Guide for dating in Durban helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date South African women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local South African girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Durban. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Durban, South Africa.

Hot girls partying in Durban at the Tiger Tiger club

Girls in Durban:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.75 / 5

Dating in Durban:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Durban:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Durban:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $400
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $200


The girls in Durban come in many different forms. As one of the chief ports in South Africa, the city of Durban is home to many different cultures and ethnic groups. Some have always been there and others have journeyed due to business reasons. Whatever the reason, Durban has become one of the best places in the country, in fact, the whole continent, to meet gorgeous girls. The girls here are modern, independent and open minded. You will have a great time hanging out with them. Dating girls from Durban is a very unique experience.If your main objective is to date a girl from Durban then the chances of you succeeding are pretty high.

There are so many different types of girls, each with different personalities, upbringings, and physical attributes. Whatever your type is, Durban is ready and waiting to provide.

Dating Culture

The South African culture has become increasingly liberal of late, with most conservative values being given an edit or two. There are plenty of girls looking to enter into a relationship. Some, like the younger students, are looking for a good time, perhaps something a bit more casual. There are others who are looking to find love.

As already stated, there are so many different facets of Durban culture, which makes it difficult to generalize the dating scene. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind when looking for romantic success.

Respect is something that all women take seriously. It is also something her entire family will hold you to if they feel that you misstep. Whether it be your first approach in a mall or bar, or perhaps a month into the relationship, be aware that the girl will always hold you to account for your actions. Since families are close, you may have an angry dad or brother beating on your door.

Don't be a creep. Girls have become increasingly open to being approached randomly. This may result in them giving your number, but try not to push it any further. Crime is a real problem, so many girls feel vulnerable when guys get pushy.

All in all, the dating culture is mostly receptive to anyone willing to put in the work. Stay patient, follow some of the rules above and you should have heaps of success, or maybe one giant success if that is your goal.

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Online Dating

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The girls in Durban are fun and carefree. It's known as the California of Africa, as the natural climate with its warm weather and sandy beaches promotes a relaxed culture and a playful undertone.

The women are something to behold. You can find an absolute bombshell in any ethnic group, probably the main upside of the city. There are not only black women that you will come across in this city. There are many white women and women from mixed ethnicities that reside here. If you are in to white women then you will not be disappointed. If the women from Durban were to be stereotyped based on their looks then the most common features would be beautiful smooth skin with silky hair that are black or blonde. Beautiful and toned bodies with curves in all the right places. The sheer amount of beaches pushes women to stay fit and show off their hot bikini clad bodies. It will be a view worth watching!

The Durban girls love to party

South African Girls (age 18 - 29)

These girls form the best age group for two main reasons. Firstly, they are the most open-minded when it comes to dating and sex. Second, they are extremely hot as the many permutations of a multi-cultured region results in a few beauties, such as light-skinned Indians or mixed race girls with tanned skin and light eyes.

Furthermore, there is also a surplus of this age bracket when it comes to the summer season. The rage festival attracts university students from all over the country and it also happens to be peak tourist time. Needless to say, it is a gaming paradise.

If you are keen for a hookup or seasonal fling, these girls will have your back, as many of them are interested in new experiences. South African girls almost always favour foreigners as well. An accent does a lot with the younger age range.

Girls in the younger demographic have become notorious for changing their mind about relationships. If you are searching for 'the one', you may want to think twice about girls aged 18 - 23. After that, girls tend to be a bit more serious. However, don't let that stop you.

Speak about your intentions before getting into a long-term relationship and don't be afraid to end things if you're both uncertain about the future. There are other fish in the sea.

Young girls partying at the Rage festival

South African Women (age 30 - 45)

This age range is sometimes tricky to manage. You'll find some women who are just down to get frisky. These are usually divorced moms who have realized that they married the wrong guy and need to satisfy their needs. There is minimal attachment and it can be a lot of fun.

You will also come across the girls in their early thirties who are looking to settle down. Usually, they have chased a career that is highly taxing, setting aside their social lives as a result. Again, make sure to talk about exactly what you are looking for and make sure she does the same.

Yes, there will be a few cheaters mixed in with the rest. Enter at your won risk. Enough said.

South African Ladies (age 45+)

Sugar mommies, divorcees, widows, cheaters... you name it, Durban has a wide selection of older women. It is more than likely that these women will want to be discreet about their relationship. Their friends and family will more than likely reject the idea, so make sure to be sensitive around this issue.

Meeting older women is probably best done online. Tinder and Badoo are the best bets. Tap into the 'antique market' by logging in and setting your age range a bit higher than normal. However, do not expect all older women to just get down and dirty. They will be more conservative than the younger generation so keep that in mind.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There are a tonne of tourists every year that come to Durban. This influx is purely due to the tropical haven which Durban so amply provides. Bear in mind that most foreigners are only there for a short-term holiday. It is rare to find people who choose to settle in Durban, so be aware that you probably have to settle for a fling. Thus, there are a few areas where you are most likely to find international hotties, such as:

  • The Golden Mile - Ah the beach! Durban’s most famous strip of golden sand is the destination of choice for thousands of sunbathing beauties each yea.
  • Malls – Especially those close to the coast. Durban has a few impressive malls, and they are great gaming spots in general. There are also a few foreign girls out for lunch.
  • University Districts – take advantage of the exchange system. Try going to clubs, cafes and maybe just exploring the University of KZN.
  • Unhlanga Rocks - An upmarket resort with a gorgeous stretch of beach and a waterpark of its own. Many tourists visit the area each summer.
The Golden Mile in Durban


Sex in South Africa is sometimes still a taboo topic depending on who you talk to. The fact that there are a multitude of cultures in once city means that sex is a highly debated affair. Of late, there seems to be a great cultural debate between generations. Younger people opt for a more liberal approach to sex, while the older generations mostly maintain a celibate until marriage approach. This is due to a conservative culture which still has repercussions today.

There is also a difference between races. Most men agree that the sexual experience changes quite a bit depending on which race your partner is.

As a general rule, white girls tend to be the most vanilla with the exception of Afrikaans girls. Mixed race girls are colloquially called the Latinas of South Africa due to their fiery passion and prowess in bed. Indian girls are also known to be good in bed, but you will have to be patient if this is your ethnicity of choice. There are hot Indians, but they’re few and far between. Lastly, the black girls have a very distinct culture when it comes to sex. They’re not always the best looking in this area of the country, opposed to Joburg black girls for example.

Sex Culture

The culture surrounding sex is a quickly evolving one. Twenty years ago, there may have been a huge moral question brought about by hookups of short-term relationships. Even dating was once something that was only done for a short period of time and sex was reserved for marriage.

Fear not! South Africa has gone through a few liberal reforms which have liberalized the cultural constraints on sex. More young people are open to sex, even flings and hookups.

Therefore, if you visit Durban today, you will probably have as much chance as any other city in the world. It may require a few dates before you get to the bedroom, but the dating process is very akin to the first world, thanks to American media and a more open-minded youth.

One-Night Stands

The absolute best time to go for a one-night stand is during the summer season. This is the peak of the party frenzy, which means that plenty of girls are looking for a good time.

Otherwise, you may head to a club and meet girls. Tinder is also a viable option, but girls often want to go on a date before hooking up. Building a great amount of trust in a short space of time is the key to a hookup. If you manage to do that, you can ride the attraction all the way to the bedroom.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

  • Online – Since most of the younger generation has turned to online sources for almost everything, it is no secret that online dating has come along in heaps and bounds in Durban. It may be one of the better sources to meet women, bar all the stigma that comes along with a conservative culture. Tinder, Bumble and Badoo are your best bet when it comes to online dating.
  • Beach – The promise of warm, sandy beaches with an ocean that screams tropical paradise lures thousands of women to Durban’s shores each week. There is no better place to meet girls in person, as you will be able to find tourists, local girls and women of all ages at the Durban shore. Along with the ocean comes a plethora of retail stores. It isn’t difficult to go straight from meeting to coffee date.
  • Nightclubs – The bars and clubs come to life when the sun goes down. The price of alcohol in South Africa is relatively cheap and most of the students love to party. In the height of summer, the clubs are often the best place to pull girls. Think of it as the Spring Break for South Africans.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The shores of Durban prove to be a tropical paradise, with warm water and thousands of tanning hotties to choose from. However, when it comes to the night time, most Durbanites know how to get the party started. Alcohol is cheap in South Africa, which helps tremendously when you head out.

Top tip: Each summer, at the beginning of December, there is a massive festival on the shores of Durban called 'Rage'. It is South Africa's biggest festival and attracts students and young adults from all over the country. The tickets are surprisingly expensive, but the festival is only during the day. Skip the festival and head out to the clubs. Get all of the vibe at no additional cost.

Rage festival in Durban

Shopping Malls

There are a few malls worth visiting, but the thing to bear in mind is that the better malls are closer to the coastline. They may not be the biggest in size, but the coastal area is where the most money is and where the better-looking people seem to flock to – both tourists and locals.

Try the following malls, as they offer the right mix between gaming and shopping enjoyability:

  • Beachview Mall – close to the ocean, Beachview mall captures a lot of attention from tourists and holidaymakers. It’s a great spot to grab a bite to east after hitting the beach or meet a few girls who have the same idea.
  • Windermere Mall – A classy version of Beachview, and a shopping destination for tourists and locals with a bit of cash to blow. There are a few great restaurants and cafes, and it’s still close enough to the beach to attract a tourist crowd.
  • Doonside Mall – Another popular shopping destination, but more with the locals. It’s always averagely busy and a good place to grab groceries. It’s not really a great gaming location, but it has all the chain stores and supermarkets you’ll need.


Keeping yourself indoors in Durban is the equivalent of buying ice cream for the cone. The city is geared around enjoying the many natural attractions, which includes a spectacular coast line and the dazzling aroma of nature. These activities and locations also function as great date ideas as well as the initial opportunity to meet girls for the first time. In case you’re still unclear, get outdoors! If you don’t know where to go, try some of the following locations:

  • The Golden Mile – The main tourist attraction by far! These beaches have warm water, a delicious golden sand and scores of gorgeous holiday makers and locals.
  • Florida Road – Home to many chic restaurants during the day and bars and clubs as the sun sets. Definitely worth exploring.
  • Mitchell and Jameson Park – Gorgeous gardens with natural beauty and scents all around. Great for a picnic or romantic stroll, but not really a gaming area.
  • Indian Quarter - Durban is home to the largest Indian population outside of India, a surprising stat! The markets are packed with traditional Indian cuisine, spices and tasty deserts.
  • Umgeni River Bird Park – A protected natural park which is accessible with a small entry fee. It is also a popular tourist destination, so you may have a chance of starting a conversation or two.
  • Ushaka Marine World – a trendy tourist hangout as well as a popular getaway for the locals. This is definitely one place you’ll want to visit.
  • Valley of 1000 Hills – Touristy. Not many locals go on these exploration tours, but the views are spectacular and there are lots of foreign girls to talk to.
  • Umhlanga Rocks - An absolutely beautiful slice of heaven just outside of the city. Umhlanga Rocks is sone of South Africa’s premium holiday destinations, usually only for wealthy business people from Johannesburg or Cape Town. However, you will also find a few tourists.
Umhlanga Rocks

Universities and Colleges

Durban is not one of the main educational hub in the country. Most people choose to send their kids to other provinces if they can afford to, as Johannesburg and Cape Town steal top place for the best universities in the continent. However, there is still one university that attracts many applicants each year as well as an influx of exchange students: the University of Kwazulu Natal.

The University of KZN is a respectable campus with tens of thousands of students. It is accessible to the public, and the campus has a beautiful charm to it. There are many who stroll along the premises and most are open to a conversation. You will be barred from attending lectures, libraries or classrooms without a student card.

University of Kwazulu Natal


Although there are a few issues and concerns politically, most will agree that Durban is a great city to explore. There is not only a wide variety of activities to do, but the weather is almost always excellent. Durbanites have a saying that there are two seasons in Durban: “Summer and summer”.

Growing into the relationship, the city holds many jobs and opportunities, particularly in the financial, legal, export and retail sectors. Due to the conservative roots of South Africa, men are generally expected to provide in the relationship. This is impossible without some sort of degree or post-high school training. Minimum wage literally means that you have to live in a shack.

Overcoming the economic hurdle is important for the sake of crime, lifestyle and cultural acceptability. If you are able to do so, a relationship in Durban is paradise.

Holiday Romance

Summer is the season in this department. Once schools and universities break for the holidays in November, Durban sees a massive influx of tourists and locals from other parts of the country. This means that you have a window from about mid-November to early January for a holiday fling.

There are plenty of girls about thinking the exact same thing. Get out onto the beach or head to the clubs. The number one rule is to mingle. Also, keep social media and Tinder on hand for added reach.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Relationships in South Africa are pure bliss if you manage to make them work, and cities like Durban have a certain tropical charm which only adds to the romance. The heated Indian Ocean combined with warm weather and a busy city life is ample material to allow any relationship to flourish, as partners enjoy each other and the city simultaneously. There are, however, just a few guidelines to follow to ensure that your relationship stays fresh and full of love.

  • First Impressions matter – Crime is a huge issue within South Africa. Durban and Johannesburg are unfortunately hotspots if you are not careful. As a result, most girls will not even give you the time of day if you are even a little bit suspicious in their minds. When you first approach a girl, avoid staring from a distance. Make eye contact. Smile. Approach her soon thereafter. Furthermore, the way you dress says a lot about you. Make sure to avoid tattered or washed out items; rather, dress with a sense of class and pride. Lastly, should you manage to talk to a girl, don’t be too pushy. Getting a girl’s number is enough, as it allows her to get to know you from safety. You will probably never meet a girl who is willing to go on a date straight away – even if you are at a mall and surrounded by friends.
  • Family is key – In most first world cities, women are fairly independent of their families. They pursue their own careers and the boyfriend only meets the family once they both agree. Durban resembles a first world city in some ways, but there are still conservative traditions that come through. One of those is the family’s involvement in the dating culture. You may be expected to meet the parents for their approval soon after dating, and getting it means a lot. It can often make or break the relationship. In some cases, you may have to ask their permission before you can date the girl. Be sure to speak about these kinds of issues before proceeding life as normal.
  • Communication – As already stated, the many cultures offer opportunity, but they may also lead to endless arguments. South Africa has evolved into a nation where people now date cross culturally. Many of these couples have to form their own cultures. This starts with clear and open communication concerning what you expect from the relationship. The sooner you do this in your journey together, the better.


Love is a concept that changes depending on who you talk to. Cultural differences make it difficult to boil down love to one particular idea. For example, the traditional Zulu culture is completely fine with polygamous marriages. The rest of the cultures would be in complete opposition to that, as most people agree that love is exclusive.

There are a few strange native customs, but that should not stop you from pursuing love in Durban. Most girls end up going to the same schools and universities and a more dominant western culture has emerged from the last two generations.

Love is available. There is plenty of romance to be enjoyed in the form of long walks on the beach, tropical weather and an ample supply of women who seek life-long partnership. Settling down in Durban is definitely worth your while.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There is very little advice one can give in such a circumstance besides to look out for the warning flags. Most of the girls you come across are nothing less than genuine, so you would really want to look out for differences that may be solved with a simple conversation.

However, here is a list of potential issues to look out for:

  • Gold Diggers - Due to the presence of poverty, some girls resort to gold digging, but this isn't too much of a worry since most of the pretty girls come from reasonably well off homes. Just take note of how many things she asks for and how her attitude towards you changes based on the value of your gifts.
  • Sexual Honesty - HIV and STDs are no joke in Durban, especially amongst the poorer communities. If she is unwilling to be honest about sexual history or she doesn't insist on protection after you first get together, this may be something to look into.
  • The way she treats other guys - Another huge indication, but something to look out for in the younger age groups (students). At this time, some girls do not yet know what they want from life. Before you get attached, make sure that she is 100% committed to you. If she is naturally a bit distant with other guys, take this as a good sign. Be sure to talk about where you both envision the future going.

When it comes own to it, you ave to search within yourself. There is no other way to test whether you think she is the one other than to ask yourself what you really feel about her. You will know the answer.


The married life in Durban is usually a good one. There are always exceptions, but that is definitely not the fault of the city. Durban is a thriving coastal city that offers plenty of things to do after office hours.

There is enough natural scenery for endless date ideas, a warm climate that often lends itself to long walks on the beach, and the comfort of the South African family-centric worldview.

The girls themselves are usually homely and friendly, keen to entertain. South Africans always enjoy having friends around, so if you are worried that marriage is a prolonged isolation, think again.

Men are usually required to bring home the bacon, a cultural expectation that is a remnant of South Africa's conservative values. However, it isn't the worst place in the world to work. The city has a fantastic economy and more than enough for every industry.


There are a number of ways this can play out. It all depends won which culture you consider. Each has a different approach to weddings, and if you think about it, marriage as a whole. Most weddings happen in the summer on one of the many beautiful wedding destinations a short drive from the city centre. Whether it be a church, garden, vineyard or forest, Durban caters to every kind of wedding imaginable.

Those of a more western descent are likely to have a typical western wedding, which includes a traditional ceremony and a reception afterwards.

Durban is home to a large Indian population, which means that Indian weddings are frequent. An Indian wedding is not too different in planning. There's food, alcohol, and dancing. The main difference is in the ceremony itself, which is followed by a celebration.

Muslim weddings are also a factor, as one may also find a large Arab community. Some of these girls are really good-looking, as they come with olive complexions and light eyes (blue or green). Hence the demand for Muslim weddings. These require a dowry, followed by two ceremonies and a reception afterwards. Obviously a non-alcoholic affair.

The native African tribe in the area are called Zulus. Zulu fathers charge a hefty dowry called a labola. Once that is settled, the wedding is planned. It actually takes place at the home of the groom's family. It is usually an extravagant affair with a huge guest list.

Family Life

The family is usually closely knit in most of South Africa. Bar the informal settlements where single parenthood is on the rise, most families stick together. This has been something that has emerged from South Africa's conservative culture and also encouraged by the government, as even they encourage the nuclear family model.

Durban provides lots of promise for family life. There are gorgeous, white, sandy beaches with warm currents flowing through the water, lots of outdoor adventures to be had and a more-than-stable economy. There are also decent schools nestled in the suburbs and a continent-leading university.

Everyday family life is about as stable as most western cities. In recent years there have been concerns of government failing to repair infrastructure and the mismanagement of taxes, but that has not stopped anyone from soaking in all of the natural beauty.

Extended families are both a blessing and a curse. One can always rely on the support of close relatives, but that does come with the price of sometimes needless meddling.

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