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Slovenia dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Slovenian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Slovene girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Slovenia, Europe.

Hot girls of Slovenia

Girls in Slovenia:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Slovenia:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Slovenia:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Slovenia:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $350
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $200


The city of Slovenia is also known as the Republic of Slovenia. It is a beautiful country famous for its mountains, ski resorts, and lakes situated in Central Europe. The country’s borders are met with Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea. Being one of the water-rich countries of Europe, it has a wide variety of biodiversity and an intensive water network system.

In terms of urbanization, the Republic of Slovenia is quite settled with an average of 75% population living in urban areas and less than 15% of the population living in rural areas. The country follows a parliamentary democracy form of government ensuring right in the hands of citizens to elect the party they wish to.

With a total population of about 2.1 million, the country is a home of almost 70% of the people between the age group of 15-64 years. The ethnic diversity of Slovenia is beautiful with ethnic Slovenes, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, and so on living together with peace and harmony. The country is also a home for a small share of Muslims, Albanians, Hungarians, and others. As one would expect, there is a wide range of languages spoken in the country with the most prominent one as Slovene. Few other languages that can be found in the country include Hungarian, Italian, Romani, and Serbo-Croatian.

The journey of the country doesn't end here. It is one of the richest in terms of architectural heritage. With an array of beautiful churches, castles, farmhouses, and hayracks, the country is most picturesque for photographers. Traditionally, the religion that was most prominent in Slovenia was Catholic. With time and immigration of people from cross-border, the mix of religious beliefs has bloomed and diversified to Atheist, Protestant, Muslims, and many more.

Although the country is hidden from the world, still one can see the country is developed and educationally forward. The country is technologically ahead and is developed in terms of business, travel, transport, and tourism. The education in Slovenia is ranked in 12th position with almost 83% of the population educated. Slovenians are very hardworking and business diligent. Above all, the importance of the family prevails in the country of Slovenia.

The women in Slovenia are absolutely stunning. They are one of the most beautiful women with naturally blonde to dark hair, lighter shade eyes, sharp jawline, high cheekbones. Undoubtedly, the Slovenian women are one of the most beautiful that you may meet on your trip and don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling in love at first sight. This article speaks more about their nature and how to get down with them.

Dating Culture

Dating in Slovenia is not highly influenced by the religious authorities. According to the law, one can have a romantic relationship in the country when the age of 15 is crossed. Additionally a romantic relationship is not considered to be a taboo or crime nor is forbidden.

The nature of dating in Slovenia depends on the location, but generally, it is allowed, and women can engage in relationships, with the freedom to do as they like. Since most of the country is urbanized and the majority of the women are educated, you may find a good opportunities to pick up these women. But when it comes to the rural areas, the sentiments still play a role, and the importance of married life outlives that of dating.

The Republic of Slovenia is filled with the most beautiful and attractive women. Most of the women in their early 20's or 30's have a keen interest to date and have casual hookups. But with the passage of time, basically in the later 30's the willingness to have something more meaningful increases. With such a beautiful environment and landscapes, the possibility to pick up the dates is pretty high.

Online dating is quite popular in Slovenia. The following are some sites on which you can definitely rely on to pick up the dates:

The bottom line is, the beauty of the country has attracted more and more people but with the beautiful and mesmerizing women who are educated and intellectually ahead, the dating culture in Slovenia is nothing short of magical. So, as a traveller, you may have limited time but still try to stay longer to meet women, know them, and spend a beautiful, memorable time.


Slovenia is a small country in Europe that has beautiful biodiversity mixed with ethnicity. “The Slovenian soul” is quite open and acceptable. With a blink of an eye, all will agree that Slovenian women are one of the most beautiful and attractive. With sharp features and beautiful looks, they are ones to win over the hearts.

Asymmetric facial structure with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones but we look back, the equality that the Slovenia women enjoy today has been gained in the past 50 years only. Prior to that, inequality in terms of education, pay, or respect was faced by them. Traditionally, women were observed as ones liable to do only household work and were put to inferior positions. In addition to household work, farm work was also done by women but with the least sharing of power and decision-making.

Despite all the harsh things that have happened to the women, is it inequality or lack of opportunities, they have shown the world that they can overcome anything and that too beautifully. Not only the physical features define them but also their intellectual capabilities. They are quite smart, well-informed, and diligent in their decision-making. With a liberal mindset and financial independence, they are sensitive, patient, kind, and moreover family concerned. Their physical features not only define them but also constitute their personality as well. With a slender and slim body, they have long legs. They also have a good height. With a beautiful set of medium-sized boobs and perfectly firm, round, and tight buttocks, they can easily be compared to a model on-ramp. With such features, they are definitely attractive and probably the reasons why tourist can’t take their eyes off them.

The women of Slovenia are warm and friendly. They are quite simple and not high-maintenance. They prefer to have a natural look over the made-up look. They also follow quite a strict kind of diet regime and don’t prefer to have their lunches or dinners late. Also, the girls from Slovenia speak at least two foreign languages apart from the native language. They are well versed with English, and so language would not act as a barrier. This makes it even easier to meet and greet and share your feelings with the girls on your trip.

They can be very passionate about love, but to get these women to love you, you have to be ready to give them a good time. They do have a serious attitude towards relationships and are open-minded. To add further, these women love to travel and talk. Since the women are independent, so money might not play an important role while selecting and going for dates. Still don't think they are actually going to opt for someone who is broke. So if you are willing to start a relationship with these girls, then make sure to approach well and be confident. Don't hesitate to compliment; every girl loves it. So just don't rush it or try it hard, a friendly approach goes quite a long way.

Even after being family-minded and bit of traditional, they do love to party. With such a good physique, they love to adapt to western outfits as well, they look stunning. They love dancing and shaking to amazing international and indigenous music at parties which is an absolute pleasure to look at. When the work hours go off, they prefer to enjoy their life partying and enjoying, which basically means that they don't prefer to talk work while partying. At parties, they love to drink, dance, and live in the moment; and since they are big-time talkers, they love to interact with the tourists and travellers, which is surely lucky for you.

Slovenia will defiantly feel different from any other experience you have before. Slovenian women are truly special and above average. With the perfect amalgamation of a hot body and warm nature, the Slovenian girls are no less than goddess to any men visiting here. And so, you should look forward to experiencing friendship and even a romantic relationship with them. You never know, it has some good fate wrapped up for you.

Slovenian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The Slovenian girls of this age group are quite beautiful, energetic, lively, and fun-loving. They like to meet new people and be friends with them. They love hanging out, partying, and even exploring; basically, they love to have adventure in their life. With the change in time, the thoughts and advocacies of the girls in the age has also changed a lot. They are now more independent and prefer to create a life of their own. In rural areas, the thought of having a family life prevails. But it won't be wrong to say that the Slovenian girls give more importance to family and family values over and above the career and professionalism.

The majority of girls at this age are students or young professionals. They are young and ready to have new experiences in life with a little fun on the side. But remember don't take their frank nature to be cheap, they are absolutely classy. So it’s better you don’t try to keep them hanging or even disrespect them, but try to know them better and on a deeper level.

With killing features and perfectly crafted bodies, they are very enticing and hard to keep eyes off of them. Their perfectly formed and firm butts will make any man horny. Even without makeup, they look like goddesses and are above average than many of the women. Surely, they are aware of their attractiveness and stunning looks, and they do definitely take pride in them and carry themselves with poise and elegance.

These women are everywhere, be it parks, religious places, malls, ski resorts, mountains, or even lakeside and are quite easy to spot. With their magnificent build and high intellect, they are quite attractive, but with consistency and persistence, you can get near them.

The young girls partying at the Cirkus Club

Slovene Women (age 30 - 45)

Don’t get confused if you meet someone of age 40 but she looks like a girl of 27. The age group is signified by the women who are stable, diligent, and occupied in one or the other profession to earn a living. The women in Slovenia are independent and prefer to have a lifestyle chosen by themselves. Most of the women in Slovenia at this phase of life are professionally engaged and are taking care of the family as well. They always place their family ahead of everything, even their career.

Still, there will be a lot of women around that have not yet settled in life and are looking for something fun or maybe a relationship. So, if you are one of them, then definitely you can have good luck.

These women are one of a kind and are not easily swayed by the pomp and show. So if you are planning to flaunt the green, wait and think twice. To approach or to start a conversation, try going for advice about places to visit the city. It would be a great ice-breaker for the conversation to start, and since they love their culture a lot, you will get an opportunity to stay and know more about her. Try to talk more, have a coffee, maybe go for clubbing, and once you get the trust you need, you might bring up your ace of cards.

These women have a remarkable choice when it comes to dressing up, and you would surely see something classy. Even the traditional look is blissful. Don't forget to look positive as many women are tired of constantly looking at the common faces of locals, so a change will always be welcomed. It may take up some time, but when the comfort level is established, and you get the gorgeous women you are looking for, you may get a reward or say sex irrespective of everything.

Hot Mature women of Slovenia can be found at the various nightclubs around the country

Slovenian Ladies (age 45+)

These are the oldest group of women in Slovenia and have a settled life when compared to women of other groups. Even after that, these women are still quite attractive. They have come a long way in life and have experienced a lot. They have also sacrificed a lot to raise a happy family, kids, and making up a career for them. There are many places where you can find women from these group. You might look for them at bars, nightclubs, marketplaces, shopping malls, parks, lakesides, and restaurants. It is possible that these women will not respond to you as they are already settled in their life.

Hence, if you wish to have hookups with mature ladies or cougars, then try finding someone who is divorced, widowed, or unmarried, at this stage. Although the percentage of such women will be quite low, you can always find some with the help of online dating sites. But even after that, the chances of creating and enjoying romantic relationships with the women of the lesser age group is better than that of the women of this age group.

So, it is way better to spend your time and energy on finding the young girls in the city and spend time with them to have a fruitful result. These women still love to dress classy to flaunt their figures. They still retain their beauties until they get really old. 

The older women of Slovenia still love to party and can be found at different nightclubs

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The Republic of Slovenia is a beautiful country to go to. With such a huge diversity of flora and fauna, mountains, lakes, and everything beautiful, it is a perfect place to visit for vacations or honeymoons. Not only solo male travelers love to visit this country, but also the women. Despite being hidden, the land is home to diverse people.

With top universities in Slovenia, it is also a place for students from other countries to visit and gain knowledge. Foreign women come to the country to explore the beauty and landscapes of the country. But getting laid with a sexually and physically strong man is welcomed. Although this may reduce the chances of getting laid with an indigenous woman, it doesn't really matter, because it still happens either way.

So, if you are traveler out to explore and have some adventure, then surely this place is good for you, not only indigenous beauties but also the foreign women can be seen and approached here. Foreign women go out with foreign men here all the time, so it's nothing new here.


For such a beautiful and attractive group of women, you can expect that sex would be a fantastic memory for a lifetime. While the younger group is more into experimenting and trying new things, the older group is quite aware of what they want in bed and are even capable of bringing in as well. With the sexually appealing bodies, the young are quite hot in bed, making the experience of sex a lot better and steamy.

Even after the majority of women are independent, there still is a group that can be lured with money. So if you want to get laid soon, just rent a penthouse, a luxury car, and get some charm and get laid soon. Also, the younger girls are wild in nature and are willing to have new things like swinging. Nevertheless, due to slut-shaming, the girls prefer to keep their sexual private.

The risk of HIV and other STD is very low in Slovenia. Each and every statistic shows that the country is safe. But even after that, it is advisable to use protection while engaging in sexual activity with a stranger in a new country.

Sex Culture

As years have passed by the country of Slovenia has advanced a lot. The sex culture is hard to explain. With a different mindset based on where you live, you may experience different sex cultures. The traditional society has a view about sex and the same changes when it comes to urban city life.

Being a part of one of the most modern civilizations of Europe, sex life is not a big deal or a taboo topic of discussion. Women are free to get into the sexual relationships they like. But in the rural areas, the mindset of having sex with the several people is frowned upon. The open-minded culture and lifestyle are making the sex culture in the country more dynamic and ever-increasing.

One-Night Stands

Online dating and quickies are less common in Slovenia. The girls over here prefer to have something concrete and long term. They believe in having a long-run relationship that rather ends at commitment or marriage. But still, if you wish to have a one-night stand, you might get an opportunity by visiting the pubs, bars, or clubs. Many young girls visiting these bars and clubs are not looking for something so serious.

Online dating is another way to get in touch with girls who are in to the idea of one night stands. So, if you are classy, confident, soft-spoken, and well-groomed, then the chances of getting down increase by default.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Slovenia is a place with pleasant and romantic weather. It is no less than a paradise for singles out to get some love and sex. The passion and energy are in the air. So you will find a lot of ladies hanging out in the daytime, and with such a lively nightlife, it is sure that you will get an opportunity to meet party girls at night also.

The chances of picking up the date in Slovenia are excellent. Right from the parks, cafes, coffee shops, malls, markets, clubs, bars, nightlife, and restaurants, there is a wide selection of places where you can actually meet ad hookup with beautiful ladies of Slovenia.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

If you want to have a good time and wish to meet some strangers and make friends, then the nightclubs and bars are definitely the places to visit. Slovenian women are not only independent but also smart, sexy, and party-loving. They love to relax and release the tension in the air by dancing to the beat and shaking the body. You are definitely to meet some of the most passionate, successful, crazy, attractive, and sensual women here. The nightlife is quite good with nice ambience and drinks are usually heavy liquor on the rocks. The list of the most popular nightclubs and bars of Slovenia are as below:

  • Pub Bled, Ljubljana: It is one of the best nightclubs with varieties of beers and cocktails. The bar is a hotspot for youngsters, tourists, hipsters, and is all about dancing your heart out.
  • Zmauc, Ljubljana: Decorated with beautiful graffiti and awesome rooftop garden, this is the best place for summer evenings. It also serves an exotic morning espresso to help you with a hangover.
  • Luft 360Maribor: If you love rooftops and wish to have Coffee or something even stronger, then this is the place to go. With a breathtaking view of the city, you are sure to catch bliss sights as well.
  • Disco Planet TusKranj: Do you love Bowling? If yes, then this place is perfect for finding games and nightlife. The sporting environment and the lively crowd makes it even easier to break the ice and meet new people.
  • Cirkus ClubLjubljana: Live DJ, crazy atmosphere, and party animals everywhere is the heart and soul of this place. With international beers, cocktails, mouth-watering snacks, and energetic girls, this place is to stay on the list of tourists.
  • Satchmo Jazz ClubMaribor: With high profile concerts, and various other cultural activities this place makes the summer evening more warm and lively.
  • The Living RoomMaribor: Good food and good drink are two things that everyone craves for. So, visit this place, make some new friends, and get the party going.
  • CvetličarnaLjubljana: It is one of the biggest music venues and with quite colourful programs this place offers quite a good experience for the tourists.
  • Niagara Cocktail BarMaribor: An American Style bar with twirls and shaking of the cocktails and amazing Coffee is a great place to relax. It also offers some surrounding flavours of wine as well.
  • Shooters ClubLjubljana: A hub for university teens. This pub is an amazing place for beer pong, games, and a perfect place to hang out with friends. A quality spot for tourists to meet college girls.
  • Klub BrazenKranj : With a variety of event like concerts, electronic parties, stand up shows, movie nights, live sports events, this place is located in an abandoned swimming pool which makes this place unique.
  • Klub K4Maribor: Since it is located in the central, this place is the best to go for DJ and also hosts many festivals like Ment, Trek, Hair, and the Urban culture.
Party at the Cirkus Club in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Shopping Malls

Every girl loves to shop. It is quite common that women go shopping not only for personal and cosmetic items but also for groceries. In the daytime, there is no better place than a mall to meet up women in Slovenia. It is sure that you will come across a lot of women in the malls and they will be happy to help you and talk to you. So you can be sure that the girls you meet would be friendly and not rude. Try to start a decent conversation may be about the city or places to visit and then go with the flow. Some of the remarkable shopping malls in Slovenia where you can visit are:

  • Poslovni Sistem Mercator d.d., Lesce
  • Shopping centre Citycenter, Celje
Galerija Emporium


Slovenia is a beautiful country with tourists pouring in every year. This is because of the vast biodiversity and beautiful landscapes.. The beautiful outdoors like museums, lakes, bridges, and resorts to visit in Slovenia are:

A view of the breathtaking Bled lake

Universities and Colleges

There are many big universities in Slovenia, but still, the education is given most importance in Slovenia. The women in these Universities are mainly young women who make education their priorities, but they love to have some fun on the side. Some of these Universities and Colleges in Slovenia include:

University of Ljubljana


The romantic relationships in Slovenia are more important than just having hookups. The women prefer to have a long-term, meaningful relationship as compared to short term relationships. These women not only want to have a family but also a successful and happy life ahead both financially and romantically. They are pretty simple and good housekeepers.

They are open-minded and love to show off their man to the family and society. They are not scared of commitment and are well aware of how to keep the relationship lively and to go. With high heritage culture and cuisines, they do love to serve the family as well. Being in a relationship with Slovenian women is a blessing; and if you are looking for something long-term, then you should surely give it a try when you visit this beautiful country.

Holiday Romance

Some of the women in Slovenia or foreign women in Slovenia prefer to have holiday romance which is basically to have a relationship without any commitment. These are usually the young girls looking for something fun and adventurous.

You can also get into a holiday romance by using online dating sites, but these work less in Slovenia. Online dating is the best option if you don’t want to go out, meet, and talk to women to know them and indulge in. Just create a profile, and meet different women who will want to hang out, or hook up and hit it when you find the one that matched your frequency.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Almost everyone looks forward to having a successful relationship but relationships are not that easy to create and maintain. From either end, the relationship should not feel like a burden but should be blissful. But with time, it is also necessary to make your partner feel that you are in this relationship physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually as well. So to build a strong relationship, it is must have the following attributes:

  • Loyalty: To have a beautiful relationship, it is a must. It is carved out of love and trust between the couple. 
  • Spend time with your partner: No matter how busy you are, it is good to take some time and spend it with your partner. These are the moments that you will cherish when you grow old.
  • Trust: Trust is the base of any relationship. If you want to have a long relationship, then building trust is quite important. It can be done by sharing the feelings, not hiding anything, and by being transparent in the relationship.
  • Love: If you wish to have a blissful and energetic relationship, then try focusing on creating love. Keep your relationship lively by adding the spice of love in it from Time to Time.


Love is everywhere, and when we talk about a country as beautiful as Slovenia, then it is quite obvious that the love culture in Slovenia is quite widespread. The women here believe in love and relationships and are not afraid of getting into committed relationships. There might be some difference in thoughts in the rural areas, but still, this ideology is more wide spread in Slovenia.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

When you know that the women you are crazy about loves you, that feeling is the best feeling in the world. You cannot imagine having something better than this. But how are you going to know about it? It is quite simple. When a woman loves you, she will be more focused on taking care of you, respecting you, and being with you more. She will be proud of being seen with you. So, if you see any such traits, then be sure that you have found the one and she has also found the one. And now it’s the best time to move ahead and keep up with this relationship.


Marriage as in any other country is quite straight forward here too. Both the bride and the groom are required to sign the marriage documents as the legal proof of binding into this sacred relationship. Forced marriage is not prevailing here. Being educationally forward and diligent, the women focus on knowing the better half first and then taking the decision of getting married. Apart, getting married to a foreign national is also legal and common in the country of Slovenia.


The traditional rituals of Slovenia are a bliss to attend and be a part of. But if you are the bride or the groom, then the happiness of being a part of the wedding gets doubled up. The tradition of Sranga or the Obstacle is common and famous. There might be some variations in the ceremonies based on the ethnicities. There's a lot of celebration, drinking, singing, and dancing. The bride and groom may wear the conventional white dress and tuxedo, respectively, or traditional attires. 

Family Life

Family is the most important part of every culture. When we talk about the culture of Slovenia, the women give the highest value to the family. The Slovenian women prefer to take care of the family and also opt for the career as well. On the other hand, Slovenian men are expected to earn a good living. Having a car, land, and house is a symbol of royalty and is treated with respect.

The children usually stay with their parents until they are old enough to make their own decisions wisely. It is quite common to have grandparents living in the family. The visits from the relatives are welcomed and cherished.


Regional map of Slovenia.
Coast and Karst (Ilirska Bistrica, Piran, Postojna, Sežana)
The southwestern side of Slovenia with hills, caves and the coastline.
Julian Alps (Bled, Idrija, Jesenice, Triglav National Park)
The mountainous northwest lakes and Mount Triglav.
Central Slovenia (Kamnik, Kranj, Ljubljana)
The central region with the capital city.
Southeastern Slovenia (Dolenjske Toplice, Kočevje, Novo Mesto)
The southeastern region with Krka and lower Sava rivers.
Pohorje-Savinjska (Celje, Trbovlje, Velenje, Žalec)
The northern region with mountains and the Savinja river valley.
Eastern Slovenia (Maribor, Ptuj)
The northeastern region with the Drava and Mura rivers, and numerous vineyards.


  • Ljubljana — the picturesque, pint-sized capital
A view of the city of Ljubljana
  • Maribor — Slovenia's second largest city
A part of Maribor
  • Celje — one of Slovenia's oldest cities
A view of the city of Celje
  • Kranj — largest city in the northwest
A beautiful sight from the city of Kranj
An ariel view of the city of Novo Mesto
  • Koper — largest city on the Slovene coastline
  • Velenje — the eighth largest city in Slovenia
A view from Velenje

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