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Guide for dating in Yerevan helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Armenian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Armenian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Yerevan. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Yerevan, Armenia.

The hot and sexy girls of Yerevan at the Sky bar

Girls in Yerevan:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Yerevan:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Yerevan:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Yerevan:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$25 - $450
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $250


You will find several beautiful girls in the city. You can have different relationships like a one night stand, random hookups, or a serious relationship. It is very amazing to have a good company on your side on your trip. You can enjoy the nightlife with Armenian girls and eventually have some good sex. We will help you find your soul mate, the one whom you love.

Yerevan is the biggest city of Armenia. The city has seen many ups and downs, has risen and faced hard situations and therefore is the most successful city in the country. The girls of Yerevan are of modern thoughts. The city is a place for fun hence has a great dating culture. People are open to dating and relationships.

The mentality and thoughts about having a relationship are very normal among people. The girls are smart, intelligent, and are not orthodox. People are very welcoming, and the nightlife of the place is more than amazing. You can find couples around the city hanging out and having fun. You will find girls of different age groups in search of a partner. These girls are hot, sexy, and irresistible when it comes to physical aspects.

Dating Culture

Yerevan, though, is one of the biggest cities in Armenia but still is developing, and many of the people are still not extremely comfortable with the dating culture. However, with advancements in the city, people are becoming more modern and have started accepting the new ways of expressing love. There is a high chance of meeting a hottie with the best sexy body, which you are in search of in the town within no time.

The girls out in Yerevan are open-minded and bold; hence they are open to conversations regarding dating, sex, and relationships. You might find it hard to start a conversation or express in public places and especially during the daytime, but it becomes easy once the city's nightlife starts and you ease up the girl. Give time, and slowly your conversation will develop a path to your goal.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Yerevan can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Yerevan and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Yerevan is all about having fun. You can meet thousands of women, all with different complexions, height, and attitude. Usually, the girls are fair in complexion, and their height is on the average side Armenian girls love to drink and have parties, so it is an excellent place for a person who is into these activities. You will find different age groups of women in Yerevan, and all of them have a different approach to life.

Some of them are full of curiosity and enthusiasm; hence they are the ones who try random hookups and one nightstand. These girls are the ones who like to wear modern clothes and makeup to look their best. On the other side, there are those who are looking for their soul mates and a perfect partner. They are the mature ones and prefer serious and committed relationships. The common thing in all these girls is that they are smart, independent, and, most importantly, are modern with their thinking. They have the best body figures, and they always try to maintain it.

Armenian Girls (age 18 - 29)

These girls are all about the warm blood in their veins. They are restless and quite immature. Most of these girls are students or the girls who just have started their carrier. They enjoy their life and are fast with everything. They like to try new and adventurous things. They are the one who remains excited about partying, and you can easily spot groups of these girls in the night clubs and bars partying hard all night.

When we come to their physical aspects, they have a beautiful body with a tight ass and firm boobs. Most of them are health conscious and prefer a limited diet and are into different health programs and exercises to maintain their body figures. One can't overlook their sexy body. These girls are also the ones in society who are most influenced by modern culture. They prefer wearing trendy and fashionable clothes.

The girls in this age group are more into random relationships. They prefer short and holiday romance. They highly prefer one-night stands and random sex. They do hesitate with long term commitments. They are not that experienced in bed and hence are just amateur. But sometimes these new girls provide you the best pleasures and thus you can be lucky.

No one in the whole city enjoys nightlife as these girls do; hence you will be having a great company. She can guide you with the best places to visit in Yerevan and help you with exiting and traditional foods and culture of the place. These girls are easy to communicate and bond up with. Sometimes they may have a high standard of living or maybe a gold-digger; hence it might cost to your pocket. If you have the money and the physic, they need they will always satisfy you with their best.

Armenian Women (age 30 - 45)

This age group of women in Yerevan mainly belongs to the working class. You will find thousands of such women rushing to their offices during working days. These women are independent and earn by themselves for living. They are an essential part of the nation's economy and hence are mostly busy in their hectic life

If you want one of these women as your date, keep a thing in your mind that they are not that easy for such relationships. You can approach them on weekends or during night parties in clubs and pubs. Usually, these women are not in search of a casual relationship with a tourist. It all depends on you on how to impress them.

Physically they are the best in all the Armenian girls. Their bodies are the best developed, and their little experience makes them the perfect partner in bed. The shape and size of these women are seductive. They have the perfect body, which they normally maintain by heavy and regular workouts at the gyms. They have the stiff and straight shoulder, with tight and firm boobs and the sexy curve on their waist and hip. You can see them at their best in nightclubs and bars. They can provide the best sex experience to you and hence are very good in bed.

They are more mature than the previous group and understand how life works. They are not that careless; neither are they open to everything as the former group was. They are more interested in a serious relationship, and they are looking for a life partner. Nevertheless, you can find girls in this group also who are looking to satisfy their needs. To get a girl from such a group, you have to be more smart and positive in your approach. They are not a bunch of college students who get excited by worthless things; you have to be more practical with them. These girls are good listeners, and you can share your problems with these girls. At last, it is not a bad idea to have a relationship with a Yerevan girl.

Armenian Ladies (age 45+)

This age group is moreover complicated. It is hard to find such girls for relationships. The only you can find in such age groups in Armenia are the widows, divorced, and single mothers. The women are much more experienced and realistic in approach. They are least interested in random hookups and sex. They just are looking for a partner to complete their life

Physically their body is not that appreciable. They are comparatively weak and don't pay much attention in maintaining their figures. You may find some of them going to the gym and exercising, but a perfect figure at this age is very rare. These women are not good with one night stands and holiday romance. They also don't prefer expressing love in public places.

However, on the positive side, they are the best when it comes to taking care. They will help you to enjoy the Armenian culture to its fullest. On the bed, they are more than what you expect physically. They have had a lot of sex in their lives, so they know exactly how to satisfy your needs.

If you are looking for a partner by your side on the trip, with whom you can share, talk, and have fun, these are the best women to grab as a date. But remember exploring the place and especially nightlife with such women is not that appreciable.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Armenia has been very busy with visitors around the globe, and since Yerevan is the capital of the country, it attracts thousands of tourists. These tourists come from different parts of the world and love to explore the city of Yerevan. There are a lot of sexy and hot girls who visit the place for fun. These girls are from different origins, different complexions, various figures, and outfits, but the thing common to all of them is that they all are damn sexy. You can't keep your eyes away from their seductive body. They are perfect partners for a holiday romance.

Other foreign girls can be college students who are pursuing their studies away from home here at Yerevan. These girls are easy to connect and have a casual relationship. They will help you to explore different places and can be a perfect date. These girls are open to one night stands and sex for fun; hence you can have a great time dating them.

There are many foreign ladies who are there in the city due to one or the other reason. To summarize, these girls are great with dating as they normally have the same mentality as you and what better could you expect to explore the city with a girl who also is looking for the same. These girls have low expectations, and hence you can have fun.


Sex in Yerevan is a common thing. The local girls have a modern and open-minded way of thinking hence are not shy to talk about it. The young girls are more into random hookups. They consider the relationships such as the one night stand to be normal and better than that of a commitment. These girls are hot, sexy, and seductive. Some of them even are gold diggers, so be aware of them.

The more mature and middle-aged girls are not that comfortable with sex as a way of dating. You have to build a relationship to get into her bed. They are moreover looking for a life partner rather than having random fun. Many girls in Yerevan are not comfortable in making-out in public. The old generation is strictly against these modern views and considers them something which is destroying their culture.

The fact is that it is very easy to get laid in Yerevan. All you have to do is approach the right girls in the right place. Meet these girls in places like night clubs. Enjoy together by partying and then end up in bed. Give them all they need, and they will provide you with all possible pleasures.

Sex Culture

Armenia is a country that is famous for its party culture. In the city of Yerevan, people have a modern approach to relationships. They don't hesitate to talk about sex and discussing it. Sex is a normal topic out there.

It ultimately depends on your approach and selection of girls. A lot of girls, especially the young ones, prefer sex and one night stands as the perfect way to express love. You can easily spot one of these local girls making out in the city. However, if your date is more into a relationship with commitments, the girls of Yerevan will not let you get in their bed that easily. You have to build a trustworthy relationship for working things out.

On the other hand, the old generation still doesn't have a modern approach, and most of them consider not discussing the topic in public places. So make your selection wisely.

One-Night Stands

It is the most prevalent type of relationship among the young Armenian girls. They prefer this type of stand than having a serious commitment to a tourist. The girls are very frank and open to such relations.

Now the thing is that if you want such relations with a girl you just can't ask her out in the public places. You should know how and where to play your moves. Girls out here in Yerevan can be gold diggers, and once they trap you with them, it becomes tough to maintain such a girl.

Nightlife is the best way of approaching these girls. For a one night stand, you can approach girls in the bars and night clubs. Try to build comfort between you two, talk to her, get to know her, and build trust. Once she is comfortable and convinced that you are a nice guy, the road for a one night stand becomes much more straightforward.

Since you are a tourist, maximum girls in Yerevan expect you to ask her out with such proposals. The younger girls are much more easy and comfortable to ask out. Since they are more into random hookups and consider having fun, the only reason for having a date, they are very open to a one-night stand. It's rather their immaturity and curiosity, which makes them do so.

Leaving these girls the next are the foreigners. The girls who are in the city for studies or a vacation prefer something called holiday romance. They prefer having short relationships for a limited time or more until they both are in the city. One night stands are also highly preferred.

Leaving these girls, the other locals who are not that young and are more mature than the previous group are not in favor of one night stands. But in Yerevan, you can always get lucky, so keep trying, but it is very hard to get girls from this category to have a one night stand with a stranger.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The city has a great nightlife. Thousands of local and foreign girls are out on the streets at night, forgetting the hectic day they had. The streets are at their best during weekends. The city of Yerevan has thousands of different clubs, night bars, and pubs. All of them different from each other, having different themes and offering unique and various drinks and food. While visiting such parties, you can easily observe these girls wearing the best of cosmetics and dresses. Their brilliant taste of fashion and style is seen in their clothes easily. You can't take your eye off on these girls with such outfits

There are thousands of public parks where these girls like to pass their time; hence they are also an essential place for arranging a date. You can have chances of meeting your soul mate even in areas such as malls, shopping complexes. One can observe a group of girls going from one shop to another in such places buying the latest fashion. You can meet girls in a restaurant or a café. These places are the best when you want silence and fewer people around while you are asking a girl out.

Students are one of the best dating materials; hence you also can try college and universities. The young students are easy to catch up and are very sexy.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The place is so lively and busy that you can even find girls on the street. You can find hot and sexy women rushing to their works on the street, but they are neither the right way nor the place to ask out; hence you can expect the maximum from the clubs and the bars.

Some of the best night clubs and bars in Yerevan

  • Paparazzi Club - It is one of the most famous night clubs in the capital of Armenia. The place is the best if you want to interact with the local crowd. People come in huge numbers every day to the club, and this makes the place very crowded. The club has a beautiful dancing floor with a DJ set up. It is one of the best places to hang out in Yerevan. The music played by the DJs is mainly EDM and rock; hence it's all about drinking and dancing. The club is a little costly and they even have an entry fee, which are different for men and women. If you want to meet some of the richest girls in Yerevan, the place is just right for you. You can easily interact and have a date with one of them if you have the same standard of living.
  • Mezzo Jazz Club - Now this club is a place for people who just want some peace with sweet music in the air and a good drink in their hands. The place has got the most fantastic selection of dishes and drinks. You can find people enjoying their time with the best music possible. The place is great to find a date or, rather, if you are looking for a more sophisticated partner. People visiting the club are not party freaks and are kind of more mature. You won't see these girls showing off a lot. If you got lucky, it is a chance that you even can meet a celebrity in the club. A lot of big celebs perform concerts in the club. The place is not that costly, and you can enjoy Armenian culture at its best. The interiors and sitting arrangements add a star to place.
  • [Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar] - This place is the oldest club currently present in Yerevan. If you want to enjoy a loud place full of Armenian girls, this is the place where you can visit. It is one of the few clubs in Yerevan which is free to smoke. The place is very crowded usually, and it's hard to get a table if you haven't booked for it earlier. The girls here are in the mood of partying. Enjoy drinking and dancing a lot in their seductive outfits. You may have a high chance of getting laid if you interact with such girls. The place still serves the oldest and cultural food and drinks; hence you can enjoy it. A lot of live bands and rock music concerts are on display in the club.
  • Kami Club - The club is highly specific. It has an excellent taste for music. Many big and famous bands come to perform live in the club. If you don't have an invitation to the club, you cannot enter the club. You will have to have an entry pass or someone from the club who recognizes you to get an entry. The place is limited to people, so the food and drinks are maintained at a high standard. When it comes to girls, the one in the club is very specific with their partner selection. They look sexy and hot but are not easy to approach. Such girls can be very costly to maintain.
  • Malkhas Jazz Club - As the name suggests, it is famous for its jazz music. Jazz music is played throughout the club by some of the most renowned artists. The interior of the place is very comfortable and classic. You can see the typical Armenian style at the club. The club gives an opportunity to new performers, and hence you can discover new talents. The girls here are the ones who generally are into jazz, so you have an advantage as you already have a similar taste in music You can approach these girls and ask them out easily. The club is also a little expensive; hence girls are expected to be of little high maintenance. Many of the times you won't even find a place to sit in the club. The place often has a crowd of jazz lovers.
  • El Sky Bar - The bar is located on the 7th floor of Yerevan Plaza Business Center so you can enjoy the look of the city from a height. The bar has set up both indoors and outdoors. The themed bar is perfect to date. They are famous for organizing themed parties, and you will see a crowd of people often enjoying their exclusive cocktails. Girls of this place are not restricted to be of specific criteria. You will see everyone from girls who don't compromise with their standards to the students who are just there for cheap fun. The place is at its best during scorching hot summers when you can enjoy the cool breeze with a cold beer in your hand. The indoors have beautiful decorations, and you will enjoy the sweet music out there.
  • Tiki Bar - The bar is specially made for the people who are interested and love Latino dances. The bar is a themed one and is all about dancing. Tourists like to visit the place as the place has a different vibe than all others in the city. The drinks and the food are moreover average but the positive and great vibe if the club makes the club great. If you don't know how to dance, the staff won't let you sit aloof and will teach you within minutes. You can grab a date quickly. Dance with the girls have an excellent time, and finally, take her home and have some amazing sex. The music in the club is also very great. It is one of the few bars which are open 24 hours hence whenever you feel that you are tired by roaming around the city visit to have a drink.
  • Station Pub - It is all over a typical pub and is famous for refreshing drinks. The pub has everything that a great place to spend night needs. The girls here are for getting high and dancing on the rock beats that are played by the DJ. The music selection is just really very great, and it will uplift your mood every time you visit the place. The place has no such dress code or entry restrictions, so it is a comfortable and cozy place. The girls here can be a mixture of one who is in a party mood and are well dressed and are full of energy while the other is their just to relax. It is your choice whom you approach.
  • Amigo Club - Dancing is a must in this place too. Amigos has been the best place with exotic cocktails. The best Armenian crowd is present in the club. The vibe around the place is excellent, and you can't be shy while you are in this club. Many prominent professional dancers perform and teach you how to dance. It is fun being at a place with such an atmosphere. Girls like the place and especially the local crowd love visiting the place. The menu has one or other special drinks every day, which are a must-try.
  • Liberty Pub: A place with a very chilled out but amazing atmosphere at the same time. The drinks are amazing and not extremely pricey. Visited by a lot of hot girls, it can be a perfect place to pick up girls or just go for a date.
A singer performing at the Mezzo Club in Yerevan

Shopping Malls

The city of Yerevan is the most developed and modern place in the whole country of Armenia. The malls are not just limited to selling goods out there but are a one-stop destination to shopping, fun, and more. You can find big brand outlets providing the latest, most fashionable, and trendy clothes.

These malls nowadays have multiplex theatres where you can enjoy the latest movies. The complete setup is perfect for having fun. Grab your date and visit the malls for a movie. They also have entertainment zones where you can play games. The malls are having the best food courts with the famous outlets of the city serving their food at a single place. All over it is everything you need

The locals are in the mall shopping. They prefer going to malls to select and buy things as it eliminates the problem of roaming in the market and wasting energy. They love the quality offered and hence are fond of malls. Young girls consider the malls as their favorite hangout paces. You can join them, buy those stuff, and make them enjoy the mall. It is a high possibility that by doing so, you are going to have a sexy, hot, and beautiful Armenian girl by your side.

The foreign girls visiting malls are mainly there to shop for the unique things of the place. They like having the stuff which is exclusive in Yerevan like handcraft etc. they also enjoy the local food and drinks. These hot foreigners are easier to date as they are looking for the same thing you are looking for, that is some random fun on your tour. The benefit of dating such a girl is that you can know and enjoy her culture too.

But still shopping malls are many open places and people might get offended with being asked out there. So you have to be specific and smart. It is always preferred you search your date in places that are more related to nightlife. But still, you can try to find your soul mate. You never know you can get lucky anywhere.

Some of the best shopping malls of Yerevan are-

  • Yerevan Mall
  • Metronome Shopping Center
  • Tashir Street Shopping Gallery
  • Rossia Mall
  • Dalma Garden Mall
  • RIO Mall
  • Tashir trade center
  • Surmalu
Rio Mall


Yerevan has a beautiful and historical culture. The people are always rushing with their laptops to their work on a weekday. You will see thousands of girls on the streets where some are wearing suits and official uniforms to their work, some having a bag pack at their back rushing to colleges and universities, some with a basket out there to shop for household purposes.

Yerevan seems to be a busy place. However, there are great restaurants and café where you can grab a seat next to an Armenian hottie. These places are more likely not considered very great with asking out girls, but there are girls who are here with this purpose in these places. Yerevan has hundreds of tourist spots. You will find many hot foreign girls there so you can ask them out there and explore these places together. Some of the sites like the city center, the cascade attract these crowds, and you can have fun out there. You can have a fantastic view of the city from the cascade.

There are many beautiful public parks made in Yerevan. You can visit the place and join a girl with a picnic out there. These parks are near falls and rivers, and one can easily have a look at the natural beauty of Armenia by visiting them. In summers you even can go to the Yerevan water world. It is a water park and has thousands of hot girls enjoying the water in bikinis exposing their hot bodies. You even have things to do in winter, like the city receives a lot of ice during harsh winters. Many ice skating arenas are present in Yerevan, where you can enjoy staking with sexy Armenian girls.

Some of the places you can check out are-

  • Republic Square, Yerevan
  • Matenadaran
  • Tsitsernakaberd
  • Zvartnots Cathedral
  • Etchmiadzin Cathedral
Christmas celebrations at Republic Square in Yerevan

Universities and Colleges

A lot of hot girls from Yerevan and girls from abroad could be spotted here. Yerevan has several colleges, and they are funded both by the government and by the private authorities. Girls from around the world study here so you can find some hot and young girls in Yerevan. They are seductive and have considerable fashion knowledge. You can easily date such girls because they like to try short relations and are more into having fun. They prefer one night stand over a serious, committed relationship.

You can hang around colleges and universities like in the different cafes and restaurants, but it is possible you won't get access to the campus. as they have tight security and screening out there. Since you are a visitor and would be easy to notice, hence it is very tough to talk with these girls inside their campus.

All you can do is to track them and do some homework. You can notice hang out places and can meet them there. It could be a bar, a café, or maybe a gaming zone. Usually, you will find these places near the college campus as they see college students be great customers. Once you start interacting with the girl you want, you can take her out.

Let me remind you since they are college students, and you can easily influence them, so try impressing her giving her precious gifts, and take her to the most expensive places. You have a high possibility of having sex with this girl within a week of your relationship if everything goes on well planned.

The top colleges and universities where you can search for such girls are-

  • Yerevan State Basic Medical College
  • Armenian-American State Medical College Erebun
  • State Humanitarian College
  • Yerevan State Musical Pedagogical College
  • Panos Terlemezian Yerevan State College of Arts
  • National Polytechnic University of Armenia


So, when it comes to relationships, Yerevan has not been a place for long term relationships. The younger girls, usually college students, prefer to have a relationship with a local boy. These girls will help you to explore the city and will take you to the best party places. Usually, a holiday romance or a one night stand is mostly preferred.

The next group of girls who are in the prime of their life appreciates serious relationships. You can have them as your date and even may find your soul mate in them. They don't have much craze for one nightstand. They prefer men who are going to act as a life partner. They are great with long term relationships, and you can easily date one. It is not a bad idea to date an Armenian girl in this age group.

The next age group is the ones who are more matured and have enjoyed the prime of their lives; all they are lacking is a life partner. These women are nice when it comes to sharing feelings. They are excellent listeners and have the best advice in hard situations.

Holiday Romance

It is a type of relationship preferred by most of the younger generation throughout the world with a stranger. The young girls of Yerevan also prefer such relationships. The concept of holiday romance is that two people who don't know each other previously meet at a place, and they begin a relationship just for having fun in that place. They explore the place together, eat, drink, and attend different parties throughout the place. They share feelings to a limit; have some good sex at the end of the day, and limit this to a certain period. After a few months, they split their ways and diverge in different directions.

Not all of the girls of Yerevan are into such a relationship as this concept is too modern, and people don't easily understand this type of relationship. The young blood often tries such things, but that also due to curiosity.

The best possible way of having a holiday romance is with a girl who, just like you, is on tour to explore the capital city of Armenia. It gives you both the perfect fun which you were looking for in the city. In such a way of interaction, you two don't have lots of problems. Both of you will be leaving the place in a few weeks in your normal life, and hence it becomes easy to end the relationship.

In our view, it is the best relationship a tourist can have.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Being in a relationship is easy, but maintaining it is not an easy job. You need to have a set of rules in your mind. For a healthy relationship though it might be of one night, you should have a common approach with your girls. Here we have mentioned some of these rules which you must have while you are with an Armenian girl

Firstly, the most common thing which you should keep in your mind irrelevant to which part of the world you are in is that never compromise with a girl's safety. There may be places where she may feel she is unsafe.

Secondly, don't make your moves very fast. Calm yourself down in taking steps. Give her time to get into the relationship and give her time so that she can have trust in you. Do everything smoothly and see the results.

Thirdly, she might feel a little less connected with you because you both are from different origins. Try to know their culture, start listening to Armenian songs, and get used to their traditions. In this way, it will be easier to establish a connection between you two.

You should use the city to make your relationship stronger. It is the only common factor connecting you both. You should take your date to her favorite places in the city, make her shop in her favorite malls, you can visit and watch movies in her favorite theatre. Try to make things more romantic using the city.

Lastly, never try to double play a girl. If someone trusts you, believes in you, she should get the respect she deserves, so make her feel special.


Yerevan girls are cute and beautiful. It might so happen that you find the love of your life in the city. Love is something not restricted to any boundaries. You can find your soul mate in any part of the world. Armenian girls are not a bad choice when it comes to commitment.

Though we feel it is a matter of greatest luck to find love in an unknown city, it may happen. If you feel this for a girl out there in Yerevan, don't hesitate to express it. These girls understand and respect feelings, so you can always try.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

It is a question with which most of the men are confused. But let me make it clear that no one except you can answer this. You don't get any special signal or sign to know if you have selected the right girl. Just close your eyes and imagine your life without her. If you can't imagine your life devoid of her, yes, she is the one.


Having a marriage in Armenia is somewhat the same as that of many western countries. Marriage is a huge decision, and you should be sure before taking such an action. But if you love the girl, don't make her wait, go forward and make a move. You are a tourist, so marring in Yerevan needs some legal authorization. Once all the legal formalities are complete, and the families have agreed, you can proceed to plan your wedding.


Wedding planning should be done beforehand. People have their wedding in Yerevan in different styles, like many of them prefer a destination wedding. Hence you will have to think and plan according to your budget. The guests are invited to the wedding day by invitation cards. You can have your wedding in a church, or you can use wedding halls which are in fashion these days.

The wedding dress usually is a white gown for the bride and a black tuxedo for you. The bridegroom stands with one of his best men as proof of the wedding from his side on stage. The bride comes walking down the aisle with someone close to her, which is usually her father. The girl is then received on the wedding stage by the bridegroom, and then the wedding begins. All the guests are seated, and then the priest blesses them by readings from the bible.

Many small rituals take place during the marriage like they both release a pair of white pigeons or dove, which is for their peaceful life together. The wedding day comes to an end by the grand dinner and dance party.

Family Life

Once you are married, it's time to get settled in the city. You can start your Family by having a house in the city. You will get jobs according to your qualifications and abilities. Since you are not a native of the place, you might find it difficult to settle at first. But it is well said, "time is the best healer." You will have to give it time, and things will get smooth. And you always have your love as your backup

Once you feel well settled and ready, you can plan a family. A child is the best gift you can have, and it completes your family life.

In Yerevan, people are not that friendly, and so they will take time to accept you. But with the time they will accept you, and soon you will have good neighbors and a great workplace. At last, Family and friends complete your family life. Things change, but still, the one thing that remains constant is love.

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