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Ireland dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Irish women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Irish girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Ireland, Europe.

Hot women of Ireland at the foundry Club

Girls in Ireland:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Ireland:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Ireland:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Ireland:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $300


Ireland is a small Island just to West of England, separated by a body of water called the North Channel and the Irish Sea. The country is known as a land of friendly people and lush green scenery that makes for a very cheery population. Home to five main cities: Cork, Galway, Dublin, Limerick and Waterford, there is something for every visitor.

Of course, one cannot mention Ireland without speaking about its pub culture. There is no getting around the fact that the Irish love to drink, as the old joke goes: ‘An Irish man walked out of the bar’. Obviously the joke is that it is so laughable to even think about an Irishman leaving the bar.

The main allure in Ireland is the people. They are a friendly bunch who always seem to have a story to tell – even if half of it is exaggerated. Laughter is the main music and everyone seems to enjoy the economic climate without the rush that cities such as London and Birmingham seem to encourage. Furthermore, it is a safe haven for locals and tourists. You can walk around at night and feel completely safe.

The dating experience is hallmarked by beautiful women. It is actually something of a phenomenon. Everyone agrees that there are some stunners in London and some of the larger cities in the UK. However, the locals seem to puch average at best. Pretty but not ‘wow’. Irish women are astoundingly beautiful. These fair beauties will leave jar mouth on the floor when you see their gorgeous, slim figure combined with stunning features. “But wait… There’s more!” They are also astoundingly nice, always up for a joke and free from the arrogance you would expect with such beauty, making the process of finding the right woman for you a joyous experience.

It may not be as easy as it sounds, but Ireland is packed with potential for love and romance. Read on to see how you can make the women of your dreams a reality in Ireland.

Dating Culture

The dating culture is mostly easy going. However, it requires a sharp mind and an even quicker mouth. You need to keep your wits in alert and your banter dialled up to 11. For some strange reason, this is the love language of the Irish women. Most attraction will start with a good playful tease.

No matter where you meet a pretty girl, if she does fancy you, she will make an effort to see how you pair conversationally, as people go about the start of attraction with many jokes and innuendos. If you find yourself in such a situation, keep the conversation going. This is good. Should you find that the attraction grows, ask the girl for her number. If you are feeling brave, ask her out on a date on the spot or wait a day and ask via text.

Culturally, first dates are laidback affairs. Try not to make it too uncomfortable with a lot of structure. A fancy restaurant is not necessary and it should be accompanied by something a little more interactive. This can be done with an outdoor walk, grabbing a bite to eat afterwards or even museum tours. Keep it busy and fun while leaving plenty of room for conversation and banter.

If the attraction builds, ask the girl for another date. Irish people are surprisingly forthcoming. They tell it as it is. Do the same and tell the girls if you enjoyed her company and ask if she’s like more. By the same token, do not be afraid to agree to part as friends if you are not feeling it. There are lots of lovely women who await!

Second, third and fourth dates should be progressively more serious. The Irish definitely don’t go for the Netflix and chill approach. It has to be something adventurous and fun. The more normal activities are for when the relationship becomes an official one. Another interesting part of the dating culture is that you are likely to meet her parents a lot sooner than you may think. It definitely is not the same ‘be all end all’ experience as in most countries, so be prepared for that.

The best advice in Ireland is just to enjoy the dating experience. It is done in such a playful and carefree way that most cities do not provide for. Enjoy yourself and everything else will fall into place.


The Irish women are surprisingly gorgeous. When it comes to sheer looks, they are amongst the best in the world, with fair skin, beautifully defined features and a figure that will make any man blush. However, the beauty does not stop there. Perhaps the greatest asset an Irish woman has is a sparkling personality. You will be amazed at the great amount of humour that they have as well as the playful personality that has been the hallmark of these beauties for generations.

Irish Girls (age 18 - 29)

This age category is full of fun. The students are the main point of romantic interest in the major cities such as Dublin or Galway. Many fine universities play a part in the comings and goings of the city, including an exchange process that attracts thousands of foreign learners each year. Most students fit into the age group of roughly 18 – 24 and you will find that they make up the majority of single women in the nation. They are also the most adventurous when it comes to sexual experiences. Therefore hookups and casual relationships are a defini9te reality in this age group.

Once women leave university, things tend to settle. Marriage is definitely still a few years away for most, but there is a greater demand for committed dating relationships. This is when people get their first jobs and move away from their parents’ homes. Couples often move in together. If you are looking for love, the age group of 25 – 30 definitely has the widest selection of hot women looking for a more committed version of the relationships students go after.

Young girls of Ireland at the Foundry club

Irish Women (age 30 - 45)

Most women get married in their late twenties. The thirty mark marks the end of singlehood, which means that the selection pool of women naturally grows smaller. It does not dry up entirely. There are a few outliers who, for a variety of reasons, are not a part of the status quo. Some remain single due to work and career commitments. Others have had a sour experience of romance leaving them with a more cautious approach to dating.

The older segments of this age group probably have a wider range of single women than the girls in their early thirties. This is mainly due to divorce. While the divorce rates are among the best in the world (meaning the lowest by first world standards), there is still a huge number of women who come out of failed relationships. It can be a fun experience, as these women often look for fun without the need to commit to a man again. If you are looking for love this is probably not the right segment for you. However, if you are on the hunt for a fling, you are in for a treat!

Hot women of Ireland at the Time Club

Irish Ladies (age 45+)

Things get really interesting with the mature women of the Green Island. Not only are they gorgeous (seriously – you will be surprised at how youthful they look and how well women manage to keep their bodies toned), but you can tell thet they still keep as much wit and humour in the memory bank as the younger girls – maybe more. One also has the added benefit of a no-nonsense approach. The younger girls are full of insecurity and fear – generally speaking. They do not yet understand exactly what they want. In contrast, the older women are as straight shooting as they come. If they want a hookup, they will tell you. If they’re interested, you are sure to know. No hints. No beating around the bush!

While it can be extremely fun enjoying the Irish MILFs, you must understand that they are not that easy to find. Furthermore, if you just walk up to an older woman in the mall or pub, she is probably married. That is definitely not a game you want to play. You will either get embarrassed or caught in something you should not get into. Fear not… The solution is simple. All of the older women in the UK seem to have a love affair with dating apps. It is probably the easiest and safest way to meet the women of this age category. Use it wisely.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Foreigners flock to the major cities of Ireland in millions every year. The main prize, as in the hottest girls, will probably be the Irish girls on average. But that does not take away from the fact that you will come across many hot girls who hail from afar. Just over 10 million tourist visit the city each year, which only goes to show how many foreigners you could meet if you know where to look.

The best tourist traps are listed below:

  • The Cliffs of Moher – Majestic and tall. They stand mightily as the waves crash against the rock surface below, yet they seem so diminutive compared to the grand scale of the cliffs. It is not hard to see why the Cliffs of Moher make up the ost-visited tourist attraction in the country. There are many tours available. Almost all of them are in groups which means you get to meet foreign girls as a part of the experience.
  • Grafton Street – This is the main shopping street in the whole country. Everyone congregates – be it local or foreigner and searches for the latest fashion or grabs a bite to eat at one of the trendy restaurants that always seem to have a special on lamb shank. It is also the home of every major designer brand in the country. Picture an Irish version of Regent Street in London or New York’s 5th Avenue.
  • Trinity College – Ireland’s oldest university is also a national heritage site. Its aged Celtic architecture is beautiful and wonderfully contrasted by the landscaped green lawns that moat the campus. The grounds are a fine exploration area and you can catch local and exchange students while they enjoy their lunch breaks or frolic between classes.
  • Temple Bar – One of Dublin’s busiest sectors is also a major hotspot for tourists. Better still, the area is home to the best pubs and nightclubs in the city – perhaps even the country according to some. You will always find a good pub and a pint of Guinness no matter where you go, but the many local and international women in the area make it truly special.


The local Irish women may just be the hottest bunch in the United Kingdom. However, their real asset is the passionate personalities that make them the real cream of the crop. The sex is wonderful and (even better) it happens often. Men report great satisfaction in their experiences, but the real proof is in finding out for yourself...

Sex Culture

It is almost self evident that the general culture within Ireland is one that focuses on family. There is an extremely traditional bias amongst the peopel that has not been quenched today. Therefore, sex is often tied to relationship and the most beautiful girls do not really go for hookups. Instead, you will have to charm your way into her heart and hope for the best. Most girls require at least three dates or so before allowing you access to the bedroom. This is a remnant of the Christian culture which looks down on casual sex. Thus emerges the typical western culture of girls being hesitant to have sex for fear of slut-shaming.

One-Night Stands

There are definitely one-night stands available, but they are at the two extremes of the age groups. MILFs and students comprise the two keenest groups. The best way to find a hookup is to get involved in the nightlife or use a dating app. They are really popular in the whole of the and should be one of the playboy's essential tools.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are single women all over the country. You just have to know how to look. The problem is not locating them, as a simple trip to the pub will leave you with a fine selection of local beauties. Rather, the main obstacle in the country is finding a good conversion rate between meeting and attraction. The key is conversation. Have enough good conversations (humour usually does the trick) and you are assured of lots of women melting at your words.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Irish men are not always the best to look at. They are fair, spotted gingers with no real handsomeness to them. Not all of them are shaped this way, but the Irish men certainly aren’t famous for their looks. The women, on the other hand, are a striking contrast – a vision of beauty, elegance and charming personality all rolled into one. You can use the lack of male good looks to get an advantage with the women; however, you must match the locals in their conversational ability or be left behind by a smooth-talking Shrek.

If you have more than a week or two to spend in the city, you may want to change your tactics to incorporate greater success over the long run. While going to a pub or nightclub and hoping for the best may work well a few times, it does rely on luck. It also assumes that you don’t really have any aspirations of settling down, as all the serious girls are more likely to have their noses in the books than in a beer mug.

Start by crafting a network. This friendship circle is what will get you connected with women from all over. It also allows you to branch out with ease through parties and get togethers. It is the best way to meet women with whom you share important traits and values. Furthermore, it is a natural filter and protection against any rash decisions.

Bar hookups are fun, but if they progress to something more, you may find that the relationship is built on trying to force things to work rather than a considered selection. In its place, the networking ‘picky’ approach allows you to find women who resonate with your long-term goals. It makes love easier to achieve.

Online dating also deserves a special mention just because it has become so popular. Gone are the days when internet dating was only for losers who could not get a date in real life. A new form of online dating has been erected, and the Irish women lap it up. The UK is general has embraced the digital dating age and so should you. Platforms such as Badoo, Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble and more are waiting for you. You may want to consider online dating of your goals are more on the short-term side.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The night life should be divided into two sections merely because of the unique Irish industry. The nightclubs are an obvious route to meeting women, but the pubs in Ireland are special. They have made their way to the centre of the culture and almost everyone congregates at bars at some point, especially on the weekend or during major sports events. It is something special and the vibe within the bar may sometimes exceed the levels of excitement in the clubs. It also has the added benefit of being more conducive to conversation. That means more meaningful interactions with girls.

Therefore, the best bars in the country will be listed below first:

  • Tigh Neachtain’s Galway – This bar may look like no more than a small hole in the wall with some blue paint splashed on the outside, but it is one of Ireland’s most famous drinking holes. It was established in 1894 and has built up its legendary status with the locals. It also boasts a whiskey collection of over 100 strong. It also has events and themed evenings which incorporate the entire community.
  • The Stag’s Head Dublin – The gorgeous solid wooden finishing and granite countertops immediately welcome any keen drinker. It is not difficult to see why so many people label this bar as one of the best in all of the country, and certainly in the top 5 that come to mind in Dublin. THE bar has an added bonus of catering to the needs of the urban crowd. It is clean, modern yet classical at the same time. Such an aesthetic caters to the fairer sex.
  • Mutton Lane Inn Cork - This tiny bar has been one of the main drinking spots in the country for nearly 150 years. It has all the characteristics of a classical Irish pub, including the dimly lit interior and more whiskeys than one could drink in a lifetime. There is also a craft beer selection that keeps the locals coming back with cult-like devotion.
  • Temple Bar Dublin – A tourist hotspot and perhaps the best known bar in all of Ireland. Their claim to fame is a special of oysters and Guinness. However, the main allure is always the interesting people who never seem to run out of interesting stories or a humorous conversation. The girls are not bad to look at either.
  • Hargadon’s – This pub is by far the oldest in the country. It is a pilgrimage for many tourists and Irish lovers of spirits. Surprisingly, the famous pub started out as a grocery store that had a bar on the side. Thanks to the Irish love affair with alcohol, it soon became a bar by trade and the pub has been extended many times over. Today, one would find the most impressive collections of every alcohol one can think of.

The nightclubs are an experience. They are also mostly fuelled by the students and young adults. Only the really large Irish cities seem to have them, but there is no argument that Dublin has the largest variety and best quality in this sector of the industry. All of the other cities seem to have a clientele who have a thirst for calmer locations. Without further delay, here is a list of the best night clubs in all of Ireland:

  • Sintillate – packed with every sort of extravagance a party could ask for, this club is one of the best dance destinations in the country for good reason. The sound system is pure class, but nothing compares with the excellent roster of resident DJs that spin everything from House to Hip Hop. The drinks are not badly priced by nightclub standards, but be aware that Sintillate is definitely a student venue.
  • TIME – Located in the heart of Norther Ireland in the small yet vibrant Cookstown, this club always has a spectacular evening in the making when it comes to the weekend. The first thing that usually strikes visitors is the sheer scale of the dance floor. Everything is done with a touch of madness as the two dance floors boats a total of… wait for it… 9 bars! You will also find a few really talented DJs behind the mixer. Sometimes a rising international star makes an appearance.
  • Lavery’s – This nightclub has a rich history behind it. What started out as a local pub has ben transformed into one of the most popular student clubs in all of Belfast. In the middle of the week, the tame pub appearance is maintained, but things kick into high gear once Friday comes around. The lights are a step beyond extravagance and the best DJs are always present to blast deep bass-filled EDM and House. The club always has a good ratio of women in the mix; at least half of the crowd is female.
  • Opium Live – it has something from that resembles a Japanese manga novel. The club is a paradise for lovers of EDM and underground House seems to be the main anthem of the Opium faithful. It also has a spectacular location in the heart of Dublin’s CBD, so there will be many local and foreign girls in the joint. The only downside is that you will pay nearly $8 for a drink, but it is to be expected in Dublin.
  • Pygmalion – The beer garden is one of the most famous student hangouts in the entire city, so brace yourself for lots of young Irish girls who may have more banter than you can handle. It is one of those magical venues in Dublin that stays packed, no matter the circumstances or the weather. As the management cater mostly towards a student and young professional crowd, expect great drinks specials If you are lucky, you will get a 2 for 1. The music is always amazing with the main genre being house music spun by the city’s best up and coming DJs.
  • The Foundry – Legendary is the first word that comes to mind when the foundry is mentioned. It has two massive dance floors where some of the best DJs in the world – never mind the country – apply their craft with finesse and passion. Everything is designed to add to the vibe, from the expensive sound and light system to the drinks specials at specific times during the night. It is a club that guarantees a good time and a boisterous crowd.
  • Vanity – This club is located in the small town of County Monaghan is all the rage. Since 2010, the club has turned heads among the local students as the promised a night club that ticked all the boxes of the local ravers. The management have more than delivered on their promise, as the club is a magical destination where the spirits are always high. The drinks are somewhat expensive compared to the immediate surrounds.
  • Havana Browns – This club is the place for the who’s who in the city of Cork, a playground for those who have enough cash to blow. Sometimes a few A-listers make the cut. The club has four bars and one massive dance floor; it is an experience to be savoured. The music is a mix or electronica, hip hop and filthy house beats. It all depends on the event at the time. Heading to the website is your best bet at finding out what’s happening in advance. Just be prepared for a substantial entrance fee and equally costly drinks.
Party at the Lavers in Belfast, Ireland

Shopping Malls

The mall is a playground in the Irish environment, especially in the winter when there isn’t much else to do outdoors. The pubs will always be full, but malls are somewhat of a seasonal thing. Thus, you should take advantage of the shopping venues when the colder weather comes around. Much like any other first world city, the malls provide a focal point where people seem to congregate. There is always a hot girls around. All you need is the right approach.

The best malls in Ireland are listed below:

  • Grafton Street - Although not a mall per se, this street must be mentioned due to its immense popularity as a shopping destination. It holds all the major designer brands and a wealth of classy chains to match. Besides the locals out window shopping, there are hundreds of tourists around looking for a bargain. The fact that it is just a few minutes walk away from Trinity college is yet another reason to scout the district. There are also many different cafes and restaurants to choose from.
  • Dundrum Town Shopping Centre – This is the largest mall in the whole country. It boasts a multi-layered extravagant outlay that has hundreds of stores to choose from. Over and above that, there are more than 40 restaurants in the food court and many cafes besides. Naturally, it comes with all the entertainment options such as a cinema. You will also find girls everywhere.
  • City Square Shopping Centre – located in the oldest city in the whole of Ireland, this mall is anything but outdated. It is a tastefully decorated retail extravaganza, a place where the wealthy like to flaunt their cash on the latest fashions and unnecessary toys. With all the beauty-focused outlets, wide string of boutiques and major clothing chains. You are bound to run into some very fashionable women in this mall.
  • Jervis – this mall is located in the heart of the CBD. IT captures all of the city centres busyness and translates it into the busiest mall in the country. It has a very British air starting with the Marks and Spencer on the lowest floor and Topshop on the highest. The food court is always pumping. Whole there may be a lot of people at this mall, it is also an extremely busy place. It may not always be the best place to start conversations.
  • Ilac – The mall has the great honour of being the pioneer in the industry. It was the country’s very first mall.. At the time, the glass lifts drew massive crowds and enhanced the reputation of the already historic building. Today, the mall has been renovated many times over. It is a proud heritage site of the locals, but it also scream modern sophistication. It is a great place to meet people on a winter’s weekend morning.
Grafton Street


Ireland is a gorgeous part of the United Kingdom. The lush green meadows and sun-kissed natural displays provide a great aspect of the local lifestyle. Thus, activities such as hiking, fishing and outdoor exploration have become a norm in the country. Many first dates take place outside, especially in the busy cities where the pubs are too cliché for first romantic encounters. You may not find many women out and about, especially in the winter time, but keep these locations in mind for date ideas:

  • Country Castle Tours – the ancient Celtic tradition is something to behold and the castles littered across the countryside. The tours are always popular with tourist and locals, bur also offer the opportunity to explore the lush country side. It is a superb way to become better acquainted with other women who have the same idea.
  • Cobh – this is a district in Cork that has been made famous because of its vibrant multi-coloured houses. In recent times, the cruises have been all the rage. They range from day trips to month-long tours. There are lots of cafes, pubs and restaurants in the area. All of them have a variety of clientele which ranges from tourists to local visitors from other cities to inhabitants of Cork.
  • Cliffs of Moher – Introductions to this site have already been covered I the “where to meet foreign girls” section, and for good reason. This major tourist attraction is never to be ignored. Furthermore, it is located just a short drive from the city of Dublin. It is a spectacle and the group excursions are worth every penny.
  • Dublin CBD – Sometimes the best way to meet women is simply to jump into the city in all its glory. The city with the most traffic is always going to be Dublin. However the other major cities also provide great hotspots of foot traffic, as people head to work, look for a good tine in the bustling pubs or seek the latest fashions in the trendy stores.
The stunning view of Cliffs of Moher

Universities and Colleges

The major cities in Ireland have some historic universities. Dublin, in particular, has been a historic location for some of the world’s oldest educational institutions. The Irish bear the flag of their universities with great pride. It is something that the young people of the city aspire to.

Moreover, because of the great history of the universities and the fact that they continue to provide world class education has not gone unnoticed in the international arena. Many foreign students apply to the universities each year. Still more sign up for an exchange programme with the goal of soaking in the boisterous Irish culture. Thus, the universities are happy gaming grounds for the single man. Here are the best universities in Ireland.

  • Trinity College – with its fantastic Celtic architecture and immense sense of history packed between the stones it uses for walls, this university continues its mission of competitive educational standards and shaping the next generation of Irish leaders. It is arguably the school to get into; the students have a great sense if of pride in their college – sometimes too much so. It also happens to be the main target of foreign students in the country.
  • National University of Ireland Galway – this campus is amongst the most beautiful in the entire United Kingdom. It competes with the likes of Cambridge and Oxford for historic aesthetic, but the greatest sight is still the women who walk through the halls and gardens of this educational haven. The university itself has a very academic feel, but one must feel free to explore the surrounds. The student housing and thriving student culture in the immediate area allows for people to enjoy the usual foolery associated with college years.
  • University College Dublin – this university is filled with character. It is also by far the most modern of all the universities in the country. Its best feature is its location in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Dublin. There is a plethora of local girls at the surrounding cafes and bars. Things really get busy after dark when all of the students pursue the standard activities of all the other major UK cities: party!
  • University College Cork – consistently within the top universities in Europe, there is more to do within the immediate radius than first meets the eye. The university itself is a fine institution, as its tall walls stand proudly in the middle of the city. It is always active; people walk around and not all of them are students. Some are foreigners looking into the immense history captured in the institution. The student life does not stop there but reaches out for a few kilometres with lots of restaurants, cafes, student housing developments and clubs marking the territory.
The library of Trinity College


The way the Irish approach relationships is refreshing. There is always an optimism about romance and the locals make a fie job of relationships. The United Kingdom has one of the worst divorce rates. In fact, relationship are more likely to fail than succeed, partly due to the inevitable toll the demands of a career takes in the big cities. Everyone seems to be more fixated on money than a happy marriage or relationship.

Ireland, by contrast, is a break of light in the dark, a shining beacon of relational happiness in the British Isles. People tend to make more lasting commitments and love has an element of un not duty. Every relationship comes with its challenges, as it is two humans coming together after all. That does not take away any aspect often local women’s charm or their loving natures.

Irish women tend to have a more traditional view of gender roles. Family takes a huge priority. Men are supposed to bring home the bacon with women playing the role of housewife. Do not generalise, though, as many of the current generation dream of careers and seek change from the historical norm. No matter what you are after, Ireland is a great place to meet women. However, the city has a special place for those who seek a growing love that has the potential for marriage.

Holiday Romance

Some of the best times you will have in Ireland is by the side of a beautiful local who knows her way around the tranquil meadows just as well as the city centres. Again, you may find some joy in this department around the students. It may be a tough thing to pull off, but there are women who would love to give it a try.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Irish women are hot – so hot that you may find yourself jumping head first into a relationship without giving proper thought to how you are going to make it work. Besides that, there are always the general ups and downs of a relationship. If not handled in the proper manner, things can be more down than up. Ireland has so much potential for a good relationships, whether dating or a marriage. Here are some tips that help you unlock every bit of romantic potential within the borders of the green island.

  • Charm the extended family – the parents are usually very close to their children throughout their lives. You will probably meet them very early in the dating experience. It starts out as a chilled encounter, but as the relationship gets more serious, the extended family has a greater say in your life. Be sure to get on their good side. Obtaining the nod of approval is one of the best steps you can take in your relationship. By the same token, a nagging mother in law can make things hell.
  • Take time out – even though Ireland offers plenty of pasties and a very active lifestyle outside of work, the call of the city is often difficult to ignore. Long working hours and plenty of other activities to get onto after work does take its toll on relationships. Take time out for each other; perhaps setting aside a weekly date night is the way to go. However, the decision to spend time together must be customized to your exact needs as a couple.
  • Communicate well – making communication a priority is one of the ways to succeed in the Irish cities. Many problems can be nipped in the bud if you talk through them early enough. Besides the fact that it solves issues, talking is also how the relationship grows.
  • Support – this is a factor that the women of Ireland appreciate, especially because there has been a movement towards increasing the amount of women in the workforce. Girls have dreams just like everyone else, and appreciate the support fo men in their journey towards their goals. It is important that you create a partnership.
  • Build Trust – any relationship needs a level of trust to succeed. It is perhaps the most important ingredient upon which you build a lifelong partnership of love. Without the presence of trust, love cannot grow no matter how hard you try, or even worse: the love may be present but you may find that things just never work. Therefore, take special pains when it comes to building trust. Be more cautious still with protecting it.


The notion of love is really alive in the Irish spirit. People look forward to finding that person with whom a life can be started. Everyone tends to have a very classical view of romance, with the happily ever after on the forefront of people’s romantic thoughts.

Love is also something that is subject to the culture. It is one that carries the spirit of fun and exploration with it, as the conversations and good natures of the women bring joy into the lives and families all over the country. Furthermore, if you have a hard-working spirit, the city provides for dates and activities as a part of a lavish lifestyle.

Combined with a fist class lifestyle that offers a balance between finances and relationships, Ireland is definitely one of the best places in the UK to start a family. While the country may not be as wealthy as others in the United Kingdom, that balance offers better overall lifestyles and not just economic prosperity.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

So you have met your Irish goddess who fills your life with smiles and heart with an inescapable sense of happiness. It is understandable; they are only some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. However, when the harsh reality of commitment comes to roost, you do not want to be left with the realization that you made the wrong decision. Bad relationships have signs from the start, but are only seen by those who pay attention. Thus, to help you see things with clarity, here are some guidelines to help you figure out if you have found your soulmate:

  • Patience – it may seem like the time is right and the wedding should be planned within a month, but try steeping back from things just to see clearly. Do not rush into relationships and understand that the ability to meet new women and experience life unchained is a great gift. Many men enter marriages wishing they still had a bit of freedom. Make sure that the women you are committing to is worth such a sacrifice. Count the cost!
  • Does she share the same values – a value system is something so innate that it is not likely to change. Some things are a part of what makes you you. Thus, search for a women who shares these non-negotiable character traits. You will find yourselves working towards more common goals and having a better sense of harmony. This is especially important if you are considering getting married.
  • Is she committed – a committed women is one that looks forward to the future just as much as you. Women who are only looking for a short-term distraction will often show discomfort when you talk about a future with them. Look out for these signs while trying to be open about what your intentions are. You will be surprised at how many women enter relationships merely for emotional validation.
  • How does she treat other men – sometimes girls are just in it for what they can get out of the relationship. As soon as the next guy comes along, they turn to yet another distraction and leave you in the dust. While the Irish do have a strong belie if fidelity, there are still a few outliers. Besides that, you definitely do not want someone who is flirtatious around other men. Pay attention to how she acts; the signs are always there.


No marriage is easy. It comes with a massive burden of responsibility and the promise of commitment through thick and thin. Without making light of the many tough experiences people go through in a marriage, the general display of marriage in the Irish community is a wholesome one. Marriages tend to last and divorces are not nearly as common as in the other parts of the UK.

The women age with grace. Most Irish men report that they have a greater appreciation and love for their wives as time goes on, showcasing the fact that the climate encourages deep relationships as well as a playful spirit at any age. Furthermore the economic aspects of the Irish nation are nothing to be scoffed at. Combined with the natural beauty and ever-flowing selection of alcohol, there is no reason not to find a contented life of love and luxury in the green nation.


The Irish wedding is a huge deal. It has such a festive atmosphere that people remember them for years to come. It is a moment of pride for the entire family and the highlight of the couple’s lives. Irish weddings are a rather interesting concoction and they become something of a merge between tradition and religious practices. Then, of course, there is always a bit of whiskey thrown into the mix.

There are two main parts to an Irish wedding. The ceremony is the standardized version of the wedding. It is where the two are wed – usually done by a priest or minister. After this, the real party begins and people head out to start the party. The Irish are famous for their festive spirit and it definitely shows at weddings. Expect lots of drunk people, but a sweet celebration with good, food, speeches and dancing. You may even witness the famous Irish River Dance.

If you have been invited to the wedding as a single man, it becomes a perfect excuse to meet a few spectacular women. With alcohol and cheery spirits, you will find that wedding hookups are fairly common among the singe people at the party. Take full advantage.

Wedding outside the temple bar in Ireland

Family Life

Living in Ireland is a fantastic experience. One of the many pros is that it is tremendously close to almost everywhere in the world. It is just a short trip away from England, and you have the option of applying for dual citizenship and getting a UK passport. The United states and Canada are only short flights away. The rest of Europe is also just a hop, skip and a jump away from Ireland; Barcelona, for instance is just a 2 hour flight away. Many people travel and the economy does provide enough for travel every now and then. People like to go on holiday to warmer climates in the winter months.

The family structure is actually significantly better than their British cousins. Most women and men have close relationships with their parents and it is one of the first filters when a new relationship commences. It does not stop there and any relationship will be subject to the continuous help (or interference) from the extended family. It is important to make a good impression on the family, as they are a major form of support for years to come.

The economy is a strong and lively force in the country with a major centre of every industry represented in areas such as Dublin, Belfast and Cork. Thus, no matter what your passion is in, Ireland has the potential to make you very successful. People tend to enjoy spending their money, but it comes with a more balanced focus than the British, where the major cities are all work and not much play.

Finally the infrastructure and educational systems are sublime If you are thinking about the next generation as a part of settling down, then Ireland is conducive to raising a family. In fact, out of all the UK countries, it is by far the most family-centric. Coupled with a system that incentivises hard work and future leaders, you will not be disappointed if you decide to make Ireland your home indefinitely.


Regions of Ireland
East Coast and Midlands (County Dublin, County Kildare, County Laois, County Longford, County Louth, County Meath, County Offaly, County Westmeath, County Wicklow)
The Irish heartland, home to the capital and vibrant metropolis of Dublin.
Northern Ireland
A home nation of the United Kingdom, covered in its own separate article. Separate from the Republic.
Shannon Region (County Clare, County Limerick, County Tipperary)
Southwest Ireland (County Cork, County Kerry)
West Ireland (County Galway, County Mayo, County Roscommon)
Ireland's least populous region, home to the Irish "Cultural Capital" of Galway and the beautiful Aran Islands.
Northwest Ireland and Lakelands (County Cavan, County Donegal, County Leitrim, County Monaghan, County Sligo)
A region that is growing in tourism activity and has a lot to offer by way of natural beauty.
Southeast Ireland (County Carlow, County Kilkenny, County Waterford, County Wexford)


  • Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath) — the capital and the country's largest city. With excellent pubs, fine architecture and good shopping, Dublin is a very popular tourist destination and is the fourth most visited European capital.
The Dublin gardens with Norman Tower
  • Cork (Corcaigh) — second largest city in the Republic of Ireland - located on the banks of the River Lee. Founded c.600 by St. Finbarre and known for good food, pubs, shopping and festivals.
Sullivan's Quay in Cork
  • Galway (Gaillimh) — a city on the river Corrib on the west coast of Ireland. Famous for its festivals and its location on Galway Bay.
  • Killarney (Cill Áirne) — Possibly (at least until recently) the most popular tourist destination in Ireland.
Lakes of Killarney national park
  • Kilkenny (Cill Chainnigh) — attractive medieval town, known as the Marble City - home to the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, held annually in early June.
  • Letterkenny (Leitir Ceanainn) — Main town in County Donegal, designated gateway status and reputed to be the fastest growing town in Europe. Good base for traveling in Donegal.
St Eunan's Cathedral, Letterkenny
  • Limerick (Luimneach) — a city on the river Shannon in the south-west of the country.
St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick
  • Sligo (Sligeach)- Home to W.B. Yeats, internationally renowned poet. Mountains and beaches, scenery in general are the best points of Sligo.
  • Waterford (Port Láirge) — Ireland's oldest city.
Dunmore East Harbour, Waterford

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