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Guide for dating in Poland helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Polish women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Polish girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Poland. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Poland, Europe.

Hot Polish girls at the Prozak club

Girls in Poland:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Poland:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Poland:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Poland:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $740
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $540


Poland doesn’t need an introduction anywhere. It is one of the countries where you will meet a lot of cute girls. That is the reason why foreigners prefer going to Poland whenever they are on vacation. Dating any of their native girls is a great opportunity, and you should grab any chance you get. Polish girls are known all over the world. They feature in high ranking model magazines, and a lot of them attend fashion shows around the globe. When it comes to personality, they are fun-spirited, open, and nice. Although all Polish girls don’t have the same behavior, the majority of them are playful and cheerful. In a short time, you will be attracted to many girls. If you do not even care, you might find yourself trying to get into a relationship with more than one of them.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Poland is similar to dating cultures everywhere in the world. There are just a few differences that make it unique. Polish girls love to be in relationships. For some of them, it makes them feel better about themselves. For some, they only go into relationships if there’s a possibility that they will get married to you.

What matters the most is to go into a relationship with someone that wants the same thing as you. As you meet a new Polish girl, engage in a conversation with her. During the conversation, try to impress her with your words. You can even say something that will make her feel special. If she shows interest in you along the line, you can proceed to ask her out on a date. If she does not look interested, just let her go.

You don’t need to force yourself on anyone. In Poland, there are a lot of special places you can take girls on dates. They built these places purposefully for meeting girls. The way these places are built enables you to have space to be close and talk to each other well. Since Poland has a good dating culture, you will gain experience when you date any of their girls.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Poland can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Poland and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Polish women are so beautiful and near perfect. When you meet one, you will have the desire to know her better. You might even become jealous and want her all to you. That is how attractive and lovable polish women are. As stated earlier, polish women are not only beautiful; they also have great characters. So that you can know them better, we will discuss Polish girls based on two things.

The two things are looks and personality. When it comes to looks, they look exactly like what you see in Polish magazines. The majority of them look innocent and have clear and neat faces. No matter the kind of girls you want, you will see a Polish girl that fits into everything you want. When it comes to personality, you need to be careful before going into a relationship with these girls.

They are so caring, and they love with all their heart. That is why people love them. They are the ideal wife material everyone wants in his home. As we go further, you will learn about the different age brackets and how to get into a relationship with anyone of them.

Polish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Polish girls between ages 18 and 29 are the most beautiful in the country. As they are still young, they are very sexy and attractive. That is the age bracket majority of the tourists’ target. When it comes to serious relationships, you should not consider young Polish girls. Since they are still young, they are constantly changing and evolving every day.

They also undergo physical changes. As polish girls grow older, their breasts increase in size and become soft. Their buttocks also grow bigger and become round in shape. Within a short time, they become slimmer and less chubby. So their breast and buttocks will become more obvious as their waist become slimmer. Young polish girls are more open to sex than the ones in other age brackets.

They have a high sex urge and are willing to get laid frequently. On the bed, Polish girls are very strong, and they last many rounds. As a foreigner, you’ve to be strong and active to satisfy a polish girl sexually. When it comes to fashion, they love wearing the latest clothes. Therefore, you’re going to spend on your Polish girl if you want to enjoy your relationship.

Polish Women (age 30 - 45)

Polish women around ages 30 to 45 are still attractive and sexy. They use skincare products to bring out the beauty in them. Some of them even apply different cosmetic products to enhance their beauty. The most popular one is the makeup used to beautiful their faces. Unlike girls in the previous age bracket, Polish women are mature and self-reliant.

The majority of them have different sources of income. Educated Polish women work in firms, companies, and other organizations. The others run businesses or work at private business organizations. Their sophisticated looks with well develop ass and breasts make some foreigners prefer them to the other age brackets.

Since they’ve been in many relationships in the past, they don’t want to make mistakes again. If a Polish woman can’t spend her future with you, she won’t bother to go into a relationship with you. As you are a foreigner, they won’t mind going into a relationship with you. All they just want is that you should be genuine and real with them.

Polish Ladies (age 45+)

It is not advisable to go into relationships with Polish women above 45 years. The majority of them are married or were in relationships. Therefore, almost all polish women above 45 years have given birth to children in the past. A good number of them are even single because of the loss of their husbands.

You should only go into a relationship with an old polish woman if you can overlook somethings. One of the most important things to overlook is children. You must learn to live and communicate with the children of your Polish lover. It will even make her feel happier and better. The married ones try to avoid extra-marital affairs as much as possible.

The reason is that loyalty is a virtue in the country. Although the majority of these women are not open to relationships, you will still find some of them searching for sex partners. Some of them even prefer to lie with young men because they are still energetic. Unlike when they were younger, the majority of them are not so eager to have sex anymore.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Foreigners come in and go out of Poland every day. They travel to Poland because of several reasons. Some of them go there because of sports activities, research, tourism, vacation and so on. Some foreigners are also in Poland because of school. Popular universities in Poland give scholarship opportunities to international students. As a result of the high standard of education in Poland, a lot of people apply for those scholarships.

The application doesn’t signify approval. You’re going to take and pass their exams to qualify. After excelling, the different schools will help you plan and organize how you will get to the country. Scholarship opportunities cover both food and accommodation expenses. Therefore, you are not going to spend much during your stay. To get any chance with these foreigners, you need to communicate in a language they will understand.

The English language is the most spoken in the world. Therefore, you need to learn to make things easier. As a foreigner, you might even be lucky enough to meet someone from your home country. Things are going to be easy for you in that condition. Since you will likely have the same set of traditions and culture, you can use the same method you use in your home country.


Sex is seen as an important part of relationships in Poland. Polish women don’t give it out anyhow. The way Polish women view sex is very different from each other. Young girls just want to explore and have experience. So they can have more than one sex partner.

On the other hand, mature polish women always stick to one sex partner. In most cases, the sex partner is the person they are dating.

Unlike before, young Polish girls start having sex as early as possible. Some of them even started having sex as early as 16 years. To be on the safe side, you should only lie with girls above 18 years. You don’t even have to be in a relationship to lie with some Polish girls. Once there is good chemistry you and your Polish girl, you can just take her out and say things that will make her feel special. As from there, you will be moving from stage to stage until she finally gets laid.

Sex Culture

There is not much to learn about the Polish sex culture. Native Polish girls are so open to sex, most especially the younger girls. They don’t even mind having sex conversations with you anywhere. Old polish women still attach so much importance to sexual activities. They believe it should only be between two lovers. That is the same mentality they use in bringing up their children. At an early age, polish girls are taught about sex. In polish schools, sex education is compulsory.

In the subject, girls are exposed to different puberty signs and the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. At home, parents teach their daughters to avoid teenage sex. There are also sexual practices that are forbidden in Poland. Men are not allowed to be intimate with underage girls. Even if it is consensual, they believe an underage is not mature enough to think well and make decisions regarding sex. Rape is also a serious offense in the country. Any rapist caught is left to face the wrath of the earth.

One-Night Stands

Not every Polish girl is open to the idea of a one-night stand. It is only common among young girls. As a foreigner who is not willing to stay longer, you should not start a relationship that requires commitment. You can just go for a one-night stand if you want to get laid. To get a one-night stand, you’ve to know the right places to visit.

It is important to know you can’t get it from any random girl you approach. You’ve to go to nightclubs in Poland. When you sight a cute Poland girl, you can approach her. Offer her a glass of drink and ask her to come to join you. Engage her in a nice conversation and try to impress her with your words. You should also treat her well and make her feel comfortable around you.

Even as both of you are drinking and talking, remember not to get drunk. Getting drunk can mess up all your plans and make everything look like a waste of time. As from there, you can proceed to take the Polish girl to your house. As from there, you can start getting close and intimate until you get laid.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

You are going to meet cute women everywhere in Poland. You will meet them in banks, walk-ways, and almost every place you visit. If you want to meet single girls, you need to change how you think. There’re specific places single Polish girls go to chill and have fun. You need to know these places and start visiting them regularly. They include bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, schools, and lots more. The atmosphere in these places makes it easy to approach and start interacting with girls.

Even though they are open throughout the week, you should go on weekends. Since almost all adults in Poland are busy during weekdays, you won’t find many of them there. On weekends, a lot of them go there to chill and have fun. As you come across native Polish girls, you will also meet foreign girls. Always remember to dress well and smell nice when visiting these places. You don’t have to appear too flashy. You can just wear nice jeans and a shirt. Any other casual dressing would look nice too.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Nightlife in Poland has greatly improved in recent years. You will now see at least one-night club in almost all the streets in the country. So you are not going to spend much on transportation. The atmosphere in clubs makes it easy to meet and mingle with cute Polish girls. Dim blue lights are used, so no one is going to be staring at you.

Always make sure you dress well and smell nice when going to Polish clubs. Your appearance is the first thing people are going to notice, so it matters. Activities in Polish clubs are a little bit different from each other. There are some clubs where they dictate dress codes beforehand. Anyone who wears something different might be denied entry.

The way people also gain entrance to Polish nightclubs is different from each other. In some clubs, you need to pay the entrance fee before going inside. There are also clubs where bouncers will look at your appearance before allowing you to enter. It depends on the particular club you’re going to visit. To enjoy Polish club activities very well, you should go on weekends. Some bars and nightclubs in Poland are listed below

* Level 27 (Warszawa) – It consists of two sections. The central part and an open terrace. As it is a modern club, the latest DJ equipment is used there. The atmosphere in Level 27 gives you the confidence to approach any girl you like. As it is situated on top of a tall building, it gives a nice view of the city.

* ENKLAWA Art & Music Club (Warszawa) – You’re going to enjoy every time you spend in ENKLAWA. Unlike other regular clubs, they are so many activities than go on here every night. DJs play cool Polish music, and some artistes also perform live.

* Prozak 2.0 (Krakow) – Prozak is a nice and affordable club to visit. Almost all Polish drinks are available at Prozak. From non-alcoholic to the alcoholic, you will surely see a drink you like. If you’re a foreigner, you should check it out. Good music is played there, and people vibe all night.

* Klub Muzyczny Parliament (Gdansk) – If you’re a fan of English songs, that is the right place for you. To enjoy Klub Muzyczny, you have to go there on Saturdays. Unlike other clubs in Poland, they don’t accept credit and debit cards. They have their customized club card, and that’s the only thing they accept for payment.

* XOXO party (Warsaw)- It is one of the most visited clubs in the whole of Poland right now. There is a dance floor where music is played, and people dance all night. You can just walk up to any random girl and ask her to dance with you.

* Eden Night club (Rzepin) – If you want to meet cute Polish girls, the Eden night club is the right place for you. Club activities here go on throughout the day and night. There is no closing time. So you can always go there no matter the time you are free. Since there are many girls, you’re going to meet and mingle with a good number of them.

* Sanocka Night Club (Lodz) – Girls in Sanocka are bold and open to new things. When you meet one, just try and have a good conversation with her. Since she knows what you want, she is not going to waste your time. They also sell food there. So you can purchase and eat your favorite Polish food.

* Queens Night Club Gliwice (Gliwice) – Drinks at Queens Night Club are sold at the lowest prices. Therefore, you can drink as much as you want. Just remember not to get drunk. You are there to meet girls, and getting drunk will only ruin your plan. When you see any girl you like, just walk up to her and start a conversation. Try and be bold and confident as you’re talking. Polish girls are attracted to confident men.

* Students club PERSONNEL (Torun) – As it is located in a popular area, Polish people go there regularly. There is also a large variety of alcohol available there. Everyone drinks the one his/her body system can handle. DJs in the club focus on playing pop and disco.

* Mewa Towarzyska (Sopot) – Out of all clubs in Poland, Mewa is the favorite of foreigners in the country. The reason is that they have trained men that understand almost all languages. So it is easy for them to communicate and purchase drinks. As a result of the huge number of foreigners that go there, they purchase foreign drinks from different countries and sell there.

Shopping Malls

Polish girls go to shopping malls to purchase things for themselves. They now prefer it to market because of the conducive environment. Several items, such as jewelry, clothes, and foodstuffs, are all available for purchases. In the modern shopping malls built in Poland, there are a lot of new services they now offer. They have swimming pools, restaurants, bars and lots more. Some Polish malls even have cinemas inside. That is, you can get to watch the latest Netflix movies there.

If you see a girl you like in the mall, just walk up to her and start a conversation. If things flow well, you can even take her to a restaurant that day. She won’t mind going with you since the restaurant is inside the same mall you met her. Unlike nightclubs and bars, you can go to shopping malls any time of day. Cute Polish girls go in and out of there every time of the day. People in shopping malls used to be very much every time a new Netflix movie is released. Modern shopping malls in Poland include

* Blue city shopping mall (Warsaw)

* Galaxy Centrum S.C. (Szczecin)

* Silesia City Center (Katowice)

* Westfield Arkadia Shopping Mall (Warsaw)

* Stary Browar (Poznan)

* Forum Gdansk (Gdansk)

* Centrum Riviera (Gdynia)

* Magnolia Park (Wroclaw)


Outdoors are where you are going to meet fellow foreigners like you. Since most outdoor locations are tourist attractions, you will also meet native Polish girls as well. Apart from the fact that visiting outdoor locations will educate you, you will also be able to meet and mingle with cute Polish girls. People go to these places mostly on weekends.

A favorite outdoor location people also love visiting is the beach. Most of the people who go there just want to have fun and relax. Single girls go there as well. It is easy to sight a single Polish girl in a place like that. Single polish girls move in groups when going out. They often split as they believe men can approach and talk to them.

So when you see a single girl alone on the beach, you can start a conversation with her. Since she’s there to relax, you’ve to talk to her gently. If she is interested, you will get in how she responds to you. If she doesn’t look interested, you can just leave. You don’t have to force conversations with anyone. In every situation you find yourself, just be confident, and be yourself.

Universities and Colleges

Poland has some of the finest higher institutions in the world. The majority of their citizens are well educated and enlightened. As an international student, you’re going to meet and mingle with native and foreign girls. Out of all places you can meet single girls in Poland, universities have the highest number. In polish schools, you don’t have to waste your time on any girl.

If the girl you like is not giving you face, you can just move to the next one. There are too many girls in schools, so you don’t have to waste your time on anyone. Polish students live inside school hostels. There are male and female hostels inside the school compound, so you’re going to be close to your girl. Both of you can see each other at any time of the day.

You can even decide to see your partner in the evening. It is important to know that only international students can date Polish students. Other foreigners don’t have a chance. The reason is that schools are always closed. Students and lecturers are allowed to enter. Other people are restricted from entering polish schools. Some Polish schools that admit international students are listed below

* Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan (Poznan)

* Gdansk University of Technology (Gdansk)

* AGH University of Science and Technology (Krakow)

* Lodz University of Technology (Lodz)

* Medical University of Warsaw (Warsaw)

* Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw)

* Medical University of Silesia (Katowice)

* Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Wroclaw)


Foreigners in Poland go into relationships for various reasons. No matter the kind of relationship you want, you are going to meet someone that wants the same thing. A typical Polish relationship is romantic. The two partners will love each other so much and be so caring. In other polish relationships, one partner might show more love than the other.

It all depends on you and your partner. Before starting a relationship, you and your partner have to be on the same terms. That is, you must be heading towards the same direction. As a foreigner, you will likely be rejected by a lot of Polish girls. The reason is that they don’t believe foreigners are going to stay for long. Since a long-term relationship is what they want, they prefer to date native men. However, you can date a Polish girl if you’re able to convince her. Even when you start dating a Polish girl, you need to remind her that you’re in love with her constantly.

Holiday Romance

Some foreigners who go to Poland on vacation seek for a holiday romance partner. Holiday romance is a relationship between a foreign man and a native Polish woman. They will be living together until the foreigner departs for his home country. In that kind of relationship, no feelings are attached. So you should try and control yourself if you are starting to develop feelings for your Polish girl. It is important to know that you will pay for all the major purchases both of you make during that period.

In a typical holiday romance, your holiday romance partner will be your friend in the day and your lover at night. She will give you that mind-blowing sex you’ve always wanted. Apart from these things, holiday romance partners can also impact you with a few good things before living. For instance, she can teach you some important words in Poland's native language. The longer you stay with her, the longer you learn and understand the language, the more. A holiday romance partner can also act as your companion throughout that period. You can always share your issues with her. So she can give you important pieces of advice when you need one. After leaving the country, some people cut off from their holiday romance partners completely. Others still keep them in contact in case of when they are coming back. It all depends on the kind of relationship you had together.

Tips for Successful Relationship

You’ve to know certain things if you want to have a successful relationship in Poland. There are certain ways Polish girls are treated in relationships. These things will help you ensure you’re treating your partner the right way. At times, your Polish girl can be so insecure. You will have to remind her of how truly you love her. To have a successful relationship with your Polish girl, always avoid been rude to her. The majority of Polish girls are short-tempered, and your girl might just start a fight if you’re rude to her.

Then you should reduce discussions on certain issues relating to culture and tradition. Since you’re from different places, you should try and avoid comparing your different countries. Both of you won’t likely agree with each other. So it is even better to avoid it in the first instance. You also have to be committed and show your partner that you love her. Sometimes, it is better to buy her a gift than to declare your love for her. That is because action speaks louder than words. Little gestures matter a lot in relationships.


If you fall in love with a girl in Poland, you’re not making a mistake. Poland is one of the few countries where you can trust girls completely. As stated earlier, their girls are loyal in relationships. So you can be sure that your girl isn’t going to cheat on you. Polish women are passionate lovers, and they give so much energy in relationships. To make your partner happy, you should give so much energy in return. Unlike women in other countries, polish women still believe in the concept of true love.

The atmosphere in the country makes it easy to have a stable love life. In almost all parties and events, they always give out a couple of tickets. So you can attend with the love of your life. There are also a lot of places where you can go on a date and have a nice time. So you should know true love still exists in Poland. You just have to be patient and find the right one for you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

After dating your Polish girl for a particular period, you might be willing to take things to the next level. Even if she has never disappointed you, you still have to be sure about her on certain things. Marriage is a life-long thing, so you should be patient enough to choose the right partner. First of all, compatibility is very important in relationships. Your similarities have to outweigh your differences. That is when it can be said that you’re compatible.

If your differences are too much, then it is better to end what is between both of you. Your partner should also be willing to support you no matter what you are currently facing. You must have noticed that while dating. You need a woman who’s going to correct you when you’re making mistakes.

If your girl never finds any fault in you, she might not be the right partner. A good partner will tell you your mistakes and challenge you to improve. Lastly, you should consider settling down with someone willing to adjust her lifestyle to fit in with yours. Since you’ve different cultures and traditions, both of you will have to adjust a few things to have a perfect relationship.


Getting married to a good man is the dream of every Polish lady. Polish people give respect to married women in society. All major political positions given to women are handed over to them. They do that because they believe any woman that can sustain her marriage is responsible. The decision to get married isn’t something one should rush into making. Since you’re going to be living together for the rest of your life, you should be patient.

Even though people rate divorce these days, it is never a good thing to pass through. It leaves people with emotional pain that can last for long. Young romantic partners should have dated for long before considering marriage. When you and your partner are very sure your union will work, you can take things to the next level. You will propose to her. If she accepts, you can go ahead to start planning your wedding ceremony.


There is no much difference between wedding ceremonies in Poland and the rest of the world. The focus is on the two lovers. The husband will be the one to carry out the major expenses. To have a good wedding ceremony, you need a budget. Your financial life is what is going to determine how you do your wedding.

If you’re average financially, then you should do a moderate wedding. Just rent a small hall and invite a few people. On the other hand, you can do a big wedding ceremony if you’re rich and stable financially. The most important thing is that you spend within your budget. As a foreigner, you might not know how wedding ceremonies are carried out in Poland. That is why you’re going to need the service of a wedding expert.

Wedding experts will teach you everything you need to know about Polish weddings. From dressing to dancing, you will learn how Polish weddings are conducted. Court weddings are also very important. You can do it before or after the main event. It must be done before you, and your new wife starts to live together.

Family Life

Immediately after the wedding, newly married couples go on a honeymoon. The majority of them prefer to do it in places far away from home. So they are going to have all the time and privacy to themselves. It is during the honeymoon that they will live together for the first time. So they will even learn new things and understand each other better.

After the honeymoon, you will return home and start your new home. As a new family, you’re going to need a good accommodation and car. These two things are what make life easy for new couples. Even if you can’t afford them immediately you marry, you should work towards getting them. As your wife starts to give birth to children, you might need to move to a new apartment. That is why you will need a good-paying job.

As the head of the family, you’re going to be the one providing for everyone. You also have to raise your children to be responsible people in society. You should send them to good schools and teach them good morals. If you’re able to do all these things, you will have a good and stable family in Poland.


Polish regions
Greater Poland
Lesser Poland
The magnificent medieval city of Kraków is a major metropolitan centre.
Metropolitan center of Poland with Warsaw, and Łódź, the manufacturing city known as the "Manchester of Poland".
Home to Poland's attractive seaside; sandy beaches with dunes and cliffs; lakes, rivers and forests.
Colorful mixture of different landscapes. One of the warmest regions in Poland with the very popular, dynamic city of Wrocław (region's historic capital)and the country's biggest metropolitan area of the Upper Silesia. Place of Polish, German and Czech heritage.


  • Warsaw — capital of Poland, and one of the EU's thriving new business centres; the old town, nearly completely destroyed during World War II, has been rebuilt in a style inspired by classicist paintings of Canalletto.
View from the viewing desk of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw
  • Gdańsk — formerly known as Danzig; one of the old, beautiful European cities, rebuilt after World War II. Located in the center of the Baltic coast, it's a great departure point to the many sea resorts along the Baltic coast.
Gdansk dragon boats
  • Katowice — central district of the Upper Silesian Metropolis, both an important commercial hub and a centre of culture.
Silesia City Center in Katowice
  • Kraków — the "cultural capital" of Poland and its historical capital in the Middle Ages; its centre is filled with old churches, monuments, the largest European medieval market-place - and more recently trendy pubs and art galleries. Its city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Botanical garden Krakow
  • Lublin — the biggest city in Eastern Poland, it has a well-preserved old town with typical Polish architecture, along with unusual Renaissance elements (the so-called Lublin Renaissance).
  • Łódź — once renowned for its textile industries, the "Polish Manchester" has the longest walking street in Europe, the Piotrkowska Street, full of picturesque 19th-century architecture.
  • Poznań — the merchant city, considered to be the birthplace of the Polish nation and church (along with Gniezno); presents a mixture of architecture from all epoques.
Hotel Bazar Poznań
  • Szczecin — most important city of Pomerania with an enormous harbour, monuments, old parks and museums.
  • Wałbrzych — a city in Lower Silesian Voivodeship in south-western Poland, with 120,197 inhabitants
  • Wrocław — an old Silesian city with great history; placed on 12 islands, it has more bridges than any other European town except Venice, Amsterdam and Hamburg.
  • Włocławek — old city(history begins in prehistory, town rights in 1255) and capitol of [[Kujawy}}, major historical buildings are Basilica Cathedral of St. Mary Assumption, cathedral school, where studies Nicolaus Copernicus, Church of St. John the Baptist, granaries, Copernicus Square and museums (Diocesan Museum or Museum of Kujawy and Dobrzyn land).
  • Zakopane — a very popular winter resort and summer getaway town in the Tatra mountains at the southern tip of Poland.

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