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Pokhara dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Nepali women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Nepalese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Pokhara, Nepal.

The stunning girls of Pokhara

Girls in Pokhara:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Pokhara:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Pokhara:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Pokhara:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $400


The city of Pokhara is a great place to explore for tourists who love the outdoors and the wilderness. Set at the foot of the Himalayan mountain ranges, the city provides an adrenaline rush to all its visitors. While it may be a very popular tourist destination due to the adventures it offers, the city of Pokhara is also renowned in the region as it is the second-largest city in the country of Nepal. It also holds the distinction of being the second-most populous city in the entire country. Housing almost half a million citizens, the city does have some of the most beautiful women you shall find anywhere across the country of Nepal.

These women are physically beautiful and if you get the chance to know them a little better personally, you will be attracted to their personalities as well. These women surely turn out to be great partners to date.

However, dating the local girls in the city of Pokhara shall require some tact and pre-planning. With a large influx of tourists visiting the city, you shall not be special to them either. So, to have an edge above the rest and to not appear as just another tourist to the local girls, you will have to have some qualities that set you apart from the other tourists in town. Some inside information, knowledge about their culture, and a charming personality will certainly put you in the driver's seat! Given in this article are some tips and tricks that you can remember and make use of while enjoying dating escapades in the city of Pokhara.

Dating Culture

The dating culture of the country of Nepal, as a whole, is not as liberal as the western countries of the world. Here, dating is not widely accepted in society and many young adults who are working professionals are coaxed into getting married or engaged instead of being in a relationship.

Dating amongst teenagers certainly isn't an alien concept but seldom do they have the permission of their parents. Elderly figures from the family ensure that the youngsters are not indulging in any pre-marital relationships. However, one need not worry too much as the times have changed and so has the dating culture on the whole. While much of the above sounds draconian, things are not as extreme as certain Muslim countries across the globe. Here, women are allowed to live their lives freely, they have rights, and are educated well enough to earn for themselves, while much of this is covered in the next section of this article, we believe that as a tourist planning to visit the city of Pokhara you need to understand how the women respond to the concept of dating in general.

The younger generation of women are very open, they liberally approach relationships and are quite sexually active too. While this is not spoken about openly around parents and family one can surely express themselves freely around friends and trusted ones.


The women who hail from the city of Pokhara are quite beautiful and you will most certainly enjoy meeting them. These local women have been raised in a city that is situated in nature's lap. Taking advantage of this, the citizens have built an economy surrounding it. The economy of the city is tourism-centric and while the highlights of this tourism industry of Pokhara include the renowned Annapurna Circuit Trek, the rich culture and the magnificent Pagodas, the women of this city are the real face of it all. These women not only serve as a lure to many tourists from across the globe looking to have a holiday romance or even find a life partner while embracing their adventurous side and exploring nature, but these women have also worked very hard to build the tourism ecosystem and yet continue to slog to ensure the machinery works smoothly. The educational facilities in the city of Pokhara are limited and while most girls complete their high school, some of them go on to complete their education with a university degree while some choose to work as a part of the tourism industry, family business, or some simply opt to get married early in life. Needless to say, you shall find a wide variety of women here with different educational and professional backgrounds, while one date of yours shall be a guide, one could be a chef, and the third could be a doctor or even a researcher.

Despite all of this, no matter what background they hail from, most women are known to have good work ethic and they value money. Yes, like many countries across the globe, there is a huge wealth gap and many women hail from affluent families and they don't have to work for survival. These women either choose to live a luxurious life or decide to slog it while working in a field of passion or some sort of family business. It is often these type of women who are infamous for being snobby, high-maintenance, arrogant, spend-thrifts, who seldom realise the privileged lives that they lead. While those women who come from modest-families are conscious about their expenditure and work to support their families and put food on the table. Nonetheless, most of these women have limited freedom whether it is socially or financially. Here in Nepal, most of the women live with their families and have their life choices dictated to them.

Overall, the culture and traditions are highly valued and revered. Seldom shall you come across women in the city of Pokhara who are casual about religion or culture. They tend to take these things very seriously and shall practice their faith earnestly. While some of the local women in the city of Pokhara are Buddhists, some women practice Hinduism. Based on religion itself we can trace the ancestry of most of the women. Those women who follow the teachings of Buddhism are often Nepalese natives while some women are from the Eastern part of Asia. On the other hand, the women who follow the Hindu faith are known to be ancestrally linked to the neighbouring country of India. The forefathers of these women had moved from India to the country of Nepal for business opportunities and are now well settled in the country.

Physically, most of these local women look very attractive. As a tourist, you shall be drawn to their exotic beauty and peculiar features. Again, much like ancestral roots and religion, the women of the city of Pokhara can be categorised. Those women who are natives of the land or come from Eastern parts of Asia are known to have slightly stronger Asian features. These women are short, they have fair skin, they have straight brunette hair, a wide forehead, thin eyebrows, smaller eyes, a stout small nose, thin lips, and a facial structure that is either round or ovular. These women are known to have a petite body type with narrow shoulders and small assets. The smile of these women is generally the highlight of all their features, giving them a cute appearance with some ladies sporting adorable dimples. However, those women who are ancestrally linked to India have typical Indian features which include dusky skin tones, slightly wavy brunette hair, they too are short, but they have denser eyebrows, bigger eyes, a sharper nose, plump lips, and a more prominent jawline with distinct cheekbones. These women have wider shoulders, with fuller assets and are more voluptuous in general. The two of them have slightly different mannerisms too but all of them, especially from the younger generation, are known to speak English decently, so communicating with these beauties shouldn't be an issue.

Nepali Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls who are between the ages of 18 and 29 are a good option for local tourists who are looking to date or hookup in the city of Pokhara. However, one shouldn't be warned that things shall not be all rosy dating girls in this age bracket.

To begin with, a large number of girls between the ages of 18 and 29 are probably students or young working professionals. Most of these girls are either completely dependent on their families or partially so. As a direct result of this, these girls do not have complete social or financial freedom. Thus, you shall have to work your way around and adjust greatly to meet these girls, spend time with them or even get intimate with them. As most of these young local girls shall either live at home with parents or in some sort of shared accommodation with women such as a PG or a hostel.

However, the advantage of dating these young local girls is that they are extremely friendly and social, they have no qualms in interacting with unknown men and becoming friends with them. Surely enough like many Nepalese women they too are shy and not very outspoken, but girls in this age bracket are way better than their counterparts. These young girls have been raised in a much more liberal atmosphere and you shall find that they have a positive approach towards sex and relationships.

Furthermore, most of these women have a good figure, but consider them a work in progress, with assets being perfected by hormones with every passing day.

If you are a tourist visiting the city of Pokhara and wish to have a casual relationship or a one-night stand with a local girl, this is the age bracket of women that shall serve your needs well.

Nepalese Women (age 30 - 45)

The local women who are between the ages of 30 and 45 are perhaps your best choice if you wish to be in a relationship in Pokhara. Any sort of encounter with these women shall not be too tough to handle and the reason behind this being that most of the women in this age bracket are either married or are single women. Let us directly eliminate the bunch of women who are married, since that shall be a whole different complex situation.

Local single women who are of this age bracket are most probably working professionals who have a few years of experience, both in terms of professional life and personal life. They shall have great emotional stability and definitely exhibit qualities of independence and self-reliance, traits which are missing altogether in younger women, and traits that often are diluted in older women. While some of these young women may not completely be independent socially and financially, most of them are to a great extent, such that they can decide how to spend their money and often have the liberty to live alone. Due to this, as a tourist, you can easily spend more time with them, for they have no in-time nor do they face any restrictions in bringing you back to their home.

The women who belong to this age bracket might not be as social and chirpy as the young girls in the city. Mostly, these women shall interact with select few, such as friends, mutual friends, casually acquaintances, or someone known. The chance of striking up conversations with unknown men depends upon her personality and your alluring charm as a man.

These local women might not be very liberal in their approach to relationships and sex. Yes, many of them might be open to being in a relationship or pre-marital sex, but they won't give in easily, often taking their own time to take the next major step.

Lastly, the women of this age bracket are known to have a great figure. They are sexy and really attractive. While the bodies of younger girls was more of a work in progress, these women have much more developed curves and assets.

Nepali Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies who are above the age of 45 are undoubtedly the least interesting for any tourist who is visiting the city of Pokhara, the reason behind this is very simple. Most of the women belonging to this age bracket are married and well settled in life. These women have a family to take care of, a few children to raise, a husband to love, and old parents to serve. They have to play the roles of an ideal mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and perhaps many more. They have to deal with interpersonal and social relationships all while possibly handling work life.

The local ladies who belong to this age bracket mostly don't have high-pressure jobs, rather, some of them have serious worries such as working to make ends meet or managing the household to keep the family together. Their daily life usually involves running errands, cooking, raising children and possibly working for money too. Considering this hectic lifestyle, many of the women don't even have time to interact with unknown strangers, not that they would, even if they had time in hand.

The local culture is such that women, especially in this age bracket are expected to be role models, they set the standards for the younger generation of women. So seldom shall these women indulge in any action that can jeopardise their social standing and status. One mistake can bring great disrepute to the whole family and destroy what they have built over the years, even if it is something as small as a rumour.

Hence, most of the local ladies prefer maintaining a safe distance from unknown men, while avoiding any kind of personal relationships or physical proximity, especially in public spaces.

As a tourist, if you wish to hook up with a hot cougar, you shall have to work really hard to find one. Your best bet in such situations is divorced, widowed, or unusually unmarried local ladies who are looking for both emotional support and physical pleasures.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Pokhara sees a phenomenal number of tourists visiting the city on an annual basis. With the number of tourists visiting annually being twice as much as its total population, Pokhara is a hub for hikers, mountaineers, and adventurers. You being a tourist yourself, shall find a sizeable number of like-minded people from all across the globe living in hotels, guest houses, and homestays. Forging friendships with foreign girls in the city of Pokhara is not a big deal. Many of these girls are on solo trips or girls-only trips and are looking to make new friends, perhaps even finding a companion is not a bad idea to them.

While Nepal is a small country, it does have a decent number of expats, while student exchange programmes also bring in a sizeable number of foreign students annually.

Many of these foreign girls, including tourists, students and expats, are a good option to flirt with, date, or even hook up. This is primarily because, most of these foreign girls are much more liberal, open-minded, and rational in their approach to sex and relationships when compared to the slightly conservative and orthodox local girls. These foreign girls are themselves in the city for a finite amount of time and often prefer being upfront and avoid beating around the bush, they express whatever they feel and are quite bold while going about it. These foreign girls are undoubtedly your best chance of getting laid as soon as possible in the city of Pokhara.

Foreign girls at the Paradise sports bar


Having sex with the local girls in the city of Pokhara is a great experience. However, this is an experience that shall not be fulfilled easily. Rather, you shall have to work hard to convince a woman to strip naked and get into bed with you. If you are a player, who enjoys the tease and working towards a conquest, this shall be a great challenge for you! However, if you are a person who loses interest easily and if you are impatient, then having sex with local girls in the city of Pokhara shall be a frustrating experience for you.

The local girls are known to be shy and reserved, they shall not open up easily. While the younger girls might be friendly, steering the conversation towards sex shall be a big task in itself. These girls are not even remotely as bold as the women in the west. Surely enough you might find one-odd bold seductive babe, but otherwise, the process of getting a local girl comfortable to even talk about sex is cumbersome. Considering this, one can only imagine how difficult it would be to indulge in sex with the local girls in Pokhara.

Nonetheless, over the years, things have changed, and the possibility of sex with local girls in the city of Pokhara has increased considerably. If you understand the local sex culture, you might be better positioned to get laid with the sexy local women.

Sex Culture

The sex culture of the city of Pokhara has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past few decades. Initially, the city was home to some of the most conservative women in the country. These women would never be in relationships, nor would they ever even indulge in pre-marital sex. Every physically intimate act would have to be done only after marriage.

But later, with the penetration of the internet, there has been increased awareness, and sexual freedom has been on the rise. Women are getting sex education that they never got all through school or college life. They are learning about their bodies, sexual orientations, practices of safe sex, and so forth. Women are also embracing their naughty side and increasingly experimenting in the bedroom with other women or with men in different positions and role play.

Another major reason behind this change in sex culture and over sexual liberation is the presence of a large number of tourists. Most of these local girls are getting increased exposure to the global culture. Thus, they are learning more about casual sex, hookups, one-night stands, and concepts such as polygamy. While they might not implement any of this instantaneously, there is a gradual yet steady change in the local sex culture.

One-Night Stands

One night stands in the city of Pokhara were extremely rare until the past decade. As mentioned in the above section, the massive change in sex culture has encouraged many women to enjoy pleasure before marital life. They are no longer looking for commitment and orgasms to go hand in hand. The local girls are unafraid to meet men, flirt with them, and hop into bed for carnal pleasures.

This specifically includes a large number of girls from the younger generation who do not have any qualms about one-night stands. Surely enough, none of the women who shall indulge in one-night stands be very vocal about it as slut-shaming and character assassination is a high probability in society.

As a tourist, you will find a woman to hook up with more easily than local Nepalese men as the women are uninterested in them and neither do they have skill sets as good as foreign men visiting the city. However, you must remember that the local men aren't a real competition, but it is fellow tourists that shall pose a serious threat to your chances of getting laid with sexy local babes.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The city of Pokhara is the heart of adventure trips being undertaken in the country of Nepal. With the second largest population amongst cities in the nation, and seeing almost twice as many tourists, there is a large number of women who can be found in Pokhara. However, as many would understand, these women aren't evenly spread across town. There are certain hotspots with large clusters of single girls whom you can meet, interact with, and flirt with.

Unlike some of the major commercial cities across the globe, in Pokhara, you won't have to rely on just shopping malls, pubs, and nightclubs, here there are several outdoor venues that you can explore as well. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list which you can go through to determine, which venue is suitable for you to hunt for the hottest single in the city of Pokhara. In the sections below, we categorise them and highlight some of the best places, so read on to find out more.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The city of Pokhara may be a small town for a traveller who hails from some of the biggest European or American nations. But once you explore the city a little you shall realise that it is a hidden gem that sits in the lap of the Himalayan ranges and yet manages to be one of the hottest party destinations in the entire region. Considering the large influx of tourists, you shall find bars, pubs, and nightclubs of various kinds, catering to various crowds, right from frugal backpackers to wealthy individuals. The overall quality of drinks and the variety of cocktails is truly splendid, the ambience is way better than one can expect in a town of this stature, and the crowd is undeniably global. Given below is a list of some of the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs in the city, that you can visit to flirt and possibly hookup with some of the sexiest women in town:

  • Paradiso Sports Bar and Grill: It is one of the most popular bars in town. Earlier known as Club Amsterdam, the bar has only undergone a name change and everything else remains to be the same. This is a great place to chill while watching some of your favourite sporting events telecasted live on big screens.
  • Caffe Concerto: Known for being of the best pizzerias by the day time, at night this transforms into a popular bar. Here you can listen to some incredible jazz performances while you sit by a cosy fire and enjoy a drink with special company.
  • The Irish Pub: Staying true to its name, this is a pub which offers an ambience like any Irish Pub across the globe. A laid back atmosphere with some music and good beer, you shall get it all here!
  • Ozone Premium Club: Just as the name suggests, this is an upscale nightclub in the city of Pokhara, here you can groove to a variety of genres being pumped out by the DJ. While there is an entry fee levied, it is definitely worth the experience.
  • Movie Garden: Again, many of the names in the city of Pokhara are self-explanatory, giving you a clear idea of what you are about to experience. Here you shall enjoy movies under the stars. Now, you might wonder why is it listed amongst the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs of the city, this is primarily because the establishment serves alcohol, food and is a great place to meet some single girls of the city.
  • Old Blues Bar: Once again, keeping up with the tradition of self-explanatory names, you can deduce that this is a really old bar which has live Blues performances to keep you entertained all night long. The rustic charm of the place and the music shall itself be enough to serve as the perfect setting to pick up single girls, the alcohol is just the cherry on the top.
  • Club Nasha: While this establishment also follows the trend of self-explanatory names, you might not be able to comprehend it as the word "Nasha" translates to "Intoxication" in the local language. This is a popular local nightclub where you can enjoy Nepalese and Bollywood music while drinking and dancing.
  • Busy Bee Café: Known for being a popular joint amongst locals and tourists alike, you can visit this place and socialise like never before. With a young and enthusiastic crowd, great drinks, late closing hours, indoor and outdoor seating, and live music, this is the place to be!
  • All That Jazz: This is one of the classiest establishments in the city where you can visit, enjoy a few drinks while listening to foot-tapping live jazz music. Great cocktails and a variety of local and international alcohol brands to choose from make this a must-visit!
Beautiful girls at Ozone premium club

Shopping Malls

The city of Pokhara, as mentioned repeatedly, is a very small town, here you shall find a handful of shopping options, but on the other hand, you shall find various indigenous shopping markets also, where you can meet and socialise with some of the prettiest single girls in town. These places are usually crowded with locals and tourists alike and have a very lively atmosphere where you can enjoy a host of activities, delicacies, and explore the ethos of the town. Given below is a list of such shopping malls and local marketplaces:

  • Pokhara Trade Mall
  • MidTown Galleria
  • RK Shopping Complex
  • Tibetian Gift Shop
  • Nilgiri Shopping Centre


The outdoors are undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction in the city of Pokhara. Travellers from all across the globe visit the city to experience its surreal beauty and magnificent mountain ranges. In case, you are wondering which are the highlights that the city has to offer, given below is a list that you can choose from:

  • Seti Gandaki
  • Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
  • Bindhyabasini Temple
  • Gurkha Memorial Museum
  • Barahi Temple
  • International Mountain Museum
  • Phewa Lake
  • Pokhara Shanti Stupa
  • Sarangkot
  • Begnas Tal Lake
  • Rupa Tal Lake
  • Temple of Tal Varahi
  • Old Bazaar
  • Annapurna Base Camp
Seti Gandaki

Universities and Colleges

The young generation of local Nepalese women is known to be very bold, experimental, and liberal. As a tourist, you shall find the local students of colleges and universities to be great company. Women can serve to be great friends, guides, and partners. Depending upon your agenda, you can choose either be in a relationship or you can choose to hook up with these sexy young girls. The biggest advantage of this is that most of these women have a great libido, they are curious about relationships and sex with foreigners, and they are willing to experiment in bed as well.

While you certainly cannot directly enter universities and college campuses, you are recommended to do some surveying and identify the hotspots around colleges. These are usually cafés, bars, and restaurants where the students like to chill and have a good time with friends. At such places, the local girls are very social and even open to conversations with random men. These young girls also have a decent amount of freedom during college hours to lounge around and you could even take them to a nearby hotel for a few rounds of awesome sex.

Given below is a list of colleges and universities that you can consider visiting:

  • Pokhara University
  • Pokhara Engineering College
  • Manipal College of Medical Science
  • Prithivi Narayan Campus
  • La Grandee International College
Pokhara Engineering College


Being in a relationship in the city of Pokhara is an interesting proposition for many tourists. This is primarily because hooking up in the city with the local girls is not a very smooth experience. To begin with, you shall not find a sufficient amount of women willing to indulge in one-night stands or purely physical relationships. Also, women are wary of being seen with tourists in a casual manner. This often leads to gossip and they can be socially shamed and family members can become infuriated by their acts.

Hence, as a tourist, you are recommended to consider being in a relationship. This is perhaps the easiest way of killing two birds with one stone. Not only shall you solve the problem of being able to have sex with local women by reassuring them of your feelings and emotions, but you shall also help them give society a concrete status of the nature of your relationship, avoiding any sort of character assassination of your lady love.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance in the city of Pokhara is something straight out of a movie! It is quintessentially too good to be true and if you get such an opportunity, you could consider it to be the plot of the next romantic blockbuster.

Just picture having a holiday romance in the lap of nature, surrounded by the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges. The beautiful valleys, the snow, the fresh air, the spirit of adventure, all of which serve as the perfect backdrop for a romance.

The city attracts plenty of tourists annually, many of whom come for the sole purpose of trekking and mountaineering. If you too have an adventurous spirit, go for a trek, meet new people, and you never know, while scaling the heights of planet Earth, you might just find a perfect partner for a holiday romance.

Usually, this shall last for the duration of your trip and once you leave back for home, she goes her way and you go yours. There is no baggage whatsoever (we're speaking emotionally and not literally, considering you're going for a hike) and you shall have a perfect partner to interact with, cuddle up with, and share countless memories with. If you both are travelling with groups, your holiday romance could involve the company of other such couples as well.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Having a successful relationship in the city of Pokhara is an art that very few individuals have managed to master. There are several factors that need to be taken into account when you are in a relationship in the city of Pokhara with a local girl. The balance to be achieved is fragile and the sentiments of local people are easily hurt if you manage to say or do something that they consider out of line. Hence, given below are a few tips that you must keep in mind to have a successful relationship in Pokhara:

  • The biggest factor to having a successful relationship in the city of Pokhara is to respect each other's culture. Much like any inter-cultural relationship, you must accept the cultural gap that the two of you share. Enjoy each other's culture, embrace diversity, and make sure that you give and take respect in equal measure.
  • The second aspect of having a successful relationship in the city of Pokhara is to avoid mocking each other's traditions. Surely enough, there shall be some traditions of each other's culture that won't make any sense or seem ridiculous or even be highly superstitious with no scientific backing. In such scenarios, avoid mocking or talking against it. Not only will you end up hurting the sentiments of your loved one, but you shall also jeopardise your whole relationship.
  • Lastly, be proactive, make use of your surroundings to romanticise everything, you can infuse a fresh breath into your relationship every now and then, making your lady love feel special time and again. Use the mountains, the flora, the fauna, the traditions, the pop culture, and every possible thing under the sun to make her feel like a queen.


Finding love in the city of Pokhara is probably very easy. Nature is working its charm flawlessly, you are in the midst of adventure-seeking people, willing to socialise and looking forward to the unknown. This does increase the curiosity of women in men around them and vice-versa. All you have to do is take the first step, charm the women, channel your inner lover, and express freely.

The local women are already exposed to a lot of foreign men, while this may not be special to them, remember, the skills of local men is highly limited, they probably aren't even smooth-talkers nor are they wildly romantic. Local women tend to fall in love with adventurous men, who are seeking out to find the unknown, good-looking men, poetic men, any man who could ignite a fire in them is considered to be lovable by them. You won't have to go much out of your way to fall in love in the city of Pokhara. The women are low-maintenance, they are honest and upfront and they wear their heart on their sleeve, just go out there and proclaim your love to them in the cheesiest way possible.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

To make sure your newly-found lady love is the one, we recommend you to be alert, aware, and observant. These three things shall help you come to a solid conclusion in deciding if "she is the One".

Begin by finding out a little more about her past, casually ask her questions about her childhood and teenage, carefully listen to her answers, again ask her those randomly at a later date, ask her friends for the same, and compare all the answers, if you feel something is amiss, be alert. Remember, to do most of this very subtly though to avoid hurting her feelings.

Then, you can also make sure if your lady love is the one by analysing her habits. Check if most of them align as per your interests. Right from her likes and dislikes, to her food habits, her spending habits, and her nature. All of these are highly essential in establishing compatibility which eventually shall answer if "she is the One".


Over the years, the rigid culture and traditions have been diluted, while once marriage was the only option for those in love or wanting to be in love, now it is a choice. A choice that helps young lovers not only to be together but also have their parents' blessings in doing so.

As a tourist, getting married in the city of Pokhara is a splendid option, the young local girls tend to be wound up and a little reserved during the dating/relationship phase. These women have often suffered heartbreaks from sweet-talking foreigners who take advantage of local women, get physically intimate with them on the pretext of getting married in the near future, and then flee the country without informing them. To avoid any of this, the local women hold back until the marriage is formally consummated.

Besides, if you have no sinister motives or plans of cheating on the local women and you really like them, this is a step that you must consider taking. Surely enough, it may seem like a big deal and is undoubtedly intimidating if you aren't a person who is clear about his decisions, but trust us you won't regret it!


If you finally take a call and decide to take your relationship to the next level you can pop the question and start planning for a grand wedding. While most of the rituals depend upon the religion of your lady love, you can be sure of a ceremony involving not only friends and family but also extended family and neighbours. In Nepalese culture, a larger ceremony, at a premium venue, with grand arrangements, lavish buffets, and an obnoxious show of wealth is a sign of standing in society and establishment of class.

Family Life

The last stop of any relationship (unless you're headed for divorce) is family life. This is the ultimate worry since you have to chalk out a plan for the future along with your wife, taking into consideration various variables including finances, work, family, and interpersonal relationships with society.

While it shall be reassuring to know that high affordability, good weather, good freedom of speech, good walkability, high safety and good racial tolerance actively contribute towards good family life in the city of Pokhara but poor healthcare, poor places to work from, and limited opportunities for growth are some issues you shall have to tackle.

However, considering the unflinching support of a life partner and a decent society, you have a solid chance of enjoying good family life in the city of Pokhara.

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