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Guide for dating in Lomé helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Togolese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Togolese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Lomé. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Lomé, Togo.

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Girls in Lomé:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Lomé:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Lomé:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Lomé:

  • Nightlife in general: 2.75 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$10- $300


Tucked somewhere in West Africa surrounded by Benin to the east, Ghana to the west, Burkina Faso to the north and the Gulf of Guinea to the south is the small country called Togo. The former French colony has a surface area of about 56,000 square kilométers and an estimated population of about 9 million. Togo is known for its unique villages that have been built atop hills and for its scenic beaches. Lomé is the capital city and chief port with a population of about one million. Dating Togolese girls in Lomé is quite easy. The girls are beautiful and have a good body. Once you identify the right way to approach these girls and understand their culture, everything else will be okay.

Togolese girls are some of the easiest to hook up with. Casual dating is largely tolerated though as many people do not have any strong religious affiliation that would have held them back from this. Just as France is known for its romantic setting, so is its former colony Togo.

Dating Culture

Dating in Lomé is very enjoyable. The people in the city are beautiful and social. The dating culture in Lomé is very liberal and vibrant. A large fraction of the population of Togo does not subscribe to any mainstream religion. This means that they are not inhibited by the teachings of any religion while those who belong to the various religious groups combine this with their own traditional beliefs. This is also pushed by the infiltration of western culture, especially from their colonialists, France. The rise of social media has seen many young people get access to dating sites where they communicate with girls before arranging physical meetings.

Online Dating

Dating in Lomé can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Lomé and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Togo has a total population of approximately 9 million people. Out of these, 800,000 live in the capital city and about 1.5 million live in the larger Lomé metropolitan. As is the characteristic of a capital city, many Togolese men and women come to the capital every year looking for jobs. While some are lucky and get good jobs, others end up walking the streets of Lomé without any meaningful undertaking. Togo is one of the most undeveloped countries in the world with a high rate of unemployment. Depending on the type of girl that you want to hook up with, Togo has women of different statuses and backgrounds.

As a former colony of France, the main language of communication other than the native languages is French. It will be helpful if you can speak a bit of French or get a guide to help you communicate as you move around.

The first type of woman in Lomé is the students in universities and colleges. These girls are young and spend their time between classes during the week. Over the weekend the students will be found walking around time window-shopping and also go to the beaches to swim. As the evening comes along, these girls pour into the entertainment joints. These girls are exciting and hooking up with one will be fun as she will most likely know all the joints. The young girls will also be willing to go along with your plans as long as you are the one footing the bills.

Though they are relatively fewer here than in many cities, another type of woman walking the streets of Lomé is the professional woman. As women finish their tertiary education, most of them seek employment in established institutions and public service. Another smaller group opts to begin their businesses. If one is lucky and tenacious enough, one's busy stands the test of time and grows into something big that offers employment. These women prefer going out with their fellow professionals or established entrepreneurs.

With many markets all over the city, Togo has many women who come to the city to sell and buy produce in these markets. These women either live around the city or come from other parts of the country. Most of these women may only have basic education and so end up in the marketplace as vendors. Many women in Togo and Lomé prefer this as a means of generating income as employment in the city is hard to come by. These women are mainly married, with husbands and children. Some of them come to the market with members of their families to help them.

As mentioned above, Togo has one of the highest rates of employment in the world. Because of this, a large number of women you will find in Lomé are women who have finished whatever level of education they were in but have been unable to secure employment. Unlike the market women who decide to venture into the trade early and on their own volition, these women hold on to the hope of a job coming up. They will be on the streets every day dropping their applications in different offices and in the evening get back to the house of the relative or friend accommodating them.

The last group of women is the women who choose to stay at home and take care of their children as housewives. As the rest go about their daily activities out of the house, these women spend much of their time indoors cleaning and ensuring that the house they stay in is kempt. These women have husbands who are employed and can provide for their families.

Togolese Girls (age 18 - 29)

The ages between 19 and 29 years are transition ages for both boys and girls. Before these ages, most of them are under the care of their parents and relatives. At the end of this age-set, it is expected that one has setting a means of sustenance and either has a family or is looking to settle down in the family. In regards to the stage in life, these girls are either in tertiary institutions, starting their careers, getting married or seeking one of the above.

It is at this time that what will define them as in terms of their gender will develop in terms of body structure, especially for the women. The girl's breasts grow from the small lumps into full-grown succulent and round projections. Biologically, this is to prepare the women for a life of motherhood by having breasts that can be suckled by the newborn baby. This gives them an attractive upper body that will define the rest of their lives. The hip and bum also grow wide for most girls. Their faces also become more radiant and beautiful.

To stand out, these women wear short and tight clothes that bring out their body figure. The tight trousers and skirts bring out their bums while tight tops highlight their breasts. The tops may also be low cut exposing the cleavage formed by the developing breasts. The girls will be becoming aware of their physical beauty and will enhance this by applying makeup and putting on jewelry such as earrings and bangles. At this adventurous young age, the girls will try many hairstyles as they are easily swayed by peer pressure and trends in fashion.

These girls are easy to hook up with because of the stage they are in life. As most are preparing to settle down in a family, they will be open to advances by men even if it is for the fun of it. These girls will be in groups whenever they are in clubs or other social places. They are noticeable as they are also on the lookout for men who are ready to hang out with them. Since most of are not yet financially stable, the easiest way around them is to be ready to spend on them as you spoil them.

Togolese Women (age 30 - 45)

At this point, most Togolese women are married with children. For the ones pursuing careers, by now they are settling into their jobs.

Unlike their younger counterparts who are young and energetic, this group is less energetic as the toils of life and demand of family are creeping in. For those who are married and in employment, the challenge is maintaining a balance between family, career and personal life. This sees many of them lose their friends and social circles as they rarely have time for it as they work during the week rushing home every evening to take care of their families. Over the weekend, they get to catch up on house chores and taking time to rest.

Since most of them are settling down, they dress more conservatively as dictated by the nature of work they do as well as family life. They dress decently though the younger ones and the liberal will continue to show a bit of flesh. The older they get, the more covered up they become.

These women may still hang out if they are still single while others show up to the clubs together with their husbands. The single ones are easy to hook up with as they are looking to also settle down and will be on the lookout for eligible men in the clubs and other places.

Togolese Ladies (age 45+)

At the age of 45, most women have teenage children. The women themselves are also well settled in whatever area of life they are in.

Since most of them have older children who do not that close attention, the women can get back to taking care of themselves. Since those in jobs are now stable, they can afford more expensive clothes and fashion which makes them look attractive. Togo has one of the biggest prevalence of single mothers in the world. Harsh economic times force many young women to attach themselves to older men just to have children. This leaves the women receiving financial support from the men but taking care of their children on their own. As the children grow older, the mothers have all the time to themselves.

It is these women that you can easily hook up with as some of them look for young men to revive their sex life without any commitment.

Mature women of Lome at the Monte Cristo club

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The pristine beaches and the warm climate see to it that Lomé attracts many tourists every year especially from Europe. Many other tourists come in from the neighboring countries and all these foreign women present an opportunity to hookup for a one night stand or a long term relationship. Lomé also houses several international organizations. These organizations have women expatriates working there and therein is another great opportunity at getting a food girl.


With no clear laws about sex, it is very easy to have sex with Togolese women in Lomé. Togo is one of the few African countries in which prostitution is legal and is allowed. This has resulted in sex being a common part of the lives of Togolese girls. The city has a high unemployment rate among the youth and the economic situation is harsh, but there is a culture of sexual freedom. Sexual vagabondage is well tolerated and well spread.

Sex Culture

Unlike many countries, sex in Lomé is not such a big deal. The country has virtually no provision for any punitive action for common sex offenses such as prostitution, rape and even sex slavery. This has seen sex be a common issue and practice. This is in part due to the traditional religious practices in Togo and other West African countries that see girls being enslaved and offered as wives to the gods. There has been a campaign by human rights organizations agitating for the criminalization of these acts and things are beginning to change albeit slowly.

One-Night Stands

Many people are hooking up in clubs or at parties and ending up having sex only to go their separate ways in the morning. This has been also greatly influenced by the great number of foreigners who come into the country for different reasons. These foreign women are seldom looking for long term relationships but will be content with one-night stands.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Even though Togo has an area of only about 56,000 square kilométers, the country has many attractions. The entire length of the city of Lomé is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and has many beautiful beaches, some private and others open to the public. In addition to the oceanfront, the city has many other places of interest that attract many beautiful girls.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Although Lomé is smaller than most capital cities, the nightlife in the city is lively as there are many clubs where you can go hang out as you look for girls. The benefit of the city covering a small surface area is that many of the entertainment spots are within reach and on a single night you can visit upto 5 of them.

Party at the Privilege Night Club

Shopping Malls

The convenience of getting everything in one place has made malls some of the most popular destinations in cities across the world. Lomé is no exception as there are malls that attract many single girls.

Some of the malls in Lomé include:

  • Mall de 1000 Francs
  • ADTF Togo
  • Centre Commercial Moderne


Though Lomé is smaller than most capital cities both in area and population, the city has several outdoor distractions that are popular with the residents as well as tourists. The small area means that the attractions are not very far spaced out and you can easily cover a number of them in a day.

Le Grande Marché, which is French for the big market, is the biggest market in the country and a must-visit site for anyone visiting the city. It has both an outdoor and an indoor section. The market sells anything you can need including snacks, meals, clothes, meat, vegetables, purses and baskets. The market is quite busy and so can get chaotic though it is quite safe. Every day, the market attracts hundreds of vendors, some from the locality and some traveling from all over the country.

Akodessewa Fetish Market is a popular voodoo market where voodoo adherents buy all their ritual needs. Here, you will find huge stacks of animal skulls, herbs, statues and an array of charms and talismans that many people in Togo use in solving their daily problems. This is the biggest voodoo market in the world and, no doubt, a reference and meeting point for voodoo practitioners in West Africa and beyond.

Next to the market is the Lomé Cathedral. The cathedral was built by the Germans who colonized the country before the First World War when the colony was handed to the French. The cathedral is still in good shape and worth your time.

Monument de l’Independence is a monument that celebrates the end of colonial rule. The monument is situated inside a large roundabout in the city center. Since it is gated, you cannot get to see it from close quarters though you are pass by it quite often as you drive around the town.

The National Museum is located inside the Palais de Congres. The museum is small but houses a collection of cultural and historical artifacts. From tools to clothing to musical instruments, it is a great place to catch a glimpse of Togolese culture. There is also a section that details the history of the slave trade in the region that is important for every visitor to see.

Musée International d’Art d’Afrique, French for the International Musem for African Art houses a very large collection of original African art from the entire Western and Central African regions with some pieces being centuries-old. The private museum was part of a private collection that belonged to a Frenchman.

As has been mentioned earlier, Togo is known for its beautiful beaches and Lomé is found on one of these beaches. Due to the congestion, the best way to visit the beach is to go to or stay in a hotel that is on the beach and offers beach services. Most of the beaches are not monitored so muggings and theft are commonplace. If you are on the public beaches, you should walk in a big group if possible to fend off any petty thieves are always on the lookout for visitors. That aside, the beaches have many exciting sports that you can enjoy including beach volleyball, snorkeling and surfing

Universities and Colleges

Lomé, being the capital city, hosts many universities and colleges that attract many young Togolese from all over the country.

Some of the universities and colleges found in the city include:

  • African Union University, Togo
  • African University of Science Administration and Commercial Studies
  • Maryam Abacha American University Niger, Togo Campus
  • Catholic University of West Africa
  • Ecole Supérieure de Formation Professionnelle
  • Université Bilingue Libre du Togo
  • University of Kara
  • University of Richard of Togo
  • University of Lomé
  • University of Science and Technology of Togo
Entrance to University of Lomé


Togo is one of the best countries for people to get into relationships. The girls are easy going and very understanding. They are open to dating foreigners. The residents of the city are very free and liberal when it comes to relationships.

Some people are conservative though and they only want to be in a relationship for to eventually get married. Some fraction of people also believe that a lady should be a virgin at the time of her marriage. The bride-price of a girl found not to be a virgin significantly drops. However, this is only the case with the traditional people who are old school but many young couples do not follow some of the traditions.

As you would do in any other place, relationships in Lomé are a thing to enjoy provided that you take time to learn more about the Togolese girls. Although the country is made up of many ethnic groups and each one with its traditions and practices, there are universal characteristics that cut across ethnicities. In many places, the couples' parents and elder relatives must approve a girl before things escalate to marriage.

Holiday Romance

Holidays provide the best opportunities for romance. A holiday is a time when you want to head out into an unknown place to refresh your mind and recharge your system. A holiday romance in a place like Lome is a great idea. The entire length of the city is along the Atlantic Oceanfront. This attractive beach attracts thousands of female tourists from all over the world especially Europe. These women also come to Togo to relax.

The best way to enjoy your holiday romance is by going with an open mind. On holiday, you are bound to encounter girls from all over the world and it would be good if you took time so that you get the best. Whether the girls are local or from anywhere the world, holidays make people let down their guard meaning that there will be minimal resistance from the girl that you approach. Holidays provide the best opportunity to experience romance from many other places.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Every relationship is unique in its way. Just as no two people are similar in any way so is any interaction between two people. The circumstances that bring two people together differ from person to person meaning that what keeps the two together will vary. However, there are common tips that apply to any romantic relationship and keep the relationship going. The extent of each varies from time to time but at one point or another, any of these will apply.

A relationship between two people can only work if the two persons are physically present for each other. While there are times when it may necessitate that the two are separated from each other, it is key that the two people create time to be together. If possible, the two of you must create time to get away from family and friends and spend time with each other as it would not be meaningful if the time together is full of distractions. It is important that as the two of you spend time together, all your focus and energy should be directed at each other to maintain the bond that will hold you together.

Even before two people begin dating and getting into a romantic relationship, the two need to establish a close friendship with each other. Couples who are good friends know each other well, give each other the benefit of the doubt and are fond of one another. When you take the time to strengthen your friendship, you’re more successful long-term. A person is more likely to open up to someone he/she considers a friend hence friendship between the couple will greatly enhance communication. At times when conflict arises between the couple, the bond of friendship will help them through the storm.

Communication is another important aspect of any successful relationship. Through communication, a person can let their partner know their feelings, desires and fear and help the partner know what is going on in their lives. Whether one is happy or sad, communication between the couple must be sustained as without communication, the couple is likely to drift apart due to unresolved issues that could have been solved by simply being shared.

In addition to communication, each partner needs to affirm their love and commitment to each other. You need to remind your partner every day that you love them. While this may seem mundane and petty, professing your love to your partner constantly reminds you of the commitment that you owe to each other.

Small acts of physical intimacy – the hand on the small of the back as you brush by in the hallway, your arm around their shoulder on the sofa, your hand on their thigh when seated side-by-side, holding hands while walking down the street – give your partner a warm feeling and convey the love and affection you feel for them. The littlest touch can be as important, or even more important, than the longest night of sexual intimacy.


Love, they say, is a wonderful thing and everyone has that inbuilt longing to be loved. Whether it is by a family member, friend or even colleague at work, the feeling of knowing that someone loves you can be quite comforting. This feeling only gets better when it comes to the girl of your dream. Naturally, you will find yourself going all out in trying to please this girl or just to be with her. Falling in love with someone is a truly beautiful experience while at the same time it is also terrifying, exhilarating, nauseating, and generally a veritable rollercoaster of emotion that’s wonderful and hideous at turns.

Lomé provides the best opportunity to fall in love with the girl of your dreams. Whether it is a local girl or a foreign girl, you are to experience a very good time. Love takes time to grow and it is most likely that the two of you will be afraid of each other at first. Before you get to know each other, you will be unsure of how to behave when together, what to say or even how to dress. It is these uncertainties that make a hookup beautiful and provide something the two of you can look back to and laugh about when you are happily married many years to come.

Lomé is considerably less conservative as compared to many other countries meaning that you have a very open way to date and relate with each other. However, public decency and consideration of others around you are still important. Togo is a traditional African country yet to fully embrace western culture meaning that public display of affection is not entirely tolerable. While subtle gestures like holding hands are commonplace, overly shows such as kissing in public or dressing very provocatively are bound to land you in trouble.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Falling in love is fun and beautiful and it is something most if not all of us look forward to. Before you settle for her as your girlfriend, you need to look at the bigger picture and ask yourself if she is someone you’d be comfortable growing old with. You may have had to choose her from many options that were before you so you also need to confirm to yourself that you will love her and no one else. As you settle down to get married to her, you need to ask yourself how you will build your future together.

The girl that you plan to marry should be your best friend. A friend is someone you always look forward to spending time with even when there is nothing to do. She will be ready to drop whatever she is doing and be by your side when you need them. She will understand your fears, joys, doubts and will be ready to listen to you even when you don’t have much to say. If your partner is someone you love spending time with then you can rest confident that she’ll be someone you want to commit to.

The girl for you will make you feel safe at all times. When you are in a relationship with someone, you always want to be comfortable knowing that she only has eyes for you Creating safety, connection, and intimacy in a relationship wires our systems to love deeper. If you’re thinking about marrying someone, it’s crucial you feel that this person is going to stick around.

Togo, like many other African countries, is deeply cultural. When you get married to someone, you not only marry them but you are her family and she is joining your family. Before the two of you get married, you need to have this knowledge in mind. Your girl should be willing to join your family as this relationship will play a very big role in your marriage. If your spouse is constantly fighting with your immediate family, this will put a strain on you as you will be called to always support her against your own family. Likewise, you should be ready to marry into her family with its strengths and flaws.

One of the biggest setbacks in a relationship is the lack of improvement. Making yourself better will always help the relationship thrive. Love depends on two people being willing to grow, change, and become better. When you’re willing and committed to becoming a better man for the person you love – it’s a big sign that you could be happy marrying. Love takes work and if you are both interested in improving then you are that much more likely to have a relationship that makes you both happy.

In addition to your families coming together, she will be interacting with your friends as you will be interacting with her friends. Before the two of you got to know each other, you lived separate lives with your circle of friends and acquaintances. While you may not know all of her friends or her all of your friends, there are those close friends of yours that she will be interested to know just as you will get to know her close friends. This support system helps in keeping each other accountable and understanding each other from a third party perspective.


According to the Togolese Family Code, the legal minimum age that one can get married is 18 years for girls and 20 years for men although one can get married earlier with written parental consent. There are three recognized marriages in Togo; traditional marriage, religious marriage and civil or official marriage.

According to the Togolese Family Code, constructed as a compromise between the law of custom and the French Law, a marriage performed by a traditional chief is validated as legal if reported to the municipal government. Under this condition, the traditional marriage is as valid as the civil marriage performed by a government official. The Family Code, however, does not validate a marriage performed by a Christian priest as legal. In most cases, the traditional marriage follows the other two as a form of blessing for the marriage and a celebration with friends and family.

In traditional Togolese culture, the family played a major role in one's choice of a spouse. Once a man saw someone he planned to marry, his elder relatives visit the girl's family to ascertain whether the two of them could be married. Some of the factors that were considered were the family histories and if the two were closely related. If it was agreed that the two could get married, negotiations for bride price were initiated between the families and a date set for the traditional wedding ceremony. In modern courtship, however, the selection of the spouse is only marginally influenced by the family but the groom’s family still paid bride-price.

For a marriage to be registered as legal, the couple needs to present the following:

• An extract of birth certificate or any act taking place legalized less than 6 months for each of the spouses;

• An act attesting the payment of the dowry or a joint declaration of the parents of the future marriage stating to the dowry to be legalized;

• Certificate of residence dating from 3 months of continuous residence on the date of the declaration, issued by the central police station;

• Photocopy of spouses’ and witnesses’ identity cards;

• Tax stamps;

• Marriage contract if applicable.


The wedding service in church will follow the program depending on the denomination. In most Christian weddings, the service follows an almost similar script with singing, scripture reading and a short sermon accompanying the exchanging of wedding vows and the signing of the marriage certificate.

Once the church service is over, the guests are ushered to the reception grounds where there will be food and drink in plenty. In the meantime, the couple will proceed to a preplanned location to take photos accompanied by their bridal team. Couples invest heavily in wedding photography paying handsomely for this service. The couple then goes to the reception venue to join their guests in the celebration that goes on late into the evening.

During the reception, there will be speeches and presentation of gifts with the highlight being the cutting of the cake by the couple.

Family Life

Family plays an important part in the life of the Togolese. Marriage was seen not only as the coming together of two people but the joining of families. A family in Togo traditionally consisted of not just the father, mother and their children but also the extended families. One was expected to treat members of the extended family just as they would their own families. Respect for the elders was emphasized and a child showing wayward behavior can be disciplined by an elder member of the family.

A growing number of young men, even if they have university degrees, are finding it difficult to find employment. They cannot afford to marry and start families. One result is a growing number of pseudo-families, in which the husband lives with his parents and the wife and children live with the wife's parents. The couple stays in this separate living arrangement hoping for better days when they can afford their own house and live together.

In many parts of the country, polygamy is still practiced as the more wives and children one had, the more labor they have for working on the land. A husband in a polygamous union visits his wives; often, he lives with one wife, and also, he has another wife in a different area of the city. It is estimated that about 30% of women between fifteen and forty-nine years of age were in polygamous unions in urban areas and 47% in rural areas.

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