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Guide for dating in Ivory Coast helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Ivorian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Ivorian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Ivory Coast. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Ivory Coast, Africa.

Hot girls of Ivory Coast at the Masters club

Girls in Ivory Coast:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3/ 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3/ 5
  • Education level of girls: 2.5/ 5

Dating in Ivory Coast:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Ivory Coast:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Ivory Coast:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2/ 5
  • Budget per day: US$300 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$150 - $180


Formerly known as Cote d’Ivoire, Ivory Coast is a nation located on the south coast of West Africa. The country is one of the few nations of the world with two capitals. The political capital of Ivory Coast located in the middle of the land is Yamoussoukro, while the economic capital is Abidjan. Abidjan is also the largest city in the nation, with over four million (4,000,000) residents.

The country bothers Mali to the northwest, Liberia to the west, Burkina Faso to the northeast and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. There are various recognized languages in the nation, but the official language of Ivory Coast is French. The estimated cost of living per day in Yamoussoukro is $98 and $160 per day in Abidjan.

The nation has a landmass of 322,463km2 with a population of Twenty-six million, three hundred and seventy-eight thousand, two hundred and seventy-four persons (26,378,274). The officially recognized currency of the people is CFA franc. The country has an enormous population of Muslims and Christians as well as other indigenous religions. The nation relies basically on Agriculture to keep its economic sector booming.

The nation has awe-inspiring wildlife that makes it unique among other African nations. There are over 600 species of birds and a variety of mammals ranging from monkeys to Hippopotamus. The country has over 7,000 hotels for both tourists and locals. One of the major tourist attractions in the nation is the photo safaris through wildlife.

While passports are required for travels into the country, visas are not necessary for stays of less than 91 days. To travel into the nation, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required. Ivory Coast is the world’s leading exporter of cocoa beans.

You could find stunning women in the nation available for a relationship in the country, and your best location is the capital cities.

Dating Culture

The cultural values of the people differ majorly as a result of a variety of ethnicity. However, the concept of dating in the nation is similar to that of some of its counterparts in Africa. Most of the men and women streamline the activities that go on in their relationships to the norms/rules provided by their religion.

The core Christians who are mainly Roman Catholics practice dating in line with some moralistic norms provided by the church, same applies to the core Muslims who completely prohibit and abhor dating. In Ivory Coast, the man is charged with the duty of approaching a lady he finds attractive as the women may be interested in you but would find it difficult to approach you or express their feelings.

For a successful relationship, you should be able to provide her needs, take her to beautiful, calm, and cozy places to chill and relax, be punctual to dates as the ladies may not be patient especially on the first date.

Generally the people of the nation frown at an extreme show of affection, so you can find people walking together holding hands, hugging but would rarely see a couple kissing in public except they are married. If the female is matured enough in the eyes of her parents (often 20years and above) she may get the consent of her parents to go on with the relationship, other young girls just date without their parents' permission, and the connection is often discreet.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy and diseases that are sexually transmitted, the parents keenly advise their children to avoid premarital sexual activities. Due to the high rate of premarital childbirth in the nation, sex education was introduced in the curriculum for students, and this helped to reduce the maternity rate of unmarried and unprepared teens in the country.

Same-sex practices in private in the nation is not prohibited by law, but public same-sex marriage and acts are illegal and punishable by the penal code. Cohabitation in the country is quite rare but not completely ruled out as you can find some persons in the rural areas who are not married but residing together and having kids.

If you are interested in dating a lady in the nation, you can join some easy and straightforward online dating sites, create an attractive profile and link up with some of the most beautiful and available ladies in the nation. However, if you are interested in getting married to any of these ladies, you should ensure that she is up to the legally recognized age for marriage, which is 18 years.

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Due to the cultural practices of the people, the females are usually treated as inferior to the males in the nation. Known for their scintillating/dark complexion, average height, and dark hair, the Ivorian woman is an epitome of true beauty.

Research shows that the literacy rate of Ivorian women is less than that of the men, standing at less than 35%. In Ivory Coast, education is free, but the parents must provide the basic needs of the school, most parents find it quite challenging to enroll more than one child in school. So they instead enroll the male child if they have more than one and carry out informal education on their daughters.

There are a lot of women in the nation involved in the agricultural sector. While the men focus more on the administrative areas of the country, there a few women involved in politics in the government. Most of the women are farmers and traders. They sell the farm produce to help their husbands run the family, while those are not married to help their parents market their farm produce.

Depending on the personal morals and ethics of the girl, her relationship life may be liberal or conservative. This implies that you can find a girl in Ivory Coast who is interested in dating you in a public relations and also inviting you over to see her parents, paying you visits as well as attending major events with you. A higher percentage of Ivorian women are financially incapable of seeking out their needs, and this is as a result of illiteracy and inadequate participation in industrial labor.

You could find women of various age brackets who are interested in dating both for long and short term relationships with foreigners. The ladies spend a good time getting to know you before they go into any form of intimacy or romantic ventures. So, be straightforward with them, be honest, and tell them more about yourself regularly. Although quite rare in the rural areas, you could find girls in the cities who are ready to date you no matter short the relationship may be, they do this basically for fun and money.

So, if you are looking to find some pretty ladies in Ivory Coast for a long term relationship, for short term flings or companionship, your focus should be on the cities. The rural areas are filled with the majority of the local religious fanatics who would frown at premarital relationships or other forms of sensual activities that accompany dating. When you reside in the cities, you find women both local and foreign who are interested in having premarital relationships.

Ivorian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Unlike the older women, females within this age bracket are often slender and enthusiastic about the future. Due to the low rate of female literacy in the nation, most of them would be done with all that concerns formal education.

They spend more time assisting their parents at the home, store or engaging in linear jobs to earn a living for their upkeep. You could find some of the girls in the cities who are readily available to engage in a premarital sexual relationship with you owning to the fact that they need some sort of assistance or in rare cases for the sake of love.

If you are in search of beautiful women for dating and other forms of relationship in the cities, then you can find them in various clubs, hotels, restaurants, and a few of them on campus.

Some of the women between 18 and 29 would be married or even remarried in cases where their husbands die a few years after marriage. The widows would be readily available for another relationship, which would probably lead to marriage because they are still young and retain their attractive physique.

They also engage in relationships with older men, but these kinds of relationships are kept discrete between both parties. You might be lucky to find one who is interested in dating you and also getting married to you.

Ivorian Women (age 30 - 45)

Ivorian women within this age bracket are often a little plump but rarely fat, and this is usually as a result of childbirth. They are done with all that concerns academics and would be concerned basically about methods of managing their homes and supporting their husbands, for those who are married.

It would be quite challenging to find a woman within this age bracket who is yet to be married or have a child, 9 out of 10 Ivorian women would be married at the age of 30, if not they are divorced or widowed. Divorce is quite rare in the nation, but you would find cases of women moving out of homes where they are not mistreated and disrespected.

A very tiny and insignificant minority of ladies in this age bracket engage in politics due to the high level of illiteracy among the females. These set would not bother about the society's view of their relationship life except in some situations where they have high religious reputations that kick against sexual relationships outside marriage.

So, you can find women who are 30 years and above in Abidjan some other parts of the nation ready to go on various dates with you and also get married to you if they find you useful enough to be their husband.

The level of female professionals in the nation is quite low; most of the females stop at secondary education and the remaining ones whose parents are rich enough to enroll them in higher institutions continue.

Only about 11% of the women in the nation strive to engage in political activities and hold vital ministerial positions. As an expat, your chances of finding a lady to date within this age bracket is quite thin, you have to search a bit longer and when you find one, be patient with her, know her needs. What makes her happy, if she has children, you should be willing to meet them and in cases of marriage, accept them as yours too.

Ivorian Ladies (age 45+)

In a whole city, it is so difficult to find a woman 45years and above who has never been married. Most of the women see marriage as a yardstick for success. Women who have been married this long may find so difficult to divorce, they would have been used to their partners, understood them and also device various means of living with them. They would set their priorities on family, religion and business.

It is almost impossible to find women within this age bracket who are ready to go into relationships with you. However, you can find some of them who are in dare need of a companion, and they mostly prefer men who are within their age bracket.

These are the most experienced set of women in the nation. They have been through repeated divorces in most cases, they have stayed married for long and know all that a man would need, and when he needs it. A sexual relationship with this set of ladies must be discreet.

They avoid being found with their sexual partners at odd places, and this is to avoid being the subject of gossips among other older and younger residents. The widowed ones are allowed according to the culture to date and marry again if they so desire.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Ivory Coast is regarded as a nation of hospitality. There are over 20% of non-Ivorians who reside in Ivory Coast. The first lines of the national anthem of the nation read "We salute you, O land of hope, Country of hospitality. Ivory Coast attracts both West African and European migrants as a result of its wealth in precious stones (diamond and gold). The nation is regarded as the second nation on the continent after South Africa to welcome the most migrants.

There are lots of foreign girls in Ivory Coast who reside in the nation, not as a result of migration but because they are born into the home of foreigners who migrated years ago into Ivory Coast. These foreigners are scattered around the major cities of the nation; some migrate into the country for academic purposes, and the rest migrate into the land in search of greener pastures or tourism.

If you know where to look, you could find beautiful and attractive foreign girls interested in dating, premarital sexual relationships, and one night stands as well, as other romantic engagements with you. If you do it just right, win their hearts and make them comfortable with you, it is possible to find the ones who would genuinely love and treat you right.

The significant advantage of dating foreigners in the city is that you stand the chance of knowing multiple cultures and practices and enjoy delicacies from both nationalities.


Generally, the Ivorian society frowns at premarital sex. However, this is as a result of the high rate of maternity both among teenagers and adults who are unmarried. This, however, does not mean that it is impossible to find girls who are interested in getting laid with you. The local girls would readily have sex with you if they see you attractive enough or in most cases when they are in a relationship with you.

If you look forward to having transactional sex with an Ivorian girl, where you only call her to come over for sex, then your focus should be in the city. Some of the girls in the cities would be found clubbing and drinking during the day and at night, do well to approach them and start a conversation with them, you might be lucky enough to discuss matters that intrigues them, and they wouldn't have any issues being close to you.

With the right words and money to take care of her, you could find a girl who is interested in dating you for both and short term relationships in Ivory Coast. Research has shown that most of the relations with teenagers in the nation are short-lived. So, if you are looking to date a lady in the country with the thought of later getting married to her, ensure that she is up to the legally acceptable age of marriage and make your intentions clear to her.

Sex Culture

Ivory Coast is one of the few nations that emphasizes on sex education. The country through both teachers, parents and guidance try as much as possible to enlighten the children on the consequences of premarital sex. These consequences to them are the numerous STDs as well as a pregnancy that results from premarital and unprotected sex.

As earlier stated, same-sex partners may roam around the nation freely and would not get arrested by the police or molested by the public. Still, if their practices become public, they risk being punished according to the provisions of the law.

Some cases of extra-marital affairs abound in the nation. Some of the women who are no longer appropriately taken care of by their husband would search for other men who would keep her company, and this relationship may go from just conversations to sex within a short time.

Are you in search of curvy and beautiful women for a quick sexual relationship? It could be a one night stand or a brief sexual relationship, then the best place to search is online via social media or dating sites.

Prostitution is legal in the nation, but other related activities such as pandering and owning/running brothels are illegal in the country. You could find foreigners from various African nations who are available for sexual relationships.

One-Night Stands

When you date for just one day and after having sex with your partner, you both peacefully pathways as a result of zero plans to continue the relationship, such a relationship is referred to as one-night stand.

Although not so rampant, you can find women both young and old interested in having one night stand with you. Local girls, especially the students, are more open to such relationships because they reside in and around the school environment and are no longer under regular supervision by their parents.

You can find local and foreign girls available for one night stand in Ivory Coast, and you just have to make sure you are in the right environment and have a good command of French. They may find it challenging to communicate with you if you do not understand their local language nor speak French fluently.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

One of the best places to meet single girls in Ivory Coast is in one of its beautiful and attractive capital city known as Abidjan. The city offers lots of fun for date partners during the day and also at night.

Finding a girl to woo in the town during the day is difficult; they would be focused on their daily activities and wouldn't want to be distracted by your conversations. So when you see a lady who shows any form of interest or attraction to you, be sure to approach her and say hi to her.

Some of the places you can find single ladies during the day are Abidjan Mall, Prima Center, and Cap Sud.

If you are looking to find and pick up attractive ladies in Abidjan then below is a list of night clubs and pick up bars:

  • Black Room Lounge at Plateau, Ave Chardy et Blvd Lagunaire
  • Alizée at Abidjan Rue Fleming Zone
  • Notorious at Blvd de Marseille at a Coté de L’atlhetic Club
  • Life Star at Plateau, Avenue Chardy et Blvd Lagunaire
  • Parker Place at Rue Paul Langevin
  • Forty Forty at Plateau Rue Paris-village
  • Le Saint Germain Club at Marcory Boulevard de Marseille
  • Swell Lounge at 2 Plateaux, Vallon

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

If you are here, it means you need the best nightclubs and bars to find girls for a short or long term relationship. Abidjan is one of the best cities to find local and foreign girls interested in dating.

All you need to do is to dress smart and be ready to have an excellent conversation to thrill the girls when you see them. Some of the bars and nightclubs where you can find single ladies include:

Ensure to ask locals for direction, if you find it challenging to locate these bars. Most of the night clubs are open to both local and foreign customers. They offer a variety of drinks and food, and you could find lots of local and foreign girls who come there to unwind when you do make a move, and that could be your lucky day.

Hot girls of Ivory Coast partying at the Red Note club

Shopping Malls

There are lots of amazing malls where you can satisfy your shopping needs in Ivory Coast. Most of the beautiful and reliable malls are located in Abidjan. France profoundly influences the arrangement and sale of products in the malls, is the nation that colonized Ivory Coast.

The shopping malls help to boost the economy of the country tremendously. Some of the best shopping malls in the nation include:

  • Sococe: This is one of the largest malls in Abidjan. There various shops in the mall, you could find restaurants, grocery as well as a boutique to settle your clothing needs. It is arguably the most patronized mall in the city.
  • Playce Marcory: The shopping mall is also a massive one located in the capital city, it has over 50 stores, but it is known for selling a wide variety of foodstuffs and fruit. You can take your kids along to have fun in the playground.
  • Cap Sud: Cap Sud ranks top among other shopping centers in Abidjan. It offers virtually everything you need. It is one of the busiest malls in the city due to high patronage. The security is topnotch, and your car is safe.
  • Prima Center: Also located in Abidjan. It has a very fantastic selection of restaurants where both local and ethnic cuisine is sold. The mall is appropriately designed and always kept clean and convenient for customers.
  • Abidjan mall: It offers a wide range of products. From household equipment to clothing and clothing accessories. It is a great place to go shopping and to get some food.
Inside the Sococe Mall


To some tourists, Ivory Coast may not be an option when thinking of African nations to visit. Still, you would be surprised at the fantastic outdoor activities you could engage in while touring around the country.

In these various tourist attractions, you can find lots of girls who are ready for several types of relationships, be it long term or short term. Some of these outdoor spots are:

  • Banco National Park: The Park is known for the tropical forest that occupies a large area of land. The park is filled with mosquitoes so ensure to go with a repellant. Don't go into the park if you are not guided by someone knowledgeable about the routes in the park, and this is to avoid missing your way.
  • The International club and paintball park: You could find a restaurant in the park to buy various Ivorian food. It also offers fantastic games and also has a swimming pool in it.
  • Boulay Island: The island is home to fishing villages. It may be impossible to have excellent service in the area, so making or receiving calls would be restricted. The area is isolated and quiet, although it is closer to the city.

So, if you are looking to go away for a while, Boulay Island is the best place for you.

  • Grand Bassam: The city is close to Abidjan. The town was initially abandoned due to the outbreak of yellow fever, but today it is filled with lots of restaurants and resorts that attract tourist from far and near.
Banco National Park

Universities and Colleges

Although there are lots of universities in Ivory Coast, the rate of female literacy in the nation is quite low compared to that of the males. The ladies, however, are fun-loving and free-spirited having been exposed to education and having met students from various countries.

Most of them would readily go into a relationship with you if you are intelligent enough and can carter for some of their essential needs.

The ladies who strive to enroll in a tertiary institution may initially withdraw when you approach her but be ready to engage in multiple long conversations once she gets comfortable with you around.

Some of the universities in Ivory Coast are:

  • Graduate School of Management (GSM): This is regarded as a standard and reputable school in the nation. The school offers quality certification, Best learning practice, online resources, study plan tutors and Research.
  • Catholic University of West Africa: The institution is located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. It also has campuses in two neighbouring nations.
  • Institut National Polytechnique Felix Housphouet – Boigny: This is a public higher institution located in Yamoussoukro. They offer a variety of courses and authentic certification after you are done with it.
  • International University of Grand-Bassam: The institution is a non-profit institution located in Grand-Bassam. It is the first university in Ivory Coast with the English language as the official learning language.
  • Universite Alassane Ouattara: This is a renowned public university in Ivory Coast located in Bouake, Ivory Coast. They provide Bachelor’s degree in Communication, environment, and society, medical science, and economic and developmental sciences.

Other institutions include:

  • Universite de Cocody
  • Universite des sciences et technologies de Cote d’Ivoire
  • Universite Nangui Abrogoua
  • Universite Nouvelle de Cote d’Ivoire
  • Universite Peleforo Gon Coulibaly (Korhogo)


When you approach her, what do you have in mind? Do you wish to have a long-lasting and adventurous relationship with her? Then the Ivorian woman is an excellent choice for you to have a perfect relationship.

Be mindful of the areas you go in search of someone to date, focus mainly on the developed urban areas. In the cities, you can find better exposed local girls who would be willing to date you for as long as you both can hold on to each other.

Relationships with Ivorian girls are fun-filled and impressive, as they always have a lot to teach and show you about their culture. Do ensure to be clear about how you feel about her and your general intention. They may not hesitate to leave you if you find out any form of dishonesty.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romance may not be so pronounced in Ivory Coast, but that does not imply that it is wholly ruled off. If you know where to look, you can find some pretty and attractive girls who are available for a holiday romance.

However, be aware that these set of girls are quite a few. Among them, you can find both locals and foreigners. To make your search easier, focus on the girls who come to Night Clubs to have fun.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Now that you have successfully gotten her to go on a date with you, no matter how many times you both have gone out together, you might need some tips to keep the relationship going. Below are some essential things to do to make sure she sticks with you.

  • Buy her beautiful things: The city may be charming from the outside, but it is one nation with a lot of needy persons in it. So, if you see a pretty lady who is interested in dating you, try to help her sought out her needs. She may have accepted to date you for the money, but as time goes on, if you take good care of her, she will surely find you good enough for her and stay with you.
  • Respect her: Most Ivorian women, as earlier stated, are treated as inferior to men. So, your lady would be so happy to stay if you treat her like a queen that she is.
  • Create good memories with her: An average Ivorian female may not be exposed to a lot of beautiful adventures and outings, take her to places she dreamt of visiting, and make them memorable.


True love is possible everywhere, and Ivory Coast is not an exception. You can find beautiful and available girls in the nation who are willing to give their all to the success of your relationship, and they love you genuinely, would give anything to be with you, and would say yes if the "will you marry me" question pops up.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

You will want to know if she feels the same way. Her actions would measure her feeling. Below are some tips to look out for.

  • She would seek your attention tirelessly: Ivorian women when they fall in love with you can be very clingy. They always want to be around you, to be around you, and also go out on various dates with you.
  • She would support you: Just like any other place in the world, you know a woman is interested in you when she sees life in your dreams and gives as much support as she can to make it come true.
  • She would want you to meet her parents: This occurs mainly when she is of marriageable age. She would want you to come over to see her parents as this proves as a sign of commitment.


Now you are sure she is the one and would want to take another step. Marriage is a beautiful thing in Ivory Coast. The culture of the people profoundly influences the types of unions in the nation.

As a foreigner residing in Ivory Coast, if you wish to get married to an Ivorian woman, you must ensure that she is up to the marriageable age. You will then provide the necessary documents which include: a list of an affidavit, translated in French, and evidence of the termination of any prior marriages.


Ivory Coast is a lovely place to get married. The cities are filled with beautiful and well-arranged hotels and even centers where you can hold your wedding and reception. Among the wedding planners in the nation choose from are – Merv’Artis Wed, Performance Event and Restivoire Location Events.

Some popular event centers in the nation are:

  • Afrikland Hotel located in Grand Bassam
  • Regus – Abidjan Lagune
  • Hotel Le Marly
  • Hotel Tiama

Family Life

Having a comfortable family life in Ivory Coast is possible, but you must not expect a perfect family life in the country. The road conditions are a bit poor but undergo regular improvement by the government. Malaria seems to be a common sickness in the nation, leading to a high mortality rate for children, but the health sector is doing all it can be ensure that this comes to an end.

Lately, there has been significant improvement. As earlier stated, it a home for all, so there is no form of racism in the nation. The nightlife in cities is so vibrant. To give your children their required fun and break from academic activities, you can take them to amusement parks and Ice cream parlors in the city.


Map of Côte d'Ivoire with regions colour-coded
Lagunes (Abidjan)
the coastal lagoons area around the de facto capital of Abidjan
Northern Savanna (Bouaké, Comoe National Park)
the largely Muslim area held in recent years by rebel "New Forces"
Southwestern Forests (Taï National Park, Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve)
the tropical wet forest area inhabited by the Kru people bordering Liberia
Eastern Plantations (Yamoussoukro)
the partially cultivated area between Lac de Kossou and the border with Ghana


  • Abidjan - Remains the administrative centre and other countries maintain their embassies there.
  • Korhogo - Rebel HQ; otherwise idyllic, bursts with commerce during Feb - May because of flowing cotton and cashew trade.
  • Aboisso - Important mile stone on the route connecting Abidjan and Ghana trade route
  • Bouaké - the second largest city
  • Dabou
  • San Pedro - the second port city
  • Yamoussoukro - Although it has been the official capital since 1983, it is not the administrative centre.
  • Grand-Bassam - A coastal town full of colonial charm, often a retreat for local Ivorians seeking to escape the city life of Abidjan on the weekends.

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