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Hungary dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Hungarian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Hungarian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Hungary, Europe.

Girls in Hungary:

  • Looks of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.0 / 5

Dating in Hungary:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.0 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Hungary:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.0 / 5

More about Hungary:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $550
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $300


Hungary is a landlocked European country that is known for architectural landmarks and neoclassical buildings. It is situated in central Europe and shares boundaries with 7 countries which include Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, and Ukraine. The capital of this beautiful country is Budapest. One interesting thing about the capital city is it is bisected by the river Danube. The country’s population is almost 10 million and the standard of living is high as compared to neighboring countries. The official language of this country is Hungarian but almost more than 50 percent of the population knows English and can speak English very fluently. The major religion followed here is Roman Catholic, followed by Protestants, and Calvinists. The official currency is Hungarian Forint and you can also use Euros at some places.

Overall, this country is safe for tourists and is also a country that has a high standard of living. It is important to state that 14.6 percent of the population is living in poverty as compared to 17.2 percent in the whole European Union. It will be fun visiting this country because the people are very kind and generous to foreigners.

Dating Culture

It has already been stated that Hungary is a landlocked country so it attracts tons of tourists throughout the year. Dating in a country depends on the lifestyle of its population since Hungary is a rich country and the population lives a lavish life. Dating culture is at boom here and young people love casual dating.

As normally seen Europeans are intellectual and liberals, therefore in a country like Hungary, the people develop a friendship with foreigners and young girls here are fond of dating strangers and also engage in random hookups with good looking tourists. Hungarian girls are very beautiful and are very comfortable in dating tourists as well as locals. The one thing which attracts them is the accent of the tourists because they find them cute.

It is an easy task to ask out a girl for a casual date in Hungary all you need is to gather some courage to ask them in an interesting way which blows up her mind.


Hungarian women often described as the most beautiful creature in this world. They are so beautiful which will attract any men; in general, they are sweet, adorable, cute, and highly generous. Hungarian women are highly intelligent and this thing makes them simple and kind. They don't have any attitude just like any other European girl. They love to know about different cultures and history, thus, it is easy to initiate a conversation with them. Once you visit Hungary, you will surely make your mind to either start a relationship or friendship with the local Hungarian woman. They will not disappoint you when it comes to their beauty and character.

Hungarian women in general love partying and clubbing around the city in the middle of the night and often get to their home early in the morning. You can easily find some girl gangs roaming late on streets and you can also see them making out in public. The citizens here are educated and cannot find PDA offensive. You can witness the beauty of these girls in both the day time and night time. Young girls are a little rude when it comes to talking with strangers but middle-aged women are mature and very kind to strangers especially foreigners.

Women carry pride in themselves and they love to enjoy their life to the fullest. They are ambitious and want to support their family in the income-building process. These women are real badass when it comes to seducing men, they will dress like a seductress and will definitely grab your attention and you cannot resist falling for them. The young girls are highly motivated in maintaining their body features and also went gymnasiums and other yoga centers to shape their bodies with mouth-watering curves. They possess great assets with bulgy breasts and big buttock which will drool sugar-daddies and their purpose of extracting money from them is also fulfilled.

Most women have a different kind of sexual vibe. They love to get laid with strangers and often end up their night in stranger's bed. They are very sexually appealing and would love random hookups with no strings attached. All you need is to do proper homework before asking out any women. After proper planning, it is easy for foreigners who are rich to get sex in their short and sweet trip to Hungary.

Hungarian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The girls of this age group are pretty and beautiful and are often childish. They are usually not working and are pursuing their higher studies. These college going girls are the ones who needed the utmost care and attention. They sometimes act rude to strangers but deep down they are very apologetic. Any person who understands them and shows genuine care in them will make them fall for you. They carry an attitude and are usually bold because of the repulsive character develop in this age. In this age of adolescence there are much hormonal change affects the body, they also want someone who satisfies their body desires and they love to get sexually exploited. These girls are determined to fulfill their goals set in their life. They do not care for rules and often do against the social stigmas prevailing in the country. They want to be independent and if a person gives them freedom and respects her thoughts and ideas will possess a greater chance to engage in great time sex with her. These age-group girls are open to sex and often see sex as a normal thing when compared to middle-aged women. These girls are not loyal at all and often indulge in a relationship merely for time pass and sexual life. They easily ditch their partner when they get bored with them.

It is easy going for foreigners and tourists to have a short and sweet relationship with these young girls with a lot of sex and thrill. The local girls will often act as your guide in enjoying the beauty of the country, while at the destinations you will also cherish the beauty of your girl by making love at different breath-taking locations.

These girls are not financially independent and usually in need of money to maintain their extra expenses on shopping or otherworldly desires. They approach rich men and sugar daddies which help them to live such a lavish life. All they do is to go to lavish nightclubs and seduce young charming rich kids which will shower them with money. There are high chances where you can hit a hot and sexy woman in these nightclubs and pubs.

The girls of this age group are sexually dominant and are lusty, there are several instances when they prove to be a pro-player in bed. These girls will surely blow out your mind when it comes to foreplay and different moves in bed. These girls need care and attention, they have assigned with different tasks and a lot of responsibilities may have arisen because of the career and the growing age. Apart from sex and all, if you succeed in winning their trust they will show you their bright side and even engages in a long-serious relationship with you. One important thing while dating these girls is that you can tell your intentions clearly to them whether you want a long term relationship or only a short sexual relationship. This will make you a gentleman because it is good to not hurt their feelings.

Hungarian Women (age 30 - 45)

These women are the most beautiful age group of women. Their body is perfectly shaped and they have the ability to attract any man towards them with their softness and with their maturity. They don't have any desires which make them to the bed of every man they meet. These women are in search of a life-time partner and usually want to make a relationship with those men who have dedication in building a relationship that will turn into a marriage. Thus, in this age group, you will find women who are either married or on the verge of getting married. These women are sex freaks with their partner and need sex every night.

The average salary of women in Hungary is good and thus the working makes them financially independent. Most of these women are hard-working to get a life which they desired when they young. They spend lavishly on themselves and love to go clubbing and dancing in the expensive pubs and clubs in the major cities. There is a high probability where your destiny will take you to one of those bars when you visit Hungary.

These women will relieve themselves from work-stress and often end up drinking a lot of drinks. It is easy to pick these young energetic beautiful women when they are high and there are lot more chances where you can get sex from them. It is highly advisable that you may book your room in the hotel which is situated in the center of the city.

Hungary is the place that attracts thousands of tourists from different countries. These beautiful young girls often try hard to manipulate these innocent foreigners and extract money from them. These women have a high sense of the trends and fashion and you love to dress lavishly. Coming to the physical features of the body which they possess, they have perfectly sized breasts, wide buttocks, thin waist, and a sexy curvy body that needs a hell lot of money to be maintained. Many women often get laid with sugar daddies for one night stands. This age group often serves the purpose of the foreigners who visited Hungary to get and enjoy their vacations to the fullest.

Overall, this age-group is a pure gem for all those who want to initiate a long term relationship which is full of love, sex, and fun. Even if you don't have an intention for choosing your life partner, visiting this place and witnessing the beauty of these girls will surely change your mind.

Hungarian Ladies (age 45+)

You might not be intended to think about such elderly women when you are planning a trip to Hungary, but after reading the description of these Hungarian milfs will make you hit on elderly ladies rather hitting on young girls who are hard to get.

It is noticed that the divorce rate in European countries is higher but not in the case of Hungary. These category women are usually married so this group consists of married, divorced, and widowed women. There are very bleak chances where you get any unmarried women whose age is 45 years and above. These women have gained everything in life and want to live an unstressed free life with their beloved ones. It is scientifically proven that men get sexually older faster than women, thus they fail to satisfy their wives.

So, these women often search for young men that can satisfy their growing physical needs and sexual desires. It is easy to approach the ladies of this group as compared to the other group. They are mostly free and give you enough time and sex which you surely want. This is not for targeting that the Hungarian women are not loyal but the truth is that they are most loyal when compared to other countries in Europe.

The main good thing about being laid with these women is that it will save your money because they are financially stable. They also have a great amount of experience in bed which will thrill you when you spent your time with them in bed. You have to compromise a little bit because the beauty fades with age but, these women have high maintenance on their bodies.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Hungary is a country that has many destinations that are worth visiting at least once in life. The capital city of Budapest attracts thousands of local and foreign tourists all around the world. The girls in this city are so beautiful that they also boost the traffic of tourism. Many good education institutes in Hungary provide a world-class education at cheap rates and the courses are offered in many diverse areas. These institutes attract many students from different countries to fulfill their life goals and to achieve their targets in career. Hungary is one of the developing countries which are free from political controversies and people are happily living without any fear of terrorism and other things. Political stability also attracts more number of students and tourists.

The reason for the top-notch education institutions is the excellent education policy in the country. The increase of the students and especially of the foreign girls are thus because of this policy and the good and safe atmosphere of the country. Foreign girls that are young and enthusiastic are pursuing their undergraduate and post-graduate degree course and are open to date with the foreigners and locals as well. These girls are so hot and sexy that they will surely win your heart when you start any conversation with them.

Apart from students, many foreign girls choose to stay in this beautiful country and want to spend their remaining life here, thus they are in search of a good and rich local man who can help her reach her goals. Many ex-pats come here and become familiar with Hungarian culture. They are so busy in their working life that they need someone that can kill their loneliness and boost their boring life with some temporary thrills and excitement.


Getting sex in Hungary is not that hard, you can easily get sex if you have certain basic things. The most important thing before asking out a girl for sex is that you have totally hit the nail while preparing for that wonderful night. In the initial days, some good communication and verbal skills will surely get you to the final stage of the game. Sex is quite a normal thing here, all you need is to take patience and wait for the right time to hit the target. As it is always said hurrying leads to worries, you have to go step by step, once you succeed in impressing a girl and stating your intentions indirectly, you will end up getting laid with your dream girl.

There are many ways to get sex either to ask them directly in many bars, pubs, and nightclubs or you can also approach them on a dating website. Although, I am not in favor of the second option because that will take time and also not a good option for the tourists who are in the country for a short duration. Hungarian girls are very wild in bed and definitely will make your night a cozy and romantic one.

Sex Culture

Food education and culture are prevailing in Hungary, the people here don't react absurdly after hearing the word sex. Sex culture is so developed in major cities like Budapest that it resulted in a steep downfall in the crimes against women, therefore, make it a safe country to live in. You can sense a feeling of freedom and independence when you come to Hungary because women and girls are not restricted to their homes. The people are open-minded and modernized.

Although the people here are free and open-minded that does not mean that the girls here are ready to get fucked with every other man. They are kind and generous so they are looking for someone who not only loves her body assets but also understands her soul and care for her.

One-Night Stands

The best place where you can find girls who are ready for a one-night stand and hook up are the best pubs, bars, and discos. One-night stands are prevailing in the young age girls who only want to enjoy good sex and get their sexual desires fulfilled. One night stands can get more interesting when you offer your partner with some foreplay games.

There are lots of foreign tourists who want to enjoy their night with these beautiful girls and get laid with them. You can have good chances if you offer them the best drink in the pub and impress them with your money. All that a girl needs is that a guy should give her worldly pleasures and also sexual pleasures. Young girls often easily get horny because of their adolescent age. They need a lot of sex and other romantic dates which will satisfy their sexual needs.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Usually, there are public places which are crowded are the places where you can find girls with almost all age groups and you can approach any single girl both in daytime and night time. It is hard to find any single girls because of the prevailing dating culture and the moderate population. The best place to meet with young college going girls are the places near educational institutes. You can find cute, beautiful, and pretty young girls in the cafeterias, canteens, and restaurants around these institutions. It is a little hard to approach them because they are usually with their annoying friends which cannot leave your girl alone.

Cafes and shopping malls are the best places where you initiate a conversation with all types of women during weekends because the girls usually go shopping during weekends. You have to possess some good tricks and skills to impress them and go on a casual date on the same day with her.

Cities with huge populations have the best girls because they are mostly come here to finish their higher education. After all, satisfactory colleges are in the cities. The girls are naughty and fun-loving, they try to mock you in front of their friends but your witty replies and skills will surely impress them.

During night time, the best places where you can find hot badass single girls are in the pubs, bars, and clubs. These girls remain single because of their choice; they don’t want any commitments and often get along with new guys every week. They get physically attracted to tall and handsome boys. It is the beauty of a country like Hungary where you can find girls gang roaming in the streets late at night because of the low crime rate. The basic pay of the population is high so you can get good people around you and you also feel comfortable with them. The girls have charisma in them which will melt any men's heart.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Hungarian nightlife is worth remembering because people spend lavishly on drinks, clubbing, and dining. The young ones are also fond of partying late at night. Hungarian food is also famous. There are various places where you can enjoy me-time with your partner and also go on a sweet romantic date. Hungarian restaurants and hotels give some discounts to the couple. The beauty of nightlife is all because of the energetic people who come to these bars and clubs which makes the atmosphere happy and good. Here are the top-notch bars and clubs with short descriptions of different cities which are worth visiting when you come to Hungary:

  • Jack Doyle's Irish Pub & Restaurant, Budapest

This is the best bar in the city of Budapest. It has an excellent location that is it is situated in the city center. The staff here is so polite and is so welcoming. The atmosphere is very good inside and the service is very quick.

  • Blue Fox The Bar

The atmosphere here is laid back and relaxing while still having an upscale vibe, and their cocktails are creative, dramatic, and delicious. It is one of the best cocktail bars in Budapest and the main attractive thing about this place is that the bartenders here are so knowledgeable about liquors, wines, and other ingredients. Outing sitting is also available if you want to spend some cozy time with your partner.

  • Boutiq Bar, BudapYou will experience a truly magical experience once you visit this bar. The staff is super skilled in their work and is super-friendly. The most important thing to take care of here is that cash because they don't accept cards.
  • Tuk Tuk Bar, Budapest

It is a great place to seat down with a couple of friends, drinks are served in carefully thought design. The place is a little small (around 6 tables for 4) with just a few tables. It has a good atmosphere with nice background music, not noisy.

  • Warm-Up Cocktail Bar, Budapest

Drinks were amazing, they pull off the No Menu cocktail bar flawlessly! Perfected fresh ingredients and homemade bitters/syrups/tinctures, a great selection of herbs/spices and modifiers, mixed into drinks that fit your exact tastes with a Warm-Up twist, on par with any experience you'd find in Cocktail Hubs around Europe.

  • Jonas Craft Beer House, Budapest

This place is famous for after-work drinks with colleagues because it offers you a breathtaking view which will refresh your mind and also boost your energy. The prices are a little expensive because of the landmark location.

  • Hotsy Totsy- Bar & Barber, Budapest

Staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. The bar has a cool concept, instead of menus you are asked to tell your waiter the flavors and styles of drinks you enjoy and they'll make you something based on that. The ambiance is really chill and a great vibe, with good music, not too loud. Probably worth booking ahead as it gets busy on the weekends.

  • 360 Bar, Budapest

This bar also charges for entry fees, this place will offer you a nice riverside view, and the price of the cocktails and drinks are good and may suit the location. You are advised to visit this place with your group.

  • High Note Skybar, Budapest

A must visit in Budapest, by night in summer you’re your love is too romantic, calm by late night, and has a big choice of drinks. It has an amazing view of St. Stephen Basilica.

  • Instant Club, Budapest

Great place to go on a trip to Budapest. Great to go out party with friends. Different places within the same building. Dance clubs, bars, pizza places. Fun to just change rooms in the house and move from a bar to a dance club in an instant time.

Shopping Malls

It is already stated that there are high chances where you can find beautiful and generous Hungarian girls around the shopping malls. Girls love shopping even more than their partner that is why to get ready with some cheesy pick up lines for using them on these hot chicks which can impress them. It is also important that if you visit this country for vacations to bring gifts for your lovable and dear ones. You can also purchase a souvenir for remembering your trip to Hungary. Shopping in Hungary is not so cheap as compared to other Asian countries but you can find items, antiques which depict Hungarian culture in them and are worth buying. It is already stated that to impress a girl you have to take her shopping. Some of the famous shopping malls where you can approach these beautiful girls which will turn your trip into a holiday romance are named below:

  • Westend Shopping Center, Budapest
  • Heavy Tools Corvin, Budapest
  • Central Market Hall, Budapest
  • Arena Mall, Budapest
  • Rose Garden Shopping Center, Budapest


Visiting outdoors is the most soothing thing in a country like Hungary. It is the best way where you can interact with the local citizens and get to know about their closely. If you want peace and it is advisable to visit some outdoor place which will give you some inner peace which can only be experienced when you are far away from noisy busy city life. If you have already get your partner in the bust cities, take her to these places which I will list below, and then you will experience the most amazing and mind-blowing journey which will be remembered till last breath. Hungary is blessed with various breathtaking destinations, it is also very advisable to live at least 2-3 days in the small towns and villages. Some of the eye-catching destinations are named below:

  • Buda Castle, Budapest
  • Lake Balaton
  • Eco Segway, Budapest
  • Visadel Citadel
  • Thermal Lake of Heviz
  • Castle Hill, Budapest
  • Lake Heviz, Heviz
  • Bukki National Park, near Budapest

Universities and Colleges

The education system in Hungary is magnificent and fabulous. It is note-worthy to praise some good education universities which build the future of the country. Students play a vital part in structuring a country's mores and culture. Even many foreign students apply for these institutions to get their degrees from these prestigious institutions.

You can also find some beautiful and curvy hot girls when you take a visit to these colleges. College going girls very well know the importance of their physical features and they do anything to maintain their bodies. It is easy to approach a young girl who is residing in a hostel for a date and one-night stands. Some universities which are famous and reputed are listed below:

  • University of Szeged, Szeged
  • University of Debrecen, Debrecen
  • University of Pécs, Pecs
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest
  • Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Semmelweis University, Budapest
  • Szent István University, Godollo

These universities are home to many students because they also provide hostel facilities and you can also sneak in your girl’s room by tricking the hostel warden. They can get fully furnished hostel rooms with single occupancy and double occupancy.


Maintaining a relationship with Hungarian girls is like a dream come true because the girls here are so beautiful and blessed with striking features that can fall for them again and again. It is difficult to get a young girl who is interested in a relationship. Also, it is hard to maintain a relationship with young girls because they are immature and get easily distracted with some other man's wealth and body.

Quite opposite to the young girls are the middle-aged girls who are looking for someone who will become her life partner. When it comes to building or initiating a relationship, these women take no chance because it is really hard to win their trust as they are usually gone through breakups and emotional ups and downs when they are younger. But when you finally came in a relationship with Hungarian girls, you will experience that no other girl in this world is as caring, loving, and kind-hearted as Hungarian women. There are ample chances in Hungary where you build a strong relationship with local women but you have to follow some important tips discussed later in this article.

Even young girls when started loving their partner act maturely and show genuine care and support in maintaining relationships. It is on you to find that girls who can support you and love you even in hard times. At last, keep in mind that no other girl is as beautiful as your girl.

Holiday Romance

Since it is easy to get a partner in a country like Hungary where people are open-minded and love to interact with foreigners and helping in nature. The girl will get ready to go on a country tour with you if you put your intentions before her. A short and beautiful holiday romance in this beautiful country will give you a different kind of vibe.

You will feel much pleasure while making love in different cities of the country and will get enthusiastic about doing every adventure and other activity with your partner. Roaming around the countryside besides your partner with her hand in your hand and planning the day while sleeping together will make you the happiest person in the world.

It is wise to choose a local partner for holiday romance and it is indeed very helpful for you to explore the country with them. The girls here are so expressive and naughty that they can make your trip to Hungary a little more exciting than you thought.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Starting a relationship is easy but maintaining and building it for a sufficient period is difficult. In some phases during relationships, there are several ups and downs between you and your partner. Hungarian girls are mostly understanding and caring in nature but on the other thing they expect so many things from their partner and when the partner fails to reciprocate such things, she will not hesitate to leave because they are so beautiful that getting a new partner is so easy for them. This article may help you to build a strong relationship by just following the simple things stated:

Show your intention & building trust: It is the most important part of a relationship to maintain trust in your partner and if you are merely for a casual sexual relationship show your intentions to your partner.

Communication: you have to take in mind that there is no communication gap between you. Lack of communication often leads to misunderstanding.

Respect her ideas and feelings: Women are somewhat weak when it comes to emotional sense, they get hurt easily. It is important to listen to your girl and respect her feelings and motives when she needed it. It is only you whom she expects to understand her.

Show interest in her and family: It is very important in a successful relationship for a man to get involved in the family of the girl. If you genuinely show interest in her family, she would love to narrate stories about her family. This is the key to happiness.


Hungarian girls are so much beautiful than one can't resist himself from loving them. It can be said that every man who visits Hungary will fall for you. It is on the person to approach them and show your feeling to them. These girls are so cute and generous that they might not outrightly reject you and there are high chances if they are single.

Love is a very beautiful word if you are not heart-broken so it might be difficult for you to impress any Hungarian girls because they test you very hard to gain her trust. But once you find your love will make you the luckiest guy in Hungary because they are so sweet, simple, and passionate with their partner. In the last, they also not resist doing great sex with their partner.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is very difficult to talk about "the one" which is made for you. It is your understanding and your feelings that define that she is the one with whom you want to spend the rest of her life. If she makes you happy, loves you unconditionally, understands you and your family, is happy with your financial needs, then goes and proposes her for marriage because it is worthy to keep for life.

It might also depend upon what type of talks you usually deal with. If she also makes plans with you, you may also gather her intentions that she also wants you to be with her. So mutuality is the key to find the perfect one for you.


Almost all the marriage ceremony in Hungary is according to the customs of the Catholic. Half of the population is ardent followers of Roman Catholic Christians. Thus, the marriage mostly happens in the church in front of family members where both the individuals vow to agree as husband and wife for life. Registration of your marriage is also necessary for Hungary.

The ceremony is mostly followed by a great party and reception were the relatives gather to congratulate the bride and the groom.


A wedding day is the most important day in one's life because it is a way where you started to get responsibilities. The wedding ceremony in Hungary is usually done in the church according to the Roman Catholic rituals. It is the most important day where you promise to love your better half unconditionally for the rest of your life. It is the day where your life is added with a different color which will make your life bright and prosperous.

A grand and magnificent party is thrown by the bride and groom for their relatives and dear ones. There is also a cake-cutting ceremony which takes place at the reception. This day will be marked as a beautiful day in your life.

Family Life

Hungary is the best place where you start a family life, this country is blessed with a good education system, better career opportunities, and best in the safety index. You can also witness where the ex-pats and students choose to start a family life in Hungary after pursuing their studies here. Coming to the family structure followed in Hungary, people live in a nuclear family with a basic strength of 4-5 members. The couples usually satisfy with 1-2 children and also cannot afford to bear with 3 children because world-class education is a little bit costly here.



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