you need to do is spend some money and have fun with them.

Holiday romance doesn't even have to be with a local woman, you can also go down with a foreign woman here. With holiday romance, the future is inexistent, and all that matters is that moment where you have a hot woman in your arms.

Burkina Faso is not big on internet facilities, so you may only meet women virtually in selected locations. In locations where internet services work, you will definitely be able to create a profile within minutes, and you can easily link up with women in your area.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To achieve success in a romantic relationship, one has to make a lot of sacrifices and become vulnerable because of love. Many people are scared of being exposed, and others just can't put others before themselves, but they pray for successful relationships. Successful relationships may look all nice and crisp on the gram, but it is not as easy as it seems. The following tips can be followed in creating success in relationships.

  • Don't abuse your partner: Physical, mental, or emotional abuse of partners is a knife to the heart of every relationship. Constant abuse may lead to fear or psychological issues. Once these set it, the relationship starts to diminish with time. Cherish your partner, and don't be toxic towards them. If you genuinely love them as you claim, then show it, instead of abusing them all the time.
  • Support your partner: Your partner's biggest fan should be you. You are free to criticize your partner's hustle and offer suggestions for change without downplaying their efforts. Give them hope that what they're spending their time and efforts on will become something big, especially if you genuinely believe it. To support your partner, you have to believe in them and to believe in your partner, you have to love them first. So, it goes back to the first and foremost ingredient of every relationship- LOVE.
  • Express yourself: Bottling in grievances and anger towards your partner is the perfect recipe for a breakup. When you have something to say to your partner and don't say it, it becomes a time bomb that may explode at any point. Don't just talk to your partner, communicate, and express yourself in ways that they will be able to comprehend. It's the perfect antidote for doubt and anger in relationships, so express yourself to your partner today to save your relationship.


The state of the country when it comes to the economy and infrastructural development, may not be the perfect place for love to be. Still, quite surprisingly, love is needed here. If the country is to progress and develop into a world power, the people have to come together in love and stop discriminating. Love in Burkina Faso may not be comparable to love in Paris or Italy. Still, it is quite enjoyable here too, especially when you know the right places to be.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Knowing your soul mate's true identity can be one of the most soothing feelings in the world. Even for men, it is necessary to know if a woman is the right one for you, or she's just like the others that come and go. Realizing the truth, especially when it is positive, is a nice feeling that every man deserves.

Love, at first sight, could be a perfect indication of the natural connection between you both, and when you approach, and everything just clicks and flows, then you know that she's definitely for you. All you need to do is act and build on that knowledge, and she'll be yours forever.


Forced and early marriages used to be a menace in the country, but the intervention the government and non-governmental associations all over the world has come to their aid. The trend is whining down, but not fast enough because young girls, even at the age of 13, are getting married off to older men for money or creating alliances. In years to come, this trend will be totally eliminated. This is not the case for all the marriages, because there are also unions between two consensual adults.


Weddings in Burkina Faso are events that people look forward to, because of the eating, drinking, and dancing that comes with such celebrations. Marriages in Burkina Faso may last up to three days and, in some cases, five to seven. Some of the traditions of weddings in Burkina Faso may be weird in their own way, but they believe that they are necessary for the success of the marital bliss. In some cases, the husband doesn't even have to be around for the whole marriage process, and he may not come back home to his bride in months.

Family Life

Family life in the country is pretty basic. The husband handles the finances and protection of the family, the wife handles household chores, takes care of the children, and is submissive to the husband, while the children respect and adore their parents. Children in Burkina Faso usually stay with their parents until they become of age to stay on their own.



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