Guide for dating in Douala helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Cameroonian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Cameroonian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Douala. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Douala, Cameroon.

Hot girls of Douala at the Broadway club

Girls in Douala:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3/ 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 2.5 / 5

Dating in Douala:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3/ 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3/ 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Douala:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2.5/ 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Douala:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3/ 5
  • Budget per day: US$250 - $380
  • Accommodation: US$120 - $200


Douala is the largest city and the commercial center of Cameroon. It is the economic capital of the country, as well as the entire CEMAC which comprises five other nations: Gabon, Congo, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, and the Central African Republic. It is situated on the banks of the Wouri River whose sides are connected by the Bonaberi Bridge.

Within the city is located the country’s major international airport ad largest port. There are over 150 languages used in the country. The indigenous language is Duala while official languages are French and English. Cameroon and Canada are the only French-English bilingual countries in the world and only Francophone countries belonging to the commonwealth.

With an estimated population of more than two million, the city is divided into seven districts with the most important being Awka. This is where the majority of the commercial and diplomatic activities occur. Despite being the commercial capital of the country, many of its residents live below the poverty line, the number being about 30 percent of the entire population.

Is Douala a city where you can find love, romance, and perhaps start a lasting relationship? This article would provide you with all the answers.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Douala is vibrant and lively. There are many ethnic groups in the country with unique elements. However, there are no major restrictions on religion or cultural views. It is important to note that the people are conservative and reserved in their approach to life, while still holding on to traditional gender roles.

Hence, it is expected that the man makes the first move to win his lady’s heart. The local people are very expressive using both verbal and body language to communicate. Flirting is not past the beautiful women of the city. As a tourist, the local girls would be very attracted to you and try to convey this through their body language.

However, these ladies are expected to hold on to some level of modesty and discipline, so you would not expect them to approach you and ask you out. However, if you do so, they are likely to accept your request.

Gender roles are respected within the communities. As a man, you would be footing the bills. It is important to note that sharing food and drinks is a way to solidify social relationships. If a local person offers you food, he highly regards you, and vice versa.

You would ask your lady out on a date while ensuring you have the financial capacity to handle the cost. The local women depend heavily on their male partners for financial provision as there is a high rate of poverty and jobs are scarce.

Family is one of the most prioritized institutions in the city. Hence, you must get the approval of your date’s family. If you are accepted, you would be received as a member of the family and treated like one of their children.

Premarital sex is frowned upon, based on moral values. However, it is not strictly emphasized on and it occurs even among young people. Public display of affection between two people who are not married can also attract glares from bystanders. Cohabitation and same-sex marriages are heavily frowned upon though.

Online Dating

Dating in Douala can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Douala and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Cameroonian women may not be listed as the most beautiful women in the world, but they epitomize the term, ‘Black Beauty’. They are gorgeous women covered in glowing dark skin. The light-skinned women are quite rare, and some turn to bleach and toning creams to lighten their skin tones.

The women from this part of the African continent have round faces, attractive plump lips, big sexy eyes, significant bosoms, and backsides. Their body frames differ though. Some of these women are very tall and strong. You can see examples in their athletes. Some are short and weaker of more feminine among them.

The local women from this country are friendly, polite, and well mannered. They also have a conservative approach to life issues. They are strong women who are saddled with the responsibility of taking care of the home and attending to all domestic issues. Within the home, they have a certain kind of informal power as they are also seen as connections to female ancestors.

The rate of female literacy is low and men are considered to be of higher status than the women. The women of Cameroon do not receive the best of treatment from their male partners, who can be with many women at the same time. However, with the increase in gender equality and women's rights activities in the country, the living conditions of the local women have improved. More girls are getting educated and more women are taking up better-paying jobs.

Cameroonian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls within this age bracket are still in their youth, having attractive bosoms and pretty faces. Most of them within the city would be found in universities or colleges. However, the rate of literacy is quite low so some of them may just be at home attending to domestic affairs.

The local girls in this category are well attracted to foreigners. It is a general wish of the women to leave the country for greener pastures, and no way is as easy as getting legally married to a foreigner. For these girls, marriage may even be a far-fetched desire. It is enough to just dating someone with a fat account or better prospects than what the local men can provide.

The focus of these girls would be to either finish school or get a job. Employment opportunities are scarce in the city, especially for women. So what do the ladies do? They seek to get married to a man who can take care of their bills, as well as provide for their families. This is referred to as gold-digging, but in this part of the world, it is more of a survival strategy.

Dating a girl within this age bracket would require you to be as understanding and supportive as you can be. There is a possibility that she may not even be well educated, exposed, and if she is sincere, it is binding on you to make life better. You should, however, apply caution to ensure she is just not with you for the promise of a better life. You must know that she truly loves you.

Cameroonian Women (age 30 - 45)

Cameroonian women within this category would most likely to be married. By law, girls are allowed to be married at the age of 15, and boys at the age of 18. This is not excluding the occurrence of child marriages. Hence, when a lady is not married by the age of 30, she is stigmatized. She may end up marrying a much older man or being a second wife.

Polygamy is a widely accepted culture. Most of the women do not get the best form of married life, and would always prefer a foreigner who can give them a better life. This better life would include comfort, loyalty, provision, love, and care.

Yet, the rate of divorce among such marriages is quite low. A contributing factor is a woman wanting to secure the provision of her children. This is because the Civil codes permit the man to challenge his wife’s right to work, in the interest of the marriage and family. Another is that the court would not grant a divorce on the case of domestic abuse or adultery. A man is said to commit adultery only if he does it within his home, while the charge is on a woman regardless of the location.

As expected, this type of constitution would lead to increased occurrence of violence, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse of women. The law further states that a culprit in a rape case can avoid prosecution by marrying the victim. These and many other factors are reasons the local Cameroonian woman would want to leave the country.

Widows within the country could be your best option for finding love with women within this age bracket. However, widows face levels of harassment and degradation. They may also be forced to marry a relative of their deceased spouse or return the bride price.

Hope is not lost though. You can still find unmarried ladies within this age bracket. You can also find women divorced by their husbands. Through online dating sites, it is easier to connect with women within this category who would be interested in dates and romance.

If you succeed in finding a date within this age bracket, do not expect her to be as energetic or youthful as the previous category, especially if they have gone through childbearing and raising processes. You would need to be as patient, understanding, mature, and supportive as you can be.

Cameroonian Ladies (age 45+)

The beautiful women within this age bracket would be more interested in attending to their children, grandchildren, jobs if any, and spiritual matters. The local people are quite religious and give a lot of attention to such matters.

The society has a conservative view on life issues, as it is peculiar with most African communities. Finding women within this age bracket who are still looking for love and romance would be very rare, and quite weird. For the people of Cameroon, marriage is not usually done out of love and a desire to spend the rest of your life with your partner.

On the contrary, it is born out of a need for a symbiotic relationship. The man needs a sexual partner, a mother for his kids, and a housekeeper. The woman, on the other hand, desires a man to provide, a father for her kids, and a home of her own. For most couples, marriage is more of a functional institution. The women also desire to change their status from single to married, as it is expected by society.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of finding a woman within this age bracket to share loving and romantic moments with. The probability is very low but can be increased through the use of online dating sites.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

As the largest city and the economic capital, you would certainly find tourists, mostly from Belgium, Europe. You would also find foreigners from other African countries. If you are open to the idea, it would not much of a big deal meeting and finding a single foreign lady within the city who would be interested in dating you.

Female foreigners within the city might even be elated at the idea, considering that there are not so many people in the city like you. It is possible to meet a foreigner from the same part of the world as yours, as you two get to speak off a romance that would last for a long time, maybe a lifetime.

You should expect foreign girls to be more liberal, outgoing, sophisticated, and social than the local girls, having more exposure than them. They would also be more sexually adventurous and willing to engage in short forms of intimacy.

When you date foreign girls within the city, you can both understand that it is just for the time being. You can carry on enjoying intimacy while excluding emotional connection. This is why it is easier to go your separate ways as strangers, without one party feeling hurt or betrayed.


Casual sex with the local girls in Douala will not be found easily, and yet it is not impossible. One of the reasons why the community prefer the girls to be married early, and some families force them into marriage, is because the men prefer to marry these girls as virgins. It is also believed that the younger they are, the more likely for them to have preserved it.

The people have a conservative culture. Virginity is regarded as the pride and dignity of a woman that should be kept as a ‘gift’ for her husband on their wedding night. However, with the influx of Western cultures, this culture is slowly fading.

There is a category of girls who are not virgins but yet would not engage in casual sex. They prefer to be sexually intimate with someone they are either in a relationship with or engaged to. There are not so uptight about having premarital sexual relationships, and they are also not too loose to engage in casual forms of sexual intimacy. They would prefer to be in committed relationships leading to marriage, than being engaged in temporary forms of sexual pleasure.

There is another category. These girls have been fully won over by the influence of foreign cultures. They would not mind the short forms of sexual intimacy, as long as their bills are cleared. Some of these ladies are students or the unemployed who need to hide under the umbrella of a man’s financial strength. For them, this kind of sexual relationship is transactional.

Sex workers are also known to provide sexual pleasure for a fee. They can be found in various areas in the city. These areas include bars, clubs, lounges, and hotels. Going for foreign girls within the city is also another great option for anyone seeking temporary romantic engagements in the city.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in the city is such that premarital sexual relationships are frowned upon but occurs consistently with a good number of people, especially the young. Foreign influences have also helped worsen the situation.

Among the young girls are the reserved ones who would prefer to keep themselves till marriage. They would also not entertain any proposal that would endanger this desire in any way. Anyone getting into a relationship with them should be ready to stay celibate until marriage.

The more liberal ones among the girls may not mind sexual intimacy with their date partners or men who take care of them financially. However, this is not something they would be proud to tell their parents and families about. It would be done discreetly, and sex as a subject is rarely discussed.

Women should not be caught or accused of an extramarital relationship, as this would bring many negative consequences. The men, on the other hand, have their freedom, can take on more wives, and are not seen as committing adultery except the other woman is brought to the house. Many of these men are also dating younger women.

Men who engage in such are called ‘sugar daddies’. These men use their financial position as a way of luring these ladies to date them. They are expected to take care of them financially, in return for the sex they would be providing. The marital status of these men does not dissuade them, because they are permitted to marry more wives.

Prostitution is well tolerated in the country, although it is illegal. You can find these women in various corners of the town; especially during the night hour. The rate of cohabitation among couples is also on the rise. While the women desire marriage, the men opt for a free union.

There is also the factor of them staying together while they attempt to raise money for their wedding. The day usually never comes and they end up staying together for a very long time. Same-sex relationships are illegal and stigmatized.

One-Night Stands

For you as a tourist in the country, it is easier to get the experience of a one night stand than it is for a local man. Some of the ladies would be very attracted to you, especially if you show off affluence. They immediately see you as a ticket to an upgraded life. They would be flattered if you ask for their company.

Though these ladies were raised to hold on to moral values, some of them would not mind granting you company for a night. You can find them in bars, hotels, and clubs. These are not as interested in dating and getting married, than in meeting their financial needs. Most of them would be hot blood in their late teens, early and mid-twenties.

One night stands can also be with the foreign ladies, who unlike the local girls do not see this as a religious or cultural crime. They would be willing to go all out with you for the pleasure of the night. Unlike some of the local girls, they would not be doing this for financial gain, but for the pleasure and adventure.

As earlier said, you have a better chance at a one night stand when you visit the nightclubs, bars, and lounges. Most of the girls you would find there are less conservative, and in need of an exciting time. They are more likely to add a one-night stand to the fun of the night.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Nightlife entertainment in Douala is thrilling and exciting, mostly in the areas of Bonapriso, Bonanjo, and Awka. You would find most bars and clubs with loud music, dancing, and brawling in these areas, especially on the street called Famous. There are exclusive areas but you can only access them when you have the right contacts. These exotic places are also very limited and more expensive.

Popular bars and night clubs in the city include:

  • The Broadway: You would enjoy a different genre of music, and great bar and restaurant services here. Your dream lady may also be waiting for you here.
  • The Senat: With mouthwatering cuisine and live Jazz music, this place has earned its spot in the hearts of many expatriates. A visit here might give you a chance to meet your dream lady.
  • The Club: This is another cool spot to enjoy live music, dancing, and pool tables. A beautiful single lady may likely be waiting for you here.
  • La Cigale: This is a club that features live singers, artistes, performances, cool ambiance, and great bar service. It is worth visiting while searching for your lady.
  • Pascal and Beatrice Private Bar': This is an exclusive spot offering amazing bar service. A visit here would be worth it.

Other places include:

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

As the economic capital of the country, Douala is home to a lot of shopping malls, complexes, and plazas. You also get to meet many beautiful single ladies in these spots. They would include foreign and local girls who visit the malls for shopping, window shopping, sightseeing, and for leisure.

If you choose to approach any of the local ladies, be confident. The lady already feels flattered, so the ball is really in your court. However, do not be overbearing or appear proud. Start conservation with her while including humor, it would give easier access into your lady’s heart.

Popular Shopping Malls in the city include:

  • Grand Mall
  • L’Atrium
  • SPAR
  • Garmin Store
  • Rue Marche Central Douala Camero
  • Nourishka
  • Ste Camps
  • Xerxes International Trading & Co
Party at the Midnyte club in Douala

Shopping Malls

Within the Universities and colleges, you would find younger ladies with more vigor and quest for fun and adventure. There you would find them in their attractive and sexy attires, looking fashionable as they attempt to imitate Western cultures.

You must prepare your mind to have your advances rejected, as some of these ladies prefer to focus on their studies than being involved in any relationship. Some of them may even see your advances as a way of getting them to bed and have decided to keep themselves till they are married.

However, others are in search of opportunities to meet foreign men like you. They believe you would have the wherewithal to take care of them financially. These are the ones who may not delay in accepting you.

Some Universities and Colleges within the City include:

  • Advanced Institute of Computer Science and Communication
  • Advanced Institute of Management
  • Catholic University Institute of Saint Jerome
  • Institute of Technology
  • HEC Business School
  • Panafrican Institute for Development in Central Africa
  • University of Douala
  • University Institute of the Coast
  • Douala Maritime Institute


Douala is not just the capital city of Cameroon, but also the CEMAC. This gives an insight into the level of hustle and bustle you would experience during the day. One other thing you would observe is that the city has a good number of beautiful single ladies.

You are sure to select a lady within this pool of pretty women who meet the specifications of your heart. You may be wondering where you would find this lady. There are many places in the city where you are sure to find single ladies. At night, you would find them at lounges, bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, and hotels. You can use that platform to mingle with them.

During the day, there are many other places you can find a beautiful Cameroonian lady from the city. Shopping malls and markets are places single ladies visit. It must be added that this is a common occurrence in many other cities. It is best if you use such opportunities to shoot your shot.

Other areas that could yield good results for you during the day include museums, churches, mosques, parks, art galleries, beaches, restaurants, etc. Once you sight her, take the chance. Approach her confidently. Compliment her good features without making any vulgar remarks. You can begin discussing with her by asking her about her background and ethnic origin.

Universities and Colleges

Within the Universities and colleges, you would find younger ladies with more vigor and quest for fun and adventure. There you would find them in their attractive and sexy attires, looking fashionable as they attempt to imitate Western cultures.

You must prepare your mind to have your advances rejected, as some of these ladies prefer to focus on their studies than being involved in any relationship. Some of them may even see your advances as a way of getting them to bed and have decided to keep themselves till they are married.

However, others are in search of opportunities to meet foreign men like you. They believe you would have the wherewithal to take care of them financially. These are the ones who may not delay in accepting you.

Some Universities and Colleges within the City include:

  • Advanced Institute of Computer Science and Communication
  • Advanced Institute of Management
  • Catholic University Institute of Saint Jerome
  • Institute of Technology
  • HEC Business School
  • Panafrican Institute for Development in Central Africa
  • University of Douala
  • University Institute of the Coast
  • Douala Maritime Institute


Women from Douala are beautiful, homely, respectful ladies who make one of the best choices for relationships. If you need a woman who would easily submit, you would find this trait among these ladies.

You should not be of any doubt when it has to do with keeping the home and raising kids. These ladies have received adequate training in home management and handling of domestic matters. There is a general belief that regardless of what a woman becomes, she ultimately ends up in a man’s house.

It would also be a source of relief for the local Cameroonian girl to date a foreigner who would treat them better than the local men. They would also know there is also a greater possibility that they would enjoy a monogamous marriage.

However, if you are more interested in short forms of relationships, you should deal with the younger local ladies who still have time on their side. You should also have the financial capacity to reward her for her time, so to say. The mature ladies among them would be hardly interested in casual dating, as their focus would be on committed relationships that would lead to marriage.

Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance is a type of romantic engagement where emotions are set aside. Would the local girl from Douala be interested in this? Most of the local ladies from the city would not accept your request. These short form of intimacy is not what they desire, with a local or a foreigner.

If you do as much as suggest this to this group of girls, you would get am unpleasant response. You should avoid approaching them if you do not have the aim of having a solid and stable relationship that would lead to marriage. These girls do not like the idea of wasting their time over such ventures.

However, some girls would be interested in the experience of holiday romance, for a financial reward. They are also known as ‘escorts’. They do this solely for the payment they receive, and considering the level of poverty in the country and the lack of jobs, this has become their way of survival.

If you want holiday romance with someone who has the same interests as you do; for the adventure and excitement, the foreign ladies in the city would be a better option. Since they are also on a short stay, they would not mind going down this road with you.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Getting a lady who meets your desires in the city, having her accept to date you, and you two going on that journey are exciting events. However, it does not just end there. The two of you must be willing to make sacrifices for you to be together. You should be willing and able to compromises. Other factors that determine the success of a relationship are:

  • Understanding: The first step to a successful relationship is trying to understand the peculiarities. Both of you are from different parts of the world, with varying traditional, historical, spiritual, and cultural beliefs. Hence, you must make room for the differences and find a way to have it resolved.
  • Love and Support: For a relationship to be successful there must be love and support from both parties. You must consider the country your lady comes from and do what is necessary to ensure she lives a better life. This is not to say that you would be used as a stepping stone. However, to the extent to which you feel comfortable helping, you should not be discouraged from doing so.
  • Respect: Despite being from countries with obvious differences in development and exposure, there should be mutual respect. One of the reasons the local Cameroonian girl would prefer a foreigner is that the local men do not treat the women with respect. You should treat her differently, in a way she feels valued and cared for.


Finding love in the city should also be an easy task if you play your games right. Since you are a tourist and foreigner, you would attract the attention and affection of the local ladies The challenge would not be getting a girl but ensuring she truly does love you.

Love has been made a complex word and abused by so many for selfish reasons. However, there are ways by which you can determine if your lady truly loves you. Love is not just a word, it is expressed through different actions. If these actions are missing, it is most likely that your partner is with you for other reasons.

However, if you do succeed in finding a lady from the city who sincerely loves you, it would be amazing. Cameroonian ladies are loyal, respectful, and submissive. If you treat them right and keep them happy, they would not mind going the extra mile to ensuring you are fulfilled in the relationship.

Many of these ladies are not looking forward to falling in love and having romantic moments with someone who loves them as much as they are loved. The focus is always on finding a rich man to marry, so he takes care of them and their families. The desperation for this is so much, that some of them do not mind getting pregnant for these men, in the hope that they are made second or third wives.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

As earlier mentioned, it is important to know if the lady you meet and fall for in the city, truly feels the same way for you. Besides this, it is necessary to find out if you two would make a happy and fulfilled couple. The goal of everyone getting into a relationship or marriage should be that it lasts a lifetime. It is safe to say that everyone would prefer to avoid the heartaches and trauma that comes with breakups and divorces.

One of the factors that confirm if she is the right one for you is if she is caring. This care should not be limited or as a result of what she could get from you. It should not be directed to the proceeds from your pocket. She should care for you, be concerned about your goals, and your aspirations because she loves you.

Another determinant is the extent to which she trusts and respects you. The local Cameroonian girl is usually respectful and submissive. However, this could just to satisfy the demands of society so as not to be stigmatized. Within a different context, if she still submits to you and gives you your deserved respect, you can be certain she is the right one.

The right girl for you will not delay in introducing you to her friends and family. This is one major way to know if she truly is into you. If she is not, she may hesitate from informing her close friends and family, because she does not expect anything permanent to come out of the interaction.


Marriage practices in the city usually have three other stages after the introduction of both families: traditional, civil, and church marriages. The payment of bride price is negotiated and done by the groom’s family, as a way of appreciating the family of the bride. They also give gifts to important members of the extended family.

Weddings are often held in the church, after which guests are entertained. The woman follows the man home as his wife. The man is considered the head of the home, and the ultimate provider while the woman supports by attending to house chores and domestic matters.


Weddings in the city are often held in churches. Though there are some non-Christians who hold on to traditional beliefs and stick to just the civil and traditional wedding practices. Entertainment that comes after is held in different venues across the city. Some of these wedding venues include:

  • Planet Hotel
  • Hotel Prince de Galles
  • Hotel Bano Palace
  • Hotel Sawa
  • Afrique Hotel Douala Airport
  • Somatel Hotel
  • Hotel Le Chateau
  • Valle des Princes Hotel
  • Serena Palace Hotel

Wedding planners are also available in the city to help with making the day the most memorable of your life. Colors are very important on a day like this, so work with our bride to choosing the best colors to beautify your event.

Family Life

Starting a family in the city is a good decision, but with its demerits. There are working private hospitals where you can access quality medical services. Education from the age of six is free and mandatory. There are also good schools for all stages in the city.

The city is also quite safe when compared to other African cities. Movement around the city is very easy if you have your vehicle. There are cool places for family entertainment, as well as shopping for basic and exotic items. However, the cost of living is quite high. Getting decent housing is expensive and would cost a lot.

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