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Guide for dating in Austria helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Austrian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Austrian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Austria. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Austria, Europe.

Sexy girls at the Travel Shack bar, Vienna, Austria

Girls in Austria:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Austria:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Austria:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Austria:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $800
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $500


Indeed, there is something extraordinary and incredibly charming about places that value their history. While modern lifestyle is a priority, there are some countries where you would see equal importance given to their past. In fact, they keep their old monuments and historical places in good condition, and for travelers, it is worth visiting.

The landlocked region of Austria is one such place that is beautiful in every sense of the word. Not to mention, there are loads of cities in this magnificent country that equally showcase their past and future. Without a doubt, the knowledge you would receive in this region is plenty, but that is not the only attraction present.

Certainly, there is a lot to see, but the Austrian women you would meet are what make you linger. 'Blessed with good looks and an intelligent mind, these ladies could be the perfect companions for your trip. Not only are they very smart and sophisticated, but also they are not overly proud.

These ladies are very self-reliant and know a lot about a variety of topics. Of course, there are some differences in the women who live in different cities like Vienna to smaller towns like Hallstatt. However, their main ideals and the societal rules are the same and these women follow them religiously.

Thus, you would meet quite a few interesting women when you visit various cities in Austria. While not all of them are the same, their charm is felt by everyone they come across. Therefore, if dating is a concern for you, these ladies are a good choice but they are not too easy to impress.

Dating Culture

If you have an idea about the dating cultures in various parts of the world, you would see a stark contrast in Austria. To put it simply, the dating culture in this particular region is almost non-existent, and there are some factors involved as to why. But, that is not to say that the people here do not date at all; they are just more cautious about choosing who.

Especially for the Austrian women, dating is not their highest priority and they prefer to spend time with their friends. While they do like enjoying themselves, it is not something most readily agree to with strangers. Owing to this, if you want to make a mark on their heart, the best way is through friendship.

Indeed, the regular 'asking them out' policy is not the easiest in the dating scenario in Austria. Not to mention, if you go to a more remote small town in this country, their viewpoints on dating get slimmer. The ladies who live in the more modern cities are a little more open to the idea, but not all of them.

Of course, you might get lucky here If you go about it in a sensible manner. Moreover, you might meet someone who is a little more attuned to the Western dating mentality and would prefer something casual. While that is true, it is also necessary to mention that most Austrians may not respond favourably to casual hookups and relationships. Thus, you should keep a check on your behaviour and body language and be respectful when you approach any of these ladies.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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Home is certainly where your heart resides, and that is especially true for the women in Austria. These ladies care deeply for their heritage and background, while also focusing on world issues. After all, knowledge is a major thing for these mild-mannered European beauties, and they spend a lot of their time with books.

Not only are they serious about going ahead in life, but also the same perseverance is visible in their very personality. The Austrian women have a lot of respect towards knowledge and enjoy connecting through a shared interest. Furthermore, they are very secure and calm, and that only adds to their overall appealing personalities.

Of course, with their serious temperament and brilliant work ethic, most people feel that that’s all they do. However, that is not always the reality with the Austrian ladies; in fact, they enjoy the nightlife well. When they like someone and feel that they are interesting, these ladies are quite friendly in nature.

Indeed, their reception towards flirting can vary between individuals but do engage them in a conversation first. If there is anything they do not like, it is meaningless flirting, as they find it essentially fake. After all, most of these women respect the family structure and long-term relationship values, and date accordingly.

While all that is true, you would not completely understand the allure of these ladies without considering their outer appearance too. Without a doubt, they are classy through and through, in what they wear, how they walk, and even their health. Overall though, while the classic Nordic blue-eyes blonde beauty is common among the Austrians, their looks are not one-note. No matter what you find attractive, both in visage and values, you would find a match in this country.

Austrian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Without a doubt, who a person is, starts changing, or better yet evolving, at their younger age. For the Austrian ladies at 18 years of age is when this starts and they choose the route of education to do so. The Austrian girls from a much younger age have always grown up satisfying their thirst for knowledge and most of them adore it.

However, while that does occur, some of these young ladies feel like exploring new territories. For many of them, this happens through meeting new people and dating, but that has many limitations. Most of these girls want to date someone who they like talking to and know they can trust.

As they grow up, their idea towards romance shifts and they start thinking in a long-term partner sense. After all, most of the Austrian society has a very traditional mind and that is visible in this spectrum. To elaborate, they want someone in their life who they can see spending their experiences with, and not something casual.

Although this is the more common theme among the Austrians in the matter of dating, some younger women decide to give the opposite type a chance. Having a hookup is not too out of the norm, but they prefer doing so with someone they are attracted to. Therefore, they know and do what they desire, and can easily say no if they feel uncomfortable in your presence.

Moreover, these ladies spend their early and late twenties targeting their professional ambitions. Of course, this is comparatively muted in the rural areas, but they too keep themselves busy well. Either way, these women want to get married someday, and that is something that you should consider while pursuing them.

Young girls having a good time at Travel Shack, Vienna, Austria

Austrian Women (age 30 - 45)

Throughout the country, most of the Austrians you would meet are focused on their professional and family life. For these women, marriage as an institution is something important and they want to be married and . So, the chances are that the ones you come across when you go to the different cities of Austria are already happily married.

These women make excellent wives and are equally devoted to all the commitments they undertake. Not to mention, they try to do everything they put their mind to with a happy and agreeable attitude. Certainly, nothing much ever makes them want to give up, as the Austrian women have a very optimistic mindset.

As for dating a woman from this age bracket who is single, is not the easiest task. After all, they prefer to keep all their commitments in line and do not quite feel doing the same for dating. But, despite that and the lack of many options, you would get to meet someone for sure.

These ladies do like to go out with their group of friends and visit different bars and such. Therefore, if you want, you can approach them at these spots but keep in mind that this might not always work out. Yet, try to strike up an interesting conversation as that always sparks their interest. And if it continues well, you might get the chance to take them out on a date afterward.

Women at the Harakiri Bar, Mayrhofen, Austria

Austrian Ladies (age 45+)

Of course, finding someone single in the cities of Austria around their thirties or early forties is not always easy. Many of them have a partner that they adore and are loyal to, while others do not want to enter the dating scene. Consequently, this issue expands into their late forties and more, and single willing ladies are very rare.

Although the primary societies in different regions of Austria are not completely similar, they do blend both modern and old-world mentalities. However, the older generations do cling on to the latter mindset more, and that shows in their dating life too. Thus, even if they are single, most of the mature Austrian women do not give love another chance.

They put their attention into the well-being and building a good lifestyle for their children and grandchildren. Not to mention, they focus on maintaining the household duties too and dedicate a lot of their time towards caring for others. In turn, they do not have much time or energy left for themselves and try not to dwell on it.

However, do not completely lose all hope as some of these women might consider giving it another shot. After all, you can never tell when or how you might connect with someone, and that is possible for these women. You should focus on growing camaraderie with these ladies before asking them out in a romantic manner.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

It is no wonder that the more visually delightful or culturally bright a location is, the more people want to go there. Indeed, in the case of Austria, both of these elements are quite effective and draw big crowds. Therefore, amidst all of them, the chances of you meeting a pretty young lady who is also a foreigner like you are very plausible.

Without a doubt, these ladies further increase the attraction of this place and many people crave this the most. They are fun-loving and charismatic, and most importantly, very happy to roam around the region. Certainly, in that sense, you would have something to bond over and you would feel a little less lonely.

Whether you want a romantic interlude or just someone to spend time with, the tourists are better companions. And if they have settled in Austria already, they can help you adjust in the country as well. In fact, they would tell you about their experience in this society, and you can understand it better through the eyes of someone similar.

Not to mention, if you want to bond with someone in a romantic sense, the foreign women will be easier options in terms of approaching and getting them to agree to go out with you. While the Austrian ladies are not cold towards people, they do hold up walls when it comes to their hearts. Certainly, when you are in a new country and are open to dating there, you would prefer something simple instead.

On that note, you would face an easier storyline with the foreigners, and not just in the case of love. Indeed, if a solely sexual relationship is more your cup of tea, these girls would consider it seriously. However, that too counts on who you approach and their comfort level. It is something you should think seriously about whether you want to date a foreign girl or a local Austrian.


When you meet an Austrian girl and are considering something intimate to come out of your relationship, it is not straightforward. After all, the women in Austria are not open to the idea of sexual intimacy with anyone who shows interest. These women are smart and confident and they mostly have a sexual relationship only with someone they care for.

Of course, they are not prudish either and quite enjoy the act but they don't consent to just anybody. These women are the rulers of their own bodies and engage in such acts with those they feel comfortable with. Thus, approach them cautiously if if you are looking to have a romantic and sexual relationship with them, but it would be advised to first see how you connect with them on an intellectual level. If they are interested to take things further, they would make it known, for sure.

Sex Culture

In the various cities of Austria, the women you would meet are smart and reserved, and incredibly independent. Given that, they show that same control in their personal lives, including sex. Thus, though they do not openly go out with someone for the intention of physical desire, they are not opposed to it either.

While you would find some women who tend to wait much longer, they do have prominent sexual independence. In part, this has to do with the fact that nudity and sexuality are quite liberated in this society. In fact, they have a regulated but legal business situation in this regard as well, and paying for sex is not a taboo. Therefore, if that is something that you are into, you would not find a lack of options in Austria.

One-Night Stands

With their want and regard for love in relationships, most of the Austrian ladies do not engage in casual affairs. Also, due to societal factors, most do not find it an attractive possibility either and want something meaningful first. However, while that is the usual, one-night stands are not completely out of the option, and many do go for it.

Of course, you cannot ask an Austrian girl out with that intention when you meet her around town. The best places where you would find success in this matter are at the bars and clubs because after a few drinks they feel much more relaxed. Nonetheless, if she does not show any interest in it, keep your distance and do not disrespect her. Additionally, the foreign girls that you would meet in the different provinces are more comfortable with this prospect, and you might have better luck approaching them instead.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Some countries display an entirely different and very distinct landscape that makes it wonderfully exciting to witness. Moreover, when such areas can tell you new things about the times that passed, that further increases the allure. Blessed with the sister country of Germany, Austria, is a beacon of admiration for many travellers.

Given all that, it is not surprising that the people who tour its cities are high in number, including the locals themselves. Not to mention, a huge percentage of those are the women, who clearly enjoy seeing the different sites. Thus, if meeting one or some of them is your desire, going to these areas would definitely help.

As for where to go, there are many options for such in this picturesque country and that would excite you too. Additionally, there are many activities that you can take part in as well, and enjoy your tour of Austria. Both the local as well as the foreigner ladies find these fascinating, and you can bond with them through shared experiences.

Of course, if you are after an Austrian woman’s heart, getting her attention takes time and effort. Just meeting them somewhere won’t do much help, and you need to capture their attention through communication. But finding a good topic is not always easy and sometimes, it can feel slightly forced.

That would not impress an Austrian girl, and you would lose your chance with them. In such a case, the place where you are can help you figure out a conversation starter or at least give you an opportunity to approach them. Thus, through that, you can segue naturally into other topics, and that would work in building a connection.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Certainly, nothing quite describes a fun night out in a city quite as well as its nightlife. While you would see the most popular tourist activities in the region during the day-time, the night is usually when things get more interesting. And in Austria, there are many great spots for this type of excitement and you can try them out. Not to mention, the Austrian ladies enjoy drinking out with their friends quite a lot and loosen up too. Therefore, if you want to meet an interesting and vivacious girl, these clubs and bars are great options to check out.

  • The Bachelor Club (Vienna)- If you want to experience a more posh night-scene, this bar would certainly give you a memorable time.
  • Shamrocks (Salzburg)- If you want the full pub experience in Austria, definitely give Shamrocks a try!
  • Travel Shack (Vienna)- Celebrate a little bit of the Aussie touch in this spot in Vienna, and meet young ladies too!
  • Krahvogel (Innsbruck)- Enjoying the nightlife does not always include parting hard, and the relaxing ambiance of this place proves that.
  • Little Havana (Vienna)- Let your dance god out and impress the Austrian girls with your moves in this exciting location.
  • Dachsbau Night Club (Innsbruck)- If you want to meet a young charming girl amidst heart-racing songs and a wonderful atmosphere, this is the place to go.
  • Club Schwarzenberg (Vienna)- Certainly, Vienna is one of the best areas in Austria for the night-owls and this club would prove why.
  • Frau Dietrich (Linz)- The nightlife in Linz is one to look forward to, and you would realize why when you visit this spot.
Party at the Club Schwarzenberg, Vienna, Austria

Shopping Malls

If you want to come across some beautiful Austrian women, shopping malls are great places to try. After all, everyone needs essentials and these areas are always packed with many ladies. Not to mention, they are fashion conscious too and like going out to shop, and always look classy while doing so.

However, you cannot go up to them and randomly start flirting with them, as they find it incredibly rude. When approaching them, do so with a friendly attitude and a calming smile, and things would work out better for you. Of course, their opinion is entirely theirs, and respect their privacy if they choose to mind their own business instead. The following are some of the most popular and good shopping destinations when you reach Austria.

Gasometer, Vienna, Austria


Without a doubt, exciting areas are in abundance in the entire country of Austria, and many of them have interesting history about them. The ladies have a certain fascination for such a place and visit them quite often. Also, you would find many female tourists going to these areas as well.

Thus, if you are in the mood to meet some young ladies in the different provinces of Austria, you would get the chance. They know a lot about these particular areas as well, and you would have a lot to talk about, together. In order to properly understand the best this country has to offer, these tourist attractions are a must-see. Some of them are as following:

Krimmis Waterfall, Salzburg, Austria

Universities and Colleges

In the Austrian society, a lot of significance is given toward a good education system. And you would find many renowned universities where you can receive great learning opportunities. Furthermore, the Austrian girls are very passionate readers and quite enjoy such training experiences.

When you visit this country, you would get a lot of moments to hone your knowledge and intellect. At different campuses of universities in the country, you can get to meet some beautiful young girls. Not to mention, the things you learn here would allow you to strike up a conversation with them as well, which would ultimately help you.

Certainly, education is a big deal in Austrian society, and following are some of the universities in the country:

  • University of Vienna (Vienna)
  • University of Graz (Graz)
  • BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences) (Vienna)
  • Mozarteum University Salzburg (Salzburg)
  • University of Innsbruck (Innsbruck)
  • University of Music and Performing Arts (KUG) (Graz)
Univerisity of Vienna, Austria


When you are visiting a completely new city in a country you have never gone to, days can feel a little lonely after a while. Therefore, meeting interesting people and creating a bond with them would allow you to break out of your shell. And in Austria, you would certainly get the chance to experience that with many people.

In general, any relationship, no matter what type they are, is built on the foundation of trust and connection. For the Austrian women, this is especially true and you need to work on it for sure. Of course, the main element that is important for you to achieve is friendship, and that would lead to the rest.

The ladies in the different cities of Austria are very modern in many aspects but have certain hopes regarding a relationship. Indeed, while they may appear very reserved and subdued, and they mostly are, their caring side comes out for those they love. Surely, if you get their trust and you manage to prove them your loyalty, they would give their all to you.

A partnership is a big deal for these women, and most have their futures in mind when getting into a relationship. They do not date much but when they do, it is a promise for commitment and possibly spending their life together. Thus, if you do not want something as serious as that, dating an Austrian would not work for you.

Certainly, stay honest about that with them and do not progress something if you are not all in. Of course, some Austrian ladies might not think this way, and would not have any permanent expectations from you. You should talk it out with the one you are dating and understand each other’s viewpoint before proceeding.

Holiday Romance

In this world and especially in the matters of the heart, there are several types of love stories people witness. While some grow over a long time of knowing each other, others come unexpectedly and fill your life with passion. Consequently, one such relationship type that falls more under the latter spectrum is love during a vacation.

Indeed, when you are going to another country for a while, you cannot expect who you might bond with. A partner on a holiday would suddenly come and fill your life with thrill and adventure, and leave you feeling refreshed and sated. With the many enchanting women that you would meet when you go to Austria, this is quite inevitable.

A good thing about these love affairs is that, in essence, they do not come with complications. After all, both you and your lover know it well that you are just having a fun time together. Thus, neither of you keeps any expectations and that only makes such connection more pleasurable and relaxing.

Moreover, the factor of a shorter time together makes every moment you spend together feel like your last. That, in turn, increases the passion in your relationship and lets you create wonderful and bittersweet memories. Of course, you would have a better chance of this version of a romance with a foreign girl. They understand and accept such a situation, and aside from a few Austrian ladies, most local women would decline.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Indeed, there are a few things that affect every romantic relationship, regardless of who it involves. And how your own progresses or even lasts longer, depends on the work you put into these factors. If you are wondering what they are, here are some points that you need to stay aware of and put effort into.

  • Emotional compatibility- Indeed, this is a very important thing that you need to have in your relationship. And that includes things like having similar mentalities, views on life, and an emotional connection with each other. The more you know them, the better your bond would grow and that is very important for a long-living romance.
  • Conversations- In order to know each other better, you need to talk about things that you both hold dear. Not to mention, discuss everything from completely mundane to intensely deep, and that would work towards building trust. Certainly, that is a very crucial step in the right direction for your relationship.
  • See things from her point of view- Everyone has a different outlook on various topics and ideas. And that is no different for the Austrian woman you chose to date. Of course, it is possible that you may not always agree on some things but keep an open mind to it. Listen to her point and try to understand; it might not sway your own view but their perspective is equally important. Not only would you understand her mindset better, but also show respect to her and her opinions. This would further deepen your bond.
  • Show importance to those they hold close- Certainly, their families are very important to everyone, and that is the same for Austrians. Thus, if you want to show your care and adoration for your lover, make an effort to bond with theirs. This would help your relationship grow strongly too, owing to their family’s and friends’ acceptance of you.


When you are at a new city and trying out the dating landscape there, it is obvious you would get many obstacles. And if the one you fall for is an Austrian woman living in her country, the biggest one is herself. Indeed, these ladies do not fall in love through a simple ‘meet-cute’ but take a careful time assessing you and your interest.

Of course, how well you do in that depends entirely on how you approach them all the way to the littlest moments. Things like a supportive shoulder and small but meaningful times are very important to these women. And if they feel that you genuinely respect them and are not controlling, they would cherish that.

These women, from the moment you start dating, subconsciously try to see if you are life-partner material. Then, over time that curiosity develops into love, and when they realize that, they are all in. Truly, it is the start of something beautiful and everlasting, and that is how they view love to be.

The Austrian women show their care and love through their actions and caring persona. Without a doubt, they have a very supportive nature and are always there for their partners in times of need. Moreover, they enjoy the simplistic pleasures and do not fall for the materialistic things; although, they would like the gesture.

These women love creating things and surprising their loved ones with something home-made and mouthwatering. Furthermore, these ladies are romantic at heart but do not overly express it. However, privately, they would express themselves through their loving efforts and open-minded support.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Before you decide to get married to someone you love, there are some things that you need to look into. And one of the main ones that determine how your future would look like with them is simply your partner herself. Therefore, look into these following points and see if she checks all the right boxes.

  • Supportive of your goals- If you have something that you want to do in life and it is your dreams, some risks are always involved. And most people do not support that or say that you cannot succeed, but a good life-partner is not like this. Therefore, do you feel that same quiet but unwavering support from her?
  • Nice to you even in your bad times- Everybody suffers through hard times, and they always come such a moment when you feel especially lonely. In such a time, having someone for comfort and who gives you a reassuring embrace is a wonderful and much-required feeling. Thus, is she that for you and can you trust her to stay like that always?
  • Trust- Certainly, this is the most valuable and essential feeling in any relationship, especially marriage. Do you feel comfortable opening up to her about your darkest thoughts and know that they are loyal anyway? Are your secrets her secrets now and you know that they would not judge them, only accept you wholly? Consider these carefully.


Through meeting someone all the way to falling in love with them, there are a lot of hurdles you go through. But the ultimate step that would set your bond in stone and make it official is marriage. Indeed, it would join the two of you in a tight bond and ensure the beginning of a lovely life together.

In Austria, this promise is a very significant one and for many Austrian women, the ultimate thing that they have always wanted. Certainly, most of these ladies get into a relationship with this getting married to their partners as a goal. They judge their partners through time and a relationship gives them an idea about what their future would like.

Marriage is the obvious next step and for most of these women and their families, a big one. So, after their family has accepted you as their in-law and yours have accepted her, you can get on with the planning. This is not an easy step though and requires time and lots of important conversations.

After all, marriage is one of the most significant moments of your life, and understanding what you both want out of it is vital. Things like the housing situation, financial responsibilities, wedding planning, etc., all fall under this. Not only would such a discussion give you an idea about what is to come in your married life, but also prepare a good and happy one.

Of course, there are some other things that play a part in such a situation, and that is the legality. If you are not a citizen of Austria, there are some legal conditions and requirements you need to meet in order to get married. Overall, while marriage is said as a symbol of love’s unity, there are various other matters that you need to handle beforehand.


Certainly, weddings are a mark of celebration for love and unity, and it is given huge importance in Austria. The society here follows a more tradition-oriented approach and the people integrate many old and new customs. Not to mention, most people there are religious too and thus, church weddings are the more common ceremonies for couples.

However, whatever theme you choose to go with, the most important step involves a registry marriage in the Standesamt (Vital Statistics Office). Many couples don’t do much more than that, while some prepare a lavish ceremony afterward anyway. Also, church weddings, too, follow after this registry marriage, which means the celebrations are more for a show purpose.

When speaking of the ceremonies, the Austrians incorporate a lot of old customs that are recurring still now. Of course, there are some changes to that depending on the province you are at, but some customs like the groom bringing the bride to the venue are universal. Additionally, smaller quirky traditions like setting tasks for the couple along the way to the marriage hall are fun additions. Without a doubt, at your wedding, you and your soon-to-be wife are the main stars, and thus, final decisions lie on you. Therefore, if you want to hold the venue at a different location like a hotel or outdoors, that is your choice. In the various cities of Austria, many such exciting locations exist and you can go there and create a beautiful momentous celebration.

If you want to have a memorable and picture-ready wedding ceremony in Austria, these are great spots.

  • Villa Bergzauber (Upper Austria)
  • Mirabell Palace (Salzburg)
  • Hochzeitswald (Graz)
  • Piber Castle & Stud Farm (Styria)
  • Kufstein Fortress (Tirol)

Family Life

After everything is said and done, the next important step that comes into play is your family life. Indeed, you would see a lot of responsibilities that come into play here, but with an Austrian woman beside you, those don’t feel too problematic. Indeed, these women are go-getters and extremely talented in whatever they choose to accomplish, and this falls under it too.

Of course, with the society’s focus toward this moment of one’s life, Austrian girls learn a lot about home life early. While they do not give up their independent streak or career growth, they try to adjust to their home life too. Not only do these ladies do it well, but also they do it without any complaints or arguments.

After all, they have a naturally giving personality and like to take care of everyone they care about. Therefore, they show that through little but important things like cooking special meals, taking care of the children, etc. Most families in Austria work well because both partners give equal attention and effort into the home and outside life, and you should too.

Speaking of outside, there are many good and satisfying amenities available in Austrian cities that would help you run a good household. Important things like good medical assistance, scholastic excellence, profitable job structures, etc., are present in many of these cities. All in all, with these factors and a brilliant partner, your life in this country will be exciting and restful. Of course, the beautiful views you will get used to wherever you choose to settle at do not hurt either..!


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