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Guide for dating in Madagascar helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Malagasy women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Malagasy girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Madagascar. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Madagascar, Africa.

A group of hot girls at the Kudeta club in Madagascar

Girls in Madagascar:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 2.5 / 5

Dating in Madagascar:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2 / 5

Sex in Madagascar:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Madagascar:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $150
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $100


Dating in the country of Madagascar is an average experience for any tourist who is visiting the country. Knowing that the country is not well developed, there are bound to be more than several challenges while dating. To begin with, there are very few pretty women that you shall come across anywhere in the country. The capital city of Antananarivo may have a few suitable women that you could consider dating but the rest are simply not upto the mark. These women are unappealing to look at, they do not have any striking features and they are often not groomed or even dressed well. These women that you shall come across in the country are known to lack basic mannerisms as well. Much of this can be attributed to the abject poverty in the country of Madagascar. Here when many women do not even get three meals a day, it would be impractical to expect them to doll up and go out on dates with you.

However, in certain pockets of the country’s biggest cities you shall come across women who are good looking and maintain themselves decently, most of them are bound to be from wealthy local families. These women are quite dateable as they look appealing enough. As a tourist in the country, you shall have the attention of the local women from the moment you land. All of them shall dream to date you but here you could play king and pick the exact woman you would like to date, if she is single she shall almost never turn down any kind of advances from you.

While approaching the local women we suggest you plan out things well before, right from the words that shall come out of your mouth, to the location, and the way you are dressed. But in addition to this, we recommend that you learn more about the local dating culture which is given in the section below. So keep reading to learn more.

Dating Culture

The dating culture of the country of Madagascar is known to be immensely restricted. This restriction that is being discussed about here isn’t any sort of restriction due to the mentality of the people but this restriction comes around due to the limitation of the resources on the island nation. Most of the local people that you shall come across are familiar with the concept of dating, though things might be slightly different than dating in the West, at the core dating is essentially the same activity.

Here, in Madagascar, the couples begin dating quite young and this may come as a surprise in a poor country. However, it doesn’t seem too impractical when you realise that dating is often the stepping stone for relationships and marriage in the future. Most of the local girls begin dating in their teenage and soon enough dating shall turn into a relationship and eventually marriage. It is before marriage that most of them cross the stage of physical intimacy. All of this occurs within half a decade in most cases.

As a tourist, if you visit the country of Madagascar you shall realise that dating is taken quite seriously here unlike the western world. Here, two individuals date when they are extremely serious about each other and are willing to go the distance. However, as discussed above, the country and its citizens are limited by resources, mostly financial. Thus, the dating culture here is such that going on a date implies walking down the street and enjoying a cone of ice-cream at best. They seldom have any money to splurge on coffee dates or lavish dinners. Going to shopping malls and theatres is almost unheard of in the country of Madagascar.

Online Dating

Dating in Madagascar can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Madagascar and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The women that you shall come across in the country of Madagascar are mostly women who hail from that particular region of Africa, they are the natives with ancestry that can be traced back to the very land itself. Though the island nation has seen rulership periods of European nations, the younger generation that lives on the island at present does not have any considerable European ancestry.

When you enter the country first, you shall be shocked, the abject poverty and the living conditions of people shall take you aback. Generally, the mood for hunting sexy Malagasy women shall be dampened a little. The women aren’t in the best shape neither are they presentable, if you travel to some of the remotest parts of the country, you shall realise that they possibly don’t even get a single meal on some days. Dating in the country of Madagascar shall be a reality check at times, you will be forced to think about the lifestyle you lead and how trivial your daily problems are in comparison to theirs.

The lifestyle of the people and the history of the island nation has certainly shaped up the way the current generation of women look and behave. Hence, in this section of the article, we shall discuss some of the important physical features and personality traits of the Malagasy women that you shall encounter here.

To begin with, let us try and understand the ancestry of the local Malagasy women, knowing that the island nation is off the coast of East Africa, it is obvious that much of the ancestry also traces back to East Africa. In addition to this, the local people have ancestry that can be traced to South East Asia, while this might certainly make one wonder, it is logical. The island itself broke off from the Indian subcontinent millions of years ago and in recent history, the island has seen close ties with the region. Therefore, most of the women that you shall come across in the country of Madagascar have a very small percentage of European ancestry while the majority can be traced back to the Eastern African region, the Arab kingdom, and the country of India.

Hence, these Malagasy women have traits and features that are characteristic to some or all of the above-mentioned ancestries. The local women are certainly not well-groomed or dressed. But if given a chance, some women can look appealing and desirable. A case can be made for wealthy women in the country of Madagascar. They too share the same roots as the other women but due to the availability of resources, most of these women are able to look attractive. These women have access to basic amenities such as water to bathe, good skincare products to use, and perhaps even cosmetics and fashionable clothing. All of this enables them to groom up in a way that shall definitely make you feel attracted towards them.

On the whole, most of the local Malagasy women are typical African women, right from sharing the same skin colour, their body type, their facial features, and their personality all match. Hence, you can be sure of the way they look and have an image in mind before you even reach the country. Most of these women have characteristic African features such as dense curly black hair. Most of the women sport a short or a long hairdo depending upon fashion and functionality. These women do not have delicate facial features and rather sport strong chins and rounded jawlines. They too have high cheekbones but not all of the facial features are very prominent as they tend to have a lot of weight on their faces. This is evident from the chubbier cheeks and few obese women having double chins. While this might seem like a stereotype, there are some women who are fitness conscious or purely living by hand to mouth means with slimmer faces. These women are known to sport a signature wide forehead with thin black eyebrows and slightly small yet pretty deep dark eyes. Many women have a stout nose that might be one of the least appealing facial features of the local Malagasy women. However, under the hideous noses, most of the women have a beautiful set of luscious thick lips that are heavenly to kiss for hours at end. Their lips are so plump that even in normal situations you shall believe that some women are pouting. However, along with these ravishing lips of theirs, the highlight of their faces is their sweet and innocent smile. These women have a radiant smile that can light up an entire room. This is especially important considering most of the local women are facing existential crises. This makes them look so much more appealing and also conveys a deeper meaning of life if you are a poetic person.

Most of these local Malagasy women are pretty enough when they are young, despite the financial crunch they often seem to manage their grooming. They dress up well and they present themselves in the best possible manner. Especially in the bigger cities, you shall see most of these women giving a good deal of importance to personal hygiene and self-care. So do not be surprised if your date or partner turns up well dressed, smelling like a bouquet of flowers. They might overdo the makeup a slight bit but no judgement there.

Despite their facial features, what seals the deal for most of the local men and the tourists visiting the country of Madagascar is the sexy figure of most of these Malagasy women. These women are true hotties and though they might not meet the conventional standards, they have their own ways of being sexually appealing to the opposite gender.

In the country of Madagascar, you shall come across African seductresses of all shapes and kinds. While all of them shall have a similar dark skin tone, they are of different heights and of different body types. Some of the women who are young and active in the biggest cities of the country shall be athletically built. Some of the older women who lead a more laid back life are known to tend towards obesity. Depending upon the kind of women you prefer you can approach them unabashedly. More about approaching methods and techniques shall be discussed later, for now, let us understand their physical attributes.

Firstly, these women have narrow shoulders, they aren’t too broadly built and they certainly aren’t intimidating in any way. Some of the skinny babes have collarbones popping out too. These skinny beauties have slender arms and legs, they also have flat bellies and tiny waists. They come across as delicate and petite beauties who shall be fun to dominate in bed but need to be considered fragile and handled with care otherwise. These Malagasy babes have small breasts with perky nipples and rather tiny and flat tushies.

On the other hand, there shall be some voluptuous babes that you shall come across in the country of Madagascar. These women are perhaps the best choice if you want to enjoy sex on your trip. They too have narrow shoulders but they aren’t skinny, these women have well-built arms and thicker legs. Those that work out regularly might have a toned body with a flat belly but the others are frankly average. The biggest advantage of these hotties is that they have magnificent big breasts that are a dream to motorboat. You could spend hours fondling them and sucking on them while having sex. These women also have a curvaceous waist and huge round buttocks that are a delight to smack every now and then.

The local women are already hard-working enough so they don’t have to do much to maintain their figure in their days of youth. Surely enough hitting the gym or doing some form of exercise shall help them have a toned body. Despite their financial status, most of these Malagasy women are self-sufficient and they do their basic body grooming at home. So do not worry about finding hair at odd places, everything is well trimmed and clean. These women are well aware of how men love their bodies and thus they tend to make the most of it and at times even use it as a weapon. They know exactly how to catch your attention by flaunting their assets. They know just when to wear that tight white tee or to flaunt a tiny bikini at the beach. Yes, being an island nation, they are surrounded by the Indian Ocean and there is no dearth of sandy beaches. Here women get the perfect opportunity to flaunt their bodies by wearing bikinis that leave almost nothing to the imagination. Just picture them stepping out of the water, dripping wet, their perky huge nipples poking through their bikini tops and their bikini bottoms being thinner than thongs, often out of place, revealing their whole buttocks and a part of the heaven that you shall find in between their legs.

Now that we have understood the physical traits and the characteristic features of these Malagasy women, let us now try and understand their mindset, their thought process, and their personalities. All of these are very important for you as it shall enable you to read them better and plan your moves, approach accordingly.

The country has quite a few universities and colleges, it also has an infrastructure in place for the primary and secondary education of the local women. However, the education system is in shambles and many of the young women drop out of school and aren’t even high school graduates. The few that are passionate about getting a degree graduate high school and enrol themselves at a university for a course of their preference. Certainly enough, most of these local girls are hardworking and ambitious. Almost all of them want to help their families in some way so that they too can live a better life. Perhaps with a few basic amenities or a few luxuries. The goals that they set and their desires might all seem very basic to you as an outsider, but upon seeing the local conditions you shall understand their plight. Many of them have faced abject poverty and abuse since a young age and when they are old enough, some drop out only so that they can make some money and help their families monetarily. Even those women who work hard and earn a degree are seldom offered good jobs that pay them well. Sexism and gender inequality is a major problem here as well. Hence, these Malagasy women do not get fair pay and often struggle all their lives to make ends meet even if they work hard. Many women are struggling despite having a few children to handle and family life to manage.

Despite all the injustice that is being meted out to them, they take it all and try to work towards a better life. Yes, many of these women are mentally strong, they are vociferous too and they do make their voices heard when its too much for them to take as well. But they have also been brought up in a culture when gender roles are predefined and they accept this as part of the local culture without revolting too much. Hence, many of the local women do not enjoy social autonomy neither do they have financial independence. Some who are single work hard to make ends meet while those who are married often rely on the man to bring in a greater share or to entirely put food on the table.

As a tourist, when you approach these women, the first thing that you shall observe is their humility and politeness. These Malagasy women are certainly high on decency, some men might be uncouth, but if you are respectful, the women shall reciprocate it ten times more. Some women might not look too appealing but they are very kind-hearted and helpful. Here we suggest that you set aside all materialistic and superficial notions of life and judge a woman for the kind of person she is. Surely enough you might be in the country to explore and satisfy your sexual needs, but we suggest that you be a little more humane and compassionate even while getting laid. A gentleman like conduct and some chivalry shall go a very long way on the island of Madagascar. The women shall even accept weird proposals in bed and get adventurous if you have the right attitude. It is no secret that they are already curious about you and would love to have sex with you, but you can even win their hearts over. Try and be as humorous as possible in your approach and while language might be a major obstacle for you to overcome in the country, try hitting on the younger girls in the bigger cities, they understand basic English and can communicate effectively as well.

Given in the sections below are more age-specific details about the local Malagasy women that you shall come across on your trip to the island nation, so keep reading to learn more about them.

Malagasy Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls who are between the age of 18 and 29 are a good catch on the island nation of Madagascar. These local girls have been raised in an atmosphere where the world is connected. They have considerable knowledge about different cultures across the globe and how things work. These young girls are dynamic and they are much more social than the older women that you shall come across in the country. Thus, approaching these young hotties shall be easy and might yield good fruit too.

To begin with, let us understand that most of these girls are yet developing, both mentally and physically. Many of these girls have a sweet innocent face and a sinfully tempting figure. Most of these girls have smaller breasts with perky nipples, smaller waists and tight buttocks, they are skinny and it shall take a few years for them to be perfectly voluptuous.

These girls have a good metabolism, they eat less and they lead active lifestyles. Many of them are students or newbies in the professional world. Thus, they might also be broke and shall be living with their parents with scores of restrictions and limitations imposed upon them.

Therefore, meeting these girls shall requite tactful planning and a considerable amount of money for you to spend. While they might not expect anything lavish, an occasional surprise and treat shall bode well.

Most of these young girls are committed to local men from a young age but some certainly aren’t and they take an active interest in a foreign man. If you approach them, they shall be comfortable with relationships and with hookups both. However, they are all quite emotionally inexperienced and they have little experience in bed. Thus, you can be a guide to them and help them explore a world of passion and pleasure. If you are charming enough they shall spread their legs wide enough and allow you to do anything you please. This shall be your chance of experiencing heaven on this island.

Malagasy Women (age 30 - 45)

The local women who are between the age of 30 and 45 are perhaps the perfect women to get laid with on the island nation of Madagascar. These women have been raised in a slightly orthodox and religious environment. Thus, they may not be aware of too many things across the globe. Yet, they tend to keep an open mind to be as rational as possible. They might not be as social as the younger girls of the country but they can certainly be approached as they too tend to share a similar affinity for foreign men visiting their country.

To begin with, it is important that we realise that they are no longer as naive and underdeveloped as the younger generation of girls. These women are no longer innocent-faced beauties but they are sexy sirens who have considerable experience under their belt. These women have a naughty and tempting demeanour which is coupled well with their voluptuous figures. Yes, they are no longer a “work in progress”. They have large firm breasts with huge nipples, they have all the curves at the right places, they have big round buttocks and they are no longer skinny, they have well-toned arms and legs. Many of the women in this age bracket sacrifice exercising while those that yet continue are known to have a great athletic figure. They might have reduced metabolisms by this age so keeping fit shall be tough.

Irrespective of it all, there are considerable advantages of being with women in this age category. Firstly, most of these women are working professionals and if they are single, some might choose to live independently, away from their family. This gives them a good deal of social autonomy and a decently paying job shall help them have a certain degree of financial independence as well. Thus, you can meet them at their place and spend some quality time together and she can pretty much look out for herself otherwise.

Women of this age bracket might tend to look for emotional relationships more than purely sexual ones. This might serve to be a huge challenge for you but knowing that you are a tourist they might seldom let an opportunity of getting laid also slip by. Unlike the younger girls, these women are now well versed at sex. These women have gained considerable experience and they are unafraid to get wild and show you some of their moves. They know exactly what shall work to get you horny and they know exactly what they want in return to achieve the perfect orgasm.You shall be quite frankly surprised with the stamina and flexibility that these women have.

Malagasy Ladies (age 45+)

The local ladies who are above the age of 45 are seldom considered by men who are visiting the country of Madagascar. Yes, the younger girls are far more sexually appealing and they are much more adventurous in bed. The older ladies have been brought up with a very conservative school of thought. They are helpful and polite but they do not get romantically too involved with the younger men who visit the island nation as tourists. More so, most of these mature ladies are married at this age and they have a few children too. These ladies are leading such busy lives juggling between work and household chores. They are literally the backbone of the family handling in-house affairs and interpersonal relationships with society as a whole.

These ladies have often worked so hard to make sure that they have the perfect family and that food is on the table no matter how difficult the circumstances are. They shall never risk all of this for a casual hookup or a romance with a younger tourist. In their culture, these mature Malagasy women are seen as role models for the younger generations, even one mistake such as an affair shall shatter their image, ruin their reputation and break their family up.

As a tourist, if you are hell-bent upon getting laid with a cougar or a mature lady, you can try your luck with some of the hottest singles, divorcees, or widows. They are often open to encounters with younger tourists in the country. However, these ladies also have their own flaws. To begin with, they no longer have an attractive figure. Most of them have been through a lot and ageing has taken a toll, being a poor country there are few options involving makeup and cosmetics to hide flaws while cosmetic surgeries are not even considered as an option as the technology isn’t available nor are the necessary funds. These ladies have saggy breasts, loose vaginas, wrinkles and they aren’t often groomed well either.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The country of Madagascar is known to be a very large one not in terms of area but in terms of diversity, more specifically, bio-diversity. About 90% of this bio-diversity is specific to Madagascar and cannot be found anywhere else. Though, much of it is endangered due to a host of reasons at the moment. But, the natural beauty of the island nation is so well renowned across the globe that thousands of tourists flock here on an annual basis to explore it themselves. As a tourist yourself, you shall see many foreign girls as tourists around you at the airport or possibly at the hotel lobbies. Try and strike up a conversation with those women who are single. The country isn’t exactly safe and if they are alone they too might be looking for a non-local company that makes them feel safe. You could take it a few notches further and be the perfect charmer winning her trust and even exploring the country together if your plans and schedules match.

The country of Madagascar isn’t exactly an industrial or economic powerhouse in Africa, but it does see a niche eco-tourism market that attracts scores of expats from all across the globe to set up base here and make some money. Some of these expats are women who are possibly tired of the local men and are looking for a suitable company. You could be the perfect choice for many of these hotties who tend to be a lot more attractive looking. They are also very sexual and are willing to share the same ideas as you in bed.

Lastly, the country of Madagascar as a whole isn’t a major education on the continent of Africa. The island nation has always had an extremely poor track record with regard to education. It is only in recent times that education has improved and literacy rates are higher. However, there is a lot of distance to cover yet and it shall be a while before you can see foreign girls as students in Malagasy universities. Nonetheless, if you are lucky you may find one odd foreign girl from some small African nation studying here, she might not be too different from the local girls in terms of appearance or personality but she too shall dig you for being a foreigner on the island nation.


Having sex with the local Malagasy women of the island nation of Madagascar shall be a very good experience for any visiting tourist. The desire of local women for foreign men has already be stressed enough in the above sections. Most of these women are willing to strip naked and have sex with these tourists. These women are also quite easy to approach and they are open and liberal in their approach to sex.

Considering the seductive figure and intense sex appeal of these women you shall be quite lucky to get laid with them. As a tourist, what you wish for shall stringy dictate your approach. If you want a relationship and some physical intimacy, you could opt for a subtle approach. But if you desire a passionate sexual experience only then you can be bold and flirty, they shall also be equally cheeky and you wouldn’t have to waste too much time.

Sex Culture

The sex culture of the country of Madagascar is very liberal and casual. Despite being an economically backward country and most of the population living in poverty, these Malagasy people have some surprisingly progressive views about sex.

The local education system is already known to be shambolic enough. Expecting sex education in schools and colleges in the country of Madagascar shall be nothing short of amusing. These women even fail to understand the concepts of consent, with many of them facing sexual abuse on a daily basis as well. Marital rape also goes greatly unpunished here. Thus, many of the local women are unaware of methods of contraception nor do they know about the practices of safe sex.

Luckily enough, the world we live in currently is a connected one and the younger generation of women are aware of the internet. Through various mediums of technology, they access the internet to read about sex and various techniques. They also learn about safe sex, contraception, and consent via these articles. They are certainly a more informed generation and they are the key to spreading information and enlightening Malagasy women on the whole. With access to some forms of pop culture and even pornography, many of the women from the younger generation even get ideas to spice up their sex life and experiment with their bodies.

The tourists who are visiting the island nation shall be shocked to learn that the local sex culture does give a free hand to teenage couples wanting to get intimate and have sex. They are not rebuked by parents but most of them are advised to indulge in sex only when they are sure of being together in the future.

Much of this has to do with fertility of men and women, if either of them is infertile they are discriminated against and possibly shall find a match with another fertile person of the opposite gender. With limited scientific knowledge and treatment available on the island, there is very little that you can expect. Thus, families encourage young couples to have sex before marriage and all of this is without the use of contraceptives. The idea here is to coax men into impregnating young girls so that their fertility is proven. Once this is done, the two of them can get married.

One-Night Stands

Having a one-night stand in the country of Madagascar is a staunch possibility and as a tourist, it might even seem quite easy and effortless to you. To begin with, most of the local women shall already have a desire to have sex with you. Additionally, there are plenty of gold diggers who shall do almost anything in bed to gain some sort of advantage. So all you have to do is approach these women in the right manner possible.

More so, the concept of one-night stands suits the tourists who are in the nation for a short period of time or are looking to get laid with as many Malagasy women as possible. As for the women, some of them are comfortable with the sex but they would like it to be a regular occurrence rather than just a one-time affair.

If you wish to enjoy a one-night stand here, head to one of the best nightclubs in the best cities or popular tourist destinations in the country. Here you shall come across many local and foreign girls who are enjoying themselves like there is no tomorrow. After a few drinks in the loud and wild atmosphere, most of these girls have a spiked up libido and they are willing to do almost anything with foreign men. Just be bold and confident in your approach and avoid beating around the bush, waste no time in getting physical and if she is enjoying it, she shall take things further herself. Many women are so bold that they shall start heating up things at the nightclub or bar itself and you might get some action even before you head back to your accommodation with her. These women are ready to get down and dirty, so holding your horses might be tougher than you think.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The island nation of Madagascar is known to be quite an interesting destination for you to explore and find single girls. There is a good blend of local Malagasy women and foreign girls but if you wish to pick them up effectively and efficiently, given in the sections below are some of the most popular venues.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightclubs in some of the biggest cities of the island nation of Madagascar are the best places to pick up slutty horny women. Given below are some of the best nightclubs that you can visit here:

Party at the Pattaya club in Madagascar

Shopping Malls

The island nation of Madagascar does not have any major conventional shopping mall for you to explore, but a few shopping venues for you to visit and come across potential singles are:

  • Tobia (Super escursioni nosy be Madagascar)
  • La city Ivandry


The outdoor venues of the island nation of Madagascar are truly stunning. As a tourist, you shall have the best time of your life exploring these places and meeting single girls here shall be just the cherry on top:

  • Libanona Beach
  • Morondava Beach
  • Antsanitia Beach
  • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
  • Isalo National Park

Universities and Colleges

The island nation has a few universities around which you can meet single girls, these are:

  • University of Antananarivo
  • University of Toamasina
  • University of Toliara
  • Université Nord Antsiranana


Being in a relationship in the country of Madagascar shall be quite an interesting experience for you as a tourist. The local Malagasy girls shall serve to be the perfect partner. They are kind, they are loving, and they shall care for you. Being a tourist, they shall be living a part of their dream by being in a relationship with you and they shall flaunt you like some sort of a trophy that they have won.

Despite all of this, they shall be extremely loyal and they won’t even look the other way if you treated them respectfully. These women are known to be very happy being the lesser partner in a relationship and happily accept gender roles too.

However, the relationships in the country of Madagascar are quite fast-moving, things might shift from a relationship to love quite quickly and you might want to get a tab on things. So always make your intentions and plans for the future, crystal clear before entering into a relationship with a local girl. Most certainly, try and avoid unprotected sex as an accidental pregnancy shall ensure that you become a father and you might be pressurised into taking things further.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance is probably the best option for a tourist who is visiting the country of Madagascar and isn’t looking for something serious. The local women are known to be open to relationships with tourists as they are foreign men that they have always desired. But knowing that relationships move pretty quickly here and you might want none of that, you can always try a light and breezy holiday romance with Malagasy women.

Here the two of you shall explore the city and enjoy the local cuisine together as a couple. You shall share some truly happy moments and you shall undertake a slew of activities. Your Malagasy romantic partner shall also introduce you to the local culture on a first-hand basis. She shall essentially serve to be your partner, friend, and guide during the daytime and at night the two of you can enjoy a meal together, drink and party, and end the night in each other's arms making passionate love to one another.

Tips for Successful Relationship

In the country of Madagascar, you shall be such hot property that there is very little onus on you in a relationship to ensure that it is a successful one. In fact, most of the local Malagasy women shall be on their toes to ensure that everything in the relationship goes smoothly. However, we shall give you a few tips to follow and make sure that your relationship is a successful one:

  • Always respect your partner and treat her as an equal. Certainly, there shall be a vast difference in opinion and upbringing but that shouldn’t stop you from respecting her and giving her the dignity she deserves. This itself shall be a lot for them and they shall appreciate such a gesture in a relationship.
  • Knowing that the local women are very proud of their heritage and their nation, we recommend that you do not critique either or make unpleasant statements. The women shall not hesitate in breaking off the relationship if their pride is hurt.
  • As a tourist, it is obvious that you shall be coming from a much more privileged background in comparison to the local women and in no way does that give you the right to mock these Malagasy women or belittle them, they might accept a few jokes every now and then but anything derogatory shall lead to ruining the relationship.


Finding love in the country of Madagascar shall prove to be God’s gift for you. As a tourist, you shall require minimum effort to find true love here. Most of the women shall work hard to make you fall in love with them. The island nation certainly does provide you with some of the most stunning locations to serve as a background and help you fall in love with the local Malagasy women.

These women are known to be the ideal partners in love and their love for you shall be well expressed. They shall make it public and they shall work hard to make you feel special.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Being a tourist in an island nation that is off the Eastern coast of Africa, you shall truly be in waters that you have never experienced before in your lifetime. You shall be a complete outsider who is disconnected to the local cultures and traditions. This might serve to be a considerable challenge for you as you won’t be aware of the reaction of local women to certain circumstances, thereby hampering your judgement while declaring your lady love to be The One for you. Thus, in this section of the article, we shall give you a few tips to keep in mind while deciding about The One for you:

  • We understand that you might be blinded by love and being in an unknown land you shall enjoy the spoils and often choose to ignore the shortcomings of your partner. Avoid doing this, be realistic and rational, give it your best and call a spade for what it is. This shall help you crown the right Malagasy women to be The One for you.
  • Understand the massive difference in culture and acknowledge it, this is the only way you shall be able to gauge if your partner shall be able to adapt to your culture and have a normal life with you.
  • Lastly, the world is a snobbish place and people are judged for everything. Assuming that you come from a vastly developed country shall make things difficult as you have led a very different lifestyle. Your lady love might be mocked for her simplicity and may not be able to mingle well with your friends and family. Also, there might be feelings of dissatisfaction when she sees your people living life so large while her people live on scraps. Only when you are convinced that the transition and compatibility shall be optimum then declare your lady love to be The One for you.


Getting married in the island country of Madagascar shall be a great experience for you. The local Malagasy women are known to be the perfect partners, they shall go out of their way to ensure your comfort at all times. They are extremely loyal and they are true keepers. While you might want to make them feel loved and special at all times, they shall do more by focussing on both the small and the big gestures.

If your partner is serious about getting married, you shall get to know. She shall begin by taking you home and introducing you to her family members. Note that this shall happen in quick succession after dating and entering into a relationship. Your lady love’s family shall invite you over for a meal, you shall be acquainted with every relative across all generations. Your partner shall introduce you to her family not as a friend or a love interest but rather as her husband/fiancé quite directly. There might be a few questions about your religious beliefs and they might even ask you to impregnate your lady love before getting married so that your fertility and her’s is proven. Once all this talk is done and you are successful in convincing them of your noble intentions, you can start planning a wedding ceremony.


A wedding ceremony in the country of Madagascar shall certainly be wild and happening. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the island nation is renowned for its oceans, sandy beaches, and exotic bio-diversity. You could have a variety of backdrops to get married against.

Most of the local weddings are Christian ceremonies but they have rituals and traditions that are close to the African culture. The celebration shall not just have one ceremony but there shall be multiple ceremonies where an elaborate list of friends and family gather together and celebrate the joyful union of you and your partner.

The ceremony shall have lots of dancing, music, drinking, and feasting. It could be held at exotic venues with background dancers, DJs, and everything being handled by an event management company.

Family Life

After you are done with a grand wedding ceremony, you might have to embrace the harsh reality once again and start thinking about family life with your newly wedded Malagasy wife. Before you get married, you might want to make a few arrangements such as getting a job or setting up a steady income source. Probably even choosing a house to live in and making basic arrangements shall make life easier.

However, the dire straits that the island nation finds itself in is no secret. The people across the globe are aware of the lack of basic amenities in Madagascar. Hence, as a tourist choosing to settle here after marriage and starting a family life might find yourself in a tough situation. The infrastructure is poor, the economy is in shambles, the healthcare is non-existent, the education system isn’t comprehensive. The rate of crime in the country is perpetually high and the standard of living is down in the dumps. If we were to recommend, it would be far better to move to a country in East Africa after marriage to start a family life. Life in retirement with a good amount of money in hand shall be bliss in the paradise called Madagascar.



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