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Gabon dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Gabonese women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Gabonese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Gabon, Africa.

Girls in Gabon:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3/ 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Gabon:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Gabon:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Gabon:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$300 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$150 - $250


Gabon is located in Central Africa just off the coast of the Atlantic, boarded by Equatorial Guinea/Cameroon to the North and the Republic of Congo to the East and south.

The country is divided into nine provinces with the capital city "Libreville" located at the North-West coast of the Atlantic. Gabon got its name from the Portuguese word, 'Gabao', meaning Cloak, as a representation of the appearance of the Rivers by Libreville.

Gabon is a nation that is doing very well economically despite the low population in the workforce; they are known for outstanding projects. The most exciting project being the Trans-Gabon railway that runs for about 670km from Libreville to Franceville, transporting not just people but goods around the nation.

The nation is known for its steps in ensuring that the environment is excellent and habitable. According to Trading Economics, the total percentage of females in Gabon is 49.7%; this implies that there are many females are residing in the nation. The figure is almost equal to the number of males.

Are you looking to date a lady from Gabon, to marry or for companionship? Then Gabon is the right choice; with beautiful, dark-skinned and slender ladies, you could easily find a lady that suits your specifications for a date.

To date, a woman from Gabon one must be fluent in French, as this is the Lingua Franca. To have an exciting dating experience, your target area should be the capital city. This is because most of the main activities you would probably enjoy during your relationship can only be possible in the capital city.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Gabon is highly influenced by personal standards, ethics, and religion. Unlike the Islamic nations where dating is abolished and highly prohibited due to people's religious practices, Gabon has a more liberal dating culture.

The set of rules or norms do not restrict the activities of people in relationships; however, you should bear in mind that an open show of affection may attract negative comments from the people.

Relationships are mostly between people of the same nationality; since most of the women worry about various issues of commitment. For instance, if they date a man from other African countries and probably get married to him and decide to retire in his own country, this poses as a challenge to them as they may find it a bit difficult to adjust to the new environment.

Gabonese females are open to a variety of dating arrangements. If you are interested in finding a short-term companion or finding a long-term relationship that would probably lead to marriage, you should consider Gabon.

However, first, be sure of what your real intentions are before going into a relationship. As most of the Gabonese females would rather date a man who can take care of them very well and provide for their significant needs rather than men who compliment them and are more concerned about their physique.


The women in Gabon are known for their striking beauty, they are often have a lean physique and dark complexion, just like women from most African countries, and they are quite friendly and fun to be around. In the area of labor and productivity, the effort of the females in the nation cannot be compared to that of the males. Asides working in the cities as secretaries, most of the females focus on raising their children at home, preparing food, farming, and doing other household chores. However, there is a good percentage of women who have worked hard and attained various political positions in the country. These sets of women are known for their outspoken nature. They would not be intimidated by the opposite gender; they are intelligent, beautiful, and can engage in various types of conversations that concerns both the economy and policies of the nation.

In Gabon, the women do most of the manual labor; that is why they are often referred to as the backbone of the family. While the men dominate the government, educational institutions and the army, the women ensure that the house is kept in order and play a significant role in shaping the lives of the children. To get the attention of a Gabonese woman, you should be able to provide for most of her needs. The women in the nation hardly respect your personal space; they can spend a long time encroaching in your territory at you if they find you attractive.

Gabonese Girls (age 18 - 29)

Ladies within this age bracket focus mainly on their academics. They are students of various universities and colleges. They are young and open to adventure. The girls from this age bracket are usually not looking for a serious relationship and something that will be fun and temporary.

The other set of ladies within this age bracket are probably residing with their parents, who have set high standards concerning their dating and relationship life. For example, some fathers restrict the time you spend on a date by giving her a particular time she must be at home, and this can be a bit difficult.

However, it is possible to find beautiful and attractive ladies within this age bracket for companionship, short or long term dating that could lead to marriage. Also, certain ladies get married within this age bracket; some of them get married as early as 15 years, and over 22% get married before the age of 18. Any form of relationship before marriage in the nation is often a bit private except in cases where the woman is the liberal type who is not bound by cultural or religious limitations.

So, if you are looking to date a girl within this age bracket, you can find them in the various schools around the nation, market places, night clubs, and bars. The women within this age bracket will find you more interested if you show signs of confidence, especially in your manner of approach. They also like men who make them feel unique about themselves as they are not used to been treated with so much relevance.

Gabonese Women (age 30 - 45)

Women within this age bracket have a completely different set of priorities than the younger women. They are often either married or, in rare cases, divorced. They are concerned about grooming their children and maintaining their households. They look for various means to support their husbands.

The percentage of ladies within this age bracket with gainful employments or serving in political positions is on the low side. They are attracted to wealthy men who would like carter for their needs.

So, if you are looking to go into a relationship with ladies within the age bracket, first consider her needs and understand her personality. This can be done by kicking off with a friendship and getting to know each other.

Gabonese Ladies (age 45+)

Women within this age bracket have a streamlined set of priorities; they will be much concerned about their marriages, grandchildren, and business. They would mostly be either married or divorced.

In Gabon, you can hardly find women of this age seeking for men to get married again. The divorced ones would instead focus on finding companionship with other men than trying for men who would get married to them again. This occurs in the nation, but it is often scarce.

So, if you are looking to date a woman within this age bracket. You should first be aware that Gabonese females within this age bracket may not be interested in casual flings and short relationships. Instead, they want someone to give them a listening ear, make them feel special and loved, and spend quality time with them. There may be romantic sensual activities, but this, however, depends on the parties.

Also, the women would be a bit withdrawn from their feelings when they cross 45years as most of them would not want to feel rejected when they are forthcoming with their feelings, so be sure to make the first move find anyone who suits your desires.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Gabon is the destination for most foreigners due to its beauty and wildlife. There are lots of attractive tourist sites that attract girls from various countries within and outside Africa to Gabon.

Some foreign girls travel to Gabon to see the famous hospital founded by Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Finding and dating a foreigner in the nation is not an issue; the concern however, may arise when she decides to travel back to her country. You should ensure to set your limits in the relationship as most foreign girls would not hesitate to walk away if they no longer find the connection suitable for them.

No matter the kind of relationship you choose to have with a foreigner, always ensure your acts would not be frowned upon by the people of the area you reside in the nation, due to its nonconformity with their laws.


Due to the cultural belief of a significant majority of people of the nation, the idea of premarital sex is wholly frowned at. As a result, finding local girls for the sole purpose of sex may be a bit difficult.

It is safe to say it would be difficult but not impossible. For some, they require a bit of commitment before they can have sexual intercourse with you. You must have dated them a while and proved that you are ready for a stable relationship before dating them.

Most women in the nation are either married or in long term relationships. Hence, before you can convince a woman to have sex with you, be sure to offer her something she may not be able to reject.

It is not impossible to find someone to have sex with, as some females can be found on hook up. You can use dating sites, where you have a conversation with them that reveals your intent. Ensure you are clear about what you want as this may help speed up the process, either invite them over or go over to their house and have a lovely, romantic and mesmerizing night.

The younger ladies would be more liberal and open-minded and willing to engage in adventurous forms of sexual intimacy. They would also be more interested in short forms of romantic adventures, for financial gains. The older generation of women in the country would be more conservative and tied to traditional beliefs.

Sex Culture

Except in cases of married women, the idea of sex between a pair in a casual relationship often leads to gossip and complaint from the older ones. They try as much as possible to teach their daughters the benefits of avoiding sex until they get married. For this reason, most unmarried ladies find it difficult to enter into any form of sensual relationships.

Those who do, try as much as possible to keep it between themselves to maintain their reputation. Also, there are Muslims in the nation; these persons do not engage in premarital sex as it against their belief and practice.

However, for some in the nation who are among the liberal class. They are often available and not restricted by any desire to impress or not to disappoint people around them; they are matured enough to make decisions of their own and would be able to engage in premarital sex at will.

The girls in their late teens may be reserved when it comes to matters that concern sex, primarily when they are still residing with their parents. Other factors that may prevent them from engaging in premarital sex is the fear of being jilted, so they try to avoid any form of sensual activity until they know your intentions for the relationship.

Extramarital affairs are frowned upon and there is a stigma associated with those who are known to be indulging in such acts. Same-sex relationships are not legalized and couples are stigmatized.

One-Night Stands

As an expatriate or tourist in Gabon, you may find it challenging to locate ladies interested in having a one night stand with you. Although the girls are fun-loving and wouldn't mind having a relationship with you for the fun of it or true companionship, they often require a bit of commitment on your path to be sure they are on the right track.

However, having a one night stand in the nation is not entirely ruled out as you can find willing and available girls in night clubs, where they go after a long day to dance, unwind, listen to good music, drink choice wines, and liquor.

These girls are mostly French-speaking, so you should ensure you are fluent in the primary French language to communicate correctly with them. Be careful not to engage them in any form of long and tedious conversation as this may effortlessly bore them.

Also, signing up for dating sites can make the process faster and more comfortable. On dating sites, all you are required to do is to search for a lady that suits your needs and send a message across to her.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The nation is quite beautiful and has lots of tourist attractions and excellent daylight spots where you can visit for fun and meet attractive girls. These places include malls, bars and pubs, restaurants, universities, and colleges, parks, and beaches.

If you are interested in finding and meeting singles girls in these places, you must first know your intentions regarding the relationship. The qualities you look out for in a woman should be your utmost focus when visiting these areas.

Some of the cool places where you can find beautiful & single girls in the nation including:

  • Cocoa beach: The cocoa beach is one of the most exotic beaches in the world; with a fantastic view, a calm and serene atmosphere, and fresh air. The beach is a fascinating and relaxed place to be in the morning and evening hours, so most girls go there to relax and engage in various water sports.
  • Crystal Mountains National Park: It is located on the Western edge of the Woleu-Ntem Plateau. This is a twin park; a combination of the Mbe National Park and Mt Sene National Park. They are popular for their significantly high biodiversity. Most single girls often spend time visiting the park, and you could meet them there and approach them.

One exciting thing about finding girls in the park is that most of the girls will easily get attracted to you if you are knowledgeable about matters that concern plant biodiversity. That is a great pick up line to get their attention.

There are other beautiful places to meet single girls in various provinces. If you search for some of the prettiest and fun-loving girls to date in the city, you would want to focus on the capital cities, as you can find more beautiful and liberal women in these areas.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Relaxation and nightlife in Gabon is an excellent experience that you would not want to miss. There are fresh and cozy bars with breathtaking music during the day, making it possible for you to relax and catch some fun.

During night hours, there are cool night clubs that make your night fun and interesting with a variety of drinks, beautiful ladies (foreign and local), and clean convenience. Some of the bars and night clubs in the nation include:

  • No Stress Bar: Located at Montee de Luis, Libreville 3868 Gabon, the bar offers a variety of beer and other liquor for your satisfaction. It has bouncers stationed at the entrance of the bar to ensure your security. The bar is frequently mistaken for a club, because of its interior decor.

It also invites some known artistes in the nation to offer you a mix of modern African hits, hip hop, and dance music to keep you on your feet while enjoying your drink. It is well ventilated with installed air conditioners, has good tables and neon lights; it is a fantastic place to unwind.

  • Yoka Sports Bar: Located in Libreville, the Yoka Sports Bar is a standard bar that offers excellent cocktail, wines, and other varieties of drinks. It is an excellent place to chill due to the relaxed vibes and music playlist.

The bartenders are friendly and make your stay comfortable, and they also have a spot for those interested in watching football to sit and enjoy the game.

  • Le Mystral Night club is located at 23-486 Libreville, Le Mystral Night Club: It offers commendable service to new and old customers, provides a variety of drinks, pretty girls to keep you company, with some of the best DJs in the country working the club.

They provide excellent hip hop music to keep you dancing. Their security is top-notch to ensure your safety inside and around the nightclub.

  • La Vigne: Recommended for foreigners as one of the best bars with a large variety of drinks is La Vigne bar. The bar is an interesting one for wine lovers, and they offer drinks at very affordable prices. You could visit the bar either alone or with a group of friends to enjoy the best collection of wines you could find in the nation
  • Cotton Club: The cotton club is one of the most famous clubs in the capital city. It is quite spacious with excellent and cozy sits, colorful lighting and great music to keep you going all night long.

Shopping Malls

Gabon is a beautiful nation with a lot of shopping malls located in different provinces. The country is experiencing a steady growth in the business sector. These malls sell a variety of products that suit your daily and long term needs, such as; house equipment, jewelry, foodstuffs, and clothing. Some malls sell only a particular kind of goods. You can also find needed items in shops, boutiques, and restaurants in the malls. Some of the major shopping malls in the nation include:

  • Elegance Gabon: This shopping mall is a boutique that specializes in meeting the clothing needs of women. They sell a variety of amazing female dresses, makeup kits, clothing accessories, and bags. It is located in Libreville.
  • 2AAZ LALALA: Located at 15461 Libreville Gabon, the shopping mall is one of the biggest in the capital city. They sell different kinds of food, food items, drinks, toilet facilities, chairs, tables, and other household equipment. Hundreds of Gabonese visit the Shopping mall daily to get their basic needs.
  • Carrefour Leon MBA: This is an all-in-one household equipment and general need boutique. They sell all the necessary household equipment, clothes, shoes, furniture, and bags.
  • Royal Plaza: The royal plaza is a big shopping mall located in Gabon's capital city, open every day of the week, specifically by 7:30 am. The mall also sells necessary household appliances and equipment, such as; television, wardrobe, and bed. They also sell clothing and clothing accessories.
  • Prix Import: Another excellent and fantastic shopping mall in Gabon is the Prix Import shopping mall. Known for selling a significant variety of products at a very reasonable price, all the products are appropriately stacked in various areas of the mall, making them easy to locate.

Some other shopping malls in the nation include:

  • Owendo Business center
  • Super CKDO Carrefour SNI
  • Orca Deco Gab
  • Maxi Ckdo Akanda
  • Sony Centre Homevideo
  • Garep
  • E-shop Gabon
  • Pavilion Dorian


Gabon is a place filled with beautiful and amazing outdoor centers for you and your lady. These are places where you go to appreciate the beauty of the nation. Take time to visit the following outdoors:

  • Pointe-Denis Beach: The Pointe-Denis beach named after the local king, King Denis, Pointe Denis is a preferred destination for locals and foreigners who just want to escape from the city life. It offers to its visitors some of the most exquisite beaches in a beautiful environment, and its waterfront is lined with huge mansions. This is a lovely outdoor view for you to visit while you are visiting Gabon.
  • Akanda National Park: The Akanda national park is one of the 13 national parks in Gabon, with a beautiful view of nature's paradise. It is an outstanding location for hiking, clean, less crowded, beautiful mangrove with little touristic activity, and it also allows you to observe various wild animals, including birds of different colors and sizes.
  • Center Equestre Ok Koral: With a top equestrian center, neat horses, excellent, bright atmosphere, and horse riders. They have professionals who groom the horses. This is a great outdoor spot to take your date where you would enjoy a calm and cozy environment and still ride on a horse.

Universities and Colleges

Gabon has a lot of universities and colleges, filled with both local and international students; Gabon ranks 118 on the world education ranking list. The universities are standard and offer a variety of professional courses as well as other programs.

The capital city has over eight universities, while the entire has over 25 universities, including Universite Omar Bongo, which is the oldest university in the capital, founded in 1970.

Some of the universities and colleges in Gabon include:

  • Umar Bongo University: Named after Gabon's president, the university is one of the foremost universities in the nation. It is located at 680 Avenue President Leon MBA, 13131 Libreville Gabon. Although this is not the best university in the country, it has a long-lasting reputation of raising great men and women in the nation who have significantly contributed to the nation. The rigor of training distinguishes the university.
  • University of Sciences and Technologies of Masuku: It was founded in 1986, ranked number 2 in the nation, and 11,838 in world university ranking. The university is located in the large town of Franceville. The university is accredited by all the relevant associations in the nation and also accepts international students.
  • BBS School of Management: Established in 2008, the university is ranked 3rd according to the country’s ranking and 12,066 in the world’s ranking. The university is a private university higher education located in the capital city and is also open to international students from both within and outside the continent.
  • Universite Franco-Gabonaise Saint-Exupery: This was established in 2012, and is ranked 4th in the nation and 12,807 in the world. This is also a private higher institution located in the capital city. They offer bachelor's degrees programs, Master's degrees, and Doctoral degrees. It is also open to international students.
  • Institut des Techniques Avancees: This university is ranked 5th best university in the nation and 12,843 in the world. It is also a private university in the capital city with lots of local and international students; they offer only bachelor degrees in various courses.
  • Institut National des Sciences de Gestion: The university is ranked 6th in the nation and 12,938 in the world. It is also translated as the National Institute of Management Sciences, and the university only offers management sciences courses. The university is recognized by all the adequate educational bodies of the nation.
  • Ecole de Management du Gabon: Located in the nation's capital city, the university is ranked as the 7th best university in the country and number 13,041 in the world, and it is also a private tertiary institution.

Other universities include:

  • Libreville International Business School
  • African University of Management
  • Insititut de Technologies d’Owendo
  • Universite des Sciences de la Sante, Gabon
  • Universite Africaine des Sciences
  • Universite des Sciences d’Informatique Appliquee
  • Ecole Superieure de Commerce et de Management
  • Ecole Superieure de Gestion et d’Expertise Comptable
  • Institut Universitaire des Sciences de l’Organistation
  • Ecole Normale Superieure de Libreville
  • Institut Superieur de Technologie
  • Ecole Normale Superieure de l’Enseignement Technique


Two types of relationships are prevalent in the nation. For some, they find in easy to date men both local and international for short term flings or long term relationships that could even lead to marriage. Be sure to only go for a lady who fits into the class you prefer; this is to avoid getting in and out of various relationships. For the other set of matured enough to date, they would make themselves available by joining various dating sites to attract your attention, and they may even accept to date you on the condition that you are comfortable her ground rules, which often includes "no sex."

Holiday Romance

As an expatriate in Gabon, you are avoiding being physically attracted to a particular lady for a long term relationship but would woo her to make your stay in the nation worthwhile. Finding fun-loving girls interested in having an affair with you for a short period might come with its challenges.

There are some of the Gabonese females would rather have a holiday romance with you for the financial gain they can acquire from it. Your goal should be similar to this if you want to enjoy this romantic moment with any girl from the country. Place boundaries on the relationship as you are aware that it would most likely end when you are ready to return to your nation.

There are many cool and exotic hotels in the country suitable for a holiday romance. Fortunately, no laws are restricting this type of short term intimate relationships.

Tips for Successful Relationship

There may come the point in your relationship where you hit a bump on the road, and this may lead to the end of all those fantastic experiences you have with your partner. To maintain a strong connection with a Gabonese, here are some tips you should apply:

  • Physical contact: Intimacy plays an essential role in every relationship. Putting your guard down and becoming more vulnerable to each other by either holding hands, hugging or cuddling shows the woman that you have a great interest in her.
  • Opening communication: Be sure to discuss your feelings and conversations with your partners. That is why it is highly recommended that you first become friends with your partner to become more comfortable talking to her.
  • Make her feel special: Some of the women in the nation are treated with utmost disregard, and they are seen as not being equal to the men in the country. So in other to keep the relationship going, you must also ensure to admire and compliment her.


Love covers an extended range of feelings and deep personal affection for a person. Some persons are married, but they are currently not in love; this is due to their inability to nurture the feelings they shared at the early stage of the relationship.

Love is like a seed when planted; it must be watered regularly to help the seed germinate and grow into a tree. Women in Gabon are open to love and are committed partners. They would do whatever it takes to make you happy.

They stand by you, support you, and even plan to get married and spend the rest of their lives with you, once they fall in love with you. You can find women seeking love in various parts of the nation. You can find them on dating sites, hit the one you are interested in, and explore the sweet sensation in loving.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Women from different countries have various qualities as it regards dating or their choice of men. As a man, you may find it difficult to know if a woman is okay for you asides her physical qualities, which would naturally attract you. Here are some tips to tell if she is the right person for you.

  • You would rather hang out with her than any other person.
  • The relationship experiences little or no hitches.
  • You don’t set aside the thought of marrying her.
  • Other attractive women seem less appealing to you.


You will find that majority of the adults you meet are married; however, but not all the married persons did it legally. A legalized marriage in Gabon is done at the mayor's office in the city, and most married people do not go through the rigorous steps. Some marriages are a result of business arrangements between two persons.

In most marriages, the men are charged with the primary responsibility of providing the needs of the women and children; these needs include food, shelter, and clothing, while the men spend the rest of their lives with women who can manage their homes and bear children for them.

The concept of polygyny is rampant in the nation, as marrying more than one wife proves that you are wealthy and can maintain more than one person. In divorce cases, the woman is only allowed to go out of the man's house with the children she bears outside wedlock; all the children she bore for the man remain with their father till they grow up and are matured enough to live on their own. It is a taboo for members of the same family to marry each other.


To carry out a successful wedding in Gabon, certain conditions must be fulfilled. They include:

  • You and your parents must consult the parents of the girl.
  • After acceptance by her parents, a date will be fixed.
  • The “Ekulu Dzangane," which is the first appearance follows.
  • The wedding proper is carried out.
  • Payment of dowries known as “Nsua."

Family Life

Gabon is one of the few nations where family life is exciting and allows for togetherness. Most family members live together in a big family house, which can accommodate both your parents, siblings, and the nuclear family.

There are many tribes in the nation, and one notable feature of the tribes is that they often reside in the same area and share common beliefs. If you are looking to have a family and live in Gabon, you are sure to enjoy the peace and calm that comes with residing in certain parts of the nation, especially the capital cities.

Healthcare is also quite developed and there is an existing road network. However, many of the roads are still underdeveloped. The country is quite safe, although it can occasionally face periods of unrest.

Living in Gabon is also quite expensive. However, there are good schools for children to attend. There are also offers for family and children entertainment. The nightlife in most parts of the country is vibrant. The people are warm and very accommodating of foreigners. Hence, you would hardly face problems with racism. They would also help you settle right in, especially if you are friendly and respectful.



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