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Dublin dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Irish women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Irish girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Dublin, Ireland.

Hot girls of Dublin at the Opium club

Girls in Dublin:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.75 / 5

Dating in Dublin:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Dublin:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Dublin:

  • Nightlife in general: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $300


The capital of Ireland is the home of history, one which juxtaposes extreme poverty with aristocracy and wealth. The city has been the subject of literature for centuries, as its unique charm make for a highly entertaining subject. More than just a city, Dublin is home to some of the oldest Anglo artifacts and sites Despite all of this, it is the people who charm visitors the most, especially the women. They have an incredible wit, huge proportions of intelligence, humour in abundance and some have that heavenly figure that makes men go wow!. The very best of Dublin, including the women, is available if you know how to access it. Thus, use the following tips and tricks in the following sections to turn your trip to Ireland into a memorable occasion. You may just get tangled up in a spicy affair or perhaps find the love of your life…

Dating Culture

The Irish culture is not one which forces people into a lifelong slavery to their career. Dublin has a lot more to offer than most first world cities in terms of lifestyle. Compared to its cousins in the UK such as London and Birmingham, it places a higher priority on allowing relationships to blossom.

The key to a successful dating life is first and foremost humour. One’s ability to banter is the best weapon when entering the hunting ground, and the Irish women seem to have a distaste for men who get straight to the point. If they can tell that bedroom is your only goal and you are not willing to win her over with wit and humour, you are likely to get rejected.

The family also plays an important role in the dating culture. Moms – or “mam” as they call her – are the most important people to please. If you do not have the approval of the mom, you may fight an uphill battle. Most people are surprised at how quickly Irish people introduce their partners (or even potential partners) to their parents. This is normal and it is less of a rite of passage than in other cultures.

The first dates are less formal than people anticipate. It is likely to be during the day. Restaurants are usually avoided as the Irish look for chilled ways to get to know their dates. Thus, a stroll or trip to a museum may be on the cards. Restaurants or coffee dates are not out of the question but as an add on. As the evening draws near many people visit a pub as if almost a ritual.

Whether you are looking for a hookup or dating with the intention of finding a soul mate, the topic of banter must not be ignored. Women expect to be wooed with charm and a battle of humour. They also require patience, as one of the ways to ruin a potential relationship. Enjoy the experience and go with the flow. You may have to up the emotional side; Irish men are not afraid to express their feelings for women. They shoot their shot and so should you.


With a glowing complexion and easy going personalities, Irish women have won the hearts of many foreign men over the years. Some describe the girls as a bit plain, but there are some serious bombshells in the mix. Ireland knows how to bring the heat when it comes to women, but perhaps the best part about them is their personalities.

Humour and banter is given out liberally. It is one of the hallmarks of these Irish beauties and probably the first thing men notice. However, once the relationship deepens, you will discover unbreakable loyalty. They also have a great sense of love for their families as well as a fiery love which is imparted on their boyfriends, fiancées and husbands.

As with any city, one must also consider the differences in women in different age groups. Western media and a new liberal strain have served to shape the youth all over the world. People are now considering things such as traditional gender roles. Women are open to the idea of casual dating and want their sexuality to be celebrated.

Irish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Students make up the most explorative portion of all girls. These girls are fantastic and represent the optimism of the Irish culture in all its glory. Not only are they extraordinarily beautiful, but the student girls are the most likely to explore their likes and dislikes. This has led to an increase in the amount of casual hookups. One may think that these hookups are all about physical attraction, but there are more rules to the Irish romp. The girls expect a bit of teasing and banter.

Once the women enter into the phase of young professional, life starts to sober up a bit. Gone are the long student nights filled with parties and new connections. In its place is a blazer and the prospect of a blossoming career. Relationally, these women are looing to start settling down. They may not jump into a long-term relationship with the first guy who smiles their way, but the longing for a future family and lifelong partnership usually starts calling.

Irish Women (age 30 - 45)

This age group is difficult to navigate, but you will notice that women tend to age slower in the land of the four leaf clover. The luck of the Irish maybe? Whatever it is, the women in her early thirties is every bit of fun as her younger counterparts. Within this age group are different types of women who each have different reasons for seeking romance, whatever its form.

The first group of women are the bunch of professionals who have not yet settled down. The thought of a traditional family is fleeting, and the search for the one is on. These women are open to short-term flings as well, but the calling of their heart is most likely to be one that centres on committed romance. They are fun and good natured, but you may have to sit through stories of tragic past relationships.

Hot mature women of Dublin at the Opium club

Irish Ladies (age 45+)

Discretion is the word that most women above this age category love to hold on to. Being a traditional city which praises a conservative family model. Thus, older women who look for younger men may be viewed with suspicion. Right or wrong, this is fact and something the single man in Dublin must deal with.

Bars and pubs are good places to meet anyone in Ireland, and it is no different with older women. The mature beauties of Ireland know just how to work a man up, as they playfully use their tongues to craft banter that is sexually charged. Their charm is enticing, and picking up such women at pubs is likely.

Online dating has become a cornerstone of casual relationships in Ireland. While it may have most of its demands with the student crowd, platforms such as Tinder and Badoo have a strong pull with mature women who are looking for no-stings-attached relationships. Head online and simply set your age range to the 45+ mark.

The mature women are not only lively and full of wit, but they offer an impressive skillset in between the sheets. They have all the experience to make sex a special time… it can be mind blowing!

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There are nearly one million tourists in Dublin each year. There are plenty of international students and expats who settle down in Dublin due to the combination of a thriving economy and natural beauty. Some love the culture and just end up staying indefinitely. Needless to say, there are loads of foreigners in Dublin.

The foreign girls come from all over the world, and eth Irish pubs and sites allow for meeting places. These girls come with various cultures and backgrounds; some have ethnic rarities which make them exotic and one of a kind. The best places to meet foreign women in the city are listed below:

  • Temple Bar – a place where all tourists seem to flock to. It has pubs, clubs, restaurants and more.
  • Guinness Storehouse – one of the largest alcohol brands in the world has opened their warehouse as a place to kickback and chill. It is a major tourist attraction as the company has amassed a cultish following.
  • Dublin Castle – one of the best cultural sites in the city and home to a museum which attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year.
Dublin Castle


The sex culture can be a bit bland at times. There has been a favour of most people to use long-term relationships as the only medium for sex. This has often translated into younger girls who are inexperienced and shy in the bedroom. However, that has changed. Most find the Irish women to have a certain charm about them, a naughty side that tells you that there is a lot more behind closed doors. They typify the saying of ‘lady in the streets; freak in the sheets.

When it comes down to it, many men are enthralled by the sexual prowess of Irish girls. They are playful in personality and the character trait does not stop at the mouth. It extends to the bedroom!

Sex Culture

As already stated, the traditional family model is something which has been idolized for years. Naturally, this carries with it the desire to get married and the use of sex in stable relationships. Sex is treated as an accompaniment to commitment. This is how it has been for many years, yet a break in the trend emerges.

The younger generation have emerged as more willing to come to grips with casual sex and hookups. While you may still be tested on your ability as a compatible humour, one does have more chances of hooking up in Dublin than before. The students aren’t afraid to let their wild side out.

One-Night Stands

Casual sex is more of a thing reserved for the young people. However, there are also women in the older category who use their positions or new-found freedom to gain sexual partners without any commitment. Dating apps are gaining popularity in Ireland. It was once the subject of severe stigma. However, that has changed. People on social media still usually want one or two dates before sex.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Irish girls love to get out of the house, so you should have little problem meeting single girls. They are lively in every way, and many women enjoy the company of social groups as their entertainment of choice. The best place to look for single women in Ireland is something that pure logic would tell any visitor: head to the pubs! The bars of Ireland are filled with women who hold their liquor just as well as the men do.

Nightclubs provide an equally decent opportunity to mingle and meet girls; however, conversation is the main way to an Irish girl’s heart. Thus, places that are conducive to conversation and humour are the best pickup spots. Clubs that boast decent beer gardens are the place to be.

Online dating has also made its way into the mix, but it does not have the same allure as meeting women in person. It ca be a great starting point, however. Do not rule it out. The ability to meet hundreds of women in a short space of time is nothing to be scoffed at.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Night time brings with it an extra feel of excitement in Dublin. The people are a tribe of eager partyers, displayed in their love for alcohol and merry celebration. While a stereotype of happy leprechauns may come to everyone’s mind, the Irish party experience has evolved beyond that of just a happy time in the pub. Today, there are pulsing nightclubs that cater for every taste.

The top ten nightclubs in the city of Dublin are:

  • Opium – With the feel of something straight out of Beijing and headline DJs spinning the best of deep house, techno and EDM, this club has won the hearts of the Dublin faithful. Every party is electric. Every drop of the bassline transforms the room into a wild, alcohol-filled feeling of euphoria.
  • The George – One of the centres of the city that boasts a history of trade and fun. George street was once the hub of the town, a place where people came to barter over goods and services. It was the focal point of households meeting and business agreements. Today, it is a thriving part of town and The George typifies that spirit. There are a lot of gays, but one can also expect lots of girls who are keen for a good time.
  • Izakaya – One of the best musical venues in the city which has been carefully shepherded by some of the best DJs in the city. The bar on the top is always well attended. It offers a chance to mingle with people while enjoying alcohol that is cheaper than most clubs in the city. The sound system is fantastic, a great addition to some of the best EDM one will ever hear.
  • Copper Face Jacks – it is crazy how much can be put into one nightclub if the owners put their minds to it. Copper Jacks not only has one of the best segregated dance floors, each one with a different feel and a different genre of music to match. For those who manage to successfully connect with a girl, there is a hotel right next door that isn’t too expensive.
  • Mother – No tricks. No fancy lights. No big confetti cannon or smoke machine. This destination is all about the music. It features some of the best up-and-coming talent behind the DJ decks and has a slightly older crowd. Mother has a strict no under 21 policy, which makes it a destination geared more towards young professionals than students.
  • Tramline – The key selling point is the closing time. By law, clubs have to close at 2.30am. Tramline has an extended license which allows it to operate until 3am. It has a modern chic style similar to many clubs in New York, which is exactly the goals of the owners. Furthermore, it is home to tow of the best local DJs who always put on a show. They are loved by the students who come in drones thanks to drink specials during certain days of the week.
  • Pygmalion - The ‘Pyg Beer Garden’ has achieved something of legendary status in Dublin. No matter the day, time or weather, it is always packed. Featuring a unique blend of house artists and some of the best drinks specials in the city, Pygmalion is one of the favourite destinations for students and young professionals. It is a fantastic destination to flirt, one which does not usually disappoint.
  • Dicey’s Garden – based in the Georgian Hotel, this party destination has become a favourite of the locals for many reasons. Perhaps the most convincing of all those reasons is the cheap drinks. Some specials are less than $2 for a cocktail, and there are definitely lagers and ales which sell at the most competitive price in Dublin. There is also a VIP section upstairs where high rollers who seek a bit of glamour can flaunt their wealth.
  • Xico – there is a Mexican theme about the place that screams fun. Besides all the tequila one can stomach and the fiesta vibe which is downright infectious, the many interesting people and beautiful women have put this club on the map. It is one of Dublin’s jewels – a non-conforming alternative jewel, but a jewel nonetheless.
  • The Workman’s Club – A club which strives to bring the feel of an intimate house party rather than some hole in the wall. House music is the passion of the DJs. The most popular events happen on a Sunday, where the main floor is open to karaoke and the club’s famous Zakoney and Coke sells for $5.

It would be unfair to mention Dublin without also mentioning the amazing pubs it has to offer. The Irish are famous for their drinking habits, and their pubs match their thirst for the world’s best loved substance. The bars may also make for a better location to start conversations with newly-acquainted women.

Try some of the following bars when in Dublin:

  • Long Hall – with more than 250 years of history, Long Hall hits a tender spot in the Irishman’s heart. It is as popular as it has ever been, as the bar continues to serve pints of Guinness and other artisan brews.
  • Palace Bar – Temple Bar is known for its tourist traps, its bars which charge twice the normal price with the hope that some unsuspecting visitor will simply pay out of ignorance. Palace Bar proves to be the difference, offering the same beers in the same street only at half the price.
  • Toners – considered to be one of the best spots in all of Ireland to grab a drink, Toners is always busy after work. There is a special buzz during sports events. The selection goes beyond beer, as their artisan whiskeys also arrest some attention.
  • Neary’s- It is filled with high-end boutiques and brand; however amidst all the retail outlets is one of the best bars you can hope to find. It is always busy and the clientele are always willing to start a conversation with someone out of town.
  • Against the Grain – one of the best true pubs in the city which has managed to sell both great food alongside a huge variety of beers and ales. They are always stocked with craft beers, the city’s best milk stout and many international brands to match. In terms of selection, it is the largest pub in all of Dublin.

Shopping Malls

One should expect no less than a fine shopping experience. It combines nature with a first-world masterpiece. The buildings themselves are expertly designed. Some areas of the city resemble the best of London or Paris and the malls do not disappoint. In fact, many people find that it exceeds their initial presumptions. Furthermore, the malls provide the opportunity to meet women, as many of them shop for the latest trends or congregate with their friends.

Dublin has many fine malls and shopping destinations. Try some of the following malls when in the Irish capital:

  • Dundrum Town Shopping Centre – this the largest mall in all of Ireland. It is a retail paradise which has every high-end fashion store one can think of. Support comes from all over the city, as the transport hubs seem to find Dundrum Town as one of their main stops. There are more than 40 restaurants in the food court and a cinema complex besides. It is a great place to stop for refreshment and a cultural hub. There are loads of tourists, which makes it a great place to look for both local and international single girls.
  • Jervis Shopping Centre – Henry street is one of Dublin’s busiest shopping destination. Known for its impressive range of brands and fashion outlets, Jervis attracts more than 33 million visitors each year. The type of stores are catered mostly towards girls, as boutiques, chains and high-end brands target the females in Dublin. Besides that, there is a great food complex and one will find great pubs and bars close by.
  • The Powerscourt Shopping Centre – A former home to the Viscount Powerscourt, this shopping mall has become one of the hottest spots in town thanks to its unique history, tasteful design and variety of stores. It is a high-end destination that is proud of its Irish heritage; thus, it also boats unique Irish designer outlets by some of the best Irish labels. It is expensive but worthwhile.
  • George’s Street Arcade – This has been a shopping destination for many decades. In fact, it was the home of Dublin’s commerce, as ll artisans and craftsmen used to sell the products of their trade at a market in George’s Street. Today, it has been transformed into a classy mall, one that attracts people with its many Irish chains and international outlets.
  • Blanchardstwon Shopping Centre – what started out as a mere shopping complex is ready to take over the market in Dublin. The management have huge expansion plans, which started out as a renovation that added 180 stores and there is another renovation underway that would add over 250 more. When all is said and done, this mall will have the largest collection of international brands, making its modern feel a feature of the Dublin retail industry.
The Powerscourt Shopping Centre


Dublin has a lot of fun to be had, but the outdoors are just as exciting as any indoor location. In fact, the natural elements of the city add to its charm and differentiate it from many of the other major cities on the British Island. Thus, you will want to head outdoors; if not for the sights alone, then for the many gorgeous Irish women who walk the streets and gardens of Dublin. When in Dublin, try some of the following outdoor destinations:

  • Phoenix Park – This is the largest park in all of Europe. It is so vast that it measures over 5 times the size of Hyde Park! Many of the locals look for a break to the urban lifestyle and enjoy all the open space that the park has to offer. It is particularly busy in the warm season. It is also home to the Dublin Zoo, which is renowned for being one of the best and oldest zoos in the world.
  • Irish National War Memorial Park – a historic destination which has become a major attraction with locals and tourists. It is obviously not as large as Phoenix park, but the history and remarkable sites are undoubtedly a sight to see. Thus, it is a great place to soak in rich culture, breathe the fresh air and mingle with lots of locals and tourists.
  • Grand Canal – the Grand Canal is one of those districts of the city that has made its way onto the favourite list of many people. There is shopping to be done, and the many high-end hotels cater for the tourists. The layout is superb, as the canal travels east towards the ocean, making the area somewhat of a waterfront feature. There are always girls around; the pubs and bars in the area are jam packed, so after exploring the outdoors head for some liquid comfort.
  • St Stephen’s Green – Smack bang in the middle of a busy city lies an oasis of green. It provides relief and comfort for all during eth heavy urbanized responsibilities of the day. There are always people about and the surrounding area also has its charms, as the cafes, ice cream shops and restaurants add to the charm.
  • Wicklow Mountains – the very best in natural beauty that Ireland has to offer. The rivers dance and the flowers smile untouched. One glance at the Eden just a stone throw away from the Irish capital and everyone is entranced. It is not difficult to see why it is named “The Garden of Ireland” Many people hike in this national park. It is worth every effort and penny to get there even if you do not meet any girls. However, it makes for a great date venue.
  • Blarney Castle – rich Celtic history is interwoven with the city of Dublin. Part if this history is the castles which sit proud and tall. Blarney Castle is a famous tourist attraction. Many people visit it, and it is a fine opportunity to meet foreign women. It is a tad pricy. Adult admission is $18, so be prepared.
Phoenix Park

Universities and Colleges

No matter where you go in the world or how strange the culture may seem, one can always bank on the universities to provide a platform of young people who love nothing more than letting loose and having fun. Fortunately, fun is already built into the Irish culture. Once you add universities and a combination of young people looking for an escape from stressful studies on the weekend, you can be sure that Dublin is a great place to meet student girls.

The best universities in Dublin are listed below:

  • Trinity College – A famous institution which has brought about many innovations in Irish life. Its history is fantastic and its reputation even better. The expertly crafted cathedral like halls of Trinity College are an attraction to thousands of tourists, and many foreign students choose Trinity as a part of an exchange programme. The local students are fun and full of life, and the campus is accessible to the public, which makes talking to girls quite easy.
  • University College Dublin – Another great university and one of the best research-orientated institutions in all of Europe. It has a high ranking internationally and a pull with Irish employers. It does not have the same pull with international students in the same way as Trinity, but you will find thousands of local students who travel from all over Ireland to study. Thus, you will find bars and student-centred entertainment venues. The campus itself is beautiful and encourages the exploration of outsiders.
  • Dublin City University - It is one of the smaller universities in the city, but still boasts over 16,000 students. The people are known to be really friendly and the campus welcoming to those who look to explore. The educational system is a great allure, but there is also an appreciation for socialization. Many of the girls are open to starting a conversation with strangers if you approach them in a friendly manner.


The city of Dublin, and in fact Ireland as a whole, is a breath of fresh air when compared to the rest of the West. The city has a thriving economy, but it does not have the same pressures of other major cities. The base of any relationship is pure love and the prospect for an exciting future together.

The people are hearty and full of life. They find it easy to be expressive and this is no different in the relationship. While short-term relationships may be more common among younger people, the default is still a relationship where love is combined with commitment. The best way to enjoy the relationships in the city is to approach it with a serious intent, one which looks for a relationship that lasts.

Any serious relationship starts with a committed individual. Many enter relationships when they are not ready. There is an immense amount of pleasure, fun and casual sex associated with the single life. That is something that most men enjoy; thus, it takes a truly special woman to be worth the sacrifice. Make sure that when you enter the relationship you find the woman worthwhile. You may end up broken hearted if you jump into things too quickly.

All in all, Ireland is an exceptional place to seek a relationship. The lush environment and character of the city makes for a great setting for a journey that may last a lifetime. Furthermore, Dublin caters for all sorts of relationships, so there is fun to be had by everyone.

Holiday Romance

The Irish are not best known for their short-term flings. As already stated, the culture centres around finding commitment along with romance. With that being said, the younger girls have become more open to the idea. If you meet students and young professionals, you are undoubtedly going to find someone who is keen on the idea of a short-term fling.

If you manage to find a flavourful holiday romp, it is something that does not disappoint. The charm of the Irish women is infectious, and a holiday romance is a great way to enjoy fantastic sex and emotional support without too much of a long-term connection. Make the most of it, and remember to use it as a means to get a local’s perspective of the city, too.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Relationships can be fun. If you manage to find someone with whom you think life can be shared, excitement soon begins to set in. Love develops after some time and so begins one of the longest rollercoaster rides of all time. It is a rollercoaster because along with the good times come times of trial and hardship. Not everything is as easy as it seems. To aid you in a successful relationship in Ireland, here are some tips:

  • Build Trust – No relationship can survive without a foundation of trust. It is something that comes naturally to the Irish, as most women are predisposed to trusting the people they love. With that being said, it is something that it is also broken easily. Be careful to look out for ways to build confidence in your partner; however, there is no short cut. It is something that increases with years and years of faithful dedication.
  • Communication – This is the water of any relationship, the feeding which allows it to grow. Without communication, the relationship is doomed. It allows for couples to sort out their issues. On the positive side, it ensures that you get to know each other, making for a deeper connection and a better relationship overall.
  • Be Prepared for Traditional Family – The value system of the Irish is a little old fashioned. Families tend to be comprised of very specific gender roles. The woman usually stays at home and takes care of the family, while the man goes out and earns money. Of late, there have been movements which am to get women in the workplace. Thus, many of the younger girls seek career opportunities as well.
  • Allow for Space - Everyone needs time to themselves. Be prepared to give your partner some time off to be by themselves or with friends. It is important to have the space needed to recover, lest the relationship be harmed by couples getting annoyed at each other.
  • Stay in It! – There is no doubt that relationships offer the best highs in life. No matter how good life gets, sharing those special moments with the person you love makes it that much better. On the flip side, relationships also provide hurt and heartache. Some of the tough times make people want to axe everything and give up. One of the keys to a successful relationship, however, is perseverance.
  • Sacrifice – In an environment where two people coexist, there will always be an element of selfishness and conflicts. Be prepared to sacrifice your wants for the good of the relationship. If you cannot do so, or the sacrifice is to big, consider that it was not meant to be.


There are some who label love as nothing more than bio chemistry, a certain amount of signals in the brain which infatuate the human mind and emotions. However, those who have felt it know that it is far more. The Irish also have a lofty view of love. It causes people to care for each other in a manner that leads to true sacrifice. In Ireland love is definitely achievable. People are more than willing to start a relationship and put in all the work to allow for love to grow.

Furthermore, the environment is extremely conducive to love. There is plenty of natural beauty as well as an economy to sustain family life. The best thing, however, is the loyalty offered by the Irish women. It is embedded in the culture to respect love and the person on whom those affections rest. Thus, you will hardly every have to worry about things like cheating or problems that lead to out-of-the-blue divorces.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There is no doubt that the beauty and charm of the Irish girls proves to be highly persuasive. It may even tug near the heart, causing feelings of love and awe. However, when it comes to labelling her as ‘the one’, make sure that you are not too hasty in your judgement. The single life promises adventure and exploration. It also provides relationships with many different women. There is nothing like it, and many make the mistake of settling too soon without fully exploring their options. Do not become another stat.

In order to decipher whether the Irish goddess in your life is the one to propose to, consider some of the following thoughts and questions:

  • Does she complete you? – This is a matter of personality and character [ Some people have good traits which do not mix well with others. For example, two talkative people in a relationship may both feel unheard. Looking for traits that compliment rather than clash is essential.
  • Communication – The matter of simple talking is more than about the volume of words. Rather, it is the ability to use those words to build a loving relationship and repair broken pieces that is essential. Without it, no amount of love can make it work.
  • Does she respect you? – Without the respect of your partner, you may struggle to avoid arguments and breakdowns in the future. Respect may be earned but some girls have unfair expectations.
  • Values – Religion, politics and morals all play into this area. If you find it differing too much, you may be certain that conflict is waiting in the future. Sort these issues out before committing long term.
  • Intuition – When all the busyness of life drifts away and one is left with nothing but private thoughts, the truth is obvious. Deep down we all know the difference between love and mere infatuation. It may be hard to differentiate at times, but the truth is within. Simply ask yourself whether you love the girl.


The solemn vow to another person to love them until death do you part is cherished in Ireland. It is a phase of life which most people dream of. The beauty of the Irish women is captivating, and it is no wonder that so many people get married year after year. However, there are a few requirements one needs to fulfil before getting married.

The most arbitrary rule is that you have to register the marriage three months before the ceremony actually takes place. Second, you must appoint a person to do the marrying at that time, too. It may be a religious or civil authority – anyone who has the capacity to marry someone under Irish law. Lastly, you must be aware of the legal ramifications. Under normal circumstances, the estate is shared and all wealth that comes into the marriage is distributed in the estate. There is no private ownership unless you consult a lawyer and have it changed before the wedding.

With the wedding out of the way, most people enjoy all that the city has to offer. The Irish are social people, so dinner parties and social gatherings are to be expected. As a couple, there is so much nature to enjoy. Furthermore, the economic aspects of the city provide the means to find fulfilment in an exciting career that offers great financial reward.

Marriages in Ireland are made to last. The country has some of the lowest divorce rates in the world. The crude divorce rate is just 0.6. This means that out of every 1000 couples only 0.6 of them get divorced – a crazy stat considering that some countries have divorce rates as high as 50%.


Weddings are the pinnacle of love. They are every expression of romance embodied in one ceremony and it is a highlight of any family’s journey. Most people single out their wedding day as one of the happiest days of their lives. While this is true in any country, the Irish know how to make it that little bit extra special. Added Celtic tradition and symbolism make the wedding a memorable event.

Traditionally, the cost was covered by the parents of the bride. However, the modern wedding is usually paid for by both parties, as the cost of the event is extremely taxing. The Irish are also not as status orientated as their British cousins, which means that weddings are more focused on sentiment than glamour. However, you should still expect to pay no less than $10,000 for a wedding.

As for the event itself, it is comprised of two parts. The first is a ceremony where people literally ties the knot. If you have ever wondered where that phrase comes from, it is an old Celtic tradition which is still in practice in Ireland. The ceremony is followed by a celebratory reception. The Irish know how to drink and a wedding is no different to any other day, so expect the beer and ale to be flowing. Furthermore, there is usually a speech or two, plenty of food and dancing. Expect river dancing, too.

Family Life

The family is an extremely tight unit within Irish culture. They tend to be a conservative bunch, as most women stay at home to fulfil the role of a traditional housewife. Most men go out into the economy and sustain the house financially. However, this is changing. Today, one out of every three households appears to break this rule. Sometimes the gender roles change; the man stays at home and the woman gets the cash. Among younger people, there is a rise in the rate of both couples working.

Extended families tend to be close as well. The Irish approach to family is refreshing, as they encourage healthy relationships all round. Thus, parents, children brothers and sisters all maintain close relationships for life. There is less of a loner mentality than other western cities. It makes for a cheerful disposition.

Ireland also happens to be a great place to raise children. The educational system is first class, and so too is the surrounds. Although the universities do not compare with their British cousins, they are still high on the list of prestigious institutions and the best Universities in the world are accessible by a train ride down South.

Economically, the city provides ample opportunity. It has all factions of commerce much like any other first world city but it also provides an added cushion of natural beauty. The Irish are extremely proud of their nation, and so they should be! It is one of the best places in the world to raise a family, just as it is to have a drink in the pub.

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