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Puerto Rico dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Puerto Rican women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Puerto Rican girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Puerto Rico, Caribbean, North America.

Girls in Puerto Rico:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Puerto Rico:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Puerto Rico:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4.5 / 5

More about Puerto Rico:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $1000
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $800


Dating the local girls of the island of Puerto Rico is quite a pleasant experience. As a tourist, you shall be headed to the island to kick back and have some fun under the sun. If you aren't travelling with your better half, you shall be longing to have some kind of interaction with the local women.

The local women of Puerto Rico are beautiful, they shall make you fall in love with them almost instantly. However, the things shall just not end there as their sexy figure shall quite literally hypnotise you!

As a tourist, you shall most certainly want to date them and make them your trophy. They are also known to be loveable, they are warm, they are hospitable, and they are passionate. Thus, making them quite the perfect choice of women to date. You can definitely try your luck and approach these women for a date.

However, these women are not easy to impress and you shall have to put your best foot forward if you wish to catch their fancy. Once this is achieved, only then can you think about dating them and the perks associated with it. Given in the section below are details about the dating culture of the island of Puerto Rico, we suggest that you familiarise yourself with those before approaching the local women to date.

Dating Culture

The dating culture of the island of Puerto Rico is known to be extremely relaxed and easy-going. Most of the people of the island are comfortable about dating and accepting towards the concept as a whole. The young adults are also familiar with the concept of dating and aren’t afraid of dating on the island. They are often vocal about their feelings for each other and plaster it all over social media too.

With a good deal of encouragement and inspiration from the previous generations, you shall witness that no form of dating is a taboo in Puerto Rico. Here the people accept dating between all genders, race and religion. You shall not face any kind of discrimination or ridicule from society.

All of this does make the dating culture laudable and puts tourists in comfortable scenarios of being able to date local women with as little friction as possible. The women too are quite comfortable dating tourists and aren’t shy in any way whatsoever. But you must remember that they are sexy beasts who are well aware of their worth and shall not give in easily unless you are extremely rich, influential, or famous. The only other way of getting these local hotties to go on a date with you is to be charming and likeable.

More details about the local women of the island of Puerto Rico is given in the sections below, we recommend that you go through these details carefully and form an effective strategy to approach and date these beauties.


The women who hail from the island of Puerto Rico are every bit beautiful as they have been described by travellers, the various forms of social media and their depictions in pop culture. The beauty of these women is truly astronomical as they have features and traits from a range of cultural and racial backgrounds. To understand these women, we shall discuss more about them in two parts, first we shall delve into their looks and their physical beauty and then we shall discuss their personality and various traits.

To begin with, most of the local women are beauties par excellence, you shall certainly fall for them in an instant. Much of their physical beauty has to do with their mixed ancestry, the island has been home to Native Americans and people of the Caribbean region, later came immigrants from all parts of the world, predominantly European nations such as France and Spain. Some immigrants who came to the island were from the United States of America, which the island eventually became an unincorporated and organised territory of.

These local women have features depending upon their ancestry, thus, no two women shall be overwhelmingly similar looking on the island. Most of these women have unique traits and features which make it difficult to stereotype these women and describe to you, however, based on an average appearance, we shall try our best.

Firstly, most of the local women are exotic beauties, you shall seldom come across such attractive women, they have a beautiful tanned complexion which is reminiscent of Spanish beauties, also they have dark brunette hair and beautiful dove-like eyes which literally come in various shades. These women have a beautiful smile that has the potential of melting your heart in an instant. On the whole, there is a unique innocent sexual appeal that these women radiate.

Below the neck, these Puerto Rican hotties shall rock your world, they have a figure that can seduce the Devil Himself and they flaunt it like no other woman in the entire Caribbean region. These local babes have a voluptuous figure, with large breasts that are hypnotic, an absolute delight to nibble and fondle while having sex. They also have an hourglass figure with a tight ass that is worthy of smacking repeatedly whether you are cheeky in public or while enjoying sex. You shall commonly observe that women who are of African ancestry tend to have large assets than the other women in Puerto Rico who hail from European and American ancestries.

Most of these women make full use of the local weather conditions and can often be seen working on their tan, on the most spectacular beaches of the island. They rock that bikini look and are usually wearing such tiny bikinis that after a swim in the ocean, there is almost nothing left to your imagination. Their perky nipples shall be seen poking out of their bikini tops and their bottoms which are already revealing much of their gorgeous buttocks is now halfway into their butt cracks. Considering most of this, tourists shall be drooling over the local hotties wanting to blow their brains out while having sex. Furthermore, these women use cosmetics to a minimum and prefer flaunting their natural beauty, their exotic charm does help and many of them are so gorgeous that you shall consider them to be no lesser than supermodels.

Moving on, let us now shed some light on the personality of the local babes. One thing that everyone must know about the women of Puerto Rico is that they are all fierce Latinas, you cannot expect them to be subdued and docile. They are vociferous and often fight against injustice, with the clear determination of achieving what they want. So be careful while interacting with them, they shall give it back to you and won’t hesitate in revolting either.

The local education system isn’t exactly the best in the world, but they have a comprehensive system which ensures decent education upto high school. Beyond this, there are a few universities and colleges on the island, but those with big ambitions and dreams, often fly abroad to various countries to enrol themselves in the reputed colleges there. Nonetheless, most of the women are ambitious enough to get a job and earn for their families. This ensures that these local babes are not only socially autonomous but they are also financially independent.

Most of these women are righteous and believe in their core values, they respect religious beliefs, and they have some strong views about culture and equality. Thereby ensuring that sexism is minimum on the island and women also occupy key posts, playing a major role in development.

Personally they are kind-hearted and very social, they shall talk to unknown people as if they were old friends and make acquaintance. However, when it comes to unknown men they might be slightly reserved. But this does not imply a lack of scope, rather, play the tourist card and look for advice, they are very helpful and shall guide you. This shall help you break the ice and start a conversation, then you can start getting flirty and become bolder with each passing step.

Age-specific details about Puerto Rican women are given in the sections below, read on to know more.

Puerto Rican Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local Puerto Rican girls who are between the ages of 18 and 29 are certainly the first choice of the local men and tourists visiting the island. These girls are young, they are passionate, they are curious, and they are willing to experiment. This makes them seductively appealing to most men, additionally, the youthful appeal of these girls, their raw sexuality and their developing bodies are sinfully tempting.

As a tourist, you can certainly approach these young girls and you shall find their company to be quite fun. They are liberal, they have a worldly approach and they are easy-going as well. They won’t take much time to open up and are quite savvy. More so, they have been raised in an environment where sex and relationships are no big deal, so they are more likely to hop into bed with you for one night stands and casual sexual encounters. They won’t even mind trying new things in the bedroom as long as you can pleasure them well.

However, most of these girls are young and are yet students or new to the professional world. They are full of aspirations and are looking to make a mark of themselves, many might be averse to romantic relationships and long term commitments with a tourist. They shall also be broke for the most part and won’t have a place of their own. These are arrangements that you shall have to make.

Nonetheless, when you hop into bed with these hotties and caress their peach-like buttocks, fondle their perky breasts and have passionate sex with them, you shall have no regrets. These young Puerto Rican babes are known to be horny, they are wild, they are flexible and they have great stamina.

Puerto Rican Women (age 30 - 45)

The women in Puerto Rico who are between the ages of 30 and 45 are developed hotties who are sexually so attractive that you wouldn’t want to waste any time not having sex with them. These women are experienced emotionally and in bed. Their biggest strength is that they know exactly what they are doing while having sex. Years of experience has led them to gain certain tricks up their sleeve, so don’t be surprised. Also, they know exactly what they want in return from you.

Being new to the island, you might find yourself surrounded by this forbidden treasure. These women are everywhere, but approaching them is difficult, they often interact with known people and maintain a friendly relationship with acquaintances. If you are a complete outsider, you might want to make things easier by approaching the group of friends as a whole. Once you are accepted there, the women shall automatically start bonding with you. Apart from this, they are just like the younger women, sexually very liberal and open-minded, having no issues with casual sexual encounters.

These women are at a stage in life where they are proud of their achievements and keeping one eye on the future. They are trying to be in a comfortable position by the time they retire and often consider being in a relationship or getting married to a suitable partner.

Despite all of this, these women are worth all your time because of their smoking hot bodies which are no longer a work in progress, their huge assets are a dream come true and their appetite for sex could put some young girls to shame as well.

Also, you won’t have to worry much about money or accommodation as they are well settled and don’t mind getting the check nor inviting you over to their place for a few drinks and sex.

Puerto Rican Ladies (age 45+)

The Puerto Rican ladies who are above the age of 45 are certainly not the most desirable women on the island. However, they are known to be sexually much more appealing than younger women from some of the biggest cities in the world. These ladies age gracefully, they are fit and they have the experience and knowledge of a lifetime to share with you.

Usually, approaching these ladies is highly dependent upon the circumstances. You must choose the right place and the perfect time if you wish to have a conversation with them and take things further. Also, only if they are single should you flirt boldly, else be as subtle as possible and win their confidence first.

Many of these ladies could be married and even have a few children, but that doesn’t usually stop them. The ones who are committed are certainly off the radar, but those who aren’t are equally bold and flirtatious. So make sure you approach them in a manner that shall guarantee you some mind-blowing sex at the end of it all.

You can try your luck with widows, divorcees, and single ladies in this age bracket, they are likely to respond positively. There are many women who are willing to cheat on their husbands, but we suggest you tread carefully there.

Despite their age, these women are quite fit and they have rocking hot bodies, courtesy of the compulsive desire to look good in bikinis. They are quite good in bed and though they lack in stamina, their sex drive is applause-worthy. More so, another advantage of these women is that they are very independent and financially stable, so some might not be looking for an opportunity of sleeping with a wealthy tourist, but they are just looking to get laid with a younger man either for pleasure or for emotion.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The island of Puerto Rico is considered to be US territory and due to this, it gets a great deal of attention in comparison to all the other islands in the Caribbean. Hence, many tourists from the Americas and the continent of Europe, flock here to enjoy some time under the sun, on the beaches, by the sea. It is also very well renowned for its heavenly cocktails and food. The party culture is strong and the local people are full of life and always in great spirits. As a tourist, while flying in, you shall come across many hotties as you enter Puerto Rico, these hotties are also here with the same agenda as yours, they too want to get drunk and party like there is no tomorrow. You could certainly be the kind of company they are looking for, so go work your charm without much fuss.

Similarly, the island of Puerto Rico has many expats, all of them are here to be part of some business endeavour or governmental work. Those who are part of some business endeavour are usually related closely to the tourism industry. So as a tourist, you shall come across them without much effort. Make sure you make a lasting impression on some of the female expats and they might just warm up to you. Not only shall it push their business interests forward, but they shall also bond better with you.

The island of Puerto Rico is definitely not an education destination, seldom do students come here to get educated. But amongst the islands of the Caribbean, it is reputed for being home to some of the oldest and most renowned universities and colleges, so you can try your luck with foreign girls around the campuses.


Having sex with the local girls on the island of Puerto Rico is a great experience. It is undoubtedly going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. As described in the sections above, the local women are absolute bombshells, they are akin to Spanish beauties in terms of looks and hotness. So, the moment you set your foot on the island, you shall want to unzip your pants, pull down their panties and have the best sex of your lifetime.

However, considering the sexy women you shall come across, many of these shall definitely be out of your league and to convince them to hop into bed with you shall be a monumental task within itself. Hence, we recommend that you pick your choice of women to approach wisely. These women can be a tease, but it is all worth it when they take their clothes off and showcase some of the skills they have accumulated over the years.

Sex Culture

The sex culture on the island of Puerto Rico is very casual and as a tourist, you shall face little to no resistance while pursuing women for sex. The local women are very open about sex and relationships and often begin getting intimate at a young age itself. These gorgeous babes have such sultry figures that you wouldn’t really care about their age or their personalities, likewise, they too are attracted to good looking or wealthy foreigners who visit the island.

The age of consent here is 16 and you can legally pursue some young babes, but we recommend against it and suggest you get intimate with women above the age of 18 to avoid run-ins with the law and its fine print.

The local girls are quite liberal and they do not mind experimenting in bed either. Considering the wild parties that take place on the island, they are very much at the centre of the sex culture. Besides, since the arrival of the smartphone and widespread internet access, most of these hotties have a free pass to learn more about sex and indulge in various debaucheries as shown in pornography, so don’t be surprised if a Puerto Rican hottie gets freaky while having sex, play along and you shall have good fun.

One-Night Stands

One night stands on the island of Puerto Rico are quite common. A large number of tourists visit the island for a very short duration and most of them are looking to get laid with as many women as possible in this time span. Hence, the most convenient arrangement is a one night stand. The same applies to the naughty females of the island, all of whom are bold enough to even sleep with multiple men in a single night. They have no qualms about casual sex in any form.

Approaching the women for one night stands is not uncommon here and women often approve of one night stands with good looking tourists. However, to pick up hotties with maximum efficiency, we suggest that you head to the most popular bar or nightclub around you, the women here are wild, horny, and on the lookout for men. So go now and work your effortless charm and seduce them to hop into bed with you!

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The island of Puerto Rico is a phenomenal place and as a tourist, you shall love exploring the island and meeting single girls in pretty much every corner. However, if you are on a tight schedule or you don’t wish to waste too much time discovering places to meet single girls, we shall list out some of the hottest places on the island to meet the hottest Puerto Rican women. These places usually include bars, pubs, nightclubs, shopping malls, outdoor venues, universities and colleges.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The island of Puerto Rico has a good nightlife scene while we admit it isn’t the best in the region, the idea of chilling by the sea, on the beach, with some of the best cocktails in the world is lucrative enough for almost anyone. When the sexy local babes walk onto the scene, you shall forget about ambience and decor, all you shall be focussing on is ways to get drunk and have some naughty fun by getting into their pants. Some of the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs on the island of Puerto Rico are:

  • Club Brava
  • Club Epic
  • Club Kronos
  • Circo Bar
  • Oasis Tapas & Lounge
  • Eternal Lobby Lounge
  • La Respuesta
  • Dancers Club
  • Club Vibra Bar & Lounge
  • Toxic Night Club

Shopping Malls

The island of Puerto Rico is home to some decent shopping areas which are popular amongst the local women. You can visit these to come across some single girls and flirt effortlessly with them. These are given in the list below:

  • The Mall of San Juan
  • Santurce POP
  • Las Catalinas Mall
  • Plaza Las Américas
  • Puerto Rico Premium Outlets
  • Plaza Carolina
  • La Calle Mall


The outdoor venues of the island of Puerto Rico are truly stunning and great to discover as a tourist while hunting for hot single Puerto Rican babes as well. You could also head to some of the most iconic beaches to flirt with bikini-clad babes who are willing to get down and dirty on the sand itself. Given below are some of the popular tourist attractions and beaches on the island:

  • El Yunque National Forest
  • Cavernas de Camuy
  • Cueva del Indio
  • Flamenco Beach
  • Isla Verde Beach
  • Playuela, Cabo Rojo
  • Playa Punta Borinquen
  • Crash Boat Beach

Universities and Colleges

The island of Puerto Rico is certainly not a major education destination but it is home to some of the oldest universities in the region and these have a few foreign girls who are single and up for grabs. Given below is a list of universities that you could visit to meet and flirt with single girls:

  • University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo Campus
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico - Bayamón
  • Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
  • University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras Campus
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico - Humacao
  • Inter American University Of Puerto Rico


Being in a relationship on the island of Puerto Rico is a great option and as a tourist, we suggest that you give it a try. The local women are known to be very kind, polite, hospitable, and loving. As a tourist, you shall certainly have fun in a relationship, as these women shall do their best to make you feel at home, as much as possible.

Furthermore, these local hotties are an absolute trophy, they have a vibrant personality, they are fun to be around, they are passionate lovers, and they are everything you could dream of. They pour their heart and soul into a relationship, they give it their 100%, so don’t you worry about loyalty either. Just spend some time and find the right partner for yourself, make her feel special and she shall return the emotion ten times better.

Holiday Romance

The island of Puerto Rico is home to some of the most scenic beaches in the region, there is a large population of women who are looking to get laid with handsome tourists, the cocktails here are par excellence and set the right mood. The nightlife scene is also mind-blowing and helps you connect with a large number of women who are looking for something light and casual. Could you wish for anything more in such circumstances?

Well! The island of Puerto Rico is the perfect destination to have a holiday romance, you shall find many suitable partners, pick one and enjoy your time here, free of emotional baggage, just kick back and relax under the sun, explore the island as a couple, get a taste of the local cuisine and a better insight into the local culture along with your local partner. Just imagine enjoying a romance without any shortcomings, just spending time with your partner like any other couple, relishing every romantic moment and making sensuous love at night.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you manage to enter into a relationship on the island of Puerto Rico and are looking for ways to ensure that your relationship is successful, look no further! We are here to help you with this and we suggest that you follow some of the tips listed below to prevent having a failed relationship here:

Always remember to be perfectly groomed. You may have completed a few months together in a relationship and you may believe that all’s well in paradise. But that’s when the real trouble starts, the local women love men who take an active interest in grooming and looking their best, so avoid being unkempt and being a saucy-lackey, after a few warnings and attempts to make you look better, she may just walk out of the relationship if you aren’t appealing enough to her.

In a relationship on the island of Puerto Rico, it is essential that you have heart to heart conversations with your partner, women appreciate deep conversations and getting to know your significant better is a continuous process, so never stop sharing thoughts and feelings. You can always make things better by complimenting her randomly or making her feel special with small gestures and poetic words.

Most certainly, your first move on your partner before being in a relationship involved humour in some form or the other. However, as time passes on, do not forget to keep that humorous spirit up, make her laugh, be the clown occasionally, this ensures positivity in the relationship and keeps the spirits up.

Try and keep the spark alive by being innovative, run of the mill dates might work upto a point, once things get monotonous, the relationship starts taking a toll, so think out of the box to spend memorable moments together and to make your lady love feel special.

Lastly, respect your partner’s feelings and avoid making fun of or criticising things that are close to her heart. This includes religion, country, politics, and financial status. These can unknowingly be hurtful and disrespect isn’t taken lightly here.


Being in love on the island of Puerto Rico is a great experience. Especially as a tourist, you shall find that a large number of women are interested in you, not just for hookups, but also for relationships and beyond. If you are willing to bite the bullet, then we recommend that you consider this option seriously and fall in love with a Puerto Rican babe.

The island itself serves a perfect backdrop for falling in love, the seas are lovely to take a dip, the sandy beaches are great for walks, the night sky is so clear that you’d want to spend the night cuddling with your loved one under a blanket of stars.

The local women are definitely open to falling in love with tourists and they make for great partners.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

As a tourist in a new territory, you shall be lost and confused to some extent. Much of this shall have to do with a lack of knowledge about the local culture and tradition. Therefore, we recommend, that you understand the local women a little better and leave aside any emotion while making decisions about your lady love being the perfect partner for you. In this section of the article, we list out tips that you can follow to make a concrete decision about your partner being The One for you:

Try and be reasonable about the difference in lifestyle, your partner might have been brought up on an island having a good connection with nature, you may fall in love but adjusting to each other’s lifestyle and ideology may not be easy. So make a decision about each other only when you are convinced that the two of you are compatible.

Be assured that the foundation of your love for your partner and hers for you is based on something solid and isn’t just a situational thing. Often being on an island, away from the worries of life may make everything seem rosy, but getting back to the grind, now with a Puerto Rican babe by your side may not be easy.


Getting married in Puerto Rico is great, especially if you are marrying a local girl. The Puerto Rican women are beautiful and they have great personalities. But what isn’t often highlighted is that these sultry babes are capable of being great wives. As a tourist, you shall be welcomed easily by the local families and they shall count you as one of their own.

You might have to be a little formal and ask for your partner’s hand from her father or an elderly figure in the family after she says yes to you. So don’t think much and go ahead and pop that question to her.


Having a wedding ceremony on the island of Puerto Rico is nothing short of dreamy and quite perfect considering the minimal budget it involves. The scenery is perfect, the venues are exotic, the cocktails are great, the weather is spectacular, and everyone shall truly have fun at your wedding ceremony.

Most couples who get married here often prefer a wedding ceremony right on the beach, at sunset. You too could opt for that as it makes for a stunning visual. In addition to this, most of the local weddings are your average white weddings in prettier locations. So be prepared to see your Puerto Rican bride in a white dress, reading out her vows written for you and a priest ordaining the marriage.

Family Life

Once you are done with the wedding ceremony, you shall have to worry about family life on the island of Puerto Rico. Now we must inform you that, if you plan on staying on the island after marriage, you should probably look for a steady income source before getting married itself.

However, the island has poor healthcare and if you or anyone in your family suffers from serious or rare illnesses you may want to reconsider life in Puerto Rico.

While, the island offers decent living options, great racial tolerance, good places to work from, good safety, and great weather. It fairs well on most of the other fronts too. You won’t get too many opportunities to complain as you shall be living the good life in the lap of mother nature herself.



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