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Nepal dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Nepali women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Nepalese girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Nepal, Asia.

Girls in Nepal:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Nepal:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Nepal:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Nepal:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$7 - $300


Most of the Nepalese girls are quite interesting and are perfect to go out on a date with. You will find that they are full of life and are jolly. Once you start dating them you will feel that they have the capability to provide you with happiness since they are filled with joy themselves.

So, if you want to date them, then you will have to prepare yourself and be smart enough. When it comes to relationships, girls in Nepal are loyal, and so you will have to show faithfulness towards them as well. In this way, you will be able to approach them correctly. Nepal is filled with charming and enchanting beauties of South Asia, and if you are smart enough, then you can easily contact them.

It is believed that the first impression is the last, and if you want to impress the girls then you can easily contact them. You will have to be quite precise when approaching them. It is better not to be anxious since it will make you feel stupid and desperate. All you have to do is highlight your positive side, and then be patient. Only then things will be better, and you will be able to get a woman of your choice.

Dating Culture

Girls from Nepal have a rich culture but the dating culture present in the city is quite conservative as compared to the western dating culture. Since it is one of the most popular countries in South Asia, the global presence has certainly developed and improved things.

Most of the girls here are quite positive, and will certainly treat you in the right way. Over here, the online dating culture is not too active, but at the same time it is a great way to meet fellow tourists especially dating apps like Tinder, Badoo and Happn. Finding partners over here is quite easy. All you have to do is put your best skill forward and you will find your perfect match.

Mature hot ladies and girls are found everywhere in Nepal. But, if you want to get some of the best ones, then it is best if you choose to visit the colleges, universities, and working places. As the cities are becoming modern so relationships and the dating culture is becoming quite popular as well.

But, many do not even like the concept of dating and relationships. So, it is best not to show any kind of public affection that might frown people. Even though nothing illegal will happen, it is better not to get weird reactions from people.


One of the biggest advantages of dating women in Nepal is that they are extremely supportive. You will never feel that they want to disrespect you by any means. Girls in Nepal are quite caring as well as loving. Most of the women over here are lively as well as magnificent. Not only do they respect other cultures but also respect relationships.

Another most important factor, which you will find in them is loyalty. This is yet another factor that makes them unique from others. Attractive eyes, lustrous hair, fair skin is also breathtaking. Everyone is quite serious and dedicated to their life.

While some are students', others are working women. Due to this reason, you can easily handle them. Some are materialistic, but they do not demand fancy things. Due to this reason, they mostly find joy in the little things. Most people follow Buddhism and believe in the teaching of Buddha.

Nepali Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls of Nepal are quite attractive and stunning. Their exotic beauty will blow your mind. This age group is just right since they are young, have smoldering beauty. Such girls do not look out for serious relationships but want to experiment with life and choices. This does not hold true for every single one of them because the culture is different in Nepal. Young girls are taught to look forward to getting married and are pressurised into settling down.

One of the most unique things that you will notice with the local girls is they do not like showing off their body, which is quite different from western culture. The young girls are very experimental, and try different looks and love fashion.

So, if you are planning to date them, then it is best if you give them fashionable outfits or makeup items. Apart from that, if you want to be involved in sexual relationships, then dating girls of this age is the ideal. These women are extremely beautiful and have fair to medium complexion. This adds an extra dose of beauty to them.

Also, they value virtues as well as morals, and due to this reason dating them becomes a plus point as well. Girls who are between the age of 18-23 are a little bit shy, especially when interacting with foreigners.

Nepalese Women (age 30 - 45)

Most of the Nepalese women of this age group are mature enough. When it comes to relationships these women are quite aware of relationships. The ones who are not yet married look forward to commitments and want to settle.

So, if you are looking forward to serious relationships, then you can certainly interact with them. While some women belong from conservative backgrounds, many are there who have modern thoughts, and if you just want one night stands and hookups then you can certainly hook up with them.

Every mature woman in Nepal has a feminine look and equates beauty to that of the young Nepalese girls. The more feminine look she has, the more you will like her look and fall for her beauty and appeal. Apart from that, men these days also love women who have a feminine look and have immature behavior. While some modern Western countries consider this behavior as dangerous, in Nepal men like these things in a woman even if she is mature.

Also, most of the women in this age category have an extremely mature figure and men love such kind of attractive physique. Being mature, these Nepalese women are either married or are working independent women. So, it is best if you find out the ones who are looking forward to enjoying casual hookups and one night stands. If you opt for online dating, then only you will find such women for dating.

Nepali Ladies (age 45+)

Last but not least comes the Nepalese ladies who fall under the age category of 45+. Women in this category are already settled in their life and are married. They have kids and play the perfect wife roles in their respective families.

If you are searching for women of this category, then it is best if you try not since these women mostly do not lookout for any kind of casual hookups or one night stands. Also, they are completely loyal to their family, and will never involve in any kind of illegal hookups since they consider it wrong. Since they are already on the verge of a career end so they are not that much ambitious.

These women have to take the help of various cosmetic products due to the growing age. To hide the age marks, they use these products to get exuberant radiance. You will certainly not get enough options when it comes to getting women of this age category.

Either they are widowed, divorced, or separated, and if they look for a potential partner, only then you can approach them. Otherwise, it is best to avoid these women. If you feel that your thoughts and perceptions match with such women only then move forward.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Nepal is visited by thousands of foreigners every year and being a tourist you will not be extremely surprised to see tourists around the city. Many big and small companies have grown up in the country, and due to this reason, foreigners visit here.

Apart from that, Nepal has many outstanding and beautiful tourist spots, which attracts many foreigners across the globe. Also, since the country has a vast and popular education system, so many girls from other countries come over here to pursue their careers.

Due to all these factors, you will find many foreign girls throughout the different cities of Nepal. Most of the girls have similar features as that of the local women and you can easily approach them to find out whether they are interested in one night stands, hookups, or dating. Accordingly, you can take the next step to take them out, and gain their trust so that you can have some wild fun at night.


Another place means another culture and that does show an effect on the regular lifestyle of the ladies there. Therefore, no matter what your interest in a relationship is, you would face some differences in opinion with them. And when it comes to something as serious as their sexual life, that is especially true in Nepal.

Indeed, the county as a whole is quite old-fashioned, and that has a huge effect on people's personal choices. In society, the male figures are more dominant in comparison to the females and have more say in relationships. Also, they have better liberties too when it comes to exploring them, something that the Nepalese women don't.

Therefore, when you are trying to date them, getting them to agree to physical intimacy first or sooner is not easy. After all, they are much more closed off about their sexuality and do not find it okay to give in to desires. This is possible mostly because of the social rules and customs in the country, and these ladies follow it well.

Of course, while that is true, not every woman feels the same way in Nepal, and some do have a more progressive mindset. They understand and want to explore their desires and give in to such with those they find attractive. However, while this is a valid possibility, finding someone who agrees to it quickly is not simple.

Indeed, you have to get to know them well first and build up a friendship before anything else. Nepalese ladies do not give in to such emotions with strangers, and most require a trustworthy connection beforehand. Therefore, you would have a better chance of winning their hearts and more through doing so. Yet, do take their comfort and interest into account, and let the matter rest if they do not seem into it.

Sex Culture

In countries of the West and the East, the cultural landscape and beliefs are vastly different. To be specific, in most of the eastern nations, especially in Asia, the religious and ethnic backgrounds of people are given high precedence. Thus, most of the citizens in these regions focus entirely on that when it comes to their personal dating lives too.

Sex is one of the key components you would notice in any romantic bond, and that is no different for the Nepalese. However, the culture of it is not very free, especially so for the local women in the different regions of Nepal. To put it simply, these women are not entirely comfortable with exploring their sensuality and do not know much about safe sex.

Thus, most prefer not to engage in it at all and they wait until their marriage date arrives to try. Given that, the act of sexual curiosity is not explored in various parts of the country, and many consider it wrong. Therefore, the practice of sex in Nepal is not the most apparent, although not non-existent either.

The tourist ladies, for instance, are much more open to such possibilities and often look forward to it as well. Consequently, if you are looking to receive sexual satisfaction with the women in Nepal, these ones are the best option for you. Not only are they okay with exploring such acts, but also they accept it better if it is not permanent.

Additionally, you would also get the chance to have such interactions with some local Nepalese too. While most would refuse, the girls living in bigger cities know more about such circumstances. Therefore, they may feel willing to try such acts for themselves too and enjoy it as well.

One-Night Stands

Certainly, if you are traveling to different areas of the world for some specified duration, you would like to enjoy the locality more. Consequently, when you start feeling lonely you would feel the urge to meet a pretty lady and start something new. However, with you staying for possibly just a while, growing real feelings for them is not something you would wish for.

In turn, it is much safer to go with simply satisfying your sexual appetite with the help of one-night stands. After all, they do not involve feelings and love, and the chances of getting hurt are slimmer. However, while the benefits for this are many, this type of romantic affairs are not common in Nepal. No matter which district you reach, the women there would not like having a sexual one-time interaction and thus, avoid it.

Of course, this has a lot to do with their upbringing and values, as they find sex as something borne out of love, not lust. Also, the Nepalese women want strong commitments and have more classical views on romance, and do not understand one-night stands.

While that is accurate, it is important to mention that you can still go ahead with such acts with some ladies in Nepal. After all, with the growing entry of tourists, these women are better acquainted with Western culture than before. Owing to that, they sometimes decide to give it a try and go ahead with such opportunities.

Aside from that, you would definitely find a connection with the female foreigners who visit Nepal. If you are into them, you can ask them out and possibly get together sometime, given they feel the same way. In fact, that is something that they prefer too and if your chemistry is there, the rest comes naturally.

Of course, if none of the other options work, you can always meet the girls who treat this as a business. While it is not something right or legal, the chances for such are also available in Nepal. Overall, however, you may choose to approach these women, do so with respect and friendliness, and if they reciprocate, you can consider more.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

In the continent of Asia, there is a diverse group of countries and cities that make up its vast landscape. And all of them are special and beautiful in their own way, irrespective of their location, size or culture. Indeed, the friendly nature of the people and their hidden geographic wonders are what attract travelers to these regions.

While often overlooked, Nepal is one hidden mystery that may not get the first pick but leaves a wonderful memory nonetheless. After all, with the magnificent Himalayan ranges in such close proximity, this nation does offer some brilliant sights and touring activities. Not to mention, the place is full of histories of its own, and that too attracts significant attention.

Therefore, when you reach this spot, you would get to realize a lot of different advantages of doing so. Of course, when it comes to said benefits, meeting the women there sure counts as a major one. With both tourist and local options in satisfying quantities, you would surely enjoy your visit intensely and make many interesting moments.

However, while that is true, actually managing to hold their attention is easier spoken than done when it comes to Nepalese women. After all, their society in total is not very open to the concepts of dating and romance, and independence is not easily available. Many of these girls are sheltered too and do not get the opportunity to go out on dates for long.

Thus, with a culture so rigid, meeting them for the first time is equally difficult to win, given the restrictions. However, it is not entirely impossible as you would find many women who frequent certain areas and you can meet them there. On the basis of where you are at, you can decide on what your next words are and how to impress them.

After all, the location you see them at would give you a better idea about the kind of guy she prefers too. Not to mention, if you face trouble thinking up a good point to start a normal conversation about, the location can help. It can act as a catalyst for you to start a topic on and if they feel comfortable, the conversation can flow normally thereafter.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

When it comes to the best of Nepalese culture, you would certainly get to experience a lot of examples for that. But the one thing that would certainly amaze you is the wonderful nightlife it offers. Certainly, you can enjoy a peaceful life in the landscape of Nepal, but having fun is not out of question either.

Indeed, in the regions like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and many more, good nightclubs and bars are visible. Therefore, get drunk and have fun, and the Nepalese girls would give you company for sure. If you are thinking of where to go, here are the best options for you.

  • Club Deja Vu (Kathmandu)- Dancing and drinking go hand-in-hand, and the ambiance of this place is absolutely fantastic. You would enjoy it tremendously for sure.
  • Maya Cocktail Bar (Thamel)- Sometimes, the best atmosphere of a place is enough to tell a lot about the spot in question. With good service, interesting drinks, and a nice company, this place sure proves its caliber.
  • Buddha Bar (Narsingh Chowk Marg)- Drink and celebrate at this wonderful bar in Nepal. The ladies who visit this spot would certainly give you a good company.
  • Moon Sun Disco (Kamaladi)- Dance to your heart’s content at this dynamic club in Nepal. Not to mention, you would meet many beautiful ladies enjoying these scenes as well.
  • Purple Haze Rock Bar (Paryatan Marg)- For an interesting experience of the Nepalese nightlife, do give this spot a try. On the plus side, you would meet many young ladies savoring the same.
  • Tamarind Resto Bar (Patan)- Enjoy drinks and mouthwatering food at the same time at this bar in Nepal. You can meet many young Nepalese ladies, which is always a plus.
  • Studio 54 (Tridevi Marg)- Nothing is quite as special and liberating than this dynamic club in Kathmandu. Definitely, something to get excited over.
  • Rum Doodle (Kathmandu)- You have not experienced the full aura of Nepalese nightlife until you have tried this bar. Definitely one worth going to.
  • Moksh Live Bar (Patan)- Music and ambiance are the key heroes of this exciting spot, and you would enjoy every minute of it. Of course, this is a regular spot for many locals, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet them.
  • Tom & Jerry Pub (Chaksibari Marg)- Certainly, Pub experiences are some of the best, and this one in Kathmandu, Nepal is worth checking out. What’s more, you would meet some very interesting people at this spot, too!

Shopping Malls

Shopping is something that everyone considers as both a necessity and a luxury. Of course, for the Nepalese women, too, this holds quite important and they enjoy such moments to themselves. Not to mention, they also like getting the chance to see the various things on display and buy numerous items.

Thus, if you are curious, the shopping areas are a satisfactory spot to meet many Nepalese girls. They like visiting these areas and the things you would find there would also give you something to discuss. Also, they feel a level of freedom in these spots and that would appear positively through their attitude.

Therefore, shopping destinations in various parts of this country are definitely worth visiting. Not only would you get many interesting things to take back home, but also meet someone exciting at the same time.

For your Nepalese shopping experience, the following spots are the most common areas you can try out.

  • Labim Mall (Lalitpur)
  • Klod Fashion Exquisite (Pokhara)
  • K L Tower (Chabhil- Kathmandu)
  • Pokhara Trade Mall (Pokhara)
  • United World Trade Center (Kathmandu)
  • CTC Mall (Sandhara- Kathmandu)
  • Sherpa Mall (Durbar Marg- Kathmandu)


Situated in the vicinity of the Himalayas, it is no wonder that Nepal is such a beautiful region. While most of the foreigners never gave this country it's due diligence when it comes to tourist spots, that has changed with time. Indeed, currently, many people enjoy going to the different lands of this quiet landscape and lose themselves to the sites.

Certainly, with the vast mountain ranges blanketing around this landlocked country, there are many spots that give the best views. Not to mention, you can even go for trekking if you wish to, and these mountainous areas are delightful opportunities for such. You can enjoy many of these activities at the places and also notice the cultural spots like old temples and monuments.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of things worth seeing in this historic country and the women there like learning more. Thus, through this, you would get the chance to come across them as well. Discuss the various new information you find out about when you reach there. Furthermore, you can meet the young single ladies as they visit the temples. Overall, you would get many chances to make a mark in the hearts of the Nepalese ladies when you reach these spots.

Indeed, there is a lot to see in this country, and the following places would give you an idea of why.

  • Annapurna and Jomsom treks (Pokhara)
  • Durbar Square (Kathmandu)
  • Golden Fountain (Bhaktapur)
  • Boudhanath Stupa (near Kathmandu)
  • Yaksheshvara Temple (Bhaktapur)
  • Lake Phewa (Pokhara)
  • Chitwan National Park (near Kathmandu, to the south-west)

Universities and Colleges

Indeed, education is something that is very important to young adults, and they take it seriously. However, Nepal is not the most advanced in this regard and many young women do not attend universities. While that is true, there are some who want to break boundaries and enjoy going to the educational institutions regularly.

While the thirst for knowledge is there, it is not the only thing that distinguishes the college life of a student. Of course, the possibilities of romance are majorly felt by the young women of this region during this period of time. Therefore, if you wish to meet someone and see how it goes romantically together, these areas are safe common grounds to approach them at.

In the matter of education, the given names are the known colleges you would see in Nepal.

  • Purbanchal University (Biratnagar)
  • Tribhuvan University (Kirtipur)
  • Kathmandu University (Kathmandu)
  • Mahendra Sanskrit University (Dang District)
  • Pokhara University (Pokhara)
  • Islington University (Kamalpokhara)
  • St. Xavier’s College (Maitighar)
  • Kathmandu Medical College (Kathmandu)


When you are thinking of going into a relationship, the place, and the culture there are some things that you need to think about. After all, while some countries are very liberal regarding love, most Eastern nations are not so much. Indeed, if you are going to a country like Nepal, this holds especially true in the matter of relationships.

Thus, if you are planning to get into any kind of involvement in this country, do so while respecting the societal rules. To put it simply, romances are not openly practiced in any part of this country, although they are prevalent. With most Nepalese people having a more old-fashioned mentality, open displays of attraction and love are not common.

Indeed, when you are wooing or dating a Nepalese girl, you need to keep that in mind. Most of these women themselves would not feel comfortable either; therefore, respect her privacy. Not to mention, the Nepalese ladies have a softer personality too, and you should treat her with care and adoration.

Of course, if you are into something less love-oriented, there are choices for that in this country as well. However, meeting someone and openly approaching them regarding that is not the best way to go about it. Most of these ladies are brought up under a traditional patriarchal mentality and expect the same in their love lives.

They have clear expectations regarding their married life in the future and look for that in their relationships. Therefore, if that is something you are not thinking about, do discuss so with the woman you are interested in. Certainly, they would understand your issues and give you the space you require, given their perceptive nature.

There are some Nepalese women who have a more Western mindset towards dating, and you can tell the difference when you meet them. You would find many chances to form complex and romantic bonds with ladies in Nepal, although not openly. Additionally, you would get a chance to form something with the tourists who visit this region too, which is simpler but still similar.

Holiday Romance

When it comes to economy and governmental structure, Nepal is not one of the strongest in the world. Owing to that, and its place near the Himalayan foothold, this country was never the most popular place to visit. However, over the years, that has seen a change and many people do visit this country to comprehend it's hidden mysteries.

Therefore, if you are looking to see and enjoy a quiet South Asian experience, this country would provide you with said opportunity. Of course, when you go to another land, even if for a little while, the prospect of love and tender feelings do come up. For such a reason, many people tend to get into short-lived but filled with passion romances when they step into its borders.

While the country and its people are not the most developed compared to its neighbors, you would still find such a chance here. After all, the Nepalese women are quite curious about meeting new people and many do form a stronger connection too. However, if your idea for such is more of a casual nature, you might face difficulty attracting a local lady.

Indeed, they do not understand nor accept love without the possibility of something more, and you should not mislead them. If you are into fun-filled but non-committed romantic affairs, it is better for you to stay honest about it with them. Of course, they would try to relate to your views, and if they agree, go forward with this.

However, while you won't receive much luck with Nepalese women, foreign tourists are better options to contend with. After all, they are much more likely to understand and agree to a fun relationship than the local ladies would. They are not used to the more subdued Nepalese culture and would match with your romantic interests better.

Holiday romances are, in essence, not permanent and come with a timestamp and break up potential. Truly, you have to go back to your regular life one day. And while passion-filled, these love stories cannot last over long distances and other priorities of life. Thus, the foreign girls going through a similar situation would accept this reality better than the local women in Nepal would.

Tips for Successful Relationship

In relationships, the love two people share is important but that is not always enough. Indeed, there are many things that affect your relationship with a person, and that ultimately decides where it is headed. And if the basic foundation is not set well, the chances of your love crashing and burning are more imminent.

Certainly, it is a sad reality, but not entirely unavoidable if you both put the work in. After all, the basic foundation factors are what determine how healthy your bond is, and you need to stabilize it. If both of you work well in establishing a solid link, your relationship will surely grow happier and extremely prosperously. If you are wondering what they are, here are some of them for you to start at.

  • Disagreements- Indeed, when you are in a relationship, fights are inevitable, given your different attitudes and upbringings. Surely, things go smooth in the beginning but with time the issues you ignored first start appearing. Of course, that would further lead to fights and that is a gradual and normal step that every couple goes through. However, when the disagreements overshadow your respect and authority, that is when the real trouble starts. Therefore, keep a note on that and do not let your anger dictate your actions and words. How you resolve issues will certainly affect your overall relationship, and any negativity will work against you later on.
  • Honest communication- If you are thinking of improving your partnership, the first thing you should do is know your partner. Indeed, in any relationship, the two people involved do not share their innermost thoughts in the beginning and thus remain practically strangers. To put it simply, you know the 'surface' of them but not what made them into who they are and shape how they think. Therefore, you should focus on that. Talk to them about things and learn more about them, and reciprocate the same. When you both give up on your reservations and open up to each other, that creates a level of bond and trust. Thus, you should definitely center on that.
  • Likes and dislikes- Truly, nothing ensures a good and comfortable relationship better than both those individuals spending time together. Of course, it is obvious that you would not always get free time and spending every minute together is not healthy either. But do take some time out to do fun things together and keep your bond fresh and exciting. Go out on dates and spend time together enjoying things you both treasure. That would surely make your relationship feel more reliable and happier, and allow you to make good memories. Not to mention, try out the opposite of it too; check out the things that your partner likes but you haven't yet tried. That would, in turn, help you improve your connection and relationship too.
  • Do not play guessing games- A lot of the time, people spend their lives playing games in relationships. Of course, sometimes it is fun, but that depends on the situation and the matter in question. For a mature and healthy relationship, fighting for the sake of fighting or expecting something from the other person is not always correct. Being straightforward is important to let your relationship breathe easily. If you have something that you wish to say to them, do so and they would understand you better. If you stay quiet and expect the other person to guess what the problem is, that would grow resentment and mistrust. Therefore, take a mature step up and remain open about your thoughts and issues.
  • Language barrier- When you are dating someone from another country like Nepal, the issues of language would come up. After all, the most common language spoken in its regions is Nepali and most people do not know English too well. Thus, in a relationship, that would affect quite negatively and can lead to a break-up. Thus, if you are serious about your lady-love, make an effort to learn their local language and she should do the same. Not only would this allow the two of you to bond better, but also improve your interaction in the country. Indeed, this factor would prove incredibly helpful from various angles.
  • Respect privacy- Of course, when you are in a relationship, it signifies the two people involved and others do not have a direct say. Thus, it is normal that you would feel especially close to your partner and focus entirely on them at the beginning of your love. However, that does not mean that the two of you are a conjoined mind entirely; everyone needs 'me-time'. Thus, respect that and give that to them, and reserve the same for you. Also, that extends to personal matters too, as some things are inherently private. While sharing problems with your lover is normal, do respect her privacy if she wants to keep some things to herself. Rest assured, she would do the same for you and that would help improve your bond furthermore.


Without a doubt, while physically people require a lot of things to survive, emotionally that is another matter altogether. Everybody, no matter their age, region or sex, crave acceptance and comfort from someone and want to feel what love is. Indeed, it is an indescribable but heartwarming feeling that makes your life feel brighter, and it happens without explanation or warning.

Thus, when you go to another country, your chances of connecting with someone romantically is still present, and in Nepal, especially so. After all, with their soft persona and sweet behavior, the ladies here are hard not to feel attracted to. They are smart as well and do not compromise on their ideals and beliefs instilled since birth.

The Nepalese women are very passionate about what they care for, whether it is their family or career prospects. Of course, that mostly depends on their upbringing and what part of the country they belong to. Not to mention, their financial conditions while growing up also play a role in shaping their future and ambitions.

Indeed, some of the Nepalese ladies want to get a husband and children and focus on that. On the other hand, you would meet lots of these women who don't feel as strongly regarding this. They want to live a more self-reliant lifestyle. Either way, the societal rules, and factors though do reflect on how they view love as, and how they behave when they feel it.

Overall, the Nepalese women are very caring towards their partners and want to take care of them well. And they are very considerate toward them too and try to make their partner's life as comfortable as possible. This is mostly because of their giving and warm personality, and how they view what their duties as a lover are.

Certainly, a major thing that you would notice about these women is their perseverance. While they do have a comparatively conservative mindset, they do not let that stop them from adjusting to their partner's needs. Indeed, a Nepalese lady in love is a beautiful sight, and you would definitely enjoy the perks of it well.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Indeed, marriages are extremely special commitments that two people take keeping their life ahead in mind. For most characters, it signifies a very important promise, of being together through the toughest and the best times both would face. So, it is only fair that the person you do so with matches with you on every level that is necessary for marital bliss.

Given that, it is definitely normal for you to have certain reservations regarding the person you are planning on proposing to. Of course, it is important that you both are equally invested in the relationship, and more importantly, understand if she is your perfect match. If you are wondering about such things, the following are some questions which would help you decide better.

  • Do you have similar goals?- Marriage is a life-long endgame and thus, the normal factors that work for regular relations are not enough. In fact, you have to think bigger and include more serious topics like household matters, ideas about kids, their schooling decisions, etc. These are majorly important elements that you would need to focus on, especially if you are thinking about the long term. Therefore, see if you and your partner have the same goals and limitations, and where you do not agree on. Not to mention, are you both willing to compromise on a few things to suit each other's needs, and how easily? Certainly, these are important foods for thought in this regard.
  • Do opposites really attract?- If you are planning on marrying someone, it is important to see how you click together. Not just in the matters of opinions though, but as individuals. Indeed, it is not possible that two people are completely similar to each other in every way. And even then, that can cause a clash. Consequently, having a partner who is the yin to your yang is the perfect situation when considering a life-partner. Of course, being completely different is not ideal but having some personality variations would actually work in your favor. Therefore, notice this too.
  • Does she give constructive criticism or supports you blindly?- Certainly, there is a difference between a supportive company and a 'yes man', and that is important to distinguish. While you would want your life partner to support you in bad times, it does not mean she should always hype you up. After all, people make mistakes and then they grow from them, and having a partner who would call you out on it is important. That way, you can do better in the future and also understand how your actions have consequences on another person. Thus, notice if she is that for you or is she too enamored with you and your decisions.
  • Do you enjoy spending time with her?- Indeed, having a partner is important, but more so if you can laugh together. Life is a big timeline and spending it with someone you do not gel with would only hurt your life together. Therefore, see if you are definitely happy when you are in her presence and if she makes you feel lighter. In order to spend a good life together, a sense of friendship is important between the two of you. Spending time together doing random things but still enjoying it, all the same, is a sign of a good bond. Notice if that comes naturally because that would definitely affect your life to come.


In the country of Nepal, the traditions and values of the people are the most important elements in a couple's life. And because of that, marriages are celebrated with oomph and grandeur, befitting this occasion brilliantly. Of course, before you can get started with the ceremony portion of this, there are some other things you should consider first.

The culture of Nepal is more set toward the older doctrine and traditions, and that does show a side in marriages. To put it simply, over centuries the aspect of arranged marriages has always been the most common type in this country. And even today, that is more typical for couples, although love marriages are possible too.

Owing to that, it is safe to say that the main deciding power lies in the hands of the male head. Thus, if you want to marry a Nepalese woman, you would have to prove yourself to their family first. To these ladies, their families hold a lot of power and they respect them and their decisions seriously.

When it comes to marriages, though, the laws are not very casual, and you need to keep that in mind. Certainly, everything is decided to keep the safety and security of the people at the forefront, and thus, court marriages are equally essential. Of course, when you marry your Nepalese lover, all these factors would allow you to lead a better and secure life with her.

Most of the citizens in this country follow their religion staunchly and that, too, would affect your married life. Indeed, you should discuss your affiliations and beliefs as well with their families before going forward with the details. Not only would that help you understand what your life together is going to include, but it also integrates you better in society.

Overall, it will hurt you and your lover without your family's blessings if you want to get married. Some of these women and their loved ones are more liberal-minded, but the traditionalists are more common. Thus, you should take note of the societal stipulations and customs more seriously before progressing with the wedding plans.


Without a doubt, marriages are a huge deal for women and mark a new beginning in their future. In fact, in the conservative South Asian country, Nepal, this shows more of an influence and importance for sure. These women grow up learning their future roles as wives and mothers, and actually enjoy the prospect of it.

Therefore, with so much importance given to this phase of a person's life, it is only obvious the celebrations would magnify that. Indeed, weddings are a big deal in the Nepalese society and the bridal family puts a lot of effort into it. While most of the people are not hugely well-off financially, weddings are still celebrated with passion and aplomb.

Of course, in bigger countries, with many subdivisions of people, it is evident that some traditions would seem different. In Nepal, too, this is apparent, given the number of tribes and groups who live in different areas like Kathmandu or Dharan. However, though some customs are modified or adapted depending on societies, the spirit of celebration is common in all.

Moreover, it is important to mention that the people of Nepal also take their religion into consideration when planning weddings. Most of the locals are either Buddhist or Hindus and thus, their theological roots reflect on the marriage customs. In fact, things like ‘sangeets’ and rituals headed by the Pundit are regular Indian wedding practices present in Nepalese marriages.

Therefore, when you are getting married to your loved one, respect her family and cultural values, and integrate yours too. In Nepal, unity between two individuals and their lives is the main ideology behind marriages and it is noticeable Of course, it is ultimately you and your fiancée's day, and both of your choices in the themes and areas are given first preference.

If you are looking for good spots to get married in the country of Nepal, these venues are the right options for you.

  • Gokarna Forest Resort (Gokarneshwor)
  • Fish Tail Lodge (Pokhara)
  • Waterfront Resort Hotel (Pokhara)
  • Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee (Kathmandu)
  • Himalayan Front Hotel (Pokhara)

Family Life

Lastly, the ultimate phase that you would cherish in your life with the Nepalese women comes after marriage. And luckily for you, these ladies take this period and oath very seriously and would focus on making your time better. After all, they always knew that marriages are something that is important in the future and they wait for it.

Thus, when they do get married, they try to prove themselves as good and caring partners. These women have a very shy but confident personality, and they focus that toward improving the household factors. In fact, many of the Nepalese women prefer to concentrate entirely on that, while some exceptions juggle their work-life too.

Not to mention, they are soft-mannered and submissive, deciding to play a supportive role for their partners. In turn, they do not expect huge displays of romance or materialistic pleasures, but they do appreciate their husband's comforting nature. Also, romance out in public is not an acceptable thing in Nepal, even between married couples.

Thus, for the most part, a Nepalese wife stands as a quiet but supportive partner behind their husband and family Of course, in private, the dynamic of a married couple is different, and you would enjoy their presence quite well. Aside from their role as a wife, the Nepalese women also give equal priority to their duties as a mother.

Indeed, these ladies are very passionate about giving their children a good and healthy childhood and focus a lot of their energy on them. Furthermore, they perform all the functions of a dutiful wife and mother well and juggle their personal commitments too. Without a doubt, you would definitely notice a better lifestyle in her company.

Therefore, if you are willing to settle in a city in Nepal, it will leave you happy and content for sure. While not as brilliantly developed or powerful, this country's charm lies in the people and their soft hearts. All in all, if you want to lead a peaceful life with your family, with breathtaking mountain views all around, Nepal is the place for you.



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