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Guide for dating in Ghana helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Ghanaian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Ghanaian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Ghana. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Ghana, Africa.

The beauty of Ghanaian girls is unmatchable

Girls in Ghana:

  • Looks of girls: 3.75 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Ghana:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.0 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.25 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.0 / 5

Sex in Ghana:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.25/ 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Ghana:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.20 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.25 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$75 - $750
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $400


Ghana is a country of the western African region and is situated on the Gulf of Guinea’s coast. Despite its small size and less population, this country has contributed to a great extent in the economy of Africa region.

The history of this country is very intriguing and this was the first black African country situated south of the Sahara that got freedom from colonial rule. Ghana shares its borders with Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, Atlantic Ocean to the south, and Cote d’Ivoire to the west.

Everything apart, the women of this country are not only good in curves but also good with their skills and with a little help, you can play your games in this country. It goes without saying that this place is a one-stop for a lover of sexy figures and fascinating viewpoints.

Dating Culture

Being known for the greenery, diverse flora and fauna of the country, Ghana is also famous for its tourism and unexplored destinations across the nation that many tourists love to explore. And due to their diverse and rich culture, the country and its natives are not very reluctant to practice western culture.

But over time the new generation of Ghanaians is getting somewhat familiar to the western culture. When it comes to the girls and women of Ghana, they love to explore the opportunity with the tourists and also love to go on a date with a guy from another country. Females from Ghana believe in their culture, traditions, and beliefs, hence it will not be easy to get along with her so easily but with some try and work you can get along her.

The dating culture in Ghana is very interesting and dynamic. Men are known for being vociferous and straight forward and the women are inclined to serious relationship. The people of this country are a little bit conservative and don’t take things like relationship lightly. Even the men of this country are known for being serious and loyal in a relationship. These people are slowly and steadily adopting the dating culture but with a pinch of salt.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Ghana can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Ghana and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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If you are a person who admires natural beauty or one who wants to play their games with some natural beauty then it is your place to come and spend some days. The women of this nation are an example of the natural beauty at best and they will never let you down in all aspects.

Apart from natural beauty, the women of this place are full of elegance and beauty. To get a girl from this country one needs to works over his skills as the girls of this country are not that much western culture-oriented and they love to see guys who give extra efforts for them. The girls from Ghana are like a piece full of exciting surprises when it comes to dating, they also love to get admired over their figures and curves of their body. They go along well with guys if they find them caring, handsome, and a bit muscular. They also love guys who respect them, treat them well.

To score girls in the country, one should not be straightforward and fast but should play carefully to earn the reward. The language spoken in this country might create a bit of worry but that’s not an issue you can overcome it with some efforts.

Apart from their beauty, curves, and elegant nature, the women of Ghana are full of experience owing to their social practice of marriage at an early age. This will add more flavors to your taste as you can come to experience some of the wild and astonishing experiences of your lifetime, which will make you fall in love with this place.

A crux of tips & tricks is provided below that will help you in understanding the attitude of these girls and their likes & dislikes. Just make a note of these tricks and execute them well when the time comes.

Consider yourself fortunate if you get a chance to date one of these Ghanian women because they are very loving and caring. Besides this they are very wild and energetic in bed which makes them a perfect deal for a guy who is looking for love as well as lust.

Ghanaian Girls (age 18 - 29)

This category of women in this nation is the best one to get into the nation. This should be the aim of every tourist to achieve desires and get satisfied in the best manner.

The girls of this age group in Ghana is just the same as a gold mine in your hand. At this age, they are completely ready to start their sexual life and are willing to get themselves sexually satisfied and they can be the playground for your intentions and will also help you in fulfilling your desires too. They are the hottest among all the women in the country and sexually driven too.

They always think about finding an opportunity to get satisfied as they have just entered the phase of adolescence and their hormones lead them to the bed of many tourists and native men. The girls of this age are on the verge of attaining complete sexuality in terms of figure and curves. Though they might not be easy to score but still with the help of some skills and efforts you can play your games.

They love to spend time partying, having fun, and love to hang around with guys. The main reason that will attract you toward these girls is that they can be unmarried and this creates high chances that they will let you play your games and it is easy to approach these girls too and they fell happy to revert it.

When it comes to the description of these girls, they have a color complexion that is their look will be more like dark chocolate that can give you a different experience, their eyes are one of the important features of their body they are the most attractive feature of them. They have different eyes most of them are black colored but brown and blue color is also common in the country.

Apart from their eyes their face cut also needs appreciation, they have a perfect cut that can attract many men. Every male looks for different things when it comes to finding out a woman with the qualities he wants but the physical appearance of these girls is quite amazing and attractive that can give you all the sexual pleasures and help you to get satisfied.

The best part of their body is their breasts that attract the attention of many and also help in attaining satisfaction, their size varies among women but they are the best part of their body. If you are a person who is fascinated with the breasts then this is a must-visit place for you to visit and let yourself play with them.

They also have one more attractive feature that is their curves which helps them in attracting the male and in erotic sexual drives to reach maximum heights of the desires and satisfaction. If you are not choosey regarding the color complexion then Ghana is your place to visit and experience some of the best sexual drives of your life and the girls will also not let you down with the help of their amazing features.

Ghanaian Women (age 30 - 45)

When it comes to your mind about Ghanaian women you might be leaving some of the facts that will change your perspective towards them. The women of this age group in Ghana are a complete package of fun, sex, and love. Most of the women in Ghana of this age group are married or divorced; the reason for their divorce is mainly their social customs and beliefs about male dominance.

Male in this country are allowed to practice polygamy and this let them marry several women in their lifetime. Many of the women of this age are sex-deprived which increases good chances of your success. The only problem related to this section of women is that, if you want to play with them you need to go a bit slow and cautiously but once you let them feel that you care about them they will give everything of themselves to you to play with.

The women of this age group love to live their lives according to their views and rules, which also leads to divorce with their husbands, and this forces them to look for males to satisfy their sexual desires. The women here are so matured and like when someone plays hard with them. so try to play hard with them to increase your chances for the future too.

If you are a wealthy person or a personal of some influence and your primary purpose for this tour is to get sexually satisfied then believe me this country is all yours. As transactional sex is very common in this country and you can easily get grip on some breasts in this country. Apart from transactional sex, the country also offers opportunities to young males.

Comparatively young males have more chances to play with women of this age group than as compared to older ones. Women of this age group tend to work a lot on their figures and seductively along with some young guys so that they can get satisfied completely. The idea of getting loved most divinely is something that makes them practice, although adultery is not socially accepted though it is common in this country.

After having experienced a lot of things in their life, these women are much matured. They want their life to be their own i.e. free from someone else’s control. They love the idea of being independent but at the same time, they want someone to take care of them.

Everything apart, if you want to experience some of the good moments in your life then you should try to get along with some of the Ghanaian women because they might be hard to get but once they get along you they are ready to offer everything to you and that too in best manner so possible. They all are very good at sexual activities and their body structure also adds points to great sex life.

Ghanaian Ladies (age 45+)

If you ever have heard the saying that with age comes experience and the same goes very well with the ladies in Ghana. You are here to find the true treasure of a woman that will keep you both sexually and emotionally happy then the ladies of Ghana are complete of your league.

The ladies of this age group are mature, loving, caring, and above all sexual experts. They can let you try all of your moves to get sexually satisfied and will also help you to get an amazing experience of your life. The women of this age group are even open to many new types of ways of doing sex and physical things as they at this age are done with their life and are in search for good sex and support.

In Ghana, it is quite an easy task to find a lady of this age to hang out with. They might even offer some pecuniary benefits to the boys of young age to get a good sexual experience. To find one you just need to break the ice from your side as the Ghanaian women are a bit shy to approach a man.

Once you get hold of a lady in this nation then there will be no regret and dissatisfaction, the only thing now she will offer is complete satisfaction fall desires and that too in the best way possible. The only thing that you need to take care of while scoring is that there are the certain ban on pornographic material in the country and if you are about to use it in the process of impressing a woman, you need to take precautions and need to stay cautious.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The economic condition of Ghana is quite good as compared to the many neighboring and African countries. The country is also very good for trade, business, and educational purposes. Apart from the occupational and trading activities it also attracts many people around the world for tourism. And due to economical and educational adequacy, it attracts a lot of girls, women from different parts of the world.

A lot of foreign girls come to Ghana to search for jobs, professions, and further studies. And all of these girls to achieve their ambitions live in Ghana itself. The presence of these many foreign girls in the country is a favorable thing for a tourist.

To get along with a foreign girl in Ghana, it will require some practice and a bit of homework. If you want to impress a foreign girl then you need to break the ice first then you have to take her to different places may be bars or pubs (according to her choice). If this all goes well then you will have a good chance of getting your desires fulfilled that you wish to satisfy with the help of her.

The most important thing is that the girls staying in Ghana due to some purpose are of li9beral mentality and believe in many modern cultures and ways of living which can help you in many possible manners and playing your games will become much easier. The girls here will not let you down as they also find opportunities to get along with tourists so that they can be loved, respected, so that they can be sexually satisfied.


Sex is a taboo in the Ghanaian society but the ladies of the country always try to get sex in every possible manner. The only problem that one cannot talk about it in open places is their cultural beliefs and traditions.

Males in Ghana practice polygamy that allow them to marry more than once but female are not allowed to do so and this creates the problem. Generally, a man can not satisfy every wife of him, and this forces women in Ghana to go against culture and to find a male to satisfy their sexual needs.

Sex in Ghana with a girl is not a big problem, you only need to play your cards patiently and softly. Once the girl starts feeling things for you then sex is just the beginning, she will lead you to some of the greatest sex of your life and will also help you in getting satisfied sexually in the best possible manner.

Apart from this, you can also try transactional sex with girls in the country as this is a common practice in the country if you are wealthy and influential enough you can go for it. Apart from it if you want to have sex frequently then you also need to satisfy her with your stamina, so get it clear that that the prospect will completely depend upon your stamina and ways to get her satisfied.

Sex Culture

The sex culture of the nation is not very open to looking at, it means that to experience something like it one needs to play his cards. Not everyone in their society understands the importance of their sex life, neither do they worry about living a healthy sex life. But the younger generation of society believes in modern and liberal beliefs and is not much shy to talk about sex.

However, the social structure of their society doesn’t allow them to lose their virginity before marriage and permits them only to have sex with their husbands but the things are getting changed and the sex culture from the past 10 years is on the rise.

Still in the rural and remote areas of Ghana sex is considered taboo and is not allowed to talk about it in public and no school or educational institute worry to teach sex education or try to raise awareness regarding sex. But the new generation in trying all possible ways to overcome it and to liberate the minds of young ones so that it should not remain taboo and people should start discussions about sex.

One-Night Stands

The modern youth and changing cultural practices in the country has lead to the acceptance of many new practices in the country. Both the girls and the boys of the city are very much excited about having sex and as a result, they often indulge in one-night stands. In fact, approaching a girl only to have sex is not considered uncommon here.

Maybe a one-night stand can be considered as a taboo in the rural areas, but now it is accepted in the urban areas and people are not shy to talk about it. Even a one-night stand created an opportunity in the favor of locals who sometimes want a relationship only for sex and not for any other purpose.

Apart from the need thing one night stand in Ghana has now become a new adventure for the local girls and they wish to experience it in their lifetime. There is a lot of bar, pubs, and café that will help you in finding out the perfect girl for the stand. Before going directly to dirty talk, one should try to be a bit slow, let yourself understand her intentions then only start playing your game.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Every country is different in many ways and the places to visit and meet new people vary. When it comes to Ghana a tourist need to visit its capital city to experience some of the good time. Here you can see a very rich culture of the Ghanaian people and their vivid religious acts and practice that will amaze you. The city is also famous for its local cuisines and local clothing industry too, apart from it you can get some of the richest diamonds at a very cheap rate in this country.

There are many bars, pubs, and café in the country, this means that you have a good chance of meeting many single girls in the country. If you like one girl then you need to break the ice by yourself then try to comfort her and then go the final step of your plan that you are willing to execute.

Once she is impressed by you, then there are many pubs and night clubs in the city that will help you. The young girls and women mostly visit these places in search of some good relationships too, they will also try to impress you in all possible manners.

There are many places for shopping too in this country if you want to impress a girl then also it can help you in impressing a girl as most of the girls love shopping and wandering around the city in search of new clothing and ornaments. Suffice it to say, these places serve as a great platform to flaunt your wealth and hit on hot girls.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife in this country has much to offer too. Apart from the females of this country, the nightlife and bar culture of this country is very famous, and a person should try to experience it if he is visiting this country. Apart from the experience these places also offer opportunities to many young males to find girls to play their games. If you want to play some of the games then it will be important for you to know that the girls will not initiate the talk but you have to break the ice, in order to score them. These are some of the famous bars, pubs, and café of the country that will help you in finding out the perfect partner for yours as well as to spend some time enjoying and partying.

  • Bettles Pub: This pub is situated in Accra city of the country, this pub is one of the most famous pubs in the country. This place offers many types of alcoholic beverages and good international cuisines to taste.
  • Figures Pub: Figures pub is the second most famous pub in the city of Accra after Bettles, the specialty of this place is types of beer and whiskey that this pub serves to the people who visit this place.
  • Pallets Bar: This is a sort of traditional bar in the city of Accra which is famous for the types of wine it offers to the visitors, apart from wine this place also offers a lot of local cuisines.
  • Ike’s Café and Grill: This café is located in Kumasi city of the country, this place is most famous in the Kumasi city. It offers a lot of type of wine and whiskey to the visitors, a lot of foreign people visit this place in search of good wine and local cuisine.
  • X5 Pub: This pub is also located in Kumasi city of the country, this place offers a great range of alcoholic beverages and international cuisines to attract visitors. Apart from the cuisine, the place is also famous for the seafood that it offers. It also attracts a good number of local people due to its cheap pricing and good taste.
  • The Pitch Bar: This place is located in Kumasi city. This place is a place for getting types of beer in the region and a lot of local people visit here to enjoy some good and cheap beer. This place also offers some of the local Ghanaian cuisines to the visitors. This place is the cheapest and good place in this region. But you will spend a good time in this place.
  • Chuck’s Bar (tamale): This bar is one of the famous bars in the region of Tamale, this bar offers types of local cuisines and alcoholic beverages. This place is also famous for the local alcohol that is prepared from rice. A lot of foreigners visit this place to explore the local culture.
  • Kona: This is the pub that will offer you everything. This pub is very famous for its audience and the presence of foreigners to spend their night in the pub. There is a good chance to meet any girl in this pub. This offers a great opportunity to score and enjoy with girls in every possible manner.
  • Sky Bar 25: This is the place situated in Accra. This is a place for couples, where one can go with his partner to spend some quality time. This is famous for the variety of wine places in the display for the visitors.
  • Semis Pub: This pub in Accra is a famous place to see a local youth in the country. This place is famous for multiple reasons. The most important is that this place offers alcoholic beverages at a very low price, provides opportunities to explore one-night stand with many women present in the club and above all this pub also offers many of the things in western style and try to make your night a good one in every possible manner.
Party at the Kona Grill in Ghana

Shopping Malls

Ghana offers a good number of opportunities in terms of trade, and business and this is the reason that many shopping malls and plaza are located in this country. These shopping malls also helps you in meeting girls and women, there is a great opportunity to meet girls and women in shopping malls. And these shopping malls can give you the opportunity to start your games and once you meet a girl and comfort her, then the pitch is yours to play everything. This is the list of some famous shopping malls in the country:-

  • Accra Shopping Mall in Accra
  • Marina Mall in the city of Accra
  • Kumasi City Mall in Kumasi city
  • Koraf Mall in Kumasi City
  • Tamale Central in the city of Tamale
Marina Mall


Whether you’re there as a solo traveler or with a family, on your big annual holiday or there for business, Accra has something to make you feel comfortable. Here are some of the places where you can visit in order to do a lot of potential things that you wish to do while your visit to Ghana. The places will never disappoint you in any manner and will always let you enjoy to the fullest in every manner possible. The list of the following places are as follows-

  • Accra, Ghana
  • Artists Alliance Gallery
  • Labadi Beach
  • Jamestown
  • Cape Coast
  • Kakum National Park
  • National Museum of Ghana
  • Elmina Castle
  • Busua Beach
  • Mole National Park
  • Cape Three Points

There are many outdoor activities in which you can participate after visiting this country. These places are extremely beautiful and come with additional benefits of picking up girls. at these places, you will come across many hot & sexy girls who are ready for hook-up. it is these places where the chances of picking up girls are very high.

Kakum National Park

Universities and Colleges

Universities and colleges can be a good place to meet and date local as well as foreign girls in the country of Ghana. In order to score some good local girls you need to know about the various college and universities located in the country, then only you can play your games and satisfy your desires. The following university and main colleges that increase your chance are there in the country:

  • The University of Ghana in Accra
  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi city
  • The University of Cape Coast, situated in Cape Coast Central
  • University for Development Studies in Tamale Northern.
  • University of Professional Studies in Accra
  • University of Mines and Technology in Tarkwa Western
  • The University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho, Volta
  • The University Of Energy And Natural Resources in Sunyani
The University of Ghana in Accra


When it comes to the relationship thing in the country of Ghana, it is more of an old school romance that females in this country prefer and wish to experience. In Ghana, if you want to experience a relationship then you have to give your efforts and need to be patient. The beauty of Ghana provides for a favorable atmosphere to live and make your relationship a successful and loving one.

Above all the factors that play a vital role in the success of a relationship is trust, understanding, and feeling of being loved, all these factors are most important in the relationship. In Ghana, if you want to live a good relationship life then you also need to be honest, patient, trustworthy, respectful, and loving.

The girls here love to be respected and they always take some time to get along with a male but after getting along with him she always tries to make his life a happy one and their relationship a successful one.

However, the girls of this country refrain from getting into an open relationship. They know that if they accept a relationship with a guy in public, it will attract a lot of criticism. Even it is advisable to avoid any PDA to stay away from getting into trouble with the locals.

Holiday Romance

For many of the tourists, one of the important purposes of their visit is to experience some fun with the local girls of the country and to expect some romance out of their bond that they create during their visit. Romance in Ghana can be a tedious task as the women of this country are very old fashioned and will only get along with you after many efforts and try.

But once they are ready to get along with you then it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. when it comes to the sexual pleasure and desires that you wish to satisfy during your holiday romance then this country is your place and do try to visit some extra time in this country. The girls here are well versed with everything so do try from your side to make full out of this opportunity.

Tips for Successful Relationship

When it comes to the successful relationship thing, it is something that takes effort, time, and patience. There are many factors that you keep to be in mind for making your relationship a successful one. The native girls of this country are very loyal and expect the same from their partners. Apart from it they also expect a lot of things i.e. love, respect, and care from their partners. So, you have to put a lot of effort in the initial days of your relationship.

You have to keep impressing her with your character and your love for her. In order to make your relationship successful, you should work on sex stamina too, because women do prefer good sex life as criteria for a successful relationship. Apart from it you also need to show the importance of her in your life, so that she can get to know about the true feelings of your heart.


Love life in Ghana in every manner is so amazing and worth living. The country can provide favorable vibes for the love life of an individual. The women here are a bit old schooled that let you work a bit hard while catching her but once she is all caught in your games then you are going to enjoy her throughout the time.

The girls here in this country loves to be respected, cared, and loved and, all these things once met they also revert in every possible manner so possible, that will make your love life in Ghana a must to experience.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

In order to know whether she is the one or not, you have to pay emphasis on many factors. This is a very important question because the girl is soon going to become a part of your life. Above everything you need to check whether she feels the same for you or not because a lot of girls in this country might be behind your gold in place of your heart.

So before giving her a shot you need to check her completely because then only she will be worth otherwise your feelings will be harmed. The only test here will be to find whether she cares for your feeling in the same manner as you or not and once you find it true then there will be no turning back and you will live your life with her to the full.


The women of this place offer the perfect example of what love, caring a long relationship feels like. The girls here will give all her efforts to make the marriage a stable affair. The females of this country are known for their loyalty, patience, and love.

They might take some time to get along you but once they get along they will do everything possible to make your marriage a successful one. And above all, they will give all of her efforts to make your sex life in marriage a happy affair and will help you satisfy all your desires.


It is one of the most exciting things to do in Ghana. Weeding in this country is a very religious and sacrosanct affair. In this society, males practice polygamy whereas females are not allowed to do so and these strict religious norms form the basis for many of the separation and divorces in the country. Apart from their traditions this country offers a unique kind of marriage celebration full of multiple cuisines and traditions. The women of Ghana also give all efforts to make their wedding unique affair. You should leave no stone unturned to celebrate your wedding in a grand manner because memories are ultimately a byproduct of a wedding ceremony.

The people of this country are very sentimental and a person’s importance in other’s life is often assessed by his inclusion in the wedding ceremony. So, this is also a perfect opportunity to make your loved ones feel that you care about them and they are a part of your life.

Family Life

Family life is something that every individual wants to experience and wants to live most happily. Ghana offers a lot in this area, the women of Ghana always try to make their family life happy and leave no stone unturned to bring everything for the family. The women here do try their best in order to make their husbands happy and satisfied too.

They always take care of their family, love them, and always try to impulse good culture and tradition in their family so that they will live their life to the full. They always try to amaze their husband in bed too by giving a good experience of sex every time and try to do things hardcore to satisfy their partners.


Map of Ghana with regions colour-coded
Coastal Plain (Accra, Apam, Cape Coast, Elmina, Kakum National Park, Kokrobite, Nzulezo, Sekondi-Takoradi, Ada)
The Gulf of Guinea coastal area with the capital city, several forts, and the best preserved rainforest in the country.
Ashanti-Kwahu (Koforidua, Kumasi, Obuasi, Sunyani)
Forested hills and the ancient Ashanti kingdom.
Volta Basin (Tamale)
The massive Lake Volta, the river system that feeds it, and border crossings to Togo.
Northern Plains (Bolgatanga, Mole National Park, Wa)
Savanna plains and the traditional trade routes with Burkina Faso.


  • Accra — national capital and largest city.
  • Bolgatanga — Ghana's gateway to Burkina Faso.
  • Cape Coast — Cape Coast slave castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site First and former capital of Gold Coast.
  • Elmina — coastal town with a quite harrowing slave fort.
  • Koforidua - regional capital of the Eastern Region.
  • Kumasi — traditional center of the Ashanti Kingdom and Ghana's second largest city.
  • Obuasi — mining town.
  • Sekondi-Takoradi Also known as twin city or oil city.
  • Tamale — largest city in the north and gateway to Mole National Park.It is also the fastest growing metropolis in Ghana.

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