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Guide for dating in Calgary helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Canadian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Canadian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Calgary. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The hot women of calgary at the Bespoke Nightclub

Girls in Calgary:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.75 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Calgary:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Calgary:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Calgary:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $500
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $300


Calgary is an extravagant slice of heaven located in the picturesque state of Alberta. Not many people know that Calgary boasts the strongest economy in all of Canada. To boast further, the city is also famous for getting the most sunshine in Canada. The city centre is just 327 square miles in size yet it lays claim to over 1.2 million people strong! It is a glimpse of authentic Canada that is underrated in many ways.

Besides the great economic advantages the city produces and the fact that it is famous for expert governance and efficiency the culture within its streets is infectious… infectiously good! People are friendly. Even as they go about their busy lives and business men and women search for the next big breakthrough in their careers, the smiles on people’s faces charms all who come into contact with its people. The fact that people have not lost their friendliness despite the city becoming one of the largest centres for the oil industry in the world is testament to the underlying cultural values which has made Canada stand out for so long.

This makes dating and romance in Calgary a lot easier than in most western cities. While the really hot girls still have that desire to be chased and definitely don’t make things too easy, one finds that the general disposition of the women is cheery. Such attitudes promote friendship before romance and it takes the edge off of feeling like having to perform all the time.

Canada has increasingly become a multicultural vicinity, as the current laws set by the Prime Minister Trudeau encourage immigration from worthy people from all over the world. However, once you lay your eyes upon the French-Canadian beauties in Calgary, there is no going back. They are simply stunning! All in all, dating women in Calgary is a fun experience. Read on to discover how best to do so!

Dating Culture

The dating culture is relaxed yet vibrant. Over the years, the pool of women has grown. A variety of cultures and traditions have been injected into Canadian life. Although less so in the conservative city of Calgary, the shift still exists and you will meet many interesting women during your travels. The initial goal with the current dating climate is always to generate interest. Women in Canada enjoy a bit of mystery. Do not take it too far by coming across as arrogant or rude, but do keep her wondering about who you are and your intentions. Humour and good conversation mark the start of romance. It is important that you enjoy it as well.

If you manage to find that initial spark, then the next step is to ask the girl out on a date. If the feelings are reciprocated, then she will say ‘yes’. The dating process is fun and the women are interesting to talk to. A great thing about Canadian culture in general is that people seem to have a hunger to learn from others.

Social media is a big thing in the country. Much like any other part of the western world, the cell phone represents an escape from reality. When on your first date, you should expect the girl to have an urge to check her phone. However, your job is to make sure that she doesn’t need it. At all. You can often tell how good a date is going just by examining this simple factor.

If things are going well, ask the girl out for another date. Sometimes, the best way to do so is to plan something while on your first date – something like visiting a museum or a restaurant you are both keen to try. The dating process leads to a level of comfort and most couples intertwine their lives together if the attraction grows.

Online Dating

Dating in Calgary can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Calgary and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The Canadian women are exceptionally beautiful. There are two types of women in the state of Alberta. You may come across the French-Canadians and the English-speaking natives. Many are bilingual as the country has a history of merging cultures that dates back to the era of colonialism. No matter their background, you will find the women to be extremely beautiful, with their lightly sun-kissed yet fair complexions accentuating their gorgeous figures and a variety of mesmerising coloured eyes looking back at you. Men are spellbound by the looks of the women in the country, but the state of Alberta is a special place.

Of late, there have been many introductions into the Calgarian culture. People choose to immigrate from all over the world simply because of the standard of living and the laidback culture. Canadians assimilate well in new environments, so the additional cultures are welcomed. Within their rank are many gorgeous girls. Although less than cities such as Toronto, there are multiple ethnicities that add to exotic factor.

Perhaps the best part about these women is their friendly disposition. They are fun and adventurous, belonging to a forgotten virtuous group who prioritize fun and adventure over the quest for wealth and career. Just talking to the girls is a fun experience and you are likely to develop many friendships outside of a relationship. Just be prepared to go with the jokes and banter.

The local women of calgary having fun at Jimmy's Nightclub

Canadian Girls (age 18 - 29)

The younger women are carved in a special place in heaven. They have jaw-dropping figures as the Canadians have an active lifestyle that centres around sports and the outdoors. Besides that, there has been a fitness movement in the culture and everyone has a gym contract. These country girls are also great fun to talk to and they have a natural sense of conversational freedom. It is often refreshing to find a hot girl who isn’t too stuck up to talk to new people – no matter who they are. You will definitely find a lot of these women in Calgary.

There is also a sense of sexual freedom enjoyed by the younger girls. If you are looking for relationships of a casual nature, then this is the age group to move in. Students are a lot more likely to have hookups and flings than women just a few years older.

The women on the older side of this age grouping – around 25 and older – start looking for a serious relationship. The quest for marriage begins and people start dating with a serious intent. The playfulness of university disappears into the background.

Once women break through the 25-year mark, the goal of marriage becomes something of a focus point. Therefore if you are keen on settling down, the age group of 25 – 30 is the best time to search for that future partner with whom you can build a life with.

Young girls of Calgary at the Bespoke Night Club

Canadian Women (age 30 - 45)

This age group is sometimes difficult to navigate. The women are no less beautiful, especially those girls in their early thirties. However, the biggest problem with flirting is that you do not know when the woman is married and when they are not. Thus, the best form of flirting in this age bracket is simply to make friends and approach women without the expectation of it leading to romance.

There are a few women who remain single in this tax bracket. Many remain single because they have busy careers and schedules and some have even been the victim of failed past relationships and marriages. These women have more of a seriousness about them as they have already experienced the first few rounds of casual dating. It can be fun and the women are definitely on the lookout for serious men who want a family, too.

Hot ladies from this age bracket can be found at the various nightclubs in the city like the Habitat Living Sound

Canadian Ladies (age 45+)

One of the best things one can do to meet older women in Canada is to get yourself online. The bars are great places to come into contact with sexy mature women, but nothing compares to the power of social media. There are two main benefits to the online game. Firstly, the online platforms allow you to filter out the married women from the single ones. Second, you are likely to find women who want some form of romantic relationship, whether it is long-term romance or a short-term romp.

The older women are not only gorgeous but men also benefit from their no-nonsense approach. If they are interested, they express their feelings. They are also open to hookups and flings, as they realize that an age gap does not often have potential for a serious dating relationship or marriage.

Hot mature ladies of Habitat Living Sound

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

International traffic mainly comes to Alberta in the form of immigrants. However, the tourism industry is still strong. Most people visit Calgary for fun not business which suits the single men quite nicely. You may be surprised at the sheer volume of tourist, too. Nearly 8 million international visitors come to the city of Calgary every year. That is just another 8 million reasons why you should visit Calgary, especially during July which is the time of Calgary’s main festival: the Calgary Stampede.

The best tourist destinations in Calgary are listed below:

  • Calgary Tower - one of the best-loved buildings which sits proudly in the city centre. The top resembles a flying saucer and the modern architecture marvels all who visit the building. Besides the engineering feat, it contains a number of amazing restaurants and even a 5-star hotel.
  • Calgary Zoo – more will be mentioned of this fantastic zoo later, but you should be aware that it attracts tourists in mass. For more information, see the ‘Outdoor’ section.
  • Prince’s Island Park – over 20 hecatres devoted to dreamlike landscaping has become a favourite hangout spot and sightseeing opportunity for the locals and tourists. There is a lot of culture in the park, which includes art, sculptures, restaurants and performers.
  • Heritage Park – it proudly holds the status of the largest historical museum in the world, as the park showcases the past life of western country culture. They have trademarked the slogan “How the West Once Was” and the management do their utmost to make that a real experience.
The view from Calgary Tower


The girls in Calgary are somewhat more traditional than in the other big cities in Canada. They might not be as straight forward as girls in other big cities but this does not mean the sex with them is not a good experience. They are open to trying new things in bed and you will be left with unforgettable memories.

The girls love to express their sexual desires. They are extraordinary in bed. Moreover, the many different cultural flavours add to the experience. There is someone for everyone.

On a side note, sexual encounters increase in number in the winter. The cold weather leads people to pursue alternative means of entertainment.

Sex Culture

Culturally, sex in Canda is a liberal affair. Everyone has their thing and nobody interferes in how people work out their sex lives. This does leave room for casual sex and a thriving hookup culture amongst students.

There is a more conservative segment in Calgary, as the city embraces more of the country values of Alberta. You may find more resistance to casual sex in Calgary than the rest of the country but be assured that there is a lot of fun to be had.

One-Night Stands

The bars of Canada are great places to meet women; however, getting into the bedroom requires a lot of skill. It goes further than just mere physical attraction. Conversations and humour are how you get to the next base. The ability to flirt and make a woman feel special while still maintaining a sense of mystery is an art.

If you have doubts about your bar pickup game, online dating websites will also do the trick. It does require a skill of its own, as meeting hundreds of girls over text while still being fresh and exciting takes a toll. Good pictures do the work, so keep a select bunch of pictures at hand.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The key to getting in the good books with these girls may be summarized in one word: balance. The Albertan girls are sweet and beautiful, yet if you come on too strong, you may ruin your chances of anything happening. Approach in too platonic a manner and you may be relegated to the dreaded friendzone.

The answer lies in the middle. You want to create a friendship that still has undertones of sexual and romantic attraction. The girls are and the conversation is always pleasant. You will more than likely form plenty of friendships with the people in Calgary; friendships that have the potential for something more…

The best places to find these women are listed below. Nightclubs and bars are probably the best of them – especially if you rely on the power of first impressions and smooth talking. The best time to enjoy the night life is undoubtedly in the June months.

Talking about single women without mentioning online dating would be a cardinal sin. Everyone is on a dating app of some sort. It makes sense to take advantage of the easiness of apps such as Badoo, OKCupid and Tinder. In fact, if you have a good feed, even Instagram will land you a date now and then. Online sources of communication are not just the way of the future, it is dating now. It is also your best chance of meeting single women in Calgary.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The city of Calgary is a special destination when the sun goes down. Alcohol is loved by all and there are many parties and social gatherings that happen with the special liquid providing a focal point. The city has also gone through a revolution in the nightlife scene. It was once mainly reserved for country music and the clubs did not have the same appeal as the other major cities in the country.

Calgary has since undergone a dance revolution that makes its clubs tantalizing opportunities to meet women and thoroughly enjoy the night time. There has been an awakening in the DJ industry and a growing competitive landscape. Furthermore, most clubs now have a weekly event – certainly the ones in this list. Try the following clubs when in Calgary; you will not be disappointed!

  • Commonwealth Bar and Storage – this club was built on a bedrock of a passionate love for music and the need for the talented local DJs to display their craft. It was once small in size and only a few bohemian students enjoyed their weekends here but has since grown into one of the most electric dance venues in the city. It now features two massive dance floors where clubbers are treated to local up-and-coming DJs and international artists. Don’t miss out. They are only open on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.
  • Jimmy’s Nightclub – the club has developed something of a cult following, partly due to its status as the oldest nightclub in all of Calgary. Open since the 1980s, the crowds are always at least 500 strong. There are two nights of operation, each run by DJs who take no prisoners. DJ Newboy is behind the mixer on a Friday night, an expert in Hip Hop baselines and R&B. DJ Gemini has the keys to the main event on a Saturday night; things really get extra hot with the latest remixes and EDM drops.
  • Eden – located at the very centre of the CBD, Eden is the city’s favourite young professional club. It is not as popular with the students because of the strict 21+ entry policy, but that does give it a more sophisticated air. Prices can be a bit steep, but the club is always set up to impress. Furthermore, it is open all nights of the week, with different drinks specials for each day.
  • Habitat Living Sound - since its inception in 2008, the club has been one of the best music-focused destinations in all of Calgary. The owners are responsible for some of the biggest clubs all over the country and they seek to add their expertise to the Calgary night life. It is definitely a club for EDM and electronic music lovers, especially if you love the filthy synths of underground electronica.
  • Broken City – this clubs is only open on weekend nights, buttyhat does not mean you should stay away in the middle of the week. It is always booked out by a reasonably well known figure – be it an artist or comedian. However, there is no doubt that the weekends have a bit of extra ‘oomf’. All of the locals congregate on the rooftop patio, which offers a party unlike any other.
  • Hifi Club – a student favourite and known for events that get a bit crazy from time to time. Its setting is absolutely gorgeous, as it is a famous art gallery during the day. There is so much space that the owners decided to turn it into one of the most head-turning clubs in all of Canada. They even get names such as Calvin Harris and Diplo in from time to time. Fridays are the best night to visit, as all the students head out in drones for classic R&B splashed with a bit of techno.
  • Knoxville’s Tavern – the only warehouse club the city seems to have but one that does not waste its space or capacity for greatness. It is probably the number one destination for a night out if you want a hardcore party. The vibe is truly something special and the sound system is just what the doctor ordered as the rich bass reverberates throughout the room. It is definitely one of the places to be during the Calgary Stampede – which is the city’s biggest festival to celebrate its country culture.
  • Cowboys – not all of the country tradition has been stamped out by the new modern era and the influx of industry. Cowboys is testament to that. It is nicknamed as the place where “the playboy meets country”. However, it does have a considerable reach as names such as The Chainsmokers, Big Sean and Fetty Wap have graced the club with their musical genius. For those who need any further encouragement, Ladies night is on Wednesday where all the girls get free entry! Students nights are on Friday. It is half off for all students.
  • Bespoke – this is the flagship upmarket clubbing experience in eth city of Calgary. No expense has been spared by the management, as everything from the sound system to the premium selection of drinks screams luxury. Bring a large wallet and be prepared for a hefty hole left in your account. However, the experience is definitely worth the expense. Wear your best; a collared shirt and good cologne never goes unnoticed.
  • Twisted Element – you may want to pick your day, as Fridays are known to be gay night. The women of Calgary find this club to be a good meeting point and you are always ensured a good selection pool. Although it does not have the same musical appeal as some of the city’s other party clubs, it is a worthwhile evening out just to chat up some of the hot girls who frequent Twisted Element.
Party at the Hifi Club in Calgary

Shopping Malls

Every mall is an experience as the companies that run the malls develop something of a franchise system that gets better with time. The malls are not just shopping centres; they prove to be astounding entertainment venues where one can easily spend a few hours without feeing bored. Malls are popular any time of the year but the winter months cause an extra rush of feet indoors. During the winter day, there is probably no better destination to meet women or go on a date.

The best malls in Calgary are listed below:

  • CORE Shopping Centre – As the name suggests, this mall is at the very centre of the city. It boasts a wealth of stores in every different department. There is fashion and beauty, supermarkets, household items, jewellery and more. The real gem of the centre is the entertainment options. There is a world class cinema that is always packed with people on the weekends and multiple restaurants – some high end and a few are regular chains and franchises.
  • CF Chinook Centre – This is the upmarket shopping experience in the city, a high-end mall with a lot of money floating around within its walls. It is the place to see and be seen in the city with some of the most gorgeous women on the hunt for the latest fashion trends. The restaurants cost a bit more cash than most others in the city. Some charge as much as $40 per plate.
  • South Centre Mall – Another great shopping mall located a stone throw away from the city centre. This mall is a neighbourhood favourite with those who have a love for both fashion and entertainment. The movie theatre is a local favourite as they have some of the best prices and a state-of-the-art cinema. Tuesdays are half price days and there is always an influx of students.
  • CF Market Mall – The grocery market is the biggest attraction at this mall. It is perhaps the best place to find older women during the day, as many of the moms and wealthy housewives come to shop. The mall is not that popular during the evening dining hours but the middle of the day has a wealth of pretty women in its walls.
CORE Shopping Centre


The best time to be outdoors in Calgary is always in the summer. Winters are bitterly cold and most people stay indoors except for sports such as hockey and skating. If you find yourself in the country during the winter, the best places to find women are probably the malls and bars. Canadian girls drink as well as anyone, something that probably shocks visitors. However, the summer has some picturesque spots in Alberta’s capital. Try a few of them out:

  • Reader Rock Garden – located in the southeast of the CBD, this garden provides a special touch of zen amidst the busy hustle and bustle of the industry-rich city centre. It is perfectly kept and you will find many people enjoying the natural scenery. As an added bonus, if you ever want to impress a local girl, pack a picnic basket and use it as a romantic date venue. If you can’t do the basket, there is also a fantastic café in the middle of the 1 and a half hectare garden.
  • Bowness Park – when the winter hits, the Calgarians love to break out the skis. Bowness park is sone of the best ski parks in the city. Head inside one of the shops or restaurants to enjoy some of the best hot chocolate you have ever put your lips to, but don’t for get to make friends while you thaw out.
  • Calgary Zoo – home to some of the cutest penguins on planet earth and a wide variety of animals. The zoo is well kept and attracts tens of thousands of people every month. The cafes and restaurants close by are great gaming places where one can meet women and start a conversation.
  • Calgary Farmer’s Market – Calgary is known for its agricultural heritage. Hence the farmer’s market is where one can buy the freshest produce at a great price. The quality is definitely unbeatable and sometime sits is even cheaper than going to the local Superstore! Naturally, the management try and make the market into an event. There is a real buzz about the place and you can start up a conversation or two with some very eligible young ladies.
  • Calaway Park – this is the city’s best theme park. It is a haven of fun and has something for the entire family. Most of the rides are aimed at young adults and there is a special student discount that runs throughout the year. It is also home to one of the largest rollercoasters in all of North America: the Vortex.
Reader Rock Garden is a hidden gem in Calgary and well worth the visit

Universities and Colleges

The Canadian educational structure is excellent. Many advocates of the system will point to its strengths which exist right from the start of children’s academic careers in elementary schools. Once the decision comes to enter university, which has become a standard path for many young people today, many students move away from home for the first time and it starts the journey of adulthood. The entire state of Alberta is also known for its winter sports. The hockey games, in particular, are huge events that draw massive crowds even at university level.

The best universities in Calgary are:

  • The University of Calgary – this university is the main educational institution in the whole state of Alberta. It opened its doors in 1944 and has since developed an excellent reputation with both local school leavers and international would-be students weighing up their options. They also have a fine exchange programme. Added to this, the campus grounds encourage exploration. It boasts over 4 square kilometres of mostly open space where you can chat up hot Albertan girls on their way to class or enjoying a lunch break.
  • Mount Royal University – consistently ranked amongst the best tertiary institutions in the country, Mount Royal is a university with a difference, They have earned their name by providing an education that links students directly with the industry they wish to make an impact in. The networking options are instrumental in future success and it allows people the opportunity to start working before they graduate. The university is a modern campus in a busy district of Calgary and it has a lot of opportunity to meet new people – some obviously women. There is a potential risk that everyone is a lot busier.
  • CDI College – located in the city centre, this college has become popular with immigrants looking to up their income and find a place in the commerce and accounting industry in Calgary. The best thing about this university is its location. Some of the hostels and student housing options are right in the middle of the action, meaning the clubs and bars are always packed on the weekends.
Mount Royal University


Before talking about all the good things, let’s consider the cons. The country has been taken with the typical western culture of consumerism. This can make it hard for an outsider to break through because everything is about money and status. Much like any other major western metropolitan area, classes seem to form based on money, friendship circles and the ‘human brand’ one gives off. It is important to make the right friends once you get into the city.

Canadians are also famous for being nice. However, this does have a surprisingly negative effect on relationships. You will find that many of the women avoid confrontation even when there is a real problem. Not all of them are like this – some are bold and outspoken when the time arises. It makes sorting out problems a nightmare at times simply due to the fact that you cannot solve the problem if you don’t know it exists.

When it comes down to it, the pros outweigh the cons by a country mile! One look at the gorgeous features of the Calgarian women and most men are spellbound. Furthermore, they have incredibly friendly personalities and the women would sacrifice a lot for the man they love. Not only are they gorgeous but they have sparkling personalities that shine brighter than any physical beauty ever could.

The population of Calgary have quite a wholesome view of relationships. They have a very serious view of commitment that has led to leading rates in the number of successful marriages in the western world. The construct of the family is huge. Besides, the girls always keep you on your toes with playful banter and a sense of humour that is as infectious as they are beautiful.

Holiday Romance

Calgary is one of those places where people tend to have more conservative values than in the other large cities. It was once a city propped up mainly by the agricultural community, giving it a really ‘country’ feel. Therefore, flings and short- term romances are still becoming popular with the people of previous generations. Amongst the younger crowd, there is a growing acceptance – and even a linking – of this new sexual revolution where people can date whoever and enjoy purely physical benefits if a relationship without any commitment.

Therefore, men who visit the country with the hope of having a holiday romance are best served in the student and young adult age group. These women fully embrace amore liberal culture and you may find a good few girls who are keen on a vacation fling. The better you are at forming relationships and flirting in a very real way (the girls tend to hate the fake pickup style) you will find that a promising sexual attraction can be forged.

Tips for Successful Relationship

The process of dating in the land of maple syrup is definitely packed with joy. An endless amount of fun awaits and it is further enhanced by the beauty of some of the most loving girls on the planet. It sounds perfect and it definitely is a dream, but there is often trouble in paradise. Every relationship goes through a time of testing. Overcoming these hardships makes it stronger and love grows tenfold. In order to make the relationship a bit easier, here are some Canada-specific tips to keep you both on the straight and narrow:

  • Limit online time - Phones have become a detractor from the richness of a physical relationship. In fact, it is not uncommon to head out into a restaurant or café and find a couple who are on a date but both seem to be glued to their phones. Try reducing phone time to absolute necessities.
  • Prioritise each other – This may seem like a no brainer, but it actually does take a concerted effort. Canada has a lot going for its economy and the city of Calgary is on the forefront of the latest developments. Be sure to proactively set aside tie for each other whereby you can get to know each other and even sort out issues.
  • Talk often - Talk about the good stuff, but talk about the bad stuff. The latter is especially important and is the only way to bring about a deeper relationship when things are bad. If you have been feeling like the relationship is going nowhere and things have been getting worse for no reason, chances are there is something you aren’t speaking about. Make sure that talking and open lines of communication is a habit.
  • Control your bank account – The western world is run on money. Although Canada is not as aggressive when it comes to money and earning power as their Southern neighbours, there is still a real need for wealth and finances. As a couple, one of the things that may form a barrier between you is uncontrolled spending. Many go into debt because of a loved one and it makes the relationship sour.
  • Find goals – You definitely do not have to choose the same goal, but there must be a level of support and encouragement found in the confines of the relationship. One party cannot pursue their agenda while the other works against it. This is a relationship doomed from the start. Instead find ways to support each other even when it may take sacrifice.


There is a definite feel of love in the vale system of the Canadians. It is almost tangible and the one virtue that people regard as higher than the others. From the friendly nature of passers in the street to the interactions of friends and families, love is evident in a purely platonic form.

However when you enter a relationship it seems to explode, multiplying into an exciting mix of passion, commitment and infatuation. The girls of Calgary may be a bit ‘old-fashioned’ at times, but their hearts are made of pure gold. If you fall in love in the city you are assured a long and successful relationship. Most people have a typical idea of love in their minds – at least typical according to western standards. There is always that dream of meeting Mr.Right and starting a life together.

Much like any other city in the world, the students from a bracket of people who seem keen to explore more than they have a desire for stable commitment. Therefore you should give a certain margin of safety for the younger girls. If settling down is your goal, then the post-university crowd have been through the initial stages of explorations and long for a committed relationship.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There are many signs that point to a girl’s attraction; however there is an even more difficult task of deciding whether she is the person you want to spend the rest of your days with. Making the wrong decision is one of the worst mistakes and it has a drastic effect on the future. Nothing builds resentment like having someone with completely opposing views holding you back. Try some of the following ‘filters’ if you are considering labelling a girl as ‘the one’.

  • Does she make effort – It is easy to tell when a girl is in love. She does the little things with a bit more thought, so you may want to consider what she does to catch your attention. This may be as simple as dressing up or taking you out for a meal. It doesn’t have to be the big things, but you definitely want a Canadian girls who is as in love with you as you are with her.
  • Are you compatible – There are so many faculties to a human. Not everyone gels well together. It is the reason why we have best friends and friendship groups that last for a lifetime. The love of your life should be an extreme version of that, someone with whom you can share a value system, a worldview and even long-term goals.
  • Is she an equal partner – Many relationships consist of people who carry the other person. Unfortunately, Canada does have its fair share of slouches. There is a generous social welfare in place hat lets people off the hook if they don’t contribute to the economy. A relationship with such a person is frustrating. Make sure that the person you choose is someone who can hold themselves above water and build with you during your journey.
  • Commitment – The underlying commitment in a relationship is crucial for its long-term viability. It is what holds the couple together through thick and thin, the glue that comes in the form of the sheer will power to make things work. Make sure the woman you choose has this as a character trait.

The most important aspect in any relationship – whether in Canada or anywhere else in the world – is genuine love. You will find that the girls of Calgary are loyal and they look for someone who has a solid value system and a good head on his shoulders. You should do the same.


Settling don in Canada has been a dream for many people. The quiet yet growing city of Calgary offers great potential for standards of living and a marriage that is built to last. Love is taken seriously by the locals and no matter the women you choose, there are plenty of pastimes and exciting places that acts as the perfect date idea or next activity. Calgary has a wide variety of women. In fact, Canada as a whole has produced a lot of differences in the fairer sex and there are women in every sphere of life. Some love the realm of education. Others embrace the challenge of demanding fields such as law and commerce. Although many do not realize it, this allows for people to find partners that are suited for them as the city is an excellent vehicle for building a lasting legacy as a married couple.

Besides that, many Canadians support a financial lifestyle that allows for travel. The Canadian passport gets you into pretty much every country in the world. The cold months provide a perfect excuse to chase a warmer climate.

The long run in Canada is as safe as houses. If you plan to settle down and raise a family with a special women, you can be assured of a great life for you as a couple and the generations to come. The schools are excellent, the neighbourhoods are safe and it is a culture that celebrates diversity of choice. Marriage is an adventure you do not want to miss out on!


There is nothing better than a wedding in the eyes of Canadians. It is one of the true highs of human joys as the union of two people who commit their lives to one another is celebrated in a public manner. It is a highlight and definitely one of the happiest days in the lives of the couple.

Weddings are always extravagant affairs. The cost of them has skyrocketed and leaves people emptying their pockets to pay for the ordeal. Some even go into debt. This just shows the importance of the occasion, but also highlights the need to save if you plan on getting marries in Canada.

Each wedding is done in the most traditional of western styles. Some people are religious and some are not, but every wedding has a legal ceremony where the couple is wed. Afterwards the part begins, a tailor-made experience doen to the exact wishes of the bride and groom. It is usually a reception that includes lots of food, huge amounts of alcohol, dancing and… of course… speeches.

Family Life

People are known to be painfully nice while the systems put in place work well. As a result, people tend to have a good balance in lifestyle.

It affords people the time to spend with their children, loved ones and extended families throughout the year. Calgary still has a very country feel about it even though the city has undergone something of an industrial revolution over the last few decades, but it should be a comfort to know that the old values of family-centred living have not gone out the window.

The economy is fantastic. Due to the rise of the oil and energy industry in the State of Alberta, the city has become a fiscal haven. There are many companies looking for people to employ, so there is no need to worry about provisions. Most companies look for people with a higher education and a degree is always preferable – much like any other western city.

Families are close and you can always rely on grandparents, an uncle or an aunt to save the day. There is a special bond between family members that supersedes everything else. Most people who live in the city agree that it is also an excellent place to grow in marriage and have children. The safety of most neighbourhoods in exemplary and the lifestyle is not as busy as, say, Toronto or Vancouver – a reflection of the country roots.

Once all is said and done, the city is a great place to settle down. The locals are welcoming to foreigners and domestic persons alike and there is definitely a space in the growing industries to supply your needs.

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