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Guide for dating in Slovakia helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Slovak women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Slovak girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Slovakia. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Slovakia, Europe.

Hot Slovakian girls at the Cinemas slogan club in Bratislava

Girls in Slovakia:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.0 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Slovakia:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.0 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in Slovakia:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Slovakia:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level:4.0 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $550
  • Accommodation: US$100 - $300


Slovakia is the country situated in Central Europe. It is a landlocked country neighboring countries like Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, and more. It is a developed country and people here are liberal and open-minded and usually avoid unnecessary quarrels. It is a country situated in the mountainous range. The country came into existence after former Czechoslovakia have parted and formed two countries. The people have a high standard of living and it also reserves a good rank in the Human Development Index. The country is blessed with several natural habitats and it has 9 national parks.

Bratislava is the capital of this beautiful country and this city is also one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. The country has a population of 5.5 million. The main religion of the people in which the majority of the population follows is Roman Catholic Christians, followed by Protestants. The currency of Slovakia is Euro which is used by the countries that are members of the EU. It is also a safe country for tourists because the crime rate is low. You can spend your vacation in this country with kind people living here. They are helping and caring and also respect tourists’ values and culture.

Dating Culture

Dating culture is quite common in Slovakia and it is booming in this country. The people are very open-minded and they are encouraged to make a partner at an early age that can give them support and care. The people are also educated and don't make any unnecessary restrictions on girls. The dating culture is quite good because the girls here love to date casually with good-looking and rich tourists.

The girls are kind here and can be easily approachable and many good restaurants are only made for dating purposes. Online dating is also quite prevalent here; some dating sites are very famous for getting casual hookups and one night stands.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Slovakia can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Slovakia and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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The beauty of women is something that you can't resist dreaming about them. Once, you visit Slovakia you will find the most beautiful women on this entire planet. It is also said that they are the living angels on earth. They are so kind and generous that every man in this entire world will want to date them or make them their life partner. Their character makes them beautiful. They don’t have to show any cleavage or legs to attract men. All they do is to remain simple and down to earth which is awesome in its way.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There is nothing about the word beautiful, what I can see beautiful might not be beautiful to you and what you see beautiful might not be beautiful for me. Thus, the age, looks, shape, and size of a girl vary from girl to girl and there are no specific criteria to measure which women are more beautiful. All the women in Slovakia are beautiful. As they are very good at maintaining relations if they start feeling for you, then they will sacrifice anything to support you.

In general, as a tourist, you will be mesmerized to see the lavish lifestyle of these local women. The women are highly educated and can be seen from their humble attitude and kind nature. The condition of women in this country is far good from its neighboring countries. These women enjoy freedom and privilege in every sense as the men enjoy. The streets and parks will be flooded by local women on weekends because of the local markets and shopping. One of the best characteristics of these local women is that they don't show any unnecessary attitude to foreigners and strangers.

You can find some women with the body features like huge breasts with perfect shape buttocks and the thick fleshy legs coming from a thin waist in the places which are highlighted in the article below. Generally, you can find them in such places and they will be willing to give you the pleasure which you haven't enjoyed in your life. Women are generally very kind and sober but the women in Slovakia are the purest soul and you can see the helpful and generous nature when you approach them for dating. Even if they have to say no to your proposal, they will say it so politely that you can even fall for them more.

Slovak Girls (age 18 - 29)

Thousands of tourists come to this country which has different age groups and they need women of different age groups to be with them for a holiday romance for giving them some taste of romance and love. Slovakia is home to beautiful young women and most of the population here is young. As a tourist, this age group is the most suitable for dating and casual hookups. The girls at this age are unmarried and pursuing their higher studies. They are towards their career goal so they don't bound in a serious relationship which often gave mental stress, they are immature and only want to have casual sexual relationships with no strings attached.

Slovakian women are highly educated so don't even try to cheat them because they can catch you and then you will be charged with penal provisions. Show your intentions in the first two dates, if you want a serious relationship or casual relationship. These young girls are bad in maintaining some long term relationships because they are focusing on education and hardly give time to their boyfriends or partner. They seldom express their true feelings to their partner and eventually dump them abruptly. It is advisable to not intend to have a genuine relationship with them.

These young girls are little rude in behavior and hard to approach but if you have your game perfect you can approach them with the necessary skills that they like and start having a conversation with you. These age-group girls are fun-loving and adventurous and ready to take the risk. They can be seen in pubs, bars, and restaurants with discotheque. The young girls are fitness freak and can also be approachable near gyms and yoga centers. They maintain their body so well to look hot and sexy. The women in Slovakia are generally rich because of high per capita income and they have a high sense of fashion and follow the latest trends in fashion.

Coming to the perks of having a relationship with these women is that they are easily approachable in nightclubs and easy to date because of their age, they try to date as many as people, they are party-animals and love dancing and clubbing. They are adventurous and can go outdoors with you. They have no objections and restrictions in having sexual relationships and random hookups. The college girls are bold, furious, and hot. They are good in bed and have good stamina to end up your life leaving you exhausted. Due to adolescence, many hormonal changes make them horny and thus they end up sexing with random people who are rich and classy and also fulfill their worldly pleasures.

You have to be a little conscious when you date young Slovakian girls because they might end up ditching you with some other rich guy. It is advisable to not develop a feeling for young girls and if you do, communicate your feeling to her and talk about her intentions about the relationship.

Slovak Women (age 30 - 45)

This age group is made for the one who is really looking for a partner for a long term period. This age-group from 30-45 years is married and about to marry. There are various circumstances where you find these women and fall for them. These women are independent and searching for their true love in life. Middle-age women are also great mothers and managing a household with work. You can find in Slovakia that almost all the women work after the marriage and also manage to do household chores. They are highly talented as they are well educated and well-brought-up.

They are independent women and have set goals in life. They like to be free and not restricted. These women want to contribute to the family and are so mature. With age, they become responsible and they are quite opposite to the younger age grade. These women have a specific taste in boys. They like boys who have achieved something in life and those who are matured and looking for serious relationships. Most of the women are not interested in casual relationships because of the growing age they are looking for a partner with whom she can marry and start a family.

They can be seen in shopping malls and restaurants during weekends, and at nighttime, they can be approachable at night pubs, bars, clubs, etc. Most of these women can be found in gymnasiums and training centers because they want to look young despite the growing age. They maintain a healthy and fit body so that they can attract some boys or their colleagues for dating and for starting a relationship. These women are young mothers and they know how to play the role of a mother very carefully. These women avoid drinking and use to spend time more in libraries, parks, theatres rather in clubs and bars.

The one best thing about the woman in this age group is that they are very kind and generous to all the people. The way they talk with strangers without showing any attitude or ego will make any tourist or foreigner fall for them. You can also drool over their body because most of them visit gyms and do exercise regularly. It is hard for them to trust any person because of the bad previous experience as the dating culture is quite normal here. The most important part while dating these women is to win their trust and make your intentions clear.

Slovak Ladies (age 45+)

These age group women are the least attractive in their physical beauty and body shape. But after reading the description of these aged milfs will make you do get laid with them. These age group women are financially independent as they have earned a lot of money while they were young. They are very good at satisfying men because of the experience they gained overage. These women are typical and want everything perfect. It is hard to initiate or start a love affair or relationship with these women because almost all the women are happily settled in their life and living their life with their children and husband.

If you want to start a love affair with these women, you have to search for them in places like bars, dating sites, nightclubs, etc. because they are lonely because either they are divorced or widowed. If you find such women then they might only be interested in casual hookups and one night stands to her place. They are extremely good in bed and are super horny because they might not get enough sex because of the absence of their partner. They are ideal for such type of relationship because they might support you financially so you can get back to them.

These women are mature and they are helping and kind to all the persons. In case, if you want to have a serious relationship with them, tell her about your intentions as it is also common for the women to get re-married. Slovakia has loyal girls and thus the divorce rate is also low. So, there are few chances where these women ditch their husbands to have extra-marital affairs with you.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Slovakia is blessed with a lot of tourist destinations and natural beauty. The country is quiet and free from any riots and terrorism. There are millions of people that visit this small beautiful country every year. You can witness int'l tourists from almost all the countries. The capital city is the hub of tourists and there you can witness the beauty of foreign girls. These lovely, good looking, and beautiful girls have also come here to have a holiday romance either with the local men that are rich and wealthy. These girls are so cute because of their different accents.

Foreign girls are young and so hot and sexy that it might be hard for the local men to not to stare them and reject their proposal for a holiday romance. These foreign girls are ready for casual hookups and one night stands as they have to enjoy their trip to this country to the fullest. There are various places where you take her to date and have a romance with her. The safe atmosphere of this country will attract more and more tourists and students.

Slovakia is also a home for the neighboring countries' students. Because of the world-class education policy, this country has a robust mechanism of the education system with a variety of courses and diplomas. The students who came here for studying are also interested in casual dating and the young and sexy college girls are ready to one-night stands for money as these girls need money in the residing country to meet their expenses. Students maintain a short relationship because they don't want to distract from their main goal.

Slovakia is also a good place to have relationships with ex-pats as they are here for a long period for their work purposes and also finding a partner to kill their lonely time.


Slovakian girls are real badass when it comes to sex. They are also good at maintaining a sexual relationship with the person they date. It might take only 1-2 dates for them to have a piece of good knowledge about you and to maintain sexual relations with you. Sex is regarded as a normal thing and it is regarded as one of the ingredients to develop a healthy relationship. The girls here are open-minded and mature enough to understand the consequences of sex, therefore, they might not be ready to get laid unless proper protection is used. Sex with the girls is easy but impressing young girls might be a difficult task. You can be given sufficient tips about when and where to approach a girl later in this article.

Having sex with Slovakian girls is really like a dream for many tourists who came here. They are so beautiful and if you want to have sex with them just approach some good bars in the country and all you do is to impress a girl with some playboy tricks. It is very easy if you have good looks and good communication skills to attract their attention. Another most important weapon in the list is money, if you show some rich attitude in the bar, they will get mesmerized on your money, and on the contrary, she will approach you.

Sex Culture

Sex culture is at boom here but there are some small towns where it is still seen as a taboo and it is disliked if the women have sex before their marriage. But in big cities, sex culture is quite flourished and people are having a positive attitude toward sex. The people can be seen romancing in the quiet streets and get along in the streets. People don't get affected if you are displaying your affection publicly. Both local men and women can be seen as a positive approach to sex.

Women & young girls are ready to have sexual relations with you because they see sex as a normal thing and it acts as a stress buster for them so they can focus on other goals after great sex.

One-Night Stands

One night stands are common with young college girls and you can also see some adult women who can hit upon you in some bars, nightclubs, casinos, and pubs. It is the culture that developed here that if young girls are gone for partying late at night then there are high chances that they are getting fucked after becoming high on alcohol and drugs. It is a very good chance for you to approach these women for one night stands. It is advisable to book a hotel room before visiting these places.

You can also approach girls on online dating applications for one night stands. If a girl likes your profile then they can approach you by messaging you because these young girls are also horny and sexually active. The foreign girls who are pursuing education here also need someone with whom they can share emotional feelings and fulfill their sexual desires. They are also good for hitting upon for one night stands

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

It is very hard to find any single girl in Slovakia because of the flourishing dating culture. The people here are almost dating and having a casual or serious relationship with other local people. The best places to meet single and hot girls are the places where there is generally a lot of crowds. You can witness these beauties in the tourist places enjoying with their friends and their colleagues.

These young girls are very hard to get and therefore it is impossible to get an idea if they are single or not. All you need to have an eye upon the girl on whom you have to approach. Their attitude and style will define they are committed or not. In the night time, if a girl is lonely at the bar or pub, you can easily get an idea. But, during the daytime, it is almost impossible.

The one better thing is to look for single girls and women on the dating platforms and websites where you find hot, beautiful single girls and initiating conversation with them while chatting. It is advisable to gather the girl’s intention and her know-how before asking her out. If you ask her for a date she might reject your proposal thinking that you are desperate.

These girls can be found in the crowded streets, pubs, and bars and can be easily picked up during night time. They are also looking for a good-looking, smart, and rich guy to hang out with and can spend the night with these boys and extract money. These girls which can be found in bars and pubs are only for hookups and one night stands and not meant for maintaining a serious relationship.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

As a European Country, Slovakia is rich because of rapid development in recent decades. The people are rich and have a lavish lifestyle which cannot be compared with other countries. The people in Slovakia are party animals and can be seen partying with their friends once a week. Especially, at the weekends when they are tired because of work, they hang out with their friends or partners to enjoy and relief from work stress. Therefore, the nightlife in the country is worth experiencing.

If you visit any of the bars, nightclubs, or bars at the weekend, you may see the beautiful girls of the city gathered in one place. The night food in this country is also famous. The one thing that is of prime importance is to approach a girl as soon as you are in this country because free entry is given to couples in various pubs, discos, and nightclubs. If you are single, these places are the best for you to pick up your girl and maintain a relationship that makes your holiday a romantic one. Some of the famous bars in the country are mentioned below and it is advisable to visit at least two of them when you visit this country:

  • Michalska Cocktail Room, Bratislava: This is one of the best bars in the capital city. It is located in the city center. They serve a beautiful variety of interesting drink flavors for everybody's taste. The staff is lovely and welcoming. The atmosphere of this place is absolutely on point.
  • Bukowski Bar, Bratislava: This place is an absolute must-visit when you are in Bratislava. The bar has a cozy interior with many different spots to sit. There's a smoking floor as well where you can enjoy your drinks with your favorite cigarette. There's an outdoor space as well. The staff can speak English. They have a very diverse variety of cocktails, shots, and beers. It's a nice spot to experience the nightlife of Bratislava.
  • Slovak Pub, Bratislava: It is a wonderful restaurant if you would like to experience typical Slovak cuisine in its splendor then indulge yourself at the Slovak Pub. This pub has a brilliant service for its guests. This place has amazing food at a low price and the food is amazing cooked with pride, with a lovely atmosphere.
  • Lemontree & Skybar Restaurant, Bratislava: The view of this place is breath-taking. The price of the food and drinks are a little expensive but they are pretty much acceptable because of the lovely view. Visiting this place with your partner will be romantic. On top of that, the staff was polite and the service was excellent.
  • Old Fashioned Bar, Bratislava: This is one of the best posh bars in the city. The interior of this place is soothing and can be mood-blaster for some people. The staff service is excellent. This place is often crowded. So it is advisable to make another option available before coming to this place on weekends.
  • Starter Pub, Bratislava: It is a good place to meet local people and buy cheap beer. The queue can get pretty long but it's great when you get served eventually. It is the best place for college going students and they can be seen here. The live music will definitely turn up the temperature.
  • 17’s Bar, Bratislava: It's the perfect place to relax with a beer in downtown Bratislava. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and the prices are decent. The food is also nice if you don't expect food like in an expensive restaurant. The food they serve is typical pub food, which tastes great. It is a good place for tourists.
  • Dubliner Irish Pub, Old town Bratislava: It is a fantastic place to visit after work hours. It has a decent atmosphere and great drinks. The main attraction of this place is the bar-tender.
  • KGB, Bratislava: It is a good atmospheric place. This place has the interior that feels like the USSR post time. You can also smoke in the last room. There's a pure pub without a kitchen. So almost only drinks. Older people feel nostalgic when they visit this place because of the retro theme interior and for young people this place is for fun.
  • Barrock Bar, Bratislava: Great bar with quality music. Bar-tender was professional and nice, and the atmosphere was priceless.

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls are the best place where you can find beautiful and fashion-freak girls during day time. Most of the girls in Slovakia wear branded clothes and can be approachable in Shopping malls. You can start a conversation with them by complimenting on their choice and other tricks. Shopping Malls also contribute to the infrastructure of the country. Since the country is rich, all the women can be seen shopping the beauty products and other accessories in the malls. The Best shopping malls in the countries are listed below where you also can buy some gifts for your friends and family and make it memorable by purchasing souvenirs.

  • Eurovea Mall, Bratislava
  • Aupark Mall, Bratislava
  • Bory Mall, Bratislava
  • Dituria Shopping Center, Levice
  • Galeria Cubicon, Bratislava
  • Shopping Center Tatry, Nitra
  • Mlyny Mall, Nitra
  • Europa SC, Banska Bystrica
  • Central Mall, Bratislava- Ruzinov
  • Eperia Mall, Presov- Sekcov


Some of the best outdoor places are described below that will be fun when done with your partner and will give a boost to your relationship and will lead to a more close and intimate role after the long tiring day.

  • Authentic Slovakia - This place is best for cultural tours and historical places to visit. The place has the best vibes that you have never had experienced in life.
  • Travel Bratislava - The place has a very historical and heritage background. The tourists love to visit the place often because of the environment.
  • Best Slovakia Tours - Wine Tours and tastings is the best thing about this place.
  • Strbske Pleso - Ski and snowboard is the best part of this place and if you are a person who loves skiing then this place is definitely for you.
  • Stanisovska Jasky - The other activities at this place will have your heart.
  • SKI PARK Kubinsk - The place has a resemblance with Strbske Pleso.
  • Black Stork Golf Resort - The place will fascinate you if you are a golf lover.
  • Bratislava Urban Adventures - If you are an adventurous person then you will be in love with this place for sure.
  • Janosikove Diery - Janosikove Diery Gorge is one of the most beautiful hiking trails not only within National Park Mala Fatra, but the whole Slovakia and Central Europe. It is located in nature reservation Rozsutce and the valley river is forming numerous waterfalls.
  • Zeleno Pleso - This Lake is surrounded by the amazing lake and with the mountains. It is very romantic.

Universities and Colleges

Slovakia has a good education hub for foreign countries. Many students all over the world come to study here. The tourists can also be seen in around these places to ask out any college girl and foreign girl. The famous institutions which may be helpful while visiting this country are:

  • Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava
  • Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava
  • Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts
  • Catholic University in Ruzomberok
  • College of Management, City University of Seattle
  • Danubius University
  • Slovak Medical University
  • University of Constantine the philosopher
  • Technical University of Kosice
  • The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava


Slovakia is such a romantic place where love is in the air. Usually, the tourists come here with their partners, but the one who comes here single, don't leave the country single. Starting a relationship in this country is easy because of the flourished dating culture. The people here are interested both in maintaining the short-term relationship or casual relationship and lone-term serious relationship which may end up in marriage. All you have to do is to approach the person and share your intentions that you need a short and sweet relationship or you have long term goals.

It is easy to develop sexual relations in a relationship and it is immaterial for the locals here that you are serious about the relationship or not. The relationship will keep flourishing when you have good relations with your partner. It is hard to maintain a relationship with any girl if you don’t develop trust and good communication skills with your partner.

You can approach local Slovakian girls in the places described above where you initiate a conversation and ask her out and share your feeling with her. It is easy to be genuine and doesn't blabber about the love you have. These girls are kind and generous and may accept your proposal if she is not committed.

Holiday Romance

Since this place is romantic, you can find a partner for a sweet holiday romance from the places and trick which you have to impress a woman. The women here are very enthusiastic about maintaining a relationship and are also comfortable in maintaining a sexual relationship or romantic relationship for the purpose of a holiday relationship.

Romancing with your partner across the different locations in the country during the holidays is a different kind of vibe. This feeling will surely remain with you throughout your life. You can also enjoy various activities like outdoor activities, adventurous parks, national parks with your partner to ensure some romantic things during your visit to the country.

Intimacy with your partner and making love with your partner is the best thing on a holiday. The local girls are very good at maintaining sexual and physical relations but if you genuinely started feeling for her, propose her to marriage as it is the best part of the life to find the soul-mate in a holiday vacation.

Tips for Successful Relationship

There are some handful of evergreen tips for making a relationship successful and end up in marriage. Things are easy to get and probably all you know if you have developed a relationship with a person once in your life. The relationship is not brittle and it can be shaped according to the interests of the partners.

Even though there are some ups and downs in a relationship and it has come to the point where it is intolerable for a person to live with the other partner. To not experience such things in a toxic relationship, please follow some things to save your relationship from a breakdown and make it successful:

  • To develop trust: It is necessary for you to develop trust between you and to believe in your partner. Giving some sort of independence and freedom to your partner is key in making a hard-bound trust.
  • To not have communication gap: It is the prime thing in a relationship to tell everything to your partner, sharing your feelings and asking for opinions from the partner in your decisions and make her feel important by telling her your little problems and asking her for solutions is make her feel worthy.
  • Not to hurt other's feelings: Mutuality is also an important factor. Not to disrespect the feelings of your partner and respect her ideas and values. Do not discourage him/her if he/she is an enthusiast in doing something.


Slovakia is a famous country and it is a spot for honeymoon places. The people here are very kind and helpful. The beauty of the girls is so astonishing that it is easy for a tourist to fall in love with them. Cajoling your partner will also make fall in love with you. There are various stances where after the physical relations the bond of love became stronger.

The loving and making out with your girl is easy in Slovakia, it is a good note that the girls are loving, sweet, and loyal in their relationship. They also show their feeling of love and not act shy in making the first move. It is often seen where casual dating turns into a love affair.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Dating Slovakian women will genuinely turn you into a blind lover, but you have to keep certain things in mind while making her the 'only one' in your life. To make sure, if she does everything that you expect her to do, make her your partner for life. If she is the one suitable for you, she never expects anything personally rather she will do things taking both of you and make her long plans with her.

Slovakian women are not shy so they also make the first move and tell you her inner feelings about how they feel for you. In short, if she loves you without any fain or conditions, then she is the one.


Marriage is the most important event in one’s life and it is the best memorable day in the life of a person. The individuals often get married according to their religious rituals and ceremonies. As the majority of the citizens follow Christianity, the marriage ceremony takes place in the Church before the priest and family where the bride and groom take vows to be wife and husband for life. The registration of marriages is also a compulsory thing as per the Slovakian matrimonial laws.


Marriage is the most precious part of everyone's life. It is a festival which comes in everybody's life at the right time. Celebrate your marriage with the love of your life by organizing a wedding ceremony.

A wedding ceremony not only strengthens your bond but also gives you a lot of memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Invite all your friends and family members to become a part of this eternal bond and organized it grandly and lavishly if you have no financial limitations.

Family Life

The family structure followed in Slovakia is the nuclear type. Usually, you see small families consist of 5-6 members. The people here are kind and humble and also respect foreigners. This is the best place to start a family life and to keep your family going.

It is also a great place with a safe atmosphere, and it is also a safe place in respect of foreigners. Usually, the Slovakian women are best with family affairs and manage to do house chores perfectly. They know how to keep their family happy.


Map of Slovakia with regions colour-coded
Western Slovakia
the capital city, the Danube and other river valleys
Central Slovakia
medieval mining, national parks
Eastern Slovakia
mountain ranges with fairytale castles


  • Bratislava - capital and the largest city of Slovakia with a beautifully restored historical centre full of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance churches, houses and palaces, cobblestone streets, fountains, pleasant cafes and lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
The city of Bratisalva, Slovakia
  • Banská Bystrica - was one of the most important mining towns of Hungarian part of Austro-Hungarian Empire; beautiful restored square, many churches, castles and museums and memorial of the Slovak National Uprising.
SNP Square, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
  • Košice - metropolis of the east, second biggest city of the country with the easternmost situated Gothic Cathedral in the World, the oldest European coat of arms, a great historical city centre with the Cathedral Complex, numerous churches, palaces and interesting museums.
State Theater, Kosice
  • Poprad - the entryway into High Tatras
  • Prešov - the best example of renaissance architecture in Slovakia, numerous churches and nearby lying Solivar which is one of the most interesting salt mine museum in Europe.
A view of the Poprad River, Slovakia
  • Rajecké Teplice - very peaceful spa town surrounded by magnificent Mala Fatra National Park.
The city of Rajecke Teplice, Slovakia
  • Trenčín - one of the most beautiful Slovak towns with a castle lying above the city overlooking the historical centre and the river Váh.
A view of the city of Trenčín, Slovakia
  • Trnava - the oldest Slovak town with the highest number of churches (12) and well preserved baroque architecture.
A view from Trnava, Slovakia
  • Žilina - Fourth biggest city with a well preserved historical city centre influenced by German architecture and unique museum of the tinker´s culture located at the Budatín castle.
View of the Main Square in Zilina, Slovakia
  • Kráľovský Chlmec - Small city in the heart of Medzibodrožie. Kráľovský Chlmec (Királyhelmec) is the most populated settlement of the area. The number of inhabitants is over eight thousand and lies at the foot of a former volcano.

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