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Izmir dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Turkish women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Turkish girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Izmir, Turkey.

Girls in Izmir:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Izmir:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Izmir:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Izmir:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $740
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $520


As a beautiful city, you will get to meet a lot of sexy girls in Turkey. At first, you will find it hard because Turkish people are very religious. Therefore, their conservative view might make it difficult for you, but you will still get to date one. As a tourist, you need to understand them and know how to land them on dates. If you can take a Turkish girl on a date, then you will have enough chances to impress her. Just read everything carefully, and once done, we are pretty sure that you will thrive well as you will become more knowledgeable when it is concerned with dating Turkish girls in Izmir.

Dating Culture

Unlike other European countries, conservative culture is still very much prevalent in Turkey. That is because there are still some places that have not been modernised yet. Izmir, as a city, is modernized, but there are still a few shortcomings there. This conservative culture has a significant effect on how people in Izmir date. Therefore, as a tourist, you need to understand their culture and traditions well to know what to do.

Turkish girls in Izmir are very jealous when it comes to love. Although being jealous might not be so cute, it indicates that one likes you. It is essential to know that you’ve to stop seeing other girls immediately after you start dating a girl from Izmir. They will be more cautious and will monitor your moves if you are a tourist.

That is to say, Izmir girls value loyalty a lot in a relationship. Your relationship with a Turkish girl will thrive if you are transparent. You have to reassure your partner that she is your only love. You have to do this regularly to avoid fights. That is just their nature, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You also have to give your partner enough of your time. Even when you’re on busy schedules, you should make time to check on your Turkish girl.


In terms of beauty, Turkish girls in Izmir are one of the most beautiful girls you will find anywhere in the world. You will get to meet women with different physical attributes. One thing common among all of them is that they are beautiful. As a tourist, you just have to be patient and gently search for the one you like. Most of them are tall, curvy, have perky breasts and big buttocks. You will surely meet the slim ones too. That is the one with the perfect model looks.

In Izmir, it is advised not to get into a relationship that won’t likely lead to anything concrete and substantial. That is because most Izmir girls are not really into changing partners frequently. They believe in having a single partner, growing with him and end up marrying him. That means as a tourist, you should not consider a serious relationship until you are ready to stay.

If you know you are just going to be there for a short time, then you should find someone who is completely comfortable with the idea of a casual relationship. You have to know that you need different approaches for women of different age groups. You will understand all these approaches when you study them in details below

Turkish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Most girls of around 18 years are not ready for a serious relationships. Even though they are young and good in bed, it isn’t easy to get laid with them. Although they might show some interest in you as a tourist, don't let it get to your head. They’re just excited to meet someone different. After interacting for a few days, they might just lose interest in you and start talking to a new guy. As they grow older, things will change a little bit.

Turkish women who are 20 years old and above start looking for serious relationships so they can secure their future. Most of them around this age are just graduates and are still in search of a job. It is essential to know that most Izmir girls are too reliant on men. You will hardly find a girl in Turkey fending for herself.

Things do change for the better as they grow older. Observing girls around 25+ years, you will start seeing girls who are fending for themselves. Most notably, the single ones as they stop relying on people.

Turkish Women (age 30 - 45)

Above the age of 30 is when it starts getting late for a Turkish woman to marry. As they grow older, they start relying on heavy make-up products to maintain their beauty. As their beauty starts fading, they tend to become less picky and selective when it comes to men. They won’t even mind if you are a tourist and come from a different culture and background. All they want is to get married and raise good homes as soon as possible.

Women close to 45 years of age might have a different mentality. It is possible that they are divorced or simply single because their relationship didn't just work out. They might even be single mothers. As a result of all the emotional pain, some of them might vow never to get into a relationship again. You can’t get them in bed easily, unlike the ones who’re still open to relationships.

Therefore, as a tourist, you have a lot of work to do if you’re going to convince such women to get into a relationship again. If you’re impatient, it is better not even to make the first move.

Turkish Ladies (age 45+)

A Turkish woman from this age bracket can be single for just a few reasons. It is either she lost her husband or is a divorcee. There is little or no chance that a woman around this age won’t have a child. Therefore, if you’re going to get into a relationship with such women, you will be willing to overlook a few things.

One important thing that you won't have to worry about is money. You will most likely meet a wealthy lady who just wants to get laid. Most of these women pay and take care of their partners. Some of them might need you for companionship as they are lonely. In rare cases, tourists get married to women of this age when they are genuinely in love.

Love has always been unpredictable anyway. We have loved the strangest people in the most unusual places. We just have little or no control over ourselves when it comes to catching feelings. You should expect little or no games in such relationships with women from this age bracket.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

As people come to Izmir for a lot of reasons, you should be sure that you will meet a number of foreigners in the city. As a tourist or international student, you might even be lucky enough to meet a girl from your home country. The availability of foreign girls in Izmir shows a lot about the cultural diversity present there. To get a chance with one of these girls, you’ve to be able to converse in at least one of the international languages - English, French and Spanish. Almost every foreigner woman that you meet here will speak at least one of these languages. You can meet several foreign girls who are staying in Izmir for various purposes like that of tourism, research or graduate level education.

You will have a better chance of picking up foreigners in the city if you are able to communicate properly with them. If both of you understand each other very well, the date will be interesting too.

If you’re ready for a serious relationship with a foreign girl, there are few things you must keep in mind. You need to be able to tolerate some ideas for the relationship to work. For instance, there will be some subjects on which both of you will never agree on the same thing. Something like this happens mostly because of different traditions and cultures of the countries of your origin.


Turkish girls in Izmir are very active during sex, especially the young girls. They also possess attractive features like big breasts and buttocks. These are some of the things that make them attractive to foreigners. Izmir girls place great importance on sex, and they don't go sleeping around with strangers. So, you should know that you won’t get sex so quickly.

If you can’t wait for your new girl to be on the same terms as you, you can find someone to hookup with using online dating platforms. There are lots of dating sites that you can use in Izmir. You can interact with a number of single women looking for suitable partners. It will not take a lot of time to find someone for a hookup using online dating platforms. On the other hand, getting to sleep with your new Turkish girl will only happen when she trusts you.

Local girls in the city are not likely have sex with you in the early stages of the relationship. Most Turkish girls do this because there are lots of foreigners with bad intentions. They believe that tourists and foreigners get into relationships not because of love but because of sex.

Sex Culture

In Izmir, sex is mostly encouraged if it is between a married couple. Children are exposed to sex education at an early age in a bid to reduce premarital sex. Students are enlightened about the dangers of unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases.

Most Turkish girls in Izmir don’t sleep around with men casually. As very conservative people, they believe sex should only be between them and someone they trust. That is to avoid the weird feeling of been used after a breakup. Even though their women prefer not to talk about sex openly, they are very active in bed. As a tourist, you’ve so much work to do if you are going to match up with the energy of a Turkish girl in bed.

Along with that, you should not go around expecting to get laid with every woman who shows some interest in you. These women take their sweet time to take the relationship to the next level where they start being physical with their partners.

One-Night Stands

As a tourist who’s not going to stay long, a one-night stand is the best choice for you in Izmir. That is because it is just a sexual activity with no feeling attached. So you will return to your home country without any sense of commitment or attachment to anyone. To get a one-night stand in Izmir, you have to know where and how to get it.

It is also essential to know how to approach a lady for such things. Approaching any girl for a one-night stand can be seen as sexual harassment and won’t be taken lightly. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you know how to approach one. The best means of finding someone for a one-night stand is through dating sites such as Tinder. You are likely to find young women on these dating apps and sites who are also looking for something casual.

You can also get to meet girls who are up for casual flings in clubs. You can spot such girls by observing their body language and the way they interact with you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To meet single Turkish girls in Izmir, you need to know the best places to find them. No matter how handsome you are, you can’t just approach a girl anywhere randomly. That might be a turn off for her and give her a wrong first impression. As a tourist, you will get to meet a lot of Turkish girls at several tourist attractions. They will be excited to meet you as you’re a foreigner and a little mysterious to them.

So it is left to you to play your game well and see if you vibe with one of them. When you visit places where you want to meet girls, your goal should be to take one on a date. Going out with girls gives space for both of you to interact well in person. There won’t be distractions, so you get the chance to make her fall for you.

Turkish girls love compliments. You’ve to compliment your girl frequently and make her feel special. You also have to know that too many compliments are not cute. She will likely sense that you’re fooling her. Therefore, short and genuine compliments are the best way to go. To meet single Turkish girls, you should visit places like the shopping malls, parks, tourist attractions and mot importantly the nightclubs in the city.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Unlike in the past, nightlife in Izmir is now eclectic and vibrant, and there’s always a huge turn up every weekend. You can go anytime on any day as it is always open, but it is best to go on weekends. No matter what you want, you will still get in Izmir. You will get to meet a lot of single Turkish girls, especially on weekends. So it is left to you to improve your conversation skills and get that girl of your dreams. It is essential to dress well and smile nicely before coming.

As humans, we are attracted more to people that smell nice. You don’t have to purchase a costly perfume. Just look for one that will feel good on you, and you’re good to go. As you go to nightclubs often, you will find out that there are lots of other tourists like you who come there. That’s where they get to meet and mingle with single Turkish girls. When deciding to visit nightclubs in Izmir, you should consider going to one of the nightclubs listed below:

  • Beyaz CAFÉ – Here, you get to see your favorite artists delivering live performances on stage. It is more like a combination of a restaurant and a bar. As you enter, you are presented with a menu to choose what you want to drink or eat for the night. Grab your drink, walk right to your chair and get the party started
  • 1888 – This is a well-known dance club in Izmir. If you want to enjoy this place better, go on Friday and Saturday nights. At times on Fridays, you get to see your favorite Turkish DJ perform live. Every Friday is their DJ night, and they always try to make it as lively as possible
  • Kybele – in this place, you get to watch live rock bands perform frequently. Therefore, if you’re a tourist who has not seen that before, you can grab the chance here. You also get to meet Turkish girls with a similar music taste as you.
  • Miko – If you or your Turkish girl likes pizza, you will get it here. They focus more on food than drinks here. You can also purchase food like steak, hamburger, and bread. As a foreigner, you can also drink European wine here. When you return to your home country, you will have a story to tell.
  • Sunset café – We all have different tastes when it comes to drinking. Some people like beer, while others just prefer soft drinks. If you and your girl like beer, this is the best club to visit. They tried to make it as cheap as possible so more foreigners can visit.
  • Sky bar – This is one of the best bars when it comes to hookups. It is a bar built inside a hotel. For people who are in the club to get hooked up for a one-night stand, you can just get a room. You should be ready to spend a little above other clubs. That is because almost all your purchases will be in hotel prices
  • Passport café & bar – Anyone can come here no matter your race, music taste, and everything. They try to provide a perfect blend of everything. If you want to meet foreign girls in Izmir, this is the best place to visit. Just be in a playful mood so you can chat and mingle with them.
  • Cine bonus – Unlike other clubs where you can enter freely, ticket rates are available here. That is because the latest Hollywood movies are available. With the dim cinema light put in place and everything, you will meet a lot of beautiful Turkish girls. Even if you’re timid, you still have a chance here.
  • Club En Velo – The turn up in this place is usually very much. It is an old and well-known club in Izmir. They open only three times weekly. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 pm to 4 pm. If you’re in the older age class, you can meet a potential Turkish partner here.
  • Nektar – In this place, they do things to feel like youu’re in a concert. The sitting arrangements and food served are not like the typical Turkish club. It is more like you’re attending your favorite artist end of the year concert. As a tourist, you get to meet girls that have the same music taste as you.
Party at the Kybele club, Izmir

Shopping Malls

Modern shopping malls don’t only sell goods and items now; they also offer relaxation services. There are now shop malls with cinemas inside. You can simply meet a new girl and take her on a date within a few hours. There are even clubs, bars, and swimming pools in the latest shopping malls built in Izmir. This means that almost all dating options are available and easily affordable. The benefit of shopping malls over other places is that shopping malls are always busy.

Unlike clubs that are only busy in the evening, single girls go in and out of shopping malls every time of the day. There is no time you put on your schedule that won’t be effective. When going out, dress neatly. You don’t have to dress like a rock star before going out. You can just put on nice jeans, round neck, and sandals. Make sure you also put on a simple watch. Watches speak class and tell people around you that you are diligent. Modern shopping malls in Izmir include:

  • Forum Bornova
  • Konak Pier
  • Westpark Outlet
  • Ozdilek AVM
  • Egepark
  • Palmiye Alisveris Merkezi
  • Agora Alisveris Merkezi
  • Point Bornova AVM
Forum Bornova, Izmir


You should only consider approaching women outdoors on two occasions. Firstly, if it is a tourist attraction or a quiet place such as any of the beaches. You can also decide to approach a Turkish girl outdoors if it is in a calm environment. Otherwise, it is not advisable. In Izmir, people you see outdoors are always busy most, especially on weekdays.

An average Turkish girl will have a lot of things going on in her life, and she wouldn't want to be distracted when she is in the middle of something important. Most mature Turkish women have jobs. So you will hardly find jobless girls there. The few jobless ones are either girls who just graduated or girls with wealthy husbands. Apart from the fact that they are always busy on weekdays, Turkish girls don’t like when you approach them in public.

Most of them are shy, and it will look like you’re pushing them out of their comfort zone. You should only consider talking to Turkish girls if they are sitting alone. They won’t feel upset and will give you time and space to express yourself.

Universities and Colleges

As a tourist, chances of meeting Turkish students are meager. Even if you get to meet one, she won’t respond well as she knows things might not work out. Universities and colleges are always closed in the sense that you will not be allowed to visit inside any campus. The only time you meet Turkish students is when they come out shop for things that they need. You should not count on that because they will likely return to school immediately.

On the other hand, things will work out if you’re an international student. You will have all the time to search for your type of girl. The relationship will also be healthy as you get to meet each other often. Unlike in the last decades, Turkish girls don’t mind being in relationships with foreigners anymore.

They have learned to accept a little bit of diversity in their culture. Another advantage of meeting Turkish girls in colleges is that you won’t spend much on dates. Since dates are to know each other well, it is not essential in this case. You and your Turkish partner are students in the same school so you will see each other often. Some schools that admit international students in Izmir are:

  • Ege university
  • Dkuz Eylul university
  • Izmir institute of technology
  • Izmir University of economics
  • Yasar university
  • Izmir Katip Celebi university
Izmir Institute of Technology


The kind of relationship you’ve in Izmir depends solely on you and your partner. Healthy relationships depend on trust and respect. These two values should be mutual between the two partners. That is, you respect and trust each other equally. If there’s a city in Turkey where cheating is a terrible thing, it has to be Izmir.

Most Turkish girls don’t give their cheating partner a second chance to make things better. Once they catch you cheating once, that is the end. Therefore, you should only enter into a serious relationship when you are very sure of yourself. If you are the kind of person who dates multiple girls in your home country, then you should just be patient in Izmir.

You don’t need to date a Turkish girl. One of the reasons some Turkish girls don’t get into a relationship with foreigners is because they don’t believe they will stay. You’ve to be able to convince your potential partner that you’re there to stay. Otherwise, she won’t give you much of her attention and time. She will direct her energy elsewhere.

Holiday Romance

Rich men go to Izmir on vacations, and they might want Turkish girls for companionship. In this type of relationship, you don't attach feelings as the foreigner will leave in no time. People often seek short-term partners for different reasons. It might be for language issues, so she can help him in communicating anywhere he goes. It can also be for sexual pleasure.

Turkish girls are perfect in bed, so your time and effort will turn out to be well spent. It is essential to know that holiday romance is neither a hookup nor a serious relationship. It is just a foreigner in a short term relationship with a native Izmir girl. In most cases, the foreigner will pay for all the costs. That is the transport cost, food, housing, and everything.

Newly wedded couples often seek holiday romance in Izmir too. As there are lots of beautiful places in Izmir, they travel there immediately after their wedding. That is where they spend the first few weeks of their relationship. On the other hand, long term couples can also go there to chill and rest during holidays.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Maintaining a relationship is far trickier than getting into one, almost everywhere in the world. Once you are good looking, patient, and creative with words, you can get a Turkish girlfriend in no time. The challenge here is to maintain the relationship for long. If you can figure out how to do that, your relationship can even end up in marriage.

In Izmir, the culture is a little bit different from the rest of the world. Therefore, you should know that you and your partner will see some things differently. You’ve to learn how to cope with that and respect the differences in beliefs if you’re willing to have a long-lasting relationship. You should focus more on your similarities than on your differences. As mentioned earlier, loyalty is also important here.

No Turkish girl wants to end up with a cheat. Most of them won't take time dumping you if they find out you’re cheating. You also have to be truthful at all times. Turkish girls want men that they can trust and rely on. If you’re always lying, your partner will lose trust in you, and that might signify the end of the relationship.


If you are patient, you can meet the love of your life in this beautiful city. Rushing into relationships won’t help as you’ve to get to know each other better. When you meet a new girl, you shouldn’t be so eager to start dating her. Try to get her on a few dates and discuss with her. It is essential to be yourself throughout this stage.

If you’re pretending, she will likely see that you’re are fake, and it will be a turn-off for her. On the other hand, if you were able to deceive her, she will get to know the real you with time. Therefore, you’ve to get a Turkish girl that will love you for who you are. That is the only thing that can guarantee you a stable relationship.

You also have to know that getting someone to love you won’t be straightforward as a tourist. You’ve to stop showing off if you do. Some Turkish girls will just date you because you have money. Immediately they see someone richer; they will leave the relationship without thinking twice. To avoid a scenario like this, you have to know how to attract girls without money.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The right girl will come by if you’re patient enough to wait. Never settle in a toxic relationship for any reason. To be sure, the Turkish girl you’re dating is right for you; there are few signs you need to study. If these signs are missing, you should end the relationship. It is better to stop it soon because you don’t want to waste your time and energy on someone you can’t end up marrying. The signs you’re going to check out for are trust, loyalty, commitment, honesty, and truthfulness.

These are qualities that sustain relationships and marriages. If any of them are missing, your girl is not the right partner for you. Although things might be rosy now, it won’t continue that way in the long run. Make sure you date your Turkish partner for long before considering marriage. Some Turkish girls are very tricky. If you reveal your plans to marry her immediately, she might pretend to be something very different from how she actually is, until you finally tie the knot. Later on, she will start revealing her true colours leaving you in shock.


In Turkey, marriage is not just between you and your partner. The family pays a huge role. Once both of you are well convinced that you’re very compatible, then you can go ahead to propose to your Turkish partner. If she accepts, you have to get to know her parents and meet her family. On the other hand, she has to meet your parents and family as well.

If she rejects your proposal, you should just end things there. Love is natural, and you don’t have to beg anyone to love you. As a foreigner, they won’t be able to meet your parents because of the distance. The alternative is to set up a skype video call where all of you can interact with each other well. The parents are going to accept or reject your partner.

If they reject your Turkish girl, you should try and convince them to take her. If they still don’t agree, then you’re left with no option than to call it off. On the other hand, you can go on with your wedding plans if your parents are okay with your partner.


To start living together as a couple of Izmir, you need to arrange a wedding ceremony. Your wedding ceremony depends solely on your budget. If you don’t have much to spend, you can just invite your family and a few friends. On the other hand, you can make it a massive thing by inviting many people and celebrating it grandly.

One of the essential parts of any wedding in Izmir is the court wedding. You should do it before moving in with your Turkish partner. You’ve to go to the court of law, submit a few files, and sign to make your union legal. It is after doing this that you’re a legitimate couple in Izmir. The same thing also applies to all other places in Turkey.

As a foreigner, you need to hire someone to teach you about how wedding ceremonies take place. Most notably, during traditional wedding ceremonies, you need to know the dance steps and some of their culture. Your Turkish partner might not need this as she grew in Izmir. She would have been to a lot of weddings and know how traditional weddings take place in Turkey.

Family Life

As a foreigner, family life can be a little bit challenging for you at first. If you’re able to learn and adapt, situations will change for the better. As a new couple, there will be a a lot of excitement between you and your partner. That is the honeymoon stage. You’ve to learn how to love your partner well after the honeymoon stage. Doing this will make your relationship better and balanced. As time goes, your Turkish wife will become pregnant and give birth.

Financial issues will start rising as you get more children. As the husband and father, you will be responsible for finances at home. That is the culture in Izmir, and you can’t do anything to change it. That is why it is good to be financially stable before considering marriage. You will even need a car for various reasons. You will have to take your wife to work and take your children to school also. That is why it is good to know about family life in Izmir before getting married.

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