Guide for dating in Quito helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Ecuadorian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Ecuadorian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Quito. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Quito, Ecuador.

A group of hot young girls at Xandu club, Quito

Girls in Quito:

  • Looks of girls: 2.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4/ 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 2.5 / 5

Dating in Quito:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2 / 5

Sex in Quito:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2 / 5

More about Quito:

  • Nightlife in general: X.X / 5
  • Locals' English level: X.X / 5
  • Moving around the city: X.X / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $55
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $20


Quito, also known as San Francisco de Quito, is the most populous city in Ecuador, and it serves as the country’s capital. Quito is known for its traditional and modern-day side attractions, such as the Loma El Panecillo and the Basilica of the National Vow. Other than that the speciality of the city are its women. The women of this city are popular, not just for their subtle beauty or seductive prowess but because of their amazing personalities.

A combination of Spanish, Indigenous and African origins give women from Quito and Ecuadorian women generally, a somewhat exotic and exquisite look and they take pride in, always looking very feminine and well dressed. However, they hardly boast of their beauty. Wearing only a loose shirt and plain shorts, a woman from Quito will charm you with her special vibes and friendly attitude, leaving you stupefied and longing for more.

Dating women from Quito is a whole new experience because they are usually polite, very traditional and old-fashioned. This means they will most likely cook mouth-watering delicacies for you in the comfort of your home instead of making you spend a lot of money on dates at expensive restaurants. They are hardworking, and they do not care about being a modern woman.

At nightclubs, it’s pretty easy to get a kiss, but the chances of getting a woman from Quito to go to your place from there are very low. The fact that girls from Quito only seem to know the neighborhood where they live, and the region of La Mariscal, with nowhere else, will not help your cause. It could also be because the women from Quito are traditional, they need to be sure that your intentions towards them are serious enough to proceed in with a relationship, meaning the chances of getting a one-night stand with a lady from Quito are low.

Dating Culture

When it comes to dating and relationships, every country and culture has its own set of rules, and Quito is no exception. But once you get past the initial games and wiles, the language of love is universal. The attitude of these women towards dating and sex is traditional and old-fashioned. These women take their relationships very seriously, and it would be quite difficult for you to find them interested in casual flings or solely for sex.

These women do not trust easily, and it would take a lot of time and commitment to gain their trust and attention. They are reserved, and it won't be easy for you to convince them to go out on a date with you and spend some quality time. You can meet these women in a lot of places, such as nightclubs and bars and you can start a conversation with them. It is worth mentioning that knowing how to Salsa could be a bonus in sweeping them off their feet.

If you want them to open up to you, start a conversation and honestly tell them about your intentions. Sooner or later, they budge and become the best relationship partners ever. If you have friends in Quito, you will have the chance to be introduced to several girls, so it is important to have a good network of friends if you want to date a lady from Quito .

Online Dating

Dating in Quito can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Quito and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Women from Quito might be a bit more reserved and modest than women from other Latin American countries, but this does not make them any less exciting to date. Compared to women from neighbouring countries like Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, women of Quito are not the hottest or sexiest. However, they make up for it by having a big heart and the best personalities ever! They are reserved, especially to foreigners, which is not a surprise because of their family upbringing and indifference to unfamiliar people, especially foreign men.

Breaking down their walls of insecurity might be arduous, but at the end of the day, it is all worth it because women from Quito are one of the best bunch of women in the world. As a result of their calm and reserved nature, being too ecstatic, jovial, and touchy around them may pass as being rude and make them feel uncomfortable. Thus, significantly reducing your chances of getting anything out of them. So pipe down, be a complete gentleman, and watch her fall head over heels for you.

Also, note that women from this side of the world have suffered a lot from patriarchy, so dial down the urge to be macho and controlling and treat her like an equal. Respect her, and she will love you for it.

They may be difficult to get through to, but they do not love playing games. They are usually honest about their intentions and what they want. The onus is on you to convince them that your intentions are real and long-term, not transient nor fleeting; if not, they will not consider you as a dating partner.

If you are looking for hookups or one-night stands with these women, you will be disappointed as their culture and traditions do not allow for that. However, this does not apply to all the women, as few are interested in a little bit of infidelity and sex-only relationships. If you’re looking for a hot and sexy “Mamacita”, your best chance is to game during the night because the sensual and seductive ones usually come out during the nighttime, while out of the ones you will come across during the day will not be into casual hookups.

Ecuadorian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The set of Quito women within this age bracket have matured into adulthood, with most of them still in colleges, universities or learning a particular trade. A lot of them tend to move away from their families to start a new life, meaning some of them may not be influenced by family and societal values anymore, giving them the freedom to try out things they were not previously allowed to, including sex and frivolous relationships.

The majority of these women may appear confused about life and how to navigate through their newly found adulthood. This would be the perfect time to come into their lives, show them the ropes, and steal their hearts. These women, of course, dress well. This is a period where their sexy and alluring figures become outstanding, and they love to flaunt it as much as possible. This attracts a lot of men to them. Quito ladies are brought up to be hardworking housewives, and as a result of this, ladies within this age range are ready to get marries, and they are majorly only interested in serious, long-term relationships.

Their relationships do not affect their education because these women, their parents, and ancestors have all suffered a lot from patriarchal societies, and they have been taught that education is one of the tools to overcome this menace, so they take their education seriously. In fact, it takes precedence over relationships. These women are generally not easy to sway.

They are educated and are aware of alluring methods of men. They are meticulous, and this makes it seem like they are playing hard-to-get. However, once you can break down the defenses of these women, you will come to realise that they are freaky when it comes to sexual relations, one might even refer to them as nymphomaniacs because they never truly get enough.

Young girls at Bungalow 6 club, Quito

Ecuadorian Women (age 30 - 45)

The women in the age bracket of 30-45 in the city of Quito, the married ones, especially, could be the most inflexible and prejudiced of the bunch. They are usually married, and with marriage comes utmost loyalty to their partners, so do not expect a lot of luck when approaching married women here. Only in sporadic cases will you find a married woman from Quito flirting with you.

The women in this age group are usually career women, and they are busy with their everyday lives. Taking care of their families takes precedence over everything, as well as interpersonal relationships, work, and household chores. The widowed or divorced women within this age-range, may be open to serious or casual relationships. They have no obligation to stay loyal to anyone, so it is possible to find one interested in having a sex-only relationship.

There is a certain aura that surrounds older women from the city of Quito that cannot be explained. Their maturity and slightly aged bodies resonate with a vibe of sexual prowess and the need to get laid. They do not require a lot of explaining to because they are firm and direct. They know what they want, and know when they see it. Over the years, they’ve gathered a lot of sexual experience and are also financially independent enough to own an apartment of their own.

Even at this age, these women still love to look fashionable. They wear clothes, jewelry, makeup, and shoes of named brands, top brands for that matter. They apply cosmetics and other accessories to make them look more youthful and in the springtime of life. Single women at this age love to spend more on themselves to preserve their youthful vibe and vigor.

A group of mature women at La Estacion club, Quito

Ecuadorian Ladies (age 45+)

The last category of women based on their age includes women above the age of 45. It might come as a surprise, but there are some single women in Quito at this age. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to that, but that’s not really what we’re concerned about here, is it? We’re just glad that there are more single women out there to choose from.

Impressing women at this age is not rocket science, as it is almost the same as women from the previous examples. These women are experienced, independent, and logical. They might give off a vibe of rigidity and pride, but with patience and a little charm, you could land them and get laid. These women even try harder to look young, and as a result of this, you might think they’re in their early 30’s. They have strived to attain a social status at that age, and to be seen with them means you have to be able to play the part.

Once you successfully woo a woman from this age bracket, you’ve landed a jackpot. Why? This is because they are aware of the devious or cunning stratagems, basically sex and seduction, employed by younger ladies in manipulating or persuading men to do their bidding. They’ve been there before, and they wouldn’t want a younger lady to steal their man from them. Pride plays the most part in this. As a result, they always go out of their way to satisfy their man, financially, socially, and most especially, sexually. At this age, they are sexually active and know various sex manoeuvres. This set of women is stupendously wonderful; some even refer to them as the best set of Quito women to date.

They’ve grown beyond the fear of social condemnation and judgment, and as a result of this, they are free to do whatever with whoever – an advantage the younger women do not possess.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The chances of meeting foreign women in this beautiful city are limitless as Quito serves as a tourist hub to people from all over the world, and these people, of course, include young, hot and sexy women.

Places like the Ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World), Calle La Ronda, Plaza Foch, La Carolina. Park, Carondelet Palace, and Capilla del Hombre, to mention a few, serve as places that people from around the world want to visit.

In addition to these magnificent locations, the people of Quito are friendly, tender-hearted people, and they provide a serene and favourable environment for foreigners. These and many other factors are responsible for the influx of foreigners into the city. The majority of foreign women that come into the city are single, and it is very likely that in the midst of all the beauty of the city and the excitement, you will be able to woo one or more of these foreign ladies successfully.

The fact that the visits of the majority of these women are transient even makes it easier to get one-night stands with them, so seize the moment when you can. An added advantage is that majority of these foreign women love to hookup with fellow foreign men. Jackpot!

After visiting the tourist centers during the day, these flirtatious and festive women also visit the nightclubs and bars during the night to enjoy the nighttime in the city. This is the perfect time to get laid with any of these women. They’re looking for fun, and there you are, also looking for fun. What a match! So walk up to a foreigner woman, and start a conversation, chances are that she will like you too!


As a result of their conservative nature, tradition and culture, sex is sometimes a sensitive topic in Quito. Even though Quito was the first city to legalise prostitution in Ecuador, a lot of the women in the city do not engage in sex, the younger ones especially. This is because the ladies are brought up with strong moral, family, societal and religious values that do not allow premarital sex. These women are taught not to give in to any man that does not show real and honest interest in them. This is why being down to earth and honest with the women of the city of Quito is the best strategy to get them in bed or into a relationship. Given the nature of their upbringing, these ladies may be shy at first at the idea of a relationship but put in some honest effort, and you’ll see results. Places to meet ladies most likely interested in sexual relations include nightclubs, bars and probably some tourist spots. Women visiting nightclubs and bars are the ones who might be open to having casual sex with a foreigner.

Sex Culture

In certain parts of the city, sex is not much of a big deal. However, sex is not freely given by these women as they make you work for it. Most of the times, sex does not come up in the first two or three dates, so be patient.

These women love to see their men show their true feelings and love for them before agreeing to sex. So, they will test your patience and commitment. They do not want to be seen with a lot of men, so they take their time before agreeing to one. They detest being slut-shamed and want to make sure that their man is really into them for more than the sex.

It is even very possible to come across ladies that have been having sex before the age of 18. Sexually-active Latin American women are known for their hyper sexuality, and it is the same story with some of the women in the city of Quito. Premarital sex is not forbidden as there are no laws which state that people have to be married before engaging in sex.

However, young girls are generally not allowed to date freely until they are above the age of 20. In some families, the first time a lady should have sex is after getting married. Generally, their ladies are well educated and savvy about the issue of sex, but it is not a common thing, and a certain stigma looms over the topic, with slut-shaming a particular consequence of being involved in sexual relations, especially at an early age.

With the aid of civilization and the internet, a lot of young women in Quito are becoming more enlightened on the topic of sex. They are becoming more bold and willing to go out with multiple men before finally settling down with a partner. These women are starting to realize the potential disadvantages of settling down permanently without having previous knowledge of how relationships and sex works, so they want to gain some experience and learn about how relationships are supposed to work.

By the age of 20, a good number of the women in Quito must have had sex at least once, and with an increase in age comes an increase in experience and factual knowledge about sex.

One-Night Stands

The one-night stand culture is one that’s not very popular in Quito. It happens occasionally but not as frequently as a lot of foreigners would love. This is basically as a result of the conservative culture generally observed in the women of this city. These women are usually intrigued and interested in men, more precisely, the foreign men. But as a result of fear of being intimate with a stranger, someone whose true intentions are not clear, they tend to play hard-to-get or back out.

It is better today than before, meaning things are easing off, and the ladies, especially the younger generation are becoming more open to sexual adventures with foreign men. An increasing number of young women from this city are bold enough to talk about their sexual desires with foreign men without the fear of being slut-shamed.

A lot of the men from this city are crude, and a handful of them come off as rigid and patriarchal. This gives foreign men who can play the role of a gentleman a very valid advantage in scoring with the women. The men in the city are known for their bravery and bold actions, and this attracts the women to them at times, so you should be bold, be confident, dress well to look the part and most importantly, never ask for sex directly. It scares them off.

Approach them and politely but confidently. Ask them to have a drink with you, and after downing a few glasses, they usually show interest. Afterward, you may take her to your place or if she’s independent of her family, her place. Do not act agitated, and do not spoil the fun.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Are you new in Quito and interested in meeting and hooking up the hottest single ladies the city has to offer? Well, you’re in for a special treat as popular locations and hotspots for coming across these women will be revealed. You can visit all the popular shopping malls, parks, museums and other tourist spots in the city to come across women in the city.

The nightlife in this city is usually bubbling and full of life – that is, if you know your way around. The most likely places to find women at night are nightclubs and bars.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

These are the perfect places to link up with women because it is the place and time when they can loosen up, relax, de-stress, and be wild without being judged. These places are full of hot women dancing to amazing music, and of course multicoloured lights that add a splash of finesse and crazy to the whole experience. Women are usually not seen in groups, thus reducing the chances of a friend being a killjoy. The following are the various popular bars and nightclubs that are most likely to be full of single, hot women:

  • La Estación: This is one of the most contemporary places in modern Quito. La Estacion is very popular among mid-class people. It is a new enterprise that combines live music with a wide range of drinks and food. This place is sure to attract classy and great women you will be interested in. The Jazz, rock, fusion, or electronic music mixed with tropical rhythms are sure to create a raunchy and genial atmosphere which is sure to send the women into a realm of utmost lewdness, one which can be exploited to score one with them.
  • Retro Bar: This dance bar attracts men and women, mostly locals, from various locations in the city, and being a dance bar, you could use some of your elegant and glee dancing steps to sway the women to do your bidding. The 80’s theme of the bar, created by the Neon lights and records on the wall, as well as the live-band, creates an environment in which women are more likely to let down their unnecessary defenses.
  • Bungalow 6: This is a very popular disco bar in Quito. It offers incredible music, great drinks, and it is the disco bar of choice for European travelers. You get to meet a lot of single, foreign women here and it’s a sure thing that they will also be open to having some fun.
  • Xandu: Probably the most beautiful club in Quito, Xandu is a very sure hotspot for single ladies. They serve the best cocktails and provide a very cozy environment.
  • La Juliana: This dance bar provides great band music and complements it with a colourfully decorated space. Local women are sure to be at this bar on weekend nights, so make sure to be there.
  • Kings Cross: This popular bar provides a wide variety of beers, tasty burgers, and an eccentric interior design that majorly attracts local women.
  • Mal Santiguado: For the most fulfilling nightlife of your entire life, visit Mal Santiguado. For reasons unknown to many, this bar attracts a lot of women. Be sure to check this place out during your visit to Quito. It will be worth it.
  • Plaza Foch: Thousands of people pass through this place each day, a substantial percentage being women. Most of them are foreigners that have come seeking music, adventure, dancing, exotic drinks in some cases, sexual thrills. Plaza Foch is home to a variety of restaurants, bars, live bands as well as luxurious accommodations – the perfect place to find and get down with a woman in Quito.
  • Dirty Sanchez: Regarded Mariscal’s favourite, this popular bar often hosts live bands that play pleasant and soothing music. The vast number of exotic drinks will have you coming back for more. Being one of the most popular bars in Mariscal, this bar attracts a lot of single women, and it is a perfect spot to secure one or more of the women.
  • Naranjilla Mecanica: This is a cultural hub in Quito. The atmosphere appearing cool, calm, and deserted during the day suddenly becomes a bumblebee with locals and foreigners coming together to have fun. This location also provides art exhibitions in combination with live bands or film projection.
  • BPM Club: As a result of its strict 18+ policies, you should have no fear of coming in contact with minors. It is one of the best nightclubs in Quito, and it offers a range of exotic cocktails and of course, single women.
  • Salsoteca Lavoe: Having a nightlife experience would not be complete without spending at least an evening in a salsa club. It is probably the best place to watch live salsa in the city. This particular place attracts a lot of women because it provides a calm environment with drinks and food available too.
  • Strawberry Fields Bar: Serving as both a bar and grill, this place is a unique location in Quito. This is most likely as a result of its outdoor seating feature, which gives people the advantage to enjoy their meals while enjoying nature. This wonderful place also offers late-night food, meaning you might be lucky enough to run into a single lady eating out.
  • Bandido Brewing: What makes this hipster bar unique is its setting. It is an old restored church that serves finger food such as pizzas and sandwiches. It also gives an underground vibe, which could mean safety for the women that come by, thus making it easy for them to ease up on the unnecessary uptightness.
  • Fragola Fusion: This place is not only known for being cozy and providing great cocktails to its customers, but it also provides Karaoke. An added advantage if you’re hoping to woo local and foreign women by showing off your singing prowess.
  • Bar Crawl Quito: It is one of the liveliest bars in Quito and women contribute a large percentage of the liveliness. The bar provides shots and exotic drinks, as well as great music.

Daytime in this city is usually nothing to write home about, but surprisingly, you might run into some luck during the day and find a few single ladies you will be interested in at shopping malls.

Party at La Juiana club, Quito

Shopping Malls

There is a not so popular saying that “Wherever you find food, expensive clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics, women shall you find too.” Shopping malls are probably the most obvious locations to locate single women. Malls are usually filled with beautiful, single women who have come there for various reasons, none of which you are concerned about, right? The most popular malls where you will most likely find these women include:

  • Mall El Jardin
  • Quicentro
  • Condado Shopping Mall
Quicentro, Quito


Like you already know, Quito has tons of tourist attraction sites, many of which are sure places to meet the single ladies of the city. The city has a rich cultural heritage and a lot of exquisite places to go sight-seeing.

You are most likely to meet a lot of single women when you go visiting the famous Parque Metropolitano Guanguiltagua or hiking on the daring TelefériQo. Women in areas like these are usually foreigners, and they have also come to have fun and unwind. Enjoy the outdoors and relax with them too, show some charm, and a genuine urge to have fun, and they will easily open up to you.

Apart from these places, there are a lot of restaurants and coffee bars, like La Briciola and Dragonfly Coffee Bar, where you are most likely to find and meet single ladies. Some of these tourist sites are areas of monumental importance, and they usually have rules and regulations on the conduct that should be displayed inside. Kindly read up on these places before you visit them to prevent any form of embarrassment.

Remember that the local women in this city are usually intrigued by foreign men. However, they tend to stay away because they do not trust easily. Being direct about sex, especially to the younger generation will definitely end up in you losing out, so be subtle and give off honest and gentlemanly vibes and you’ll surely land any local woman of your choice. There are a plethora of places to explore for single women in Quito. The opportunities are limitless, so explore freely.

At the Parque Metropolitano Guanguiltagua, Quito

Universities and Colleges

Institutions of higher learning are usual hotspots for finding young, single women in any city in the world, and it is no different in Quito. Of course, it is possible to find married women in these institutions, but their numbers are next to nothing compared to the number of single women.

A lot of the women in universities and colleges are still a little bit naïve and confused about how to navigate life, and the only thing labile in their lives at this moment is their education. Once they get a whiff of you being a potential danger to their education, they don’t give you a chance at all. Offer them some help or counsel that will be pivotal in their success as students, and they will start to trust and open up to you.

A substantial percentage of the women you will find in this group are usually not ready for relationships because they are focusing majorly on their studies, and this may make them come off as hard-to-get. Knowing the right tactics and moves is essential if you’re looking forward to getting laid with one of them.

Approaching these ladies is an important skill that should be learned. After learning this skill, it would be clear that approaching a young lady on her way to a lecture or her way back from a tedious and mentally-tasking class would not only be inappropriate but also dumb, so don’t play it like that. There are various parks and relaxation spots like cafes where you could approach them and talk with them at length. The idea of linking up with them at dorm or college parties isn’t such a bad one too.

A good number of these young ladies attend events to have fun and be wild, and it would be the perfect place and time to approach them and start a dialogue or get laid. Some of the universities in the city are:

  • San Francisco de Quito University
  • National Polytechnic School
  • Central University of Ecuador, Quito
  • Institute of Advanced National Studies
  • Equinox University of Technology, Quito
National Polytechnic School, Quito


Being in a relationship in Quito can be an arduous task at times, especially if it is with the local women. The majority of these women, the younger generation especially, take their relationships very seriously, and they will not even start one if they are not sure about how their partner feels about them. At times, these women want to show off their partners by making them attend family dinners and some other social events, to let the world know that they’ve bagged someone special.

Ladies in this city only refuse to show you to their parents if they are not supposed to be in the relationship in the first instance, and this usually occurs in the young, dependent ladies.

These women find it difficult to trust and open themselves up to foreign men, but once they do, they will be so in love with you. They will go out of their way to satisfy you and will treat you with utmost respect.

Being in a relationship with women from the city of Quito could be one of the best relationships you'll ever been in, not just because of the great sex but also because of the vibe they resonate with. They always leave an imprint on you that you will hardly forget for a very long time.

The majority of these women are not necessarily after your money or belongings, but sincere and true love, and they would do anything to keep you happy. Another advantage to score you more points in wooing these women is creating friendly relationships with other men and women in the locale. When they see that you’re an open book and not a lonely, sad individual, they tend to open up to you.

Be jovial, be a free bird, make friends and have connections, do not carry the aura of a potential sociopath. Quito is a land for the free, so explore! No holds barred.

Always express yourself boldly, do not always be opinionated, and bossy because this represents the rotten patriarchal treatment they have experienced or are experiencing, so it freaks them out.

Having a relationship in this city can be complicated at times because they know that as a tourist, your time in the city is going to be temporary, and these women usually do not love short-term relationships. However, you both can talk about it at length, reach a compromise that suits you both and enjoy your time together however; long it lasts.

Holiday Romance

Some relationships with local women are not serious. Some women are into flings and have one-night stands. Although there are success stories where these flings actually turn out to become serious, they hardly occur, so do not always expect it.

Holiday romances are usually beautiful; they offer a whole new experience and give an inexplicable thrill. Holiday romance is a popular concept amongst the older ladies. They understand that you are only in the city for a short period and they are mature enough not to lose themselves in the experience. They are not interested in being in a long-term or serious relationship, especially with someone whose time in the city is limited, and this is the best type of relationship you can ever have in Quito.

This does not mean they will be easy to get to or get laid with. Of course, they will play hard-to-get as they never want to come off as cheap or easy, so get your game on as these women never make it easy on the men.

The best places to get holiday romance, free of any obligation and commitment is on online dating sites and apps. These online platforms are the perfect choice if you are interested in holiday romance. If you come across the profile of a lady you like, hit her up, let her know what you’re down for, and most of the times, women on these dating apps are also only interested in sex and flings with no strings attached. The online dating sites are the place to be direct and state your motives, and if they do not align with hers, you move on to the next.

Generally, finding a woman that will be interested in sex and flings should not be hard in a city like Quito when you know where to go. Just look in the right places, and you will be surprised by the number of these women that are willing.

Tips for Successful Relationship

A relationship is like a plant that must be nurtured and provided with nutrients and other supplements lest it withers and dies. An abandoned relationship is doomed to end in a disaster anywhere in the world, and the same is the case with the women in Quito.

Except there is a standing agreement on the nature of your relationship, it is not advisable to be talking to other women about dating if you’re in a relationship already. Your stay in the city may be transient, but your relationship should be something that you will forever remember and cherish. Some of the tips for a successful relationship include:

  • Respect their culture: These women are traditional, and they hold dear their cultural practices, so don’t make little of their ways of doing things, it may signal the beginning of havoc in your relationship with them. Understand certain boundaries and be ready to abide by them.
  • Have great sex: Some of these women can be hypersexual, they love sex a lot, and you definitely cannot be slacking in this area. Try out new things with them, be artistic in your sexual relations because these women do not love vanilla men.
  • Be honest: Honesty is one of the ways to get a woman in Quito to like you, and it is also the best way to keep her. These women love to look into their man’s eyes and see pure and genuine intentions towards them. Don’t come off as shady or like you have something to hide. It freaks them out.


Being in love in Quito is something every person in the world should experience. Having someone you love by your side and in your thoughts in a beautiful city like Quito, amid great music, exotic drinks and cuisines, wonderful weather, with luxurious accommodation and magnificent architecture gives a vibe of ecstasy that cannot be replaced nor forgotten.

The city is built like a palace of love like it was meant to bring people together to love and cherish one another. The city brings forth a natural propensity to fall in love, so be ready to fall in love and go with the flow once it happens. Great weather, good food, beautiful scenery, and wonderful music are the basic requirements to enjoy fun-filled love life, all provided by one city - the city of Quito.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Falling in love comes with an added sense of purpose. It is a new drive that motivates you to be better and improve various aspects of your life. Once you start feeling like this all over, then my friend, you’ve fallen into the soothing ocean of paradise called love. While reading this, your mind might have wandered and finally focused on one person, that one person is probably the one you’re in love with. Congrats. Now, tell her!


Weddings in Quito usually go by the orthodox Roman Catholic way, but as a result of Quito’s diversity in cultural and geological dispensations, there are various locations where weddings could take place apart from the church. These wonderful places are also great honeymoon spots. These cool places include beaches, mountains, wildlife ranches, islands, and even jungles. A bonus feature is that these spots are inexpensive to visit, and you can have the best wedding and honeymoon experience even with a low budget.

Marriages in Quito, just like in almost every other place in the world, have rules, regulations, and requirements under the Ecuadorian Civil Registration that guide the conduct and authenticity of marriages. For foreigners, some additional documentation such as a birth certificate and National Identity Card may be requested by the local authorities, but it is nothing that should be a problem.


The traditional Catholic wedding and ceremony are the most preferred in this city. There is usually a choir, a mezzo-soprano, and a chamber orchestra. After being declared husband and wife in the presence of God and man, a wedding procession with traditional Quiteño-Andean dancers and musicians follows.

A reception ceremony is held too, and there are a plethora of places to choose from. La Corteza, La Mansion de la Colina, Quinta Pilar, Hacienda Montresor, to mention a few, are iconic places to host family members and friends to celebrate conjugal bliss, with dishes, drinks and of course, music, all celebrating Ecuadorian culture.

Family Life

Averagely, a typical family in Quito consists of 3 children, with their parents making a total of 5 family members. It is unusual to find family members of various generations clustered up in the same house, as they tend to move out and be independent once they are of age.

Being a family man in Quito means having to be hardworking to secure a comfortable life for your partner and children. The city offers a lot of places like parks, plazas, restaurants, shopping malls, events, and tourist centers where families can visit to relax and bond. With a comfortable earning, raising a family in Quito is not much of a big deal as you will have access to basic amenities and some luxury such as quality education, pipe-borne water, comfortable housing, vacations, and so on. Quito is a gem of a city, and raising a family in such a place is such a blessing.

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